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Memorials inside Canterbury, St. Andrew Church, Kent, England

In the Old Church

In the old church there were, in the time of Mr. William Somner, noted historian and native of Canterbury who published his work titled Canterbury in 1640, several brass plates and inscriptions.

Stephen White, citizen and the first ironmonger that ever was dwelling in this city, obt. 1592.

In the windows, the figure and an inscription on the glass, Orate paia Dni Wilmi Mellrose Rectoris Eccle Scæ Mariæ de Bredman.

In another the figure and an inscription, Orate p aia patris Johis Fanting Rectoris Scæ Mariæ de Bredyn-Det Mater Xti Fanting John Gaudia Cœli. These, perhaps, were benefactors to the church.

About the [same] time John Petyt of this parish was; who by his Will in 1498, gave five marcs to the making a new steeple and a new roof to it.

John Swan, a parishioner and an alderman, and sometime mayor, gave in like manner 66s. 8d. towards the work of a new roof and steeple here, when it should happen to be new made.

In this church was a chantry for one William Butler.

Buried in the Old Church, under the site where it once stood, and where their remains still rest, the following:

John Cox, S. T. P., Rector here, obt. 1544, his name spelt in a manuscript Cockys.

William Morphet, Rector here, ind. Dec. 22, 1565.

Henry Morray, Rector here, July 3, 1570.

Thomas Swift, A. M., Rector here, March 18, 1572, obt June 12, 1592, likewise rectors of St. Michael, Harbledown. See more of them in Biog. Brit. index Swift. The Will of Thomas Swift is in Prerogative office, Canterbury.

William Swift, A. M., Rector here, July 8, 1592, obt. Oct. 24, 1624, likewise rectors of St. Michael, Harbledown. See more of them in Biog. Brit. index Swift. The Will of Thomas Swift is in Prerogative office, Canterbury.

Edward Aldey, A. M., Rector here, Nov. 6, 1624, obt. July 12, 1673, a prebendary of Canterbury.

Arthur Kay, S. T. P., Rector here, July 18, 1673, obt. - 1701, a six preacher of the cathedral.

It is observable, that there were two ancestors of the famous dean of St. Patrick's, viz. Thomas Swist, his great-grandfather, and William his son, who were successively rectors of this church from 1569 to 1624; the former of them having expressly desired by his Will, that his bones should rest in that church, where his people so entirely loved him.

In the vestibule of the new church

are placed the monuments, formerly in the old church; to commemorate which,

against the west wall there is put up a tablet of white marble, and monuments, for Katherine Gibbon, obt. 1633.

Dorothy Sprakelyng, wife of Robert Sprakelyng, gent. of Bocton Aluph, and eldest daughter of Giles Master, esq. obt. 1749.

Another for Mr. Tho. Swift, rector here 22 years, obt. 1592; and for Mr. William Swift his son, who succeeded him in this church 33 years. He was rector of Harbaldowne 22 years, obt. 1624. Margaret, wife of Mr. Thomas Swift, lies in the cathedral church-yard, against the south door, with nine of her children. Mary, wife of Mr. William Swift, lies buried with him, obt. 1626. They left one son, Mr. Thomas Swift, preacher in Herefordshire, (who died in 1658, leaving ten sons; one of the younger of whom was Jonathan, the father of the famous dean of St. Patrick's) and two daughters, one the wife of Thomas Witreide, Gent. and Margaret, wife of Henry Atkinson, apothecary and citizen of London; arms, Sable, an anchor, or, enwreathed with a dolphin, azure. A small tablet framed and glazed, for Thomas Swift, once rector of this church, obt. 1592.

A tablet for Giles Master, Esq. late of the parish of St. Paul. He died in 1644. He lived to see issue of his loins, children and grandchildren, 46; arms, Gules, a lion rampant, holding a rose branch, impaling his two wives, Hales and Petit.

A tablet for Edward Aldey, rector 49 years, and prebendary of Christ-church, Canterbury. He died in 1673; arms, Ermine, on a chief, sable, two griffins combatant, argent.

Another for Arthur Kay, D. D. rector and six preachre of the cathedral 30 years, obt. 1701. A small tablet for Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Kay, obt. 1720; arms, Argent, an eagle's head erased, gules, between three torteauxes, impaling or, a griffin segreant, vert; for Southland on a chief, gules, three spears heads, argent.

A tablet for John Paris, A. M. late rector of the united parishes of St. Mary Bredman and St. Andrew, vicar of Beakesborne, and master of the hospitals of Eastbridge, St. John, and St. Nicholas, Harbledown, obt. 1709.

A flat stone for Thomas Noble, obt. 1716.

Another for Nathaniel Hulse, gent, and Anne his wife, many years inhabitants of this parish. He died in 1746; she died in 1749; arms, Hulse, an escutsheon of pretence, a fess between three etoiles. In the upper vestibule, on an hatchment, the arms of Hulse and inscription, for Nathaniel Hulse, Gent. of Horton, near Chartham, but an inhabitant and citizen of Canterbury, obt. 1746.

Source:  Edward Hasted, Canterbury: The churches within the city and suburbs, in The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 11 (Canterbury, 1800), pp. 209-288. Also found at