Ramsgate is a sea port, market town and parish, in the cinque-port liberty of Sandwich (of which it is a member), and in the lathe of St. Augustine and hundred of Ringslow, 73 miles from London, 17 from Canterbury and 4 from Margate.  This now fashionable bathing place is beautifully situated on the declivity of a hill, opening southward to the sea, and commands, at different points, very delightful landscapes and extensive marine views, the latter embracing, in clear weather, the coast of France.  Ramsgate, prior to the year 1688, could only be recognised as a maritime village;  but from that period it began to be improved and enlarged, chiefly by means of a successful trade with Russia, and, within a comparatively few years, in addition to a port of commerce, it has been raised by unlimited and judicious improvements to rank as one of the most elegant resorts for sea bathing in the kingdom:  the rides and walks in the vicinity are pleasant and diversified, but the principal and most attractive promenade is the pier, which is not surpassed by any thing of the kind in the country.  The new and apacious harbour was begun in 1750;  it is built chiefly of Portland and Purbeck stone, extending 800 feet into the ocean before it forms an angle;  its breadth is 26 feet, the depth of the harbour increasing 21 feet;  the entrance is 200 feet wide, and the harbour contains an area of forty-six acres, including the back water.  This harbour is certainly one of the finest in the country, and is capable of receiving vessels of more than 600 tons burden.  Within the harbour, as you approach the promenade, is a handsome obelisk, lately erected, with the following inscription: -

To George the Fourth, King of Great Britain and Ireland, the Inhabitants and Visiters [sic] of Ramsgate, and the Directors and Trustees of this Harbour, erected this Obelisk as a grateful record of his Majesty's condescension in selecting this port for his embarkation on the 25th of September, in progress to his Kingdom of Hanover, and his happy return, 8th November 1821.

The commerce, which has greatly improved by the erection of the harbour, consists of a large coasting trade, particularly in coal;  a considerable fishery off this coast, by large vessels from the westward, (the choice fish being chiefly sent to the London market), and many small vessels belonging to the port are similarly employed;  there are also yards for ship building, rope walks, and stores from which articles are furnished to the shipping.  In proportion to the increase of visiters [sic], various establishments for their convenience and pleasure have sprung up. - The different baths are upon the most approved principals, and furnished with every elegant requisite;  those under the conduct of Messrs. Barling, Foat and Wells, opposite the pier gates, and the Royal Clarence baths, in Bath-place, will be duly appreciated by the visiter;  the former, in addition, have a splendid marquee upon the bathing sands, furnished with the London and other journals and approved periodicals.  There are also reading rooms, repositories, and assembly rooms, possessing their peculiar attractions, and the hotels and inns are upon the most efficient scale of convenience - some appropriate to the most fastidious visiter, and others to the commercial traveller; to the Albion Hotel are attached elegant assembly rooms.

The places of worship are, the parish church, a chapel of ease to the mother church of St. Lawrence, and chapel for baptists, independents, and Wesleyan methodists.  The church, dedicated to St. George, is a handsome edifice, lately built at an expense of £27,000.  Towards defraying which the parliamentary commissioners granted £9,000.  Ramsgate a few years since was created a distinct parish by an act of parliament, previous to which is formed part of the now adjoining parish of St. Lawrence.  The living is a vicarage, in the presentation of the archbishop of Canterbury:  the first and present incumbent is the Rev. Richard Harvey, Jun..  The market days are Wednesday and Saturday;  these are frequently attended by persons from the French coast with fruit, eggs and other articles.  By the official returns to parliament for 1831, the parish or ville of Ramsgate contained 7,985 resident inhabitants, being an increase, since the year 1801, of 4,875 persons.

POST OFFICE, High Street, Mary Ruddick, Post Mistress - Letters from London arrive (by mail cart) from Canterbury every morning at six, and are despatched evey evening at half-past seven. - Letters from Margate arrive (by foot-post) every evening at seven, and are despatched every morning at eight. - The box for the London letters closes at seven in the evening.
Surname Given Names Address Occupation
Abbott the Misses 2 Sion st Gentry
Abraham Israel 12 Queen Street Alliance - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Adey John, Rev. 24 Hardres st Gentry and clergy
Adley William 59 High st Plumber, painter and glazier
Allen Elizabeth Queen st Toy Dealer
Armstrong Rev. Farley place Gentry and clergy
Atherden Ann 4 Queen st Poulterer
Atherden George 63 King st Wood turner
Austen Benjamin 30 Harbour st Grocer and cheesmonger
Austen Elizabeth 20 Queen st Baker
Austen Elizabeth Princess st Baker
Austen George 41 Queen st Grocer and cheesmonger
Austen Mrs. 123 High st Gentry
Austen Robert and James Broad street Brewer
Austen and Son   York House Banker, draws on Robarts, Curtis & Co. London
Austen and Son   York house Ship Agent
Austen and Son   York House Consul - American, Danish, Prussian, Swedish and Norwegian, Spanish, Oldenburgh and Lubeck, and agents for the Hause Towns
Aylesbury Thomas 2 Zion place Warden and Pilot
Ayres James 35 Hardres st Surgeon
Bailey John 63 High st Saddler and harness maker
Bailey Mary 64 High st Day School
Bailey William Addington place Baker
Bailey William Addington place Grocer and cheesmonger
Baker John 20 Harbour st Fruiterer
Baker Mary 11 Queen Street Milliner, dressmaker and straw hat maker
Baker William 7 Meeting st Plumber, painter and glazier
Barling, Foat and Wells   opposite the Pier gates Baths
Barnett Israel 66 Hardres st Watch and Clock Maker
Barrow Edmund 56 High st Linen draper
Barrow Edward 41 King st Boot and shoe maker
Bax Elizabeth & Sarah 13 Harbour st Straw hat manufacturer
Bax Isaac 11 Harbour st Confectioner
Bax Thomas 45 Queen st Butcher
Bayley Richard 11 Plains of Waterloo Day School
Bayly Edward, Mrs. 129 High st Gentry
Bayly Stephen 119 high st Grocer and cheesmonger
Bayly Thomas 103 high st Grocer and cheesmonger
Bayly Thomas 103 High st Tallow Chandler
Bear Jane Harbour Street Albion - Inn, hotel and assembly rooms
Beatinck Lady Edward 4 Paragon Nobility
Beavor Major Gen. Effingham place Gentry
Bedford Thomasin 91 High st Grocer and cheesmonger
Birch James, Capt Belle Alliance Gentry
Bird Edward 20 Harbour street Fruiterer and cork cutter
Black Alexander 24 Harbour st Hair Dresser
Bland Miles, Rev., D.D. 11 Chapel place Gentry and clergy
Bleaden John 11 Bath place Bookseller and stationer
Bolton Richard Sion hill Foy Boat - Tavern, Public House
Boughton Joseph 2 Bellevue hill Corn and Flour Dealer
Bourditlion Brownlow, Esq. 10 Wellington crescent Gentry
Bourn George, Mr. 128 High street Gentry
Bourn John 22 Effingham place Wine and Spirit Merchant
Boys Admiral 8 Nelson's crescent Gentry
Brackinridge Edward William 82 High st Boot and shoe maker
Brackinridge Mary Ann 82 High st Milliner and dressmaker
Bradford Daniel 51 High st Hatter
Bradford Henry Turner's place Turner, etc
Brice Thomas 22 Bellevue place Carpenter and builder
Bridges Elizabeth, Mrs. 8 Chapel pl Gentry
Bridges Mrs. Prospect row Gentry
Bridgman John V. 1 Gilling place Surgeon
Bright Edmund 39 Harbour st Butcher
Brockman Ann 88 King st Basket maker
Brooks George 38 Harbour st Grocer and cheesmonger
Brown James Bellevue hill Tailor
Bunton Thomas 100 High st Cooper
Burgess and Son corner of Queen St Banker, draws on Barnard, Dimsdale and Co., London
Burgess George 90 King st Coach builder and dealer in oil paintings
Burgess Peter Queen street Pelican (life) and Phoenix (fire) - Insurance Office Agent
Burgess Peter, Esq. High st Gentry
Burgess William 1 Salem pl Herald painter
Burgess and Hunt   Queen st Bookseller and stationer
Burgess and Hunt   Queen st Library and reading rooms
Burgess, Hunt & Carter   Queen Street Letter-press Printers
Burrows Henry, Mrs. 12 Hardres st Gentry
Busbridge George 59 Queen st Boot and shoe maker
Butler Daniel High st hosiery manufacturer
Canham Joseph 55 High st Physician
Carver Sarah High st George & Dragon - Tavern, Public House
Caught Gilbert and Son 6 York st Shipwrights
Chantler William 39 High st Hair Dresser
Chapman Henry 20 King st dealer in marine stores
Chapman Thomas 37 Harbour st Tailor and Draper
Chittenden James York st Crown - Tavern, Public House
Christian John 36 York st Boot and shoe maker
Clark John Addington place Carpenter
Clark Mrs. 8 High st Gentry
Clarke the Misses Effingham place Gentry
Clendon George 52 Queen st Chemist and druggist
Clendon George 52 Queen st Protector - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Coleman William 46 Queen st stable keeper
Collard Susannah 36 King street Baker
Collard Susannah 36 King st Confectioner
Commerford Nicholas William 26 Harbour st Sail maker
Cooper George 3 King st Plumber, painter and glazier
Coules William 77 King st Blacksmith
Cramp Robert 7 High street Coach Proprietor and livery stable keeper
Cramp Ann Harbour place Royal Oak - Posting inn and hotel
Cramp John Pegwell Bellevue Tavern - Tavern, Public House
Cramp Judith 89 King st Corn and Flour Dealer
Cramp Robert 7 High Street Spread Eagle - Posting inn, hotel and excise office
Craycraft Robert 34 King st Corn and Flour Dealer
Crickett John Addington place Grocer and cheesmonger
Crickett William Sion row Carpenter
Crisford James 60 Hardres st Bricklayer
Crockford Richard Bellevue place Ship agent and owner
Croft Robert, Esq. Dumpton Gentry
Crow Frederick L. 73 High st Brazier
Crow Frederick L. 73 High st Ironmonger
Cull Henry 118 High st Statuaries and Mason
Cull John White 5 Harbour st Hatter
Cull Thomas 60 High st Auctioneer
Cull Thomas 60 High street Cabinet maker and undertaker
Cull Thomas 60 High street Globe - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Cull William 98 High st Boot and shoe maker
Cullen William Moris Salem Place Baker
Curling Alexander, Esq. 6 Chapel pl Gentry
Curling Mary Chatham st Boarding School
Curling Miss Effingham place Gentry
Curtis Lady Cliff house Nobility
Cuttle Mary Portland court King's Arms - Tavern, Public House
Cuttler John 7 Albion hill Lord Warden's officer
Daniel Edward Queen st Attorney and Notary (in business with Martin Long)
Daniel & Green   58 High st Surgeons
Darby Sickett 41 high st Boot and shoe maker
Daveson John Belle Alliance Pilot
Davis Charles, Esq. 15 Paragon Gentry
Davis Richard Belle Vue house Agent to the Trinity House
Dawson Ann 8 Queen st Grocer and cheesmonger
Day Elizabeth, Mrs. 16 Chapel place Gentry
Dear Edward 24 King st Butcher
Dear Edward 24 King st Grocer and cheesmonger
Denne the Misses 2 Chapel place Gentry
Dickinson Robert 3 Bellevue hill Boot and shoe maker
Dixon Mrs. & H. Paul Dumpton Boarding School
Duckett Henry 25 Hardres st Carpenter
Duplock Elizabeth, Miss 13 Chapel pl Gentry
Durbin John Meeting st Carpenter
Dyason Roger Bath place Royal Clarence, Baths
Eades Samuel 62 High st Baker
Eades Samuel 62 High st Confectioner
Elcomb Frederick 15 Harbour st Ship - Tavern, Public House
Eley George 57 High st Chemist and druggist
Elgar Elizabeth, Mrs. 131 High st Gentry
Elgar Lawrence 10 Queen st Ironmonger
Elgar Lawrence and Thomas Elgar place Bricklayer and builders
Elgar Richard Waterloo place Plumber, painter and glazier
Elgar Stephen St. Lawrence Boot and shoe maker
Ellis Thomas 65 High st Boot and shoe maker
Elvey James St. Lawrence Baker
Elwyn William, Rev. St. Lawrence Gentry and clergy
Farley John 18 Queen st Shipwrights
Fawcett Miss Townley Castle Gentry
Fegen Charles 27 york stHair Dresser
Ferrere Robert 15 Chapel place Dancing Professor
Fisher Charles 84 High street Chemist and druggist
Fleming Richard 46 King st Baker
Foat John 9 Queen st Butcher
Fontaine F. 55 Queen st Fruiterer
Foot Mary High st Rose & Crown - Tavern, Public House
Forwalk James 4 Cliff st Bricklayer
Fowler John & Joseph 12 King st Coach Proprietor and livery stable keeper
Fowler Mary 4 Goldsmid place Bookseller and stationer
Fowler Mary 4 Goldsmid place Circulating library and reading rooms
Fraser Alexander Hermitage nursery Nursery and seedsman
Frend Miss 44 High street Gentry
Friday John, Esq. 4 Chtha, place Gentry
Fuller George F., Jr. 42 Queen st and 70 High st Grocer and cheesmonger
Gambrell Thomas 22 Queen st Boot and shoe maker
Gardner Hon. Major. Bellevue Lodge Gentry
Garner William 4 Harbour st Fishmonger
Garner Alice B. 4 Harbour st Milliner and dressmaker
Garrett John, Esq. Ellington Gentry
Garrett Thomas, Esq. Neether Court Gentry
Garrow the Hon. Baron Pegwell Nobility
Gaskell John, Esq. 10 Nelson's crescent Gentry
Gibbs William St. Lawrence Saddler and harness maker
Gibbs William St. Lawrence White Horse - Tavern, Public House
Gibson John, Esq. 1 Addington place Gentry
Girdler Mrs. St. Lawrence Gentry
Goldsmith Ebenezer 1 Meeting st Day School
Goldsmith Edward Arthur Turner's place Letter-press Printer and book binder
Goldsmith Lydia 64 Hardres street Milliner, dressmaker and stay maker
Goldsmith Thomas 64 Hardres st Day School
Goodwin M., Ms. Effingha place Gentry
Goodwin Medmer, Esq. Effingham Place Gentry
Goodwin, Curling, Hodges & Co.   Goldsmid place Ship Agent and agents to Lloyds'
Goodwin, Curling, Hodges and Co.   Goldsmid Place Consul - Russia, Netherlands, Hanover, Hamburgh, France, Portugal, Bremen and Belgium
Goodyer Frances 9 High st Preparatory School
Graham William 35 Harbour stHair Dresser
Grant Robert 2 Queen st Fishmonger
Gray Samuel 106 High st Baker
Green Thomas 8 Harbour st Sun - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Green Thomas 8 Harbour st Umbrella Maker
Grey Thomas, Sir 1 Sion Hill Nobility
Grey Thomas, Sir Sion hill Physician
Griggs Thomas 5 King st Brazier
Griggs Trevanion Paradise cottage Bricklayer
Grundy Fanny 7 Cliff st Milliner and dressmaker
Grundy Thomas Broad st Carpenter
Grundy and Craven   Sion row Carpenter and builder
Gwynn Ann, Mary and Susan 15 Harbour Place Milliners and dressmakers
Hadlow George 4 Queen st Baker
Hardy Sarah, Mrs. 132 High street Gentry
Harlow John Nix Harbour place Shipwrights' Arms - Tavern, Public House
Harrison John 50 Queen st Linen draper
Harrison Mary 66 High st China, glass and earthenware dealer
Harrison William 54 Queen st Boot and shoe maker
Harrison William 88 High st Carver and gilder
Hart Ann 79 High st Straw hat manufacturer
Harvey Edward, Capt 9 Nelson's crescent Gentry
Harvey Richard, Rev. 1 Chapel place Gentry
Haunan George, Esq. Bromston Gentry
Haynes Joseph 1 Wellington place Statuaries and Mason
Hayward Lucy 1 King st London House - Tavern, Public House
Haywood Henry Turner's place Retail Brewer
Hersey William 55 King st Bell - Tavern, Public House
Hewitt Catherine 94 High st Straw hat manufacturer
Hinds George 20 Effingha place Auctioneer
Hinds George Effingham place Kent - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Hinds George Martin 30 Effingham Place Surveyors and Architects
Hiscocks Zachariah opposite the Harbour King's Head - Posting inn and hotel
Hobbs William St. Lawrence Carpenter and wheelwright
Hobday Edward Salem place Carpenter
Hobday Thomas 18 Hardres st Plumber, painter and glazier
Hodges Thomas 8 York st China, glass and earthenware dealer
Hodgman Mary St. Lawrence Bricklayer
Hogben John 22 King st Boot and shoe maker
Hogbin Henry S. 68 High st Grocer and cheesmonger
Hogbin John 51 King st Grocer and cheesmonger
Hogbin Richard Belle Alliance Baker
Hogwood William Portland place Butcher
Hoile Benjamin 60 Queen st Grocer and cheesmonger
Hoile Valentine 15 Queen Street Linen and woollen draper
Holladay   Addington place Duke of York - Tavern, Public House
Holladay Jane 119 High st Milliner and dressmaker
Holladay Stephen High street Nursery and seedsman
Holloway Joseph 97 King st Red Lion - Tavern, Public House
Holman Stephen, Esq. 3 Chapel place Gentry
Holman William 20 high st Miller
Holton Mark Plains of Waterloo Pilot
Hope Isaac 36 Harbour St Toy Dealer
Hope Richard Salem place Blacksmith and coach smith
Howell William 5 Gilling place Brazier
Howell William 5 Gilling place Ironmonger
Hubbard John 3 Queen street Auctioneer and furniture broker
Hudson Henry St. Lawrence Miller
Hudson Jeffery 58 Queen st Plumber, painter and glazier
Hudson John St. Lawrence Corn and Flour Dealer
Hudson Thomas 89 High st Coach Proprietor and livery stable keeper
Hudson and son   77 High street Bull & George - Commercial and posting inn and hotel
Huggett Frederick T. 62 Queen st Jewellery and Fancy Repositories
Huggett Frederick T. 62 Queen st Watch and Clock Maker
Hunter Thomas 50 High street Coal Merchant
Hunter Thomas 50 High st Watch and Clock Maker
Huntly Susan 101 High st Boarding School
Hurst George 85 high st Brazier
Hurst George 85 High street Ironmonger
Hurst Joel Harbour place Blacksmith and ship smith
Hurst William 61 King Street Cabinet maker and undertaker
Hutchinson Robert 28 Harbour street Coal Merchant and ship owner
Hutchinson Robert 28 Harbour st Ship Agent
Hutchinson William Capt., R.N. 36 Hardres street Gentry
Iles William St. Lawrence Blacksmith
Ince Charles, Mr. 25 Albion place Gentry
Israel Abraham 12 Queen st Tailor and Draper
Jackson Sarah, Mrs. 19 High street Gentry
Jarman John 16 Queen st Plumber, painter and glazier
Jarman Robert Thomas Harbour st Bookseller and stationer
Jarman Robert Thomas Harbour Library and reading rooms
Jarman Robert Thomas Harbour street Letter-press Printer
Jezard John Effingham place Rising Sun - Tavern, Public House
Joad Gilbert 91 King st Baker
Joad John James 10 York st Baker
Joad Kemp, Esq. 5 Chapel place Gentry
Judge James Bourne 102 High street Attorney
Karn Thomas 66 King st Tailor and Draper
Kelly John Portland pl Twine spinner
Kelsey Bartholomew St. Lawrence Wheat Sheaf - Tavern, Public House
Kelsey Mary Ann 6 Cliff st Baker
Kelsey Mary Ann 6 Cliff st Confectioner
Kemp George 13 King st Linen draper
Kempley Richard Hardres st Bricklayer
Kendall William 4 King st Eating house
Kennett John 69 High st Butcher
Kent Richard, Esq. 2 Chatham place Gentry
Keys Charles, Capt. Providence place Gentry
King Richard 23 Addington place Baker
Kingham Dinah 65 Hardres st Milliner and dressmaker
Knott Edward 45 King st Blacksmith
Knott John 53 High st Boot and shoe maker
Lacy John Portland place Baker
Lacy John Vincent row Carpenter
Lake James, Sir 13 Paragon Gentry
Lane Ann, Mrs. 3 Gilling place Gentry
Langley Edward 7 Hardres st Bricklayer
Larkins William Bellevue Hill Pilot
Laue John 48 Queen st Baker
Lawrence Charles Addington place Plumber, painter and glazier
Lawrence Francis 71 High st Baker
Lawrence Francis 71 High st Confectioner
Le Plastrier Robert Louis 2 York st Watch and Clock Maker
Lean Emma 1 Chatham place Boarding School
Leffen John 3 Harbour st Eating house
Lewillin William High st Supervisor of excise
Lewis A. L. 74 High st Jewellery and Fancy Repositories
Lewis A. L. 74 High st Toy Dealer
Lewis Geore William, Rev. Effingham place Gentry, clergy
Lewis George William, Rev. 14 Effingham place Gentlemen's Select Academy
Lewis John West cliff Royal Kent, Baths
Lewis John West Cliff Atlas - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Lewis Sarah 25 High st Milliner and dressmaker
Livick James Bellevue hill Retail Brewer
Long Martin Queen st Attorney and Notary (in business with Edward Daniel)
Low Joseph 25 Harbour st Baker
Lowman Jeremiah 14 Queen st Watch and Clock Maker
Lyon Isaac 14 Harbour st Slopseller
Lyon Isaac 14 Harbour st Watch and Clock Maker
Magnus Jacob 32 Harbour st Slopseller
Magnus Jacob 32 Harbour st Tailor
Manby Edward, Capt., R.N. 35 Hardres st Gentry
Marshall George 26 High st Butcher
Martin K. B. 2 Goldsmid place Crown - Life, Fire, etc. Office Agent
Mascall Henry St. Lawrence Butcher
Mathews William 8 Meeting st Tailor
May William Queen st Blacksmith
Mercer John, Jr. Albion place Attorney and notary
Mettam James Frederick Place Statuaries and Mason
Miller Alexander 122 High st Nursery and seedsman
Miller John 12 Portland place Boot and shoe maker
Miller Richard L. 7 King st Boot and shoe maker
Miller and Hinds   Harbour place Shipwrights
Minter Henry Goldsmid place Superintendent, School for Seamen's Boys and Sailors' Reading Room
Mongor and Cull   18 Harbour st and 105 High st Butcher and shipping
Montefiore Moses, Esq. East Cliff Lodge Gentry
Moore Charles 36 High st Boot and shoe maker
Morgan Edward, Capt. 2 Wellington place Gentry
Murray Celina 27 Harbour st French Goods, Jewellery and Fancy Repositories
New Susannah St. Lawrence Grocer and cheesmonger
Newton Isaac 14 Harbour st Fruiterer
Nibbs Mrs. 5 Chatham Place Gentry
Norfor Harriet 52 King st Earl St. Vincent - Tavern, Public House
Norwood S., Capt., R.N. Goldsmid place Gentry
Norwood Stephen 47 Queen st Cooper
Oakley Thomas 57 Queen st Saddler and harness maker
Oldfield Clara 8 Albion place Boarding School
Osborn John 34 Queen st Carpenter
Page Richard and Son 40 Harbour st Grocer and cheesmonger
Page Richard and Son 1 Queen st Wine and Spirit Merchant
Page Robert, Mr. 24 Albion place Gentry
Pakenham Mrs. Plains of Waterloo Gentry
Pantin Frederick Albion Hill Royal Exchange - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Pantin Frederick, Jr. 25 Harbour st Linen draper
Pantony Robert Turner's place Wheelwright
Parker Thomas Sanders 54 Hardres st Baker
Parnell Thomas Bath Place Admiral Harvey - Tavern, Public House
Paul John, Rev. Oxford house, Dumpton Boarding School
Peake Algernon Sidney 2 Albion place Surgeon
Peake Stephen St. Lawrence Grocer and cheesmonger
Peal Samuel Waterloo place Carpenter
Peal William Zion place Carpenter
Pearce Thomas Sion row Boot and shoe maker
Peirce Elizabeth 93 King st Carpenters' Arms - Tavern, Public House
Pellett Frank 19 Bellevue hill Boot and shoe maker
Petherbridge John 82 Queen st Tailor
Petley Mrs. 14 Nelson's crescent Gentry
Pettman Thomas 43 Hardres street Music Professor
Phillips Robert 76 High st Hair Dresser
Philpot Henry St. Lawrence Tailor
Philpot Jeremiah St. Lawrence Carpenter
Philpot Jeremiah St. Lawrence Rose - Tavern, Public House
Philpot Thomas St. Lawrence Tailor and Draper
Philpot Thomas 64 High st Tailor
Philpott Thomas 44 Hardres st Carpenter
Phipps William henry 117 High street Music Professor
Pilcher Peter 40 High st Tailor and breeches maker
Pilcher Stephen 93 High st Baker
Pilcher Stephen 93 High st Confectioner
Pilcher Thomas 94 King street Blacksmith and veterinary surgeon
Pitcher William Queen's court Blacksmith
Plenderleath David 1 Nelson crescent Physician
Popple William 114 High st Corn and Flour Dealer
Powell John 2 King st Plumber, painter and glazier
Powell John Portland place Master, Workhouse
Puplett William Brunswick place Blacksmith and bell hanger
Rammell Thomas 92 King st Grocer and cheesmonger
Rammell Thomas 92 King st Tallow Chandler
Rayner George Thomas 9 Plains of Waterloo Cabinet maker
Read Sarah, Mrs. 2 Gilling place Gentry
Read Thomas 37 King st Prince Cobourg - Tavern, Public House
Reaks Henry High street Boarding School
Redhead the Misses 7 Paragon Gentry
Reece Samuel, Rev. 41 Effingham place Gentry
Reece Samuel, Rev. 41 Effingham place Gentlemen's Boarding School
Rhodes John 1 and 2 Harbour street Chemist and druggist
Rhodes John 2 Harbour Atlas - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Rhodes John 53 Queen st Surgeon
Rider Mrs. 124 High street Gentry
Righton Samuel 9 King st Leather seller
Rose John 11 Meeting street Coal Merchant
Rose William 38 King st Dyer
Sackett Jeremiah 26 Harbour Tailor and Draper
Sackett Richard 43 Queen st Baker
Sackett Richard Addington place Pilot
Sackett Samuel Sion hill Bookseller, stationer and boarding house
Sackett Samuel Sion hill Guardian - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Sackett Samuel Sion hill Library and reading rooms
Sadler T. T. 51 Queen st County - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Sadler Thomas T. 51 Queen st Grocer and cheesmonger
Saffery Mary Ann 12 Chapel place Boarding School
Salisbury James F., Rev. Wellington place Gentry and clergy
Sampson Mrs. Memel house Gentry
Sandwell William 23 King st Butcher
Sawyer Thomas 6 Harbour street Chemist and druggist
Saxby Elizabeth 5 Queen st Fruiterer
Saxby William 5 Queen Street Carpenter and builder
Scates Thomas Goldsmid place Agent to steam packets
Scithers George St. Lawrence Carpenter, builder and undertaker
Sharp Capt., R.N. 7 Sion hill Gentry
Silk William 5 High street Day School
Simmons Martha 76 King st Clothes dealer
Singer John 22 Harbour st Grocer and cheesmonger
Singer Spencer 35 High st Baker
Small Frances, Mrs. 14 Chapel pl Gentry
Small Martha, Mrs. 18 High st Gentry
Small Robert, Mrs. 7 Chapel place Gentry
Smith Charles 33 Harbour st Poulterer
Smith George Broad st Coach Proprietor and livery stable keeper
Smith James Waterloo cottage Bricklayer and builder
Smith John Frederick Street Carpenter
Smith John 34 Harbour st Slopseller
Smith John 34 Harbour st Tailor
Smith William 71 King street Boot and shoe maker, leather seller
Smith William Harbour place Queen's Head - Tavern, Public House
Smithers James 45 High st Tailor
Snowden T.H. Grove, 10 Harbour Attorney
Snowden, Son & Webster   95 High st Surgeons
Solley Stephen Harbour st Old King's Head - Tavern, Public House
Spain Thomas 92 High st Tailor
Spencer Elizabeth 2 Broad st Blacksmith
Spencer Elizabeth, Jr. 2 Turner's Place Milliner and dressmaker
Standven Thomas Emery 107 High st Watch and Clock Maker
Stead Ann Albion hill Milliner and dressmaker
Stevens George 19 Harbour street Block and pump maker
Stevenson Henry 44 Queen st Brazier
Stevenson James High st Brewer
Stokes John High st Retail Brewer
Stokes Robert St. Lawrence Blacksmith
Stokes Robert 104 High st Wellington - Tavern, Public House
Strivens Sophia, Mrs. 13 Queen Street Gentry
Strong Edward St. Lawrence Baker
Strong Elizabeth 73 High st New Inn - Tavern, Public House
Stuppel Edward 19 King st Deal Cutter - Tavern, Public House
Styles James 61 high st Boot and shoe maker
Swinnock Charlotte York st Baker
Swinnock John 24 Queen st Linen draper and hatter
Swoffer Edward 86 High stHair Dresser
Tapply Edward Lansdell 61 High st Linen draper
Tatnell John 24 Queen st Nelson - Tavern, Public House
Tatnell Robert 4 Bellevue hill Plumber, painter and glazier
Tatnell and Lawrence   Plains of Waterloo Coach Proprietor and livery stable keeper
Taylor Mary 25 Harbour st Milliner and dressmaker
Taylor Richard 25 High st Boot and shoe maker
Templeman Thomas, Esq. High street Gentry
Tennant & Reader   23 Harbour st Linen drapers
Terry William York st Fountain - Tavern, Public House
Thomas John 19 Addington place Butcher
Thompson J. R., Rev. St. Lawrence Gentry and clergy
Thornton and Co.   Sandwich Road Millers
Tomson Richard and Sons Queen st Brewer
Tomson Richard and William 40 Effingham place Wine and Spirit Merchant
Tomson Richard, Esq. Effingham place Gentry
Townley Robert, Esq. 10 Chapel place Gentry
Townsend George, Rev. 120 HIgh st Gentry and clergy
Turral William 72 King street Carpenter and builder
Twyman Charles Meeting st Plumber, painter and glazier
Upton Michael 10 York st Brazier
Vye Jesse 25 Queen st Grocer and cheesmonger
Waghorn Daniel 1 King st Jolly Sailor - Tavern, Public House
Wanstall John St. Lawrence Bricklayer
Ward Henry 1 York Street Letter-press Printer and book binder
Ward James Adams 56 Queen stHair Dresser
Warman Henry 37 High street Auctioneer
Warman Henry 37 High st Cabinet maker
Warner Cyrus 33 Effingham place Day School and Accountant
Warre J.A., Esq., M.P. West Cliff Lodge Gentry
Waterman James 80 King st Boot and shoe maker
Watkins Samuel, Esq. Albion lodge Gentry
Webster Mary A. Harbour place Castle - Inn and hotel
Welbank Mrs. Prospect row Gentry
Weller M. 72 High st Milliner and Straw hat manufacturer
Weller Thomas 72 High st Hatter
Wells Henry 90 High st Attorney and notary
Wetherhead Thomas, Esq. Hereson Gentry
Wheatland Ann, Mrs. 16 Bell Vue place Gentry
Wheatley Mrs. 22 High street Gentry
White William Hardres st Pilot
Whitehead Thomas Chatham house Boarding School
Wightwick Humphrey 3 Chatham place Attorney
Wildish John Elvey 23 Hardres st Bricklayer
Wilkes Misses St. Lawrence Day School
Wilkinson John Hardres st Superintendent, Gas Works
Wilkinson and Deacon   17 Queen st Milliner and dressmaker
Williams Benjamin 63 Queen st Linen Draper
Wilson John, Esq. Elysian house Gentry
Winter Samuel, Esq. Southwood house Gentry
Woodland William 35 King Street Surveyor and Architect
Woolward Lte. R. N. Harbour place Harbour Master, Harbour Master's Office
Wootten Thomas, Mr. St. Lawrence Gentry
Wootton Sarah 81 High st Milliner and dressmaker
Wootton Stephen Cottage place Norwich Union - Fire, etc. Office Agent
Wootton Stephen & Co., Queen Street Coal Merchant
Wreight Richard 75 High st Fruiterer
Wright Ann Albion hill Tobacconist
Wyborn Thomas 7 Harbour st Boot and shoe maker
Wybourn William Bath place Boot and shoe maker
Yardin Monsieur 10 Harbour street French Professor
Young Edward 9 & 29 Harbour st Boot and shoe maker


To LONDON, the "Eagle" coaches, from Fowler's offices, King st and Goldsmid place, calling at the Albion, Bull and George, Royal Oak, and Castle Inns, every morning at eight, and evening at half-past six; go through Canterbury, Sittingbourne, Chatham, Rochester, etc.


the "Lancet", every morning at nine, and the "Swallow", every evening at five, from Fowler's offices, and calling at the above Inns - and the "Phoenix", from the Bull and George, every morning at nine.


the "Swallow" every afternoon at two, and the "Lancet", every evening at seven, from Fowler's offices, and calling at the above Inns - and the "Phoenix", from, the Bull and George, every evening at seven - and coaches and vans go every hour in the summer months.

VANS, For Passengers and Goods

To CANTERBURY, Joseph Challis, from Melville place, every Tuesday and Friday morning.


Appleton, from the New Inn, High street, every afternoon at half-past five.

CONVEYANCE BY WATER, for passengers

To LONDON, the General Steam Navigation Co.'s "Steam Packets", every monring (Sunday excepted) at nine in summer, and every Tuesday morning at eight in winter.

For Goods

To LONDON, the "Resolution" and "Royal George" (Thomas Rammell, King street, owner), every Wednesday and Saturday in summer, and on Wednesday only in winter, to Botolph wharf.

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