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Memorials inside Canterbury - All Saints Church, Kent, England

William Somner, historian and native of Canterbury, who published his work titled Canterbury in 1640, mentions some grave stones remaining in All Saints Church in his time, of persons of good account buried in it.

St. Mary's chapel

Roger Brent, an alderman, and thrice mayor of this city, who died in 1486, and as appears by his Will, was a good benefactor to the city. On his gravestone were the arms of Brent, impaling Lee.

John Coleman, of this parish, who lies buried in our Lady's chapel, in this church, by his Will anno 1535.

On another gravestone were the arms of Apulderfield, impaling Evering.

On another, two chevrons, impaling three chevronels.

In one of the windows were the arms of archbishop Morton.

All which have been long since obliterated.

In the South Aisle

The following inscriptions on gravestones are among others remaining in it:

One for Margaret, wife of Daniel Lister, obt. 1621.

In the North Aisle

A memorial for Shadrack Tyler, B. A. son of Robert Tyler, vicar of St. Laurence; and grandson of Shadrack Cooke, vicar of Faversham, obt. 1756.

Another for Joseph Royle, alderman, obt. 1788.

John Fuller, alderman, obt. 1569.

In the register of this parish, which begins in 1559, are several entries among the burials of the Bridges's, Denne's, Six's, and Sawkins's.

Source:  Edward Hasted, Canterbury: The churches within the city and suburbs, in The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 11 (Canterbury, 1800), pp. 209-288.