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Transcribed by Mick Ralph, Source:  RG9/539 Ash-next-Sandwich

52A Emerald Hull NELTHORP Phillip Master M 43 Master YKS, York 42-ton sloop coaltrade
52A Emerald Hull HEPTONSTANN? William Mate U 18 Mate YKS, Beale  
52A Emerald Hull NELTHORP Sarah Wife M 38 Master's Wife YKS, Hull  
53 Jane Ramsgate Visiting ashore             73t schooner coasting
54 British Zuerna Sandwich BAKER Frederick Crew U 20 A B Seaman SSX, Battle 3 ashore, 73-ton schooner coasting
54 British Zuerna Sandwich CLYNST? John Crew U 19 Ordinary Sandwich  
55 Selby Ramsgate BLACKBURN Richard Master M 65   Ramsgate 90-tons in coasting
55 Selby Ramsgate BLACKBURN John Mate M 86?   Sandwich  
55 Selby Ramsgate NEWING Job Seaman U 22   Worth  
55 Selby Ramsgate WYBOURN John Seaman U 19   Sandwich  
55 Selby Ramsgate KYLE William Boy U 16   Sandwich  
56 Nancy Dawson Ramsgate BREWER George Mate M 45   Hearn 91-ton Schooner Coasting Trade, Master is George Jezzard
56 Nancy Dawson Ramsgate SCOATIS? Edward Crew U 18 Original Ind Seamen Ramsgate  
57 Not yet named For Hull MARLEY Charles Skeepr M 52 Shipkeeper SSX, Rye unreg. Fishing smack for Hull
57 Not yet named For Hull PANNELL? [Parrott?] John Skeepr M 60 Shipkeeper SSX, Hastings  
58 Passiena Sins Holland Visiting ashore       2 5 unnamed - @2 at 15, 3 at 20 yrs.    

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