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Transcribed by Nicola Pomroy, June 2008

Date of Census:  31 March 1901
Registration District:  Eastry
Enumeration District:  17
Registration-Sub-district:  Sandwich
Name of Enumerator:  E J Samsom
Civil Parish:  Worth (Part of)
Ecclesiastical Parish:  SS Peter & Paul
Rural District:  Eastry
Parliamentary District:  St. Augustine

Boundary of Enumeration District:

That part of the Civil Parish of Worth bounded on the North by part of the parish of Worth, on the East by that part of the sea called"The Downs", on the South by the Parishes of Sholden, Northbourne, Ham & Eastry and on the West by the Parishes of Eastry and Woodnesborough.

Contents of Enumeration District:

That part of the Parish which lies South-east of the Road leading from the Deal late Turnpike Road to the Railway Crossing including the Blue Pigeons Farm, then from J Church’s cottage to the Church Farm- 2 cottages inclusive. Ivy Cottage, Upton House, porter’s Lodge, Hacklinge, 2 cottages, Chalkpit cottages, Hobb’s cottage, 2 new cottages in Ham Lane. Mill House & cottages, Felderland from Shrubbery House to the Vicarage inclusive and houses opposite.

No. of Schedules:  63
No. of Houses Inhabited:  61
No. Uninhabited:  2
No. of Males:  122
No. of Females:  118

Public Record Office Reference:  Class: RG13/ Piece: 832

No. Street / House Forename Surname Rel. to Head Status Age Profession/ Occupation Own Acc. Place of Birth Ref.
1 Blue Pigeons Evan M. COX Head m 75 Farm Looker after Sheep   Adisham, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Emma COX Wife m 73 -   Littlebourne, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Walter W. COX Son s 35 Plate (?) Layer   Patrixbourne, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Clara COX daughter s 30 -   Patrixbourne, Kent RG13/832/41/1
2 Arnold's Cottages James CLARKE Head m 36 General Labourer   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Julia CLARKE Wife m 38 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    William CLARKE Son s 10 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Albert CLARKE Son s 6 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
3 Arnold's Cottages William COLLINS Head m 40 Market Gardener's Labourer   Deal, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Dinah COLLINS Wife m 36 -   Walmer, kent RG13/832/41/1
4 Minnis House Jane WOOD Wife m 66   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Eleanor J. WOOD daughter s 29 -   St Peters, Kent RG13/832/41/1
5 Hick's Cottages George JOHNSON Head m 44 Agricultural Labourer   Woodnesborough, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Ellen A. JOHNSON Wife m 34 -   Deal, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    William JOHNSON Son s 13 -   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Thomas JOHNSON Son s 11 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Albert JOHNSON Son s 10 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Ellen JOHNSON daughter s 8 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Alfred JOHNSON Son s 7 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Edith JOHNSON daughter s 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Ernest JOHNSON Son s 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
6 Hick's Cottages William WILLIAMS Head s 40 Agricultural Labourer   Deal, Kent RG13/832/41/1
7 Hick's Cottages Edward HOOPER Head w 54 Agricultural Labourer   Brenzett, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Ellen HORNE - s 44 Housekeeper   Whitfield, Kent RG13/832/41/1
8 Canon Flower's Cotts. John SACKETT Head m 62 Wheelwright   Margate, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Maria SACKETT Wife m 61 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    John S. SACKETT Son s 26 General Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Frank P. SACKETT Son s 19 Under Gardener   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Cecil SACKETT g/son s 7 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/1
9 Canon Flower's Cotts. William BARTLETT Head m 48 Carter on Farm   Knowlton, Kent RG13/832/41/1
    Ann BARTLETT Wife m 46 -   Kingston, Kent RG13/832/41/1
10 Gile's Cottages William HOPPER Head m 43 Agricultural Labourer   East Langdon, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Elizabeth HOPPER Wife m 42 -   Marylebone, Middlesex RG13/832/41/2
    Matilda HOPPER daughter s 18 -   East Langdon, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Emily HOPPER daughter s 16 -   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Albert HOPPER Son s 12 -   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/41/2
11 Yew Tree Cottage Alfred J. WOOD Head m 45 General Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Susan WOOD Wife m 44 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Winifred WOOD daughter s 2 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
12 Upton's Cottages Samuel UPTON Head w 67 Farm Labourer   Guston, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Hannah GAMBILL - w 64 Housekeeper   Mongeham, Kent RG13/832/41/2
13 Old Workhouse John CHAPMAN Head m 38 Waggoner on Farm   Ash, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Lucy CHAPMAN Wife m 46 -   Charlton, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    William FEATHERSTONE wife's son s 12 Houseboy - domestic   Tunstall, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Stuart CHAPMAN Son s 7 -   Westwood, Kent RG13/832/41/2
14 Old Workhouse James GILHAM Head m 78 Paralysed late in life   Nonnington, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Sarah GILHAM W m 69 -   Wingham, Kent RG13/832/41/2
14a Old Workhouse John GRIGGS Head s 64 Labourer on Farm   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Charlotte GRIGGS Sister s 56 Housekeeper   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
15 Farrier's House James FARRIER Head s 69 Agricultural Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
16 General Shop Emily J. PORT Head w 46 Grocer & Draper own Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Marian E. PORT daughter s 18 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Albert P. PORT Son s 15 Carpenter's Apprentice   Chatham, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Henry E. PORT Son s 12 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
17 Farrier's Cottage Mary NOAKES Head s 60 Church Worker   Deal, Kent RG13/832/41/2
18 Baker's Farm Stephen HOPPER Head m 49 Waggoner on Farm   Sholden, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Annie HOPPER Wife m 42 -   Tilmanstone, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    May HOPPER daughter s 14 -   Ripple, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    William HOPPER Son s 10 -   Ripple, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Whiles WRAIGHT Boarder s 17 Horseman on Farm   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/41/2
19 Church Farm William BAKER Head m 54 Farmer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Catherine BAKER Wife m 50 -   Stonar, Kent RG13/832/41/2
    Charles BAKER Son s 24 Farmer's Son   Mongeham, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Annie W. BAKER daughter s 21 -   Mongeham, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    John L. BAKER Brother s 41 Preserved Provisions Traveller   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
20 Lindale Cottage Thomas FARRIER Head m 41 Fruit Grower   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Marian FARRIER Wife m 47 -   Alkham, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Gordon A. HARPER Nephew s 16 Post Office Clerk   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Leslie N. HARPER Nephew s 12 -   Walmer, Kent RG13/832/42/3
21 Ivy Cottage Rachael DARROCH Head s 46 Living on Means   Glasgow, Scotland RG13/832/42/3
    Bertha CROMER - s 28 Companion   Not known- Cheshire RG13/832/42/3
22 Upton House William E. NAPIER Head m 38 Retired Engineer   Holkham, Norfolk RG13/832/42/3
    Edith NAPIER W m 42 -   Bolton, Lancashire RG13/832/42/3
    Edith P. NAPIER daughter s 4 -   Bromley, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    John NAPIER Son s 3 -   Wiveton, Norfolk RG13/832/42/3
    Judith NAPIER daughter s 1 -   Wiveton, Norfolk RG13/832/42/3
    Mary HACKNEY - s 33 Cook   Tur Langton, Leicestershire RG13/832/42/3
    Ellen BURROUGHS - s 39 Housemaid   St Helen's, Lancashire RG13/832/42/3
    Beatrice DUX - s 20 Nurse   Wiveton, Norfolk RG13/832/42/3
    Mary GRANT - s 14 Nurse   Lyng, Norfolk RG13/832/42/3
23 Upton House Lodge John SUTTON Head w 59 Gardener   Ripple, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Mercy SUTTON daughter s 28 Housekeeper   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Mary SUTTON daughter s 19 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
24 Hacklinge Fields Thomas WOOD Head m 52 Market Gardener own Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Ann WOOD W m 50 -   Not known RG13/832/42/3
    Florence WOOD daughter s 17 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Charles STEVENS g/son s 11 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
25 Hacklinge Fields Stephen ATKINS Head m 57 Labourer on Farm   Sholden, kent RG13/832/42/3
    Ellen ATKINS W m 50 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Stephen ATKINS S s 19 Labourer on Farm   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
26 Hacklinge Fields Walter SMITH Head m 23 Shepherd   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/3
    Mary A. SMITH Wife m 18 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/42/3
27 Hacklinge Fields George BURTON Head m 46 Gardener - domestic   Minster, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Amelia BURTON Wife m 37 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Fred BURTON Son s 12 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Mabel BURTON daughter s 11 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Elsie BURTON daughter s 9 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Ella BURTON daughter s 6 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Alec BURTON Son s 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
28 Hacklinge Fields John BARTLETT Head m 44 Coachman - domestic   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Caroline BARTLETT Wife m 49 -   Mersham, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    William BARTLETT Son s 17 Wheelwright's Apprentice   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Florence BARTLETT daughter s 14 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Henry BARTLETT Son s 10 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
29 Hacklinge Fields George FARRIER Head m 49 Agricultural Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Elizabeth FARRIER Wife m 51 -   Barham, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Jessie E. FARRIER daughter s 13 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Thomas G. FARRIER Son s 10 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
30 Chalk Pit Hacklinge George EWELL Head m 49 Market Gardener   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Sarah EWELL Wife m 39 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Ernest EWELL Son s 12 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Ethel EWELL daughter s 10 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    William BAILEY Lodger s 34 Market Gardener's Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/42/4
31 Chalk Pit Hacklinge Anson W. HOLDEN Head m 22 General Labourer   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Sarah HOLDEN Wife m 22 -   Ringwould, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Anson WILLIAMS wife's son s 2 -   Sholden, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Henry HOLDEN Son s 7m -   Sholden, Kent RG13/832/42/4
32 Chalk Pit Hacklinge Frank LARKINS Head m 45 Labourer on Lime Kiln   Staple, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Mary LARKINS Wife m 47 -   Not known- Isle of Wight RG13/832/42/4
    Frank LARKINS Son s 17 Labourer on Land   Staple, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Eleanor LARKINS daughter s 11 -   Staple, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Henry LARKINS Son s 7 -   Sholden, Kent RG13/832/42/4
    Frederick LARKINS Son s 4 -   Sholden, Kent RG13/832/42/4
33 Chalk Pit Unoccupied               RG13/832/43/5
34 The Elms, Hacklinge Frank OLDFIELD Head m 46 Corn Merchant & Farmer   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Ada M. OLDFIELD W m 40 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    George OLDFIELD Son s 14 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    John OLDFIELD Son s 9 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Ruth OLDFIELD daughter s 3 -   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Florence WOON - s 30 Lady Help   Peckham, London RG13/832/43/5
    Walter OLDFIELD brother s 40 Retired Clerk   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/43/5
35 Hacklinge Farm Bailiff's Cottage Charles TWYMAN Head m 35 Farm Bailiff   Stourmouth, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Mary TWYMAN Wife m 39 -   Mersham, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Edith TWYMAN daughter s 8 -   Chislet, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Charles TWYMAN Son s 6 -   Sarre, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Nellie TWYMAN daughter s 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Henry YOUNG boarder s 22 Farm Carter   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/43/5
36 Durban's Farm, Hacklinge Frank DURBAN Head m 32 Farmer   Hacklinge, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Jane DURBAN Wife m 32 -   Mongeham, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Winifred DURBAN daughter s 10 -   Hacklinge, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    William DURBAN Son s 9 -   Hacklinge, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Elsie DURBAN daughter s 5 -   Hacklinge, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Walter DURBAN Son s 4 -   Hacklinge, Kent RG13/832/43/5
37 Durban's Cottage Henry HOPPER Head w 39 Agricultural Labourer   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Edith HOPPER daughter s 16 -   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    William HOPPER Son s 14 Agricultural Labourer   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Eva HOPPER daughter s 6 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Ivy HOPPER daughter s 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/5
38 Worth Mill Frederick BILLING Head m 42 Miller & Baker own Lavendon, Bucks. RG13/832/43/5
    Emily BILLING Wife m 48 -   Corsley, Wiltshire RG13/832/43/5
39 Mill Cottages William HUKINS Head m 30 Journeyman Baker   High Halden, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Edith HUKINS Wife m 29 -   Hawkshurst, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Lilian HUKINS daughter s 8 -   High Halden, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Harold HUKINS Son s 3 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/5
    Ada PLAYFORD niece s 15 Housemaid   Lamberhurst, Kent RG13/832/43/6
40 Mill Cottages Edward HUGHES Head m 32 Miller's Carter   Ash, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Emily HUGHES Wife m 33 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Emily M. HUGHES daughter s 10 -   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Edward HUGHES Son s 8 -   Woodnesborough, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Annie HUGHES daughter s 4 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Alfred HUGHES Son s 7m -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/6
41 Mill Lane Cottages Fred GIBBENS Head m 34 Miller's Labourer   Shepherdswell, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Jane GIBBENS Wife m 35 -   Kingston, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Annie GIBBENS daughter s 5 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    William GIBBENS Son s 4 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/6
42 Mill Lane Cottages James GIBBENS Head m 69 Agricultural Labourer   Wootton, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Hannah GIBBENS Wife m 65 -   Dover, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Jane KING - s 61 Sick Nurse   Ivy Hatch, Kent RG13/832/43/6
43 Mill Lane Cottages William PARSONS Head m 40 Yardman on Farm   Chislet, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Louisa PARSONS Wife m 39 -   Chislet, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Robert PARSONS Son s 7 -   Chislet, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Cecily PARSONS daughter s 5 -   Chislet, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Flossie (?) PARSONS daughter s 2 -   Sarre, Kent RG13/832/43/6
44 Mill Lane Cottages Alfred TAYLOR Head s 56 Agricultural Labourer   Goudhurst, Kent RG13/832/43/6
45 Mill Lane Cottages William WYBORN Head m 50 Farm Labourer   Mongeham, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Frances WYBORN Wife m 50 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    William WYBORN Son s 17 Farm Labourer   Betteshanger, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Ellen WYBORN daughter s 12 -   Betteshanger, Kent RG13/832/43/6
46 Hobb's Cottage, Mill Lane Thomas HOBBS Head m 73 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Diana HOBBS Wife m 63 Laundress own Tilmanstone, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    M. NICHOLLS - m 33 Servant   Sandwich, Kent RG13/832/43/6
47 Worth Vicarage Walter FLOWER Head s 59 Clergyman of the C. of E.   Paddington, London RG13/832/43/6
    Sarah PATERSON - s 43 Housekeeper   Dunstable, Bedfordshire RG13/832/43/6
    Florence HOWARD - s 17 Housemaid   Westbere, Kent RG13/832/43/6
    Mabel AUSTEN - s 17 Kitchenmaid   Newnham, Kent RG13/832/44/7
48 Vicarage Cottages Alfred PATTISON Head m 70 Butler   Copford, Essex RG13/832/44/7
    Maria PATTISON Wife m 65 -   Guestling, Sussex RG13/832/44/7
49 Vicarage Cottages Henry WOODRUFF Head m 78 Naval Pensioner   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Harriett WOODRUFF Wife m 75 -   Margate, Kent RG13/832/44/7
50 Vicarage Cottages Walter HAWKINS Head m 32 Gardener   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Elizabeth HAWKINS Wife m 36 -   St Peters, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Walter HAWKINS Son s 11 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Emily HAWKINS daughter s 9 -   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Jane HAWKINS daughter s 7 -   Eastry, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Edith HAWKINS daughter s 4 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/7
  Felderland Lane                 RG13/832/44/7
51 Bailiff's Cottages Harry DRURY Head m 34 Foreman on Farm   Biddenden, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Ellen DRURY Wife m 31 -   Westbere, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Harry DRURY Son s 11 -   Margate, Kent RG13/832/44/7
52 Felderland Farm George GOODSON Head s 40 Farmer   Preston by Wingham, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Kezia GOODSON mother w 84 Living on Own Means   Ickham, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Bessie POYNTER - s 28 Domestic   Harrietsham, Kent RG13/832/44/7
53 Felderland Lane James CHURCH Head m 57 General Labourer   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Charlotte CHURCH Wife m 57 -   Preston, Kent RG13/832/44/7
54 Felderland Lane Unoccupied               RG13/832/44/7
55 Felderland Lane Alfred SAUNDERS Head m 30 Market Gardener's Labourer   Twickenham, Middlesex RG13/832/44/7
    Amy SAUNDERS Wife m 30 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Dorothy SAUNDERS daughter s 7 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Wilfred SAUNDERS Son s 5 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Lionel SAUNDERS Son s 4 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Sydney SAUNDERS Son s 2 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/7
56 Felderland Lane Edward LONG Head m 40 Waggoner on Farm   Preston, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    Hannah LONG Wife m 38 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    James LONG Son s 15 Teamster on Farm   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/7
    William LONG Son s 12 -   Staple, Kent RG13/832/44/7
57 Felderland Lane Thomas CRYER Head m 38 Waggoner on Farm   Wickham, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Jane CRYER Wife m 35 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Edith CRYER daughter s 13 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Sydney CRYER Son s 10 -   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Florence CRYER daughter s 8 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Fred CRYER Son s 6 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
58 Felderland Lane William NUTTER Head m 32 Carter on Farm   Chislet, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Rosa NUTTER Wife m 32 -   Acol, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Frances NUTTER daughter s 9 -   Acol, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Ernest NUTTER Son s 7 -   Wickhambreux, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Christopher NUTTER Son s 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
59 The Shrubbery Thomas GILES Head m 33 Farmer & Auctioneer   Woodnesborough, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Kate GILES Wife m 54 -   Ramsgate, Kent RG13/832/44/8
60 The Links Walter HOLNESS Head m 40 Living on Own Means   Northbourne, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Agnes HOLNESS Wife m 38 -   Not known - Scotland RG13/832/44/8
    Elizabeth HOLNESS daughter s 1 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Thomas CHAPMAN lodger s 22 Market Gardener   Deptford, London RG13/832/44/8
61 The Links Harvey TANNER Head m 26 Decorator   Eastbourne, Sussex RG13/832/44/8
    Ada TANNER Wife m 28 -   Hastings, Sussex RG13/832/44/8
    Violet FEARN step dau. s 8 -   Hastings, Sussex RG13/832/44/8
    Eva FEARN step dau. s 6 -   Hastings, Sussex RG13/832/44/8
62 Link's Farm Emma LASLETT Head w 57 Manager of Farm   Ash, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Emily LASLETT daughter s 23 Teacher   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    John LASLETT Son s 20 Worker on Farm   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Albert LASLETT Son s 18 Worker on Farm   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Nellie LASLETT daughter s 17 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    George LASLETT Son s 15 Worker on Farm   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8
    Jane LASLETT daughter s 13 -   Worth, Kent RG13/832/44/8

End Worth Parish (E.D. 17)

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