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1891 Census E.D. 16, Worth

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Transcribed by Nicola Pomroy, August 2008

Date of Census:  5 April 1891
Registration District:  Eastry
Enumeration District:  16
Registration-Sub-district:  Sandwich
Name of Enumerator:  Thomas Farrier Kent [?]
Civil Parish:  Worth
Ecclesiastical Parish:  Worth
Parliamentary District:  St. Augustine’s

Boundary of Enumeration District:

Being that part bounded on the North by the parish of Sts Clements and Mary, Sandwich, and Pegwell Bay; on the East by that part of the sea called “The Downs”; on the South by Felderland, Worth Minnis, and the Sand Hills; and on the West by the parish of Woodnesborough, St Clement, Sandwich and the River Stour.

Contents of Enumeration District:

Comprising that part of the parish which lies North West of the road leading from the Deal late turnpike road, through the village of Worth, to the Sand Hills, including Corner cottages and houses to The Crispin Inn; from these to Martin’s House includive; the Red House, Mrs Hooper’s cottage in Lydden Court (Roberts) in ground; No. 2 Battery; --- Cottage in Sand Hills, Shingle End; The New Downs Farm and Cottage; St George’s Golf Club House and Cottage; Buck Clamp at Pittocks Down; Stone Cross; and Cottage in Osier Garden.

No. of Schedules:  62
No. of Houses Inhabited:  60
No. Uninhabited:  2
No. of Males:  134
No. of Females:  137

Public Record Office Reference:  Class: RG12/ Piece: 735

Sch. No. Location Forename SURNAME Relation To Head Marital Status Age Occupation Place of Birth Disability Reference
1 Worth Street Henry WOOD head m 64 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Caroline WOOD wife m 64 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Alfred James WOOD son s 34 General Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
2 Worth Street Albert KEMP head m 31 General Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Mary Ann KEMP wife m 30 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Henry James KEMP son s 8 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    George William KEMP son s 6 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Percy Albert KEMP son s 4 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Louisa Alice KEMP daughter - 3 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Edith Mary KEMP daughter - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
3 Worth Street John PHILPOTT head m 75 Labourer Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Sarah PHILPOTT wife m 76 - Sholden, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Henry J. EAST g-son s 19 Golf Caddy Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
4 Worth Street George SPINNER head m 76 General Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Mary SPINNER wife m 67 - Knowlton, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Henry SPINNER brother s 50 General Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
5 Prospect Cottage Ebenezer BAKER head m 59 Market Gardener Eythorne, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Amelia BAKER wife m 59 - Lower Hardres, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Mary BAKER daughter s 24 - Bekesbourne, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Isaac BAKER brother w 57 Living on Own Means Eythorne, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
6 Woodbine Cottage William BURROWS head m 76 Retired Farmer Stelling Minnis, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Sarah BURROWS wife m 69 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
7 Worth Street Margaret NOAKES head w 75 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Mary E. NOAKES daughter s 50 District Visitor Deal, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
8 Worth Street James COBUS head m 58 Farmer Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/81/1
    Eliza A. COBUS wife m 58 - London Road [?], Surrey   RG12/735/81/1
    Rebecca C. WHITE - s 54 Housekeeper Wickham[breaux?], Kent   RG12/735/81/1
9 Old Vicarage Edward COLLARD head m 56 Traveller (Brewery?) Elvin[g]ton, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Helen COLLARD wife m 49 - Beltinge, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Mary Maud COLLARD daughter s 26 - Grove, Canterbury, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Annie COLLARD daughter s 25 - Grove, Canterbury, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Walter COLLARD son s 23 Draper's Assistant Grove, Canterbury, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Frank COLLARD son s 21 Grocer's Assistant Ickham, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    George COLLARD son s 20 Grocer's Assistant Grove, Canterbury, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Spencer COLLARD son s 17 Draper's Apprentice Stourmouth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Edward B. COLLARD son s 14 Scholar Stourmouth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Edward M. COLLARD cousin s 58 Farmer Nackington, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
10 Blue Pigeons Inn Thomas FARRIER head m 70 Beer Retailer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Emily FARRIER wife m 64 - Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
11 Worth Street Alfred TAYLOR lodger s 47 Farm Servant Goudhurst, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    John ATKINS lodger s 25 Farm Servant Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
12 Barton Farm Albert SOLLEY head m 77 Living on Own Means Ash, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Hannah SOLLEY wife m 89 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Mary A. SOLLEY daughter s 50 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Albert LASLETT g-son - 8 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
13 School House William SANSOM head m 37 Schoolmaster Offwell, Devon   RG12/735/81/2
    Eliza Jane SANSOM wife m 40 Schoolmistress Drayton, Somerset   RG12/735/81/2
    Annie May SANSOM daughter s 14 - Lower Hardres, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Daisy M. E. SANSOM daughter - 11 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Edith K. SANSOM daughter - 9 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Gertrude M. SANSOM daughter - 7 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    William E. R. SANSOM son - 4 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Ethel E. SANSOM daughter - 2 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
14 Worth Street John SPINNER head m 60 General Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Susannah SPINNER wife m 54 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Albert SPINNER son s 29 General Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    George H. SPINNER son s 19 Under Gardener Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
    Benjamin SPINNER son s 12 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/81/2
15 Worth Street Charles COUSENS head m 48 Shepherd Guston, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Katherine COUSENS wife m 45 - Elham, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Jane COUSENS daughter - 9 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Florence E. COUSENS daughter - 7 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
16 Worth Street George GIBBENS head m 39 Waggoner St Lawrence, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Sarah GIBBENS wife m 40 - Worth, Kent deaf RG12/735/84/4
    Frederick GIBBENS son s 19 Farm Servant Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Ellen GIBBENS daughter s 16 Servant Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    George GIBBENS son s 14 Farm Servant Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    William GIBBENS son - 10 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Fanny GIBBENS daughter - 8 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Henry GIBBENS son - 5 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
17 Crispin Inn (Public House) Edward YOUNG head m 64 Licensed Victualler Brabourne, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Louisa YOUNG wife m 64 - Whitstable, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    James FARRIER lodger s 59 Agricultural Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    John BEER lodger w 35 Agricultural Labourer Chislet, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
18 Spinner's Farm Charles SPINNER head w 67 Farmer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Sarah GILHAM - s 47 Housekeeper Margate, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
19 Worth Street George BALDOCK head m 69 General Labourer Nonnington, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Sarah A. BALDOCK wife m 72 Charwoman Ash, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Mary BALDOCK mother w 89 - Kingston, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
20 Temptye House Arthur KEMP head m 30 Market Gardener Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Mary A. KEMP wife m 30 - Sholden, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Emily L. KEMP daughter - 4 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Charles W. KEMP son - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Unnamed KEMP son - 1 m - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
21 Little Temptye William MARTIN head m 68 Market Gardener Warehorne, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Sarah A. MARTIN wife m 65 - Middley, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
    Jabez MARTIN son - 18 Assistant Gardener Warehorne, Kent   RG12/735/84/4
22 Red House Henry W. MARSH head m 27 Shepherd Ash, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    Emma J. MARSH wife m 30 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    William T. MARSH son - 7 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    Charles H. MAKHAM lodger m 23 Agricultural Labourer Bishopsbourne, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    Thomas MAPLE lodger s 15 Agricultural Labourer Adisham, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
23 Sandhills Cottages Thomas NORRIS head w 52 Gamekeeper Eythorne, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    E. NORRIS son s - Agricultural Labourer Waldeslade, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    H. W. NORRIS son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
24 Hoopers (Keepers?) Cottage Edward ROBERTS head m 44 Agricultural Labourer Tenterden, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    Mary ROBERTS wife m 42 - Tenterden, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
  Coast Guard Station                  
25 No. 2 Battery John H. BEALE head m 36 Chief Boatman Coastguard St Georges, Middlesex   RG12/735/84/5
    Jane BEALE wife m 35 - Thames Ditton, Surrey   RG12/735/84/5
    John H. BEALE son - 12 Scholar Sea Palling, Norfolk   RG12/735/84/5
    Muriel A. BEALE daughter - 10 Scholar Great Yarmouth, Norfolk   RG12/735/84/5
    Beatrice BEALE daughter - 9 Scholar Great Yarmouth, Norfolk   RG12/735/84/5
    Winifred M BEALE daughter - 6 Scholar Caistor, Norfolk   RG12/735/84/5
    Lilian E. BEALE daughter - 4 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk   RG12/735/84/5
    Gordon T. BEALE son - 2 - Pegwell Bay, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
26 No. 2 Battery Thomas MAY head m 40 Coast-Guard Service Hamble, Hants   RG12/735/84/5
    Mary A. MAY wife m 35 - Southampton, Hants   RG12/735/84/5
    Elizabeth M. MAY daughter - 9 Scholar Selsey, Sussex   RG12/735/84/5
    Alice L. MAY daughter - 7 - Hamble, Hants   RG12/735/84/5
    Eva W. MAY daughter - 7 m   Worth, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
27 No. 2 Battery Charles HUTCHINGS head m 37 Coast-Guard Service Sandford, Hants   RG12/735/84/5
    Ellen HUTCHINGS wife m 31 - Charlton, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    James C. HUTCHINGS son - 6 - Deal, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    Matthias HUTCHINGS son - 4 - Walmer, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
    John W. HUTCHINGS son - 1 - Walmer, Kent   RG12/735/84/5
28 No. 2 Battery Harry GREEN head m 38 Coast-Guard Service Hessett, Suffolk   RG12/735/85/6
    Sarah A. GREEN wife m 27 - Bradwell, Essex   RG12/735/85/6
    Harry S. GREEN son - 4 - Walton on Naze, Essex   RG12/735/85/6
    Georgina D. GREEN daughter - 2 - Walton on Naze, Essex   RG12/735/85/6
    Ada M. GREEN daughter - 2 - Walton on Naze, Essex   RG12/735/85/6
    Frank W. GREEN son - 1 - Walton on Naze, Essex   RG12/735/85/6
29 No. 2 Battery Henry ROSKILLEY head m 47 Coast-Guard Service Redruth, Cornwall   RG12/735/85/6
    Elizabeth ROSKILLEY wife m 44 - Deal, Kent   RG12/735/85/6
30 No. 2 Battery Elijah CROSS head m 36 Coast-Guard Service Knockers Knowle, Devon   RG12/735/85/6
    Elizabeth CROSS wife m 32 - Stonehouse, Devon   RG12/735/85/6
    Francis CROSS son - 12 Scholar Stonehouse, Devon   RG12/735/85/6
    Charles CROSS son - 4   Allhallows, Kent   RG12/735/85/6
    Leonard CROSS son - 3 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/85/6
    Alfred E. CROSS son - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/85/6
31 No. 2 Battery Samuel ABBOTT head m 34 Coast-Guard Service St Neot, Cornwall   RG12/735/85/6
    Grace T. ABBOTT wife m 34 - Herodsfoot, Cornwall   RG12/735/85/6
32 No. 2 Battery John HEALY head m 35 Coast-Guard Service Forton, Hants   RG12/735/85/6
    Emma E. HEALY wife m 27 - Gosport, Hants   RG12/735/85/6
33 No. 2 Battery James FORDHAM head m 30 Coast-Guard Service London, Surrey   RG12/735/85/6
    Norah FORDHAM wife m 31 - Kerry Island, Ireland   RG12/735/85/6
    James A. FORDHAM son - 7 - Portsmouth, Hants   RG12/735/85/6
    Jesse N. FORDHAM daughter - 1 - Sheppey, Kent   RG12/735/85/6
  Coast Guard Station                  
34 Shingle End Charles SIMMONDS head m 40 Coast-Guard Service Reading, Berks   RG12/735/85/6
    Elizabeth SIMMONDS wife m 33 - Caversham, Oxon   RG12/735/85/6
    Charles SIMMONDS son - 11 Scholar St Margarets, Kent   RG12/735/85/6
    George SIMMONDS son - 10 Scholar St Margarets, Kent   RG12/735/85/6
    Frank S. SIMMONDS son - 5 - Harwich, Essex   RG12/735/85/6
35 Shingle End John F. MONK head m 45 Coast-Guard Service Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
    Sarah MONK wife m 37 - Harwich, Essex   RG12/735/85/7
    Annie MONK daughter s 15 - Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
    Elizabeth MONK daughter s 14 Scholar Shoeburyness, Essex   RG12/735/85/7
    Ethel S. MONK daughter s 12 Scholar Tillingham, Essex   RG12/735/85/7
    Rose MONK daughter - 8 Scholar Tillingham, Essex   RG12/735/85/7
    Cicelia MONK daughter - 5 Scholar Kingsdown, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
    Minnie L. MONK daughter - 3 - Kingsdown, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
    Jessie M. MONK daughter - 1 - Kingsdown, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
36 Shingle End Henry BARTLE head m 28 Coast-Guard Service Camborne, Cornwall   RG12/735/85/7
    Jane BARTLE wife m 26 - Penzance, Cornwall   RG12/735/85/7
37 Shingle End Richard MILSOM head m 29 Coast-Guard Service Exeter, Devon   RG12/735/85/7
    Martha MILSOM wife m 31 - Marlebone, London   RG12/735/85/7
38 Shingle End Charles HUXSLEY[?] head m 36 Coast-Guard Service Wingham, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
    Harriet HUXSLEY[?] wife m 31 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
    Clara HUXSLEY[?] daughter - 12 Scholar Ash, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
    Flora HUXSLEY[?] daughter - 9 Scholar Ash, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
    Charles HUXSLEY[?] son - 7 Scholar Harwich, Essex   RG12/735/85/7
    Louisa HUXSLEY[?] daughter - 3 - Leigh, Essex   RG12/735/85/7
    Joseph HUXSLEY[?] son - 1 - Leigh, Essex   RG12/735/85/7
39 Shingle End Frederick DARTON head m 34 Coast-Guard Service Brixton, London   RG12/735/85/7
    Agnes DARTON wife m 20 - Scotland   RG12/735/85/7
    Frederick DARTON son - 7m - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
40 Shingle End William FAIRWEATHER head m 29 Coast-Guard Service Guernsey   RG12/735/85/7
    Mary FAIRWEATHER wife m 25 - Liverpool, Lancs   RG12/735/85/7
    William FAIRWEATHER son - 1 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/85/7
41 Shingle End Patrick McMULLEN head m 31 Coast-Guard Service Liverpool, Lancs   RG12/735/85/7
    Alice A. McMULLEN wife m 22 - Hull, Yorks   RG12/735/85/7
42 Shingle End Patrick MAHONEY head m 48 Coast-Guard Service Kerry Island, Ireland   RG12/735/86/8
    Mary MAHONEY wife m 46 - Cornwall   RG12/735/86/8
    Charles MAHONEY son s 18 Scholar Devonport, Devon   RG12/735/86/8
    John MAHONEY son s 14 Scholar Devonport, Devon   RG12/735/86/8
    Annie MAHONEY daughter - 13 Scholar Devonport, Devon   RG12/735/86/8
    Ernest MAHONEY son - 11 Scholar Devonport, Devon   RG12/735/86/8
    Levinia MAHONEY daughter - 8 Scholar Bernham [Burnham], Essex   RG12/735/86/8
    Joseph MAHONEY son - 4 Scholar St Peters, Kent   RG12/735/86/8
43 Shingle End Alfred SCHOFIELD head m 41 Coast-Guard Service St Pauls, Middlesex   RG12/735/86/8
    Catherine SCHOFIELD wife m 31 - Berwick on Tweed [Nthumb]   RG12/735/86/8
    Henry S. SCHOFIELD son - 8 Scholar Walton on Naze, Essex   RG12/735/86/8
    William F. SCHOFIELD son - 6 Scholar Hatingsland [Hastingleigh], Kent   RG12/735/86/8
    Nellie A. SCHOFIELD daughter - 4 - Hatingsland [Hastingleigh], Kent   RG12/735/86/8
    Mary E. SCHOFIELD daughter - 2 - Clacton on Sea, Essex   RG12/735/86/8
    Catherine A. SCHOFIELD daughter - 2m - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/8
44 Shingle End Edward PIKE head m 28 Coast-Guard Service Plymouth, Devon   RG12/735/86/8
    Jesse A. PIKE wife m 28 - Plymouth, Devon   RG12/735/86/8
    Jesse M. PIKE daughter - 4 - Plymouth, Devon   RG12/735/86/8
45 Shingle End Edward BUSH head m 42 Coast-Guard Service (Chief Off.) Bitton, Glo[uce]ster   RG12/735/86/8
    Ellen BUSH wife m 38 Cheltenham, Glo[uce]ster   RG12/735/86/8
46 St George's Golf Club House Samuel G. JAMES servant m 39 Steward to Golf Club Worcester, Worcs   RG12/735/86/8
  (Old Downs Farm) Rhoda JAMES servant m 38 Stewardess Charlton, Dorset   RG12/735/86/8
    Samuel G. JAMES - - 2 - Dartford, Kent   RG12/735/86/8
    Florence ROBERTSON servant s 21 Domestic Servant Southampton, Hants   RG12/735/86/8
    Ellen TERVEY servant s 16 Domestic Servant Bet[te]shanger, Kent   RG12/735/86/8
    Annie MARSH servant s 14 Domestic Servant Deal, Kent   RG12/735/86/8
47 Downs Farm Cottage Ramsey HUNTER head m 39 Golf Club Maker Midlothian, Scotland   RG12/735/86/9
    Isabella HUNTER wife m 39 - Midlothian, Scotland   RG12/735/86/9
    Agnes M. HUNTER daughter - 5 - Midlothian, Scotland   RG12/735/86/9
    Jesse St Georges HUNTER daughter - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    William HUNTER brother m 33 Golf Club Maker Midlothian, Scotland   RG12/735/86/9
    William HUNTER nephew s 13 - Midlothian, Scotland   RG12/735/86/9
    Ada WOOD servant s 15 Domestic Servant ?, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
48 New Downs Farm John MILES head m 58 Farm Bailiff Adisham, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Elizabeth MILES wife m 45 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Annie M. MILES daughter s 19 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Adam HAMMOND f-in-law w 80 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Emily HAMMOND niece s 24 General Servant Ash, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Mary A. WHITTICK s-in-law m 53 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    William WHITTICK b-in-law m 56 - Acton, Middlesex   RG12/735/86/9
    Elias EDWARDS boarder s 31 Waggoner/ Farm Carter Bridge, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
49 New Downs Farm Cottage James SMITH head m 50 Shepherd Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Harriet SMITH wife m 49 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Walter SMITH son s 15 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Frances SMITH daughter - 11 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Ernest SMITH son - 9 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Emily SMITH daughter - 6 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Edith SMITH daughter - 3 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Frederick HUNTER boarder s 19 Under Shepherd (Looker) Sheffield, Yorks   RG12/735/86/9
50 Brick Clamp (Pittock's Down) Richard GAMBRILL head m 38 Farm Labourer Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Jane GAMBRILL wife m 40 - Barham, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Stephen GAMBRILL son - 11 Scholar Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Richard GAMBRILL son - 10 Scholar Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Charlotte GAMBRILL daughter - 9 Scholar Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
51 Old Toll Gate (Stone Lees) Charles BAILEY head m 70 General Labourer Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
    Ann F. BAILEY wife m 69 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/86/9
52 Uninhabited         RG12/735/87/10
53 Stone Cross George H. CARLTON head m 50 Labourer Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Sarah A. CARLTON wife m 40 - Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Louisa B. CARLTON daughter s 19 Housemaid Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Fanny SOAMES st-daughter - 11 Scholar Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Edith SOAMES st-daughter - 6 Scholar Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
54 Stone Cross James TWYMAN head m 55 Agricultural Labourer Ash, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Fanny TWYMAN wife m 49 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Thomas TWYMAN son s 14 Baker's Assistant Ash, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Fanny TWYMAN daughter - 10 Scholar Ash, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Mary TWYMAN mother w 78 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
55 Stone Cross John DRAYSON head m 40 Agricultural Labourer Marshborough, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Hannah DRAYSON wife m 38 - Marshborough, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    John DRAYSON son s 15 Agricultural Labourer Wingham, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Ellen DRAYSON daughter s 12 Scholar Wingham, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    May DRAYSON daughter s 10 Scholar Wingham, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Edith DRAYSON daughter - 10 Scholar Wingham, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Arthur DRAYSON son - 5 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Florence DRAYSON daughter - 2 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Unnamed DRAYSON daughter - 1m - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
56 Stone Cross William DENNE head s 84 Retired Brewer Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Mary A. MARSH servant s 45 Housekeeper Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
57 Stone Cross Arthur G. MEADES head m 25 Carriage Builder Under River, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Elizabeth MEADES wife m 28 - Bloomsbury, London   RG12/735/87/10
    Edwin A. MEADES son - 2   Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Mable. E MEADES daughter - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Edwin MEADES brother s 19 Carriage Builder Everham, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Charles ELLENOR lodger m 39 Coach Painter Canterbury, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
58 Stone Cross Mark REDMAN head m 49 Blacksmith Preston, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Sarah REDMAN wife m 48 - Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
    Susannah REDMAN daughter s 13 Nursemaid Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/87/10
59 Stone Cross Gilbert JOHNSON head m 72 Living on Own Means St Lawrence, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    Elizabeth JOHNSON wife m 69 - Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
60 Stone Cross Alfred HOGBIN head m 67 Blacksmith Monkton, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    Mary HOGBIN wife m 69 - Eythorne, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    Mary HOGBIN daughter s 40 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    Kate HOGBIN daughter s 32 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
61 Stone Cross Stephen PACKER head m 42 Farmer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    N. A. PACKER wife m 41 - Sheerness, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    Harry PACKER son - 11 Scholar Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    Lillian PACKER daughter - 7 Scholar Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
61 Stone Cross Frances GALLEHAUK sister s 30 - Bradwell, Essex   RG12/735/87/11
    Nelly COUSINS visitor s 40 Tailoress Harwich, Essex   RG12/735/87/11
62 Uninhabited                 RG12/735/87/11
63 Osier Gardens James G. BASSETT head m 22 Agricultural Labourer Margate, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    Annie BASSETT wife m 22 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/87/11
    Alice J. BASSETT daughter - 2 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/87/11

End Worth Parish (E.D. 16)    

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