St. Lawrence Church is a large building, consisting of a nave, two aisles, and three chancels, with a square tower, which rises from four massive columns between the nave and high chancel.  The tower and part of the body are Norman;  the outside of the former is ornamented with ranges of small semi-circular arches, springing from plain octagonal pillars.  Here are some of the headstones, tomb chests and wall monuments found in the church yard.  Many of the stones were partially or wholly illegible, so take this list as an indication only of who rests in the churchyard as it does not include descriptions of those monuments that could not be read, at least, in some half-measure.  This list also does not include monuments for burials that occurred during the mid- to late-1800s or 1900s.

Chest Tomb of Mary Sandilands, d.1817.

Headstone for Francis Coxen, d.1704.

Headstone for Martha Knowler, early C18.

Headstone for Stephen Hooper, d.1744.

Chest tomb to James (d.1817) and Mary (d.1839) Townley and others. The Townleys were the developers (and in Mary's case, architect) of most of late C18, early C19 Ramsgate, which had a heavy influence on the town's present architectural character. Good examples of this are Townley House, Chatham Place, Spencer Square, Royal Road, Nelson Crescent, and Royal Crescent, to name a few.

Chest tomb of brick and headstone for Thomas Tomson, d.1761. Inscription: Thomas Tomson M.D. OB. 27th Jan. 1761. Adjacent to the east the headstone to his wife, Ann, d. 9th June 1761.

Free standing wall monument to Maxton/Holman families. Earliest date decipherable is 1737 to early C19.

Free standing wall monuments to Mayhew/Garrett families. Late C18 and early C19.

Railed chest tomb to Thomas Lindsey, Jnr., d.1810 with inscribed top slab with Arms.

Wall monument to Hannah Goatley, d.1749, restored 1931 by Rev. George Henniker-Gotley.

Tomb chest to George Rainier Jnr. d.1762.

Railed tomb chest about 5 metres east of Mayhew/Garrett monument. Early C19.

Tomb chest to Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Huntingdon d.1846.

Chest tomb of brick to Pettit Gold, d.1801, and family built into the footpath wall, with simple top slab. The inscription still retains the original gold coloured paint, a pun on the name of the family.

Chest tomb of brick to Robert Ticknor, d.1711, adjacent to the Church.

Chest tomb of Edward Daniell d.1811, and family.

Railed chest tomb to Ann [surname illegible] (d.1822).

Chest tomb of Henry Petley d.1858.

Other chest tombs of Petley family, 1806 onwards.

Chest tomb of Barman Bourne, d.1831.

Headstone for Thomas Mantle, mid C18.

Headstone for Edward Smith, d.1729.

Headstone for Sarah Kenneard, d. 1739.

Headstone for Richard Maye, d.1705.

Headstone for Elizabeth Woodcock, d.1723 and William, d.1755 (facing west).

Headstone for Thomas Stace, d.1766.

Headstone for Witten [?] Stewart, mid C18.

Headstone for William Dear, d.1719.

Headstone for Robert Long, d.1723.

Headstone for William Curling, d.1725.

Headstone for Esther (d.1730) and John Curling.

Headstone for Moses Read, d.1743.

Headstone for William Darling, d.1753.

Chest tomb of brick, adjacent to church, to Old Alexander Long, d.1708.

Headstone for Alexander Long, d.1723.

Headstone for Mary Long, d.1732, wife of Alexander.

Headstone for Mary Long, d. 1738.

Headstone for Elizabeth Long, d.1742.

Double headstone to Francis Holman, d.1739 and Ann Grigson, d.1737.

Headstone for George Cock, d.1743.

Headstone to Richard Maye, d.1705.

Mausoleum of 10th Earl of Dunmow d.1809.

Tomb chest to Mary Peake, d.1744.

Headstone to William Smith about 20 metres south west, mid C18 with symbols of Freemasonry, i.e. Eye in sunburst, compasses, set square, open book.

Tomb chest to Susann Crofton, d.1863.

Chest Tomb of Mary Kent, d. 1820.

Wall plaque to Jane Hooper, d.1782.

Wall plaque to Winter family.

Railed monument to Dick family, from 1835 onwards.

Headstone for Francis Lowe, d.1776.

Railed tomb chest to John Proctor Andendon, d.1846.

Headstone for George, Jane and Sarah Heales d.1731.

Headstone for Richard and Anne [surname illegible] d.1742.

Headstone for Mary [surname illegible], early C18.

Headstone to Anne Dear, d.1709.

Triple barrel tombs, set on single platform. Early C19, each with plain footstone and headstone, marked MP : T.P.: A.P.

Railed chest tomb to Catherine (d.1840) and Peter Burgess (d.1846).

Chest tomb to George Marten, d.1744. Moulded top slab incised with Coat of Arms.

Wall monument to Thomas Elgar, d.1851.

Headstone to William Shottewoode, d.1806.

Headstone to Martha, Elizabeth and Sarah Pepper.

Headstone to William Pepper, husband and father of the preceding, d.1746.

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