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RICHARD HUSSEY, Private, Royal Marines L.I. Died 13th October 1869, aged 31 years.Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH DEVERELL, aged 20 months, son of MAJ.DEVERELL of the Cavalry Barracks. Buried 11.11.1854.JOSEPH CARTER, aged 21 of Walmer Barracks, buried 3.6.1871.In memory of D.Co. JOHN SHELDON of Walmer Barracks who accidentally drowned whilst bathing at Walmer, 23rd July 1874, aged 20 years. Coroners Order: Drowned whilst bathing.
In memory of GEORGE JENNINGS,of Walmer Barracks, Infirmary Sergeant, RMLI, who died 22.11.1873, aged 53 years. Buried 26.11.1873.In memory of 4th.Co. HENRY HARRIS, Private, RMLI of Walmer Barracks, who died 1st April 1874 aged 43 years. Buried 4.4.1874.In memory of A.Co. JOHN PESTER, Private, RMLI of Walmer Barracks, aged 18 years. Buried 4.4.1874.In memory of ALEXANDER CARVE, B.Reg. of Walmer Barracks, aged 18 years. Buried 16.12.1874.
CAROLINE SUSANNA. The beloved wife of GEORGE TOWNSEND, Colour Sergeant of the 1st Kings Own Regiment. Died 30th March 1858, aged 29 years at the Naval Hospital. Buried 2.4.1858.THOMAS ROBBINS, B.Reg. of Walmer Barracks, aged 41 years. Buried 25.9.1875.In memory of MARY THORNTON DONNELY, the beloved child A.DONNELY, 41st Regiment (Welsh Regiment) who died 22nd April 1861.JOHN CARD, Private, RMLI aged 32 years of Walmer Barracks, who died suddenly on 15.11.1874.
In memory of JOSEPH SCOTT, First Sergeant Instructor of Infantry, RMLI, who died 11th October 1871 aged 37 years.In memory of JAMES HARMER, Corporal, 3rd Dragoon Guards, of the Cavalry Barracks, who died at Walmer 19.1.1872 age 23 years. Buried 22.1.1872.JOHN GIBSON of Cavalry Barracks, aged 35 years. Buried 23.12.1871.ROBERT HEWSTON, Late Dispensary Corporal RM Depot, who died 16th Sept. 1873 aged 45 years.
WILLIAM ALLEN of 49th Co. Sergeant, RMLI, of RM Barracks, Officers Mess Man who died 7th May 1875, aged 40.JOHN WOON. Quartermaster Sgt, RM, Died March 8th 1877 aged 51.WILLIAM NORRIS, Private RMLI, of Walmer Barracks who died 2.2.1873, aged 18.WILLIAM HODGSON, Sergeant RMLI of Walmer Barracks, who died 14.1.1876 aged 39.
In memory of THOMAS HENRY ALGERNON STEPHENS. Late Lieut. 1st Royals, The Colours of whose Regiment he carried at Waterloo. Died at Walmer 11.1.1863, aged 66.PAUL GARGETT, Sergeant RMA Attached 5th Cinque Port Artillary Volunteers, Walmer, who died 14.2.1877 aged 40.In memory of 41st Co. JOSEPH RENSHAW of R.M.Barracks, age 36. Buried 2.7.1875.MARK CARSON, Corporal, RMLI, who died 11th May 1877, aged 29 years. Buried 15.5.1877.
JOHN MORTIMER, Private, RMLI, died 6.11.1878, age 56 years.HARRY GISBY, Private, RMLI, died 19.2.1881 aged 19 years.Lt. JOHN GORDON of HMS Theban, died aged 24. Buried 3.1.1814.JAMES BROWN, Able Seaman of HMS Thunderer, who was killed by falling from the Main-Top on Wednesday 30th November 1842, aged 30 years. Buried 2.12.1842.
 Lieut. SAMUEL KENTISH, Late of HMS Ramilies. Died 12.2.1827, aged 42 years.Purser DOWERS, Commander, RN, who died 30th October 1837 at Royal Hospital Building, Walmer, aged 85 years.    

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