A note of the names of all the Shippes, Barkes and vessels with their burdens and the names of all the owners and part owners, October, 1626 [Domestic State Papers, James I., vol. cvii. No. 12.].

Name of Ship
Alivant 24 tonnes. Robert Sprackling Esq., Richard Bassett, Griffin Holpam
Blissing 56 tonnes. Henrye Fayerman, Thomas Fayerman, Widow Culmer; William Evens
Elizabeth 20 tonnes George Curlinge, Steven Goldinge
Gifte of God 18 tonnes. Thomas Coppin, Widow Moskanesse
Grayhownd 8 tonnes. William Coppin, Widow Holt.
James 18 tonnes. Richard Bassett
Mary & John 18 tonnes. George Longe, Thomas Curline.
Mary Fortune 45 tonnes. Nicholas Spenser, Vincent Underdown.
Marye 22 tonnes. Richard Huffum, William Coppin, Robert Coppin.
Marye and Francis 22 tonnes. William Knowler, Anthony Knowler, Thomas Deveson, Richard Martyne
Mayflower 16 tonnes. Paule Wastell.
Nicholas 16 tonnes. Roger Esson
Nightingale 26 tonnes. William Sanders
Primrose 22 tonnes. Richard Sanders
Primrose 20 tonnes. George Bennett, Richard Huffum
Richard 16 tonnes. Richard Barber, William Coppin, John Fayerman
Roger 20 tonnes. Steven Goldinge
Speedwell 18 tonnes. John Esson, Sr. and John Esson, Jr.
Thomas 24 tonnes. Thomas Fayerman, Sr., and Thomas Fayerman, Jr.
Vinyard 26 tonnes. William Evens, Widow Culmer
William and Annes 30 tonnes. William Fayerman.
Masters, 20. Common Men, 28.  

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