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photo of St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church at Downe, Kent, England Copyright 2005 Philip Talmage licensed via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License
St. Mary the Virgin, Downe
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Downe Parish, Baptisms 1538 - 1812

Transcribed by Henry Mantell.
Composite registers 1538-1733, archive call number P/123/1/8 and 1697-1812, archive call number P/123/1/9, courtesy of Bromley Archives and Local Studies.
Legend of Sources:
A - Original PR supplemented by FHL microfilm #1473706
B - Original Parish Register No. 2 supplemented by FHL microfilm #1473706
C - Original Parish Register No. 2 & Marriage transcripts S.O.G. supplemented by FHL microfilm #1473706
........... Hester 25-Mar 1637 d of John [surname blank] A
.............Edwarde5-Aug1566son of ye smythe [no surname recorded]A
.......... ........... ............1574[hole in page, entry obliterated] A
........... Comford25-Mar1655a base born child [no surname recorded]A
........... James22-May1791son of .......... [parents names not recorded] harvesters born at High Elms Farm (P) [no name recorded]B
.......... Jane10-May1740d of a travelling woman [no name recorded]B
.......... Joan17-Jun1582d of an harlot [no surname recorded]A
ABORNEAnne15-Apr1599d of WilliamA
ALCHURNSara30-Jul1769d of Ann CONFORD, child basebornB
ALLCHINJames18-May1737s of JamesB
ALLENEsther WOOD6-Sep1778d of Ann, (Born Sept 5), base-bornB
ALLENThomas15-Feb1576/7s of ThomasA
ALWENGeorg2-May1742s of John & ElizabethB
ALWENGeorge9-Apr1740s of John & ElizabethB
ANBORNEMarie15-Mar1600/1d of WilliamA
ANDERSONJoseph12-Dec1790twin of John & AnnB
ANDERSONMary12-Dec1790twin of John & AnnB
ANDREW alias PHILLIPSElizabeth20-Nov1575d of ThomasA
ANDROSSAnne21-Sep1547d of MaryA
ANKERJoan7-May1563[no parents recorded]A
ANLEYAlice28-Mar1570d of GeorgeA
ANLEYDorithie2-Nov1576d of GeorgeA
ANLEYElizabeth31-May1579d of GeorgeA
ANLEYRichard18-May1572s of GeorgeA
ANSCUMThomas15-Nov1630s of MichaellA
ANTLEYAlice5-Jun1540d of WmA
ANTLEYEdward9-Oct1546s of WilliamA
ANTLEYSWilliam13-Jul1543s of Wm.A
APTEDElizabeth21-Jul1786d of Thomas & Elizabeth ( born June 28 in the Parish of CUDHAM)B
ARMILJohn26-Mar1544s of RichardA
ARNOLLAnamaria18-Nov1750d of Thomas was brought from Choudham [Cudham] Workhouse and baptisedB
ARRELJohn2-Nov1763base born son of RachelB
ASHDOWNAlice26-Jan1777s of Wm. & Ann COMFORT, child basebornB
ASKEWAdam6-Jan1809s of Thomas & Lucy Elizabeth (born Nov 29th 1808)B
ASKEWJohn12-Apr1803s of Thos. & Lucy ElizabethB
BADROCKAnn8-Apr1692d of JacobA
BADROCKSarah31-May1689d of JacobA
BAGFIELDJoan26-May1593d of JoanA
BAILEYMary1-Oct1786d of JaneB
BAKERElizabeth13-Mar1776d of Thos. & Eliz.B
BAKERHenery6-Feb1663/4s of HenneryA
BAKERMargret27-Feb1630/1d of JohnA
BAKERRobbart22-Mar1772s of ThomasB
BAKERSarah31-Aug1755d of William, was brought from Leaves Green and baptisedB
BAKERSarah20-Feb1774d of Thomas & Elizabeth, child born 13 FebB
BAKERThomas20-Jan1771base born son of Mary UNDRIELB
BALARDWilliam29-Jul1708s of RichardA
BALLARDRichard7-Jun1715s of RichardA
BANKESElizabeth Onsly15-Feb1754d of IsaacB
BARKERHanah14-Oct1781d of Richard & AnnB
BARKERJane23-Jan1780d of Richard & Ann ( born Jan 16)B
BARKERJane20-Dec1807baseborn d of Hannah (born same day)B
BARKERRichard5-Sep1784s of Richd. & Ann, pauperB
BARTONJoane23-Apr1626d of RobertA
BARTONRobert14-Apr1628s of RobtA
BASELAYHenry5-Jan1633/4s of WilliamA
BASELEYElizabeth5-Jul1635d of WilliamA
BASELYCatherin15-Oct1637d of WilliamA
BASHFORDAnn29-Jan1792d of John & Sarah was brought from CUDHAM ( Born 16 Jan)B
BASLEYHenry2-May1630s of WilliamA
BASLEY?William26-Aug1627s of WilliamA
BEDLEDavid12-Jun1748s of GeorgeB
BEDLEMartha29-Apr1742d of GeorgeB
BEDLEWilliam9-Jan1744/5s of GeorgB
BETTSAnne22-Jun1589d of John, bakerA
BLAKEElizabeth2-Nov1742d of George & AnnB
BOGARSTE[?]Margaret13-Oct1583d of Tho:A
BOOKERMary Thorpe23-Jun1782d of Francis & JaneB
BOOKERRichard3-Oct1784s of Francis & JaneB
BOURORMary11-Jul1749d of Richard & Sarah from St Martin's parish in LondonB
BRADFORDHenery17-Apr1700s of HeneryA
BRADFORDHenery28-Apr1702s of HeneryA
BRADFORDHennery9-Feb1660/1s of ThomasA
BRADFORDHenry25-Jun1669s of ThomasA
BRADFORDJohn8-Jun1666s of ThomasA
BRADFORDJohn3-Nov1690s of ThomasA
BRADFORDMary10-Nov1704d of Henery, carpenterA
BRADFORDSarah19-Jun1663d of ThomasA
BRADFORDSusanna10-Aug1707d of HeneryA
BRADFORDThomas7-Apr1689s of ThomasA
BRASSIERMary24-Jun1720d of FrancisA
BRAYSERAnn28-Nov1700d of FrancisA
BRAYSERFrancis20-Mar1692/3s of FrancisA
BRAYSERJohn22-Feb1697/8s of FrancisA
BRAYSERMartha16-Jan1690/91d of FrancisA
BRAYSERMary8-Dec1695d of FrancisA
BRAYSERSteven14-Jun1689s of FrancisA
BROOKEGeorge24-Jun1572s of GeorgeA
BUCHERPeter28-Jan1607/8s of Anne, a base chyldeA
BUCKSHAWJone14-Aug1681d of JohnA
BUCKSHAWMary3-Jun1683d of JohnA
BUCKSHEIREAnne28-Nov1677d of JohnA
BUCKSHEIREThomas26-Mar1676s of JohnA
BULLDaniel28-Aug1806s of Rev. J. BULL B.A. & Elizabeth his wife (born July 5th)B
BULLHenry25-Jul1809s of Rev. John M.A. & Elizabeth his wife (born 11 June)B
BULLJames3-Feb1811s of Rev. J & Elizabeth his wife (born Jan 8th)B
BULLThomas26-Jun1808s of Rev. John & Elizabeth his wife (born Apr 4th)B
BURLEYGeorge8-Dec1799base born son of ElizabethB
BURRAlice13-Sep1789d of John & ElizabethB
BURRAnn7-Jun1778d of John & Elizabeth (Born May 21)B
BURRJohn12-Sep1779s of John & Elizabeth (Born Aug 30)B
BURRMary29-Apr1781d of John & ElizabethB
BURRPatty30-Oct1785d of John & Elizth.B
BURRSarah18-May1783d of John & ElizabethB
BURRThomas4-Aug1776s of John & Eliz.B
BURRThomas16-Aug1778d of Thomas & Elizabeth (Born Aug 2)B
BURRWilliam17-Jun1792s of John & ElizabethB
BURTONHenery23-Jul1695s of HeneryA
BURTONMary8-Feb1693/4d of HeneryA
BUSS?Phenes23-Oct1622s of ThomasA
BUTLERThomas13-Sep1776s of George, Esq. And Maria his wife, child born August 16thB
BUTSHARERichard7-Feb1669/70s of JohnA
CARRElizabeth26-Nov1721d of WilliamA
CHAPMANAllice9-Oct1743d of JohnB
CHAPMANAnn10-Feb1739/40d of John & AnnB
CHAPMANDorithie14-Nov1613d of Wm.A
CHAPMANHannah26-Nov1738d of John & AnnB
CHAPMANJames7-Nov1736s of John & AnnB
CHAPMANJohn10-Mar1733/4s of John & AnnA
CHAPMANMary4-Aug1742d of JohnB
CHAPMANWilliam2-Mar1734/5s of Samuell & MaryB
CHATFIELD alias GLOVERPhebe20-Mar1582d of EdwardA
CHEESMANJohn14-Apr1799s of Thomas & ElizabethB
CHEESMANThomas9-Jul1797s of Thomas & ElizabethB
CHILDJohn27-Dec1789s of Richd. & PhebeB
CHILDSarah2-Dec1787d of Richard & PhebeB
CHILDWilliam12-Aug1810s of John & FrancesB
CHOCKLINAnn20-Sep1761 B
CHRISTOPHERGeorge20-Feb1545/6s of John a vagabond EgiptianA
CHROWCHERAbraham17-Oct1630s of ThomasA
CHROWCHERAn22-Feb1628/9d of ThomasA
CHROWCHERHenry16-Nov1634s of ThomasA
CHROWCHERJohn 3-Mar1624/25s of ThomasA
CHROWCHERThomas1-May1633s of ThomasA
CHYMEJohn8-Jun1539s of WilliamA
CIMBERFrances18-Nov1765d of ThomasB
CIMBERMary22-May1763d of ThomasB
CLIFTONAmye30-Aug1584d of [blank]A
CLIFTONEdward4-Apr1581s of JohnA
CO........ [COFFINS?]Elizabeth9-Jan1563/4d of ThomasA
COCKSElizabeth16-Feb1598/9d of LewesA
COCKSJohan18-Jul1592d of HenrieA
COFFINAnne9-May1568d of ThomasA
COFFINMartin23-Aug1576s of Thos.A
COFFINThomas7-Sep1578s of ThomasA
COFFINThomas2-Nov1581s of ThomasA
COFFINWilliam.............1568/9s of Thomas [no date]A
COFFINSAnne25-Oct1560d of ThomasA
COFFINSJohn20-Nov1562s of JohnA
COFINJoan13-Apr1572d of Tho:A
COFINMary11-Oct1671/2d of JohnA
COLEAn26-Apr1640d of EdmundA
COLEElizabeth2-Jun1607d of Mr. GeorgeA
COLEElizabeth27-Feb1710/11d of JohnA
COLEJane9-Jun1703d of JohnA
COLEJohn19-Aug1582s of RobertA
COLEJohn1-Feb1705/6s of John, husbandmanA
COLEJohn Blome19-Nov1775s of Robert & AnneB
COLEMary15-Aug1708d of JohnA
COLERobert5-Jul1707s of JohnA
COLESarah1-Mar1701/2d of JohnA
COLEThomas 1584s of Robert [no date]A
COLENSAnn17-Mar1765ye base born daughter of An CONFORDB
COLGATEElizabeth10-May1558d of JohnA
COLGATEElizabeth7-May1568d of JohnA
COLGATEJohn24-Dec1560s of JohnA
COLLENJoan12-Dec1578d of ChristopherA
COLLINJoan23-Jun1583d of ChristopherA
COLLINMarye11-Feb1579/80d of ChristopherA
COLLINThomasin9-Apr1586d of ChristopherA
COLLINSAlice13-Aug1581d of ChristopherA
COLLINSElizabeth13-Mar1595/6d of ChristopherA
COLLINSEmme9-Nov1600d of ChristopherA
COMFORTAnn4-Nov1634d of John and Ann his wyfeA
COMPTONEThomas2-Jul1560s of JohnA
CONFORDAnn5-Jan1744/5d of JohnB
CONFORDEdward8-Sep1746was baptisedB
CONFORDEdward27-Jan1747/8s of John & AnnB
CONFORDElizabeth11-Oct1772daughter of Sarah, child basebornB
CONFORDJohn19-Jan1718/19s of JohnA
CONFORDMargaret5-Feb1748/9d of JohnB
CONFORDMary27-Jan1788d of Sarah, child baseborn, (Pauper)B
CONFORDSarah13-Nov1717d of JohnA
CONFORDSarah21-Oct1750d of JohnB
CONFORDSarah1-Nov1751d of JohnB
CONFORDWilliam29-Dec1727s of Francis, base bornA
CONFORDWilliam18-Feb1720/21s of Ann, base bornA
COOKEMary24-Jul1681d of WmA
COOKEWilliam17-Apr1684s of WilliamA
COOPAnn3-Jun1744d of John & ElizabethB
COOPERAgnes7-Jan1578/9d of John. JuniorA
COOPERDaniell9-Jun1586s of John.JuniorA
COOPERDemeris4-Oct1590d of JohnA
COOPERElizabeth22-Aug1576d of John, JuniorA
COOPERJohn14-Apr1583s of ThomasA
COOPERJohn 1593s of John [no date recorded]A
COOPERJohn2-Mar1595/6s of Robert COOPER by Frances DOLLEYA
COOPERThomas16-Sep1582s of John, juniorA
COOPERWilliam14-Jan1581/2s of John. SeniorA
COPHINEThomas28-Oct1602 s of MattheweA
COPPERRichard4-Nov1705s of John, husbandmanA
COPPERThomas19-Jun1703s of JohnA
CORKE........................1679d of William, "Daughter of Wm. CORKE baptize ye 25th 1679" [no date entered]A
CORNISHAnn19-Apr1724d of ThomasA
CORNISHJohn21-Nov1731s of ThomasA
CORNISHRobert9-Jul1727s of ThomasA
CORNISHWilliam25-Mar1735s of Thomas & Ann ( Parish Clerk), child , child was born ye 6th day of March 1734/5 and baptised this dayB
COTMANHenry2-Oct1546s of JohnA
COTMANJeffrey20-Feb1538/9s of JohnA
COTMANJoane12-Sep1551d of JohnA
COTMANWilliam3-Apr1541s of JohnA
COTTMANJohn5-Dec1543s of JohnA
COVELSarah4-Aug1751d of Thos., was brought from Coudham [Cudham] and BaptizedB
COVELLAnn4-Apr1633d of MathewA
COVELLAnne3-Oct1679d of JohnA
COVELLElizabeth30-Apr1629d of Mathew, jnrA
COVELLFrancis19-Aug1753s of Thos., brought from Leaves GreenB
COVELLHenry16-Feb1630/1s of MathewA
COVELLJohn18-Feb1637/8s of MathewA
COVELLSamuell31-Aug1612s of MathewA
COVELLSarah21-Oct1677d of JohnA
COVELLSusanna27-Apr1684d of JohnA
COVELLWilliam4-Oct1741s of William was brought from Leves Green & baptised hereB
COVILLAnne22-May1606d of MathewA
COVILLJoane2-Jul1615d of MathewA
COVILLJohn27-Nov1608s of Mathew and Anne his wifeA
COVILLJohn11-Dec1674s of JohnA
COVILLMary10-May1600d of GeorgeA
COVILLMathew20-Sep1604s of MathewA
COWPERAgnes16-Feb1547/8d of GylesA
COWPERAlice20-Apr1539d of WmA
COWPERAlice26-Nov1543d of GylesA
COWPERAlice4-Aug1549d of JohnA
COWPERAnne25-Dec1543d of JohnA
COWPERAnne18-Mar1549/50d of GylesA
COWPERElizabeth23-Dec1540d of JohnA
COWPERElizabeth26-Oct1548d of WilliamA
COWPERElizabeth29-Apr1619d of DanyellA
COWPERElizabeth25-Jan1545/6d of GylesA
COWPEREm6-Feb1551/2d of GylesA
COWPERJane29-Jan1541/2d of GylesA
COWPERJoane2-Feb1620/21d of DannyellA
COWPERJoane2-Feb1620/21d of DannyellA
COWPERJohn2-Oct1539s of GilesA
COWPERJohn17-Jul1546s of JohnA
COWPERJohn25-Sep1551s of JohnA
COWPERJohn13-Feb1616/17s of DaniellA
COWPERMargaret20-Feb1554/5d of JohnA
COWPERMartin22-Jan1558/9s of JohnA
COWPERThomas25-Mar1577s of ThomasA
COXAmelia Charlotte30-Aug1789d of Thomas & AliceB
COXElizabeth18-May1711d of ThomasA
COXMary23-Oct1699d of ThomasA
COXNathan28-Jun1697s of ThomasA
COXThomas24-May1584s of HenryA
CRAINEJaine6-Jan1627/8d of GeorgA
CRANEAgnes30-Sep1582d of ThomasA
CRANEAlice28-Mar1578d of ThomasA
CRANEAlice9-Feb1551/2d of AnthonieA
CRANEAnne15-Jan1561/2d of AnthonyeA
CRANEAnthonie25-Mar1623/24s of GeorgeA
CRANEElizabeth16-May1548d of AnthonieA
CRANEElizabeth25-Mar1593d of ThomasA
CRANEElizabeth26-Oct1617d of GeorgeA
CRANEElizabeth16-Jul1626d of GeorgA
CRANEEmma22-Jan1587/8d of ThomasA
CRANEGeorge 1584s of Tho: [no date]A
CRANEGeorge14-Jan1555/6s of AnthonyA
CRANEHenrye1-Jan1579/80s of GeorgeA
CRANEJoan22-Jul1576d of ThomasA
CRANEJoan6-Oct1622d of MichaellA
CRANEJohn10-Jun1539s of AnthonieA
CRANEJohn28-May1541s of AnthonieA
CRANEJohn22-May1625s of GeorgA
CRANEMichaell22-Jun1590s of ThomasA
CRANERichard7-Jun1631s of GeorgA
CRANERichard23-Mar1558/9s of AnthonieA
CRANESusan30-Jan1619/20d of Thomas, juniorA
CRANEThomas16-Apr1550s of AnthonieA
CRANEThomas25-Mar1580s of ThomasA
CRANEThomas3-Oct1613s of ThomasA
CRAUHERJohn5-Aug1637s of ThomasA
CREANGeorge1-Nov1751s of StevenB
CREANMartha27-Jan1760d of StevenB
CROASTMary6-May1762d of John & CharityB
CROASTRichard17-Aug1777s of John & CharityB
CROASTSarah21-Jul1767d of JohnB
CRONDELLElizabeth7-Jan1645/6d to ThomasA
CRONDELLJohane3-Mar1640/1d of Thom: & AmyeA
CRONDELLJohn2-Feb1651/2s to Thomas & AmyA
CRONDELLNicholas28-Jun1656s to Tho: & AmyA
CRONDELLRichard17-Sep1660[no parents recorded]A
CRONDELLThomas10-Feb1649/50s to ThomasA
CROOCHERJohn14-Dec1659[no parents recorded]A
CROOCHERThomas27-Dec1662[no parents recorded]A
CROUCHERElazabeth3-Dec1638d of Tho.A
CROWASTJohn8-Mar1765s of JohnB
CROWASTWilliam26-Jan1770s of JohnB
CROWCHERHenrie10-Dec1592s of HenrieA
CROWCHERStephen10-Oct1626s of ThomasA
CROWHURSTElizabeth20-Sep1772d of John and CharityB
CROWHURSTSarah19-Feb1775d of John and CharityB
CROWTHEREmmie15-Jul1545d of WmA
CROWYERKatherin3-Feb1621/22d of Thos.A
CRUNDALLMary15-Jul1664d of ThomasA
CULLINGHAMBenjamin Law22-Mar1778s of Elizabeth, child was born 12th MarchB
CULLINGHAMLucy Lewis5-Feb1776bastard of ElizabethB
CUNNINGHAMJames23-Sep1781s of James CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth VENER, child base bornB
CUPPERAnn6-Aug1728d of Richard, base bornA
CUTSHAVEElizabeth3-Mar1671/2d of JohnA
DARBONAlles [Alice]3-Apr1743d of William & Mary was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
DARBONRichard17-May1752s of William, was brought from Coudham [Cudham] and babtized hearB
DARBUNMary19-Jan1745/6d of William & Mary was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
DARKNELLMary25?1618d of Phineas [date not complete]A
DARROWWilliam25-Jan1740/1s of William & MaryB
DAVISJohn21-Nov1762s of a Traveling WomanB
DAYNTYAnn17-May1740d of EdwardB
DELVEEmmie24-Apr1580d of WilliamA
DENICEElizabeth14-Dec1704d of Elizabeth, base bornA
DENICEElizabeth3-Mar1705/6d of Thomas, husbandmanA
DENICEHenery19-Aug1708s of Mary, base bornA
DENNISHellena17-Mar1638/9d of HumphreyA
DENNISHenery16-Mar1683/4s of ThomasA
DENNISJohn21-Nov1666s of JohnA
DENNISRebekah7-Apr1678d of JohnA
DENNISRichard3-Mar1673/4s of JohnA
DENNISThomas18-May1669s of JohnA
DODJohn10-May1687s of JamesA
DODDJames6-Jun1652s of MichallA
DODDMary19-Mar1654/5d of MichaelA
DOLLETESJoan29-Jan1557/8s of JohnA
DOLLETESJohn29-Jan1557/8s of JohnA
DOLLEYJohanna4-Jul1553d of JohnA
DOLLITTESWilliam18-Sep1555s of JohnA
DOLVE?Elizabeth? 9 Apr1622d of RobertA
DORLLINGJohn7-Mar1735/6s of William & AnnB
DORRILLMartha16-Sep1750d of John was brought from Coudham [Cudham] to be baptisedB
DRIERMarie4-Jan1610/11d of Marie Dryer a stranger and EMMANWELL JEWELL supposed the fatherA
DULLINGHuo18-Nov1671s of GorgeA
DURLINGAnn10-Dec1749d of William was brought from Coudham [Cudham] & baptisedB
DURLINGAnn14-Mar1773d of John and Ann, child born Feb 25thB
DURLINGAnn7-Aug1783d of Susanna, child basebornB
DURLINGAnn12-Jan1746/7d of WilliamB
DURLINGAnne18-Feb1677d of GeorgeA
DURLINGElizabeth13-Jun1686d of GeorgeA
DURLINGElizabeth18-May1719d of GeorgeA
DURLINGElizabeth6-Jul1749d of WilliamB
DURLINGElizabeth30-Apr1775d of John & AnnB
DURLINGElizabeth19-Mar1786d of John & Elizth.B
DURLINGGeorge13-May1721s of GeorgeA
DURLINGGeorge8-Jun1766s of JohnB
DURLINGGeorge21-Mar1784s of John & ElizabethB
DURLINGGeorge16-Mar1671/2s of George yeoman and Ann his wife, child born 5 MarA
DURLINGJames27-Dec1787s of John & ElizabethB
DURLINGJohn18-Apr1762s of John & AnnB
DURLINGJohn27-Sep1795s of John & ElizabethB
DURLINGJohn23-Mar1674/5s of GeorgeA
DURLINGJohn23-Mar1722/3s of GeorgeA
DURLINGMary20-Apr1745d of William and MaryB
DURLINGMichael6-Oct1799s of John & ElizabethB
DURLINGRichard21-May1797s of John & ElizabethB
DURLINGRobert15-Nov1789s of John & ElizabethB
DURLINGRobert1-Feb1678/9s of GeorgeA
DURLINGSarah27-Sep1801d of John & ElisabethB
DURLINGSusanna22-Apr1725d of GeorgeA
DURLINGSusanna6-May1764d of JohnB
DURLINGThomas16-Apr1727s of WilliamA
DURLINGThomas2-Jul1769s of JohnB
DURLINGThomas1-Dec1793s of John & ElizabethB
DURLINGWilliam23-Aug1724s of WilliamA
DURLINGWilliam18-Jan1760d of William and Elizabeth his wifeB
DURLINGWilliam10-Jul1791s of John & ElizabethB
EARNEAgnes9-Jul1581d of RichardA
EARNEJoan24-Dec1577d of RichardA
EARNEJohane1-May1613d of WilliamA
EARNEMargaret8-Jun1592d of Rich:A
EARNERichard 1584s of Richard [no date]A
EARNEWilliam & George19-Nov1588sons of RichardA
EATONElizabeth19-Nov1775d of John & Eliz. of Keston (Kent)B
EDMEEDSLucy16-Nov1784d of Mary, [twin of Sarah] privately baptised B
EDMEEDSSarah16-Nov1784d of Mary, [twin of Lucy] privately baptised B
ELETJohn19-Nov1767s of EdwordB
ELLETEdword12-Jun1761s of Edward and Elizabeth his wifeB
ELLETRichard28-Apr1763s of Edward, child was born April ye 8th & baptised this dayB
ELLETTJohn2-Apr1540s of RichardA
ELLIOTEdward William11-Oct1789s of Richd. & Elizth.B
ELLIOTElizabeth29-Apr1781d of Richard ELLIOT & Elizabeth BURR, base bornB
ELLIOTElizabeth25-Apr1790d of Edwd. & AnnB
ELLIOTGeorge23-Apr1797s of Richard & Elizth.B
ELLIOTHenry26-Aug1799s of Henry & Sarah brought from Leaves GreenB
ELLIOTJames19-Feb1792s of Richard & ElizabethB
ELLIOTTom13-Jan1799s of Edward & AnnB
ELLIOTTElizabeth23-Jan1785d of Richard and Elizth. (born Dec 26th 1784)B
ELLIOTTRichard25-Jan1787s of Richard & Elizabeth (born Dec 30 1786)B
ENDORSONSarah4-Oct1795d of John & AnnB
EVERDON?Thomas18-May1619/20s of Richd.A
FARRANDStephen23-Oct1608s of Jon and Roberta his wife baptised and the same day buriedA
FARRANTAn18-Dec1631d of HenryA
FARRANTAnn30-Nov1610d of John, SeniorA
FARRANTAnn31-May1640d of ThomasA
FARRANTAnn23-Apr1727d of JohnA
FARRANTAnn29-Jan1698/9d of HeneryA
FARRANTDorothy30 Feb1660/1d of HenryA
FARRANTElizabeth19-May1638d of HenryA
FARRANTElizabeth16-Apr1663[no parents recorded]A
FARRANTElizabeth23-Sep1722d of JohnA
FARRANTHenery13-Jan1720/21s of JohnA
FARRANTHenry7-Oct1627s of HenryA
FARRANTJohn1-Nov1629s of HenryA
FARRANTJohn11-Aug1723s of JohnA
FARRANTJohn22-Mar1608/9s of JohnA
FARRANTJohn5-Jan1696/7s of HeneryA
FARRANTMary31-May1656d to Henry & DorotA
FARRANTMary3-Mar1700/1d of HeneryA
FARRANTMary20-Mar1725/6d of JohnA
FARRANTSarah19-Jan1728/9d of JohnA
FARRANTThomas3-Dec1612s of JohnA
FARRANTThomas5-Jan1633/4s of HenryA
FARRANTWilliam1-Nov1577s of JohnA
FARRANTWilliam19-Apr1705s of Henery, husbandmanA
FARRANTWilliam5-Sep1731s of JohnA
FARRANTWilliam25-Nov1733s of John & ElizabethA
FARRANTEAlice20-Jul1539d of JohnA
FARRANTEJane16-Feb1542/3d of JohnA
FARRANTEJoane20-Feb1541/2d of JohnA
FARRANTSGeorge17-Jan1544/5s of JohnA
FARRANTSThomas28-Feb1545/6s of JohnA
FELLET*William8-Apr1566s of Robt.A
FFRITHJohn6-Apr1624s of StevenA
FLEMINGAmelia16-Dec1792d of Willm. & ElizabethB
FLEMINGAnn21-Dec1788d of William & Elizabeth (Pauper)B
FLEMINGCharles21-Feb1790s of William & Elizth.B
FLEMINGElizabeth17-Feb1784d of William & ElizabethB
FLEMINGGeorge30-Oct1785s of William & Elizth.B
FLEMINGSarah1-Jul1781d of Wm. & Elizth.B
FLEMINGThomas12-Sep1779s of Wm. & Elizabeth (Born Aug 29)B
FLEMINGWilliam17-Jun1787s of William & Elizth.B
FLOODNathaniell27-Jun1694s of NathaniellA
FOULKSGeorg15-Apr1630s of GeorgA
FRAUNCESAlice21-Jul1542d of ArnoldA
FRAUNCESThomas30-Mar1540s of ArnoldA
FRAUNCISAgnes9-Apr1541d of ArnoldA
FRENCHJohn20-Feb1774base born , child was born ye 14thB
FRITHBeniam [Benjamin]18-Dec1568s of WilliamA
FRITHElizabeth15-Dec1633d of StephenA
FRITHHenry25-Apr1629s of StephenA
FRITHJohn8-Dec1625s of WilliamA
FRITHRichard27-Sep1631s of StephenA
FRITHStephen27-Mar1627s of StephenA
FRITHThomas13-Jul1617s of ThomasA
FRITHThomas21-Oct1638s of StephenA
FRITHWilliam16-Mar1622/23s of WilliamA
FRITHEAmie4-Jul1619d of Willm.A
FRITHEAmie14-Jan1620/21d of StevenA
FRITHEAmie14-Jan1620/21d of StevenA
FRITHEDoritie19-Mar1582/3d of ThomasA
FRITHEFrancis29-Jun1585s of WilliamA
FRITHEJoane24-Oct1620d of ThomasA
FRITHESara29-Dec1586d of WilliamA
FRITHESteven19-Sep1619s of StevenA
FRITHESteven23-Mar1594/5s of Tho:A
FRITHEThomas21-Feb1621/22s of StevenA
FRITHEWilliam22-Dec1585s of ThomasA
FRYTHElizabeth6-Oct1581d of ThomasA
FRYTHGeorge23-Jul1570s of ThomasA
FRYTHE.........10-Nov1579s of Thos. [no name recorded]A
FRYTHEAlice6-Mar1542/3d of ThomasA
FRYTHEAnne19-Jan1572d of ThomasA
FRYTHEAnne20-Mar1544/5d of ThomasA
FRYTHEElizabeth16-Apr1540d of Tho:A
FRYTHEGeorge2-Feb1555/6s of JohnA
FRYTHEJane8-Jan1574/5d of ThomasA
FRYTHEJoane27-Feb1614/15d of WilliamA
FRYTHEJohn17-Nov1539s of JohnA
FRYTHEJohn11-Aug1551s of JohnA
FRYTHEJohnNov1564s of WilliamA
FRYTHERichard17-Jul1577s of ThomasA
FRYTHEThomas25-Oct1541s of JohnA
FRYTHEThomas26-Mar1554s of JohnA
FRYTHEThomas6-Apr1589s of ThomasA
FRYTHETomasyn2-Apr1592d of Tho:A
FULKElisebeth23-Feb1766d of GeorgB
FULKElizabeth20-Sep1807s of Richard & FrancesB
FULKFallentin21-Feb1768s of GeorgB
FULKRichard22-Jan1775s of George and JaneB
FULKThomas8-Jul1770s of GeorgeB
FULLERElizabeth Frances11-Mar1810d of Richard & SarahB
FULLERMary17-Nov1811d of Richard & FrancesB
FULLICKMary10-Jan1741/2d of Jeams & Ann his wife from Coudham [Cudham]B
GARRETTUrsula26-Feb1586/7d of WilliamA
GATLANDElizabeth19-Jan1783d of George & LucyB
GILESEdward29-Aug1731s of SamuellA
GILESJohn22-Oct1726s of SamuellA
GILESSamuell8-Dec1728s of SamuellA
GILESWilliam3-Mar1733/4s of Samuell & MaryA
GLIDEThomas3-Nov1788s of John Glide, child basebornB
GLOUTRichard13-Dec1538s of ThomasA
GLOVERAlice11-Sep1547d of ThomasA
GLOVERAlice12-Apr1548d of Wm.A
GLOVERAmie23-Jul1553d of Wm.A
GLOVERAnne15-Apr1572d of EdwardA
GLOVERAnne10-Jan1549/50d of ThomasA
GLOVERDoritie20-Mar1546/7d of ThomasA
GLOVEREdward21-May1541s of ThomasA
GLOVERElizabeth16-Jul1598d of WilliamA
GLOVERFrances1-Nov1629d of FrancisA
GLOVERFrancys3-Jan1561/2s of NicholasA
GLOVERFrauncys30-Jun1605s of of GeorgeA
GLOVERJane10-Aug1544d of ThomasA
GLOVERJohn27-Nov1558s of NicholasA
GLOVERJohn10-Jun1602s of GeorgeA
GLOVERMary2-Oct1607d of GeorgeA
GLOVERMarye8-Feb1568/9d of NicholasA
GLOVERMathie2-Aug1590d of RichardA
GLOVERNicholas18-Oct1560s of RichardA
GLOVERRichard22-Apr1638s of FrancisA
GLOVERSara22-Jun1566d of NicholasA
GLOVERSara7-Sep1567d of NicholasA
GLOVERThomas28-Jun1635s of Francis and Martha his wyffeA
GLOVERThomas18-Feb1574/5s of EdwardA
GLOVERWalter10-Mar1632/3s of FrancisA
GLOVERWilliam1-Sep1555s of Robt.A
GLOVERWilliam1-May1556s of Wm.A
GLOVER alias CHATFIELDEmme20-Apr1578d of EdwardA
GODMANElizabeth30-Apr1601d of GeorgeA
GODMANGeorge2-Dec1599s of GeorgeA
GODMANJohn4-Aug1577s of JohnA
GODMANThomas21-Apr1579s of JohnA
GODMANThomas19-Dec1580s of JohnA
GODYERAnn16-Mar1777d of William & AnnB
GOODCHILDAnn23-Oct1803d of James & SarahB
GOODCHILDAnna11-May1800d of James & SarahB
GOODCHILDJane22-Dec1805d of James & SarahB
GOODCHILDJohn8-Nov1807s of James & SarahB
GOODCHILDMary14-Jan1810d of James & Sarah (born 14 Dec 1809)B
GOODCHILDSarah6-Dec1801d of James & SarahB
GORRINGEAnn25-Jul1760d of William and Elizabeth his wifeB
GRE[G]ORYWilliam6-Oct1765s of ThomasB
GREATRICKSAnn6-Apr1689d of JosiasA
GREATRICKSHenery18-Dec1692s of JosiasA
GREATTRICKSElizabeth1-Oct1698d of JosiasA
GREATTRICKSGideon17-Sep1704s of JosiasA
GREATTRICKSJeconias26-Apr1691s of JosiasA
GREATTRICKSJohn19-Jul1696s of JosiasA
GREATTRICKSMary11-Apr1690d of JosiasA
GREATTRICKSSolomon11-Apr1694s of JosiasA
GREATTRICKSSophia24-Jun1702d of JosiasA
GREATTRICKSSusanna15-Mar1709/10d of JosiasA
GREENAnn2-Jun1745d of Jeams brought from CudhamB
GREENAnn28-Mar1756d of William and Mary his wifeB
GREENElizabeth4-Jul1714d of ThomasA
GREENEster24-Jul1717d of ThomasA
GREENFrances29-Apr1764d of WilliamB
GREENJeames18-May1766s of Wm.B
GREENJohn20-Oct1702s of ThomasA
GREENJohn27-May1739s of Jeames was brought from Coudham & baptisedB
GREENJohn15-Aug1742s of Jeames was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
GREENJohn23-Apr1749s of Jeams was brought from Coudham [Cudham] and baptisedB
GREENMary27-Mar1711d of ThomasA
GREENMary24-Feb1750/1d of Robert, was brought from Leavesgreen [Leaves Green] and baptized hereB
GREENRobert5-Feb1746/7s of Jeams was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
GREENSarah15-Nov1741d of Henery was brought from Coudham [ Cudham]B
GREENSarah7-Sep1788d of William & Elizth.B
GREENSusanna9-Jun1674d of Thomas, Cordwinder, and Alice his wifeA
GREENThomas12-Sep1676s of ThomasA
GREENThomas22-Jun1705s of Thomas, bricklayerA
GREENThomas30-Oct1743s of Jeams was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
GREENThomas3-Apr1763s of WilliamB
GREENThomas25-Dec1789s of William & ElizabethB
GREENWilliam2-Apr1708s of Thomas, bricklayerA
GREENWilliam2-Jul1758s of WilliamB
GREENEUrsylla29-Nov1678d of ThomasA
GREGORYAmy15-Jun1777d of Thos. & PrudenceB
GREGORYAnn6-Jul1760d of Thos. And Ann is wifeB
GREGORYJames19-Feb1758s of Thomas and Ann his wifeB
GREGORYJane29-Jun1755d of Thos.B
GREGORYMary20-May1753d of Thos.B
GREGORYSara11-Apr1762d of Thomas & AnnB
GREGORYThomas16-Jun1751s of Thos.B
GREYTTJoan24-Jan1560/1d of ThomasA
GRIGERYAlis15-Dec1764d of ThomasB
HAHAHannar6-Aug1769d of DannelB
HALLRobert13-Jul1718s of RobertA
HALLThomas27-Sep1696s of RichardA
HAMMONElizabeth30-Jul1663d of AlexanderA
HAMMONEsther20-Dec1665d of WilliamA
HAMMONWilliam3-Feb1667/8s of WilliamA
HAPPIEAlice19-Sep1585d of JohnA
HAPPIEAlice6-Nov1597d of JohnA
HAPPIEAnn28-Jul1637d of GorgA
HAPPIEAnn25-Feb1587/8d of JohnA
HAPPIEElzbeth3-May1632d of GeorgA
HAPPIEGeorge13-May1604s of JohnA
HAPPIEJoan22-Jun1594d of JohnA
HAPPIEJoane16-Jan1616/17d of ThomasA
HAPPIEJohn3-Nov1583s of JohnA
HAPPIEThomas25-Nov1590s of JohnA
HAPPIEWilliam1-Feb1600/1s of JohnA
HARBERJohn25-Feb1772s of HenryB
HARBOROWJames18-Jul1779s of Henry & Elizabeth, child born June 21B
HARBOROWStephen5-Jan1777s of Henry & ElizabethB
HARBOURWilliam7-Aug1774s of Henry, child was born ye 5thB
HARDENElizabeth27-Dec1748d of NicholasB
HARDENJames12-Dec1750s of NicholasB
HARDENRichard20-Mar1753s of NicholasB
HARDENThomas10-Jan1759[no parents recorded]B
HARDINGAnn18-Jul1790d of James & MaryB
HARDINGAnna5-May1793d of Thomas & MaryB
HARDINGCharles4-Jul1799s of James & MaryB
HARDINGElizabeth23-Jun1782d of James and MaryB
HARDINGJames25-Mar1793s of James & MaryB
HARDINGJudith18-May1788d of James & MaryB
HARDINGMary28-May1786d of James & MaryB
HARDINGSarah9-May1784d of James & MaryB
HARDINGSophia25-Jan1795d of Thos. & MaryB
HARDINGSophia20-Mar1795d of Thos. & MaryB
HARDINGThomas26-Jun1791s of James & MaryB
HARDINGWilliam30-Jan1797s of James & MaryB
HARRICEAnn22-Apr1633d of RichardA
HARRICEElizabeth12-Oct1630d of RichardA
HARRICEHenry27-Apr1635s of Richad and Elizabeth his wyfeA
HARRISJohon28-Oct1638s of RichardA
HARWOODAmelia8-Dec1805d of Henry & ElizabethB
HARWOODAnn20-Oct1811d of Henry & ElizabethB
HARWOODCharles6-Jun1802s of Henry & ElizabethB
HARWOODGeorge6-Dec1807s of Henry & ElizabethB
HARWOODSarah9-Sep1810d of Henry & ElizabethB
HATFEILDChristopher8-Mar1746/7s of GeorgB
HATFEILDJohn8-Sep1745s of Georg, privately bp. And recievd into ye Congregation 15th of ye sameB
HATFIELDAnn25-Jun1749d of GeorgeB
HATFIELDEdward30-Dec1753s of GeorgeB
HATFIELDElizabeth17-Oct1756d of GeorgeB
HATFIELDGeorge23-Oct1743s of George & MaryB
HATFIELDHarriot7-Dec1783d of Thomas & Margarett, pauperB
HATFIELDSara3-Feb1764d of GorgeB
HATFIELDThomas6-Jul1760s of George and Mary his wifeB
HATFILDRichard1-Nov1751s of GeorgeB
HATTONWilliam11-May1800s of William & AnnB
HAYLOCKJohane2-Feb1651/2d to ValentineA
HAYLOCKEAbraham29-Oct1658s to ValentineA
HAYLOCKEAnn26 Aprill1661[no parents recorded]A
HAYLOCKEJohn1-Aug1656s to ValentineA
HAYLOCKEMargaret12-Apr1663[no parents recorded]A
HAYLOCKEThomas29-Aug1613s of TitusA
HAYLOCKEValentyne18-Feb1615/16s of TitusA
HEMMINGThomas16-Jul1607s of Thomas and Mame his wifeA
HENMANElizabeth12-Jul1740d of Henary & ElizabethB
HENMANElizabeth7-Apr1776d of James & RachelB
HENMANGeorge4-Nov1750s of HenryB
HENMANHenry6-Jun1736s of Henry & ElizabethB
HENMANJames9-Feb1733/4s of Henary & ElizabethA
HENMANJohn24-Apr1748s of HenryB
HENMANLuce13-Jul1770d of JeamesB
HENMANMartha10-Dec1752d of HenryB
HENMANMary25-Jul1742d of Henry & ElizabethB
HENMANRachiel24-Jul1768d of JeamesB
HENMANRobert7-Feb1731/2s of HenryA
HENMANSarah16-Jul1758d of HenryB
HENMANSarah3-Jan1773d of James & Rachel, child was born and baptised this dayB
HENMANSusanne9-Sep1744d of Henary & ElizabethB
HENMANThomas9-Jul1738s of Henry & ElizabethB
HENMANTommas26-Oct1760s of JeamesB
HENMANWilliam21-Nov1746s of HenaryB
HEWARDGeorge2-Nov1567s of FrancisA
HILLEdward27-Nov1811Twin son of William & Ann of the parish of Keston, Kent, [twin of William Henry]B
HILLWilliam Henry27-Nov1811Twin son of William & Ann of the parish of Keston, Kent, [twin of Edward]B
HILLIERAnn18-Apr1803d of William & SarahB
HILLIERJohn7-Jun1801s of William & SarahB
HILLIERSarah5-Jan1806d of William & SarahB
HINDWilliam30-Apr1719s of EdwardA
HINDERSONJohn26-Jul1649s to George & Eliz:A
HINDERSONThomas1-Nov1653s to Thom: & ElizA
HINDERSONWilliam7-Jan1651/2s to George & Eliz:A
HINDSElizabeth16-Jun1721d of EdwardA
HINDSFrancis30-Sep1716s of EdwardA
HINDSJane12-Jun1724d of EdwardA
HINDSWilliam30-Apr1708s of EdwardA
HOLLESTEREdward10-Apr1604s of EdwardA
HOLLESTERElizabeth31-May1601d of EdwardA
HOLLESTERMary22-Oct1605d of EdwardA
HOLLESTERRichard22-Apr1599s of Edw:A
HOLTAnn26-Aug1742d of John & Sarah, privately bp & received into Congregation Aug 31B
HOLTElizabeth25-Sep1737d of John and Sarah, child was born ye 13th October and baptised this dayB
HOLTSarah24-Oct1738d of John & SarahB
HOSSKENSAnn15-Nov1760d of JohnB
HOTHAMGeorge Frederick2-Nov1799s of Beaumont & PhiladelphiaB
HOUCKERJohn20-May1739s of **** was brought from Coudham & baptised heareB
HOWARDMary27-Oct1750d of Thos.B
HOWARDThomas13-Sep1746s of ThomasB
HUDDSONAlice8-Jan1551/2d of RichardA
HUDSHAMAnne25-Oct1562d of Rich.A
HUDSONElizabeth20-Aug1540d of RichardA
HUDSONEmma5-Nov1548d of RichardA
HUDSONJoane20-Aug1540d of RichardA
HUDSONJohn25-Mar1543s of RichardA
HUDSONMargaret9-Sep1545d of RichA
HUDSONNERichard24-Aug1556s of Rich.A
HUDSSONChristian12-Nov1558d of Rich.A
HUGHSMANJane11-Jan1795d of Robert & Ann, child born at Cudham 10 Dec 1794B
HUNTMargret18-Aug1654d of ThomasA
HURST?Ann9-Apr1654d of Tho.A
HUTCHINAgnes3-Sep1570d of JohnA
HUTCHINAgnes18-Feb1574/5d of JohnA
HUTCHINAnne25-Sep1596d of JacobA
HUTCHINHenry2-Mar1581/2s of JohnA
HUTCHINJacob1-May1568s of JohnA
HUTCHINKatherine22-Feb1578/9d of JohnA
ISAACJohn15-Feb1546/7s of PhillipA
ISAACKAnne3-Sep1545d of PhillipA
ISAACKJohanna18-Jan1548/9d of PhillipA
ISAACKMichael6-Oct1564s of MichaeusA
ISAACKRichard21-Aug1560s of PhillipA
ISAACKThomas10-Apr1554s of PhillipA
ISAACKWilliam22-Jan1556/7s of PhillipA
ISAAKEThomas3-Jan1741/2s of William & Mary, child b[n] 25 Dec 1741B
JACKSONAnn13-Sep1806d of George & Ann (Private Baptism)B
JACKSONSusanna18-Nov1744brought from Cudham and baptisedB
JACKSONWilliam22-Oct1769s of Ann COOPER, child basebornB
JENNINGSMargerie30-Aug1558d of Eliz.A
JEWELLAnn25-Apr1714d of JohnA
JEWELLDorithie7-Jun1618d of Alexander [faded page edge month unreadable]A
JEWELLElizabeth25-Apr1714d of JohnA
JEWELLGeorge2-Dec1681s of RobertA
JEWELLJohn12-May1622s of AlexanderA
JEWELLJohn15-Oct1679s of RobertA
JEWELLKatherine20-Jul1620d of AlexanderA
JEWELLMarie12-Dec1624d of AlexanderA
JEWELLMary6-Apr1713d of JohnA
JEWELLMary29-Jul1720d of JohnA
JEWELLMary7-Mar1615/6d of AlexanderA
JEWELLRobert26-Jun1605s of ThomasA
JEWELLThomas20-Nov1608s of Thomas and Elizabeth his wifeA
JEWELLThomas1-May1627s of AlexanderA
JEWELLThomas17-Jun1676s of RobertA
JINKSAlice9-May1790d of Edward & Sarah ( Pauper)B
JINKSEdward2-Nov1788s of Edward & SarahB
JINKSRobert2-Feb1797s of Edward & ElizabethB
JINKSSusanna Elizabeth12-Oct1794d of Edward & SarahB
JINKSThomas6-Nov1791s of Edward & SarahB
JINKSWilliam Henry25-Feb1793s of Edward & SarahB
JOHNSONCatharine17-Mar1776d of Jasper & MaryB
JOHNSONMary29-Mar1778d of Jasper & Mary (Born Mar 19th)B
JOHNSONSusanna5-Mar1780d of Jasper & Mary ( born Feb 24)B
JOHNSONWilliam21-Nov1773s of Jasper & Mary, child born 7th NovB
JOHNSONEKathren27-Sep1612d of JohnA
JONES...........29-Nov1679s of Philip, Minister of DowneA
JONESAnn29-Jul1695d of WilliamA
JONESAnn14-May1769d of ThomasB
JONESEdword1-Mar1767s of ThomasB
JONESElizabeth27-Dec1699d of WilliamA
JONESElizabeth10-Aug1712d of WilliamA
JONESJohn20-Apr1697s of WilliamA
JONESJohn6-Sep1761s of Thomas and DolleyB
JONESJohn2-Mar1708/9s of WilliamA
JONESMary5-Jun1676d of Philip, minister of DowneA
JONESMary2-Apr1689d of EdwardA
JONESMary27-Jun1740d of WilliamB
JONESMary10-Sep1775d of Thomas & DorothyB
JONESMary23-Jan1702/3d of WilliamA
JONESPacesents [Patience]31-Aug1735she was the daughter of William and Elizabeth JonesB
JONESPhilip3-Jun1678s of PhillipA
JONESSarah28-Nov1779d of Thomas & DorothyB
JONESStephen22-Nov1772s of Thomas & Dorothy, child was born the 18th of Nov, and baptised this dayB
JONESStephen1-Jun1777s of Thomas & DorothyB
JONESThomas15-May1739was baptisedB
JONESThomas27-May1757s of Thos. An Dorothy his wifeB
JONESWilliam8-May1698s of WilliamA
JONESWilliam3-Apr1706s of William, husbandmanA
JONESWilliam7-Aug1737s of William & Elizabeth, child was born August ye fourth and baptized this dayB
JONESWilliam23-Sep1759s of George and Mary his wifeB
JONSThomas16-Jun1717s of WilliamA
JONSWilliam9-Mar1713/4s of EdwardA
JOYNERMary Howard23-May1777d of Wiliam and MaryB
JOYNERSarah Howard26-Jul1775d of William & MaryB
JUDFeebe & Frances13-Jul1766ye daughters of Solloman, two twinsB
JUDThomas23-Apr1769s of SollB
KARMElizabeth1-Nov1567d of RichardA
KEIHTLEYGeorge4-Mar1736/7s of RichardB
KEIHTLEYRichard16-Mar1734/5s of RichardB
KICHINGLucy20-May1750d of Robert was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
KINGAn20-Aug1671d of NicholasA
KINGAnn20-Sep1716d of ThomasA
KINGAnn31-Jan1713/4d of GeorgA
KINGElizabeth13-Sep1724d of ThomasA
KINGElizabeth16-Mar1678/9d of JohnA
KINGGeorge27-May1716s of GeorgeA
KINGJames22-Aug1736s of Edward and MargaretB
KINGJane14-Mar1733/4d of Edward & MargaretA
KINGJoanna24-Sep1673d of John, collierA
KINGJohn11-Sep1675s of JohnA
KINGJohn1-Jul1722sof GeorgeA
KINGJohn14-Jan1674/5s of NicholasA
KINGJone5-Apr1666d of ThomasA
KINGJoseph12-Nov1637s of JohnA
KINGJoseph27-Apr1682s of JohnA
KINGJoseph20-May1719s of GeorgeA
KINGMargaret5-Dec1731d of EdwardA
KINGMary8-Aug1661d of Nich:A
KINGMary20-Oct1677d of JohnA
KINGMary28-Nov1697d of Elizabeth (born the same day)A
KINGMary19-Oct1729d of EdwardA
KINGMathew25-Mar1639/40d of Joseph [SONNE crossed out and daughter written above it]A
KINGMildred30-Oct1717d of ThomasA
KINGNicholus5-Jan1633/4s of WilliamA
KINGRichard5-Jul1635s of Joseph and Marie his wyffeA
KINGSarah11-Sep1670d of ThomasA
KINGSarah18-Jun1743d of William & Mary was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
KINGSusanna17-Jul1757d of Thomas was brought from Leaves Green and baptisedB
KINGThomas20-May1629s of JosephA
KINGThomas1-Apr1641s to William & MaryA
KINGThomas13-Nov1711s of GeorgeA
KINGThomas3-Aug1722s of ThomasA
KINGThomas2-Dec1739s of Thomas & Mary his whyfeB
KINGThomas22-Mar1638/9s of JosephA
KINGThomas6-Jan1684/5s of JohnA
KINGWilliam1-May1720s of ThomasA
KINGWilliam28-Jan1727/8s of EdwardA
KINGENicholas3-Jun1659s to NicholasA
KINGESarah6-Jan1708/9d of GeorgeA
KINGEThomas22-Dec1663s of NicholasA
KNIGHTMichaell13-Apr1625s of ChristopherA
KNIGHTEBriget24-Nov1603d of Christopher, borne at Aperfield baptized at DowneA
KNOEThomas16-Jul1615s of JohnA
KNOWAnn25-Dec1753d of GeorgeB
KNOWMary21-Jul1654d of RogerA
KNOWMary4-Nov1693d of ThomasA
KNOWRoger 1584s of Robert [no date]A
KNOWRoger26-Apr1695s of ThomasA
KNOWEElizabeth26-Mar1612d of John and Jaine his wifeA
KNOWEJohn2-Feb1608/9s of JohnA
KNOWERoger28-Apr1622s of JohnA
LADDLucy27-Jan1811d of Levi & Lucy (born Dec 31st 1810)B
LAMBARDElizabeth20-Oct1727d of ThomasA
LANCEJeames18-Jul1742s of Losson was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
LANDONJames25-Jan1795s of Richard & ElizabethB
LANDONThomas25-Dec1796s of Richard & ElizabethB
LANEAnn26-Mar1638d of NicholasA
LANEElizabeth2-Dec1736d of Tobias & SarahB
LANERobert............1639s of Nicholas [no date recorded]A
LANEThomas27-Dec1734s of Tob's & SarahB
LATTERElizabeth25-Mar1720d of WilliamA
LATTERHose18-Nov1722d of WilliamA
LATTERWilliam26-Feb1717/18s of WilliamA
LEDDINGTONGeorge27-May1810s of Edward & Elizth.B
LEOPARDJames13-Mar1808s of James & Sophia (Bn 13 Nov 1807)B
LETTINGTONElizabeth8-Mar1730/1d of GeorgeA
LETTINGTONJohn11-Jun1749s of John was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
LETTINGTONMargaret20-Feb1734/5s of John & AnnB
LETTINGTONMary17-Mar1728/9d of GeorgeA
LOWEJohn14-Dec1755s of MaryB
LUCUSTMary6-Oct1736d of Richard & MartthaB
LUCUSTRichard29-Dec1734s of Richard & MaryB
MACEDeborah15-May1730d of JohnA
MACEDennis8-Feb1628/9d of HenryA
MACEJoane15-May1668d of FrancisA
MAJORJohn5-Sep1784s of John & Ann of the parish of LANGLEY in Bucks, (harvesters), pauperB
MALEYSJoane10-May1560d of ThomasA
MANNINGAnne22-Oct1545d of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGAnne3-Nov1558d of Mr. HenryeA
MANNINGAnne8-Apr1571d of RichardA
MANNINGAnne14-Jul1594d of Mr. PeterA
MANNINGCatherine3-Apr1548d of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGDorotie3-Oct1558d of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGElizabeth6-Aug1554d of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGGeorge23-Nov1595s of Mr. PeterA
MANNINGHenry2-Dec1574[son of] RichardA
MANNINGHumfrey4-Feb1549/50s of Mr.GeorgeA
MANNINGJames5-Sep1613s of Mr. BartholomewA
MANNINGJoane30-Jan1546/7d of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGJohn8-Jun1560s of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGJohn20-Feb1554/5ye sonnes of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGJohn20-Feb1554/5ye sonnes of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGKatherine3-Mar1594/5d of Mr. DoctorA
MANNINGPercivall25-Oct1590s of Mr PeterA
MANNINGPeter6-Aug1553s of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGEBartholomew30-Jan1587/8s of Mr PeterA
MANNINGECatherine3-May1569d of Rich:A
MANNINGEDorotie15-Sep1597d of Mr PeterA
MANNINGEEdward28-Dec1602s of PeterA
MANNINGEEllz: 1593d of Mr. Peter [no date recorded]A
MANNINGEGeorge12-Apr1615s of Mr. BartholomeweA
MANNINGEHenrie1-Nov1596s of Mr. doctorA
MANNINGEHenrye29-May1557s of Mr. HenryA
MANNINGEHenrye11-Feb1588/9s of Mr PeterA
MANNINGEKatherine14-Jan1598/9d of Mr. PeterA
MANNINGENicholas9-Jul1557s of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGENicholas29-Jan1586/7s of Mr PeterA
MANNINGEPeter6-Feb1590/1s of Mr PeterA
MANNINGERich:26-Mar1598s of Mr. doctorA
MANNINGEThomas28-Mar1556s of Mr. GeorgeA
MANNINGEThomas24-Jan1560/1s of Mr GeorgeA
MANSFIELDElizabeth7-Nov1758d of JamesB
MANSFIELDJeames2-Nov1762s of JeamesB
MANSFIELDMary26-Mar1756d of James and Elizabeth his wife, privately baptised & received into Congregation of ye Church Apr 23B
MAREMary3-Apr1726d of JohnA
MARSHALLElizabeth3-Oct1624d of ThomasA
MARSHALLGrace1-Jan1629/30d of ThomasA
MARSHALLMarie25-Sep1626d of ThomasA
MARTENMary28-Sep1746d.of RobertB
MARTTINAnn11-Jul1742d of Robert was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
MASCALLCerby19-Apr1730s of Mary, base bornA
MASONJohanna18-Jan1548/9d of Thomas ye father reputed by AGNES JENNINGSA
McLAUGHLINDaniel2-May1790s of Peter & SarahB
MERITTMarie29-Jun1634d of GregorieA
MERRITTAnn14-Feb1636/7d of GregorieA
MERRITTGregorie23-Sep1632s of GregorieA
MICHAELLElizabeth1-Dec1676d of ThomasA
MICHAELLSarah16-Feb1674/5d of ThomasA
MICHAELLThomas24-Jun1679s of ThomasA
MICHELLAlis30-Mar1639d of ThomasA
MICHELLElizabeth11-Aug1637d of ThomasA
MICHELLElizabeth24-Aug1638d of Tho:A
MICHELLJohn18-Dec1651s to Thomas & ElizabethA
MICHELLMary1-Nov1650d to Thom: & Eliz.A
MICHELLSusan6-Apr1643d to Tho: & AmyeA
MICHELLThomas25-Oct1645s to Thomas & ElizabethA
MILESElizabeth7-Oct1670d of JamesA
MILLERThomysen12-Nov1609d of Edward and Marie his wyfeA
MILLERWinifred19-Jan1606/7d of EdmundeA
MILLIMSJone19-Jan1667/8d of ThomasA
MILLOMSElizabeth26-Jun1664d of ThomasA
MILLOMSJohn5-Feb1673/4s of Tho: & Joan his wifeA
MILLOMSViannia31-Jan1665/6d of ThomasA
MILLSElizabeth10-Mar1709/10d of WilliamA
MILLSJane18-Dec1712d of WilliamA
MILLSJohn16-Jan1708/9s of WilliamA
MILLSSarah4-Feb1710d of WilliamA
MILLSWilliam12-Sep1707s of William, blacksmithA
MILLUMSAbraham6-Jun1685s of EdwardA
MILLUMSEdward23-Oct1681s of EdwardA
MILLUMSElizabeth20-May1676d of ThomasA
MILLUMSElizabeth4-Apr1678d of EdwardA
MILLUMSElizabeth22-Mar1671/2d of ThomasA
MILLUMSJohn30-Sep1683s of EdwardA
MILLUMSMary27-Feb1678/9d of EdwardA
MILLUMSThomas8-Jun1690s of EdwardA
MILLUMSThomas7-Feb1668/9s of ThomasA
MOCUMBERJohn24-May1665s of WilliamA
MORLEYElizabeth18-Oct1542d of JohnA
NICHOLSElizabeth4-Aug1723d of AlexanderA
NICHOLSMary11-Sep1726d of AllexanderA
OFFIEThomas7-Mar1629/30s of JohnA
OMERElizabeth15-Jan1709/10d of DaniellA
OMERJoseph19-Mar1780s of Daniel and -[wife's name not recorded], (born Sept 12 1779)B
OMERMargarett15-Sep1706s of Daniell, carpenterA
OMERMary13-Oct1704d of Daniell, carpenterA
OMERWilliam28-Mar1708s of Daniell, carpenterA
OMERWilliam Parry26-Sep1781s of Daniel, (Born Sept 16th 1780) "This was neglected to be registered in its proper place"B
ONNSTEDAnne21-Jan1592/3d of HenrieA
ONNSTEDHenry26-Jul1590s of HenryA
ONNSTEDMarie7-Jul1594d of HenryA
ONNSTEEDAlice26-Feb1599/1600d of HenryA
ORGLEElizabeth18-May1732d of Richard & SarahA
OSBORNOsborn7-Feb1730s of Mary, base bornA
OSBORNEAmelia28-Feb1779d of James & Hannah (Born Feb 18)B
OSBORNEAnn28-Jul1805d of Walter & SarahB
OSBORNECharles10-Feb1781s of James & Hannah (born Feb 5)B
OSBORNEElizabeth2-Jan1803d of Walter & SarahB
OSBORNEHenry5-Jul1807s of Walter & SarahB
OSBORNEJames9-Sep1810s of Willm. & SarahB
OSBORNEJohn15-Jan1809s of Walter & ElizabethB
OSBORNERichard29-May1784s of Charles & MaryB
OSBORNEWalter6-Nov1774s of John & Ann, child born 19th OctoberB
OSBORNEWalter12-Sep1802s of Walter & SarahB
OSBORNEWinifred29-Dec1776d of James & HannahB
OUSLYIsaac16-Apr1736s of Richard & SarahB
OUTREDElizabeth31 Apr1615d of LancelA
OUTREDKatheren25-Aug1616 d of RichardA
OUTREDThomas9-Jul1620s of LauncelotA
OUTREEDThomas8-Jul1638s of BeniamoA
OUTRIDSusan8-Feb1665/6d of ThomasA
OUTRIDThomas............1670s of Thomas [no date]A
OVIREEDEJohn22-Mar1610/11s of LauncelotA
OWINGJohn9-Apr1745s of AnnB
OWINGSarah22-Sep1754d of Richard was brought from Leaves Green and baptised this dayB
OWSLEYWilliam15-Nov1713s of IsaacA
OWTREDMargaret2-Aug1622d of LancelotA
OWTREDSusan24-Jan1618/19d of LancetA
PALLETTWilliam24-Oct1802s of Thomas & AnnB
PALMERAn16-Oct1628d of Mr. MichaellA
PALMERAnn12-Jul1632d of Mr.JohnA
PALMERElizabeth31-May1631d of Mr. JohnA
PALMERJane16-Jan1625/6d of Michaell, gent.A
PALMERMicah28-Apr1631s of Mr. MichaellA
PALMERMichaell28-Nov1633s of Mr. JohnA
PARKERWilliam12-Jan1745/6s of John & ElizabethB
PAYNAnthonie10-Jun1554s of AgnesA
PEAKRobert9-Mar1755s of William & Mary, born March 1stB
PEAKSarah30-May1756d of William & MaryB
PEAKEAnn25-Jun1758d of William, child was born June 21stB
PEAKEAnn3-Feb1745/6d of William & Mary, born Feb 1st privately bp.3rd and entered Church 9th of sameB
PEAKEElizabeth27-May1753d of William & Mary his wife, child was born May 22nd and Baptised this dayB
PEAKEJohn16-Oct1748s of William & Mary his wifeB
PEAKEMary19-May1751d of William, child was born May 7th and baptised this dayB
PEAKERichard12-Aug1764s of WilliamB
PEAKEWilliam11-Mar1743s of William & Mary, b[n] March firstB
PEARLESRichard Whiffin27-Nov1748s of Sarah a widow was brought from Cudham Workhouse and baptisedB
PEARSEElizabeth22-Jan1625/6d of John, gentlemanA
PEATERichard6-Apr1624s of Ricd.A
PEEKHanner [Hannah]25-Jan1761d of William & Mary his wifeB
PEENKThomas27-May1760s of ThomasB
PEINKWilliam21-Jan1759s of ThomasB
PELLAnn11-Jan1795d of William & Mary, child born at Cudham 8 Jan 1795B
PERCIVALMary Ann4-Dec1803d of Samuel & ElizabethB
PHILIPJames21-Feb1668/9s of ThomasA
PHILIPJohn4-Jan1671/2s of Thomas, child born the 4 Jan 1671/2A
PHILIPThomas28-Jun1667s of ThomasA
PHILIPPSJohn9-Dec1679s of JohnA
PHILIPSDaniel28-Jan1749/50s of Daniel & MaryB
PHILIPSJohn9-Aug1776s of Thomas & Alice, child born July 16thB
PHILIPSPhilip31-Oct1674s of ThomasA
PHILIPSThomas21-Apr1775s of Thomas & AliceB
PHILIPSThomas5-Jan1678/9s of JohnA
PHILLIPJohn21-Jun1612s of John and Ann his wyffeA
PHILLIPThomas14-Jun1635s of Thomas and Marie his wyffeA
PHILLIPWilliam24-Jan1593/4s of FrancisA
PHILLIPSAlice12-Sep1562d of Robt.A
PHILLIPSAlice12-Sep1562d of Robt.A
PHILLIPSAlice31-Jan1783d of Thomas & AliceB
PHILLIPSAlice7-Mar1595/6d of FrancisA
PHILLIPSAnn27-May1622d of John, jun.A
PHILLIPSAnn27-Jun1779d of Thomas & Alice (Born June 2)B
PHILLIPSCatharine10-May1795d of Thomas & AliceB
PHILLIPSCharles29-Aug1784s of Thos. & AliceB
PHILLIPSElizabeth5-Nov1551d of RobertA
PHILLIPSElizabeth9-Jul1618d of John, seniorA
PHILLIPSElizabeth11-Mar1781d of Thos. & Alice (born Feb 15)B
PHILLIPSElizabeth1-Jan1589/90d of FrancisA
PHILLIPSElizabeth18-Jan1615/16d of John, the youngerA
PHILLIPSElizabeth20-Feb1684/5d of JohnA
PHILLIPSGeorge7-Nov1585s of WilliamA
PHILLIPSGeorge16-Mar1686/7s of JohnA
PHILLIPSGeorge Walker23-Aug1789s of Thos.& AliceB
PHILLIPSHenry3-Dec1587s of WilliamA
PHILLIPSHenrye23-Sep1555s of RobertA
PHILLIPSJames3-Aug1713s of ThomasA
PHILLIPSJoan26-Oct1567d of Robt.A
PHILLIPSJohn6-May1545s of WilliamA
PHILLIPSJohn30-Oct1591s of FrancisA
PHILLIPSJohn2-Feb1557/8s of PeterA
PHILLIPSJohn24-Feb1706/7s of ThomasA
PHILLIPSMarie18-Aug1588d of FrancisA
PHILLIPSMartin.............1568/9s of Robt. [no date]A
PHILLIPSMary6-Jun1638d of Tho.A
PHILLIPSMary26-Jul1791d of Thomas & AliceB
PHILLIPSSarah3-Apr1683d of JonA
PHILLIPSSarah12-Dec1737d of John and Ann, b[n] Nov 16thB
PHILLIPSSarah26-Oct1777d of Thomas and Alice, child was born 5thB
PHILLIPSSusanna21-Jun1689d of JohnA
PHILLIPSSusanna30-Nov1787d of Thos & AliceB
PHILLIPSThomas18-May1548s of JohnA
PHILLIPSThomas17-Jun1709s of ThomasA
PHILLIPSThomas9-Nov1744s of John & Sarah, child born Oct. 19thB
PHILLIPSThomas18-Jan1558/9s of Robt.A
PHILLIPSThomasin25-May1695d of JohnA
PHILLIPSVaspation30-Jul1618s of John, juniorA
PHILLIPSWm.1-Nov1590s of John, of Leavs GreenA
PHILPMargaret23-Apr1748d of DanielB
PHILPSJeames6-Dec1743s of Daniel & Elzth.B
PHILPSMary9-Dec1753d of DanielB
PHILPSSarah12-Jan1752d of DanielB
PINKElizabeth6-Mar1772d of Ann, child basebornB
PINKJeames2-Nov1761s of Thomas & AnnB
PINKMary20-Apr1766d of Ann, child basebornB
PINKThomas9-Apr1786s of William & SarahB
PINKSSarah13-May1787d of Edward & SarahB
POAKEElizabeth4-Dec1663d of Richard & AliceA
POOKThomas26-Jan1654/5s of RichardA
POPEAgnes25-Apr1579d of EdwardA
POPEAmie20-Nov1617d of HenryA
POPEAnne30-Jan1607/8d of HenryA
POPEAnnette.........1608d of Henry [no date entry]A
POPEEdmunde17-Jun1621s of HenryA
POPEElizabeth13-Dec1623d of HenryA
POPEElizabeth14-Nov1630d of HenryA
POPEHenry10-Apr1615s of HenryA
POPEHenrye14-Oct1582s of EdmundA
POPEJoane8-Jan1625/6d of HenryA
POPEJohn21-Oct1627s of HenryA
POPEMary2-May1576d of EdwardA
POPEMary 1-Dec1612d of HenryA
POPERobert27-Apr1610d of Henry and Alice his wyfeA
PORTERAlice25-Sep1774d of Samuel and Hanah, child was born 20tB
PORTERMary19-Jul1772d of SamuelB
POWELLAnna4-Aug1674d of Henery and Elizabeth his wifeA
POWELLElizabeth18-Apr1665d of HenryA
POWELLElizabeth16-Dec1690d of HeneryA
POWELLHenery11-Dec1663s of HeneryA
POWELLHenery8-Jul1693s of HeneryA
POWRTERJohn23-Dec1770s of SamuelB
PRATTThomas12-Dec1613s of ThomasA
PUPPLETAvorie10-Nov1605s of MathewA
RANDILLMargaret20-Jun1566[no parents recorded]A
RANDILLMargaret25-Aug1566d of RichardA
RAVENHILLMary8-Jan1786d of William Esqr. & Ann his wifeB
RAVENHILLTimothy12-Nov1781s of Willm. Esq and Ann his wife (born Sep 28)B
RELFJohn18-Aug1728s of JohnA
RICHARDSMary Ann22-Sep1793d of Thomas & AnnB
RIDGEJane2-Feb1538/9d of AgnesA
RINGAlice17-Nov1793d of Matthew & SarahB
RINGAnn16-Apr1786d of Matthew & Sarah (Pauper)B
RINGCaroline8-Sep1811d of John & SusannaB
RINGCharles17-Feb1796s of Matthew & SarahB
RINGCharlotte16-Jan1785ds of Matthew & Sarah, [twin of Maria] privately baptised B
RINGDinah24-Aug1788d of Matthew & Sarah (Pauper)B
RINGGeorge1-Mar1778s of Matthew & Sarah, child was born 27 FebB
RINGJeremiah9-May1790s of Matthew & SarahB
RINGJohn26-Dec1779s of Matthew & Sarah ( Born Dec 25)B
RINGMaria16-Jan1785ds of Matthew & Sarah, [twin of Charlotte] privately baptised B
RINGMatthew16-Mar1792s of Matthew & SarahB
RINGSarah15-Sep1782d of Matthew & SarahB
RINGThomas15-Oct1797s of Matthew & SarahB
RINGEWilliam15-Sep1636s of WilliamA
ROLFRichard10-Feb1733/4s of John and AnnA
ROLFEMary5-Sep1725d of JohnA
RONDILLElizabeth7-Aug1569d of RichardA
ROOFWilliam27-Dec1739s of Edward & ElizabethB
ROOHEAD?AnneDec1591d of JohnA
ROOTESAlice31-Aug1589d of Robt.A
ROOTESEdward22-May1605s of RobertA
ROOTESJohn28-Jun1618s of RobertA
ROOTESJohna12-May1623d of RobbertA
ROOTESRobt17-Dec1592s of Robt.A
ROOTESThomas23-Apr1598s of Robt:A
ROOTESThomas24-Sep1620s of RobertA
ROWAnn30-Dec1694d of JohnA
ROWAnn3-Oct1729d of RichardA
ROWEdward24-Feb1676/7s of JohnA
ROWEdward1-Feb1733/4s or Richard & MarthaA
ROWElizabeth10-Dec1693d of JohnA
ROWElizabeth14-Jan1742/3d of RichardB
ROWHenery14-Nov1686s of JohnA
ROWJohn29-Sep1673s of John & Mary his wifeA
ROWMargaret19-Feb1740/1d of RichardB
ROWMarttha13-Jun1736d of Richard & MartthaB
ROWMary22-Feb1679/80d of JohnA
ROWMary24-Jan1731/2d of RichardA
ROWRichard15-Oct1738s of Richard & MarthaB
ROWSarah2-Dec1697d of JohnA
ROWSusanna1-Jun1746d of RichardB
ROWThomas5-Apr1675s of JohnA
ROWWilliam8-Mar1677/8s of JohnA
ROWEEdward25-May1684s of JohnA
RUNNDSSara1-May1768d of JohnB
RUSELLWilliam16-Nov1746s of William from Coudham [Cudham]B
SACKSBIEJohn15-May1744s of Catherine, spinsterB
SALESAlice25-Mar1792d of William & ElizabethB
SALESAmi17-May1795d of Willm. & ElizabethB
SALESAnn5-Jul1773d of Henery and Elizabeth his wife, child was born June 19thB
SALESAnn27-Mar1803d of William & Elizth.B
SALESBanjamin25-Apr1790s of William & Elizth.B
SALESBengyen6-Dec1769s of HenryB
SALESElizabeth29-Jul1810d of Timothy & ElizabethB
SALESGeorge16-Dec1793s of William & ElizabethB
SALESJohn17-Feb1784s of William & ElizabethB
SALESLydia21-Feb1781d of Henry & Elizabeth ( born Feb 7)B
SALESMary29-Oct1797d of William & Elizth.B
SALESRichard16-Feb1775s of Henry & ElizabethB
SALESSarah7-May1779d of Henry & Elizabeth (Born Apr 24)B
SALESSarah23-Aug1792d of Henry & SarahB
SALESSarah20-Apr1800d of William & Elizth.B
SALESTimothy5-Feb1786s of William & Elizth.B
SALESWilliam25-Dec1808s of Timothy & ElizabethB
SALESWilliam1-Dec1811s of William & MaryB
SALSElisebeth3-Jun1768d of HenryB
SALSHenry3-May1765s of HenryB
SALSJohn10-Nov1766s of HenryB
SALSWilliam16-Sep1763s of HenryB
SAMBROKE?Peter1-Nov1625s of SamuellA
SANDYSDeborah3-Nov1700d of Mr JordanA
SANDYSElizabeth4-Nov1705d of Capt. JordanA
SANDYSHenery13-Sep1697s of Mr JordanA
SANDYSHenery7-Sep1725s of Mr HeneryA
SANDYSMargarett23-Dec1703d of Mr Jordan, CaptainA
SANDYSRichard13-Jul1724s of Mr HeneryA
SCHEFORS?Catharin?19-Mar1584/5d ofA
SEARLESMary19-Sep1771d of Henry & ElizabethB
SHOTElizabeth21-May1729d of AbrahamA
SHOTIsaac14-Sep1746s of AbrahamB
SHOTJacob3-Jul1749s of AbrahamB
SHOTSarah22-Jun1731d of AbrahamA
SHOTTAbraham27-Jan1743s of AbrahamB
SHOTTJohn2-Dec1733s of Abram & SusannaA
SHOTTMary8-Jun1738d of AbrahamB
SHOTTThomas29-Feb1735/6s of Abraham & SusannahB
SIBBLESChristian26-Jul1542d of Thomas SIBBLES & Joane JENNINGA
SKEETCharlotte25-May1788d of Jacob & MaryB
SKEETMary Ann18-May1794d of Jacob & MaryB
SKEETSamuel Henry29-May1798s of Jacob & MaryB
SKEETStephen19-Jun1791s of Jacob & MaryB
SMITHAlice28-Nov1752d of JohnB
SMITHDeborah18-Feb1702/3d of HeneryA
SMITHEdward27-Feb1691/2s of HeneryA
SMITHEdward8-Jan1733/4s of Edward & Sarah, child born 12 DecA
SMITHElizabeth21-Dec1583d of ThomasA
SMITHElizabeth10-Oct1729d of EdwardA
SMITHElzbeth2-Sep1654d of JohnA
SMITHEmma1-Feb1809d of William & Elizth.B
SMITHGeorge9-Jan1761s of John & SusannaB
SMITHHenery20-Mar1689/90s of HeneryA
SMITHHenry30-Dec1735s of Edward and SarahB
SMITHJohn4-May1684s of HeneryA
SMITHJohn23-Dec1750s of JohnB
SMITHJohn9-May1797s of John & AnnB
SMITHMary28-Mar1697d of HeneryA
SMITHRachell6-Oct1740d of Edward & SarahB
SMITHSara19-May1767d of John, child was born April ye 26th and baptised this dayB
SMITHSarah27-Apr1694d of HeneryA
SMITHSarah9-Nov1740d of John & JaneB
SMITHThomas2-Nov1754s of JohnB
SMITHWilliam11-Apr1685s of HeneryA
SMITHWilliam17-Jul1802s of Charles & MaryB
SMITHWilliam3-Mar1737/8s of Edward & Sarah, b[n] Feb 4thB
SPARINGCharlotte6-Nov1808d of William & CharlotteB
SQUIREAnn28-Dec1632d of JohnA
SQUIREAnne8-Feb1662/3d of StephenA
SQUIREElizabeth3-Sep1673d of StephenA
SQUIREHenery19-May1671s of StevenA
SQUIREJohn5-Dec1667s of StephenA
SQUIREJohn6-Jul1690s of ThomasA
SQUIREMary30-Jan1665/6d of StephenA
SQUIRERachel29-Jun1643d of John & ElizabethA
SQUIRERoger28-Mar1678s of StephenA
SQUIREStephen14-Apr1664s of StephenA
SQUIREThomas14-May1664s of JohnA
SQUIREThomas21-Jun1675s of StephenA
SQUIREThomas10-Feb1629/30s of JohnA
SQUIREThomas20-Mar1668/9s of StevenA
SQUIREWilliam5-Aug1668s of JohnA
SQUIREWilliam17-May1679s of StephenA
SQUIREWinifred26-Apr1635d of John and Elzbeth his wyfeA
STAPLEAnne27-Mar1577d of JohnA
STAPLEAnne1-May1619/20d of NicholasA
STAPLEGeorge2-Mar1574/5s of JohnA
STAPLEJohn16-Mar1616/7s of NicholasA
STAPLEJoseph12-Apr1730s of JosephA
STAPLERachell18-Mar1682/3d of JohnA
STAPLERichard5-Feb1603/4s of EdwardA
STAPLESarah28-Apr1728d of JohnA
STAPLEThomas19-Oct1663s of JohnA
STAPLESAnn14-May1738d of JosephB
STAPLESElizabeth18-Feb1739/40d of JosephB
STAPLESJohn10-Dec1731s of JosephA
STAPLESMary9-Jan1742/3d of JosephB
STAPLESRichard31-Aug1735s of JosephB
STAPLESThomas5-Feb1744/5s of JosephB
STAPLETONUrsula30-Sep1604d of John, a base A
STEPHENSElizabeth3-Feb1736/7d of Rebaka, child , child was born January ye 2nd 1736 and baptized this dayB
STEVENGeorge1-Jan1594/5s of WilliamA
STEVENJohn10-Jan1549/50s of ThomasA
STEVENSAnn Hill6-May1787d of Thomas & Margt.B
STEVENSAnne26-Mar1545d of ThomasA
STEVENSCaralina27-Mar1768d of EdwordB
STEVENSEdward21-Sep1760s of EdwardB
STEVENSEdward7-Jan1727/8s of AnthonyA
STEVENSElizabeth22-Dec1764d of EdwardB
STEVENSEmma5-Oct1550d of Wm.A
STEVENSGeorge31-Jul1785s of Thos. & Margt.B
STEVENSGyles31-Mar1542s of WilliamA
STEVENSIsabell28-Jan1544/5d of WilliamA
STEVENSJoane20-Mar1550/1d of ThomasA
STEVENSJohn29-Mar1624s of JamesA
STEVENSMary2-Apr1758d of TimothieB
STEVENSMary26-Dec1790d of Timothy & ElizabethB
STEVENSRichard2-May1762s of Edward & CarlB
STEVENSThomas21-Jan1759s of EdwardB
STEVENSTimothy19-Oct1760s of Timothy and Ann his wifeB
STEVENSTimothy20-Oct1765s of EdwordB
STEVENSUrsula29-Jan1540/1d of WilliamA
STEVENSWilliam20-Apr1759d of Thos. And Ann is wifeB
STEVENSWilliam15-Apr1770s of EdwordB
STEVENSWilliam25-Jan1784s of Thos & MargarettB
STILESGower4-Apr1725s of Mary, base bornA
STILESJohn4-Mar1669/70s of WilliamA
STILESMary17-Feb1676/7d of WmA
STILESSusanna27-May1705d of William,husbandmanA
STILESThomas24-Oct1668s of WilliamA
STILESWilliam23-Apr1664s of William & AmyA
STILESWilliam2-Oct1671s of TobetA
STILESWilliam26-Dec1703s of William, husbandmanA
STONAMLuce24-May1730d of WilliamA
STONAMSarah14-Oct1736d of William & AnnB
STONAMWilliam23-Jun1734s of William & AnnB
STONHAMAnn9-Dec1739d of William & Ann his whyfeB
STONHAMThomas22-Jan1742/3d of William & Ann his whifeB
STOVEHenrye26-Jul1577s of WilliamA
STOWEHenry6-Apr1576s of Wm.A
STOWE?John 14-Oct1624s of HenryA
STREDWICKSarah15-May1737d of John and SarahB
STRUDWICKJohn6-Jun1734s of John & SarahB
STRUDWICKJohn5-Jun1745s of JohnB
STRUDWICKMary28-May1742d of JohnB
STRUDWICKRichard7-Jan1746/7s of JohnB
STRUDWICKThomas9-Jun1739s of John & SarahB
STYLEJohn 9-Jul1602s of RichardA
STYLEThomas31-Aug1600s of RichardA
STYLESRichard7-Apr1604s of Richd.A
SUTTONSarah8-Sep1811d of John & JaneB
SWORNJeames25-Apr1772s of RichardB
SWORNRichard5-Sep1773s of Richard & SarahB
SYMONDSNathaniell13-Sep1629s of Mr. PeterA
TANNEREdward28-Apr1577s of WilliamA
TANNERHenry25-Jun1562s of Wm.A
TANNERHenry25-Jun1562s of Wm.A
TANNERIsabell18-Nov1571d of Wm.A
TANNERJoan6-Aug1564d of WilliamA
TANNERJohn1-Dec1560s of WilliamA
TANNERMarye & Alice7-Jun1579daughters of Wm.A
TANNERRichard26-Dec1568s of Wm.A
TANNERWil26-Mar1574[son of] Wm.A
TAYLORSarah28-Jun1801d of William & Elisth.B
TEREYRichard and Susanna28-Feb1639/40s and d of RichardA
TERRYSusan10-Jun1644d of Rich: & AnnA
TERRYLMarah3-Dec1671d of John husbandman and Mary his wifeA
THOMASRichard14-Aug1774son of John, child was born ye 10thB
TILDENCharles2-Jan1803s of Charles & CarolineB
TILDENElizabeth2-Jan1803d of Charles & CarolineB
TILDENMary14-Feb1793d of Charles & CarolineB
TILDENTimothy11-Mar1810s of Charles & CarolineB
TILDENWilliam5-Jan1806s of Charles & CarolineB
TILDONCatherine23-Jan1791d of Charles & Caroline (born 8 Jan)B
TIRRISElzbeth30-Jun1633d of RichardA
TIRRISWilliam8-Mar1634/5s of RichardA
TODMANHarriot14-Nov1784d of JohnB
TODMANRebecca13-Sep1795d of John &B
TODMANSarah7-Jul1793d of John & Elizth.B
TODMANSophia5-Jul1789d of John & Elizth.B
TOWNElizabeth1-Sep1805d of Thos. & Elizth.B
TOWNMaria7-Jan1798d of Thomas & Elizth.B
TOWNSarah7-Apr1811d of Thomas & ElizabethB
TOWNSusan17-Apr1808d of Thos. & ElizabethB
TOWNThomas2-Oct1803s of Thomas & ElizabethB
TOWNWilliam3-Nov1799s of Thos. & ElizabethB
TREESEMarie22-Jul1630d of Mr.ThomasA
TRESSEHellene21-Dec1631d of Mr. ThomasA
TURNARWilliam30-Dec1738s of John, was brought from Coudham [Cudham] and baptsed hereB
TURNERSarah8-Jun1746d of John was brought from Coudham [Cudham]B
TYRRIEAmia8-Mar1587/8d of MarkeA
VALENTINEMargaret13-Feb1538/9d of ThomasA
VEEDLEJohn18-Oct1629s of JohnA
VINEYSamuel27-May1750s of RichardB
WAKELINGAlice30-Jul1749d of JohnB
WAKELINGAnn4-Sep1747d of JohnB
WAKLINGElizabeth25-May1707d of GeorgeA
WAKLINGGeorge22-Apr1705s of George, husbandmanA
WALDRONAmie7-Jan1618/19d of Mr. JamesA
WALLESJane10-Jun1539d of JeffrayA
WALLESJohn2-Sep1549s of Mr.JohnA
WALLESNicholas2-May1551s of Mr. JohnA
WALLYSErmine21-Oct1541d of JeffrayA
WALTERThomas26-May1590s of MarkeA
WALTERSAnne5-May1593d of MarkeA
WARDGeorge3-Jun1798s of John & MaryB
WARDEDorothie19-Nov1539d of JohnA
WAREYEdward11-Nov1754s of Sarah, a widow bas. Woz baptisedB
WARNERSJenisJan1563/4a chylde of ye WARNERSA
WATERSWilliam2-Apr1786s of Susanna base-born (Pauper)B
WEARYAnn10-May1746 B
WEARYGeorge14-Feb1747/8s of Thos. & SarahB
WEARYMary6-Jan1744/5d of Thos.B
WEBBElizabeth3-Jul1713d of HeneryA
WEBBHenery19-Jun1715s of HeneryA
WEBBMary2-Feb1721/2d of HeneryA
WEBBRachell30-Jul1723d of HeneryA
WEBBSarah2-Aug1730d of HeneryA
WEBBSarah22-Jan1727/8d of HeneryA
WEBBThomas24-Aug1716s of HeneryA
WELCHWilliam23-Feb1800s of William & LucyB
WESTAmye20-Sep1603d of EdwardA
WHIFENJohn24-Apr1666s of RichardA
WHIFFENAbraham.............1639s of John [no date recorded]A
WHIFFENElizabeth24-Aug1713d of JohnA
WHIFFENFrances3-Oct1710d of JohnA
WHIFFENHosea4-Jun1627d of Thomas, juniorA
WHIFFENMary23-Oct1711d of JohnA
WHIFFENThomas12-Oct1626s of JohnA
WHIFFINAlice19-Mar1580/1d of ThomasA
WHIFFINAnn30-May1638d of JohnA
WHIFFINDoritie26-Dec1583d of Tho:A
WHIFFINElizabeth10-Dec1542d of JohnA
WHIFFINGeorge9-Mar1558/9s of JohnA
WHIFFINJane26-Jul1725d of JohnA
WHIFFINJoan2-Apr1592d of Tho:A
WHIFFINJoane2-Mar1616/17d of Thomas, juniorA
WHIFFINJoane1-Jan1621/22d of JohnA
WHIFFINJoanne1-Oct1550d of JohnA
WHIFFINJohn14-Oct1545s of JohnA
WHIFFINJohn17-Aug1595s of ThomasA
WHIFFINJohn8-Oct1665d of AbrahamA
WHIFFINJohn30-Nov1715s of JohnA
WHIFFINJohn29-Jan1597/8s of Thos.A
WHIFFINMary15-Oct1679d of RichardA
WHIFFINMarye20-Sep1579d of Thos.A
WHIFFINRichard29-Nov1671s of Abraham and Sarah his wifeA
WHIFFINRichard7-Mar1621/22s of ThomasA
WHIFFINSusan1-Feb1623/24d of JohnA
WHIFFINSusannah20-Aug1555d of JohnA
WHIFFINThomas18-Sep1675s of AbrahamA
WHIFFINThomas20-Mar1551/2s of JohnA
WHIFFINWinifred31-Jul1586d of ThomasA
WHIFFINSAlice2-Feb1547/8d of JohnA
WHIFINAbraham12-Nov1667s of AbrahamA
WHITEEliz:2-Feb1644/5d of Joph [Joseph]A
WHITEJames29-Nov1652s to Joseph and Mary his wyffeA
WHITEHEADElizabeth17-Oct1686d of RobertA
WHITEHEADHenry15-Mar1651/2s to Robert & AvisA
WHITEHEADJames9-Sep1691s of HeneryA
WHITEHEADJames25-May1801base born son of SarahB
WHITEHEADJohn27-Jun1690s of HeneryA
WHITEHEADJohn5-Mar1797s of Thos. & SarahB
WHITEHEADMary8-Jul1686d of HeneryA
WHITEHEADMary17-Apr1791d of Thomas & Sarah (P)B
WHITEHEADMatthew9-Feb1693/4s of HeneryA
WHITEHEADPhebe2-Mar1800d of Thomas & SarahB
WHITEHEADRoberd11-Jan1698/9s of HeneryA
WHITEHEADSarah20-Jan1788d of Thos. & Sarah (Pauper)B
WHITEHEADThomas3-May1643s to Robert & AvisA
WHITEHEADThomas23-Apr1682s of HeneryA
WHITEHEADThomas6-Apr1794s of Thomas & SarahB
WHITEHEADWilliam11-May1684s of HeneryA
WHITEHEADWilliam11-Mar1798s of SarahB
WHITHEADElizabeth26-Dec1753d of Mr. Charles, curate of DowneB
WHYTEHEADWilliam9-Jun1595s of Robt:A
WIFFENThomas9-Jun1681s of RichardA
WIFFINAbraham8-Apr1672s of RichardA
WIFFINJone17-Feb1667/8d of RichardA
WILLIAMRichard19-Jun1774s of TravelersB
WILLIAMSAnn9-Mar1766d of ThomasB
WILLIAMSAnn6-Mar1701/2d of ThomasA
WILLIAMSAnn15-Feb1744/5d of WilliamB
WILLIAMSAnne6-Feb1590/1d of EdwardA
WILLIAMSDianna8-Jan1715/6d of EdwadA
WILLIAMSEdw:30-Mar1596s of Edw:A
WILLIAMSEdward21-Oct1560s of JohnA
WILLIAMSEdward22-Dec1585s of JohnA
WILLIAMSEdward8-Sep1589s of Edw.A
WILLIAMSElizabeth9-Jun1588d of JohnA
WILLIAMSElizabeth3-Aug1698d of ThomasA
WILLIAMSElizabeth8-Oct1739d of Williamd & Jane his whyfeB
WILLIAMSGeorge23-Oct1737s of Willm. & Jane, child was born ye 13th Octoberand baptised this dayB
WILLIAMSGeorge17-Jun1764s of ThomasB
WILLIAMSHenry10-Jun1562s of RichardA
WILLIAMSHenry10-Jun1562s of RichardA
WILLIAMSJane1-Mar1746/7d of William was privately baptisedB
WILLIAMSJoan22-Mar1590d of JohnA
WILLIAMSJoan23-Feb1560/1d of RichardA
WILLIAMSJoan18-Jan1588/9d of GeorgeA
WILLIAMSJohn21-Jul1583s of JohnA
WILLIAMSJohn23-Jul1592s of GeorgeA
WILLIAMSJohn5-Oct1696s of ThomasA
WILLIAMSJohn2-Mar1555/6s of JohnA
WILLIAMSMary19-Nov1750d of WilliamB
WILLIAMSMercie 1594d of Edw: [no date recorded]A
WILLIAMSSamuel 1593s of Edw: [no date recorded]A
WILLIAMSSara27-Jun1762d of Thomas & ElezebethB
WILLIAMSThomas13-Jun1585s of GeorgeA
WILLIAMSThomas19-Feb1769s of ThomasB
WILLIAMSThomas4-Feb1699/70s of ThomasA
WILLIAMSThomas11-Jan1735/6s of Thomas & Jane, child , child was born ye 6th of January & baptised this dayB
WILLIAMSThomasin7-Nov1590d of Edw.A
WILLIAMSTomasin6-Jan1561/2d of JohnA
WILLIAMSWilliam28-Jun1706s of Thomas, shomakerA
WILLIAMSWilliam29-Aug1742s of William & JaneB
WILLYAMESElizabeth13-May1604d of JohnA
WINCHESTERMary7-Dec1806d of William & SarahB
WINGFIELDAgnes16-Feb1547/8d of GeorgeA
WINGFIELDAlice16-Mar1542/3d of JohnA
WINGFIELDElizabeth21-Jun1546d of GeorgeA
WINGFIELDJoane28-Sep1540d of JohnA
WINGFIELDJoane28-Sep1544d of GeorgeA
WINGFIELDJoane1-Jan1550/1d of GeorgeA
WINGFIELDJohn15-Apr1550s of GeorgeA
WINGFIELDWilliam9-Dec1557s of JohnA
WINGFIELDEJohn20-Apr1543s of GeorgeA
WINNElizabeth27-Mar1715d of RichardA
WINNGeorge21-Nov1708s of RichardA
WINNRichard16-Mar1711/2s of RichardA
WINNWilliam7-Feb1713/4s of RichardA
WOODAdam15-Dec1811s of Richard & SarahB
WOODAmy22-Jan1766d of Thomas & AnnB
WOODAnn16-Apr1683d of Mr SamuellA
WOODAnthony10-Jun1810s of Richard & SarahB
WOODCatherine29-Mar1694d of SamuellA
WOODElizabeth28-May1685d of SamuellA
WOODGeorge7-Apr1793s of Richard & ElizabethB
WOODGeorge13-Apr1806s of Richard & SarahB
WOODJohn8-Aug1788s of Richard & ElizabethB
WOODMartha13-Jan1689/90d of Mr SamuellA
WOODMary Ann22-Nov1807d of Richard & SarahB
WOODMichaell28-Aug1695s of SamuellA
WOODRichard23-Apr1767s of ThomasB
WOODRichard12-Jul1785s of Richard & ElizabethB
WOODSamuell29-Nov1699s of SamuellA
WOODThomas26-May1771s of Thomas & AnnB
WOODThomas8-Dec1786s of Richard & ElizabethB
WOODWilliam29-Oct1687s of SamuellA
WOODWilliam12-Feb1809s of Richard & SarahB
WRIGHTAnne1-Oct1620d of Nic.A
WRIGHTElizabeth9-May1619d of Nics.A
WRIGHTSusan6-Oct1623d of Nics.A
WRITEElizabeth15-Mar1726/7d of MatthewA
WROAGH [ROW]Elizabeth18-Aug1689d of John [Entry reads WROAGH but is likely to refer to ROW family found in other register entries]A
WROUGHRichard4-Oct1701s of JohnA
WROUGHSarah16-Feb1727/8d of RichardA
YOUNGAnna8-Jan1758d of John and Elizabeth his wifeB