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Cudham Church
St. Peter & St. Paul
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Cudham Baptisms 1847-1917

Source Bromley Archive reference P/107/1/6. Supplemented by microfilm.
Transcribed by     Henry Mantell and his team.

All entries are by surname and then arranged in chronological sequence.
SurnameGiven NameBornChrYearParents, Occupations, Abode, NotesRegister #
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[blank]deleted entry  1882  882
[blank]Henry Davis 6-Aug1876Henry QUINNER, Labourer, and Cinderella DAVIS of Cudham764
ABRAHAMHilda Maud 13-Oct1901Edward David/Ada Rebecca, Sub-Postmaster of South Street, Cudham1232
ABRAHAMSidney Murray 13-Oct1901Edward David/Ada Rebecca, Sub-Postmaster of South Street, Cudham1234
ABRAHAMWalter Edward 13-Oct1901Edward David/Ada Rebecca, Sub-Postmaster of South Street, Cudham1233
ABRAMEthel Louisa Kathleen18-Apr-191318-Apr1913William Frederick/Ethel May, Hay Trusser of Tatsfield1475
AKERSCharles Walter9-Nov-19012-Mar1902Walter/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham1244
AKERSEdith Mary 7-Aug1904Walter/Ellen, Carter of Norsted Chelsfield1288
AKERSNellie Emily3 November 18985-Feb1899Walter/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham Hall1181
AKERSWilliam 5-Apr1896John William/Lois Clara, Labourer of Cudham1143
AKHURSTGeorge Aaron 5-Jun1870John/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham645
AKHURSTRose Ellen 6-Jun1869George/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham627
AKHURSTThomas 29-May1867George/Mary Anne, Labourer of Cudham573
AKURSTEsther Elizabeth 14-Jan1855base born daughter of Mary Ann, a servant of Cudham 222
AKURSTHarriot 10-Nov1850George/Ann, Labourer of Cudham58
AKURSTJohn 14-Feb1847George/Ann, Labourer of n/a
ALLENVera Kathleen 1-Jun1914adult baptism, parents not recorded, she of Westerham Hill1518
ALWENAlice 9-Dec1858George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham330
ALWENAnnie 4-Nov1860John Morrish/Alicia Maria, Miller of Cudham385
ALWENArthur Alexander 20-Dec1878John/Harriet Gertrude Ann, Labourer of Cudham819
ALWENBertha Caroline 1-Sep1878Thomas/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham, corrected surname entry from Jackson 809
ALWENClara Elizabeth 5-Oct1884John/Harriet Gertrude Ann, Labourer of Cudham934
ALWENCyril Walter1-Nov-19108-Jan1910Walter James/Clara, Coachman of Downe1430
ALWENElizabeth Mary 11-Jun1854George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham, Street200
ALWENElsie Cecelia Mary23-Jul-191127-Aug1911George William/Elizabeth, Groom of Chelsfield1448
ALWENFrederick Thomas 4-Jul1875Thomas/Caroline, Mason of Cudham744
ALWENGeorge William 1-Feb1880John/Harriet Gertrude Ann, Labourer of Cudham840
ALWENHarriet Gertrude Ann 4-Feb1877John/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham770
ALWENHerbert James 1-May1881Thomas/Caroline, Butler of Cudham860
ALWENJohn 1-Jun1862John Morrish/Alicia Maria, Miller of Cudham432
ALWENJohn Frederick 2-Jan1875John Frederick/Harriett Gertrude Ann, Labourer of Cudham731
ALWENMaud Mary 3-Sep1882John/Harriet Gertrude Ann, Labourer of Cudham890
ALWENThomas 14-Mar1847George/Elisa, Farmer of and Labourer of Cudhamn/a
ALWENWalker James 6-Jun1886John/Harriet Gertrude Ann, Labourer of Cudham956
ALWINAnn 22-Dec1850George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham113
ANCELLAlfred 2-Oct1853Robert/Phebe, Game Keeper of Cudham186
ANCELLGiles 7-Sep1856Robert/Phoebe, Labourer of Cudham269
ANCELLJames 28-Oct1855John/Mary, Labourer of Cudham243
ANCELLJohn 2-Jul1848John/Mary, Game Keeper of Aperfield Cottages14
ANCELLMary Ann 22-May1853John/Mary, Labourer of Cudhan181
ANCELLThomas 4-Jun1847John/Mary, Game Keeper of n/a
ANSELLAnn 11-Dec1859George ANSELL, Labourer of and May Ann SWINDELL a widow, of Cudham 362
ANSELLFrederick 3-Feb1861John/Mary, Labourer of Cudham398
ANSELLGeorge Thomas Westbrook 5-Apr1857base born son of Emma of Cudham 284
ANSELLHenry 27-Oct1850John/Mary, Labourer of Aperfield Cottages57
ANSELLMark 6-Apr1851Robert/Pheby, Game Keeper of South Street126
ANSELLRebecca Sarah 3-Jan1864John/Mary, Labourer of Cudham475
ANSELLRuben 17-Oct1858John/Mary, Labourer of Cudham328
ASHDOWNDavid 9-Dec1854Daniel/Jane, Labourer of Cudham, Privately218
ASHDOWNStephen 1-Aug1847base born son of Ann, single woman n/a
ASHDOWNThomas William 1-Sep1867Robert/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham581
ASHDOWNEFanny 1-Jan1865Robert/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham505
ASHTONEsther 2-Dec1855George/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham245
ASHTONGeorge 22-Nov1857George/Lucy, Labourer of Cudham299
AVESHarold George 6-Oct1907George Gordon/Caroline CRITTELL, Bricklayer of Jail Lane, Cudham1364
AVES or CRITTELLBeatrice Amelia12-Oct-19007-Jan1905George Gordon AVES, Bricklayer, and Caroline CRITTELL of Cudham1317
AXTELLAlfred Charles 2-Feb1868Charles/Selina, Coachman of of Cudham588
AXTELLAnnie Caroline 3-Jan1864Charles/Selina, Coachman of of Cudham476
AXTELLErnest Albert 6-Apr1873Charles/Selina, Coachman of of Cudham694
AXTELLGeorge Richard 5-Feb1871Charles/Selina, Coachman of of Cudham656
AXTELLWilliam Thomas 3-Dec1865Charles/Helena, Coachman of of Cudham528
AYRESElizabeth 18-Jul1899William/Fanny, Fruit Picker of , Traveller (Gipsy), Privately Baptised in Gipsy Camp 1196
BACHELORAlbert5-Apr-191017-Jul1910David/Ellen, Labourer of Norheads, Cudham1415
BACHELORHilda Aneta4-Oct-19088-Nov1908David/Ellen, Caretaker of Aperfield Villas1384
BACONCharles 22-Jul1912Richard/Rose, Labourer, parents of The Pavement, St Michael's, Tenterden, Kent, private baptism 1460
BACONEllen14-Jan-190911-Jul1909Richard/Rose, Fruit Picker of of Westerham Hill1401
BACONRose 22-Jul1912Richard/Rose, Labourer, parents of The Pavement, St Michael's, Tenterden, Kent, private baptism 1459
BAILEYMary Louise 5-Mar1873Richard William/Mary Elizabeth, Farmer of Cudham693
BAIRNEArthur Leslie6-Sep-19068-Mar1908Arthur/Rose, Laundryman of Camberwell1372
BAKERAlfred 2-Mar1873Thomas/Esther, Labourer of Cudham692
BAKERAlice 2-May1869Thomas/Esther, Labourer of Cudham623
BAKERFrederick John 5-Mar1871Thomas/Esther, Labourer of Bombers660
BAKERHenry 3-Jun1866Thomas/Esther, Labourer of Cudham538
BASSETTAlfred William30-Oct-19128-Dec1912Alfred William/Ellen, Carter of Snag Lane,Cudham1468
BATCHELORDavid 2-Aug1877David/Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham787
BATCHELORElizabeth 2-Aug1877David/Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham784
BATCHELORGeorge James 2-Aug1877David/Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham786
BATCHELORTryphena 2-Aug1877David/Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham785
BATEMAN  8-Apr1860William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham372
BATEMANAlfred Albert Ashley10-Apr-19037-Jun1903Thomas James/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham1269
BATEMANAlfred Thomas22-May-19035-Jul1903Benjamin/Alice, Labourer of Cudham1270
BATEMANAlice 6-May1888Benjamin/Rosa, Labourer of Cudham998
BATEMANAlice 6-Apr1890Benjamin/Alice, Labourer of Cudham1035
BATEMANAnn 1-Jul1849William/Ann, Labourer of 34
BATEMANAnnie Jane 3-May1885Thomas/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham941
BATEMANArthur 6-Aug1899Benjamin/Alice, Labourer of Cudham1198
BATEMANArthur Richard 3-Jul1970William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham648
BATEMANBenjamin 8-May1853William/Ann, Labourer of Bury's, Cudham180
BATEMANBenjamin 19-Jul1857William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham292
BATEMANElizabeth Selina 9-Jan1916Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer and , Soldier of Westerham Hill1571
BATEMANFanny Winifred Martha23-Mar-190910-Jun1909Thomas James/Mary Ann, Labourer of Westerham Hill1394
BATEMANHenry Edward 4-Sep1887Thomas James/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham983
BATEMANHerbert Charlie 7-Nov1897Thomas James/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham1164
BATEMANHorace John 2-Jun1895Thomas/Mary Anne, Labourer of Cudham1127
BATEMANJames28-Nov-19045-Feb1905Thomas James/Mary Ann, Labourer of Westerham1294
BATEMANJane 12-Mar1848William/Ann, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham8
BATEMANKate 1-Oct1893Benjamin/Alice, Labourer of Cudham1102
BATEMANMary Ann 21-May1854William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham196
BATEMANRichard David 21-Mar1900Thomas James/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham, privately baptised 1203
BATEMANSarah Emma 5-Aug1866William/Anne, Labourer of Cudham545
BATEMANSarah Harriett 5-Nov1882Thomas/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham893
BATEMANSophie 2-Aug1896Benjamin/Alice, Labourer of Cudham1147
BATEMANThomas George 6-Jul1890Thomas/Mary Ann, Under Keeper of Cudham1039
BATEMANThomas James 1-Dec1861William/Anne, Labourer of Cudham417
BATEMANWilliam 19-Oct1851William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham137
BEADELAnnie Catharine 17-Jul1870James/Elizabeth, Keeper of Cudham649
BEADLEAmy Elizabeth 4-Dec1887David/Thursa, Labourer of Cudham988
BEADLECathrine Jane 8-Dec1850James/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham61
BEADLEDavid Edward 1-Sep188David/Thursa, Labourer of Cudham810
BEADLEEmma 9-Nov1851Thomas/Anna, Labourer of Cudham138
BEADLEEthel Phyllis Barrett 9-Sep1917William James/Alvin Ethel Esther, Soldier of 1 Mount Pleasant, Biggin Hill1595
BEADLEFrances Elizabeth 7-Aug1864James/Elizabeth, Game Keeper of Cudham492
BEADLEGeorge 12-May1850Thomas/Hannah, Labourer of Horn's Lodge49
BEADLEGeorge 2-Feb1862James/Elizabeth, Game Keeper of Cudham422
BEADLEJames 8-Oct1848Thomas/Hanah, Labourer of Horn's Lodge Cottage16
BEADLEMay Victoria Emily 1-Dec1883William/Elizabeth, Farmer of Cudham922
BEADLEOlivia Mary Ellen 4-Feb1877William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham771
BEADLERupert John 4-Sep1887William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham981
BEADLESophia Eliza 14-Jun1857James/Elizabeth, Game Keeper of Cudham289
BEADLEWilliam 7-May1848James/Elizabeth, Labourer of Salt Box10
BEADLEWilliam James Alwin 7-Aug1881William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham867
BEAGLEYAda 7-Mar1905William John/Anne, Labourer of Cudham, private baptism 1296
BEAGLEYAlfred James13-Dec-190617-Feb1907Edmund Thomas/Lilian Alice, Woodcutter of Westerham Hill1340
BEAGLEYAlice Elizabeth2-Jun-190030-Aug1900George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Norheads1213
BEAGLEYCharles Albert 1-May1898George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham1168
BEAGLEYElsie17-Mar-19063-Mar1907William John/Anne, Labourer of Cudham 1342
BEAGLEYErnest Edward29-May-190516-Jul1905George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham1304
BEAGLEYFrederick Henry22-Dec-19021-Feb1903George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham1261
BEAGLEYGeorge James 1-Mar1863William/Amy, Labourer of Cudham454
BEAGLEYHorace Alfred 2-Jul1905William John/Anne, Labourer of Cudham 1303
BEAGLEYJohn 5-May1895George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham1126
BEAGLEYLilian Beatrice 1-Apr1888George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham992
BEAGLEYSarah Jane 6-Jun1886George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham960
BEAGLEYWilliam James 6-Sep1891George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham1055
BEAGLYSarah Ann 4-Nov1860William/Amy, Labourer of Cudham391
BEAGLY or BEAGLEYWilliam John 5-Feb1865William/Amy, Labourer of Cudham511
BEANEmma 1-Nov1885Stephen Hopper/Jane Harlow, Police Constable of Cudham950
BEANErnest 3-Jun1888Stephen Hopper/Jane Harlow, Policeman of Cudham1002
BEDELE or BEDELLJohn Joseph 18-Dec1853James/Elizabeth, Game Keeper of Cudham, see also BEADLE entries187
BEDFORDAlice Berry 16-May1875Allison/Elizabeth, Gentleman of Leaves Green738
BEDFORDKate Burgess 16-May1875Allison/Elizabeth, Gentleman of Leaves Green739
BEDFORDMarianne Sara 16-May1875Allison/Elizabeth, Gentleman of Leaves Green737
BEGLEYAlfred George 1-Sep1889George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham1028
BEGLEYMary Jane 5-Sep1858William/Amy, Labourer of Cudham319
BELCHAMBERSElizabeth Amelia 1-Jul1866William/Mary, Shepherd of Cudham541
BELCHAMBERSGeorge 3-Jun1849William/Maria, Labourer of Leaves Green31
BELLCHAMBERSAnna Elizabeth 17-Apr1853William/Maria, Labourer of Leaves Green179
BELSHAMConstance Irene2-Sep-19115-Nov1911Henry George/Irene Elizabeth, Bricklayer of Cudham1452
BELSHAMHenry Charles26-May-191320-Jul1913Henry George/Irene Elizabeth, Bricklayer of Hornes Green, Cudham1477
BELSHAMNorman Frank 9-Jul1916Henry George/?Eirene Elizabeth, Bricklayer of Horn's Green1578
BERRIDGEFrederick George 24-Aug1886George/Louisa, Gentleman of Cudham966
BERRIDGESydney Collington 24-Aug1886George/Louisa, Gentleman of Cudham967
BESTAlfred Amos 3-Feb1867son of Lucy of Down558
BESTAnn Wingate 13-Oct1850Morgan/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham Street54
BESTCathrine 9-Jan1853Morgan/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham170
BESTEdward William 5-Sep1858Morgan/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham320
BESTGeorge Frederick 29-Jul1855Morgan/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham240
BESTLevi 4-Aug1861Morgan/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham410
BIDEWELLAlfred Gilbert Ralph 27-Oct1907Edward Orlando/Sarah Jane, Bricklayer of Biggin Hill1365
BIDEWELLIsabella Lucy Laura 22-May1904Edward Orlando/Sarah Jane, Painter of Cudham1286
BIGLEYClara Amy 3-Jul1870William/Anne, Labourer of Cudham647
BIGLEYEmily Kate 7-May1893George James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham (Norheads)1087
BIGLEYFrederick George 1-May1892William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Westerham1066
BIGLEYMartha 5-May1867William/Amy, Labourer of Cudham571
BIGNELLEdwin 20-Mar1853William/Ann, Travelling People of Kimberley, Berkshire174
BIRDEsther Maria 21-Apr1850George/Esther Maria Travelling, Labourer of On Bury's Farm48
BIRKINMichael Edward 2-Sep1877Michael/Minnie, Fruiterer of Cudham790
BLACKWELLAlice Frances 4-Aug1889William/Mary Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1025
BLACKWELLCharles William 6-May1888William/Mary Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham997
BLACKWELLWilliam Thomas 20-Jan1887William/Mary Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham970
BLAKEAlbert George 22-Aug1858William George/Esther, Brick-Layer of Cudham317
BLAKEAlbert William 1-Apr1888Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham993
BLAKEAlfred 28-Oct1849William/Selina, Publican of Biggin Hill40
BLAKEAlfred28-Mar-19054-Jan1916Frederick Henry/Jessie Louise, Builder of of Biggin Hill1569
BLAKEAnne Amelia 25-Apr1852William/Selina, Licensed Victualler of Cudham152
BLAKEAnnie 4-Apr1886Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham953
BLAKEArthur Reginald21-Jun-19106-Nov1913Richard Charles/Helena Maud, Butcher of Cudham Lodge Cottages1493
BLAKECaroline 18-Mar1855William/Selina, Victualler of Cudham227
BLAKECaroline 1-Feb1863George Werry/Sarah, Wood Broker of of Cudham451
BLAKECaroline Annie 6-Dec1863William George/Esther, Brick Maker of Cudham472
BLAKEDavid 6-Nov1892Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham (Pimlico)1083
BLAKEEliza 4-Nov1860William George/Esther, Brickmaker of Cudham387
BLAKEElsie May 2-Dec1894William James/Eliza, Wood Cutter of Cudham1121
BLAKEErnest 7-Oct1894Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham1115
BLAKEEsther Isabella 5-Oct1884Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham933
BLAKEFlorence 7-Oct1888William James/Eliza, Woodcutter of Cudham1011
BLAKEFrank Edward9-Dec-19021-Feb1903Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham1262
BLAKEFrederick26-Mar-19054-Jan1916Frederick Henry/Jessie Louise, Builder of of Biggin Hill1568
BLAKEFrederick Henry 6-Apr1881George/Maria, Carpenter of Cudham859
BLAKEFrederick James5-Sep-190420-Nov1904Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham1292
BLAKEGeorge 7-Jul1895Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham1129
BLAKEGeorge John 4-Nov1866George Werry/Sarah Ann, Wood Broker of of Cudham549
BLAKEGeorge Werrey 20-Dec1857George Werry/Sarah, Wood Broker of of Cudham301
BLAKEHarold Leslie15-Nov-190624-Jul1907Richard Charles/Helena Maud, Butcher of Biggin Hill1358
BLAKEHarriet Louisa 1-May1898Albert George/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham1169
BLAKEHenry Leslie 4-Jul1886William James/Eliza, Wood Dealer of Cudham964
BLAKEJack 12-Dec1915Frederick Henry/Jessie Louise, Labourer of Biggin Hill1572
BLAKEJack29-Mar-19054-Jan1916Frederick Henry/Jessie Louise, Builder of of Biggin Hill1570
BLAKEJames Thomas 6-May1877George/Maria, Inn Keeper of Cudham780
BLAKEJane Ann 3-Feb1861George/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham397
BLAKEJoyce Maggie 30-Sep1916Leonard Arthur/Maggie Jane, Labourer of Westerham Hill1587
BLAKELeonard Arthur 5-Aug1888George/Maria, Carpenter of Cudham1009
BLAKEMabel Caroline14-Jul-19086-Nov1913Richard Charles/Helena Maud, Butcher of Cudham Lodge Cottages1494
BLAKEMargaret Annie 3-Aug1884William/Jane Eliza, Wood Cutter of Cudham930
BLAKERichard Charles 7-Jul1878George/Maria, Inn Keeper of Cudham807
BLAKERichard Henry14-Jun-190724-Jul1907Richard Charles/Helena Maud, Butcher of Biggin Hill1357
BLAKESelina Anne 7-Apr1878William/Mary Jane, Farmer of Cudham801
BLAKEWallis Arthur Oliver 4-Sep1898William/Edith Jessie, Shepherd of Cudham1174
BLAKEWalter Thomas Edward 4-Mar1894William/Edith Jessie, Shepherd of Cudham1105
BLAKEWilfrid Ernest Henry 3-May1896William/Edith Jessie, Shepherd of Cudham1144
BLAKEWilliam 7-Dec1890Albert/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham1044
BLAKEWilliam James 6-Feb1859George/Sarah,, Wood Broker of of Cudham332
BLAKEWinifred Jessie26-Oct-190812-Sep1909Frederick Henry/Jessie , Builder of of Aperfield Lodge1404
BLUNDELLClara Emma 7-May1882William/Clara, Gardener of Cudham880
BLUNDELLGeorge William 5-Jan1862William/Lucy, Labourer of Cudham418
BLUNDELLWilliam 14-May1854George/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham195
BLUNDELLWilliam 6-Jul1891William/Clara , Gardener of Cudham1053
BOARERDavid Victor1-Jan-190914-Feb1909James/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1388
BODINGTONEdward Gerald24-Jul-19022-Nov1902Gerald/Alice, Manager of Hotel of Cudham1256
BODINGTONFrederick Harold15-Aug-190515-Aug1905Gerald/Alice, Manager of Hotel [Fox & Hounds, Westerham Hill] of Cudham1312
BONDKezia Mary 3-May1857John/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham287
BONDRichard 11-May1851John/Harriot, Labourer of Cudham129
BORERErnest Charles22-Apr-19127-Jul1912Henry Richard/Mary, Keeper of Cudham1456
BORERFrank William 7-Mar1886Simeon/Jemima Caroline, Labourer of Cudham952
BORERHannah Selia 1-Jul1888Simeon/Jemima Caroline, Labourer of Cudham1003
BORERHenry George 3-Oct1891Simeon/Jemima Caroline, Labourer of Cudham1056
BORERMary Lydia 4-Jun1911Henry Richard/Mary, Keeper of , Keeper of s Cottage, Cudham1439
BORERRichard John October1883Simeon/Jemima Caroline, Labourer of Cudham917
BORERThomas William 4-Jun1893Simeon/Jemima Caroline, Labourer of Cudham1089
BOTTOMMary Ann 7-Feb1864Henry/Harriet, Man Servant of Cudham482
BOXALLGwendoline Jessie11-Nov-190215-Feb1914Charles/Sarah Jane, Labourer of Luxted, Downe1508
BOXALLHarold Henry26-May-191415-Feb1914Charles/Sarah Jane, Labourer of Luxted, Downe1507
BOXALLViolet May 1-May1887Charles/Sarah Jane, Labourer of Cudham973
BRADELAlice Maude May 13-Sep1868James/Elizabeth, Keeper of Cudham607
BRASIERAmy 4-Nov1860John/Emma, Labourer of Cudham386
BRASIERAnnie 3-Oct1869Luke/Rebecca, Labourer of Cackett's Lane633
BRASIERCaroline 26-Sep1852Edward/Jane, Labourer of Cudham161
BRASIERElizabeth 1-Dec1872William/Lucy, Wheelwright of Cudham, child bn 6 October 688
BRASIEREllen 17-Jan1858John/Emma, Labourer of Cudham304
BRASIEREmily 4-Feb1849Henry/Amelia, Labourer of Horn's Lodge Cottage21
BRASIERFanny 24-Dec1854Edward/Jane, Labourer of Cudham220
BRASIERGeorge 2-Mar1856John/Emma, Labourer of Cudham254
BRASIERJames 2-Aug1868Luke/Rebecca, Labourer of Chelsfield603
BRASIERJohn 25-Jun1854John/Emma, Labourer of Cudham203
BRASIERKate 11-Jul1858Edward/Jane, Labourer of Cudham314
BRASIERLucy Goodwin 16-Nov1851John Goodwin/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham140
BRASIERMary 2-Feb1851Henry/Amelia, Labourer of Cudham117
BRASIERThomas 19-Dec1852Henry/Amelia, Labourer of Cudham166
BRASIERWilliam 11-Jan1852John/Emma, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham144
BRAZENJoseph13-Jun-19133-Aug1913Billy/Lottie, Hawker of Croydon1489
BRAZIEREdwin 2-Mar1862Edwin/Jane, Labourer of Cudham425
BRAZIEREliza 4-Feb1872Luke/Rebecca, Labourer of Cudham675
BRAZIERJoseph 7-Sep1873Luke/Rebecca, Labourer of Cudham706
BRAZIERLouisa 6-Jul1862John/Emma, Labourer of Cudham439
BRAZIERRachel 7-Feb1875Luke/Rebecca, Labourer of Cudham732
BRAZIERReuben 1-Jan1865Luke/Rebecca, Labourer of Cudham506
BRAZIERRosetta Rebecca 4-Nov1866Luke/Rebecca, Labourer of Cudham550
BRAZILLAmy26-Apr-190927-Jun1909James/Matilda, Fruit Picker of of Cudham1397
BROCKYRose 5-Aug1894James/Rebecca, Travellers of Bexley Heath1112
BRODERICKNorah Kathleen Millicent23-Jan-191323-Feb1913Thomas George/Anne Elizabeth, Stockman of Cudham Lodge Cottages1471
BROOKEREdwin Thomas 4-Dec1870William/Harriet, Carpenter of Cudham653
BROOKERGeorge Henry 4-Aug1872William/Harriet, Carpenter of Cudham683
BROOKERHerbert William 5-Aug1866William/Harriet, Carpenter of Cudham543
BROOKSArthur 5-Aug1877John/Esther, Labourer of Cudham789
BROOKSSydney 11-Oct1874John/Esther, Labourer of Cudham722
BROWNConstance Ethelwyn4-May-190912-Apr1911Leslie/Charlotte, Engineer of Buckhurst Lodge, Cudham1435
BROWNDoris 15-Dec1907Thomas/Lizzie, Butler of London1368
BROWNGeorge 1-Jun1862William/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham435
BROWNHenry 3-Oct1847Elijah/Sophia, Labourer of [left blank]n/a
BROWNJohanna 5-Jan1896Denis/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1138
BROWNWilliam Edgar 4-Jul1880Thomas William/Ada, Accountant of Downe847
BUDGENDora Ellen11-Oct-19141-Nov1914Walter John/Jessie Amelia, Carter of Grays,Cudham1545
BUDGENWalter John 31-Dec1917Walter John/Jessie Amelia, Soldier of Norheads Cottages, Biggin Hill1600
BULEYAlfred Charles William 12-Dec1915Frank Alfred/Louisa, Postman of Biggin Hill1573
BURCHAnnie 3-Nov1872Timothy/Anna Elizabeth, Builder of Cudham686
BURCHArthur 3-Nov1872Timothy/Anna Elizabeth, Builder of Deptford687
BURDENWilliam29-May-191024-Jul1910George/Olive, Fruit Picker of of Mitcham1416
BURKINAlice 4-May1879George Henry/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham825
BURKINAnnie 4-May1862Thomas/Jemima, Labourer of Cudham430
BURKINAnnie Susan Sophia 7-Dec1873George Henry/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham711
BURKINBertha Huxley 2-Oct1881Henry George/Eleanor Jane, Labourer of Cudham869
BURKINEdith Dulcie 7-Aug1887William/Eliza, Engineer of Cudham978
BURKINEliza Ann 20-Jan1855William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham224
BURKINEliza Emily 7-Dec1873Henry George/Alleason Jane, Labourer of Cudham710
BURKINElizabeth Jane 2-Oct1887Henry George/Eleanor Jane, Labourer of Cudham984
BURKINEllen Sophia 18-Jun1854Thomas/Jemima, Labourer of Cudham, Shingle Street201
BURKINEmily 7-Oct1877George Henry/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham794
BURKINEmma 2-Apr1865Thomas/Jemima Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham517
BURKINEmmily 9-Mar1851William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham123
BURKINErnest Walter 4-Jan1891William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1045
BURKINErnest William 5-Nov1882George Henry/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham894
BURKINEsther Louisa 3-Aug1879Henry George/Elena Jane, Labourer of Cudham830
BURKINEthel 5-Jul1896William/Eliza, Fruitgrower of Cudham1145
BURKINFanny 4-Oct1885William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham948
BURKINFanny Jemima 2-Oct1870Henry George/[?] Jane, Labourer of Cudham, entry of mother's name obscured by ink blot 651
BURKINFanny Sophia 5-Feb1860Henry/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham365
BURKINFrank 6-Jun1886Michael/Minnie, Labourer of Cudham957
BURKINFrederick 6-Aug1893William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1097
BURKINGeorge 6-Mar1881George Henry/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham858
BURKINGeorge Alfred 1-Aug1880William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham849
BURKINGeorge Henry 8-May1851Henry/Sophia, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham131
BURKINHenry George 10-Oct1847Henry/Sophia, Labourer of n/a
BURKINHenry George 7-May1876Henry George/Eleanor Jane, Labourer of Cudham759
BURKINJames 30-Sep1849James/Mary, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham37
BURKINJane 8-Apr1849William/Eliza, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham26
BURKINJemima Charlotte 7-Nov1847Thomas/Jemima Charlotte, Labourer of n/a
BURKINJesse 14-Mar1847William/Elisa [all other details left blank] n/a
BURKINJesse John 3-Nov1878Michael/Minnie, Fruit Grower of Cudham814
BURKINJohn Morris 2-Oct1859James/Mary, Labourer of Cudham356
BURKINKate 3-Jun1888Michael/Minnie, Labourer of Cudham1001
BURKINKate 4-Aug1889William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1023
BURKINLeonard 1-Jul1883William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham911
BURKINLetitia Edith 5-Jan1879James/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham820
BURKINLouise 2-Nov1890Michael/Minnie, Labourer of Cudham1042
BURKINMary Ann 2-Mar1851Thomas/Gemima Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham120
BURKINMary Jane 1-Jun1862James/Mary, Labourer of Cudham434
BURKINMay 6-Jun1875Michael/Minnie, Labourer of Cudham742
BURKINMichael 26-Dec1852James/Mary, Labourer of Cudham168
BURKINPhilip 28-Nov1852William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham164
BURKINRhoda 2-Apr1865James/Mary, Labourer of Cudham516
BURKINRobert Kimberley22-Mar-19003-Jun1900William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1206
BURKINRose 20-Mar1875Henry George/Rose, Labourer of Cudham, private baptism 734
BURKINRose 2-May1875Henry George/Rose, Labourer of Cudham, received into the church 735
BURKINSusan Amelia 4-May1856James/Mary, Labourer of Cudham261
BURKINThomas James 10-Jan1858Thomas/Jemima, Labourer of Cudham302
BURKINWilliam 4-Mar1855Henry/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham226
BURKINWilliam Henry 2-Mar1879William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham822
BUTCHERElsie Ethel 7-Apr1895Hamlet/Julia, Coachman of of Cudham1123
BUTCHEREvelyn Louisa1-Nov-191311-Jan1913Hamlet Harold/Ethel Emma, Chauffeur of Wanstead1504
BUTCHERFlorence Mary 3-Jul1892Hamlet/Julia, Labourer of Cudham1077
BUTCHERHelen Louise 1-Oct1893Arthur/Helen Louisa, Fruitgrower of of Cudham1101
BUTLERErnest Culkin 5-Sep1869Charles/Sarah Frances, Labourer of Cudham632
BUTLERFrank William 17-Jul1864Charles/Sarah Frances, Miller of Barcombe, Sussex491
CAREYErnest26-May-19068-Jul1906Saul/Elizabeth, Labourer of Westerham Hill1329
CAVAL or BUSBYThomas 20-Oct1850Thomas CAVAL, labourer, of Pimlico and Harriot BUSBY, of this parish 55
CHAPMANAmey 29-Dec1850George/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham115
CHAPMANAnn 3-Sep1849George/Elizabeth, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham36
CHAPMANMaria 10-Apr1853George/Elizabeth, , Black, Smith of of Cudham, Shingle Street177
CHARMANAlbert Thomas 3-Feb1867Henry/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham560
CHARMANAlfred 21-Mar1858Henry/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham308
CHARMANEllen 2-Oct1859Henry/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham357
CHARMANHarriet 4-Apr1852Henry/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham150
CHARMANHenry James 16-Nov1856Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham274
CHARMANJohn 3-Jan1864Henry/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham479
CHARMANMary Ann 8-Oct1854Henry/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham213
CHARMANWilliam George 3-Mar1861Henry/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham400
CHEESMANArthur John 5-May1895John/Alice, Bailiff of Cudham1125
CHRISTYArthur de Horne 4-Dec1850John/Sarah, Esquire of Aperfield Court Lodge, Cudham60
CHRISTYFlorence Caroline Chetwynd 3-Feb1867Arthur de Horne/Harriet Carolina, Gentleman of Cudham561
CHRISTY (later STEINMAN)Emma Catherine Collier26 Sep 1816 Emma Catherine COLLIER; the wife of George Steinman STEINMAN4-Dec1850John CHRISTY/Sarah, Esquire of Aperfield Court Lodge, Cudham59
CLARKAlbert 6-May1883Edward/Catherine, Labourer of Cudham905
CLARKAlbert 24-Apr1904James/Kate Matilda, Farmer of Cudham1281
CLARKAlfred Jess23-Sep-19013-Nov1901Edward/Kate Alice, Labourer of Luxted, Downe1237
CLARKAmy Jane 6-May1883James/Kate, Labourer of Cudham906
CLARKChristina 3-Aug1879James/Kate Matilda, Labourer of Cudham831
CLARKCyril Thomas 8-Oct1916James/Sarah, Grocer of Storesof Westerham Hill1588
CLARKEdward 1-Mar1896Edward/Kate Alice, Labourer of Cudham1142
CLARKEffie Annie20-Jun-19023-Aug1902Richard/Sophia, Labourer of Green St. Green, Chelsfield1252
CLARKElizabeth Alice 5-Dec1886James/Kate, Farm Labourer of Cudham969
CLARKEllen 10-Sep1854Edward/Mahala, Labourer of Cudham210
CLARKEllen 6-May1877James/Kate, Fruiterer of Cudham779
CLARKElsie Fanny 7-Nov1897Edward/Kate Alice, Labourer of Cudham1163
CLARKEmily 20-Jan1848Edward/Mahala, Labourer of Maple Cottage2
CLARKEmily Annie 3-Oct1880Jonathan/Jemima, Game Keeper of Cudham851
CLARKFanny Elizabeth 5-Nov1876James/Frances Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham765
CLARKGeorge 4-Dec1881James/Kate, Labourer of Cudham874
CLARKGeorge 24-Apr1904James/Kate Matilda, Farmer of Cudham1284
CLARKGrace24-Jun-19023-Aug1902Thomas/Harriet, Labourer, Fruit Picker of of Brighton1253
CLARKHedley 24-Apr1904James/Kate Matilda, Farmer of Cudham1282
CLARKHerbert 24-Apr1904James/Kate Matilda, Farmer of Cudham1283
CLARKJames 17-Jun1849Edward/Mahala, Labourer of Maple Green32
CLARKJames 7-Apr1878James/Frances Elizabeth , Fruiterer of Cudham802
CLARKJohn 31-Oct1852Edward/Mahala, Labourer of Cudham162
CLARKJohn James 10-Oct1915James/Sarah, Store-, Keeper of Westerham Hill1567
CLARKLouisa 24-Apr1904James/Kate Matilda, Farmer of Cudham1280
CLARKMahalath 3-Oct1880James/Frances Elizabeth, Fruit Grower of Cudham852
CLARKRose Ethel 3-Aug1884James/Kate Matilda, Labourer of Cudham929
CLARKSophia Mary 5-Sep1875James/Kate Matilda, Plantation Labourer of Cudham746
CLARKEEdward Thomas 6-May1872Jonathan/Jemima Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham682
CLARKEElizabeth Gertrude 7-Jul1867William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham576
CLARKEEllen 7-Oct1894Alfred/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham1118
CLARKEFrank Leonard31-Jul-19071-Sep1907Edward/Kate Alice, Labourer of Snags Lane, Cudham1359
CLARKEFrederick James October1873James/Kate, Labourer of Cudham708
CLARKEGeorge Thomas 3-Dec1871Richard/Fanny, Game Keeper of Horn's Green, Cudham673
CLARKERichard 6-Dec1874John/Jemima Charlotte, Keeper of Chelsfield726
CLARKEWilliam Henry James1-Apr-19012-Jun1901Frederick James/Flora, Carman of of Cudham1225
CLEMENTSPriscilla Ruth 4-Jun1882parents' names left blank, father a , Fruit Grower of , parents of Knockholt886
CLERKFrances Jane 22-Apr1849Richard/Sophy, Labourer of Burys27
COKEREmily Jane 5-Nov1865Fuller Coker/Jane, Groom of Cudham525
COKERGeorge 2-Feb1868son of Jane and a , Groom of , of Cudham 587
COLESAnnie Phillis 13-Sep1874William Coles/[illegible] Ann, Farmer of Cudham720
COLLETEliza 6-Jun1869John/Ruth Caroline, Labourer of Cudham629
COLLIERElizabeth Fanny 1-Dec1883John/Jemima Jane, Farrier of Cudham921
COLLINSAda 9-May1875William/Lucy, Wheelwright of Cudham736
COLLINSAnne Elizabeth 6-Apr1862Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham426
COLLINSArthur 7-Jun1891John/Jemima Jessie, Farmer of Cudham1052
COLLINSDulcibella 4-Sep1864Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham494
COLLINSDulcie Annie 3-Sep1893John/Annie Alice, Wheelwright of Cudham1100
COLLINSEliza 20-Apr1851Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham Street127
COLLINSElizabeth Maud Blake 4-Feb1883illegitimate daughter of Eliza of Cudham 899
COLLINSEllen Ethel 6-Jan1878William/Lucy, Wheelwright of Cudham797
COLLINSEthel May 7-Jul1889George/Elizabeth, Game Keeper of Cudham1021
COLLINSEva Jessie 7-Oct1894George William/Elizabeth Ann, Policeman of Cudham1117
COLLINSEva Jessie9-Dec-19003-Feb1901John/Jemima Jessie, Farmer of Cudham1219
COLLINSFanny 7-Oct1866Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham548
COLLINSGeorge 2-Jul1893John/Jemima Jessie, Farmer of Bury's,Cudham1090
COLLINSGeorge William 1-Jan1865Daniel/Frances, Farmer of Cudham503
COLLINSHenry 3-Apr1853Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham Street175
COLLINSJames 11-Oct1857Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham297
COLLINSJohn 15-Jun1856Daniel/Frances, Farmer of Bury's Farm, Cudham263
COLLINSJohn 6-Feb1870Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham636
COLLINSJohn Henry 4-Nov1894John/Annie Alice, Wheelwright of Cudham1119
COLLINSMary Ann 6-Apr1863Daniel/Frances, Farmer of Cudham456
COLLINSRobert 5-Feb1860Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham364
COLLINSSarah 8-Jul1855Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham239
COLLINSThomas Daniel 4-Aug1895John/Jemima Jessie, Farmer of Cudham1130
COLLINSWilliam 8-Oct1848Henry/Elizabeth, Wheelwright of Cudham, Kent17
COLLINSWilliam John 4-Jul1886John/Jemima Jessie, Farmer of Cudham963
COLLISONJohn 4-Aug1901Willie/Maria, Hawker of Tunbridge Wells1227
COLLISONWillie 22-Jul1900Willie/Maria, Hawker of Tunbridge Wells1212
COOKGertrude Mary 17-May1869Henry Sidney/Sara, Gentleman of Cudham626
COOKEMaria Lois 16-Apr1872Henry Sidney/Sara, Gentleman of Dorking681
COOMBEStella Margaret Evelyn14-Dec-191423-May1915James/Louise, Fruit Grower of Buckhurst Cottage, Westerham Hill1556
COOPERAnnie Esther Emily22-Jul-19013-Nov1901Arthur/Caroline, Ostler of Downe1239
COOPEREdith Kathleen1-Jul-19067-Oct1906Arthur/Caroline, Labourer of Green St. Green1336
COPEAlfred 6-Nov1887Alfred/Esther, Labourer of Cudham985
COPEBeatrice 7-Jun1891William/Sarah, Game Keeper of Downe1051
COPECarrie Cornelia 5-Feb1888William/Caroline, Game Keeper of Cudham991
COPECharlotte 6-Oct1889William/Sarah, Wood Broker of Cudham1030
COPEDoris Annie 2-Feb1916Edwin John/Nellie, Game Keeper of Snag Lane, Cudham 1575
COPEGeorge 7-Apr1861George/Susannah, Labourer of Cudham403
COPEGeorge 7-Feb1864William/Jane, Game Keeper of Cudham483
COPEGeorge 6-Apr1890Alfred/Esther, Wheelwright of Cudham1036
COPEGeorge William 3-Apr1892William/Caroline, Game Keeper of Chelsfield1061
COPEIsabel May 11-Feb1905Edwin John/Nellie, Keeper of Cudham, private baptism 1295
COPEJack Frederick30 April 18954-Dec1898William Frederick/Caroline, father Deceased of East Greenwich1180
COPEJames William 6-Apr1862William/Jane, Game Keeper of Cudham427
COPEKatie 7-Jul1889William/Caroline, Game Keeper of Cudham1020
COPEMay Isabel Blanche 1-Jul1894William/Caroline, Game Keeper of Chelsfield1110
COPENellie Cornelia9-Aug-201329-Sep1901Edwin John/Nellie, Keeper of Cudham 1229
COPERichard 5-Nov1865William/Jane, Game Keeper of Cudham526
COPEWilliam 4-Jan1863George/Susannah, Labourer of Cudham447
COPEWilliam 4-Dec1887William/Sarah, Wood Broker of Cudham987
COPEWilliam John11-Feb-190112-Apr1903Edwin John/Nellie, Keeper of Cudham 1265
COPEWinifred Ivy12 December 189921-Jan1900Edwin John/Nellie, Keeper of Cudham1202
CORKWilliam 6-Nov1859Samuel/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham359
COVALSarah Ann 26-Jun1853Thomas/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham184
COVELLCharles Thomas 23-Aug1857Thomas/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham293
COVILLGeorge 3-Jun1855Thomas/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham234
COVILLRebecca 6-Sep1863Thomas/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham469
COVILLTom 5-Jun1859Thomas/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham345
COWLARDAda Mary 4-Aug1878Bartholomew/Mercy, Labourer of Cudham808
COWLARDAlfred John 4-Jun1876William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham761
COWLARDAlfred William 2-Oct1881Bartholomew/Mercy, Labourer of Cudham870
COWLARDAlice Elizabeth 1-Oct1871John/Alice, Labourer of Cudham672
COWLARDAmy 5-Sep1858Edward/Susan, Labourer of Cudham322
COWLARDAnnie Florence14-Apr-19003-Jun1900William George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1207
COWLARDArthur James 6-Oct1889Bartholomew/Mercy, Labourer of Cudham1029
COWLARDBartholomew 14-Sep1851James/Elizabeth Emma, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham136
COWLARDEdmund 4-Jul1847Richard/Ann, Labourer of n/a
COWLARDElizabeth Elsie Annie 5-Nov1893William/Eliza, Baker of Cudham1104
COWLARDElizabeth May 1-Apr1871William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham663
COWLARDErnest Edmund 3-Jun1883William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham908
COWLARDErnest Edward 30-Jun1918Ernest Edmund/Alice Nellie, Plumber of 83 Cardiff Road, Reading1598
COWLARDEthel Emma 13-Oct1889Richard/Fanny, Publican of Cudham1031
COWLARDFanny 5-Sep1858Edward/Susan, Labourer of Cudham321
COWLARDGeorge 16-Mar1856Edmund/Susan, Labourer of Leaves Green255
COWLARDHarold Cecil11-Jul-19065-Aug1906William George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1332
COWLARDHenry James 3-Nov1878William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham813
COWLARDHerbert George 7-Nov1875John/Alice, Labourer of Cudham750
COWLARDIrene Ethel18-Jan-19026-Apr1902William George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1246
COWLARDIsabel Maud 5-Jun1898Archibald Cowlard/Elizabeth Hill, [blank] of Cudham1172
COWLARDJohn 16-Jan1898William George/Eliza, Tram Driver of Lower Road Deptford1167
COWLARDLeonard James 5-May1867John/Alice, Labourer of Cudham569
COWLARDLilian Emma 4-Nov1888John Henry Alice, Labourer of Cudham1014
COWLARDLouisa Frances Beatrice 4-Oct1885Richard/Fanny, Baker of Cudham949
COWLARDMarjorie21-Dec-191315-Feb1914William George/Bertha Marjorie, Chauffeur of Tylney Road, Widmore, Bromley1509
COWLARDMary Ann 6-Apr1873William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham698
COWLARDRichard 27-May1849James/Emma, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham30
COWLARDSarah Emma 7-Aug1881William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham866
COWLARDSophy 3-Feb1861Edmond/Susan, Labourer of Cudham396
COWLARDWilliam George 3-Mar1867William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham563
COWLARDWilliam George 6-Dec1891William George/Eliza, Baker of Cudham1058
COWLARDWinifred Eliza 5-Jan1896William George/Eliza, Baker of Cudham1136
COXFrederick James 3-Feb1884Jesse/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham923
CRANEAnthony 3-Nov1861William/Mary, Labourer of Cudham414
CRANEAnthony Alfred 3-Jul1892William/Ada Jane, Labourer of Cudham1074
CRANECharlotte 25-Jan1857William/Mary, Labourer of Cudham278
CRANECharlotte Magdalene 3-Jul1892William/Ada Jane, Labourer of Cudham1075
CRANEEdith Lily 2-Feb1902Thomas/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham1241
CRANEFrederick Charles 1-Dec1878George/Charlotte Maria, Labourer of Cudham817
CRANEFrederick James 1-Jul1866William/Elizabeth May, Labourer of Cudham540
CRANEFrederick James 5-Aug1883William/Jane, Labourer of Cudham913
CRANEGeorge 29-Oct1849son of Sophia, single woman of Bury's 39
CRANEGeorge 23-Mar1851William/Mary, Labourer of Bury's, Cudham124
CRANEGeorge 5-Aug1877George/Charlotte Maria, Labourer of Cudham788
CRANEGeorge 5-Aug1883William/Jane, Labourer of Leaves Green912
CRANEJane 6-May1849William/Elisabeth Mary, Labourer of Burys28
CRANEJoseph William 1-Apr1883George/Charlotte Maria, Labourer of Cudham904
CRANELucy 22-Jan1854William/Mary, Labourer of Bury's, Cudham188
CRANERosie Jane 23-May1886William/Jane, Farm Labourer of Cudham955
CRANESophia 5-Oct1884George Anthony/Annie, Farmer of Cudham932
CRANEThomas 3-Apr1864William/Mary, Labourer of Cudham484
CRANEWilliam 12-Sep1858William/Mary, Labourer of Cudham323
CRITTELLAlbert George 7-Nov1875Abraham/Laura, Labourer of Cudham751
CRITTELLAmelia 4-Jul1875George/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham743
CRITTELLDoris Caroline15-Aug-19055-Nov1905Frederick George/Bertha, Labourer of Cudham1316
CRITTELLEdith Flora 6-Jun1875George William/Martha, Labourer of Cudham740
CRITTELLFrederick George 5-Nov1876George/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham766
CRITTELLHenrietta Isabella 5-Dec1880Abraham/Laura, Labourer of Cudham855
CRITTELLIvy May15-Nov-19012-Mar1902Frederick George/Bertha, Labourer of Cudham1243
CRITTELLMary Gertrude 6-May1883Abraham/Laury [sic], Labourer of Cudham907
CRITTELLRonald George17-Sep-19104-Dec1910Frederick George/Bertha, Carter of Luxted, Downe1429
CRITTLEBeatrice Maud19-Aug-19126-Dec1914Harvey/Nellie Georgina, Gardener of Bomber's Farm, Cudham1548
CRITTLELilian Pretoria24-Oct-19076-Dec1914Harvey/Nellie Georgina, Gardener of Bomber's Farm, Cudham1550
CRITTLERose15-Mar-19096-Dec1914Harvey/Nellie Georgina, Gardener of Bomber's Farm, Cudham1549
CRITTLEWilfred Ernest29-Jun-19146-Dec1914Harvey/Nellie Georgina, Gardener of Bomber's Farm, Cudham1547
CROOKSDulcie Blanche25-Jan-19001-Apr1900Walter/Dulcibella, School Master of Cudham1204
CROOKSHarold Henry16 December 18982-Apr1899Walter/Dulcibella, School Master of Cudham1185
CROOKSPhyllis Marjory 8-Dec1907Walter/Dulcie Bella, School Master of Cudham School1367
CROOKSWalter Allan James21-May-191010-Jul1910Walter/Dulcie Bella, School Master of Cudham1413
CROUCHERWilliam 23-May1852George/Mary, Labourer of Cudham154
CUMPLENAnnie Florence 3-Nov1878Henry/Caroline, Butler of of Cudham812
DALLEYAlfred 9-Jun1867William/Sarah, Foreman of [blank]574
DAVIESSarah Jane 9-Aug1885Base Born daughter of Carnation a , Fruit Picker of of Cudham945
DAWESEthel Florence 7-Apr1895Richard/Emma, Labourer of Cudham1124
DAYAlice Jane 5-Jul1863Robert/Mary MASLIN, Labourer of Cudham462
DAYHannah23 February 18563-Jul1859Robert/DAY Mary MASTERS, Labourer of Cudham348
DAYHenry James 2-Sep1860Robert/DAY Jane MARTIN, Labourer of Cudham377
DAYMANAgnes 1-Apr1866John/Emily, Labourer of Chelsfield, being Easter 533
DAYMANCatherine Margaret 5-Jun1870John/Emily, Labourer of Cudham644
DAYMANEllen Esther 2-Oct1864John/Emily, Labourer of Cudham497
DAYMANEmily 1-Dec1861John/Emily, Labourer of Cudham416
DAYMANSarah 21-Dec1856John/Emily, Labourer of Cudham276
De HORNE CHRISTYHenry Christy8 September (Baptised 2 August 1868)2-Aug1868Arthur/Harriet, Gentleman of Hostye or Hurst Lodge605
DEVINEAnna 15-Feb1857Thomas/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham279
DEVINEDavid 5-Apr1885William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham939
DEVINEEmma Jane 7-May1854Thomas/Anna, Labourer of Cudham194
DEVINEJames 9-Nov1851John/Mary, Labourer of Cudham139
DEVINEJohn 17-Feb1850John/Mary, Labourer of Grays Cottages46
DEVINEMabel 7-Oct1883William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham915
DEVINEMark Alfred 27-Jan1856Thomas/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham247
DEVINEWilliam 7-Oct1860Thomas/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham383
DEWBERRYEllen Mary16-Feb-19136-Apr1913John Stanley Frank/Elizabeth Louise, Postman of Westerham Hill1473
DEWBERRYEmily Ada 6-Apr1884George/Martha, Labourer of Cudham926
DEWBERRYJohn 5-Nov1848George/Sarah, Labourer of Snag Lane19
DEWBERRYJohn Stanley Frank 1-Sep1889George William/Martha, Labourer of Cudham1027
DEWBERRYRose Florence4-Oct-19136-Apr1913Edgar William/Florence Beatrice, Labourer of Westerham Hill1474
DEWBERRYSophia 11-Feb1849Richard/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham Street22
DEWBERRYWilliam George26-Jan-19117-May1911Edgar William/Florence Beatrice, Labourer of Biggin Hill1437
DEWBERYAlice Fanny 2-Jan1875Samuel/Fanny, Farmer of Cudham730
DEWBERYAnn Clark 13-Jun1858daughter of Eliza, spinster of Cudham312
DEWBERYAnnie Martha 5-Mar1871George William/Martha, Labourer of Cudham659
DEWBERYArthur 5-Jul1868George/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Cudham598
DEWBERYClara 2-Mar1873Samuel/Jane, Labourer of Cudham691
DEWBERYEdward 23-May1852George/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham155
DEWBERYFrederick William 1-Jan1882George/Martha, Farmer of Cudham875
DEWBERYRose Harriet 2-Mar1873George William/Martha, Labourer of Cudham689
DEWBERYWilliam George 6-Mar1870George/Sarah Ann, Farmer of Cudham639
DEWBURY written DOUBERYAlfred 2-Mar1851George/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham121
DIBLEYCecil John 23-Jun1918James Frederick/Louisa, Labourer of Cudham Street1597
DOUGALOlive 6-Aug1893Samuel Herbert/Sarah Henrietta, Builder of Cudham1098
DOUGALLFrederica Hilda 18-Jul1915father a Law Clerk of of Cudham [no other details] 1562
DOVEY or DAVEYRosy Jane 7-Jan1872John/Emma Jane, Policeman of Cudham674
DREWAlbert George 11-Oct1896John Thomas/Mary Ann, Fruit Grower of Cudham1151
DREWAmy 3-Jul1892George Amos/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1073
DREWAmy Jane 6-Nov1864John/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham498
DREWAnnie 1-Jan1882George Amos/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham876
DREWAnnie Martha 3-Jul1892Thomas/Elizabet, Labourer of Cudham1072
DREWArthur John 2-Nov1890John Thomas/Mary Ann, Farmer of Cudham1041
DREWBertram9-Dec-19043-Apr1904John Thomas/Mary Ann, Fruit Farmer of Cudham1277
DREWCharles 6-Dec1885George Amos/Elizabeth, Fruit Grower of Cudham951
DREWDorothy24 January 18892-Apr1899John Thomas/Mary Ann, Farmer of Cudham1184
DREWEmily 5-Jan1896George Amos/Elizabeth, Fruit Grower of Cudham1139
DREWFanny Catherine 6-May1894John Thomas/Mary Ann, Fruit Grower of Cudham1107
DREWFrederick 6-May1888George Amos/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham995
DREWGeorge 7-Oct1883George Amos/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham916
DREWGeorge Amos 4-Sep1859John/Catherine, Labourer of Cudham353
DREWHarold23-Aug-19013-Nov1901John Thomas/Mary Ann, Farmer of Cudham1238
DREWJohn Thomas 2-Feb1862John/Catherine, Labourer of Cudham420
DREWMargaret19 December 1899 1-Jul1900George Amos/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1210
DREWSarah Ann 5-Nov1865William/Eleanor, Labourer of Cudham527
DREWThomas23 October 18991-Jul1900George Amos/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1209
DREWWalter 6-Apr1890George Amos/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1034
DUBERRYGeorge Henry 2-Sep1860George Henry/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Cudham380
DUBERRYGeorgina 6-May1877George William/Martha, Farmer of Cudham778
DUBERRYWilliam 3-Mar1878John/Mary, Waggoner of Cudham799
DUBERYAlbert George 7-Sep1879George William/Martha, Farmer of Cudham833
DUBERYGeorge 2-May1880John/Mary, Labourer of Cudham846
DUNCANAlexander 3-Jul1881Thomas Kinmont/Emily Cecilia, Farm Bailiff of Cudham862
DUNNRosina 1-Dec1878James/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham818
DURLINGAdah 2-Sep1886William/Elizabeth, Gardener of Cudham553
DURLINGAnne Eliza 1-Aug1869James/Anne, Labourer of Cudham630
DURLINGJames Alfred 4-May1873James/Annie, Labourer of Cudham703
DURLINGSarah Jane 7-Apr1872James/Anne, Labourer of Cudham680
DUVALLGeorge Henry26-Jan-191523-May1915Victor/Ellen Kate, Groom of Sittingbourne1557
DYEEthel 1-May1892William/Rosetta, Stock Keeper of Cudham1062
DYEFrederick Thomas 4-May1890William/Rosette, Labourer of Cudham1037
DYELilly 6-Jun1886William/Rosetta, Labourer of Cudham959
DYEMabel 6-Jun1886William/Rosetta, Labourer of Cudham958
DYEWilliam George 1-Oct1882William/Rosetta, Labourer of Cudham892
EAGLETONAnne  5-Feb1865George/Eliza, Inn Keeper of Cudham509
EDGAREllen Elizabeth 6-Jul1879David/Eleanor Elizabeth Ann, Labourer of Cudham827
EDWARDSElizabeth 6-Nov1859Charles EDWARDS, Labourer and Amelia UNDERHILL, of Cudham360
ELLIOTCharlotte Sophia 13-Feb1848George/Harriet, Labourer of Leaves Green5
ELLIOTJohn 14-Mar1847William/Marianne, Labourer of n/a
ELLIOTJohn Alfred 8-Jul1849George/Harriet, Labourer of Bury's Cottages35
ELLIOTMariane 3-Jan1847George/Harriet, Labourer of n/a
ELLIOTTAlfred 3-Apr1859George/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham343
ELLIOTTAnnie 7-Sep1879Robert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham832
ELLIOTTAnthony 1-Feb1863Anthony/Mary Ann, a widow [?], father a labourer, parents of Leaves Green 449
ELLIOTTChristiana 6-Dec1857George/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham300
ELLIOTTEmma 7-Dec1884Robert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham935
ELLIOTTFrederick James 5-Aug1883Robert/Mary Anne, Labourer of Cudham914
ELLIOTTFrederick William 7-Jun1874illegitimate son of Jane a servant of Cudham713
ELLIOTTGeorge 18-Feb1855George/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham225
ELLIOTTIsaac 5-Apr1857William/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham285
ELLIOTTJane 16-Jul1854William/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham, Street206
ELLIOTTJemima Charlotte 1-Apr1877Robert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham776
ELLIOTTMary Ann 16-May1852William/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham Street153
ELLIOTTMary Ann 4-Sep1887Robert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham979
ELLIOTTRebecca 2-Nov1890Robert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham1040
ELLIOTTRobert 11-Nov1849William/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham, Street42
ELLIOTTRobert William 7-May1882Robert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham884
ELLIOTTSophia 27-Apr1851George/Harriot, Labourer of Leaves Green128
ELLIOTTThomas 2-Jan1875Robert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham727
ELLIOTTWilliam 13-Feb1853George/Harriott, Labourer of Cudham171
ELLIOTTWilliam 3-Jun1894Robert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham1109
ELLISJohn James1-Apr-19072-Jun1907Albert/Sarah Ann, Butler of of Cacketts Lane, Chelsfield1348
ELLISMarion Norah1-Apr-19072-Jun1907Albert/Sarah Ann, Butler of of Cacketts Lane, Chelsfield1347
EMERSONFrederick Charles25-Mar-190923-May1909Robert Talbot/Beatrice Charlotte, Farmer of Westerham Hill1392
ENNISBeatrice Laura25-Nov-19059-Mar1906Samuel/Elizabeth Mary, Warehouse Manager of Cudham1323
ENNISDorothy Mary25-Nov-19059-Mar1906Samuel/Elizabeth Mary, Warehouse Manager of Cudham1324
EVERESTAnn 16-Jul1854John/Elizabeth, Labourer of Leaves Green207
FALVEYMargaret Jane18-Dec-19043-May1914Frederick/Margaret, Labourer of Halstead1514
FALVEYRosina Eleanor 3-Jul1910illegitimate daughter of Rosina of Cudham, child born 13 March 19101412
FAWKNERHester Ann 27-Jun1858James/Anna, Labourer of Cudham313
FAWKNERWilliam Henry 7-Dec1851James/Anna, Labourer of Cudham141
FENNERCornelius 5-Jun1892Cornelius/Caroline, Machinist of London1069
FERGUSONGeorge William Frederick 25-Jul1915father a Farm Bailiff of Cudham Court [no other details] 1563
FLEMINGCharles 3-Jan1864William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham477
FORSTEROak George18-Nov-19021-Feb1903Richard/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1263
FOSTERAlfred James 3-Jun1894Richard/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1108
FOSTERArthur George20 January 18997-May1899Richard/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1186
FOSTERBlanche Beatrice 6-Sep1896Richard/Eliza, Farm Labourer of Cudham1148
FOSTERCatherine Lilian21-May-19087-Sep1913John Mayne/Mary, Labourer of Cudham1482
FOSTERCathrine 9-Feb1851Richard/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham118
FOSTEREllen 19-Feb1854Richard/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham189
FOSTERMadelia 14-Jun1857Richard/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham290
FOSTERMedelia 3-Apr1892Richard/Eliza, Carter of Single Street, Cudham1060
FOXHelen Sheila25-Oct-19142-Jan1915Charles Edmund/Helen Beatrice Mowbray, Average Adjuster of Highmanswick, Knockholt1551
FRANCESClara Emily 2-Jan1875William/Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham729
FREERBowyer Hamilton Guy 2-Sep1894Nigel James/Edith Mary, Clerk of in Holy Orders of Cudham1114
FREEREva Mary 4-Apr1880Henry Leftwich/Emily Grace, Clerk of in Holy Orders of Cudham Vicarage843
FREERJohn Shallcross 5-Dec1897Nigel James/Edith Mary, Clerk of in Holy Orders of Cudham1166
FREERNigel William Wynn 22-Jan1893Nigel James/Edith Mary, Clerk of in Holy Orders of Cudham1084
FRENCHWilliam Edward 5-Feb1865William FRENCH, Labourer, and Jane MEDHURST, of Cudham507
FRIENDAlbert Joseph14-Feb-19054-Jun1905Albert Edward/Emily Alice, Carter of Cudham1302
FRIENDAlice Jane20-Dec-190320-Mar1904Albert Edward/Emily Alice, Carter of Cudham1274
FRIENDAmos David John 1-Dec1883Alfred/Rosy Jane, Labourer, Cudham919
FRIENDAnnie 3-Mar1861William/Susannah, Labourer of Cudham401
FRIENDCharles William 1-Mar1868Charles/Jane, Labourer of Cudham591
FRIENDDulcibella 6-Aug1865William/Susan, Labourer of Cudham523
FRIENDEliza 21-Feb1858William/Susan, Labourer of Cudham306
FRIENDEmily 16-Jun1907daughter of Dulcie of Cudham, child born 20 January 19071353
FRIENDEsther May 16-Jun1907daughter of Dulcie of Cudham, child born 5 August 19051352
FRIENDEthel Maud 16-Jun1907daughter of Dulcie of Boundary View, Cudham, child born 7 April 19041351
FRIENDFanny 6-Feb1848William/Susan, Labourer of Cudham Street3
FRIENDFlorence Beatrice 5-Jun1892Edwin/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham1067
FRIENDFrances May23-May-19111-Jun1915John Henry Emma, Labourer of Cudham1558
FRIENDGeorge 20-Jan1850William/Susan, Labourer of Cudham Street44
FRIENDGeorge Ernest 2-May1869Charles/Jane, Labourer of Cudham622
FRIENDHarold Henry27-Mar-190523-Apr1905John Henry Emma, Carter of Cudham1299
FRIENDJames 7-Jun1863William/Susannah, Labourer of Cudham459
FRIENDJohn Henry 1-Mar1868William/Susanne, Labourer of Cudham590
FRIENDJohn William20-Jul-19027-Sep1902John Henry Emma, Labourer of Knockholt1255
FRIENDLilian Emma23-Apr-19022-Nov1902Albert Edward/Emily Alice, Carter of Cudham1257
FRIENDMary Ann 25-Jun1854William/Susan, Labourer of Cudham Street202
FRIENDMary Ann 2-Mar1879William/Jane, Labourer of Cudham824
FRIENDStanley William Reuben 4-Sep1887Alfred/Rosey Jane, Labourer of Cudham982
FRIENDThomas 10-Aug1889Edwin/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham1026
FRIENDThomas 14-Jun1914mother Emily Frances [all other details left blank]1519
FRIENDWilliam 21-Mar1852William/Susan, Labourer of Cudham149
FRIENDWilliam George22-Jul-19067-Oct1906Alfred Edward/Emily Alice, Carter of Cudham1337
FRIENDWilliam Richard26-Jun-19078-Sep1907John Henry Emma, Labourer of Cackets Lane, Chelsfield1363
FULLERAlice Mary 19-Jul1908Alfred George/Emily, Postman of Westerham Hill1380
FULLEREdward Arthur3-Nov-19092-Jan1910Alfred George/Anne Marie, Postman of Westerham Hill1406
FULLEREdward Joseph 5-Oct1879Henry/Elizabeth Catherine, Farm , Bailiff of Cudham835
FULLEREliza 7-Aug1892Frederick/Eliza [blank], Travellers of 1080
GARLANDAmos 25-May1856William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Portlands262
GEARINGJoseph 9-Apr1848parents' names and father's occupation left blank, abode recorded as near the Mill, Westerham Road9
GENTAlice 2-Aug1868natural daughter of Ann of Knockholt604
GIBSONCharlie 5-Nov1882Albert George/Rose, Coachman of of Cudham895
GIBSONRose 1-Feb1885Albert George/Rose, Omnibus Driver of Cudham938
GILHAMMartha 2-May1869George/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham624
GOBEYCaroline 8-Jul1906Manuel/Annie, Labourer of Westerham Hill1328
GOLD, Smith of Emily 6-Jul1890Frederick/Phoebe, Fruit Gatherer of Cudham1038
GORSEAnn Ellen 6-Sep1863Henry/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham470
GREENFIELDCharles 3-Nov1878John/Maria, Carpenter of Cudham815
GRINSTEADAlan 1-Sep1907son of Sarah Ann of Snags Lane, Cudham, child born 1 June 19071361
GROVESAlbert William27 July 18985-Mar1899John/Charlotte, Fruit Grower of Cudham1183
GROVESGeorge7-Jun-19001-Jul1900John/Charlotte, Fruit Grower of Cudham1208
GROVESWilliam7-Dec-190521-Jan1906John/Charlotte, Fruit Grower of Cudham1319
HALLEthel Elizabeth17-Sep-19078-Mar1908Sidney/Ethel, Decorator of Yorkshire1373
HALLEthel Lilian 18-Mar1908Sidney/Ethel, Decorator of Biggin Hill1374
HALLLouisa 14-Jan1855William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham223
HALLSONEdith 3-Feb1889Andrew/Ann, Labourer of Cudham1017
HALSEYAlbert Hugh 7-Jan1883Frederic/Catherine, Carpenter of Bexley Heath898
HALSEYMargaret Alice 3-Aug1884Frederick/Catherine, Carpenter of Bexley Heath931
HANDLEYAlice 16-Oct1892Thomas/Clara Sarah, Foreman of Grays,Cudham1081
HANDLEYArthur William 6-Oct1912William/Elizabeth Fanny, Stud Groom of Grays Farm, Cudham1467
HANDLEYMaria 27-May1897Thomas/Clara Sarah, Groom of Cudham1156
HANDLEYThomas John4-Apr-19147-Jun1914William/Elizabeth Fanny, Stud Groom of Cudham1515
HANDLEYWilliam4-Sep-190113-Oct1901Thomas/Clara Sarah, Foreman of Grays,Cudham1231
HANSELLMary Ann 1-Mar1868James/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham592
HARBOURSophia Emily 2-Jun1867David/Elizabeth Ellen, Labourer of Luxstead, Down572
HARBOURWilliam 6-Nov1864David/Elixabeth Ellen, Labourer of Cudham499
HARDINGAgnes Louisa 7-Aug1859James/Sarah, Vetinary [sic] Surgeon of Cudham352
HARDINGAlfred William 5-Mar1876Alfred/Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham756
HARDINGJohn Alfred 7-May1871son of Charlotte, single woman of Leaves Green666
HARDYGeorge William 20-Sep1857William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham296
HARDYSarah Ann 8-Apr1855William/Ann, Labourer of Cudham231
HARKFlora Celina 9-Apr1854Stephen/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham190
HARLINGElla Gertrude19-Jul-19027-Sep1902Frederick William/Harriet Gertrude Ann, Police Constable of of Chelsfield1254
HARLINGErnest Frederick10-Oct-19046-Nov1904Frederick William/Harriet Gertrude Ann, Police Officer of Chelsfield1291
HARRISAda 6-Nov1913John/Ada, Labourer of Vale Cottages, Biggin Hill1495
HARRISElvey Elizabeth 6-Nov1913John/Ada, Labourer of Vale Cottages, Biggin Hill1496
HARRISWalter 18-Jul1914John/Mary Ann, of Biggin Hill1542
HARRODAlice 25-Mar1855Jeremiah/Mary Hind, Labourer of Cudham229
HARRODEmma 12-Dec1852Jeremiah/Mary Hind, Labourer of Cudham165
HARRODIsrael James 13-Sep1857Jeremiah/Mary Hind, Labourer of Cudham294
HARRODJane Macey 22-Dec1850Jeremiah/Mary Hind, Labourer of Cudham114
HARRODJohn Joshua 2-Dec1860Jeremiah/Mary Hind, Labourer of Cudham394
HARRODJoseph William 1-Feb1863Jeremiah/Mary Hind, Labourer of Cudham452
HARRODThomas Henry 5-Dec1847Jeremiah/Mary Hind, Labourer of Biggin Hill1
HARTAdeline Evelyn Dorothy28-Sep-191120-Nov1913Arthur Charles/Reginald/Florence Kathleen, Bootmaker of Aperfield1499
HARTArthur Alfred William 20-Nov1913Arthur Charles/Reginald/Florence Kathleen, Bootmaker of Aperfield1500
HARTEvelyn Lilian Grace23-Jul-191020-Nov1913Arthur Charles/Adelia Ethel Grace, Engineer of Aperfield1497
HARTFlorence Phyllis Marian11-Jul-191020-Nov1913Arthur Charles/Reginald/Florence Kathleen, Bootmaker of Aperfield1498
HARTNellie Joan 18-Mar1917Edmund Archie/Ellen Louisa, School Master of of Cudham School House1585
HEDENWilliam Jesse 5-Jan1868Robert/Catherine Jane, Labourer of Cudham, Received into the church 584
HENMANPatience11-Apr-19068-Jul1906William/Charity, Labourer of Westerham Hill1330
HERSEYJoseph Cecil12-May-19154-Jun1915John Charles/Florence, Army Pensioner of The Fort Westerham Hill1559
HIGGSGeorge Thomas 14-Jun1914George Thomas/Kate Sophia, [all other details left blank]1520
HILLAlbert Walter26 October 18984-Dec1898Frederick Richard/Sarah Ann, Carman of of Cudham1178
HILLFlorence Mabel11 May 18964-Dec1898Frederick Richard/Sarah Ann, Carman of of Cudham1179
HILLIARCharles Frederick Tom12-Dec-19015-Jan1902Charles James/Maria Jane, Thatcher of Compton ( Hants)1240
HILLIARFrederick William Charles Redvers 19-Sep1900Frederick Charles/Harriet, Soldier of and , Keeper of Compton ( Hants)1216
HILLSAnne Alberta Louisa 10-Jan1858William Thurstone?/Esther, Police Officer of Cudham303
HINESTONAnnie 19-Jun1866George/Annie, Clerk of in Holy Orders of Cudham539
HOADLEYHerbert James 9-Dec1866Benjamin/Adray, Farmer of Cudham557
HOADLEYRobert William 9-Dec1866Benjamin/Adray, Farmer of Cudham556
HOCKLEYHenry 2-Mar1862Jeremiah/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham424
HODDAmy 14-Jul1850Richard/Matilda, Labourer of Leaves Green52
HODDGeorge 16-May1848Richard/Matilda, Labourer of Leaves Green11
HODDWilliam 6-Jun1852Richard/Matilda, Labourer of Leaves Green157
HODGKINSWilliam 7-Aug1881son of Harriet, unmarried fruitgtherer of Cudham864
HOGBEANHerbert Thomas7-Aug-19016-Oct1901Alfred/Annie, Painter of Cudham1230
HOGBENRoland Stanley17-Apr-191017-Apr1910Alfred/Annie, Coach Painter of Cudham1409
HOLLANDAaron 3-Apr1859William/Eliza, Smith of Cudham338
HOLLANDAlbert 4-Dec1870William/Clara, Black Smith of Cudham654
HOLLANDAugusta ? 2-Aug1868William/Clara, Black Smith of Cudham602
HOLLANDClara Rosetta 7-Apr1867William/Clara, Black Smith of Cudham564
HOLLANDEliza 15-Nov1857William/Eliza, Black Smith of Cudham298
HOLLANDElizabeth 2-Jun1861William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham404
HOLLANDElizabeth Jane 7-Apr1861David/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham402
HOLLANDFrederick 5-Jun1864William/Eliza, Black Smith of Cudham490
HOLLANDKate Hilda 2-Mar1873William/Clara, Black Smith of Cudham690
HOLLANDMary Ann 23-Mar1856David/Elizabeth Kate, Labourer of Leaves Green259
HOLLANDWilliam 1-Apr1855William/Eliza, Black Smith of Cudham230
HOOKErnest 7-Apr1912Ernest Henry/Elizabeth, Coachman of of Cudham1454
HOOKLewis Henry3-Nov-19024-Jan1903Ernest Henry/Elizabeth, Coachman of of Cudham1259
HOOKWilliam Reubin 12-Nov1854William/Carolin, Brick-Layer of Cudham216
HOPGOODEliza 28-Feb1858Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham307
HOPGOODGeorge 12-Nov1854Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham214
HOPGOODJames 6-Nov1859Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham361
HOPGOODJohn 20-Mar1853Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham173
HORWOODMay Doris1-Mar-190920-Jun1909Walter/Ethel, Farmer of Cudham1395
HOWARDFrederick Charles 1-Apr1888Charles Henry/Albert Mary Ann, Publican of Cudham994
HUGGDE?Catherine Sophie 1-Nov1868William/Catherine, Brass and Coster of London, child aged 20 613
HULLMatilda Emily 4-Jun1882Thomas/Rosina, Labourer of Cudham887
HUMBLEArthur Albury 1-Mar1891Arthur William/Catherine, Labourer of Cudham1047
HUMBLERosa 5-Jun1870Jesse/Mary Ann or Anne, Labourer of Cudham643
HUMPHREYAmy18-Nov-190913-Feb1910Percy/Alice Maud, Labourer of Norheads, Cudham1407
HUMPHREYFrederick George 12-Sep1897Henry/Annie, Wagoner of Cudham1161
HUNTErnest James 2-Jul1911Caleb/Amy, Window Cleaner of Single Street, Cudham1442
HUTTONAudrey Joyce30-Apr-19092-Jun1909Ernest Edward/Kathleen, Horse , Dealer of of Westerham Hill1393
HUTTONKathleen Marjorie6-Jan-190816-Feb1908Ernest Edward/[blank], Horse , Dealer of of Biggin Hill1370
HUTTONMuriel Lucy3-Sep-191021-Sep1910Ernest Edward/Kathleen, Horse , Dealer of of Biggin Hill1426
HUTTONRonald William 23-Oct1892Edmund/Ellen Stud, Groom of Cudham1082
HYDEAlfred John Clement25 August 189810-Nov1898George/Louisa, Coachman of of Cudham1177
IFORD or DEAKINMary Elizabeth 3-Aug1873George IFORD, Hawker of , and Mary DEAKIN of Cudham705
INGARFILLJohn 2-Apr1865John/Jane Elizabeth, Carpenter of Knockholt514
ISARDJames 8-Dec1850James/Eliza, Labourer of Leaves Green63
JACKSON[blank] 3-May1868Received into the church after Baptism by Mr Stephens of Down 1861 [no other details] 597
JACKSONAbraham Arthur 22-May1847Natural son of Robert JACKSON and Sarah SMITH, of a maid servant n/a
JACKSONAda 4-Sep1859Richard/Amy, Labourer of Cudham355
JACKSONAda Maria 3-May1868Robert/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham594
JACKSONAlice 7-Dec1862George/Caroline, Foreman of of Cudham445
JACKSONAlice Mabel 5-May1901Thomas William/Elizabeth, Keeper of New years Wood, Chelsfield1224
JACKSONAnn 11-Feb1849Robert/Sarah, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham24
JACKSONArthur James10-Aug-191129-Oct1911George/Eliza Ellen, Labourer of Cudham1451
JACKSONCharles 6-Mar1870George/Elizabeth, Labourer of Grays638
JACKSONEdward Thomas 7-Nov1880James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham854
JACKSONEliza 10-Apr1853Richard/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham178
JACKSONEliza Caroline 6-Aug1871George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham668
JACKSONEllen 2-Jan1875William/Anne, Keeper of Knockholt728
JACKSONEllen2-Jul-19051-Oct1905George/Eliza Ellen, Labourer of Knockholt1314
JACKSONEllen Louise 3-May1868Robert/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham596
JACKSONElsie Gladys Jane 7-Aug1892James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham1078
JACKSONErnest John 4-Aug1867George/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham578
JACKSONFlora 1-Dec1861Richard/Amy, Gardener of Cudham415
JACKSONGeorge 3-Jun1855Robert/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham235
JACKSONGeorge 4-Sep1864George/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham495
JACKSONGeorge William30-Dec-190310-May1903George/Eliza Ellen, Labourer of Cudham1268
JACKSONIvy Grace 7-Dec1896James William/Jane, Coal Merchant of Cudham, Received into the church 7 March 18971154
JACKSONJacob John 3-May1868Robert/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham595
JACKSONJames Albert Victor 3-May1891James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham1050
JACKSONJames William 13-Aug1854Richard/Amey, Labourer of Cudham209
JACKSONJane Henrietta 7-Dec1986James William/Jane, Coal Merchant of Cudham, Received into the church 7 March 18971155
JACKSONLily May 2-Jun1889James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham1019
JACKSONMary Ann 16-Feb1851Robert/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham119
JACKSONMaud Ella 4-Aug1895James William/Jane, Coal Merchant of Cudham1131
JACKSONSarah Ann Alice 1-Nov1868William Henry/Ann, Labourer of Cudham611
JACKSONThomas George 7-Apr1867George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham567
JACKSONThomas William 7-Apr1867William Henry/Ann, Labourer of Cudham565
JACKSONWilliam James 1-Jul1877James/Jane, Fruiterer of Cudham783
JACKSONWinifred Ivy16-Mar-19043-Jul1904George/Eliza Ellen, Labourer of Knockholt1287
JAMESAmy 14-Jul1912George/Louise, Pickers of Crowborough1462
JAMESViolette 18-Jul1899Henry/Vertinia, Fruit Picker of , Traveller (Gipsy), child Privately Baptised in Gipsy Camp 1195
JANESHilda Lily2-Jul-19137-Sep1913George/Harriett, Horseman of Cudham1483
JEFFRIESMildred Lena 21-Jan1906daughter of Alice of Cudham, child Born 19 February 19031321
JENNERAlice 7-Mar1880George/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham842
JENNERArthur William 4-May1873William/Jane, Labourer of Cudham701
JENNERElizabeth Sophia 2-Aug1868Richard/Mary Ann Cudham601
JENNEREllen 2-Mar1879George/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham823
JENNEREmily 4-Oct1874George/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham721
JENNERGeorge 7-May1882George/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham881
JENNERJohn 1-Apr1877George/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham773
JENNERMary 7-Nov1875George/Martha, Labourer of Cudham749
JENNERRosa May Ann 5-Nov1865Richard/May Ann , Labourer of Cudham524
JENNERWilliam 1-Jul1883George/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham909
JENNINGSEmily25-Feb-190310-May1903William Thomas/Olive, Stud Groom of Cudham1267
JERMAINAnnie Emma 1-Sep1867John/Ann, Labourer of Cudham580
JESSUPArthur William 24-Jul1881Benjamin Richard/Mary Ann, Farmer of Cudham863
JESSUPFlorence Mary 5-Oct1879Benjamin/Mary Ann, Farmer of Cudham837
JESSUPFrederick Henry26-Dec-190617-Mar1907George Henry/Gertrude Agnes, Labourer of Westerham Hill1343
JOHNSErnest John [blank]1897Mark/Carnation, Travellers of the Forest of Dean, Received into the church 5 July 1897 1158
JOHNSEsther11-Apr-190927-Jun1909David/Harriet, Fruit Picker of of Cudham1399
JOHNSFrederick9-Feb-190927-Jun1909William/Esther, Fruit Picker of Cudham1398
JOHNSONElizabeth Ellen 3-Jun1877John/Mary Ann, Bailiff of Cudham782
JOHNSTONJasper 22-Feb1857William/Anne, Labourer of Cudham280
JOHNSTONWilliam 30-Jul1854William/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham208
JONESDorothy 14-Feb-190412-Aug1906Thomas William/Minnie, Carman of Norhead's,Cudham1334
JONESIvan Arthur Charles9-Apr-191325-May1913Arthur Charles/Florence May, Joiner of Riverhead1469
JONESMark 2-Jul1893Mark/Carnation, Travellers of Cudham 1095
JONESThomas William11-Oct-190512-Aug1906Thomas William/Minnie, Carman of Norhead's,Cudham1333
JUPPAlbert John 2-Oct1898George Alfred/Alice Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1176
JUPPWilliam James 17-Aug1899son of Lilian Alice, single woman of Cudham1199
JUSTICEMargaret Lilian26-Oct-190625-Oct1907William/Jane, Game Keeper of Norheads1362
KEAYCuthbert McLaren 3-Jul1887William Alexander/Annie Gregory, Baker of Cudham976
KEAYMarjorie Grace 13-Jul1887William Alexander/Annie Gregory, Engineer of Cudham977
KENNETTOlive Irene10-Jun-190229-Jun1902Walter Richard/Jane Isabel, Pawnbroker of Cudham1251
KENNINGJohn William 2-Jul1893Thomas/Rose, Dealer of , Travellers of 1093
KILBURNBruce Ronald2-Mar-190831-May1908Frank/Jane Elizabeth, Coach, Builder of of Biggin Hill1375
KILLICKGeorge William Edgar [blank]1866George/Maria, Labourer of Cudham552
KILLICKJames Richard 2-Oct1864George/Maria, Labourer of Cudham496
KIMBEREdith Kathleen6-Aug-19084-Oct1908Fred/Fanny, Groom of Grays, Cudham1383
KIMBEREmma 14-Jun1857Alexander/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham291
KIMBEREmma Francis4-Jul-19146-Dec1914Fred/Fanny, Groom of Grays, Cudham1546
KIMBERFrank26-Apr-19077-Jul1907Fred/Fanny, Groom of Grays, Cudham1354
KINGAnne Elizabeth 29-Aug1858James/Selina, Brick-Layer of of Cudham318
KINGFrederick James 7-Oct1860James/Selina, Bricklayer of Cudham384
LACYAlbert 2-Nov1856James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham272
LAMBWilliam 9-Aug1863James/Alvey, Chair Maker of Cudham468
LANDERWilliam 12-Jul1908John/Sarah, Labourer of Whiteleaf near Croydon1379
LANEAlfred20-Jun-19035-Jul1903John/Matilda, Travellers of , Pickers Cudham1271
LANEHarriet  5-Jul1896John/Matilda, Travellers of [blank]1146
LANEJim 2-Jul1893John/Matilda, Travellers of Cudham1094
LANEJosiah 5-Aug1894John/Matilda, Travellers of [blank]1111
LANGRIDGEGeorge 12-Sep1848Thomas/Elizabeth, Black Smith of Moxham's Cottages C Street15
LEACHCecil Thomas Wynward25-Nov-190324-Apr1904William Thomas/Catherine Lavinia, Caretaker of The Fort Westerham Hill1279
LEDDINGTONAaron 3-Apr1859James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham342
LEDDINGTONHarriet 27-Feb1859William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham335
LEEAlfred 4-Sep1881William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham868
LEEAlice 31-Oct1852James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham163
LEEEdmond 4-Mar1866James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham531
LEEEdward 9-Mar1851William/Martha, Labourer of Cudham122
LEEEdward Henry29 August 189810-Jul1899Edward/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham1191
LEEEmma 11-Mar1877William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham772
LEEEsther 6-Jun1875William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham741
LEEFanny Eliza 4-Dec1870William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham652
LEEGeorge 6-Feb1876Edmund/Sophia, Shepherd of Cudham755
LEEGrace Elizabeth 2-Apr1871John Henley??/Elizabeth Sophia, Surgeon , Gentleman of Cudham662
LEEHarry 17-Oct1858James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham327
LEEJames William 5-Jun1864James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham489
LEEJohn 3-Dec1854James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham219
LEEJohn Henry 9-Aug1885base born son of Matilda, Fruit Picker of of Cudham946
LEEMargaret Christine 2-Apr1865William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham513
LEEMartha 4-May1873William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham702
LEEPhebe 2-May1869William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham621
LEERosa Maria 2-Dec1866William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham554
LEESarah Ann 7-Jun1863William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham460
LEESarah Jane 4-Nov1860James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham389
LEEWilliam 7-Sep1879William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham834
LEE or MILLSAda4-Apr-190927-Jul1909James LEE, Fruit Picker of , and Ada MILLS of Cudham1396
LEEKSJessie Maria 4-Nov1877Thomas/Miriam, Brick Layer of Cudham796
LESNEY or LISNEYRosa Jane 6-May1860David/Hannah, Labourer of Cudham373
LETTINGTONAlfred 2-Nov1856James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham271
LETTINGTONAlfred William 22-Jun1856William Bigley/Amy, Labourer of Cudham264
LETTINGTONAnn Elizabeth 18-Mar1855James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham228
LETTINGTONEliza 1-Apr1860James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham371
LETTINGTONEllen Jane 3-Mar1895Henry/Kate Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1122
LETTINGTONFanny 13-Jul1856William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham266
LETTINGTONFrance Emma 5-Feb1865James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham508
LETTINGTONGeorge Henry 5-Jan1862James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham419
LETTINGTONHarold Edward9-Nov-19003-Feb1901Henry/Kate Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1220
LETTINGTONHenry 2-Sep1866William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham546
LETTINGTONHenry William 2-Aug1891Henry/Kate Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1054
LETTINGTONHorace Alfred 6-Dec1896Henry/Kate Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1152
LETTINGTONJames 6-Jul1851James LETTINGTON, Labourer, and Maria ROWE of Cudham135
LETTINGTONJames 2-May1869William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham625
LETTINGTONJesse 2-Dec1866James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham555
LETTINGTONLucy Olive 3-May1868James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham593
LETTINGTONMark 11-Jun1854William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham199
LETTINGTONMary Ann 3-Apr1864William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham485
LETTINGTONRose Elizabeth 6-Aug1893Henry/Kate Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1099
LETTINGTONSophia 6-Oct1861William/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham412
LETTINGTONWilliam Frederick 13-Mar1853James/Maria, Labourer of Cudham172
LETTINGTONWilliam Thomas 6-Feb1881Thomas James/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham857
LEWISAlfred 25-Jun1854Charles/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham204
LEWISAlice 4-Sep1859Charles/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham354
LEWISCaroline 6-Jul1862Charles/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham440
LEWISCatherine 15-Mar1857Charles/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham282
LEWISCharles 25-Jan1852Charles/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham146
LEWISEarnest Leonard 7-Apr1872Robert/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham678
LEWISEliza 7-Dec1851Robert/Mary, Labourer of Cudham142
LEWISEllen Elizabeth 1-Apr1877Robert/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham774
LEWISFanny 14-Mar1847Robert/Mary, Labourer of n/a
LEWISFanny 2-Jan1870Robert/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham634
LEWISFrances Sophia 2-Jul1865Charles/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham521
LEWISFrederick Joseph 1-Nov1874Robert/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham723
LEWISHerbert Cecil 17-Sep1905William Edwin/Isabella, Gardener of Cudham1313
LEWISIsaac 1-Sep1872George/Mary, Carpenter of Cudham684
LEWISJames 25-Feb1849Robert/Mary, Labourer of Grays Cottages25
LEWISJames Thomas 8-Dec1867John/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham583
LEWISJane 12-Oct1856Robert/Mary, Labourer of Cudham270
LEWISJohn 4-Dec1864John/Hannah, Labourer of Cudham501
LEWISJoseph John 6-Jul1879Robert/Fanny, Labourer of Luxted829
LEWISMarion Veronica 13-Sep1896William Edwin/Isabella, Gardener of Cudham1150
LEWISMary Ann 8-Jul1855George/Mary, Carpenter of Cudham238
LEWISRobert William 3-Nov1867Robert/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham582
LEWISWilliam 6-Feb1870John/Hannah, Labourer of Cudham635
LEWISWilliam James 4-Mar1894William Edward/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham1106
LISNEYHorace Alfred Thomas 4-Jun1882Alfred/Rose Jane, Labourer of Knockholt885
LYERobert Thomas 7-Feb1869Thomas/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham616
MACGREGORDorothy Cecilia30-Oct-190810-Jan1909Royal Valentine Ferris/Emma, Motor Driver of Badminton1386
MACKRELLHenry 13-Sep1868George/Mary Ann, Labourer of Chelsfield606
MADDENArthur Richard Frank17-Mar-19085-Jun1910Richard/Frances Emma, Gentleman of Cudham1411
MARCHANTAnnie Jemima 4-Sep1870Jessie Annie, father a Groom of Cudham650
MARCHANTBertha Emma 6-Oct1878Jesse/Fanny, Groom of Cudham811
MARCHANTEmily Alice 9-Feb1869Jesse/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham617
MARCHANTEmily Elizabeth 3-Dec1876Jesse/Fanny, Groom of Cudham768
MARCHANTFanny Goodwork 6-Apr1873Jesse/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham697
MARCHANTHerbert William 6-Aug1865Jesse/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham522
MARCHANTJessie James 1-Nov1863Jessie Fanny, father a Labourer of Cudham471
MARCHANTNellie 3-Jan1892Thomas/Jane, Game Keeper of Bomber's Farm1059
MARCHANTWilliam George 1-Nov1874Jesse/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham724
MARCHANTWilliam George14-Apr-19072-Jun1907Thomas William/Hilda Jane , Labourer of Cudham1349
MARCHMONTEdith Sophia 2-Sep1866Jessi (sic) or Jesse/Annie, Groom of Cudham547
MARKHAMAlfred 20-Sep1868Thomas/Mary Ann, Farmer of Cudham609
MARKHAMArthur 20-Sep1868Thomas/Mary Ann, Farmer of Cudham, child aged 2 years and 6 months 608
MARKHAMClara Amelia 14-May1876Thomas/Mary Ann, Farmer of Cudham760
MARKHAMDinah 20-Sep1868Thomas/Mary, Farmer of Cudham610
MARKHAMEdith Amy4 December 18987-May1899Arthur/Edith Mary Caroline, Fruit Grower of Cudham1187
MARKHAMErnest Arthur4-Jul-19003-Feb1901Arthur/Edith May Caroline, Farmer of Cudham1221
MARNEY or MERNEYEmily 11-Jul1915William MERNEY, Licensed Hawker, and Emily SMITH of 19 Queens Road, Mitcham1561
MARSHReginald William 2-Jul1911William John/Clare Emma, Outfitter of Cranbrook1441
MARSHALLAlfred 23-Mar1856Charles/Lyddia, Labourer of Cudham257
MARSHALLSusan Sophy 23-Mar1856Charles/Lyddia, Labourer of Cudham258
MARTINAlbert Robert 5-Feb1871Albert/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham657
MARTINFrederick Harry 17-Nov1907Frederick James/Alice Louisa, Labourer of Biggin Hill1366
MARTINJames 7-Jul1867Albert/Elizabeth, Wood Cutter of of Cudham575
MASONWilliam David Wallace Blackstone 5-Jul1874William/Alice, Clerk of Cudham714
MASTERSAda Alice 5-Sep1869Albert/Elizabeth, Labourer of Berys, [Bury's] Cudham631
MAYAlice Amelia 6-Dec1863Israel/Elizabeth, Policeman of Cudham473
McCLELLANMabel Blanche17 March 1851; the wife of John Robert Freeman19-Apr1906Augustus William/Maria Ann Excise Officer Stanmore Middlesex1325
McFallElizabeth Genevieve Bernardine Crawford Haldane 11-Jan1914Haldane/Elizabeth de la Fontaine, Journalist, [abode left blank]1503
MEADOWSJohn Henry 6-Jul1879John/Patience, Labourer of Cudham828
MEDHURSTAlma Olive Sarah 3-Jan1897William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1153
MEDHURSTAnnie Amelia 2-Jul1893William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1092
MEDHURSTArthur edward 29-Jul1888William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1008
MEDHURSTEli John Acland 1-May1892William Henry/Ann, Labourer of Cudham1063
MEDHURSTEthel 5-Jul1885William/Mercy, Labourer of Cudham 944
MEDHURSTFrederick 29-Jul1888William/Mercy, Labourer of Cudham, child aged 19 1004
MEDHURSTHarriett Louisa 1-May1892William Henry/Eliza Ann, Labourer of Cudham1065
MEDHURSTJames 29-Jul1888William/Mercy, Labourer of Cudham, child aged 21 1005
MEDHURSTJoseph 29-Jul1888William/Mercy, Labourer of Cudham, child aged 17 1006
MEDHURSTThomas 29-Jul1888William/Mercy, Labourer of Cudham, child aged 15 1007
MEDHURSTWilliam George 1-May1892William Henry/Ann, Labourer of Cudham1064
MEDHURSTWilliam Thomas 2-Oct1881John/Patience, Labourer of Cudham873
MERCERJames 5-Feb1865Henry George/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Chelsfield510
MERCERSarah Anne 1-Jun1862Henry George/Sarah Anne, Labourer of Cudham433
MILESAlice Hayer 1-May1859Louis Hayer/Louisa Ann, Gentleman of Cudham344
MILESCaroline Louisa 13-Oct1861Louis Player/Louisa Ann, Gentleman of Cudham413
MILESGysbert Villette 5-Apr1863Louis Player/Louisa Ann, Gentleman of Cudham458
MILLSEdith Annie May 2-Jul1893Daniel/Edith, Labourer of Cudham1091
MILLSFrank Richard 11-Aug1912George Edward/Emma Louisa, Labourer of Norheads, Biggin Hill1465
MITCHELLEmily 2-Jun1878William/Emily, Labourer of Cudham804
MITCHELLFredericl 5-Mar1882William/Emily, Labourer of Cudham879
MITCHELLThomas 5-Mar1882William/Emily, Labourer of Cudham878
MOGFORDMontague Sidney31-Jul-190428-Aug1904Herbert Thomas/Annie, Secretary of Bedford Park1290
MONGERFrances Emma 7-May1882Alfred/Eliza, Butcher of of Cudham883
MOOREEmily Ethel 7-Jul1895Tom/Annie Sophia, Signalman of Cudham1128
MORA or MARAHarold Richard 7-Jul1918Richard/Maria, Private , Soldier of , 2/6 Royal Warwicks of 1599
MORGANWilliam Thomas Charles8-Sep-190614-Oct1906George William/Emma, Labourer of Luxted, Downe1338
MORRISCharles Mar1856Richard/Emilly [sic], Bailiff of Leaves Green, date not recorded only the month 256
MOTTRAMElizabeth Sarah 3-Feb1867Thomas/Mary Ann, Butler of Cudham559
MOTTRAMWilliam Henry 7-May1876Thomas/Mary Ann, Valet of Cudham758
MOXHAMChristopher Stewart 5-Jun1892Robert/Hale Isabella, Gentleman of Hostye, Cudham1071
MOXHAMEdgar Montague 1-Apr1883Robert/Isabella, Gentleman of Cudham903
MOXHAMEthel Maud 7-Aug1881Robert/Hale Isabella, Gentleman of Cudham865
MOXHAMFrancis James6-Sep-190130-Oct1901Robert James/Agnes, Butcher of Bexley1236
MOXHAMGerald 9-May1886Robert/Hale Isabella, Gentleman of Cudham954
MOXHAMHarold 28-Feb1879Robert/Hale Isabella, Gentleman of Cudham821
MOXHAMJames 25-Jul1880Robert/Hale Isabella, Gentleman of Cudham848
MOXHAMLilian May 7-Oct1877Robert/Hale Isabella, Farmer of Hostye Lodge,Cudham793
MOXHAMNora Mabel 6-Jul1884Robert/Hale Isabella, Gentleman of Cudham928
MOXHAMNorman Victor 5-Aug1888Robert/Hale Isabella, Gentleman of Cudham1010
MOXHAMWilliam Pearce 19-Nov1876Robert/Hale Isabella, Gentleman of Cudham767
MUNROGeorge Donald 4-Mar1917Donald/Georgina, Stockman of of Mace Cottages, Cudham1583
MUNROMarion Ruth 4-Mar1917Donald/Georgina, Stockman of of Mace Cottages, Cudham1584
MUSSELErnest Stanley 1-May1887Richard Isaac/Ada, Labourer of Cudham975
MUSSELFrank Gordon 7-Jun1885Richard/Ada, Baker of Cudham942
MUSSELRichard James 5-Nov1882Richard James/Ada, Baker of Cudham896
NELSONEvelina May4-May-19109-Jul1910William Henry/Agnes Edith, Photographer of Biggin Hill1414
NELSONVera Agnes11-Jun-190721-Jul1907William Henry/Agnes Edith, Photographer of Biggin Hill1356
NEWMANAnnie Ethel 3-May1891George/Sarah Emma, Labourer of Cudham1049
NEWMANDavid John25 February 18994-Jun1899George/Sarah Emma, Labourer of Cudham1188
NEWMANEdith Rose 4-Jun1876David/Jane, Labourer of Cudham762
NEWMANMaud Emma25-Feb-190421-Mar1904George/Sarah Emma, Labourer of Cudham1275
NEWMANRose Gertrude25-Feb-190421-Mar1904George/Sarah Emma, Labourer of Cudham1276
NEWMANWilliam Richard George 2-Feb1896George/Sarah Emma, Carter of Cudham1141
NEWNAMMary Ann 4-Nov1888George/Sarah Emma, Labourer of Cudham1013
NIGHTINGALEFlorence 3-Aug1862Walter/Harriet, Labourer of Knockholt443
NORMANAlbert 13-Jul1917son of Francis Annie of Temperance Cottage, Parkwood Rd, Tatsfield1593
NORRISDennis John 22-Jul1917Frederick Arnold/Elizabeth, Soldier of of Rose Cottage, Ricketts Hill, Tatsfield1594
NORRISKate Matilda 2-Apr1876John/Caroline, Waggoner of Cudham757
NORRISWilliam Sydney 12-Sep1915son of Norah, a maid of Biggin Hill, child born 7 April 19141565
OHARAFrederick Walter 4-Aug1889Daniel/Jane Sophia, Turnlock of Cudham1024
OLDENRebecca26-Apr-190918-Jul1909David/Jane, Fruit Picker of of Biggin Hill1402
OLLIVERSidney Wroughton3-Jan-19013-Mar1901Tom/Alice Beaban, Steedsman of Cudham1222
OSBORNEAlice May 1-May1881John/Annie, Shepherd of Cudham861
OSBORNEGeorge 11-Jan1852John/Mary, Labourer of Horns Green, Cudham145
OUSLEYEdith 7-Jul1878James/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham, corrected entry from 6 July 806
OUSLEYWilliam 7-Jul1878James/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham, corrected entry from 6 July 805
OWENAnn 21-Dec1856John/Ann, Labourer of Cudham277
OWENJohn 23-Dec1855John/Ann, Labourer of Cudham246
OWENWilliam 17-Jan1858John/Ann, Labourer of Cudham305
PACKMANAlbert 7-Aug1859Edward/Ann, Labourer of Cudham350
PACKMANHenry 5-Sep1852Edward/Ann, Labourer of Cudham160
PACKMANMartha Maria 4-Jan1863Edward/Ann, Labourer of Cudham448
PACKMANReuben Samuel 7-Aug1859Edward/Ann, Labourer of Cudham351
PACKMANThomas 30-Jun1850Edward/Ann, Labourer of Cudham51
PAGEEllen Sarah8-Dec-19015-Apr1902Edward/Harriet, Farmer of Cudham1245
PAGEWilliam Henry 4-Apr1869Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham, Natural child; entry in surname "Isaballa Page" 619
PAICEEdith Marian 6-Mar1887George/Alice, Labourer of Cudham971
PALMERPeter Frank 23-Jun1918Leslie Frank/Hilda Ann, Cadet British Armyof Hostye Farm, Cudham1596
PANKHURSTAlice 2-Nov1862George/Amy, Labourer of Knockholt444
PANKHURSTFanny 4-Nov1860George/Amy, Labourer of Cudham390
PARKERAlice Maud 6-Oct1872Thomas/Mary, Steward of Cudham685
PARKERMary 7-May1871Thomas/Mary, Bailiff of Cudham665
PARKERRichard Foster 3-Oct1875John/Sarah, Game Keeper of Knockholt747
PARRYHenrietta Maria 6-Oct1873base born child of Charlotte Elizabeth Parry, a labourer of Cackett's Lane709
PARSONSMargaret Ethel 16-Jul1899Arthur Charles/Hannah, Horse , Keeper of Catford1194
PATCHINGAlfred Ernest 14-Jan1869James/Ann Norrish[?], Gentleman of , Farmer of Cudham Lodge615
PATCHINGMary Ann 19-Sep1871James/Ann Norrish, Farmer of Cudham Lodge671
PATCHINGSarah Lilly 4-Apr1874James/Ann Norrish, Gentleman of Laborer Cudham Lodge712
PEABODYJoan Marjorie 17-Jun1917Charles Henry/Alice, Sheet Metal Worker of 2a Bonington Road, Maida Hill1592
PEACOCKChristine Nellie14-Oct-190813-Dec1908Silas Lewis/Georgina, Labourer of Cudham1385
PEACOCKDouglas Lewis17-Jun-19133-Aug1913Silas Lewis/Georgina, Carman of Cudham1478
PEACOCKEric Edgar 1-Apr1911Silas Lewis/Georgina, Labourer of Cudham, Received 7 May 1911 1433
PEACOCKFrederick Ernest25-Apr-19003-Jun1900Silas Lewis/Georgina, Labourer of Cudham1205
PEACOCKFrederick Percy 6-Dec1874Frederick/Matilda Ann, Labourer of Cudham725
PEACOCKHilda Kezia 2-Oct1898Silas Lewis/Georgina, Labourer of Downe1175
PEACOCKIsabel Florence6-Jul-190626-Aug1906Silas Lewis/Georgina, Labourer of Cudham1335
PEACOCKLeslie John 1-Jun1902Silas Lewis/Georgina, Labourer of Luxted, Downe1250
PEACOCKMilly Rose15-Nov-19045-Feb1905Silas Lewis/Georgina, Labourer of Cudham1293
PEACOCKWilliam 4-Mar1860Robert/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham367
PEACOCKWilliam Lewis [blank]1866John/Kezia, Engineer of Cudham529
PECKHAMArthur Charles28-Jun-19133-Aug1913Charles/Edith Emily, Groom of Westerham Hill, Cudham1479
PECKHAMBertram John 10-Nov1916Charles/Edith Emily, Groom of Sil**hed Cottage, Cudham1582
PECKHAMFlorence 31-Jul1898John/Sarah Jane, Groom of Cudham1173
PEDDERMuriel Doreen Winifred21-Mar-19159-May1915William Ralph/Mildred Mabel, Chauffeur in Army Service Corps of Pratts Bottom, Chelsfield1555
PEDDERRonald Wilfred Charles11-Jun-191320-Jul1913William Ralph/Mildred Mabel, Chauffeur of Cacketts Lane, Chelsfield1476
PERRENFrederick 1-May1864Alfred/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham486
PERRYFrancis Hugh 7-Jan1883William/Mary, Coachman of Cudham897
PODMOREReginald James12-Jul-191330-Aug1913John/Sarah Ann, Stud Groom of Cacketts Lane, Cudham1481
POTTERAnnie 2-Dec1860William/Emma, Labourer of Cudham393
PRINCEHenry Albert 13-Oct1889John/Robert, Gardener of Cudham1032
PRINGHenry James 6-Jun1869John/Mary, Labourer of Cudham628
PULLMANAlwyn John 20-Sep1895James/Minnie Susannah, Clerk of of Cudham1134
QUINTONAnna Quinton 9-Apr1893William/Louisa, Travellers of Cudham (Westerham Hill)1086
RELPHAgnes 4-Jan1863Richard/Mary, Publican of Cudham446
RELPHEdwin Thomas 2-Dec1860Richard/Mary, Publican of Cudham392
RELPHHarry 1-Sep1867Richard/Mary, Inn Keeper of Cudham579
RELPHRobert Victor 1-Jan1865Richard/Mary, Inn Keeper of Cudham504
RICHARDSAlfred 18-Nov1855Thomas/Mary, Labourer of Cudham244
RICHARDSFrederick 12-Jun1853Thomas/Mary, Labourer of Joshua's Cottage,Cudham183
RICHARDSGeorge 12-Jun1853Anthony/Mary, Labourer of Cudham, Shingle Street182
RICHARDSHarriett 3-Jun1866Anthony/Mary Anne, Labourer of Cudham535
RICHARDSHenry Thomas 22-Aug1858Thomas/Mary, Brick Maker of Cudham316
RICHARDSLouisa 12-Jan1851Thomas/Mary, Labourer of Cudham116
RIDERJohn William 1-May1864George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham488
ROBERTSAnnie Eleanor27-Jan-190516-Jul1905John/Eleanor, Labourer of Caterham1305
ROBERTSHarry5-Aug-19094-Aug1910Ambrose/Susan, Fruit Picker of of Biggin Hill1421
ROBERTSHenry 14-Jul1912Henry/Rebecca, Labourer of Hailsham1461
ROBERTSMargaret Rebecca13-May-190516-Jul1905Thomas/Annie, Labourer of Heathfield1306
ROBERTSObed 22-Jul1900Obed/Rebecca, Hawker of Farnham1211
ROFFEYAmos Thomas Allen 5-Feb1888Amos George/Catherine Matilda, Labourer of Cudham990
ROFFEYGrace Catherine 6-Jan1889Amos George/Catherine Matilda, Labourer of Cudham1016
ROOTSDaisy Ellen9-Mar-191231-Mar1912Edwin William/Lily Frances, Carter of Biggin Hill1455
ROOTSEdwin William 18-Jun1916Edwin William/Lily Frances, House, Keeper of Mount Pleasant, Cudham1576
ROWEAlbert George 2-Jul1911Frederick/Mary Ann, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham1443
ROWEAlice 4-Nov1866James/Mary Anne, Black, Smith of of Cudham551
ROWEAthur Ernest 2-Jul1911George/Annie, Labourer of Berries, Cudham1446
ROWEEdward John13-Apr-19125-Oct1913James/Rose Eliza, Labourer of Luxted, Downe1487
ROWEEthel Mary4-Jul-191314-Sep1913Frederick/Mary Ann, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham1484
ROWEFlorence Gladys 2-Jul1911James/Rose Eliza, Labourer of Luxted, Downe1444
ROWEFrances Anne Ellen22-Jun-190814-Sep1913George/Anne, Labourer of Berries, Cudham1485
ROWEGeorge James 2-Jul1911George/Annie, Labourer of Berries, Cudham1445
ROWEMary Ann 1-Apr1877James/Mary Ann, Black, Smith of of Cudham775
ROWEMaud Mary 5-Jul1914George/Annie of Berries, Cudham1537
ROWENellie Mary 7-May1910Frederick/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham, private baptism 1410
ROWEWilliam18-May-190414-Sep1913George/Anne, Labourer of Berries, Cudham1486
RUCKERCharles Edward Sigismund 25-Nov1894Edward Augustus/Mary Emmeline, Gentleman of Cudham Hall, child privately baptised Received into the church Sunday 16 June 1895 1120
RUCKEREileen Thereza 12-Feb1893Edward Augustus/Mary Emmeline, Gentleman of Cudham 1085
RUCKERKathleen Gabrielle 28-Nov1897Edward Augustus/Mary Emmeline, Colonial Broker of Cudham 1165
RUCKERPatrick William 4-Sep1900Edward Augustus/Mary Emmeline, Colonial Broker of Cudham Hall 1215
RUCKERRobert Sinclair9 December 189812-Feb1899Edward Augustus/Mary Emmeline, Colonial Broker of Cudham 1182
RUSSELLRebecca12-Jun-190911-Jul1909William/Naomi, Fruit Picker of Westerham Hill1400
RYEAda18-Jul-19086-Nov1913Percy William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham Lodge Cottages1490
RYEBertie Christopher7 December 189710-Jul1899Percy William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1192
RYEBoysey Geoffrey7-Feb-190030-Aug1900Percy William/Elizabeth, , Carman of of Norheads1214
RYECharles Ernest 4-Jun1911Ernest/Florence, Carman of of Biggin Hill1440
RYEElla Elizabeth12-Sep-19036-Nov1913Percy William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham Lodge Cottages1492
RYEErnest David17-Sep-19086-Nov1913Percy William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham Lodge Cottages1491
RYEErnest Richard5-Dec-191212-Jan1913Ernest/Florence, Carman of of Biggin Hill1470
RYEHarold Alexander29-Aug-190120-Oct1901Percy William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1235
RYEPercy William29 August 189910-Jul1899Percy William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1193
SADLERPeggy Primrose20-Mar-19043-May1914Harry/Elizabeth, Groom of Cackets Lane, Cudham1513
SAUNDERSElisabeth 18-Jun1848Daniel/Sarah, Labourer of Leaves Green13
SAUNDERSFredrick 8-Sep1850Daniel/Sarah, Labourer of Leaves Green53
SAUNDERSGeorge 4-Apr1852Daniel/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham151
SAUNDERSSidney 2-Sep1860Daniel/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham379
SAUNDERSSophia 12-Nov1854Daniel/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham215
SAUNDERS written SAUNDERDaniel 13-Sep1857Daniel/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham295
SAWCharles 1-Jan1885James/Ann, Labourer of Cudham936
SAWLilllie 1-Feb1880James/Ann, Labourer of Cudham, Note: civil registration of birth has child's name as Lillie May Church and surname may be Sawl (corrected entry) results in SAW841
SAWRobert 1-Oct1882James/Ann, Labourer of Cudham891
SCOTTAlbert Ernest Reginald 20-Aug1916Reginald John/Medelia, Coach , Builder of of 109 Selgrave Road, Shepherd of 's Bush1579
SCOTTVera Blanche Medelia 20-Aug1916Reginald John/Medelia, Coach , Builder of of 109 Selgrave Road, Shepherd of 's Bush1580
SEALAlfred Alexander 7-Jan1877Alfred/Christina, Groom of Cudham769
SHELDONAlice Sophia 24-Mar1914Thomas/Alice Biggin Hill1539
SHELDONAnnie May 24-Mar1914Thomas/Alice Biggin Hill1541
SHELDONHelen Kate 24-Mar1914Thomas/Alice Biggin Hill1540
SHEPHERDAda Evelyn 5-May1901Harry/Ada Marion, Gardener of Cudham1223
SHEPHERDKathleen Irene 15-Apr1917Henry Edwin/Kathleen, Soldier of of Westerham Hill1590
SHERMANAnne Louisa 17-Feb1856William/Mary Ann, Shoemaker of Cacket's Lane, Chelsfield253
SHERMANClara Frances 5-Feb1860William/Mary Ann, Threshman of Cudham363
SHERMANJoseph Edmund 17-Feb1856William/Mary Ann, Shoemaker of Cacket's Lane, Chelsfield251
SHERMANLaura 19-Apr1857William/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham286
SHERMANMaria 17-Feb1856William/Mary Ann, Shoemaker of Cacket's Lane, Chelsfield252
SHERMANMary Susanna 17-Feb1856William/Mary Ann, Shoemaker of Cacket's Lane, Chelsfield249
SHERMANThomas William 17-Feb1856William/Mary Ann, Shoemaker of Cacket's Lane, Chelsfield250
SIMMONSEmily 2-Dec1900George/Mahalath, Shepherd of Cudham1217
SIMMONSReginald19 April 18992-Jul1899George/Mahalath, Shepherd of Cudham1190
SINGERJane 3-Apr1859Thomas/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham340
SINGERThomas 2-Jun1861Thomas/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham406
SINGLETONAlbert Ernest  11-Feb1917George Frederick/Martha Anne, Soldier of of Berries Green1581
SINGLETONDora Daisy29-Mar-19147-Jun1914George Frederick/Martha Ann, Wheelwright of Cudham1516
SINGLETONGeorge Joseph8-May-190924-Jan1915George Frederick/Martha Ann, Wheelwright of Cudham1554
SINGLETONJoy Grace17-Apr-19127-Jul1912George Frederick/Martha Ann, Wheelwright of Berries, Cudham1457
SINGLETONMay Constance 1-Sep1901George Frederick/Martha Anne, Wheelwright of Cudham1228
SINGLETONNorman Walter Thomas 12-Jan1916Walter Thomas/Christine Annie, Labourer of Laurel Cottage, Cudham, private baptism 1574
SINGLETONViolet10-Feb-19052-Apr1905George Frederick/Martha Anne, Wheelwright of Cudham1297
SINGLETONWalter Thomas James27-Jan-19073-Mar1907George Frederick/Martha Ann, Wheelwright of Cudham1341
SINGLETONWilliam George3-Dec-19021-Feb1903George Frederick/Martha Anne, Wheelwright of Cudham1260
SKELTONAlfy6-May-190513-Aug1905Arthur/Phoebe, Basket Maker of Cudham1309
SKELTONEliza16-Feb-19094-Aug1910Arthur/Phoebe, Fruit Picker of of Biggin Hill1420
SKELTONHelen11-Dec-19064-Aug1910Arthur/Phoebe, Fruit Picker of of Biggin Hill1419
SKINNERAlfred Henry19-Nov-190524-Jun1906Frederick/Emma, Labourer of Norheads, Biggin Hill1327
SKINNERAlfred Thomas 1-May1887William Everert/Jane, Labourer of Cudham972
SKINNERElizabeth Harriet 5-May1867John/Emily, Labourer of Cudham568
SKINNEREllen Eliza 5-May1878Henry/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham803
SKINNEREllen Hilda 21-Jul1912Frederick/Emma, Labourer of Norheads, Biggin Hill1463
SKINNEREthel Maud26-Apr-190721-Jul1907Frederick/Emma, Labourer of Norheads,Cudham1355
SKINNERFlorence Mary Jane28-Aug-19135-Oct1913William Benjamin/Nellie, Labourer of Cudham1488
SKINNERFrederick 1-Jan1871Henry/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham655
SKINNERFrederick John 7-Feb1875John/Emily, Labourer of Cudham733
SKINNERGeorge 16-Apr1854John/Emily, Labourer of Leaves Green191
SKINNERHarold William James 1-Jun1902William Benjamin/Nellie, Labourer of Cudham1249
SKINNERHarriet 24-Jun1855James/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham236
SKINNERHilda Lily Mary Jane28-Apr-19054-Jun1905Leonard John/Ellen Mary, Black Smith of Cudham1300
SKINNERJames 20-Apr1856John/Emily, Labourer of Leaves Green260
SKINNERJohn 2-Aug1868Henry James, Labourer of Cudham600
SKINNERJohn Everest 11-Jan1914Leonard John/Ellen Mary, Black Smith of Leaves Green1506
SKINNERKathleen Eliza Jane12-Jul-191310-Aug1913Richard George/Kate, Labourer of Luxted1480
SKINNERLeonard John 3-Feb1884William Everert/Jane, Labourer of Cudham925
SKINNERLilley Sophia 6-Feb1881Henry/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham856
SKINNERMary Ann 2-Jan1876Henry/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham753
SKINNERMaude Ellen27-Jul-19071-Sep1907Leonard John/Ellen Mary, Black Smith of Luxted, Downe1360
SKINNERNellie Edith Rose 1-Oct1911William Benjamin/Nellie, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham1449
SKINNERRichard George 5-Jul1885William Everert/Jane, Labourer of Cudham943
SKINNERThomas 7-Aug1859John/Emily, Labourer of Cudham, omitted to be entered 466
SKINNERWilliam 2-Aug1863John/Emily, Labourer of Cudham467
SKINNERWilliam Benjamin 2-Oct1881William Everert/Jane, Labourer of Cudham871
SKINNERWilliam Benjamin10-Mar-19011-May1904Nellie, Labourer of Cudham1285
SKINNERWilliam Henry 3-Aug1873Henry/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham704
SMITHArthur 7-Oct1860William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham381
SMITHArthur John 5-Aug1866William/Hannah, Carpenter of Cudham542
SMITHBeatrice Maud31-Oct-190526-May1906John/Susannah, Game Keeper of Cudham1326
SMITHBenjamin James 2-Feb1868John/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham, received into the Church 589
SMITHEdmund James 3-Feb1878William/Ellen Sophia, Labourer of Cudham798
SMITHEdward 5-Jul1863William/Eliza, Gardener of Cudham465
SMITHEileen Fanny 14-Dec1913Sydney/Mahalath, Fish-Monger of Aperfield1505
SMITHEllenor 26-Aug1855Bennet/Harriot, Fruiterer of Cudham241
SMITHEmily Elizabeth 13-Jun1858George/Emily, Shepherd of Cudham311
SMITHFrance Amelia Eliza 4-Aug1889William/Rose Annie, Baker of Cudham1022
SMITHFrank 2-Jul1916Frank/Amy Licensed, Hawker of Wolverhampton1577
SMITHFreddie30-Sep-190513-Aug1905Job/Mary Anne, Labourer of Cudham1310
SMITHFrederick 18-Jul1914Jack , Smith of , Hawker of , and Mary Ann SEARS of Biggin Hill1543
SMITHFrederick Albert 1-Apr1877Herbert/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham777
SMITHFredric 25-May1851Reuben/Elizabeth, Gardener of Cudham132
SMITHGentela 7-Aug1892James/Janet, [blank] , Travellers of 1079
SMITHGeorge 20-Dec1868George/Emily, Labourer of Cudham614
SMITHHerbert 16-Apr1854Reuben/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham192
SMITHJob28-Jul-19104-Aug1910George/Esther, Fruit Picker of of Biggin Hill1417
SMITHJoby 13-Aug1905Job/Mary Anne, Labourer of Cudham1311
SMITHJohn21 June 1858 Privately baptisedJune1859Arthur/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham347
SMITHJonathan William 4-Jan1885William/Ellen Sophia, Labourer of Cudham937
SMITHJoseph16-Jun-19068-Jul1906Aaron/Louisa, Labourer of Westerham Hill1331
SMITHLeonard  18-Jul1914Jack , Smith of , Hawker of , and Mary Ann SEARS of Biggin Hill1544
SMITHMartha Katura 7-Oct1855Reuben/Elizabeth, Fruiterer of Cudham242
SMITHMatilda 7-Aug1859Reuben/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham349
SMITHNoah5-Nov-19054-Aug1910George/Esther, Fruit Picker of of Biggin Hill1418
SMITHPhillis 1-May1870George/Emily, Labourer of Cudham641
SMITHSarah 6-May1860Arthur/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham374
SMITHSophia 2-Jan1876William/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham754
SMITHThomas Jesse 2-May1869Thomas/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham620
SMITHThomas William 21-Aug1853base born son of William SMITH, Labourer, and Julia HAYES of Cudham 185
SMITHToby 2-Jul1893Henry/Anne Edna, Travellers of Cudham1096
SMITHVanslow19-Jun-190516-Jul1905John/Alice, Hawker of Brighton1307
SPANKHURSTAlfred 9-Nov1856George/Amy, Labourer of Cudham273
SPANKHURSTAnn 17-Sep1854George/Amy, Labourer of Cudham211
SPANKHURSTEllen 30-May1852George/Amy, Labourer of Cudham156
SPANKHURSTJohn David 17-Oct1858George/Amy, Labourer of Cudham325
SPANKHURSTWilliam 17-Mar1850George/Amy, Labourer of Grays Cottages47
SPANKHURST or PANKHURSTBenjamin 12-Mar1848George/Amy, Labourer of Grays Cottages, the entry reads literally "SPANKHURST or PANKHURST"; the civil registration at Bromley is for a male child SPANKHURST in the relevant quarter 6
STANDINGWilliam 3-Jun1866George/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham537
STANDINGWilliam James 14-Nov1915William/Kate Laura, Labourer of Westerham Hill1566
STAPELSAlfred 6-May1851Allen/Betsey, Labourer of Cudham130
STAPLESCatherine Matilda17 Sep 18602-Jun1861Alwen/Betsy, Labourer of Cudham408
STAPLESCharles Alexander 1-Feb1863Alwen/Betsy, Labourer of Cudham453
STAPLESEllen Jane 25-Dec1852Alwen/Betsy, Labourer of Cudham167
STAPLESEmily 5-Sep1847Allen/Betsey, Labourern/a
STAPLESFrances Mary 21-Mar1858Alwen/Betsy, Labourer of Cudham309
STAPLESFrederick 8-Jul1855Alwen/Betsy, Labourer of Cudham237
STAPLESJames 29-Mar1857base born son of Susan Anne of Cudham 283
STAPLESRichard 17-Jun1849Alwen/Betsey, Woodcutter of Westerham Road33
STAPLESThomas Albert 3-Jul1892Frederick/Martha Ann, Labourer of Cudham1076
STEERSSophia Amilia 6-Apr1873daughter of Christina, single woman of Cudham699
STILESClara20 August 1840 entered in the church 17 March6317-Mar1863Thomas/Sarah, Black Smith of Cudham455
STOBOLDAmelia Elizabeth 4-Feb1883illegitimate daughter of Minnie of Cudham902
STONEElizabeth 28-Aug1885William/Emma, Labourer of Chelsfield947
STONEEmily 6-May1888William/Emily, Labourer of Cudham996
STONEMinnie 31-May1865daughter of Eliza Catherine, Lady of Knightsbridge518
STONEWilliam George 1-Aug1886William George/Emma, Labourer of Cudham965
STOTERKate Elizabeth 4-Feb1883illegitimate daughter of Bessie of Cudham 901
SWAINMary Ann 6-Jul1871Joseph/Emily, Labourer of Cudham670
SWAINSusannah 6-Jul1871Joseph/Emily, Labourer of Cudham669
SWIFTWalter 30-Jan1848Henry/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham Street4
SWINDALEEmily 5-Nov1848Thomas/Mary Ann, Labourer of Bury's Cottages18
SWINDALEGeorge 23-Jun1850Thomas/Mary Ann, Labourer of Bury's50
SWINDELLFrank 30-May1855Thomas/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham233
SWINDELLNorman Robert 5-Mar1871Robert/Ellen, Labourer of Cudham658
SWINDELLSarah Ann 1-Feb1852Thomas/Mary, Labourer of Bury's, Cudham147
TAMPLINArthur Charles 2-Mar1902Arthur/Bertha Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1242
TAMPLINFanny Gladys11-Sep-19022-Nov1902Arthur/Bertha Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham1258
TAPSALLEliza 21-Nov1864Thomas/Mary, Labourer of Cudham500
TAPSALLSarah 5-Jan1868Thomas/Mary, Labourer of Cudham585
TAPSALL or TAPSELLThomas William 2-Oct1859Thomas/Mary, Labourer of Cudham358
TAPSELLGeorge Edward 7-Sep1873George Stephen/Harriet, Carpenter of Cudham707
TAPSELLHenry John 2-Feb1862Thomas/Mary, Labourer of Cudham423
TARRANTJames 3-Jan1864George/Mary Ann, Labourer of Cudham478
TAYLORFrisby 24-Aug1895Frederick/Alice, Labourer of Cudham1133
TERRYFrederick Edward Jesse1-Dec-190521-Jan1906Frederick Jesse/Harriett Matilda, Labourer of Cudham1320
TERRYLaurence Herbert27-Dec-191019-Feb1911Charles Herbert/Ada Elizabeth, Carpenter of Cudham1432
TERRYPercy Charles15-Dec-190716-Feb1908Frederick/Alice, Decorator of of Biggin Hill1371
TERRYRuth Elizabeth12-Mar-191116-Jul1911Frederick/Alice, Decorator of of Biggin Hill1447
TESSIERElsie Florence8-Jul-190812-Sep1908Herman William/Florence Annie, Tailor of Kirkwood Road, Peckham1381
TESSIERWinifred Annie Rose19-Apr-190712-Sep1908Herman William/Florence Annie, Tailor of Kirkwood Road, Peckham1382
TESTERAlice Mabel 19-Mar1914adult baptism of the child of George Edward/Elizabeth,, Wheelwright of of Cudham 1510
TESTERDoris Elizabeth24-Oct-191410-Jan1915George/Emma, Carter of Cudham1553
TESTERIvy Lilian20-May-19145-Jul1914Lewis/Beatrice Harriett Hornes Green, Cudham1538
TESTERIvy Queenie26-Oct-191410-Jan1915Harry/Esther, Carter of Cudham1552
TESTERMay Victoria 19-Mar1914adult baptism of the child of George Edward/Elizabeth,, Wheelwright of of Cudham 1512
TESTERRose 19-Mar1914adult baptism of the child of George Edward/Elizabeth,, Wheelwright of of Cudham 1511
THOMPSONAlbert Edward 4-Nov1888Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham 1015
THOMPSONClara 5-Jul1874Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham 717
THOMPSONClifford John 28-Jun1908Joseph/Annie, Bootmaker of Westerham Hill1377
THOMPSONDavid John 7-Aug1910William Frederick/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1422
THOMPSONEdith 5-Dec1886Horace/Margaret, Road , Foreman of of Cudham968
THOMPSONEdward Joseph Walker29-Oct-190210-Feb1904Joseph Walker/Annie Emma, Bootmaker of Cudham1272
THOMPSONEliza 3-Sep1899William Frederick/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham, privately baptised 22 June 1200
THOMPSONEllen Isabella 3-Oct1891Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham 1057
THOMPSONEmma 6-Apr1885Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham 927
THOMPSONEthel Annie 2-Feb1896William Frederick/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1140
THOMPSONFlora 3-Mar1872Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham 676
THOMPSONFrederick 1-Apr1871Samuel/Martha, Labourer of Cudham664
THOMPSONHarold Arthur20-Dec-19134-Jun1915Alfred Samuel/Maria Elizabeth, Labourer of The Fort Westerham Hill1560
THOMPSONHenry 3-Oct1897William Frederick/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1162
THOMPSONHorace 3-Apr1859Samuel/Martha, Labourer of Cudham339
THOMPSONJames Frederick27-Jan-19024-May1902William Frederick/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1247
THOMPSONLilian May 1-May1887Henry/Isabella, Gardener of Cudham 974
THOMPSONLouisa Emma 4-Sep1887William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham980
THOMPSONMargaret 3-Jun1883Horace/Margaret, Labourer of Cudham910
THOMPSONMartha Susan 5-Oct1879Samuel/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham836
THOMPSONMatilda 3-Mar1889William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1018
THOMPSONMaud Mary 1-Dec1883Samuel/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham920
THOMPSONNorman15-Apr-19054-Jun1905William Frederick/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1301
THOMPSONOlive Norah 1-Mar1891William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1048
THOMPSONSamuel Frederick 2-Jul1876Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham 763
THOMPSONSarah Jane 4-Aug1861Samuel/Martha, Labourer of Cudham411
THOMPSONViolet18-Oct-19075-Jan1908William Frederick/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1369
THOMPSONWalter 4-Jun1882Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham 889
THOMPSONWilliam Frederick 5-Feb1882Samuel/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham877
THOMPSONWilliam Frederick 4-Jun1893William/Eliza, Labourer of Cudham1088
THOMPSON or THOMPSONEAlfred 2-May1880Henry/Isabella, Labourer of Cudham 845
THORPEWilliam 5-Apr1885William/Ada, Labourer of Cudham940
TIPPINJames 5-Jun1859John/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Cudham346
TIPPINWilliam 1-Mar1857John/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Cudham281
TIPPIN or TIPPINGJohn 20-Oct1850Jonathan/Hester, Labourer of Cudham56
TIPPINGAlbert Arthur2-Jan-190918-Apr1909George William/Annie Elizabeth, Farmer of Cudham1391
TIPPINGAmy Elizabeth2-Feb-190312-Apr1903George William/Annie Elizabeth, Fruit , Farmer of Cudham1266
TIPPINGElsie May28 January 1897; father deceased22-Sep1910Walter/Emma Caroline, Baker (deceased) of Cudham1423
TIPPINGGeorge William 5-Jan1868son of Sarah of Cudham, not married586
TIPPINGHedley James23-Jun-190421-Aug1904George William/Annie Elizabeth, Farmer of Cudham1289
TIPPINGJohn 14-Dec1851John/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Cudham143
TIPPINGJohn William 5-Jun1898George William/Annie Elizabeth, Fruit Grower of Cudham1171
TIPPINGJoseph 6-May1849John/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Burys29
TIPPINGPercy Henry George27-Apr-19017-Jul1901George William/Annie Elizabeth, Fruit Grower of Cudham1226
TIPPINGSamuel 1-Apr1860John/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Cudham370
TIPPINGSarah Ann 12-Mar1848John/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Bury's Cottages7
TIPPINGSusan 3-Aug1862John/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Cudham442
TIPPINGThomas 28-May1854John/Sarah Ann, Labourer of Cudham197
TIPPINGWalter 4-Jun1865John/Sarah Anne, Labourer of Cudham519
TIPTONLillian Martha 18-Aug1895Thomas/Annie, Carpenter of Cudham1132
TIPTONMay 7-Jun1897Thomas/Annie, Gardener of Cudham1156
TOLHURSTBeatrice Winifred13-Dec-19028-Feb1903George/Abigail, Labourer of Cudham1264
TREMAINAlice 4-Sep1864John/Ann, Black Smith of Cudham493
TREMAINArthur Frederick19-Aug-19051-Oct1905Arthur/Sarah Jane, Market , Gardener of Biggin Hill1315
TREMAINCatherine 7-Jul1861John/Ann, Black Smith of Cudham409
TREMAINEliza 21-May1848Jesse/Sarah, Labourer of Old Jail House12
TREMAINFrank Albert 31-Mar1907Arthur/Sarah Jane, Fruit Grower of Aperfield Cottages, Biggin Hill, Cudham1345
TREMAINGeorge 2-Aug1874John/Ann, Black Smith of Cudham719
TREMAINGladys Annie21-Oct-190926-Dec1909Arthur/Sarah Jane, Farrier of Aperfield Cottage1405
TREMAINJesse 6-Jul1851Jesse/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham134
TREMAINJohn 24-Dec1854George/Ann, Labourer of Cudham221
TREMAINJohn George28-Nov-190328-Feb1904Arthur/Sarah Jane, Fruit Grower of Cudham1273
TREMAINRobert 3-Mar1861George/Ann, Black, Smith of of Cudham399
TREMAIN or TREMAINEAlbert  3-Jul1870John/Ann, Black Smith of Cudham646
TREMAIN or TREMAINEEdith 6-Apr1873John/Ann, Black Smith of Cudham695
TREMAINEArthur 7-Apr1878John/Ann, Black Smith of Cudham800
TREMAINEEliza 4-May1862John/Ann, Black Smith of Cudham429
TREMAINEEllen 5-Jul1863John/Ann, Black Smith of Cudham464
TREMAINEHarold Stanley 4-Aug1912Arthur/Sarah Jane, Farmer of Biggin Hill1464
TREMAINEJohn [blank]1866John/Anne, Black Smith of Cudham530
TURNEREmma 3-Nov1895Joseph/Emma, Black Smith of Cudham1135
TWINERAugusta Susanna 1-Nov1868William/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham612
TYERFrederick25-May-190821-Jun1908Frederick/Lydia, Labourer of Westerham Hill1376
VANTDennis Stanley11-Aug-19104-Sep1910Stanley Herbert/Mary Ann, Labourer of Biggin Hill1425
WALKERJohn Herbert 1-Sep1912son of Esther Gwynne and a , Soldier of , mother of 9 Bloomfield Road, Cheriton, Kent1466
WARDAlbert 4-Feb1883Christopher/Annie Marie, Gardener of Cudham900
WARDAlfred 6-Apr1862John/Lydia Lamb, Sawyer of Cudham428
WARDAnnie 1-Oct1911Albert/Annie Jane, Labourer of Single Street, Cudham1450
WARDChristopher 31-May1857John/Lydia Lamb, Sawyer of Cudham288
WARDFrank 4-Mar1860John/Lydia Lamb, Labourer of Cudham368
WARDMartha 5-Mar1871John/Lydia Lamb, Carpenter of Cudham661
WARDRosa 5-Aug1866John/Lydia Lamb, Sawyer of Cudham544
WARDSarah Elizabeth 1-May1864John/Lydia Lamb, Sawyer of Cudham487
WARDTimothy 29-Apr1855John/Lydia Lamb, Sawyer of Cudham232
WATSONAlice Maud 6-May1877Charles/Julia, Inn Keeper of Cudham781
WATSONArthur Thomas 1-Dec1878Charles/Julia Ann, Publican of Cudham816
WATSONBlanch Sophia 2-Jan1876Charles/Julia Ann, Inn Keeper of Cudham752
WATSONCharles Frederic 3-Feb1884Charles/Julia Ann, Publican of Cudham924
WATSONEllen 1-Aug1880Charles/Julia Ann, Publican of Cudham850
WATSONRichard James 2-Aug1874Charles/Julia Ann, Inn Keeper of Cudham718
WATSONThomas William 3-Apr1859Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham341
WEBSTERAlbert Henry9-Aug-191028-Sep1910Albert James/May, Carter of South Street, Westerham Hill1428
WEBSTERAlfred William 30-Jun1879James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham826
WEBSTERAmy Jane 2-Sep1877James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham792
WEBSTERAnnie 6-Jun1886James/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham962
WEBSTERBeatrice Maude 6-Jun1886James/MaryJane, Labourer of Cudham961
WEBSTERBernard George 4-Nov1888James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham1012
WEBSTERConstance Clara 2-Sep1894James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham1113
WEBSTERElsie Gertrude 2-Nov1890James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham1043
WEBSTERJames Albert 2-Oct1881James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham872
WEBSTERKate Matilda 6-Sep1896James/Jane, Farm Labourer of Cudham1149
WEBSTERMarjory May9-Aug-191028-Sep1910Albert James/May, Carter of South Street, Westerham Hill1427
WEBSTERPercy Harold 5-Jun1892James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham1068
WEBSTERWilliam Harold 1-Aug1897James/Jane, Labourer of Cudham1160
WEEKESDorothea Annie9-Nov-190616-Jun1907Goodridge Charles/Rose Harriett, Shepherd of Hardley, Hants1350
WELCHJohn William 2-Nov1879John William/Harriet, Labourer of Cudham839
WELLANDKathleen Winifred25-Aug-190521-Jan1906Walter William/Lois, Labourer of Cudham1318
WELLSAlice Harriett 4-Dec1887John/Alice, Labourer of Cudham989
WELLSAnn Keziah 3-Jan1864Thomas/Caroline, Carpenter of Cudham480
WELLSCharles Theodore13-Jan-19106-Mar1910Charles Stretton/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham1408
WELLSCharlie 28-Aug1915Edgar/Elizabeth, Farmer of Skid Hill1564
WELLSConstance Dulcie23-Dec-190410-Apr1904Charles Stretton/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham1278
WELLSDonald 10-Jun1917Edgar/Elizabeth, Farmer of Skid Hill Farm1591
WELLSEdwin Joseph 6-Apr1873Robert/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham696
WELLSElizabeth Anne 2-Jun1861Thomas/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham405
WELLSEmily 2-Sep1877Thomas/Caroline, Carpenter of Cudham791
WELLSFanny Caroline 7-Apr1872Thomas/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham679
WELLSFrances Alice 2-Jun1861base born daughter of Joseph WELLS, Labourer and Fanny BRASIER of Cudham 407
WELLSGeorge 5-Apr1863Thomas/Caroline, Carpenter of Cudham457
WELLSGeorge Richard31-Dec-190620-Jan1907Edwin Joseph/Louisa Farm, Labourer of Boundary View,Cudham1339
WELLSHarry22-Jun-191014-Aug1910Edgar/Elizabeth, Game Keeper of Cudham1424
WELLSJames 3-Apr1859Robert/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham337
WELLSJohn Henry 4-Dec1864Robert/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham502
WELLSJohn William 6-Jul1862Robert/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham437
WELLSKathleen Eliza30-Jan-19024-May1902Charles Stretton/Fanny, Labourer of Cudham1248
WELLSLeslie John25-Jan-191313-Apr1913Edgar/Elizabeth, Game Keeper of Skid Hill1472
WELLSMargaret Alice17 April 18994-Jun1899Charles Stretton/Fanny, Gardener of Cudham1189
WELLSNoel 29-Oct1911Edgar/Elizabeth, Game Keeper of Norheads, Biggin Hill1453
WELLSSarah 17-Aug1856Thomas/Caroline, Carpenter of Cudham267
WELLSSusan Louisa5-Feb-190918-Apr1909Edwin Joseph/Emma Louisa, Labourer of Westerham Hill1389
WELLSThomas 3-Mar1867Robert/Harriet, Shepherd of Cudham562
WELLSWilliam 28-Nov1858Thomas/Caroline, Carpenter of Cudham329
WELLSWilliam 5-May1867Robert/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham570
WELLSWinifred Fanny 1-Aug1897Charles Stretton/Fanny, Gardener of Cudham1159
WESTGeorge 21-Oct1849Reuben/Mary, Labourer of Leaves Green38
WESTJohn 4-Jul1847Reuben/Mary, Labourer of n/a
WESTWilliam 1-Feb1852Reuben/Mary, Labourer of Leaves Green148
WEST*ORTHBertram Henry 4-Jun1882George/Eliza,, Wood Broker of of Cudham888
WESTACOTTDorothy Helena 10-May1911John/Edith Mary, Farmer of Cudham1438
WESTACOTTMuriel Edith 4-Sep1909John/Edith Mary, Farmer of Cudham Lodge, private baptism 1403
WESTAERTHJohn20-Feb-19073-Apr1907John/Edith Mary, Farmer of Cudham Lodge1344
WESTBROOKEdith 14-Feb1859Thomas/[mother's name left blank], Wood Broker of of Cudham, privately baptised 334
WESTBROOKElizabeth Emma 6-Mar1859George/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham336
WESTBROOKFrances Ann 25-Apr1858George/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham310
WESTBROOKGeorge Henry 5-Feb1865George/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham512
WESTBROOKGeorge Thomas 4-Nov1877George/Eliza,, Wood Broker of of Cudham795
WESTBROOKJames 4-Aug1867Thomas/Emma, Labourer of Cudham577
WESTBROOKJane Elizabeth 7-Jun1863George/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham461
WESTBROOKJohn 6-Jul1862Thomas/Emma, Labourer of Cudham441
WESTBROOKLucey Elizabeth 6-Jul1851Thomas/Elizabeth, Wood Broker of Cudham133
WESTBROOKMary Magdalene 2-Feb1862George/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham421
WESTBROOKSarah5 Jan Privately Baptised5-Aug1860George/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham376
WESTBROOKSarah Jane 4-Nov1860Thomas/Emma, Labourer of Cudham388
WESTBROOKThomas 14-Feb1859Thomas/[mother's name left blank], Wood Broker of of Cudham, privately baptised 333
WESTBROOKWilliam 11-Feb1849Thomas/Elisabeth, Labourer of South Street23
WESTBROOKWilliam Charles 5-Oct1879George/Eliza,, Wood Broker of of Cudham838
WETHERLEYJohn George Clement 1-Dec1883son of Emily Ellen, of knockholt, unmarried 918
WHEATLEYAlfred Joseph 1-Jun1862Richard/Fanny, Farmer of Cudham431
WHEATLEYFrederick 3-Dec1860Richard/Fanny, Farmer of Cudham, Privately Baptised entered church 28 July 1861 395
WHEATLEYMaria 25-Dec1863Richard/Fanny, Farmer of Cudham474
WHEATLEYThomas Richard 17-Mar1870Richard/Fanny, Labourer of Leaves Green640
WHEELERAnnie Mary26-Feb-191116-Apr1911Alfred John/Roslina, House , Decorator of , Melody Road, Westerham Hill1436
WHEELERWilliam 23-Dec1849John/Eliza, Labourer of Westerham Road43
WHENMANSusannah 12-Jul1908Charles/Fanny, Horse , Dealer of of Robin Forest1378
WHITEWilliam Henry 5-Jan1896Robert/Kate Hilda, Coachman of Cudham1137
WHITEHOUSEEllen 9-Jan1853Benjamin/Hanna, Labourer of Cudham169
WHITEHOUSEEllen Elizabeth 7-Oct1860James/Hannah, Labourer of Cudham382
WHITEHOUSELidy 11-Nov1849Benjamin/Hanah, Labourer of Cudham, Street41
WHITEHOUSEWilliam James 2-Jul1871John/Sarah, Gardener of Cudham Street667
WHITEHURSTBertha Elizabeth 2-May1880John/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham844
WHITINGWilliam John28-May-190818-Apr1909Frederick William/Louisa, Labourer of Westerham Hill1390
WICKENDENEvelyn Cissie17-Apr-19147-Jun1914Alfred/Edith Dulcie, Carman of of Bromley, Kent1517
WICKINGMercy Harriett 11-Feb1906George Edwin/Mercy Harriet, Boot-retailer of Cudham1322
WICKINGWinifred Mary2-Dec-19046-Apr1905George Edwin/Mercy Harriet, Carpenter of Cudham1298
WICKSGladys Evelyn4-Jan-191112-Feb1911William/Sarah, Cowman of Cudham1431
WICKSMabel Victoria6-Dec-190821-Feb1909William/Sarah, Cowman of Cudham1387
WIDOWGeorge Louis Howard 8-Mar1866son of Rose Kay of London, child born 31 Jan 1866532
WILMANThomas William 26-May1907Frank Beresford/Janet, Farmer of Biggin Hill1346
WILMOTEdgar 17-Oct1858Charles/Mary Ann, Police Officer of Cudham326
WILSONAlfred Charles15 Oct 18993-Dec1899child of Caroline of Cudham, child born out of wedlock 1201
WILSONAnne 18-Jul1899Henry/Mary Anne, Fruit Picker of , Traveller (Gipsy), child Privately Baptised in Gipsy Camp 1197
WILSONFrederick William 7-Oct1894Richard/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham1116
WILSONLily1-Nov-19059-Aug1905Henry/Mary Ann, Hawker of Cudham1308
WILSONMatthew 4-Jul1897Henry/Mary Ann, Travellers of East Grinstead1157
WILSONMaud 22-Jan1891Richard/Caroline, Labourer of Cudham1046
WOODAlbert George 7-Dec1913John Thomas/Bertha Huxley, Farmer of Old House, Cudham1501
WOODAlice Eliza 5-Jul1874George/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham715
WOODAlice Mary 24-Sep1854Richard/Sophia Ann, Victualler of Leaves Green212
WOODArthur Thomas 6-Apr1873son of Caroline, single woman of Cudham700
WOODCaroline 23-Mar1851Thomas/Mary Ann, Labourer of Horns Green, Cudham125
WOODCaroline 7-Apr1854William/Rebecca, Farmer of Little Grays, Cudham, privately 193
WOODCecil Arthur 22-Oct1916John Thomas/Bertha Hagley, Labourer of Hogarth Cottage, Biggin Hill1589
WOODCharles Thomas 5-Jul1874Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham716
WOODCharlotte Maria 5-Jun1856Richard/Sophia, Publican of Cudham, privately 265
WOODEdward William 5-Feb1860James/Esther, Labourer of Cudham366
WOODElizabeth 11-Jul1852John WOOD and Elizabeth STEER, father a Publican, of Cudham159
WOODElizabeth 11-Jul1852Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham158
WOODElizabeth Ellen 2-Aug1868George/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham599
WOODElizabeth Jane 8-Dec1850Richard/Sophia Ann, Smith of Cudham62
WOODEllen Maria 3-Jun1866Albert/Elizabeth , Game Keeper of Chelsfield536
WOODEmily Sariah 7-Nov1875George/Sarah, Fruiterer of Cudham748
WOODEthel Laura 6-Nov1887James/Sophia, Labourer of Cudham986
WOODFanny June 5-Jul1863Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham463
WOODGeorge Abraham 4-Mar1872George/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham677
WOODHarold John 7-Dec1913John Thomas/Bertha Huxley, Farmer of Old House, Cudham1502
WOODJames  1-Feb1863son of Philip WOOD, Labourer, and Sarah AKEHURST a servant of Cudham 450
WOODJames George 1-Apr1860Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham369
WOODJames William 6-Mar1870George/Sarah, Labourer of Cackett's Lane637
WOODJohn Thomas 3-Jun1866George/Sarah, Labourer of Chelsfield534
WOODLouisa Annie 3-Oct1880Thomas/Catherine, Labourer of Cudham853
WOODLouisa Caroline 15-Aug1858base born daughter of Victoria Caroline, labourer of Cudham315
WOODMary Jane 2-Apr1865George/Sarah, Labourer of Cudham515
WOODSamuel John 3-Dec1848Richard/Sophia, Smith of Forge near Leaves Green20
WOODSarah Harriot or Harriet Ellen 30-Nov1856Thomas/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham275
WOODThomas George 5-Jun1898James George/Mary Jane, Gardener of Cudham1170
WOODWilliam Silas6-Nov-19006-Jan1901James George/Mary Jane, Labourer of Cudham1218
WOODWilliam Waldron1-Apr-191016-Apr1911William Frederick/Julia Agnes, Labourer of Cacketts, Chelsfield1434
WOODWinifred Florence 19-Jul1912William Frederick/Julia Agnes, Labourer of Cacketts Lane, private baptism 1458
WOOLGARWilliam Aaron 4-Jul1875James/Christiana, Black, Smith of of Woolwich745
WRIGHTAnn Bird 3-Feb1850William/Mary, Labourer of Snag Lane45
WRIGHTJohn 9-May1847William/Mary, Labourer of n/a
WRIGHTRacchael "Shirley" 20-May1917Cyril Cane Glenton/Eileen Theresa, Lieutenant 4th Durham Light Infantry of Cudham Hall1586
WYLDEHarry 7-Mar1869George/Elizabeth, Labourer of Cudham618
YEATESAda 10-Jun1860Richard/Mary, Post Master of Cudham375
YEATESAlfred 10-Feb1856John/Charlotte, Grocer of Horn's Green, Cudham248
YEATESAnna Maria 10-Apr1853Richard/Mary Ann, Grocer of Cudham176
YEATESAnnie 5-Jun1892Louis/Fanny, Postman of Cudham1070
YEATESDora Mary 3-Jun1888Frank/Gertrude, Labourer of Cudham1000
YEATESEdmund 19-Sep1858John/Charlotte, Farmer of Cudham324
YEATESEliza 31-Aug1856Richard/Mary Ann, Grocer of Cudham268
YEATESElizabeth Mary 6-Jul1862John/Charlotte, Farmer of Cudham438
YEATESEva Gertrude 3-Jun1888Frank/Gertrude, Labourer of Cudham999
YEATESFrank7 May 18586-Feb1859Richard/Mary Ann, Grocer of Cudham331
YEATESGeorge 11-Jun1854John/Charlotte, Grocer of Horns Green, Cudham198
YEATESHerbert 2-Jul1865John/Charlotte, Labourer of Cudham520
YEATESJessie Emmeline 5-Nov1893Louis/Fanny, Postman of Cudham1103
YEATESJohn 2-Sep1860John/Charlotte, Farmer of Cudham378
YEATESLavinia Clara 1-May1870John/Charlotte, Farmer of Cudham642
YEATESLouis 24-Jan1864Richard/Mary Ann, Post Master of Cudham481
YEATESLouisa 2-Jul1854Richard/Mary Ann, Grocer of Cudham, Street205
YEATESMinnie 6-Jul1862Richard/Mary Ann, Post Master of Cudham436
YEATESOscar Frank 3-Nov1889Frank/Gertrude, Painter of Cudham1033
YEATESRosina 7-Apr1867John/Charlotte, Farmer of Cudham566
YOUNGIsabella 29-Nov1847daughter of Harriet a single woman n/a