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Transcribed by Kris Ellis

A note from Kris:

The census area is comprised of:  "Boundary of District 1.  Part of Nonington being that part bounded on the North by a line drawn from Ackholt Farm, to the School House, on the East by a line then drawn thence to Holt treet Farm, Fredville and the Round House.  On the South by the Parish of Barfrestone and on the West by the Parishes of Sibberswold and Wymenswold.  Comprising of The Round House, Soles Farm, Frogham, Fredville, Nightingale Cottages, four cottages and Farm at the upper part of Holt Stret, Ackholt, Butter St, Church St Rows and School House."
Census RefAddressFirst NameSurnameRelationConditionAgeOccupationWhere born
RG11/996/4/p1 Mount Ephraim Cottage William Sharp Head Marr 46 Farm Labourer Folkestone
   Hannah Sharp Wife Marr 41   Womenswold
   John Sharp Son Single 13 Farm Labourer Faversham
   William R Sharp Son Single 5 scholar Barham
   Alice M Sharp Dau Single 2   Acrise
RG11/996/4/p1 Mount Ephraim Cottage Mauruce Dixon Head Wid 42 Farm Labourer Nonington
   Elizabeth Dixon Dau Single 14 Housekeeper Nonington
   John Dixon Son Single 9 scholar Nonington
   Thomas Dixon Son Single 6 scholar Nonington
   William Dixon Son Single 3 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/4/p1 Mount Ephraim Cottage George Smith Head Marr 84 Formerly Gardener Nonington
   Susan Smith Wife Marr 87   Wingham
   James Smith Son Single 43 Gardener Nonington
RG11/996/4/p1 Mount Ephraim Cottage Michael Munns Head Marr 59 Farm Labourer Ripple
   Mary Munns Wife Marr 62   Elham
   George Munns Son Single 16 Blacksmith Nonington
RG11/996/4/p1 St Albans Park Cottage Robert Moore Head Marr 35 Shepherd Beddingham Sussex
   Martha Moore Wife Marr 37   Isfield Sussex
   Navine R Moore Dau Single 12 scholar Hamsey Sussex
   Percy M Moore Son Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Henrietta R Moore Dau Single 8 scholar Nonington
   Alfred P Moore Son Single 5   Nonington
   Walter H Moore Son Single 3   Nonington
   Albert H Moore Son Single 8 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/4/p2 St Albans Park Cottage William Appleton Head Marr 66 Farm Labourer Ash
   Jane Appleton Wife Marr 60   Eastry
   James Waite Boarder Single 24 Groom Slareton Northampton
RG11/996/4/p2 Gooseberry Hall Cottage George Lawrence Head Marr 48 Farm Labourer Sholden
   Fanny Lawrence Wife Marr 43   Waldershare
   Charles W Lawrence Son Single 20 Farm Labourer Whitfield
   John Lawrence Son Single 10 scholar Studdal
   Daniel Lawrence Son Single 7 scholar Patrixbourne
   George Lawrence Son Single 5   Rowling
   Joseph M Lawrence Son Single 2   Ewell
RG11/996/4/p2 Easole Field Cottage Stephen Groombridge Head Wid 69 Carrier Nonington
   George Groombridge Son Wid 50 Farm Labourer Nonington
   Charlotte Groombridge Dau Single 40   Nonington
RG11/996/4/p2 Nonington Mill Cottage Henry Sheaff Head Wid 43 Maltster Labourer Shepherdswell
   Emmaline Sheaff Dau Single 17   Yeovil Somerset
RG11/996/4/p2 Nonington Mill Cottage James Bean Head Marr 31 Miller employed Adisham
   Emm Bean Wife Marr 37   Goodnestone
   Jane Bean Dau Single 3   Goodnestone
   Alfred J Bean Son Single 9 mths   Nonington
   Richard Harlow Father-in-Law Wid 82 Formerly Ag Lab Bishopsbourne
RG11/996/4/p2 Mill House James Dilnot Head Marr 64 Miller employing 1 Man Woodnesborough
   Mary A Dilnot Wife Marr 62   Ash
   Sarah Setterfield Visitor Wid 65   Minster
RG11/996/4/p2 Mill House Richard Lincoln Head Marr 56 Corn Factors Labourer Tilmanstone
   Sarah Lincoln Wife Marr 56   Tilmanstone
RG11/996/5/p3 Farm House Frederick Neves Head Marr 30 Farm Bailiff Whitstable
   Mary Ann Neves Wife Marr 29   Woodnesborough
   Arthur Neves Son Single 1   Nonington
   Edward C Neves Son Single 2 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/5/p3 Farm House John Hooker Head Marr 25 Waggoners Labourer Goodnestone
   Henrietta Hooker Wife Marr 21   Adisham
   Walter J Hooker Son Single 1   Nonington
   Emily Hooker Neice Single 16   Birchington
   Edward Fairbrass Boarder Single 31 Farm Servant Nonington
   Edward Howland Boarder Single 22 Farm Servant Sholden
   William Webb Boarder Single 19 Farm Servant Rochester
RG11/996/5/p3 Farm Cottage Albert Hogbin Head Marr 25 Farm Servant East Shorne
   Charlotte Hogbin Wife Marr 20   Nonington
   Elizabeth Hogbin Dau Single 2   Adisham
   Frederick Hogbin Son Single 1   Adisham
   Mary Fairbrass Mother-i-Law Wid 55 Formerly Laundress Nonington
RG11/996/5/p3 Farm Cottage James Hughes Head Marr 37 Farm Labourer Ash
   Emma Hughes Wife Marr 37   Nonington
   James Hughes Son Single 14 Farm Labourer Ash
   Edward Hughes Son Single 12 scholar Ash
   Charles Hughes Son Single 11 scholar Ash
   William Hughes Son Single 9 scholar Ash
   Emma Hughes Dau Single 7 scholar Ash
   Jane Hughes Dau Single 5   Ash
   Henry Hughes Son Single 2   Nonington
RG11/996/5/p4 Farm Cottage Richard Webb Head Marr 39 Farm Labourer Postling
   Sophia Webb Wife Marr 40   Saltwood
   Richard H Webb Son Single 17 Farm Labourer Hythe
   Frank Webb Son Single 14 Farm Labourer Lymne
   Annie Webb Dau Single 12 scholar Stowting
   Percy Webb Son Single 10 scholar Saltwood
   Herbert Webb Son Single 5   Hythe
   Mark Webb Son Single 9 mths   Folkestone
RG11/996/5/p4 Farm Cottage Stephen Garlinge Head Marr 47 Farm Labourer Shepherdswell
   Mary Garlinge Wife Marr 31   Tilmanstone
   Clara Couchman Orphan Single 5   Eastry Union
RG11/996/5/p4 St Albans Downs Cottage William Sutton Head Marr 64 Farm Labourer Ash
   Mary Sutton Wife Marr 60   Barham
   Dynah Fallowfield Neice Single 11   Canterbury
RG11/996/5/p4 St Albans Downs Cottage Daniel Appleton Head Marr 38 Farm Labourer Womenswold
   Eliza Appleton Wife Marr 33   Folkestone
   Edwin Appleton Son Single 12 Butchers Servant Sandgate
   Flora Appleton Dau Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Eliza Appleton Dau Single 8 scholar Nonington
   Olive Appleton Dau Single 6 scholar Nonington
   Louis Appleton Son Single 2   Nonington
RG11/996/6/p5 St Albans Downs Cottage Henry Havord Head Marr 44 Coachman London
   Emma Havord Wife Marr 36   Wardington Oxfordshire
   Emma Havord Dau Single 12 scholar Wardington Oxfordshire
   Henry Havord Son Single 11 scholar Watford Nothamptonshire
   Annie Havord Dau Single 7 scholar Nonington
   George Havord Son Single 1   Nonington
RG11/996/6/p5 St Albans Downs Cottage William Rigden Head Marr 32 Farm Labourer West Langdon
   Jane Rigden Wife Marr 30   Folkestone
   Minnie J Rigden Dau Single 10 scholar West Langdon
   Clara E Rigden Dau Single 8 scholar West Langdon
   William H Rigden Son Single 5 scholar Chillenden
   Thomas A Rigden Son Single 2   Nonington
RG11/996/6/p5 Shingleton Lane Cottage Samuel Wood Head Marr 46 Shepherd Wickham
   Sarah Wood Wife Marr 50   Stone Rocks
   George Wood Son Single 15 Farm Labourer Stodmarsh
   Sarah Wood Dau Single 13   Stodmarsh
   James Wood Son Single 12   Stodmarsh
   Charlotte Wood Dau Single 10 scholar Stodmarsh
   Charles Wood Son Single 8   Stodmarsh
   John H Wood Son Single 3   St Nicholas
RG11/996/6/p5 Shingleton Lane Cottage Edward Taylor Head Marr 69 Gamekeeper Rotherfield. Sussex
   Sarah Taylor Wife Marr 71   Maresfield. Sussex
RG11/996/14/p1 Beauchamp Lane George Prebble Head Marr 42 Estate Carpenter Barham
   Mary A Prebble Wife Marr 51   Dover
   George Prebble Son Single 14 Gamekeepers helper Barham
   Mary A Prebble Dau Single 13   Barham
   Charles A Prebble Son Single 12 scholar Barham
   Ernest R Prebble Son Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Alfred Prebble Son Single 7 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/14/p1 Beauchamp Lane Arthur Terry Head Marr 29 Estate Under Gardener Nonington
   Ann Terry Wife Marr 34   Nonington
   Lucy Terry Dau Single 6 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/14/p1 Pinners Wood Cottage Richard Mayne Head Marr 46 Gamekeeper Winslow Bucks
   Mary Mayne Wife Marr 47   Wargrave. Berks
   Thomas M Mayne Son Single 19 Under Gamekeeper Bletchingdon. Oxon
   Richard O Mayne Son Single 14 scholar Gerrards Cross. Bucks
RG11/996/14/p1 Old Court Farm George Martin Head Marr 44 Farm Bailiff Lydden
   Mary J Martin Wife Marr 48   Ewell
   Sarah A Martin Dau Single 22   Shepherdswell
   George Philpot Boarder Single 31 Farm Servant indoor Worth
   William Whittaker Boarder Single 24 Farm Servant indoor Nonington
   Edward Whittaker Boarder Single 19 Farm Servant indoor Nonington
   William Wood Boarder Single 20 Farm Servant indoor Petham
   James Sayer Boarder Single 17 Farm Servant indoor Nonington
   Henry Knight Boarder Single 16 Farm Servant indoor Sandwich
RG11/996/14/p2 Old Court Row Thomas Garlinge Head Marr 68 Ag Lab Goodnestone
   Thomas Garlinge Son Single 34 Ag Lab Nonington
   Mary A Garlinge Dau Single 25 Formerly Housemaid (invalid) Nonington
RG11/996/14/p2 Old Court Row Isaac Sawkins Head Marr 73 Ag Lab Adisham
   Sarah Sawkins Wife Marr 69   Eastry
   Jane Sawkins Dau Single 41 Formerly dom serv (invalid) Nonington
   Charlotte Watson Dau Marr 32 soldiers wife Nonington
   Ethel A Watson Grandau Single 2   Chillenden
RG11/996/14/p2 Old Court Row James Harlow Head Marr 78 Formerly Ag Lab (pauper) Bishopsbourne
   Mary Harlow Wife Marr 68 Pauper Goodnestone
   Jane Harlow Dau Single 35 Dom Serv Nonington
RG11/996/14/p2 Ratling Court Cottage James Hayward Head Marr 50 Farm Serv Hastingleigh
   Hannah Hayward Wife Marr 42   Wingham
RG11/996/14/p2 Ratling Court Cottage George Rye Head Marr 61 Farm Bailiff Kingstone
   Harriot Rye Wife Marr 59   Canterbury
RG11/996/14/p2 Ratling Court Cottage Charles Revell Head Marr 31 Groom & Gardener Ickham
   Phoebe Revell Wife Marr 26   Barham
   Anne Revell Dau Single 7 scholar Ickham
   Alice J Revell Dau Single 4   Stourmouth
   Charles Revell Son Single 1   Nonington
RG11/996/14/p2 Ratling Court Cottage George Rye Head Marr 31 Farm Serv Adisham
   Ellen Rye Wife Marr 28   Ripple
   William Rye Son Single 11 scholar Ripple
   George Rye Son Single 7 scholar Adisham
RG11/996/15/p3 Ratling Court Farm Troward Harvey Head Marr 54 Farmer 268 Acres Empl 7 lab, 4 boys Woodnesborough
   Mary A Harvey Wife Marr 51   Nonington
   Edith M Harvey Dau Single 5   Nonington
   Sarah M Spanton Neice Single 25 Assistant Domestic Nonington
   Mary Medgett Serv Single 15 Gen Serv Ash
   James F Prickett Serv Single 19 Farm Serv indoor Nonington
   Henry Belsey Serv Single 13 Farm Serv indoor Nonington
RG11/996/15/p3 Ratling (empty house)        
RG11/996/15/p3 Ratling William West Head Marr 58 Coal Meter Wickham
   Martha West Wife Marr 55   Ashford
   Elizabeth West Dau Single 19 Cook( out of employ) Wingham
   Mary West Dau Single 12 scholar Wingham
RG11/996/15/p3 Ratling William Newing Head Marr 64 Working Farm Bailiff Sholden
   Susanna Newing Wife Marr 56   Chillenden
RG11/996/15/p3 Ratling Ann Lawrence Head Wid 74 Ag labs widow receiving 10 Charity Nonington
RG11/996/15/p3 Ratling (2 empty houses)        
RG11/996/15/p3 Ratling Thomas Maxted Head Marr 63 Ag Lab Ickham
   Sarah A Maxted Wife Marr 43   Upper Hardres
   Frederick W Maxted Son Single 12 Ag work Nonington
   Emma Maxted Dau Single 7 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/15/p3 Ratling John Lawrence Head Marr 45 Farm Yard Man Nonington
   Eliza Lawrence Wife Marr 23   Tunbridge
   Edmund Lawrence Son Single 12 Ag work Nonington
   William Lawrence Son Single 6 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/15/p4 continued Fanny Lawrence Dau Single 4 scholar Nonington
   Emma Lawrence Dau Single 2   Nonington
RG11/996/15/p4 Ratling (empty house)        
RG11/996/15/p4 Ratling John Ridgen Head Wid 40 Ag Lab Shepherdswell
   Mary J Ridgen Dau Single 13 Dom Serv (temporarily home) Coldred
RG11/996/15/p4 Ratling John Harlow Head Marr 34 Ag Lab Nonington
   Sarah Harlow Wife Marr 32   Chartham
   William Ellen Boarder Single 56 Ag Lab Nonington
RG11/996/15/p4 Ratling James Ralph Head Marr 67 Brickmaker Boughton
   Susanna Ralph Wife Marr 45   West Malling
RG11/996/15/p4 Ratling George Belsey Head Marr 50 Ag Lab Nonington
   Jane Belsey Wife Marr 48   Newington (Hythe)
   Isaac Belsey Son Single 24 Railway Platelayer Acrise
   Charles Belsey Son Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Charlotte Belsey Dau Single 9 scholar Nonington
   Jane Belsey Dau Single 6 scholar Nonington
   Frederick Belsey Son Single 4   Nonington
RG11/996/15/p4 Ratling George Hougham Head Marr 37 Farm Serv Ash
   Sophia Hougham Head Marr 32   Chartham
   Alice Hougham Dau Single 10 scholar Adisham
   Caroline Hougham Dau Single 8 scholar Adisham
   Sarah A Hougham Dau Single 6 scholar Adisham
   Lucy Hougham Dau Single 4 scholar Nonington
   William Hougham Son Single 3   Nonington
   Alfred Hougham Son Single 5 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/16/p5 Ratling Stephen Burch Head Marr 36 Ag Lab Adisham
   Jane E Burch Wife Marr 31   Nonington
   John Burch Son Single 11 scholar Adisham
   Isaac Burch Son Single 7 scholar Nonington
   Edmund Burch Son Single 5 scholar Nonington
   Charles Burch Son Single 2   Nonington
RG11/996/16/p5 Ratling Lydia A Pepper Head Wid 66 Retired Farmer Throwley
   Sarah A Pepper Dau Single 34   Nonington
   Charlotte Pepper Dau Single 31   Nonington
   Jessie Miller Neice Single 5 Farmers Daughter Charing
RG11/996/16/p5 Ratling Edward Whittaker Head Marr 63 Ag Lab Bekesbourne
   Harriet Whittaker Wife Marr 53   Goodnestone
   Anne L Whittaker Dau Single 11 scholar Nonington
   Walter H Whittaker Son Single 8 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/16/p5 Ratling Thomas Pay Head Marr 63 Ag Lab Nonington
   Elizabeth Pay Wife Marr 55   Wingham
   John Pay Son Single 29 Coal Merchants Carter Nonington
   Maria Pay Dau Single 13   Nonington
RG11/996/16/p5 Ratling Thomas Danton Head Wid 70 Ag Lab Goodnestone
RG11/996/16/p5 Ratling William Pay Head Marr 32 Farm Serv Wingham
   Mary A Pay Wife Marr 29   Adisham
   Annie Pay Dau Single 8 scholar Nonington
   Ernest Pay Son Single 6 scholar Nonington
   William Pay Son Single 4 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/16/p6 continued Fanny Pay Dau Single 3   Nonington
   Mary A Pay Dau Single 3 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/16/p6 Old Park Farm Thomas M Pepper Head Marr 36 Farmer 290 Acres epl 5 Labs 2 boys Throwley
   Fanny C Pepper Wife Marr 31   Nonington
   Harry P Steed Nephew Single 3 Farmers Son Nonington
   Mary H Marsh Serv Single 18 Gen Serv Sturry
   James W Cox Serv Single 20 Farm Serv indoor Staple
   Charles Sawkins Serv Single 19 Farm Serv indoor Womenswold
   John Pilcher Serv Single 17 Farm Serv indoor Womenswold
   George Belsey Serv Single 16 Farm Serv indoor Nonington
RG11/996/16/p6 Church St Church Farm Henry Collard Head Marr 29 Farmer 180 Acres empl 3 labs 1 boy Knowlton
   Agnes Collard Wife Marr 22   Kingstone
   Mabel C A Collard Dau Single 5 mths   Nonington
   Annie Trice Serv Single 16 Gen Serv Nonington
RG11/996/16/p6 Church Street George Hollaway Head Wid 59 Grocer, Draper, Coal Merchant and Farmer of 28 Acres empl 2 men 1 boy Nonington
   Agnes H Stiff Shopwoman Single 27 Grocer & Drapers shopwoman Dover
   George F Hollaway Grandson Single 11 scholar Nonington
   Fanny A Lawrence Serv Single 15 Gen Serv Whitfield
RG11/996/16/p6 Church Street Charles Morgan Head Single 37 Veterinary Surg, empl 1 Lad & Blacksmith empl 1 Man 2 lads Nonington
   John Court Apprentice Single 16 Veterinary pupil apprentice Forest Hill
   Elizabeth Brown Serv Wid 66 Housekeeper Northbourne
   Emma Knight Serv Single 19 Gen Serv Sturry
RG11/996/17/p7 Church Street Ann Spain Head Wid 69 Ag Labs widow Sarre
RG11/996/17/p7 Church Street Harry Ellen Head Marr 36 Garden Lab Nonington
   Fanny Ellen Wife Marr 33   Nonington
   Mary A Ellen Dau Single 7 scholar Nonington
   Charles Ellen Son Single 5 scholar Nonington
   Olive Ellen Dau Single 1 mth   Nonington
   Charles J Ellen Brother Single 31 Ag Lab and Coal carter Nonington
RG11/996/17/p7 Church Street Edmund Lawrence Head Marr 48 Ag lab Nonington
   Jane A Lawrence Wife Marr 38   Nonington
   Willam J Lawrence Son Single 19   Nonington
RG11/996/17/p7 Church Street Henry Fairbrass Head Marr 39 Farm Serv Bekesbourne
   Sarah A Fairbrass Wife Marr 35   Chillenden
   Elizabeth A Fairbrass Dau Single 18 Gen Serv (out of employ) Eastry
   William Fairbrass Son Single 5 scholar Ash
RG11/996/17/p7 The Vicarage Frederick Chalmers Head Marr 76 Vicar of Nonington Nova Scotia
   Matilda Chalmers Wife Marr 70   Basildon. Berks
   Dalzell Chalmers Son Single 29 Solictor Bromley
   Catherine Marsh Sister-i-Law Single 61 Clergymans daughter Colchester Essex
   Leila Ditmas Visitor Single 23 Dau of a Major in Army Richmond Surrey
   Ann Collins Serv Single 44 Housekeeper & Cook Ireland
   Elizabeth Tapsell Serv Single 46 Ladys Maid West Wickham
   Agnes Pannatt Visitor Single 31 Ladys Maid Walmer
   Johanna Herms Serv Single 41 Parlour Maid Germany
RG11/996/17/p8 continued Lydia Horton Serv Single 43 Housemaid Northbourne
   Arthur Horne Serv Single 27 Butler Ridgemount Beds
RG11/996/17/p8 The Orphanage Sarah Fagg Head Single 43 Matron Nonington
   Emma D W Evans Boarder Single 32 Teacher Elementary school London Middlesex
   Emily Phillips Orphan Single 23 Gen Serv London Middlesex
   Mary A Garland Orphan Single 13 Gen Serv London Middlesex
   Sidney Davies Orphan Single 14 scholar Bromley
   Letita M Potter Orphan Single 15 scholar Beckenham
   Walter O Scott Orphan Single 13 scholar London Middlesex
   Emily Rudd Orphan Single 12 scholar London Middlesex
   Annie Dennis Orphan Single 12 scholar London Middlesex
   Louisa J Clayson Orphan Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Richard Tapsell Orphan Single 9 scholar Sundridge. Kent
   Edith E Fagg Neice Single 9 Orphan. Scholar Sheffield Yorkshire
   Thomas C H Bailey Orphan Single 8 scholar Beckenham
RG11/996/17/p8 Holt Street William Garlinge Head Marr 31 Farm Serv Shepherdswell
   Hannah E Garlinge Wife Marr 24   Nonington
   Richard A Garlinge Son Single 3   Nonington
   William C Garlinge Son Single 1   Nonington
   Alfred Garlinge Brother Single 27 Ag Lab Womenswold
RG11/996/17/p8 Holt Street Henry Rigden Head Marr 61 Estate Lab Barfrestone
   Mary Ridgen Wife Marr 59   Dymchurch
RG11/996/17/p8 Holt Street Francis T Pidcock Head Marr 32 Butler Thorpe Derbyshire
   Harriet Pidcock Wife Marr 30   Wootton Haven Warwickshire
   Lucy M Pidcock Dau Single 1   Nonington
RG11/996/18/p9 Holt Street Richard Garlinge Head Marr 71 Jobbing Gardener Nonington
   Mary Garlinge Wife Marr 70   Eastry
RG11/996/18/p9 Holt Street Joseph Holmes Head Marr 57 Bricklayers Carter Nonington
   Sarah Holmes Wife Marr 67   Nonington
RG11/996/18/p9 Holt Street Mary Sawkins Head Wid 71 Ag Labs widow Whitfield
   Edward Sawkins Son Single 48 Ag Lab Nonington
   Jane Sawkins Grandau Single 12   Ash
RG11/996/18/p9 Holt Street John Spain Head Marr 48 Blacksmith Woodchurch
   Olive Spain Wife Marr 43   Pluckley
   Ernest Spain Son Single 10 scholar Woodchurch
   Horace Spain Son Single 7 scholar Bethersden
   Eliza Spain Dau Single 5 scholar Bethersden
   Bertram Spain Son Single 3 scholar Bethersden
   Rose Spain Dau Single 2   Nonington
   Albert Spain Son Single 7 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/18/p9 Holt Street William Kingsford Head Marr 70 Bricklayer journeyman Nonington
   Mary A Kingsford Wife Marr 75   Ickham
RG11/996/18/p9 Holt Street William Kingsford Head Marr 51 Ag Lab Nonington
   Susanna Kingsford Wife Marr 50   Lydden
RG11/996/18/p9 Holt Street William Collard Head Marr 23 Ag Lab Kent not Known
   Mildred Collard Wife Marr 26   Elham
   Arthur Collard Son Single 1   Folkestone
RG11/996/18/p9 Holt Street Richard Bailey Head Wid 80 Retired Farmer Eastry
   Francis Bailey Son Single 55 Farmers Son Nonington
   Sarah Brewer Serv Single 54 Housekeeper Deal
RG11/996/18/p10 Holt Street James Burville Head Wid 65 Ag Lab Nonington
   Thomasine Gilham Serv Wid 82 Housekeeper Betteshanger
RG11/996/18/p10 Holt Street Charlotte Harvey Head Wid 79 Interest of Money Nonington
   Mary E Cramp Boarder Wid 75 Interest of Money Canterbury
   Anne E Cramp Boarder Single 50 Interest of Money Ramsgate
   Jane E Harlow Serv Single 17 Gen Serv Nonington
RG11/996/18/p10 Holt Street James Harlow Head Marr 48 Parish Roadman Nonington
   Susanna Harlow Wife Marr 51   Bishopsbourne
   James Harlow Son Single 19 Blacksmith journeyman Nonington
   John Harlow Son Single 15 House boy at mansion Nonington
   Elizabeth Harlow Dau Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Frank Harlow Son Single 9 scholar Nonington
   Edith Harlow Dau Single 1   Nonington
   Nellie Harlow Grandau Single 4 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/18/p10 Holt Street George Sheaff Head Wid 69 Ag Lab Shepherdswell
   Charlotte Sheaff Dau Single 14   Nonington
RG11/996/18/p10 Holt Street Richard Kennett Head Marr 61 Ag Lab Nonington
   Sarah Kennett Wife Marr 53   Nonington
   Seers J Kennett Son Single 12 Farm Work Nonington
RG11/996/18/p10 Holt Street William Appleton Head Marr 36 Bootmaker (Master) Nonington
   Fanny Appleton Wife Marr 29   Nonington
   Walter Appleton Son Single 2   Nonington
   Edwin Appleton Son Single 8 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/19/p11 Holt Street John Wood Head Marr 56 Bricklayer Master emplo 1 man Womenswold
   Elizabeth A Wood Wife Marr 50   Nonington
   Albert E Wood Son Single 18 Bricklayers Lab Nonington
   Herbert E Wood Son Single 12 scholar Nonington
   Charles H Wood Son Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Arthur A Wood Son Single 7 scholar Nonington
   Ernest T Wood Son Single 2   Nonington
RG11/996/19/p11 Holt Street Frederick Kingsford Head Marr 47 Gen Lab Nonington
   Ann M Kingsford Wife Marr 41   Barfrestone
   Emily A Kingsford Dau Single 15 Gen Serv Nonington
   Frederick J Kingsford Son Single 12 Works in Seed Mill Nonington
   Anna M Kingsford Dau Single 9 scholar Nonington
   Thomas H Kingsford Son Single 7 scholar Nonington
   William H Kingsford Son Single 5   Nonington
   Alice J Kingsford Dau Single 1   Nonington
RG11/996/19/p11 Holt Street Thomas Larkins Head Marr 75 Garden Lab Barfrestone
   Sarah Larkins Wife Marr 74 Laundress Nonington
RG11/996/19/p11 Holt Street William J Sheaff Head Marr 54 Ag Lab and Beerhouse keeper Nonington
   Sarah A Sheaff Wife Marr 58   Womenswold
RG11/996/19/p11 The Drove George Middleton Head Marr 61 Coachman White Waltham Berks
   Mary A Middleton Wife Marr 54   St Georges Hanover Sq London
   Emma J Middleton Dau Single 16 Teacher National School Kingsdon, Somerset
   Charlotte A Middleton Dau Single 14 Teacher National School Nonington
RG11/996/19/p12 The Drove John Paramor Head Marr 48 Coachman Shepherdswell
   Susanna Paramor Wife Marr 48   Barham
   Emily S Paramor Dau Single 10 scholar River
   Frederick R Paramor Son Single 6 scholar Nonington
   Sarah P Graves Neice Single 1 Under Gardeners daughter Eythorne
RG11/996/19/p12 The Drove Edward Ralph Head Marr 54 Under Gardener Staple
   Ann Ralph Wife Marr 45   Nonington
   Thomas Ralph Son Single 13 scholar Nonington
   Annie Ralph Dau Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Alice Ralph Dau Single 8 scholar Nonington
   Edith Ralph Dau Single 6 scholar Nonington
   Walter Ralph Son Single 6 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/19/p12 The Drove John Critch Head Wid 83 Annuitant Nonington
   Henry Critch Son Marr 46 Formerly butler (invalid) Nonington
   Barbara Critch D-i-Law Marr 54   Petham
   John H Critch Grandson Single 10 scholar Dover
RG11/996/19/p12 The Drove Harriet Holtum Head Wid 70 Grocer Nonington
   Louisa Holtum Dau Single 25   Ash
RG11/996/19/p12 Park Gate Cottage Thomas Brown Head Wid 66 Park Gatekeeper (Blind 13 yrs) Goodnestone
   Mary Branton Serv Wid 59 Housekeeper Margate
   Arthur Tyrrill Lodger Single 18 Groom Chectlenden Oxon
RG11/996/20/p13 Royal Oak Easole St James Stow Head Marr 35 Licensed Victualler Newton Suffolk
   Fanny Stow Wife Marr 43   Nonington
   Harry Stow Son Single 4 scholar Nonington
   Maximilian Woodruff Son-in-law Single 11 scholar Nonington
   Percy Woodruff Son-in-law Single 8 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/20/p13 Easole St Hannah Randall Head Wid 73 Farmers Widow Elham
RG11/996/20/p13 Post Office Easole St Martha M Cannaby Head Wid 50 Postmistress Nonington
   Helen Paramor Visitor Single 8   Nonington
RG11/996/20/p13 Easole St Joseph Silver Head Wid 68 Tailor journeyman Eastry
   Merella Poole Serv Single 24 Housekeeper Headcorn
RG11/996/20/p13 Easole St William Crofts Head Marr 58 Carpenter Master Empl 1 man Canterbury
   Charlotte Crofts Wife Marr 47   Canterbury
   Ellen B Crofts Dau Single 11 scholar Canterbury
   Margaret Crofts Dau Single 10 scholar Canterbury
   Charlotte S Crofts Dau Single 7 scholar Nonington
   William Crofts Son Single 6 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/20/p13 Easole St James Larkins Head Marr 37 Ag Lab Wrantham Suffolk
   Phoebe Larkins Wife Marr 37   Wrantham Suffolk
RG11/996/20/p13 Easole St John Sawkins Head Marr 48 Gen Lab & Chimney Sweep Nonington
   Louisa Sawkins Wife Marr 40   Nonington
RG11/996/20/p13 Easole St George Harris Head Marr 33 Police Constable Ireland
   Ellen Harris Wife Marr 24   Lymington Hants
RG11/996/20/p13 Easole St Job Hood Head Marr 30 Ag Lab Lyminge
   Mary Hood Wife Marr 36   Rye Sussex
RG11/996/20/p14 Easole St Frederick Smith Head Marr 50 Bricklayer Journeyman Thorpe Essex
   Jane Smith Wife Marr 46   Nonington
   Annie Smith Dau Single 9 scholar Nonington
   Henry Smith Son Single 7 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/20/p14 Easole St Turner J Maxted Head Marr 36 Bricklayer Journeyman Nonington
   Hannah Maxted Wife Marr 34   Sandwich
   Herbert Maxted Son Single 12 scholar Wingham
   Ida M Maxted Dau Single 9 scholar Rainham
   Emily Maxted Dau Single 7 scholar Chillenden
   George H Maxted Son Single 4 scholar Chillenden
   Nellie Maxted Dau Single 1   Chillenden
RG11/996/20/p14 Easole St George Groombridge Head Marr 78 Formerly Ag Lab Nonington
   Charlotte Groombridge Wife Marr 75 Sempstress Elham
RG11/996/20/p14 Easole St Mary A Castle Head Wid 44 Charwoman Eastry
   Harriet Castle Dau Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Elizabeth Castle Dau Single 9 scholar Nonington
   Stephen Castle Bro-i-Law Single 54 Ag Lab Nonington
RG11/996/20/p14 Easole St Thomas Cullen Head Marr 47 Ag Lab Nonington
   Jane E Cullen Wife Marr 35   Nonington
   Thomas Cullen Son Single 13 Ag Work Nonington
   Joseph Cullen Son Single 8 scholar New Brompton
   George Cullen Son Single 6 scholar Swaffham Norfolk
   John Cullen Son Single 4 scholar Nonington
   Edward Cullen Son Single 3   Nonington
   Frederick Cullen Son Single 1   Nonington
RG11/996/21/p15 Easole St John Beer Head Marr 36 Bootmaker (Master) Nonington
   Fanny W Beer Wife Marr 32   Nonington
   Fanny P Beer Dau Single 7 scholar Egerton Kent
   Nellie L Beer Dau Single 5   Nonington
   Arthur J Beer Son Single 3   Barfrestone
   Lizzie M Beer Dau Single 9 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/21/p15 Easole St Samuel Ralph Head Marr 22 Ag Lab Nonington
   Esther Ralph Wife Marr 26   Nonington
   Edith Ralph Dau Single 8 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/21/p15 Easole St Ann Castle Head Wid 68 Pauper Nonington
RG11/996/21/p15 Easole St Catherine Sutton Head Single 53 Interest of Money Nonington
   Elizabeth Jacob Visitor Single 17 Farmers daughter Northbourne
RG11/996/21/p15 Easole St Charlotte M Young Head Marr 59 Farmers wife Goodnestone
   Maria Penfold Serv Single 22 Gen Serv Nonington
RG11/996/21/p15 Easole St Thomas Measday Head Wid 76 Tailor Journeyman Wingham
   Mark Measday Son Single 38 Farm Serv Nonington
   Harriet Standen Serv Single 66 Gen Serv Woodnesborough
RG11/996/21/p15 Easole St Henry H Spanton Head Single 28 Farmer 180 Acres employing 5 labs and 2 boys Nonington
RG11/996/21/p15 Easole St Edward Sawkins Head Marr 44 Ag Lab Nonington
   Sarah A Sawkins Wife Marr 45   Nonington
   Isaac Sawkins Son Single 13 Ag Work Nonington
   Jane Sawkins Dau Single 6 scholar Nonington
   Caroline Sawkins Dau Single 3 scholar Nonington
   Sally Sawkins Dau Single 11 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/21/p16 Easole St Robert Castle Head Marr 53 Farm Serv Nonington
   Jane Castle Wife Marr 50   Nonington
   Robert Castle Son Single 21 Ag Lab Nonington
   Sabina Castle Dau Single 14 Home house work Nonington
   Henry Danton Boarder Single 30 Farm Serv Goodnestone
   Jesse Rye Boarder Single 47 Farm Serv Nonington
   George Kent Boarder Single 17 Farm Serv Towcester Northampton
RG11/996/21/p16 Easole St James Prickett Head Marr 55 Estate under Gardener Nonington
   Ann P Prickett Wife Marr 49   Sholden
   Sarah E Prickett Dau Single 10 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/21/p16 Easole St Henry Maxted Head Wid 67 Builder Master Empl 8 men Nonington
   Ann Chandler Sis-in-Law Single 61 Annuitant Sandwich
   Mary J Haywood Serv Single 15 Gen serv Sellinge
   Thomas Kingsford Lodger Single 62 Bricklayers Lab Nonington
RG11/996/21/p16 Easole St Henry Dungey Head Marr 43 Carrier Biddenden
   Emma Dungey Wife Marr 41   Acol Thanet
   William H Dungey Son Single 16 Miller journeyman Faversham
   James Dungey Son Single 13 scholar Nonington
   Fanny L Dungey Dau Single 11 scholar Nonington
   Blanche Dungey Dau Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Leonora Dungey Dau Single 7 scholar Nonington
   Frederick G Dungey Son Single 4 mths   Nonington
   Alfred O Snoulton Boarder Single 55 Annuitant Canterbury
RG11/996/21/p16 Easole St Susanna Atwood Head Wid 63 Farm Work Nonington
RG11/996/22/p17 Easole St George Farrier Head Marr 51 Farm Yard Man Wingham
   Harriet Farrier Wife Marr 61   Tilmanstone
   Anne M Farrier Dau Single 24 Ladys Maid Wingham
RG11/996/22/p17 Easole St John Beer Head Marr 68 Formerly Ag Lab Nonington
   Kezia Beer Wife Marr 64   Adisham
   Thomas Beer Son Single 21 Gen Lab Nonington
   Thomas Beer Brother Marr 59 Ag Lab Nonington
RG11/996/22/p17 Easole St George W Holtum Head Single 54 Collector of Rates Rents and Tithes Nonington
   Mary A Holtum Sister Single 63 Annuitant Nonington
   Martha J Holtum Sister Single 57 Fundholder Nonington
RG11/996/22/p17 Easole St Frederick Pittock Head Marr 30 Butcher Master empl 1 man 1 boy Eastry
   Mary E Pittock Wife Marr 28   Ash
RG11/996/22/p17 Easole St James Harvey Head Marr 67 Retired Farmer Petham
   Elizabeth Harvey Wife Marr 60   Nonington
   Elizabeth Harvey Dau Single 33   Thanington
RG11/996/22/p17 Easole St Mary A Pain Head Single 80 Annuitant Nonington
   Susanna Pain Sister Single 74 Annuitant Nonington
RG11/996/22/p17 Easole St Henry Knight Head Marr 25 Farm Serv Ickham
   Mary A Knight Wife Marr 22   Bridge
   Anne Knight Dau Single 2   Bridge
   George Knight Son Single 7 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/22/p17 Easole St George Mockett Head Marr 32 Seedsmans Carter Northbourne
   Jane Mockett Wife Marr 27   Eastry
   Annie M Mockett Dau Single 5 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/22/p18 continued William S Mockett Son Single 3   Nonington
   Emily J Mockett Dau Single 1   Nonington
RG11/996/22/p18 Easole St John Harvey Head Single 27 Maltster & Seedsman empl 5 men 1 boy Thannington
   Walter Harvey Brother Single 32 Assistant Seedsman Thannington
   Mary A Harvey Sister Single 23   Thannington
   Emily Minter Visitor Single 29 Farmers daughter Wingham
   Esther Money Serv Single 16 General Serv Hoo
RG11/996/22/p18 Easole St James Harlow Head Wid 55 Estate Carpenter Goodnestone
   Annie Harlow Dau Single 16   Nonington
   Sarah A Tremblett Boarder Wid 58 Owner of Houses Chillenden
   Walter Wyborn Boarder Single 20 Butcher journeyman Eythorne
RG11/996/22/p18 Easole St William Castle Head Marr 64 Farm Serv Nonington
   Maria Castle Wife Marr 56   Nonington
   Charles Castle Son Single 16 Ag Lab Nonington
   Elizabeth Castle Dau Single 13 Home house work Nonington
RG11/996/22/p18 Easole St Richard Spain Head Marr 32 Farm Serv Eastry
   Eliza Spain Wife Marr 33   Nonington
   George Spain Son Single 11 scholar Nonington
   Caroline F Spain Dau Single 9 scholar Nonington
   Albert Spain Son Single 7 scholar Nonington
RG11/996/22/p18 Easole St John Holtum Head Marr 71 Tailor Master empl 1 man Nonington
   Myra M Holtum Wife Marr 73   Nonington
   Selina M Winsell Grandau Single 18 Domestic housework Hackney Middlesex
   Sarah A Holton Sister-i-Law Wid 76 Lodging House Keeper Nonington
RG11/996/23/p19 Easole St Thomas Garlinge Head Marr 56 Ag Lab Nonington
   Mary Garlinge Wife Marr 57   Goodnestone
   Annie Belcher Dau Marr 34 Engine Fitters wife Barfrestone
   Albert Garlinge Son Single 25 Gen Lab Chillenden
   Minnie Garlinge Dau Single 16 Housemaid (out of employ) Nonington
RG11/996/23/p19 Easole St George Appleton Head Marr 39 Ag Lab Eastry
   Charlotte Appleton Wife Marr 36   Bekesbourne
   William C Appleton Son Single 13 Farm Work Isle of Sheppey
   Elizabeth J Appleton Dau Single 12 scholar Isle of Sheppey
   Fanny Appleton Dau Single 10 scholar Nonington
   Annie L Appleton Dau Single 7 scholar Nonington
   Richard Appleton Son Single 6 scholar Nonington
   George H Appleton Son Single 4 scholar Nonington
   Mildred L Appleton Dau Single 2   Nonington
   Christopher A Appleton Son Single 3 mths   Nonington
RG11/996/23/p19 Easole St David D Crawford Head Marr 31 Land Steward Scotland
   Anne Crawford Wife Marr 33   Upton, Worcs
   William F Crawford Son Single 4   Milton. Hants
   Harry E Crawford Son Single 2   Nonington
   Dora E Crawford Dau Single 1   Nonington
   Agnes A Caldwell Niece Single 18 Farmers daughter Canonfroome Herts
   Mary A Carpenter Serv Single 15 Gen Serv Eastry
RG11/996/23/p19 Easole St James Amos Head Single 66 Estate Head Gardener Clapham Surrey
RG11/996/23/p20 St Albans Court William O Hammond Head Single 63 Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieut. Banker, Farmer of 575 Acres empl 22 labs 4 boys Barham
   William Cooper Serv Single 49 Butler Irchester Northants
   James H Clipstone Serv Single 21 Footman Oundle. Northants
   Maria F Scudder Serv Single 38 Housekeeper & Cook City Road, Middlesex
   Elizabeth J H Huld Serv Single 29 Housemaid Germany
   Jane Newman Serv Single 24 Housemaid Poslingford Suffolk
   Annie E Hinkley Serv Single 17 Housemaid Ash
   Ellen Evans Serv Single 23 Kichenmaid Llawnor Caernarvonsh
RG11/996/23/p20 Easole St (Farm Stable) William H Morris Head Single 61 Gen Lab Goodnestone
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