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1891 Census E.D. 17, Worth

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Transcribed by Nicola Pomroy, August 2008

Date of Census:  5 April 1891
Registration District:  Eastry
Enumeration District:  17
Registration-Sub-district:  Sandwich
Name of Enumerator:  Mr William Sansom
Civil Parish:  Worth
Ecclesiastical Parish:  Worth
Parliamentary District:  St. Augustine’s

Boundary of Enumeration District:

Being that part bounded on the North by part of the parish of Worth; on the East that part of the sea called "The Downs"; on the South by the parishes of Sholden, Northbourne, Ham and Eastry; and on the West by the parishes of Eastry and Woodnesboro.

Contents of Enumeration District:

Comprising that part of the parish which lies South-East of the road leading from the Deal late Turnpike Road to the Railway Crossing, including the Blue Pigeons Farm; then from Arnold’s Cottages to Church Farm and cottages inclusive; Ivy Cottage, Upton House and Porter’s Lodge; Hacklinge and cottages; Chalkpit cottages; Hobbs cottage and cottages in Mill Lane; Mill House and cottages; Felderland from Shrubbery House to the Vicarage inclusive, and houses opposite; and Mr Flower’s new cottages in Hacklinge Fields.

No. of Schedules:  61
No. of Houses Inhabited:  55
No. Uninhabited:  6
No. of Males:  117
No. of Females:  123

Public Record Office Reference:  Class: RG12/ Piece: 735

Sch. Location Forename SURNAME Rel. To Hd Mar. Age Occupation Place of Birth Disability Reference
1 Church Farm William BAKER Head m 45 Farmer & Grazier Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Catherine A. BAKER Wife m 41 - Stonar, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Annie M. BAKER Daughter - 11 Scholar Great Mongeham, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    John L. BAKER Brother s 37 Farmer & Grazier Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
2 Hacklinge Fields (New Cotts) Thomas WOOD Head m 40 Market Gardener Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Ann WOOD Wife m 38 - Barham, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Florence WOOD Daughter s 7 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
3 Hacklinge Fields (New Cotts) Stephen ATKINS Head m 42 Farm Labourer Sholden, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Helen ATKINS Wife m 39 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Stephen ATKINS Son - 9 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
4 Hacklinge Fields (New Cotts) Samuel HEWITT Head m 55 Labourer New Bridge, Ireland blind RG12/735/91/1
    Sophia HEWITT Wife m 62 Charwoman Tilmanstone, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Emily PAYNE Niece s 17 Servant Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
5 Hacklinge Fields (New Cotts) George BURTON Head m 36 Gardener Minster, Thanet, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Amelia BURTON Wife m 25 - Hacklinge, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    George BURTON Son - 2 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Mabel BURTON Daughter - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
6 Hacklinge Fields (New Cotts) John BARTLETT Head m 35 Coachman Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Caroline BARTLETT Wife m 39 - Mersham, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    John T. BARTLETT Son - 9 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    William A. BARTLETT Son - 7 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Eleanor C. BARTLETT Daughter - 6 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Florence A. BARTLETT Daughter - 4 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Henry F. BARTLETT Son - 4m - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
7 Hacklinge Fields (New Cottages) George FARRIER Head m 39 Gardener Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Elizabeth M. FARRIER Wife m 43 - Barham, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Beatrice M. FARRIER Daughter - 11 Scholar Barham, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Jessie Ethel FARRIER Daughter - 3 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
    Thomas G. FARRIER Son - 3m - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/1
  Deal Road                  
8 Hacklinge Henry W. HOPPER Head m 29 Agricultural Labourer Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Charlotte L. HOPPER Wife m 27 - Nonington, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Edith H. HOPPER Daughter - 6 Scholar Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    William C. HOPPER Son - 4 - Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
9 Hacklinge Farm William DURBAN Head w 75 Farmer Hacklinge Farm, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Frank DURBAN Son m 22 Farmer Hacklinge Farm, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Jane DURBAN d-in-law m 26 - Little Mongeham, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Winifred A. DURBAN g/daughter - 9m - Hacklinge Farm, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
10 Hacklinge House William ASH Head m 44 Farm Bailiff Martin, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Esther ASH Wife m 44 - Sutton, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    William T. ASH Son s 22 Gardener Deal, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Charles M. ASH Son s 18 Labourer Deal, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Ernest J. ASH Son s 14 Yard Boy Bekesbourne, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Mabel M. ASH Daughter - 10 Scholar Adisham, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Edward ALLEN Boarder s 23 Waggoner's Mate Nonington, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    George T. FITTALL Head m 29 Labourer Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
11 Hacklinge Mary A. FITTALL Wife m 26 - Preston, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Rose H. FITTALL Daughter - 11 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Daisy E. FITTALL Daughter - 5 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Alice M. FITTALL Daughter - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
12 Hacklinge (Chalk Pit) George EWELL Head m 36 Market Gardener Hacklinge, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Sarah A. EWELL Wife m 28 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Florence E. EWELL Daughter - 3 - Hacklinge, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Ernest G. EWELL Son - 2 - Hacklinge, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    Ethel M. EWELL Daughter - 4m - Hacklinge, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    William BAILEY b-in-law s 24 Agricultural Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
13 Hacklinge (Chalk Pit) Caroline H. CHAPMAN head w 61 Living on Own Means Mongeham, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
    John CHAPMAN son s 24 Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/91/2
14 Uninhabited                 RG12/735/91/2
15 Hacklinge (Chalk Pit) John COX head m 73 Wattle Maker Coldred, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Albina COX wife m 37 - Stowting, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Frederick PENFOLD step-son - 4 - Brighton, Sussex   RG12/735/92/3
    Albina COX daughter - 4 - Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Daisy COX daughter - 1 - Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
16 Ivy Cottage (Worth) Charles S. STOKES head m 22 General Dealer Margate, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Elizabeth J. STOKES wife m 20 - Margate, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Mary Ann DOONE g/mother w 72 Living on Own Means Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
17 Upton House Stafford H. GREEN son - 5 - Folkestone, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Walter HOOPER visitor - 7 - Sholden, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Louisa M. KINGSLAND servant s 26 Domestic Housemaid Littlebourne, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Rebecca SMITH servant s 25 Domestic Cook Over, Cambridge   RG12/735/92/3
    Louisa M. GORDALL servant s 15 Domestic Nurse Littlecompton, Glo[uce]ster   RG12/735/92/3
18 Upton House Lodge John SUTTON head w 49 Gentleman's Gardener Ripple, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Mary SUTTON daughter s 18 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    John SUTTON son - 15 Under Gardener Worth, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Henry SUTTON son - 12 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Mary SUTTON daughter - 9 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
19 Mill House (Worth Mill) Frederick G. BILLING head m 39 Miller & Baker Lavendon, Bucks   RG12/735/92/3
    Emily M. BILLING wife m 35 - Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Percy BILLING son - 9 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
20 Mill Cottages Stephen S. TAYLOR head m 52 Miller & Baker High Halden, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Ellen TAYLOR wife m 50 - Sheldwich, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Beta TAYLOR daughter - 15 - Tonbridge, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
21 Mill Cottages (Uninhabited)                 RG12/735/92/3
22 Mill Lane Richard SMITH head m 70 Living on Own Means Alkham, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Mary Ann SMITH wife m 70 Living on Own Means Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
23 Mill Lane Cottages Henry WOODRUFFE head m 68 Naval Pensioner Worth, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
    Harriet WOODRUFFE wife m 63 - Margate, Kent   RG12/735/92/3
24 Mill Lane Cottages George WEBB head m 69 Jobbing Gardener Bridge, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Hannah WEBB wife m 74 - Ickham, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Maria WEBB daughter s 41 - Bekesbourne, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
25 Mill Lane Cottages Richard JORDAN head m 39 Thatcher Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Sarah A. JORDAN wife m 37 - Sittingbourne, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    George H. JORDAN son - 11 Scholar Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Harry K. JORDAN son - 4 Scholar Birchington, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
26 Mill Lane Cottages William C. ATTWOOD head m 28 Agricultural Labourer Wingham, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Susannah ATTWOOD wife m 26 - Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Florence H. ATTWOOD daughter - 7 Scholar Birchington, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Ellen ATTWOOD daughter - 5 Scholar Sheldwich, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
27 Mill Lane (Hobbs Cottage) Thomas S. HOBBS head m 65 Agricultural Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Diana HOBBS wife m 54 Laundress Tilmanstone, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Mary Ann HOBBS sister s 80 Living on Own Means Worth, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Lilly MILLS niece s 16 General Servant Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
  Sandwich Road                  
28 Worth Vicarage Walter FLOWER head s 49 Clerk in Holy Orders London, Middlesex   RG12/735/92/4
    Sarah A. PATOMAN servant s 33 Housekeeper Dunstable, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Ann K. HARE servant s 19 Housemaid Tipperary, Ireland   RG12/735/92/4
    Alice M. DENYER servant s 17 Kitchenmaid West Malling, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
29 Lime Cottage (Feld. Lane) Alfred PATTISON head m 56 Butler Colchester, Essex   RG12/735/92/4
    Maria PATTISON wife m 52 - Guestling, Sussex   RG12/735/92/4
30 Verandah Links (Uninhabited)                 RG12/735/92/4
31 Verandah Links Robert SEATH head m 60 Retired Officer of Customs Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Jane SEATH wife m 59 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
    Annie SEATH daughter s 31 - London, Middlesex   RG12/735/92/4
    Emily SEATH daughter s 27 - London, Middlesex   RG12/735/92/4
    Ada SEATH daughter s 20 - London, Middlesex   RG12/735/92/4
    Eliza PITTOCK m-in-law w 81 Living on Own Means Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/92/4
  Felderland Lane                  
32 Gardener's Cottage Robert PRATCHETT head m 53 Gardener Barnet, Herts   RG12/735/93/5
    Elizabeth PRATCHETT wife m 48 - Boughton, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Elizabeth F. BLAMEY daughter m 25 - Herne, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Stanley K. BLAMEY grandson - 1 - Folkestone, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Gertrude A. BLAMEY g/daughter - 4m - Folkestone, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
33 Coachman's Cottage Frederick GIBSON head m 34 Coachman Shirley, Hants   RG12/735/93/5
    Emma C. GIBSON wife m 28 - Biggeswade, Beds   RG12/735/93/5
    Eliza M. GIBSON daughter - 4 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Emma C. GIBSON daughter - 2 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Emma NEWMAN m-in-law w 65 Nurse Biggeswade, Beds   RG12/735/93/5
    John C. GIBSON son - 3 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
34 Bailiffs House James TAYLOR head w 75 Farm Bailiff Ash, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Elizabeth BURLING niece s 36 Housekeeper Ash, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
35 Felderland Farm William LASLETT head m 59 Farmer Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Emma LASLETT wife m 47 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Emily LASLETT daughter - 13 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Edith M. LASLETT daughter - 11 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    John N. LASLETT son - 10 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Nellie LASLETT daughter - 7 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Ernest G. LASLETT son - 5 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Jane M. LASLETT daughter - 3 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Elizabeth J. LADD servant s 22 General Servant Ash, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
36 Caspells Farm Edward CROWD head m 38 Waggoner Swingfield, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Mary A. CROWD wife m 34 - Stelling Minnis, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Edward J. CROWD son - 13 Yard Boy Elham, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Wiliam F. CROWD son - 8 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Annie CROWD daughter - 6 Scholar Gould[Goodne?]stone, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Walter CROWD son - 5 Scholar Gould[Goodne?]stone, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Edith E. CROWD daughter - 3 - Gould[Goodne?]stone, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
    Lottie CROWD daughter - 2m - Felderland, Kent   RG12/735/93/5
37 Uninhabited                 RG12/735/93/6
38 Caspell's Cottages Henry NEVELL head m 19 Agricultural Labourer Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Annie NEVELL wife m 19 - Stourmouth, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Robert TOWN lodger s 40 Agricultural Labourer Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
39 Felderland Lane John GRIGGS head s 54 Farm Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Charlotte GRIGGS sister s 46 House Keeper Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
40 Felderland Lane James CHURCH head m 47 Agricultural Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Charlotte CHURCH wife m 47 - Preston, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Ellen CULMER niece s 25 General Domestic Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
41 Felderland Lane Job HOILE head m 32 Waggoner Ham, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Eliza HOILE wife m 32 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Walter HOILE son - 8 Scholar Margate, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Florence HOILE daughter - 10 Scholar Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Mary HOILE daughter - 6 Scholar Margate, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Albert HOILE son - 4 - Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Jessie HOILE daughter - 2 - Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    William CHEESEMAN lodger s 25 Waggoner's Mate Richborough, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
42 (Shrubbery) Felderland Lane Thomas V. GILES head m 43 Farmer & Auctioneer Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Kate GILES wife m 44 - Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
  Worth Street                  
43 Lindale Cottage Thomas FARRIER head m 37 Market Gardener Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Mary Ann FARRIER wife m 37 - Alkham, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Edward FARRIER f-in-law w 67 Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Edith E. POST niece - 10 - Ripple, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
44 Worth Street Thomas DAULON head m 40 Waggoner Goodnestone, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Sarah DAULON wife m 41 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    John DAULON son s 16 Agricultural Labourer Ticenhurst, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    William DAULON son - 11 Scholar Staple, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Helen DAULON daughter - 2 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
    Edward RYE lodger s 27 Waggoner Sherewater [Surrey?]   RG12/735/93/6
    Charles DEVERTON lodger s 20 Waggoner's Mate Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/93/6
45 Uninhabited                 RG12/735/94/7
46 General Shop Worth Street Susanna NEAME - w 71 Grocer Goodnestone, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
47 Worth Street William FARRIER - s 75 Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
48 Old Workhouse William KEMP head m 37 Pig Killer & Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Caroline KEMP wife m 39 - Minster, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Percy MILLER adopted son s 9 Scholar Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Edward EWELL lodger s 28 General Labourer Hacklinge, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
49 Old Workhouse Esther SMITH head w 46 Charwoman Goodnestone, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    William SMITH son s 22 Agricultural Labourer Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Alice SMITH daughter s 16 Domestic Servant Throwley, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Henry SMITH son - 14 Rook Boy & Labourer Throwley, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Albert SMITH son - 11 Scholar Selling, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Ellen SMITH daughter - 9 Scholar Selling, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Walter SMITH son - 7 Scholar Selling, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Bertie SMITH son - 4 - Selling, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Grace SMITH daughter - 1 - Sheldwich, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Charlotte BRAMBLE visitor s 20 - Crouch, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    William BRAMBLE visitor - 9m - Perrywood [?], Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    William BRAMBLE lodger s 38 General Labourer Crouch, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
50 Old Workhouse Robert BIGDEN head m 37 Waggoner & Labourer Barham, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Maria P. BIGDEN wife m 48 - Shepherdswell, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Josephine KEELER step-d - 12 Scholar Lower Hardres, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Rose L. BIGDEN daughter - 9 Scholar Wootton, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Lily L. BIGDEN daughter - 8 Scholar Barham, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Ernest B. BIGDEN son - 5 Scholar Wootton, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
51 Worth Village Samuel UPTON head w 58 Farm Labourer Goodnestone, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Thomas UPTON son s 17 Farm Labourer Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
    Emily UPTON daughter s 20 Servant Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/7
52 Walnut Tree Cottage John SACKETT head m 52 Carpenter & Parish Clerk Margate, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Maria SACKETT wife m 51 - Ash, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    John S. SACKETT son s 17 Employed on Farm Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Ruth M. SACKETT daughter - 12 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Frank P. SACKETT son - 9 Scholar Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
53 Worth Village James BARTLETT head m 74 - Chillenden, Kent debility RG12/735/94/8
    Hannah BARTLETT wife m 69 - Adisham, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
54 Worth Village Charles STEVENS head m 21 Agricultural Labourer Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Caroline STEVENS wife m 20 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Charles STEVENS son - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
55 Arnold's Cottages John PIERCE head m 33 General Labourer Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Jane PIERCE wife m 26 - Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Alice E. PIERCE daughter - 6 Scholar Cheriton, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Mary Ann PIERCE daughter - 4 Scholar Ash, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Mary Jane PIERCE daughter - 1 - Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
56 Arnold's Cottages George JOHNSON head m 35 Waggoner Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Ellen A. JOHNSON wife m 24 - Deal, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    William G. JOHNSON son - 3 - Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Stephen T. JOHNSON son - 1 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Albert E. JOHNSON son - 1m - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
57 Flower's Cottage Emily J. POST head w 36 Charwoman Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    William T. POST son - 14 Employed on Farm Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    John S. POST son - 12 Market Gardener Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Marion E. POST daughter - 8 Scholar Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Albert P. POST son - 7 Scholar Chatham, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Henry E. POST son - 2 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
58 Mr Flower's Cottages William BARTLETT head m 38 Agricultural Labourer Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Anne BARTLETT wife m 36 Charwoman Kingston, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
    Ernest E. BARTLETT son - 8 Scholar Northbourne, Kent   RG12/735/94/8
59 Minnis House Thomas KEMP head m 45 Market Gardener Worth, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    Matilda KEMP wife m 39 - Ramsgate, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
60 Arnold's Cottages William COLLINS head m 31 Market Gardener Deal, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    Dinah COLLINS wife m 27 - Walmer, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    Mary Ann COLLINS daughter - 8 - Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
61 Arnold's Cottages James CLARKE head m 26 Agricultural Labourer Eastry, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    Julia E. CLARKE wife m 25 - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    William F. CLARKE son - 1m - Worth, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
62 Eggs Lane (Old Blue Pigeons Farm) Robert E. COLLINS head m 47 Looker Sandwich, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    Harriet COLLINS wife m 46 - Woodnesborough, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    Albert E. COLLINS son - 13 Work on Farm Margate, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    William T. COLLINS son - 10 Scholar Margate, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
    Eleanor K. COLLINS daughter - 6 Scholar Walmer, Kent   RG12/735/95/9
63 Uninhabited (Hacklinge)                 RG12/735/95/9

End Worth Parish (E.D. 17)    

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