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1891 Census, Graine

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Most of the 1891 census have been set up in columns as indicated below.  There are a few inconsistancies in the order of some names and parishes.In particular, some census places wrap to the line immediately below the entry.Given Name(s) : Surname : Relationship : Age : Sex : Parish where born : County where born : Census County : Census Place  or InitialsJames	Biggs	Head	55	Male	Barking,	Essex	Kent	Graine							Louisa	Biggs	Wife	50	Female	East	Ham,	Essex	Kent	Graine						Ellen	E	Biggs	Daughter	21	Female	new	cross,	Kent	Kent	Graine					Edwin	Matthews	Head	29	Male	Dover,	Kent	Kent	Graine							Sophia	Matthews	Wife	28	Female	Eddlestone,	Surrey	Kent	Graine							Alfred	Matthews	Father	69	Male	Dover,	Kent	Kent	Graine							Alice	Matthews	Daughter	8	Female	Edgware,	London	Kent	Graine							Mabel	Matthews	Daughter	4	Female	Tottenham,	London	Kent	Graine							Ethel	Matthews	Daughter	2	Female	Hackney,	London	Kent	Graine							John	Palmer	Head	67	Male	Frome,	Somerset	Kent	Graine							Robert	W	Clarke	Head	28	Male	Kentish	Town,	Somerset	Kent	Graine					George	Sinden	Head	46	Male	Westfield,	Sussex	Kent	Graine							Emily	Sinden	Daughter	26	Female	Peasmarsh,	Sussex	Kent	Graine							George	Sinden	Son	14	Male	Battle,	Sussex	Kent	Graine							Thomas	Sinden	Son	9	Male	Battle,	Sussex	Kent	Graine							George	Neal	Son-in-law	41	Male	East	Grinstead	Kent	Graine							Ellen	Neal	Granddaughter	2	Female	Battle,	Sussex	Kent	Graine							Lilly	Neal	Granddaughter	0	Female	Isle	of	Grain,	Kent	Kent	Graine					Mary	Thomas	Servant	72	Female	st	abbs,	Berkshire	Kent	Graine						Albert	Matthews	Head	30	Male	Chailey,	Sussex	Kent	Graine							George	Simmons	Head	55	Male	all	hallows,	Kent	Kent	Graine						Sarah	Simmons	Wife	47	Female	Stoke,	Kent	Kent	Graine							Rosett	Simmons	Daughter	23	Female	upper	stoke,	Kent	Kent	Graine						Sarah	A	Simmons	Daughter	17	Female	Isle	of	Grain	Kent	Graine					Edith	E	Simmons	Daughter	11	Female	Stoke,	Kent	Kent	Graine						Ada	A	Simmons	Daughter	9	Female	Stoke,	Kent	Kent	Graine						Ethel	A	Simmons	Daughter	5	Female	Isle	of	Grain	Kent	Graine					Thomas	Williams	Lodger	39	Male	harrham,	Kent	Kent	Graine							Jack	Bennet	Lodger	41	Male	Ightham,	Kent	Kent	Graine	    

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