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St. Leonard Church at Deal, Kent, iImage Copyright Nick Smith licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License.
St. Leonard's Church
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Deal Parish

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A View of the Parish

Deal is, ecclesiastically, in the diocese of Canterbury, in the archdeaconry of Canterbury and in the deanery of Sandwich.  Deal is in the Lathe of St. Augustine, Bewsborough Hundred.  The church is named for St. Leonard with registers commencing 1559.

Deal, a town, a parish, and a sub-district in Eastry district, Kent. The town stands on the coast, near the southern extremity of the Downs, opposite the Goodwin Sands, at the terminus of a branch of the Southeastern railway, with telegraph, 5 miles south-south-east of Sandwich. It may have been the place of Caesar’s landing 55 years before the Christian era; it was known at Domesday as Addelam; it was the place of Perkin Warbeck’s landing in 1495; it received Anne of Cleves, after her voyage, in 1540; it was attacked by Prince Charles in 1648; it belt an earthquake shock in 1692; and it was the landing place of Adelaide, the Queen of William IV.

It is a municipal borough, a member of the parliamentary borough and Cinque port liberty of Sandwich, a bonding port, a coast guard and pilot station, a seat of petty sessions, and a watering place.

It comprises three parts, Lower, Middle and Upper; consists chiefly of three long narrow streets, parallel with the beach; and adjoins, on the south, the village of Walmer, the deathplace of the Duke of Wellington. Lower Deal contains the bulk of the population; and has a head post office, with a savings banks and a money order office, of the name of Deal. Upper Deal stands on a hill, above Middle Deal; was the original village; and has a post office under Deal.

Deal castle, like the neighbouring ones of Sandown and Walmer, was built by Henry VIII.. For defence of the coast; and consists of a central circular keep and four round bastions, with numerous modern additions.

There are a custom house, a watch house, and a pilot house. An assembly room was erected in 1865. The town hall, in Lower Deal, is a spacious edifice of 1863; and contains portraits of William III. and William IV..

St. Leonard’s church, in Upper Deal, is an ancient structure, with some Norman fragments. St.George’s church, in Lower Deal, was built in 1715; and is very rude. St. Andrew’s church, in West Street, was built in 1850. The General Baptist Chapel was built, in the time of the Commonwealth, by Samuel Tavernor, governor of the castle. The Independent chapel was built soon after the ejectment of 1662. There are five other dissenting chapels, charities £14, two banking offices and several chief inns. Markets are held on Saturdays; and fairs on 6 April and 11 Oct.. Two weekly newspapers are published; and a provision trade, sail making, and boat building are carried on.

A new pier on iron piles, stretching 920 feet out to sea, 20 feet wide generally, but 40 feet wide at the head, with an average depth there of 10 feet at low-water spring tides, and the platform 13 feet above high-water mark, was constructed in 1862 and following years. The adjacent roadstead of the Downs, sheltered by the Goodwin sands, is a rendezvous of the East India and other fleets. Ten vessels, of aggregately 254 tons, belonged to the port at the beginning of 1863; four, of aggregately 442 tons, entered in 1858, from foreign countries; 160, of aggregately 12,549 tons, entered, in 1858, coastwise; and 16, of aggregately 1,113 tons, entered, in 1862, from foreign countries. The amount of customs in 1858 was £1,804; in 1867, £2,706.

The town was chartered by William III.; and made a member of Sandwich parliamentary borough by the Reform Act. The municipal borough is conterminate with the parish; and is governed by a mayor, six aldermen, and eighteen councilors.

William Boys, the antiquary, and Mrs. Carter were natives.

The parish comprises 1,167 acres of land and 50 of water. Real property in 1860, £22,213. Population in 1861, 7,531. Houses, 1,589. The property is much subdivided.

St. Leonard’s living is a rectory, and St. George and St. Andrew are perpetual curacies in the diocese of Canterbury. Value of St. Leonard, £429 with a habitable glebe house; of St. George £208; of St. Andrew, not reported. Patron of all, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The sub-district contains seven parish and part of another. Acres, 8,754. Population in 1851, 12,105. Houses, 2,304.1

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Deal Bibliography

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  • Currently in revision

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Location of Records

The following list of records is not intended to be exhaustive.  There are many records that are awaiting discovery in archive offices throughout Kent and England.  This list is intended only to set out those records that are available via at least two relatively easy-to-access avenues.  If you have used or discover a record that would be of benefit to other researchers, that is not on this list, please send me an email with the details of the archive - name, address and archival call number.

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6 June 1841 Currently under revision  
30 Mar 1851 Currently under revision  
30 Mar 1851 census name index & images Currently under revision  
7 Apr 1861 Currently under revision  
2 Apr 1871 Currently under revision  
3 Apr 1881 Currently under revision  
5 Apr 1891 Currently under revision  
31 Mar 1901 RG 13/785 - also online at  
2 Apr 1911 Currently under revision  
2 Apr 1911 RG 78/139 - Census Enumerator's Summary Books online only and other subscription sites none

Church Records, Church of England

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Parish Register   Currently under revision  
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CMB transcripts   Currently under revision  
Parish Registers, transcribed by Thomas Colyer-Fergusson   Currently under revision  

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Particular Baptist Chapel, Nonconformist Return   Currently under revision  
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Parish Council Minutes   Currently under revision  
Removal orders out of Deal   Currently under revision  
Settlement Examinations, Minute book   Currently under revision  
Overseers' Accounts   Currently under revision  
Return of Churchwardens, constables and defaulters     
Tithe Apportionment Files      
Poor Rate books   Currently under revision  

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Admission & Discharge books   This section currently under revision  
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Births   Currently under revision  
Deaths   Currently under revision  
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Apprentice Register      
Registers of lunatics      
Letters books      
Vaccination registers 1899-1930 Currently under revision  

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Land tax assessments 1780-1831 Currently under revision  
Land tax assessments 1875-1876 Currently under revision  
Land tax assessments 1889-1890 Currently under revision  
Rates and Duties - Houses, Windows, Lights   Currently under revision  
Manorial Court rolls   Currently under revision  
War Damage Files 1939-1962 Centre for Kentish Studies, Maidstone, Kent, no.: Finding Aid at CKS-DRb/RW 123 None

Assizes and Sessions Records
(poor laws, jail terms, oaths, and other municipal and public records)

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Hearth tax   Currently under revision  
Victuallers Recognizances   Currently under revision  
Churchwarden's Presentments   Currently under revision  
Parish rate books   Currently under revision  

School Records

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    Currently under revision  


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  • Parish Magazines
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Total Population

1801   -   5,420
1811   -   7,351
1821   -   6,811
1831   -   7,268
1841   -   6,688
1851   -   7,067
1861   -   7,531
1871   -   8,009
1881   -   8,500
1891   -   8,891
1901   -   10,581
1911   -   11,295
1921   -   12,998

Deal Distance to

London mi.
Canterbury mi.
Ashford mi.
Bromley mi.
Chatham mi.
Cranbrook mi.
Dartford mi.
Deptford mi.
Dover mi.
Faversham mi.
Folkestone mi.
Gravesend mi.
Greenwich mi.
Hythe mi.
Maidstone mi.
Margate mi.
Milton Regis mi.
Queenborough mi.
Ramsgate mi.
Rochester mi.
Sandwich mi.
Sheerness mi.
Tenterden mi.
Tunbridge mi.
Woolwich mi.


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  • CC index 1448-1857
  • PCC 1338-1858
  • PPR 1858-1925
  • Depositions

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Land Records
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  • Victoria County History
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  • Rated Property Returns
  • Returns of owners of land, 1873
  • Manors
  • Manor Court Baron
  • Manor Tenancy Rolls
  • Manors, Castles & Holdings of Significance

Tax Lists

  • Poll Tax
  • Hearth Tax
  • Window Tax
  • Hair Powder Tax
  • Land Tax Assessments 1780-1831
  • Land Tax Assessments 1799-1805

Other Records

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