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St. Stephens, Hackington, Kent, copyright John Salmon, licensed under cc-by-sa.2.0 -
St. Stephens, Hackington

Hackington Parish

     A View of the Parish

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Hackington, or St. Stephens, is a parish in Blean district, Kent;  on the river Stour, the Canterbury and Whitstable railway, and the Canterbury and Ramsgate railway, contiguous to St Dunstans, on the north side of Canterbury.  Part of it is included in Canterbury city.  Post-town, Canterbury.  Acres, 1,984.  Real property in 1860, £1,668.  Population in 1861, 616.  Houses, 122.  Population of the part within Canterbury, 94.  Houses, 16.

The property is divided among a few.  The manor belonged, in the 17th century, to Sir Roger Manwood;and passed to the Colepepers and the Haleses.  Hale’s Place, near the church yard, superseded a mansion of the Manwoods;  was built in 1768, by Sir Edward Hales;  and is an edifice in the Ionic style.

The living is a vicarage in the diocese of Canterbury.  Value, £412 with a habitable glebe house.  Patron, the Archdeacon of Canterbury.

The church is cruciform;  retains portions built by Archbishop Baldwin;  shows characters from early English to perpendicular;  has a west tower, with massive early English buttresses;  was recently restored  and contains, in the south transept, a fine Tudor monument of sir Roger Manwood.

There are a national school, Manwood’s hospital with £49, and other charities with £15.

Source:  John Marius Wilson, comp.  The Imperial Gazatteer of England and Wales. (London, England: A. Fullerton & Co., 1870).

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Location of Records

The following list of records is not intended to be exhaustive.  There are many records that are awaiting discovery in archive offices throughout Kent and England.  This list is intended only to set out those records that are available via at least two relatively easy-to-access avenues.  If you have used or discover a record that would be of benefit to other researchers, that is not on this list, please send me an email with the details of the archive - name, address and archival call number.

Census | Church of England | Non-Conformist | Parish chest | Workhouse and Poor Law | Land | Assizes and Sessions | School



Date The National Archives, Ruskin Avenue,
Kew, Richmond,
also available at:
Hackington Local Studies & Archives, Central Library, High Street, Hackington, BR1 1EX, tel. 020 8461 7170, Email:
LDS Family History Centre
(Find a centre near you)
and indexed online at:
6 June 1841 Currently under revision  
30 Mar 1851 Currently under revision  
30 Mar 1851 census name index & images Currently under revision  
7 Apr 1861 Currently under revision  
2 Apr 1871 Currently under revision  
3 Apr 1881 Currently under revision  
5 Apr 1891 Currently under revision  
31 Mar 1901 Currently under revision  
2 Apr 1911 Currently under revision  
2 Apr 1911 RG 78/139 - Census Enumerator's Summary Books online only and other subscription sites none

Church Records, Church of England

Record Type Dates Archive 1
Corresponding LDS Family History Library film numbers
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Parish Register   Currently under revision  
Bishop's transcripts   Currently under revision  
CMB transcripts   Currently under revision  
Parish Registers, transcribed by Thomas Colyer-Fergusson   Currently under revision  

Church Records, Non-Conformist

Record Type Dates Archive 1
Corresponding LDS Family History Library film numbers
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Particular Baptist Chapel, Nonconformist Return   Currently under revision  
Methodist Church Registers   Currently under revision  

Parish chest records

Record Type Dates Archive 1
Corresponding LDS Family History Library film numbers
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Parish Council Minutes   Currently under revision  
Removal orders out of Hackington   Currently under revision  
Settlement Examinations, Minute book   Currently under revision  
Overseers' Accounts   Currently under revision  
Return of Churchwardens, constables and defaulters     
Tithe Apportionment Files      
Poor Rate books   Currently under revision  

Workhouse and Poor Law Records

Record Type Dates Archive 1
Corresponding LDS Family History Library film numbers
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Admission & Discharge books   This section currently under revision  
Guardians' Minutes      
Births   Currently under revision  
Deaths   Currently under revision  
Religious creed registers   Currently under revision  
Apprentice Register      
Registers of lunatics      
Letters books      
Vaccination registers, Hackington area 1899-1930 Currently under revision  

Land Records

Record Type Dates Archive 1
Corresponding LDS Family History Library film numbers
(Find a centre near you)
Land tax assessments 1780-1831 Currently under revision  
Land tax assessments 1875-1876 Currently under revision  
Land tax assessments 1889-1890 Currently under revision  
Rates and Duties - Houses, Windows, Lights   Currently under revision  
Manorial Court rolls   Currently under revision  
War Damage Files 1939-1962 Centre for Kentish Studies, Maidstone, Kent, no.: Finding Aid at CKS-DRb/RW 123 None

Assizes and Sessions Records
(poor laws, jail terms, oaths, and other municipal and public records)

Record Type Dates Archive 1
Corresponding LDS Family History Library film numbers
(Find a centre near you)
Hearth tax   Currently under revision  
Victuallers Recognizances   Currently under revision  
Churchwarden's Presentments   Currently under revision  
Parish rate books   Currently under revision  

School Records

Record Type Dates Archive 1
Corresponding LDS Family History Library film numbers
(Find a centre near you)
    Currently under revision  


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Church Registers


Parish Chest

  • Settlement Certificates
  • Removal Orders
  • Bastardy Examinations
  • Parish-assisted Immigrants
  • Churchwarden's Accounts
  • Overseer's Accounts
  • Surveyor's Accounts
  • Workhouse Records
  • Pew Rents
  • Donors' Rolls
  • Vestry Minutes
  • Bishops' Visitations
  • Parish Magazines
  • Parish Histories


Total Population

1801   -   255
1811   -   323
1821   -   349
1831   -   436
1841   -   506
1851   -   532
1861   -   616
1871   -   640
1881   -   632
1891   -   697
1901   -   939
1911   -   1,130
1921   -   1,044
The parish was effected by the operation of the Divided Parishes Acts, but the Registrar-General failed to obtain particulars of every such change.  The changes which escaped notification were, however, probably small in area and with little, if any, population.  Considerable difficulty was experienced both in 1891 and 1901 in tracing the results of changes effected in civil parishes under the provisions of these Acts.  The figures in many instances must be regarded as partly estimates.

The ecclesiastical parish of the same name at the 1921 census was coextensive with the civil parish (or place).

Hackington Distance to

London mi.
Canterbury 2.5 mi.
Ashford 14.7 mi.
Chatham 23.7 mi.
Cranbrook 27.7 mi.
Dartford 39.2 mi.
Deptford 49.4 mi.
Dover 16.3 mi.
Faversham 8.1 mi.
Folkestone 16.1 mi.
Gravesend 31.5 mi.
Greenwich 47.6 mi.
Hythe 16.8 mi.
Maidstone 23.9 mi.
Margate 14.2 mi.
Milton Regis 15.0 mi.
Queenborough 15.8 mi.
Ramsgate 15.0 mi.
Rochester 26.4 mi.
Sandwich 11.9 mi.
Sheerness 16.7 mi.
Tenterden 23.7 mi.
Tunbridge 37.4 mi.
Woolwich 45.5 mi.


Municipal & Public Records

  • Mayors
  • Town Clerks
  • Recorders
  • Chamberlains
  • M.P.s
  • Jurats, Aldermen and Common Councilmen
  • Electoral Register
  • Freeholders
  • Freemen Index
  • Freeman's Roll
  • Masters Index
  • Pubs, Taverns, Inns, Alehouses
  • Victuallers

Wills & Estate Records

  • AD index 1448-1857
  • CC index 1448-1857
  • PCC 1338-1858
  • PPR 1858-1925
  • Depositions

Court Records

  • Gaol Returns
  • Quarter Sessions
  • Transportations
  • Summons for Pavement Repairs
  • Protestation Rolls c1641-1643
  • Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy 1662
  • Oaths of Allegiance c1720s

Military Records

Land Records
& Maps

  • Parish Map
  • Feet of Fines
  • Victoria County History
  • Deeds, Mortgages, etc.
  • Rated Property Returns
  • Returns of owners of land, 1873
  • Manor Court Baron
  • Manor Tenancy Rolls
  • Manors, Castles & Holdings of Significance

Tax Lists

  • Poll Tax
  • Hearth Tax
  • Window Tax
  • Hair Powder Tax
  • Land Tax Assessments 1780-1831
  • Land Tax Assessments 1799-1805

Other Records

Village Resources