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Transcribed by Nicola Pomroy, June 2008

Date of Census:  31 March 1901
Registration District:  Eastry
Enumeration District:  16
Registration-Sub-district:  Sandwich
Name of Enumerator:  Mr William Sansom
Civil Parish:  Worth (Part of)
Ecclesiastical Parish:  SS Peter & Paul
Rural District:  Eastry
Parliamentary District:  St. Augustine’s

Boundary of Enumeration District:

That part of the Civil Parish of Worth bounded on the North by the parishes of Sts Clements and Mary, Sandwich and Pegwell Bay. On the East by that part of the sea called "The Downs". On the South by Felderland, Worth Minnis and the Sandhills, and on the West by the Parishes of Woodnesboro’ & St Clements, Sandwich.

Contents of Enumeration District:

That part of the Parish which lies North West of Road leading from the Deal late Turnpike Road through the village of Worth to the Sandhills, including Cousins and Kemps houses to the Crispin Inn. Then to Martin’s house inclusive, Red House, Keepers Cottage in Lydden Court in grounds. No 2 Battery, Keepers Cottage in the Hills, Shingle End, New Downs Farm, & Lookers Cottage, The St George’s Golf. Club House, Mr Hinters House, Stone Cross, Cottage in Osier Garden. Pittocks Down.

No. of Schedules:  70
No. of Houses Inhabited:  69
No. Uninhabited:  1
No. of Males:  151
No. of Females:  140

Public Record Office Reference:  Class: RG13/ Piece: 832

No. Street / House Forename Surname Rel to Head Status Age Profession/ Occupation Own Account Place of Birth Ref.
1 Osier Garden James G. BASSETT head m 32 Carter on Farm   Margate, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Annie BASSETT wife m 32 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Alice BASSETT daughter s 11 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    William BASSETT son s 7 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    James WEST boarder s 36 Waggoner on Farm   Minster, Kent RG13/832/32/1
  Stone Cross                 RG13/832/32/1
2 Hopper's House William HOPPER head m 49 Nurseryman   Ewell, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Annie HOPPER wife m 49 -   River, Kent RG13/832/32/1
3 Gate House William CASTLE head w 79 Nurseryman & Labourer   Ash, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Emma SMITH - w 55 Housekeeper   Wickham Mkt., Suffolk RG13/832/32/1
4 Lepine's Cottages Job HOILE head m 42 Waggoner on Farm   Ham, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Jane HOILE wife m 42 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Walter HOILE son s 18 Horseman on Farm   Margate, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Albert HOILE son s 15 Labourer on Farm   Ramsgate, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Jessie HOILE daughter s 11 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Henry HOILE son s 9 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Francis HOILE daughter s 7 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Arthur HOILE son - 5 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Nellie HOILE daughter - 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Fred HOILE son - 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
5 Lepine's Cottages George CARLTON head m 58 Ord. Agricultural Labourer   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Sarah CARLTON wife m 48 -   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Elizabeth CARLTON daughter s 5 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Edith SOAMES daughter s 16 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Winifred SOAMES g/daughter - 4m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
6 Lepine's Cottages Charles J. SUTTON head m 24 Carter on Farm   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Rose F. SUTTON wife m 19 -   Woodnesborough, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Helen L. SUTTON daughter - 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Annie B. SUTTON   - 2m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/32/1
    Stephen GARNSHILL cousin s 28 Carter on Railway   Woodnesborough, Kent RG13/832/32/1
7 Lepine's Cottages George RYE head m 31 General Labourer   Minster, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Ellen A. RYE wife m 30 -   Ickham, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    William A. RYE son s 10 -   Wickhambreaux, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Albert C. RYE son - 8 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Ellen A. RYE daughter - 6 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Rosa A. RYE daughter - 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    George C. RYE son - 10m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
8 Hogben's House Charles CASPELL head m 33 Nurseryman's Labourer   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Julia D. CASPELL wife m 48 -   Ickham, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Blanche E. CASPELL daughter s 16 School Teacher   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Julia H. D. CASPELL daughter s 13 Scholar   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Hilda F. F. CASPELL daughter s 10 Scholar   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Leslie V. CASPELL son - 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Walter DRAYSON lodger s 27 Labourer on Farm   Woodnesborough, Kent RG13/832/33/2
9 Hogben's House Arthur G. MEADES head m 35 Wheelwright   Leigh, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Elizabeth M. MEADES wife m 38 -   Bloomsbury, London RG13/832/33/2
    Edwin A. MEADES son s 12 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Mabel E. MEADES daughter s 11 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Constance M. MEADES daughter - 9 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Ella C. MEADES daughter - 8 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Jack C. MEADES son - 6 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Frank R. MEADES son - 4 Scholar   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Reginald M. MEADES son - 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/2
10 Hogben's Cottages Thomas S. RELPH head m 43 Blacksmith   Woodchurch, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Edith RELPH wife m 44 -   Hertfordshire RG13/832/33/2
    Fred RELPH son s 17 Apprentice to Wheelwright   Hastonleigh, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Percy RELPH son s 15 Groom & Gardener's Boy   St Mary's Cray, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Arthur S. RELPH son s 13 House Boy (domestic)   Woolwich, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Walter RELPH son s 11 Scholar   Nonnington, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Florence RELPH daughter s 10 Scholar   Nonnington, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Evelyn RELPH daughter - 8 Scholar   Nonnington, Kent RG13/832/33/2
    Edgar RELPH son - 6 Scholar   Nonnington, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Lucy RELPH daughter - 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/4
11 Hogben's Cottages Charles SPINNER head w 77 Retired Farmer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Sarah GILLHAM - s 50 Housekeeper   Margate, Kent RG13/832/33/4
12 Hogben's House Mary HOGBEN head s 50 }-   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Kate HOGBEN head s 46 }-   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/4
13 The Bungalow George C. SOLLEY head s 31 Farm Manager   Ash, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Selina SOLLEY mother w 65 -   Cleve Prior, Worcs. RG13/832/33/4
    Sidney SOLLEY brother s 39 Retired   Ash, Kent RG13/832/33/ RG13/832/4
    Constance SOLLEY sister s 26 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/33/4
14 - John DRAYSON head m 50 Manager in Market Garden   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Hannah DRAYSON wife M 49 -   Woodnesborough, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Edith DRAYSON daughter s 18 -   Preston, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Arthur DRAYSON son s 15 Labourer on Land   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Florence DRAYSON daughter s 12 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Winnie DRAYSON daughter - 10 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Kate DRAYSON daughter - 8 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Ernest LAKER boarder s 23 Waggoner on Farm   Stowting, Kent RG13/832/33/4
  Eastry Road                 RG13/832/33/4
15 Fir Tree Grove Richard W. ROSE head m 49 Auctioneer own Halstead, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Eliza ROSE wife m 64 -   Birchington, Kent RG13/832/33/4
16 Fairview Henry KEWELL head m 57 Retired Police Super.   Tunbridge Wells, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Eliza S. KEWELL wife m 52 -   Minster, Kent RG13/832/33/4
17 Rose Cottage George CASPELL head m 64 Florist & Fruit Grower own Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Bridget CASPELL wife m 67 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Jane CASPELL daughter s 34 Domestic Worker   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/33/4
    Bertha CASPELL daughter s 27 Domestic Worker   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/33/4
18 Sidney House Victor FITZGIBBONS head s 33 Market Gardener & Florist own Ireland RG13/832/33/4
    Arthur FITZGIBBONS brother s 31 No Occupation   Ireland RG13/832/33/4
    George E. WYBORN boarder s 14 Gardener's Domestic Help   France RG13/832/33/4
  Worth Village                 RG13/832/34/5
19 The Bungalow M. S. KEMP head w 63 -   Staple, Kent RG13/832/34/5
20 Corner Cottages Charles STEVENS head m 30 Labourer on Farm   Ramsgate, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Caroline STEVENS wife m 28 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Lilian STEVENS daughter s 8 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Alfred STEVENS Son - 6 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Florence STEVENS daughter - 4 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    William STEVENS son - 2   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
21 Corner Cottages George H. SPINNER head m 29 Domestic Gardener   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Julia K. SPINNER wife m 30 -   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/34/5
22 Corner Cottages Henry PHILPOTT head m 58 Ordinary Farm Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Emma PHILPOTT wife m 56 -   Nonnington, Kent RG13/832/34/5
23 Corner Cottages George SPINNER head m 79 No Occupation   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Mary SPINNER wife m 76 -   Knowlton, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Henry SPINNER brother s 59 Ordinary Agricultural Lab.   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
24 Prospect Cottage Ebenezer BAKER head m 69 Market Gardener own Eythorne, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Amelia BAKER wife m 69 -   Lower Hardres, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Amelia BAKER daughter s 36 Dressmaker own Bishopsbourne, Kent RG13/832/34/5
25 Woodbine Cottage William KEMP head m 44 Agricultural Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Caroline KEMP wife m 42 -   Minster, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Percy KEMP son s 20 Market Gardener's Labourer   Minster, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Harry BACK boarder s 28 Ordinary Labourer   Aldington, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Harry AUSTIN boarder s 26 Domestic Coachman   Lenham, Kent RG13/832/34/5
26 St Leger Cottage Richard PHILPOTT head w 73 Looker of Stock (cattle)   St Lawrence, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Sarah OLIVER - w 74 Housekeeper   Sholden, Kent RG13/832/34/5
27 Cobus House James COBUS head m 63 Farmer own Eastry, Kent RG13/832/34/5
    Eliza A. COBUS wife m 68 -   Southwark, Surrey RG13/832/34/5
    Rebecca S. WHITE - s 64     Wickhambreaux, Kent RG13/832/34/5
28 Ivor House Frederick GILLOW head m 40 Gentleman   Brighton, Sussex RG13/832/34/5
    Francis J. GILLOW wife m 39 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/34/5
29 Blue Pigeons Emily FARRIER head w 73 Beer Retailer own Eastry, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Hilda HARPER g/daughter s 14 -   Walmer, Kent RG13/832/34/6
30 Carter's Farm Edwin T. HOARE head m 41 Farm Bailiff   Waltham, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Maria HOARE wife m 40 -   Brabourne, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Florence HOARE daughter s 18 Domestic Servant   Waltham, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Emily HOARE daughter s 16 -   Waltham, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    William HOARE son s 13 All Works Boy   Waltham, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    John HOARE son s 5 -   Wickhambreaux, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    George HOARE son s 9 -   Waltham, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Maria HOARE daughter - 3 -   Westgate on Sea, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    William HOARE brother s 43 Agricultural Labourer   Waltham, Kent RG13/832/34/6
31 Carter's Farm Margaret PIDDUCK head w 81 -   Lynsted, Kent RG13/832/34/6
32 Barton Farm William PIDDUCK head m 50 Farmer & Market Gardener   Woodnesborough, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Rosa PIDDUCK wife m 43 -   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    George A. SCOTT boarder s 20 Farm Assistant   Pimlico, London RG13/832/34/6
    Edward RYE boarder s 36 Waggoner on Farm   Wingham, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    George BURTON boarder s 23 Waggoner on Farm   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Walter KENTON boarder s 16 Horseman on Farm   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/34/6
33 Schoolhouse William SANSOM head m 47 Schoolmaster & Postmaster   Offwell, Devon RG13/832/34/6
    Eliza J. SANSOM wife m 50 Schoolmistress   Drayton, Somerset RG13/832/34/6
    Edith K. SANSOM daughter s 19 Schoolteacher   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Gertrude M. SANSOM daughter s 17 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    William E. SANSOM son s 14 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Ethel E. SANSOM daughter s 12 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/6
34 Barton Farm Cottages John SPINNER head w 70 Road Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Benjamin SPINNER son s 22 Domestic Gardener   Worth, Kent RG13/832/34/6
35 Barton Farm Cottages Edward MARTIN head m 48 Market Gardener's Labourer   Warehome, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    Esther MARTIN wife m 55 -   Orlestone, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    James C. MARTIN son s 14 Teamster on Farm   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/34/6
    William T. MILLS boarder s 18 Railway Porter   Dover, Kent RG13/832/35/6
36 Harvey's Farm George FITTALL head m 39 Waggoner on Farm   Ham, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Mary FITTALL wife m 36 -   Preston, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Daisy FITTALL daughter s 13 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Alice FITTALL daughter s 11 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    George FITTALL son - 9 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Edith FITTALL daughter - 7 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Arthur FITTALL son - 6m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/7
37 Crispin Inn Charles G. GRIST head m 51 Inn Keeper own High Halden, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Harriet GRIST wife m 51 -   Smarden, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Clara GRIST daughter s 21 -   Great Chart, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Edith LANTON niece s 18 -   Sutton Valence, Kent RG13/832/35/7
38 Spinner's Farm Thomas PACKMAN head m 59 Basket Maker own Crockenhill, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Lucy PACKMAN wife m 55 -   Greenstreet, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Thomas PACKMAN son s 23 Painter   Kennington, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Harry PACKMAN son s 15 Telegraph Messenger   Kennington, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Ellen M. PACKMAN daughter s 11 -   Kennington, Kent RG13/832/35/7
39 Spinner's Farm Cottages Robert GIBB head m 50 Ordinary Agricultural Lab.   Chelmsford, Essex RG13/832/35/7
    Mary A. GIBB wife m 51 -   Chelmsford, Essex RG13/832/35/7
    Edward GIBB son s 21 Ordinary Agricultural Lab.   Bethnal Green, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    William GIBB son s 17 Ordinary Agricultural Lab.   Bethnal Green, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    James GIBB son m 26 Ordinary Agricultural Lab.   Bethnal Green, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Elizabeth GIBB d in law m 23 -   St Luke, London RG13/832/35/7
    Alice GIBB g/daughter - 1 -   Waltham, Essex RG13/832/35/7
40 Spinner's Farm Cottages Arthur LONG head m 28 Golf Caddy   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Annie LONG wife m 27 -   Birchington, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Eva LONG daughter - 5 -   Petersfield, Hants RG13/832/35/7
    Mona LONG daughter - 3 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/35/7
    Arthur LONG son - 9m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/7
41 Temptye Arthur KEMP head m 40 Market Gardener   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Mary A. KEMP wife m 40 -   Sholden, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Emily KEMP daughter s 14 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Charles KEMP son s 11 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Sydney KEMP son s 10 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Winifred KEMP daughter - 8 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Alice KEMP daughter - 6 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Helen KEMP daughter - 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/35/8
42 Little Temptye Jabez MARTIN head s 28 Market Gardener own Warehome, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Sarah Ann MARTIN mother w 73 -   Middley, Kent RG13/832/35/8
43 Red House William SHEPHARD head m 37 Farmer own Queenborough, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Fanny SHEPHARD wife m 37 -   Canterbury, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    William SHEPHARD son s 12 Farmer's Son   Canterbury, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    George SHEPHARD son s 11 -   Canterbury, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Charley SHEPHARD son - 9 -   Canterbury, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Mary SHEPHARD daughter - 7 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Harry SHEPHARD son - 4 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Geoffrey SHEPHARD son - 2 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/35/8
44 The Sandhills George BURGESS head m 36 Farmer own Rovenden, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Percy C. BURGESS son s 10 -   Appledore, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Evelyn N. BURGESS daughter - 8 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Alice M. BURGESS daughter - 7 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Bertie G. BURGESS son - 4 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Charles SAWKIN boarder s 29 Waggoner on Farm   Ringwould, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    William LAMING boarder s 20 Waggoner's Mate Farm   Sholden, Kent RG13/832/35/8
    Edith E. PILE visitor s 20 Domestic Housemaid   Croydon, Surrey RG13/832/35/8
45 Keeper's Cottage William STABLES head m 45 Game-keeper   Barton, Cumberland RG13/832/35/8
    Agnes STABLES wife m 38 -   Walthamstow, Essex RG13/832/35/8
    John STABLES son s 17 Domestic Waiter   Barton, Cumberland RG13/832/35/8
    Charles STABLES son s 13 -   Barton, Cumberland RG13/832/35/8
  Coast Guard Station           RG13/832/36/9
46 No 2 Battery Robert HERRING head m 53 Officer in Charge Coast-Guard   Devonport, Devon RG13/832/36/9
    Hephzibah HERRING wife m 50 -   Little Beddow, Essex RG13/832/36/9
    Robert HERRING son s 21 Bricklayer's Labourer   Stoyeth CG Station, Essex RG13/832/36/9
    James HERRING son s 19 (Imbecile from child)   Broadstairs, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Hettie HERRING daughter s 17 -   Gravesend, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Janet HERRING daughter s 13 -   Brightingsea, Essex RG13/832/36/9
47 No 2 Battery Elijah CROSS head m 45 HM Coast-Guard   Plymouth, Devon RG13/832/36/9
    Elizbeth CROSS wife m 43 -   Plymouth, Devon RG13/832/36/9
    Charles CROSS son s 14 Labourer on Farm   Allhallows(?), Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Leonard CROSS son s 13 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Alfred CROSS son s 11 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Samuel CROSS son - 8 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    John CROSS son - 2 -   Mundesley, Norfolk RG13/832/36/9
48 No 2 Battery George JENKIN head m 34 Com. Boatman Coast-Guard   Penzance, Cornwall RG13/832/36/9
    Florence E. JENKIN wife m 28 -   Southminster, Essex RG13/832/36/9
    Ethel T. JENKIN daughter - 2 -   Goldhangar, Essex RG13/832/36/9
49 No 2 Battery Edwin MEDLEN head s 29 HM Coast-Guard   Stoke, Devon RG13/832/36/9
50 No 2 Battery James H. WEBBER head m 32 Boatman Coast-Guard   Millbrook, Cornwall RG13/832/36/9
    Mary J. WEBBER wife m 31 -   Millbrook, Cornwall RG13/832/36/9
    Adelaide WEBBER daughter - 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Winifred M. WEBBER daughter - 6m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/9
51 No 2 Battery Duncan RUSSELL head s 28 HM Coast-Guard   Scotland RG13/832/36/9
52 No 2 Battery William WHITE head s 32 Boatman Coast-Guard   Lambeth, London RG13/832/36/9
53 No 2 Battery Harry DOUGHTY head m 37 Boatman Coast-Guard   Ramsgate, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Cicely DOUGHTY wife m 34 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    George B. DOUGHTY son s 12 -   Ramsgate, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Richard D. DOUGHTY son - 7 -   Canterbury, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Stephen W. DOUGHTY son - 5 -   Ramsgate, Kent RG13/832/36/9
    Cicely DOUGHTY daughter - 10m -   Ramsgate, Kent RG13/832/36/9
54 No 2 Battery John BATES head m 37 Com. Boatman Coast-Guard   South Shields, Durham RG13/832/36/9
    Kate BATES wife m 28 -   Portsmouth, Hants RG13/832/36/9
    Maggie COLLINS s in law s 14 Dressmaker   South Shields, Durham RG13/832/36/10
  Coast Guard Station                 RG13/832/36/10
55 Shingle End Thomas BANKS head m 52 Officer in Charge Coast-Guard   London RG13/832/36/10
    Hannah BANKS wife m 51 -   Exeter, Devon RG13/832/36/10
56 Shingle End William J. COLLINS head m 44 Chief Boatman Coast-Guard   Northampton RG13/832/36/10
    Florence I. COLLINS wife m 37 -   Lambeth, London RG13/832/36/10
    William G. COLLINS son s 12 -   Clacton on Sea, Essex RG13/832/36/10
57 Shingle End Edward CHILLMAN head m 41 Boatman Coast-Guard   Lambeth, London RG13/832/36/10
    Blanche A. CHILLMAN wife m 36 -   Portsmouth, Hants RG13/832/36/10
    William J. CHILLMAN son s 11 -   Misnor Haven(?), Suffolk RG13/832/36/10
    Frederick CHILLMAN son s 6 -   Kessingland, Suffolk RG13/832/36/10
    Alice M. M. CHILLMAN daughter - 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/10
    George A. CHILLMAN son - 1     Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/10
58 Shingle End Albert J. BOWDEN head m 37 Coast-Guard 2nd Class P. Officer   London RG13/832/36/10
    Louisa BOWDEN wife m 31 -   Soberton, Hants RG13/832/36/10
    Alice BOWDEN daughter s 6 -   Soberton, Hants RG13/832/36/10
59   Uninhabited               RG13/832/36/10
60 Shingle End Shadrack W. LAWRENCE head m 42 Boatman Coast-Guard   Ramsgate, Kent RG13/832/36/10
61 Shingle End William SWAIN head m 32 Boatman Coast-Guard   Derby, Derbyshire RG13/832/36/10
    Mary J. SWAIN wife m 27 -   Felixstowe, Suffolk RG13/832/36/10
62 Shingle End Walter WILSON head m 30 Boatman Coast-Guard   Sydney, Australia RG13/832/36/10
    Elizabeth WILSON wife m 20 -   Gosport, Hants RG13/832/36/10
63 Shingle End Edgar C. SAUNDERS head m 33 Boatman Coast-Guard   Mile End, London RG13/832/36/10
    Amelia SAUNDERS wife m 28 -   Newfoundland RG13/832/36/10
    Olivia F. A. SAUNDERS daughter - 3 -   Plymouth, Devon RG13/832/36/10
    Ernest A. B. SAUNDERS son - 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/10
    Stanley V. SAUNDERS son - 1m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/10
64 Shingle End Frances WALKMAN wife m 25 ---   Penge, Kent RG13/832/36/10
    Alfred WALKMAN son   9m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/36/10
65 Shingle End Edmund H. REID head m 29 Boatman Coast-Guard   Chelsea, London RG13/832/36/10
    Annie M. REID wife m 21 -   Peckham, London RG13/832/36/10
66 Shingle End Edward WEBB head s 35 Boatman Coast-Guard   Portsmouth, Hants RG13/832/37/11
67 Looker's Cottage Uninhabited               RG13/832/37/11
68 New Downs Farm James SMITH head m 60 Shepherd   Worth, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Harriet SMITH wife m 59 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Ernest SMITH son s 18 Under Shepherd   Worth, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Emily SMITH daughter s 16 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Edith M. SMITH daughter s 13 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/37/11
69 Hunter's Cottage Ramsey HUNTER head m 48 Golf Club & Ball Maker   Scotland RG13/832/37/11
    Isabella HUNTER wife m 50 -   Scotland RG13/832/37/11
    Agnes M. HUNTER daughter s 15 -   Scotland RG13/832/37/11
    Jessie St George HUNTER daughter s 11 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/37/11
70 St George's Golf Club House Samuel G. JAMES head m 49 House Steward   Worcester RG13/832/37/11
    Rhoda JAMES wife m 42 -   Blandford, Dorset RG13/832/37/11
    Samuel G. JAMES son s 12 -   Dartford, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    William T. JAMES son s 6 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Emily L. SMITH - s 22 Domestic Servant   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Ellen M. LEWIS - s 21 Domestic Servant   Ashford, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Emily A. WOOD - s 21 Domestic Servant   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Charlotte E. HARRISON - s 18 Domestic Servant   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Ellen M. HAYWARD - s 15 Domestic Servant   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/37/11
71 Pittock’s Down Charles PAGE head m 39 Ord. Agricultural Labourer   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/37/11
    Charlotte PAGE wife m 44 -   Hambledon, Surrey RG13/832/37/11
    Charles W. PAGE son s 11 -   Godalming, Surrey RG13/832/37/11
    Caroline B. PAGE daughter s 10 -   Croydon, Surrey RG13/832/37/11
    Fred T. PAGE son - 7 -   Croydon, Surrey RG13/832/37/11
    Winifred PAGE daughter - 3 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/37/11

End Worth Parish (E.D. 16)

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