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Transcribed by Dorothy Holden

A note from Dorothy:

Entire 1851 census for Alkham.  All born Kent unless otherwise stated.  Please note that although care has been taken to correctly transcribe names/places the writing was far from easy to read.  If anyone wishes an entry to be checked please let me know and I will check again.

Hasburton Court COLLARD William Head married 49 Farmer of 10 Acres employs 1 man Alkham
  COLLARD Mary wife married 49   Charing
  COLLARD George son unmarried 11 Scholar Alkham
  COLLARD Elizabeth sister unmarried 51 Land proprietor Alkham Deaf
  DAWKINGE Daniel servant widower 63 Agricultural labourer Guston
  NASH John servant unmarried 30 Agricultural labourer Guston
  PRESCOTT Andrew servant unmarried 18 Agricultural labourer Lydden
  COLLARD Ambrose Head married 54 Farmer of 25 Acres employs 2 men Alkham
  COLLARD Susan wife married 40   Hougham
  COLLARD Ambrose son unmarried 4   Alkham
  COLLARD Sarah daughter unmarried 3   Alkham
  COLLARD Sarah sister unmarried 58 Land proprieter Alkham
  SMITH Daniel Head married 59 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  SMITH Susanah wife married 53   Alkham
  MOSLIN William Head married 45 Labourer Alkham
  MOSLIN Ann wife married 38   Alkham
  MOSLIN Ingram son unmarried 12   Alkham
  MOSLIN William son unmarried 9   Alkham
  MOSLIN Margaret daughter unmarried 8   Alkham
  MOSLIN John son unmarried 6   Alkham
  MOSLIN James son unmarried 1   Alkham
  MOSLIN John brother unmarried 57 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  LADD John Head married 60 Bricklayer Sandwich
  LADD Mary wife married 59   Ash
  LADD Henry son married 21 Bricklayer Alkham
  LADD Frances daughter-in-law married 27   Folkestone
  LADD Mary daughter unmarried 18 no occupation Alkham
Chilton DAVISON John Head widower 85 Farmer 345 Acres employed 3 labourers Hougham
  DAVISON Hannah daughter unmarried 52   Charing
  DAVISON Jane daughter unmarried 29   Alkham
  DAVISON William son unmarried 26   Alkham
  DAVISON John son unmarried 22   Alkham
  APPLETON Ann servant unmarried   House-servant Kensington
  TATTON William servant unmarried   Agricultural-labourer Coldred
  TATTON James servant unmarried   Agricultural-labourer Coldred
  BAILEY John servant unmarried   Agricultural-labourer Buckland
  TAYLOR David servant unmarried   Agricultural-labourer Hawkinge
  MARFIN Edward servant unmarried   Agricultural-labourer Alkham
  COTTON Thomas servant unmarried   Agricultural-labourer Shepherdswell
Ewell Minnis FINN Thomas Head widower 50 Labourer Alkham
  FINN Emily daughter unmarried 11 At home Alkham
  FINN William son unmarried 9 At home Alkham
  FINN David son unmarried 7 At home Alkham
  FINN Hannah daughter unmarried 5 At home Alkham
  FINN Susannah daughter unmarried 2 At home Alkham
  ANSELL John Head married 62 Pensioner Highworth
  ANSELL Elizabeth wife married 67   Wingham?
  HAYWARD William servant unmarried 55 Agricultural labourer Shepherdswell
  CHIDWICK Edward Head married 40 Agricultural labourer Hougham
  CHIDWICK Jane wife married 27   Nonington
  DENNE George Head married 52 Grazier River
  DENNE Esther wife married 50   Swingfield
  DENNE George son unmarried 21 Graziers son Alkham
  DENNE Esther daughter unmarried 15   Alkham
  DENNE John son unmarried 8   Alkham
  PIDDOCKS Sarah servant unmarried 58 House servant Swingfield
  HAWKINS Harriet visitor [not stated] 12 Scholar Lyminge
  MARSH Daniel Head married 28 Labourer Lydden
  MARSH Elizabeth wife married 27   Broadstairs
  MARSH Richard son unmarried 7   Lydden
  MARSH Robert son unmarried 5   Lydden
  MARSH William son unmarried 3   Lydden
  MARSH Elizabeth daughter unmarried 5 months   Alkham
  ROLFE William Head widower 53 Labourer Alkham
  ROLFE Jane daughter unmarried 17   Alkham
  ROLFE Thomas son unmarried 11   Alkham
  ROLFE George son unmarried 8   Alkham
  SMITH John Head married 66 Grazier Alkham
  SMITH Rachael wife married 62   Hawkinge
  SMITH John son unmarried 38 Woodman Alkham
  SMITH James son unmarried 19 Woodman Alkhan
  BOURN Thomas Head married 60 Grazier Hawkinge
  BOURN Sarah wife married 55   Alkham
  BOURN James son unmarried 29 Woodman Alkham
  BOURN Thomas son unmarried 14 Graziers son Alkham
  BOURN George son unmarried 10   Alkham
  HOITON William Head unmarried 39 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  BUR William Head married 40 Agricultural labourer Martin
  BUR Mary wife married 36   Ewell
  MARTIN Richard brother-in-law unmarried 20 Agricultural labourer Ewell
  JARVIS Edward Head married 39 Farm labourer Ewell
  JARVIS Sarah Ann wife married 35   Alkham
  JARVIS Susanah daughter unmarried 14   Alkham
  JARVIS Sarah-Ann daughter unmarried 12   Alkham
  JARVIS William son unmarried 10   Alkham
  JARVIS Henry George son unmarried 7   Alkham
  JARVIS Elizabeth daughter unmarried 5   Alkham
  JARVIS Harriet daughter unmarried 1   Alkham
  JOHNSON Stephen Visitor unmarried 56 Agricultural labourer Lydden
  HOITON Simon Head married 51 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  HOITON Elizabeth wife married 51   Ashby
  PAGE John Head married 59 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  PAGE Martha wife married 57   Sussex ??
  PAGE Ann daughter unmarried 12   Alkham
  SMITH Richard Head unmarried 30 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  HARNETT John Head married 63 Labourer Elham
  HARNETT Jane wife married 50   Charlton
  HARNETT Louisa daughter unmarried 14   Folkestone
  HARNETT Sarah daughter unmarried 12   Folkestone
  HARNETT Emma daughter unmarried 9   Folkestone
  HARNETT Hannah daughter unmarried 5   Alkham
  KNOTT John Head married 47 Farmer of 30 Acres employs 1 labourer Alkham
  KNOTT Ann wife married 46   Swingfield
  GOLDFINCH Henry servant [not stated] 14   Swingfield
  PARAMOUR John Head married 46 Farmer of 25 Acres employs 1 labourer Tilmanstone
  PARAMOUR Frances wife married 45   Womenswould
  BROWN Thomas servant unmarried 66 Agricultural labourer Northbourn
  PILCHER Thomas visitor unmarried 47 Agricultural labourer Wootton
Chalkside Green PAGE Esther Head married 49 Labourers wife Alkham
  PAGE George Visitor married 49 Agricultural labourer Shepherdswell
  HOLMANS Benjamin Head married 28 Grazier Mongeham
  HOLMANS Margaret-Mary wife married 23   Shepherdswell
  HOLMANS John Graves son unmarried 2   Alkham
  HOLMANS William-Thomas-Chapman son unmarried 1 month   Lydden
  BANKS Eliza Ellen servant unmarried 12 House servant Wootton
  FINCH Daniel Head married 34 Farmer Alkham
  FINCH Elizabeth wife married 39   Charing
  CHAMPION William Head unmarried 24 Farmer 13 Acres Alkham
  CHAMPION Elizabeth sister unmarried 25   Alkham
  CHAMPION Harriet sister unmarried 15   Alkham
  CHAMPION Susanah sister unmarried 12   Alkham
  CHAMPION Henry nephew unmarried 10 Scholar Alkham
  MARSH John Hoiton Head married 34 Farmer 10 Acres Alkham
  MARSH Ann wife married 31   Alkham
  FAKELEY Richard Head married 59 Agricultural labourer Swingfield
  FAKELEY Hannah wife married 50   Hawkinge
  FAKELEY Hester daughter unmarried 10   Alkham
Chalksole Farm DALE Stephen Head unmarried 35 Farmer of 200 Acres employs 3 labourers Elham
  DALE Ann mother widow 78   Woodnesborough
  ARNOLD James servant unmarried 25 Agricultural labourer River
  DALE William servant unmarried 16 Agricultural labourer Elham
  CR---- John servant unmarried 40 Agricultural labourer Elham
  FILLIS Ann servant unmarried 19 House servant Alkham
Pimbling? SWAIN William Head married 36 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  SWAIN Charlotte wife married 42   Capel le Ferne
  SWAIN Charlotte daughter unmarried 13   Alkham
  SWAIN William son unmarried 11   Alkham
  SWAIN Sarah daughter unmarried 8   Alkham
  SWAIN Eliza daughter unmarried 6   Alkham
  SWAIN Jane daughter unmarried 3   Alkham
  HOITON James Head widower 70 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  HOGBIN Richard son-in-law married 27 Agricultural labourer Swingfield
  HOGBIN Judith-Jane daughter married 29   Swingfield
  HOGBIN John-James grandson unmarried 1   Alkham
  HOGBIN William-H grandson unmarried 1 month   Alkham
  CONSTABLE William Head married 45 Agricultural labourer Elham
  CONSTABLE Mary wife married 46   Swingfield
  CONSTABLE William son unmarried 13   Alkham
  CONSTABLE Charles son unmarried 12   Alkham
  CONSTABLE Thomas son unmarried 9   Alkham
  CONSTABLE Edward son unmarried 7   Alkham
  CONSTABLE George son unmarried 2   Alkham
Maggot LAWS Thomas Head married 25 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  LAWS Hester wife married 24   Dover
  GILES John Head married 31 Agricultural labourer Cheriton
  GILES Caroline wife married 28   Rye, Sussex
  GILES Elizabeth daughter unmarried 8   Capel le Ferne
  FIRST Elizabeth Visitor widow 57 wash woman Winchelsea, Sussex
  GATES George Head unmarried 58 Farmer of 58 Acres employs 2 men Bilsington
  GATES Mary-Ann niece unmarried 25 House servant East Bridge
  POMSETT James servant unmarried 26 Agricultural labourer Beakesbourn
  COURT James servant unmarried 18 Agricultural labourer Capel le Ferne
A------- MARSH James Head married 64 Grazier Staple
  MARSH Margaret wife married 64   Swingfield
  MARSH Jane servant unmarried 14 House servant Shepherdswell
River Minnis SWAIN Richard Head married 62 Relief of Parish former Agricultural labourer Alkham
  SWAIN Louisa wife married 49 Wash woman Ringwould
  SWAIN Jane daughter unmarried 19 At home Dover
  SWAIN Harriet daughter unmarried 15 At home Alkham
  SWAIN John son unmarried 14 At home Alkham
  SWAIN Margaret daughter unmarried 12 At home Alkham
  SWAIN Susanah daughter unmarried 9 At home Alkham
  ADAMS Arthur visitor unmarried 3 Nursechild Alkham
  PARSONS William visitor unmarried 2 Nursechild Dover
  ADAMS William visitor unmarried 1 Nursechild Alkham
  ANDREWS William Head married 54 Agricultural labourer Ewell
  ANDREWS Margaret wife married 47   Alkham
  ANDREWS Robert son unmarried 18 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  ANDREWS Stephen brother unmarried 47 Agricultural labourer Alkham
Fane Fields SWAIN William Head widower 62 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  SWAIN Robert son unmarried 18 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  SWAIN Dorcas-Adelaide daughter unmarried 20   Alkham
  MARSH John Head married 34 Agricultural labourer Hougham
  MARSH Hester wife married 32   Eastry
  MARSH Henry son unmarried 12   Eastry
  MARSH Edward son unmarried 10   Hougham
  MARSH George son unmarried 7   Alkham
  MARSH John son unmarried 5   Alkham
  MARSH Emily daughter unmarried 2   Alkham
  MARSH Mary daughter unmarried 6 months   Alkham
Brickfields BRISLEY George Head married 41 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  BRISLEY Elizabeth wife married 33   Ashford
  BRISLEY Elizabeth daughter unmarried 13   Bridge
  BRISLEY Sarah daughter unmarried 11   Bridge
  BRISLEY William son unmarried 9   Alkham
  BRISLEY Thomas son unmarried 8   Alkham
  BRISLEY Eliza daughter unmarried 7   Alkham
  BRISLEY James son unmarried 6   Alkham
  BRISLEY Martha daughter unmarried 4   Alkham
  BRISLEY George son unmarried 3   Alkham
  BRISLEY Ann daughter unmarried 1   Alkham
  SMITHSON George Head married 72 Labourer Folkestone
  SMITHSON Sarah wife married 65   Folkestone
  SMITHSON Edward son unmarried 28 Agricultural labourer Hawkinge
  SMITHSON William son married 24 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  SMITHSON Frances-A daughter-in-law married 26   Basingstoke, Hampshire
  FINNS Stephen Head married 37 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  FINNS Charlotte wife married 34   Newington
  FINNS Susannah daughter unmarried 15   Folkestone
  FINNS Stephen son unmarried 13   Folkestone
  FINNS Mary-Ann daughter unmarried 11   Folkestone
  FINNS Eliza daughter unmarried 9   Folkestone
  FINNS Sarah daughter unmarried 6   Folkestone
  FINNS George son unmarried 3   Folkestone
  FINNS William son unmarried 6 months   Folkestone
Evering? SHARP John Head unmarried 74 Farmer of 250 Acres employs 5 labourers Alkham
There was a pencil note that these four were "Partners" SHARP William nephew unmarried 39 Farmer Alkham
  SHARP Thomas nephew unmarried 52 Farmer Alkham
  SHARP Henry nephew unmarried 37 Farmer Alkham
  SLADDIN Jane servant unmarried 50 House servant Shepherdswell
  SLADDIN Jane servant unmarried 29 House servant Denton
  SHARP John servant unmarried 29 Agricultural labourer Hawkinge
  BELSEY George servant unmarried 24 Agricultural labourer Shepherdswell
  CHAMPION Edward servant unmarried 19 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  PHILPOTT John servant unmarried 17 Agricultural labourer Cheriton
Little Evering LACEY John Head married 64 Grazier Newington
  LACEY Sarah wife married 64   ..sham
  LACEY Jane daughter unmarried 40   Cheriton
  MATCHUM Thomas visitor unmarried 46 Farmer 30 Acres employs 1 man Hawkinge
Ellinge Farm AUSTIN George Head married 39 Farmer 186 Acres employs 4 labourers Denton
  AUSTIN Susannah wife married 26   Alkham
  AUSTIN John son unmarried 2   Alkham
  AUSTIN Mary-H daughter unmarried 1   Alkham
  FINCH Mary-Ann niece unmarried 19   Chartham
  MARSH Elizabeth servant unmarried 28 House servant Denton
  FAGG Richard servant unmarried 22 Agricultural labourer Capel le Ferne
  COWD William servant unmarried 18 Agricultural labourer Denton
  BRISBY Thomas servant unmarried 60 Agricultural labourer Alkham
Church Alkham COLLARD Richard Head married 61 Innkeeper Alkham
  COLLARD Catharine wife married 65   Alkham
  COLLARD John son married 26 Grazier Alkham
  COLLARD Emma-M daughter married 20   Hougham
  COLLARD Emily-C granddaughter unmarried 1   Alkham
  COLLARD Henry-R grandson unmarried 5 months   Alkham
  FAKELY William Head married 67 Relief of Parish former Agricultural labourer Buckland
  FAKELY Mary wife married 67   Cheriton
  HOGBIN William Head unmarried 55 Cordwainer Nonington
  GOLDFINCH Thomas Head widower 59 Agricultural labourer Buckland
  GOLDFINCH William son unmarried 23 Agricultural labourer Alkham
  SHARP Stephen Head married 41 Farmer Alkham
  SHARP Sarah wife married 41   Alkham
  HORTON John Head married   Grocer Ewell
  HORTON Elizabeth wife married     River
{* This surname of DEATHE was not clear on the census so I checked the baptisms and on May 25th 1851 they baptised another son, William George, and the surname was clearly written as DEATHE.} DEATHE * John Head married 35 School master Acton, Suffolk
  DEATHE * Ann wife married 36   Bradford, Devonshire
  DEATHE * Mary daughter unmarried 7   Hampstead, Middlesex
  DEATHE * Elizabeth-A daughter unmarried 5   Chereton, Warwickshire
  DEATHE * John-L son unmarried 3   Bradford, Devonshire
  DEATHE * Lucy-E daughter unmarried 1   Swingfield
  HOWARD Elizabeth sister-in-law unmarried 36 Schoolmistress (Girls) Bradford, Devonshire
  WHITE Mathew Head married 77 Blacksmith Hougham
  WHITE Elizabeth wife married 70   Appledorn
  WHITE John son unmarried 42 Blacksmiths son Alkham
  WHITE Sarah daughter unmarried 47 Blacksmiths daughter Alkham
  GROOMBRIDGE William Head married 76 Journeyman Papermaker Bren--- Kent
  GROOMBRIDGE Ann wife married 74   Cheriton
  GROOMBRIDGE Jane daughter unmarried 48 Laundress River
  GROOMBRIDGE Eliza daughter unmarried 44 Laundress River
Church Alkham WHITE Matthew Head married 77 Blacksmith Hougham
  WHITE Elizabeth wife married 70   Appledorn
  WHITE John son unmarried 42 Blacksmith's son Alkham
  WHITE Sarah daughter unmarried 47 Blacksmith's daughter Alkam
  GROOMBRIDGE William Head married 76 Journeyman Papermaker Brenznet? Kent
  GROOMBRIDGE Ann wife married 74   Cheriton
  GROOMBRIDGE Jane daughter unmarried 48 Laundress River
  GROOMBRIDGE Eliza daughter unmarried 44 Laundress River
Vicarage House EVELEIGH James Head married 49 Vicar of Alkham Aylesford
  EVELEIGH Sarah wife married 41   Lambhurst
  EVELEIGH Charlotte-G daughter unmarried 18 Scholar Bapchild
  EVELEIGH Lucy-A daughter unmarried 16 Scholar Sittingbourne
  EVELEIGH Frances-E daughter unmarried 14 Scholar River
  EVELEIGH Alice-A daughter unmarried 12 Scholar Alkham
  SCOTT Phillis Governess unmarried 23   Middlesex Chelsea
  COWARD Emily Servant unmarried 38 House Servant Milton
  BEER Sarah Servant unmarried 30 House Servant Stelling?
  HAMBROOK Mary Servant unmarried 32 House Servant Shepherdswell
  WATERS Peter Servant unmarried 25 Groom Tenterden
Church Alkham FAKELY Edmund Head married 32 Labourer Alkham
  FAKELY Sarah wife married 31   Allington
  FAKELY Susanah daughter unmarried 10   Caple le Ferne
  FAKELY William son unmarried 6   Alkham
  FAKELY Sarah daughter unmarried 3   Alkham
  FAKELY John son unmarried 1   Alkham
  FAKELY William Head married 35 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  FAKELY Elizabeth wife married 37   St Margarets
  FAKELY Mary daughter unmarried 11 Scholar Alkham
  BEER Richard Visitor unmarried 37 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  BOURN Henry Head married 25 Gentlemans Servant Alkham
  BOURN Harriet wife married 26   Alkham
  BOURN Harriet daughter unmarried 4   Alkham
  BOURN Elizabeth daughter unmarried 2   Alkham
  CONSTABLE Sarah Head widow 64 Graziers Widow Alkham
  CONSTABLE Mary-Ann daughter unmarried 23   Alkham
  CONSTABLE Sarah daughter unmarried 21   Alkham
  SMITH William nephew unmarried 29 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE Thomas Head married 65 Carpenter Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE Fanny wife married 59   ??? Kent
  TUNBRIDGE William son unmarried 21 Carpenters son Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE Tilden son unmarried 16 Carpenters son Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE Catherine daughter unmarried 19   Alkham
  HOPPER William Head married 54 Agricultural Labourer Coldred
  HOPPER Mary wife married 51   Eastry
  HOGBIN Thomas Head married 31 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  HOGBIN Catherine wife married 27   Canterbury
  HOGBIN John son unmarried 9 Scholar Minster
  HOGBIN Thomas son unmarried 1   Folkestone
  MOUNT John Head married 57 Agricultural Labourer Ewell
  MOUNT Mary wife married 46   ???
  MOUNT William son unmarried 22 General Labourer East Church
  MOUNT John son unmarried 12 Agricultural Labourer East Church
  MOUNT George son unmarried 9 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  MOUNT Thomas son unmarried 5 At home Alkham
  MOUNT Richard son unmarried 3 At home Alkham
  KEMBER Stephen Head widower 63 Agricultural Labourer Hougham
  KEMBER Mary daughter unmarried 31 At home Hougham
  FAKELY Stephen son-in-law married 29 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  FAKELY Sarah daughter married 24   Hougham
  KEMBER Edward son unmarried 13 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  KEMBER Susanah daughter unmarried 10 Scholar Alkham
  KEMBER Maria daughter unmarried 5 At home Alkham
  KEMBER Elizabeth-Ann grand-daughter unmarried 1 month   Buckland
  FRIEND William Head married 50 Agricultural Labourer Eastry
  FRIEND Mary wife married 49   Buckland
  FRIEND Ann daughter unmarried 14 At home Alkham
  WHITE William son-in-law married 29 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  WHITE Eliza daughter married 21   ...bourne
High Brook Farm GAMBRILL Valintine Head married 46 Farmer of 103 Acres employs 2 labourers Alkham
  GAMBRILL Harriet wife married 46   Alkham
  FRIEND Susanah Visitor Widow 80 Annuitant Kingstone
  HOPPER Mary Servant unmarried 19 House servant Shepherdswell
  HORTON James Servant unmarried 30 Farm servant Alkham
  FISHER George Servant unmarried 20 Farm servant Elham
  SMITH Richard Head married 54 Farmer of 136 Acres employs 2 labourers Alkham
  SMITH Susanah wife married 42   Staple
  SMITH Sarah daughter unmarried 16   Alkham
  SMITH Richard son unmarried 13   Alkham
  SMITH J-H son unmarried 10   Alkham
  GOLDSACK George Servant unmarried 27 Farm Labourer Whitfield
  BEER Thomas Servant unmarried 27 Farm Labourer Alkham
  GOLDSACK Richard Servant unmarried 16 Farm Labourer Lydden
  PAGE Henry Head unmarried 48 Relief of Poor former Agricultural Labourer Womanswould
  FRIEND Richard Head married 73 Relief of Poor former Agricultural Labourer Hougham
  FRIEND Alice wife married 65 Relief of Poor Alkham
  GODDEN John son-in-law unmarried 46 Agricultural Labourer Dymchurch
  WOODLAND Jane grand-daughter unmarried 13 Scholar Swingfield
  WOODLAND James grand-son unmarried 10 Scholar Swingfield
Horton?? Farm FINCH William Head married 44 Farmer of 140 Acres employs 4 Labourers Alkham
  FINCH Mary wife married 42   Sussex Hove
  FINCH William son unmarried 17 Farmers son Alkham
  FINCH L-A daughter unmarried 11 Scholar Alkham
  FINCH G-A son unmarried 8 Scholar Alkham
  FINCH Thomas son unmarried 6 Scholar Alkham
  COVENY William Servant unmarried 45 Agricultural Labourer Boughton?
  LASCOTT John Servant unmarried 18 Agricultural Labourer Lydden
  ROUST Sarah Servant unmarried 17 House servant Caple le Ferne
  AUSTIN Richard Head married 58 Tailor And Tea Dealer Stamford
  AUSTIN Rebecca wife married 38   Alkham
  AUSTIN Susanah daughter unmarried 10 Scholar Alkham
Malmains Farm FINCH William Head married 74 Farmer of 140 Acres employs 5 Labourers Dover
  FINCH Judith wife married 70   Elham
  FINCH Ann daughter unmarried 30   Alkham
  FINCH Sarah daughter unmarried 29   Alkham
  FINCH George son unmarried 40 Farmers son Alkham
  KEMBER Thomas Servant unmarried 28 Agricultural Labourer Hougham
  PRESCOTT Thomas Servant unmarried 21 Agricultural Labourer Lydden
  PRESCOTT John Servant unmarried 17 Agricultural Labourer Lydden
  LEDBETTER Joseph Head widower 71 Proprietor ofHouses Markham Surrey
  CLARINGBOULD Elisabeth Servant unmarried 61 House Servant Alkham
Alkham Parsonage BANKS John Head married 39 Mortgagee of Land Bridge
  WEST Mary Servant unmarried 53 Cook Hougham
  CLARK Sarah Servant unmarried 22 Housemaid Dover
Alkham Villa SMITH Thomas Head widower 71 Superann.Officer of Ordnance Buckfastleigh, Devon **
** more was written under this description of occupation but could not decipher it FRIEND William Servant unmarried 24 House servant Ewell
  HAWLEY Ann Servant unmarried 44 House servant Dover
  FAKELY Sarah Servant unmarried 14 House servant Alkham
3 Houses unoccupied              
South Alkham MARSH Elisabeth Head of house unmarried   No Occupation Alkham
  HOILE Margaret Cousin unmarried 27 Dressmaker Stelling
  HOILE Susanah Cousin unmarried 25 Dressmaker Stelling
  BAKER James Servant unmarried 41 Agricultural Labourer River
  RICHARDS Richard Servant unmarried 34 Agricultural Labourer Lydden
  CLARINGBOULD John Servant unmarried 25 Agricultural Labourer Swingfield
  FISHER James Servant unmarried 21 Agricultural Labourer Elham
  HORTON Thomas Head unmarried 71 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  HORTON Susanah servant unmarried 65 House Servant Caple le Ferne
  HORTON Elisabeth servant unmarried 46 House Servant Alkham
  COOK William Head married 35 Agricultural Labourer Folkestone
  COOK Hester wife married 22   Hawkinge
  COOK George son unmarried 5   Ewell
  COOK Edward son unmarried 2   Alkham
  COOK William Henry son unmarried 9 months   Alkham
  PRESCOTT James Head married 51 Agricultural Labourer Swingfield
  PRESCOTT Alice wife married 47   Hawkinge
  PRESCOTT Elisabeth daughter unmarried 14   Alkham
  PRESCOTT James son unmarried 8   Alkham
  PRESCOTT George son unmarried 6   Alkham
Hopkins Court SMITH Simon Horton Head married 46 Farmer of 130 Acres employs 2 Labourers Alkham
  SMITH Christian wife married 44   Shepherdswell
  FOX Mary Servant unmarried 13 House Servant Shepherdwell
  HATTON William Servant unmarried 62 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  NEWPORT John Servant unmarried 27 Agricultural Labourer Elmstead
  FISHER Edward Servant unmarried 16 Agricultural Labourer Elham
  FISHER Robert Head married 61 Agricultural Labourer Elham
  FISHER Mary wife married 54   Alkham
  FISHER Eliza daughter unmarried 11   Alkham
  FISHER Adelaide daughter unmarried 9   Alkham
  FISHER Robert son unmarried 2   Alkham
  HEDGECOCK Ann Head widow 54 . woman ?? Kent
  BOORMAN Joseph Head married 50 Dealer in Marine Stores Wood Church
  BOORMAN Susanah wife married 48   Elsted Surrey
  BOORMAN James son unmarried 24 Hawker Chatham
  BOORMAN Thomas son unmarried 19 Hawker Lenham
  BOORMAN Edward son unmarried 9 At home Caple le Ferne
  BOORMAN Henry son unmarried 6 At home Barham
  BARTON Samuel Head married 26 Hawker Hythe
  BARTON Eliza wife married 27   Littlebourn
  MARSH John Head married 41 Farmer Alkham
  MARSH Susanah wife married 31   Alkham
  MARSH A-S daughter unmarried 9 Scholar Alkham
  MARSH M-M daughter unmarried 3 At home Alkham
  KEELER Caroline Servant unmarried 16 House servant Alkham
  KITHAM Robert Head married 67 Farmer of 138 Acres employs 2 Labourers Alkham
  KITHAM Elisabeth wife married 64   Alkham
  KITHAM Robert son unmarried 32 Farmers son Alkham
  KITHAM Marjory daughter unmarried 29   Alkham
  KITHAM Thomas son unmarried 27 Farmers son Alkham
  KITHAM Ann daughter-in-law married 23 Son's wife Stelling
  KITHAM George son married 21 Farmers son Alkham
  KITHAM George grandson unmarried 1   Alkham
  KITHAM Susanah grand-daughter unmarried 1 month   Alkham
  MOUNT James Servant unmarried 19 Agricultural Labourer East Church
  LAWS Richard Servant unmarried 17 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  LAWS Edward Servant unmarried 15 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  HEDGECOCK Stephen Head married 36 Blacksmith Nonnington
  HEDGECOCK Ann wife married 30   Whitfield
  WITNALL William Visitor unmarried 19 Labourer Hougham
  PAY James Visitor unmarried 3 At home London, Middlesex
  SMITH John Head married 71 Farmer Alkham
  SMITH Susanah wife married 61   Swingfield
  SMITH Mary-Ann daughter unmarried 23   Alkham
  MARSH Miriam grand-daughter unmarried 8 Scholar Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD John Head married 30 Cordwainer Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD Catherine wife married 30   Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD George son unmarried 3   Alkham
Carpenters Arms TUNBRIDGE Thomas Head married 37 Carpenter Hougham
  TUNBRIDGE Rositta wife married 33   Folkestone
  TUNBRIDGE Thomas son unmarried 11   Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE Edward son unmarried 10 Scholar Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE G-M son unmarried 7 Scholar Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE Tilden son unmarried 5 Scholar Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE Charlotte-Ann daughter unmarried 3   Alkham
  TUNBRIDGE James son unmarried 1   Alkham
  BEAN Thomas Head widower 67 Agricultural Labourer Poulton
  BEAN John son unmarried 27 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  HOWL William Head married 57 Labourer Elham
  HOWL Mary wife married 49   Wingham
  HOWL Susanah daughter unmarried 12   Alkham
  HOWL Charlotte daughter unmarried 9   Alkham
  HOWL John son unmarried 4   Ewell
3 houses unoccupied              
Drellingore CLARINGBOULD Israel Head married 63 Farmer of 130 Acres employs 2 Labourers Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD Mary wife married 60   Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD Richard son unmarried 30   Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD Margaret daughter unmarried 24   Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD Sarah daughter unmarried 19   Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD George son unmarried 17   Alkham
  GISBEY Stephen Servant unmarried 24 Farm Servant Swingfield
  CONSTABLE James Servant unmarried 17 Farm Servant Alkham
  GISBEY John Servant unmarried 27 Agricultural Labourer Swingfield
  CLARINGBOULD Mary grand-daughter unmarried 9   Adisham
  MATSON William Head married 51 Farmer 140 Acres employs 4 Labourers Alkham
  MATSON Jane wife married 47   Hougham
  MATSON William son unmarried 18 Farmers son Alkham
  MATSON Susanah daughter unmarried 19   Alkham
  MATSON Jane daughter unmarried 14   Nonington
  MATSON George son unmarried 10 Scholar Nonington
  MATSON James son unmarried 8 Scholar Nonington
  MATSON Charles son unmarried 4 Scholar Nonington
  MATSON Caroline daughter unmarried 4 At home Nonington
  MATSON Abbey grand-daughter unmarried 2 At home Nonington
  MOUNT William Servant widower 44 Agricultural Labourer Guston
  MOUNT Richard Servant unmarried 17 Agricultural Labourer Newington
  DOVES Susanah Head widow 73 Farmers widow Guston
  MATSON Alice grand-daughter unmarried 20 Farmers daughter Alkham
  MATSON John grand-son unmarried 15 Farmers son Nonnington
  MATSON Mary grand-daughter unmarried 9 Farmers daughter Nonnington
  WELLS William Servant widower 69 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
Bushy Ruff AGAR John Head married 56 Paid Constable (more written but could not read) Elham
  AGAR Catherine wife married 60   Wootton

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