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Deal and Walmer Police Court Newspaper Extracts

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The information displayed here is from the former Deal and Walmer website
by the generous permission of Linda Corbett.


13th April 1872.
At the Police Court on Saturday last, JOHN JAMES BAILEY, aged 18, Mariner, was charged with stealing rope, valued 4/-, from a boat-house in South Street, Deal, the property of RICHARD LAMBERT, also with stealing rope, value 3/-, the property of JOHN FILES, from the adjoining boat-house. BAILEY was sentenced to 2 months hard labour in Sandwich Gaol.

4th May 1872.
Mr.CLAYTON, Landlord of the Crown Inn, Beach St, Deal, in an excited manner, asked permission to address a few words to the Bench. He said that during his absence from home on Tuesday last, Sergeant Spicer had visited his house and charged him with harbouring disorderly characters and keeping his house open at improper hours. He was fully aware that he had an enemy somewhere and he was determined to find them out and prosecute them. He had been annoyed ever since he had been in Deal. He was glad to say he was about to leave the town. He then left the Court.


17th May 1862.
CHARLES SUTTON, landlord of the Dover Castle, beer-house, in Middle Street, was charged with keeping his house open for the sale of beer between 3 and 5 o'clock on Sunday afternoon and was fined 10/- and 4/6d costs.

24th August 1863.
WILLIAM MAY, labourer, was charged with stealing cucumbers, the property of Mr.JOSEPH BROWN of Cannon St, from a garden called the Kennel, at North-End of Deal. Fined £1 or 14 days.

GEORGE PEARSON, Walmer boatman, was charged with assaulting LOVELACE BOWLING, a Bailiff of the County Court of this district and was fined £1, and given 14 days to pay.

WILLIAM MOSS, a mariner, was charged with assaulting JOHN WARD, a soldier, in the Wellesley Arms Public House and was fined 10/- with 17/6d costs or 14 days hard labour. The money was paid.

31st August 1863.
GEORGE MAKINS, 59, boatman, was charged with stealing potatoes and a vegetable marrow, the property of JOHN MANTLE. MAKINS was found guilty and sentenced to 7 days hard labour in Sandwich Gaol. It was remarked that the Bench regretted to see a Deal Boatman in the position of the prisoner, which was a very rare circumstance - that class of men had been proverbial for their honesty.

10th October 1863.
GEORGE BRAMSTONE, A Trinity pilot, was charged with smuggling 1lb. 1oz of tobacco; having pleaded guilty BRAMSTONE was fined £1 including costs.

THOMAS REDSULL & HENRY REDSULL, brothers, were charged with being drunk & riotous at the North-End of Middle Street on the night of Tuesday last. Prisoners, in reply to the charge, said they had been off in their boats all day and required a little beer before going to bed, and had been challenged to fight by another man. They were fined 8/- each.

2nd November 1863.
A soldier was charged with being found concealed in the house of Mr.JOHN HAYMAN, the 'Deal Hoy', in Duke Street, on the previous night, for unlawful purpose. Sentenced to 14 days hard labour at Sandwich Gaol.

13th April 1870.
SIMON PRICHARD, GEORGE LAMBERT, STEPHEN OSBORNE, HENRY CASPELL, THOMAS DIXON, JAMES BAYLY, JOHN BAYLY, HENRY SPEARS, AMOS MACKNEY WILKINS, surrendered to their bail, charged with piracy and assault onboard a Dutch pilot-cutter.  After lengthly evidence, the Magistrates ultimately came to the conclusion that there was no offence of sufficient magnitude to justify committing the prisoners for trial, and dismissed the case. The proceedings has lasted 10 hours.

21st November 1872.
JAMES VICARY, a private in the Royal Marines was brought up in custody to answer the charge of stealing a meerchawm pipe and cigar tube, the property of JANE and ELIZABETH BENTLEY, who keep a tobacconist shop at 18, Broad St. Sentenced to 3 months hard labour in Sandwich Gaol.

23rd January 1873.
THOMAS MIDDLETON, boatman, appeared in answer to a summons charging him with threatening JOHN THOMAS FILES, another boatman, with a poker when drinking in the Port Arms in Beach St. MIDDLETON was bound over to keep the peace for three months and to pay 4/- costs.

27th January 1873.
JOHN THOMAS COOPER, a private in the Royal Marines, was brought up from the gaol and charged with stealing a silver watch, value 30/-, the property of JAMES CAIRNS, watchmaker, 199, Middle St, and was committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions.

27th January 1873.
JAMES PETTY, boatman, appeared to answer the charge of ALEXANDER PETTET, one of the Borough Police, of being drunk and riotous and refusing to leave the Sun public house when requested. PETTY was ordered to pay 20 shillings for fine and costs, or 14 days in Sandwich Gaol. PETTY said he had no money and should be sent to gaol.

10TH February 1873.
DAVID WILLIAMS, a Private in the Royal Marines, was charged with stealing a coat from the Kings Head Inn, the property of the Landlord, Mr. WILLIAM LAMBERT. WILLIAMS was sentenced to 6 weeks hard labour in Sandwich Gaol.