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RG 12/709;  Family History Library microfiche #6095819.
Census information Crown Copyright, courtesy of www.nationalarchives.gov.uk.
Transcribed by Adrian Furminger.  
Proofread, corrected and expanded by Susan D. Young.

882103337 Palace StreetPETTMANJamesHeadMM62Baker Master - employerWhitstable Kent
882103337 Palace StreetPETTMANSusannah GWifeMF71 Canterbury Kent
882103337 Palace StreetPETTMANElizaDaughterSF32 Canterbury Kent
882103337 Palace StreetPETTMANSusannahDaughterSF29 Canterbury Kent
882103337 Palace StreetPETTMANEdwinSonSM27Baker's Assistant - employedCanterbury Kent
882103538 Palace StreetCARREENicholasHeadMM23Boot maker - working on own accountCanterbury Kent
882103538 Palace StreetCARREESusannahWifeMF22 Ash Kent
882103538 Palace StreetCARREECharles NSonSM4ScholarCanterbury Kent
882103538 Palace StreetCARREELouisSonSM2 Canterbury Kent
882103740 Palace StreetSOLLYSarahHeadWF53 Deal Kent
882103740 Palace StreetSOLLYMary JDaughterSF32Dressmaker - working on own accountDeal Kent
882103740 Palace StreetSOLLYEdwardSonSM17Ironmonger's assistant - employedCanterbury Kent
882103841 Palace StreetHUNTWalterHeadMM54Stationer & news agent - employerHoughton in the Dale, Norfolk
882103841 Palace StreetHUNTMary AWifeMF53 Chichester Essex
882103841 Palace StreetHUNTEdith MDaughterSF20News stationer's assistant - employedHawkhurst Kent
882103841 Palace StreetHUNTChristmasSonSM16Cabinet Maker - employedPortfield Sussex
882103942 & 43 Palace StreetGIBBSJohn THeadMM31Printer Master - working on own accountWalworth London
882103942 & 43 Palace StreetGIBBSLaura MWifeMF28 Canterbury Kent
882103942 & 43 Palace StreetGIBBSStanley JSonSM4 Canterbury Kent
882103942 & 43 Palace StreetGIBBSDaisy MDaughterSF2 Canterbury Kent
882104044 Palace StreetRALPHWilliamHeadMM41Bricklayer - employerCanterbury Kent
882104044 Palace StreetRALPHFannyWifeMF36Wardrobe Dealer - working on own accountMoumouth MON
882104044 Palace StreetRALPHGeorgeSonSM10scholarChartham Kent
882104044 Palace StreetRALPHDavidSonSM4 Canterbury Kent
882104044 Palace StreetJONESFannyNieceSF12 Pontnewynyold MON
882104146 Palace StreetCOLLINSAlbertHeadMM65Picture frame maker, carver - working on own accountBoughton under Blean Kent
882104146 Palace StreetCOLLINSLydiaDaughterSF17Shop assistance, carver - employedCanterbury Kent
8821042King's School, Junior DepartmentHODGSONRichard GHeadMM46Clerk in Holy Orders, schoolmaster, clergyManchester Lancashire
8821042King's School, Junior DepartmentHODGSONMaryWifeMF36 Bromley Kent
8821042King's School, Junior DepartmentLATTERAlgernonBrother-in-lawSM20Undergraduate OxfordBromley Kent
8831142 cont'dKing's School, Junior DepartmentATHAWESArthur SPupilSM13 Beckenham Kent
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentCARRINGTONCharles WPupilSM11 West Indies Barbados
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentCOLEMANThomas SPupilSM13 Ash Kent
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentBLESTCharleyPupilSM13 Wateringbury Kent
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentGALLOPGeorge APupilSM12 Finchley Middlesex
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentCARRINGTONJohn WPupilSM12 West Indies Barbados
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentKINGDONHamilton R APupilSM12 Brailsford Derby
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentSMITHRobert C PaynPupilSM11 Ash Kent
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentBEASLEYRobert LPupilSM12 Brooklyn, [New York], United States of America, B[ritish] S[ubject]
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentMASONUlric FPupilSM13 London London
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentMASONHarry KPupilSM12 London London
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentCOOMorris HPupilSM12 Colchester Essex
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentRIDLEYClement APupilSM9 Bromley Kent
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentBEASLEYFrank APupilSM9 IRL
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentBAKERCharles DPupilSM11 Tenterden Kent
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentWILSONGeorge BPupilSM8 Lille, France, British Subject
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentLENONJohn APupilSM10 London
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentSAWYERElizabeth CMatronSF35House matron of schoolBurwash Sussex
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentESSAMAnnie EServantSF31Cook, domesticBroughton Northumberland
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentBRISTOWFlorence JServantSF22Parlour maid, domesticWadsdon Buckinghamshire
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentSMITHGertrude AServantSF22House maid, domesticShoreham Kent
8831142King's School, Junior DepartmentDAVISEmmaServantSF20Kitchen maid, domesticLondon London
883114448 Palace StreetBLIGHJarvisHeadMM58Carriage builder - employerCanterbury Kent
883114448 Palace StreetBLIGHSarahWifeMF53 Canterbury Kent
883114448 Palace StreetBLIGHJessie EDaughterSF23 Canterbury Kent
883114448 Palace StreetBLIGHHilda MDaughterSF17 Canterbury Kent
883114549 Palace StreetGRACEWilliam JHeadMM50Leather seller - employerCanterbury Kent
883114549 Palace StreetGRACEElizabethWifeMF50 Chilham Kent
883114549 Palace StreetGRACEHelen MDaughterSF21Draper's Assistant - employedWhitstable Kent
883114549 Palace StreetGRACEHarry GSonSM16ScholarCanterbury Kent
883124549 Palace StreetGRACEDoraDaughterSF12scholarCanterbury Kent
883124650 Palace StreetESCOTTElizabethHeadWF69Corset maker - employerCanterbury Kent
883124650 Palace StreetESCOTTAnnieDaughterSF37Corset maker, dress - employedCanterbury Kent
883124751 Palace StreetGRAHAMGeorgeHeadMM60Shoemaker - employedCanterbury Kent
883124751 Palace StreetGRAHAMElizabethWifeMF50 Canterbury Kent
883124751 Palace StreetGRAHAMSidneySonSM20Upholsterer - employedCanterbury Kent
883124751 Palace StreetGRAHAMWalterSonSM17Bookseller's Assistant - employedCanterbury Kent
883124751 Palace StreetGRAHAMAlbertSonSM15Photographer's Apprentice - employedCanterbury Kent
883124852 Palace StreetCALDWELLSamuelHeadMM59Artist in stained glass - working on own accountCanterbury Kent
883124852 Palace StreetCALDWELLSarahWifeMF56 Canterbury Kent
883124852 Palace StreetCALDWELLSamuelSonSM29Artist in stained glass - working on own accountCanterbury Kent
883124852 Palace StreetCALDWELLMaryDaughterSF17 Canterbury Kent
883124953 Palace StreetBRIDGERAnnHeadWM59Wardrobe Dealer - working on own accountWaltham Kent
883125053 Palace StreetLILLEYEmmaHeadMF39Wardrobe Dealer - working on own accountBridge Kent
883125053 Palace StreetLILLEYFrederick JSonSM13scholarCanterbury Kent
883125053 Palace StreetLILLEYGeorge OSonSM8scholarCanterbury Kent
883125154 Palace StreetCLARKEGeorge JHeadMM31Butcher Master - employerCanterbury Kent
883125154 Palace StreetCLARKECeliaWifeMF30Butcher's Assistant - employedWoodchurch Kent
883125154 Palace StreetCLARKEEmily MDaughterSF3 Canterbury Kent
883125154 Palace StreetCLARKEEthel MDaughterSFunder 2 months Canterbury Kent
883125154 Palace StreetBOURNESarahMother-in-lawWF66Living on her own meansWoodchurch Kent
883125255 Palace StreetHALLJaneHeadMF44Umbrella Maker - employerUpper Hardres Kent
883125255 Palace StreetHALLJaneDaughterSF19Toy shop assistant - employedPimlico London
883125255 Palace StreetHALLAmyDaughterSF12scholarFolkstone Kent
883125255 Palace StreetHALLMairlieDaughterSF7scholarFolkstone Kent
883125255 Palace StreetHALLEdithDaughterSF3scholarCanterbury Kent
883125356 Palace StreetEASTONThomasHeadMM63Boot maker, master - employerCanterbury Kent
883125356 Palace StreetEASTONAnne EWifeMF61 Lymne [sic:Lympne] Kent
883125356 Palace StreetEASTONGeorgeSonSM24Boot maker - employedCanterbury Kent
883125458 Palace StreetFETHERSTONEWalter AHeadMM34Grocer Master - employerCanterbury Kent
884135458 Palace StreetFETHERSTONEKateWifeMF35 Canterbury Kent
884135458 Palace StreetFETHERSTONEReginald WSonSM11ScholarCanterbury Kent
884135458 Palace StreetFETHERSTONEFrank HSonSM9scholarCanterbury Kent
884135458 Palace StreetFETHERSTONEJohnBrotherMM44Grocer's Assistant - employedCanterbury Kent
884135458 Palace StreetFETHERSTONERosaSisterSF31Living on her own meansCanterbury Kent
884135458 Palace StreetLOTTJohn BBrother-in-lawMM38Organist MusicFaversham Kent
884135458 Palace StreetMAYLAMFranknot statedSM20Grocer's Assistant - employedPluckley Kent
884135458 Palace StreetYOUNGAnnie EServantSF18General Servant DomesticMarshside [Thanet] Kent
884135559 Palace StreetRAYFIELDGeorgeHeadMM50Oil and Colourman Manager - employedFrindsbury Kent
884135559 Palace StreetRAYFIELDMary AWifeMF50 Gravesend Kent
884135559 Palace StreetRAYFIELDCharlotte EDaughterSF24 Ramsgate Kent
884135559 Palace StreetRAYFIELDAnnieDaughterSF22 Ramsgate Kent
884135559 Palace StreetRAYFIELDMinnieDaughterSF15ScholarCanterbury Kent
884135660 Palace StreetHOBDAYJohnHeadWM77Retired Upholsterer CabbCanterbury Kent
884135660 Palace StreetHOBDAYGeorge JSonSM36Cabinet Maker Cabb - employerCanterbury Kent
884135660 Palace StreetHOBDAYSarah ASisterSF68Housekeeper domesticCanterbury Kent
884135660 Palace StreetCOUSENSAnnie MServantSF18General Servant dmesticCanterbury Kent
884135660 Palace StreetASHBYJamesServantMM68Night Attendant to Head SickEvering Suffolk
884135724 Sun StreetBLEAYSylvia CHeadSF31General Employ Agency Institute - working on own accountLondon London
884135724 Sun StreetBLEAYWilliam HFatherMM66Retired Civil EngineerCowley Oxfordshire
884135724 Sun StreetBLEAYSylvestressMotherMF62 Egerton Kent
884135724 Sun StreetSOLLEYEllenServantSF14General Servant domesticWickham Kent
884135823 Sun StreetROBBINSAlbertHeadMM32Bricklayer - employedCanterbury Kent
884135823 Sun StreetROBBINSEliza FWifeMF31Dyer's Manageress - employedCanterbury Kent
884135922 Sun StreetHOWARDElizabethHeadSF58Baker & Confectioner - employerCanterbury Kent
884135922 Sun StreetBAKERGeorge EBoarderSM23Ironmonger's Assistant - employedRomsey Hampshire
884135922 Sun StreetBOOTESWallace RBoarderSM22Grocer's Assistant - employedIlford Essex
884135922 Sun StreetPYSDENJohnServantSM68Baker's Assistant - employedCanterbury Kent
8841361Gas Works Yard, the CottageANDREWSHenryHeadMM52Clerk of the Works Cathedral - employedCanterbury Kent
8841361Gas Works Yard, the CottageANDREWSMary AWifeMF54 Folkstone Kent
8841460Archbishop's Palace, Cathedral YardAUSTINHarry GHeadWM68Justice of the Peace for Kent - employerCanterbury Kent
8841460Archbishop's Palace, Cathedral YardPAULINGMargaretHousekeeperSF46Housekeeper DomesticSCT
8841460Archbishop's Palace, Cathedral YardHOLMESAnnieServantSF20Parlour maid, domesticKennington Kent

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