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Transcribed by Susan D. Young from the Bishop's Transcripts.  Missing years:  1604/5-1610/11; 1613/14; 1621/22; 1627/28; 1640/41-1661/62; 1663/64; 1675/76; 1706/7; 1714/15.

Editorial Note from Kent OPC Administrator:  All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.


ABRAM Bridget C 24-Jun 1666 Isaac/Margaret
ABRAM Isaac C 16-Jun 1668 Isaac/Margaret
ALLEN Thomas C 26-Dec 1603 son of Stephen
APPS James C 7-Mar 1773 Richard/Ann
APSE Elizabeth C 16-Mar 1766 Richard/Ann
ARTHUR Elizabeth C 2-Aug 1807 William/Pleasant
ARTHUR John C 19-Nov 1809 William/Pleasant
ASHENDEN Alice C 26-Sep 1668 Richard/Susanna
ATKINS Catherine C 22-Mar 1812 John/Sarah
AUSTEN Anne C 15-Jun 1800 Thomas/Elizabeth
AUSTEN Elizabeth C 6-Mar 1796 Thomas/Elizabeth
AUSTEN Henry C 9-May 1798 Thomas/Elizabeth
AUSTEN Kitty C 8-Apr 1810 Thomas/Elizabeth
AUSTEN Mary C 19-Jan 1794 Thomas/Elizabeth
AUSTEN Richard C 6-Mar 1803 Thomas/Elisabeth
AUSTEN William C 1-Sep 1805 Thomas/Elizabeth
AVERY Elizabeth C 24-Mar 1730 John/Elizabeth
AVERY Elizabeth C 17-May 1741 baseborn child of Elizabeth
AVERY Mary B 21-Sep 1735 John/Elizabeth
BAKER Elizabeth C 28-May 1809 Thomas/Fanny
BAKER Mary C 3-Mar 1811 Thomas/Fanny
BALDWIN Dorothy C 15-Nov 1618 do William
BALDWIN Katharine C 4-Dec 1624 do William
BALDWIN Susan C 1-Sep 1622 do John
BARBER Anthony C 20-Aug 1620 son of Thomas
BARBER Elizabeth C 11-Jan 1618 do Thomas
BARBER Thomas C 12-Mar 1615 son of Thomas
BARLING Ann C 11-Jul 1779 William/Martha
BARLING Edward C 22-Mar 1778 John/Martha
BARLING Elizabeth C 31-May 1801 Joseph/Sarah
BARLING Jacob C 25-Nov 1792 William/Martha
BARLING James C 6-Jan 1788 William/Martha
BARLING James C 28-Jul 1793 Joseph/Sarah
BARLING John C 7-Sep 1788 Joseph/Sarah
BARLING John C 15-Nov 1788 William/Martha
BARLING Mary C 6-Mar 1796 Joseph/Sarah
BARLING Mercy C 2-Oct 1785 William/Martha
BARLING Sarah C 21-Sep 1782 William/Martha
BARLING Sarah C 27-Feb 1791 Joseph/Sarah
BARLING Stephen C 18-Nov 1798 Joseph/Sarah
BARRY Margaret C 27-Sep 1629 do Thomas
BARTON William C 9-Jul 1780 John/Sarah
BAYLEY Ann C 30-Oct 1726 James/Ann
BENE Margaret C 5-Feb 1764 Joseph/Sarah
BENE William C 14-Apr 1776 baseborn son of Sarah
BENSTEAD John Barling C 21-Mar 1808 illegitimate son of Mary
BENSTEAD Sophia C 8-Nov 1807 William/Sarah
BENSTEAD William C 27-Apr 1806 William/Mary
BIRT Elizabeth C 30-Nov 1623 do Jacob
BISSENDEN Edward C 24-Jan 1777 son of John/Elisabeth
BLACKMAN John C 13-Apr 1806 Henry/Jane
BLASKET Mary C 20-Mar 1771 John/Mary
BLASKETT Edward C 9-Sep 1764 John/Mary
BOULDEN John C 9-Sep 1638 Thomas/Katherine
BOULDEN Sarah C 23-Feb 1640 Thomas/Katherine
BOURN Celia C 5-Mar 1809 William/Sarah
BOWMAN Jane C 17-May 1770 Samuel/Sarah
BRETT Mary C 4-Jul 1669 Anthony/Mary
BRETT William C 5-Mar 1671 Anthony/Mary
BRIDGER Ann C 30-Mar 1729 George/Mary
BRIDGER George C 5-Jul 1730 George/Mary
BRIDGER George & Sarah C 6-Feb 1732 twins of John/Mary
BRIDGER John C 20-Jan 1734 George/Mary
BRIDGER Katherine C 7-Jan 1728 George/Mary
BRIDGER Mary C 30-Oct 1726 George/Mary
BUKLE Mary C 21-Mar 1714 no parents recorded
BURTT John C 27-Feb 1604 son of Thomas
BUTCHER Mary C 25-Oct 1762 George/Ann
BUTLER John C 17-Apr 1808 Richard/Elizabeth
BUTLER Mary C 27-Jan 1810 Richard/Elizabeth
BYSHOP Thomas C 18-Apr 1708 Thomas/Margaret
CAFFINCH Jane C 30-Jun 1701 Edward/Jane
CHADWICK Elizabeth C 17-Mar 1782 Peter/Mary
CHAFFINCH Mary C 3-Nov 1695 Edward/Mary
CHAFFINCH William C 20-Nov 1692 Edward/Mary
CHAPMAN Edward C 11-Nov 1781 Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN Elizabeth C 22-May 1741 Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN Elizabeth C 2-Jul 1769 Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN John C 1-Aug 1742 Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN John C 23-Aug 1767 Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN Mary C 27-Oct 1771 Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN Richard C 1-Apr 1739 Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN Richard C 17-Apr 1774 Robard/Mary
CHAPMAN Sarah C 8-Nov 1778 Richard/Maary
CHAPMAN Susanna C 4-Feb 1776 Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN Susannah B 11-Jul 1736 Richard/Mary
CHITTENDEN Elizabeth C 8-Nov 1730 Daniel/Elizabeth
CHITTENDEN Sarah C 18-Sep 1785 William/Elizabeth
CHITTENDEN William C 9-May 1784 William/Elisabeth
CLARK Richard C 26-Apr 1747 Robert/Sarah
COB James C 8-Feb 1747 John/Jane
COB John C 1-Aug 1788 Thomas/Mary
COBB Charles C 3-Jun 1788 Joseph/Mary
COBB Edward C 29-Apr 1802 William/Mary
COBB Elizabeth C 4-Oct 1747 Robert/Eliabeth
COBB Elizabeth C 9-Dec 1770 Thomas/Sarah
COBB Elizabeth & Mary C 19-Jul 1795 twins of Joseph/Mary
COBB Hannah C 3-Apr 1791 Thomas/Mary
COBB Harriet C 7-May 1807 Thomas/Mary
COBB Harriet C 4-Dec 1808 William/Mary
COBB Harriette C 6-Mar 1803 Joseph/Mary
COBB Henry C 7-Apr 1799 Joseph/Mary
COBB James C 29-Jul 1798 Thomas/Mary
COBB John C 19-Jan 1806 William/Mary
COBB John C 13-Oct 1811 Thomas/Sarah
COBB John & Jane C 3-Jul 1774 children of John/Mary
COBB Joseph C 23-Dec 1792 Thomas/Mary
COBB Joseph C 2-Jun 1805 Joseph/Mary
COBB Mary C 30-Sep 1770 John/Mary
COBB Mary C 8-May 1796 Thomas/Mary
COBB Mary C 5-Apr 1801 Joseph/Mary
COBB Mary C 6-Nov 1803 William/Mary
COBB Richard C 18-Mar 1769 Thomas/Sarah
COBB Sarah C 4-Dec 1796 Joseph/Mary
COBB Sarah C 14-Dec 1800 Thomas/Mary
COBB Sarah C 7-Apr 1805 William/Mary
COBB Susanna C 25-Jun 1786 Thomas/Mary
COBB Susannah C 1-Sep 1765 Thomas/Susannah
COBB Thomas C 27-Jan 1788 Thomas/Mary
COBB Thomas C 22-Apr 1810 William/Mary
COBB William C 15-Jun 1790 Joseph/Mary
COBB William C 29-Jun 1794 Thomas/Mary
COBB William C 4-Jan 1807 William/Mary
COBBE James C 11-Apr 1742 Robert/Elizabeth
COBBE Joseph C 1-Feb 1761 Thomas/Sarah
COBBE Joseph C 20-Nov 1763 Thomas/Sarah
COBBE Robert B 10-Aug 1735 Robert/Elizabeth
COBBE Robert B 11-Sep 1737 Robert/Elizabeth
COBBE Susannah C 13-Apr 1740 Robert/Elizabeth
COBBE Thomas C 18-Mar 1759 Thomas/Sarah
COLEBRANE Anne C 26-Jun 1614 no parents recorded
COLEBRANE Thomas C 8-Mar 1640 Henry/Thomasine
COLEBURNE William C 31-Mar 1616 son of William
COLLIER Jenett C 26-Oct 1801 John/Sarah
COLLINS Edward C 18-Apr 1731 Joseph/Sarah
COLLINS Elizabeth C 23-Feb 1735 John/Mary
COLLINS Harriet C 25-Aug 1807 John/Sarah
COLLINS Henry C 24-Nov 1808 John/Sarah
COLLINS John C 27-Oct 1717 Joseph/Sarah
COLLINS John C 23-Sep 1804 James/Mary
COLLINS Mary C 17-Feb 1799 John/Sarah
COLLINS Richard C 29-May 1720 Joseph/Sarah
COLLINS Sally C 4-Aug 1811 John/Sarah
COLLINS Sarah C 25-Oct 1724 Joseph/Sarah
COLLINS William C 3-Mar 1804 John/Sarah
COMBER George C 9-May 1703 James/Jane
CORNELIUS George C 4-Jan 1789 Isaac/Mary
CORNELIUS James C 17-Jun 1792 Isaac/Mary
CORNELIUS Joseph C 24-Jul 1803 Isaac/Mary
CORNELIUS Mary C 25-Feb 1795 Isaac/Mary
CORNELIUS Richard C 28-Nov 1790 Isaac/Mary
COULTMAN Mary C 14-Jan 1638 John/Mary
COWSTICK Elizabeth C 6-Apr 1746 baseborn child of Elizabeth
CRASINGHAM Thomas C 28-Feb 1802 Thomas/Phebe
CRASSINGHAM James C 2-Sep 1810 Thomas/Phebe
CRASSINGHAM John C 25-Dec 1808 Thomas/Phoebe
CRASSINGHAM Richard C 15-Jul 1804 Thomas/Phoebe
CULLEN Abraham C 22-Jun 1634 Thomas/Katherine
CULLEN Margerie C 1-Apr 1632 do Thomas
CULLING John C 25-Jan 1624 son of John
CUMMING Abigail C 16-Mar 1634 do John
CUMMINS Nathaniel C 8-Apr 1632 son of John
CUMPER Richard Baker C 23-Aug 1719 Richard/Margaret
DABSON James C 30-Nov 1806 Thomas/Elizabeth
DABSON Mary C 3-Jul 1809 Thomas/Elizabeth
DANE Emily C 1-Mar 1812 Eddward/Mary
DANIEL Elizabeth C 23-Oct 1692 Solomon/Catherine
DANIEL Solomon C 4-Mar 1663 Thomas/Martha
DANNIEL Elizabeth C 22-Feb 1666 Thomas/Martha
DAUSTYN Christofer C 25-Sep 1603 son of Thomas
DENNARD Sophy C 29-Sep 1811 William/Jane
DERBY Richard C 25-Dec 1743 baseborn child of Mary
DINNARD Lydia C 15-May 1808 William/Jane
DIPROSE Sarah C 25-Dec 1744 Stephen/Sarah
DITTON John C 12-Mar 1770 Richard/Mary
DITTON Mary C 22-Mar 1772 Richard/Mary
DOBSON Elizabeth C 27-May 1798 Thomas/Elizabeth
DOBSON Jeremiah C 4-Nov 1804 Thomas/Elizabeth
DOBSON John C 20-Jun 1802 Thomas/Elizabeth
DOBSON Thomas C 29-Jun 1800 Thomas/Elizabeth
DONNARD Harriet C 28-Jul 1805 William/Jane
DORMAN Catharine C 17-Oct 1779 John/Elizabeth
DORMAN Dinah C 8-Mar 1789 John/Mary
DORMAN Edward C 7-Sep 1767 John/Elizabeth
DORMAN Edward C 21-May 1786 John/Mary
DORMAN Elizabeth C 8-Jul 1768 John/Elizabeth
DORMAN Esther C 12-Mar 1775 John/Elizabeth
DORMAN Hester B 1-Jun 1735 John/Mary
DORMAN James C 27-Sep 1747 John/Mary
DORMAN James C 20-May 1764 John/Mary
DORMAN James C 15-Nov 1795 William/Jane
DORMAN John C 11-Nov 1739 John/Mary
DORMAN John C 30-Sep 1787 John/Mary
DORMAN John C 6-Jun 1791 William/Jane
DORMAN Mary C 9-May 1762 John/Mary
DORMAN Mary C 13-Dec 1772 John/Elizabeth
DORMAN William C 7-Oct 1770 John/Elizabeth, privately bapt 16 Sept
DOWN Dianna C 19-Dec 1771 William/Susanna
DOWN Mary C 28-May 1778 William/Susannah
DOWN Mary C 28-May 1778 William/Susannah
DOWN William C 25-Nov 1774 William/Susanna
DOWNE Ann C 4-Nov 1773 William/Susanna
DOWNE Susan C 17-May 1770 William/Susan, privately bpt 6 May
DOWNER Sarah C 23-Feb 1776 William/Susanna
DRAWSON Edward C 11-Apr 1624 son of Edward
DRAWSON Robert C 15-Nov 1629 son of Edward
EDMONDS Mary C 21-Aug 1726 John/Mary
EDWARDSFIELD Mary C 12-Jul 1772 do Susan
ELLIS Thomas C 21-Oct 1632 son of Thomas
EPPS Richard C 19-Mar 1768 Richard/Anne
EPPS William C 18-Jun 1770 Richard/Ann
ETELL Christopher C 30-Jul 1615 son of Abraham
EVERFIELD John C 3-Feb 1769 illegitimate son of Susannah
FAG Edward C 23-Nov 1623 son of Edward
FAGG John C 14-May 1810 John/Martha
FAGG Sarah C 3-Aug 1707 Thomas/Susan
FAGGE Elizabeth C 19-Dec 1703 Thomas/Susanna
FEGG William C 13-Feb 1701 Thomas/Susan
FENNER John C 12-Dec 1708 Thomas/Sarah
FESBY Stephen C 9-Jan 1791 illegitimate son of Hannah
FINN Stephen C 6-Sep 1674 Stephen/Sarah
FLASKET Elisabeth C 21-Jun 1761 John/Mary
FOORD John C 23-Sep 1792 John/Rachel
FOORD Thomas C 10-Jan 1789 James/Elizabeth
FOORD William C 1-Jul 1792 James/Elizabeth
FOORDE Charlotte C 10-Mar 1805 James/Elizabeth
FORD Dinah C 2-Apr 1786 John/Rachel
FORD Elisabeth C 27-May 1677 Thomas/Elisabeth
FORD Elizabeth Allen C 21-Aug 1808 illegitimate do Dinah
FORD Harriot C 9-May 1789 John/Rachel
FORD Harriot C 9-May 1790 John/Rachel
FORD James C 27-Apr 1788 John/Rachel
FORD James C 27-Nov 1796 James/Elizabeth
FORD Jenny C 23-Feb 1783 John/Rachael
FORD Mary C 2-Jan 1780 John/Rachel
FORD Mary C 25-Dec 1784 John/Rachel
FORD Priscilla C 17-Feb 1788 James/Elizabeth
FORD Sophia C 26-Feb 1797 John/Rachel
FORDE Daniel C 18-May 1794 James/Elizabeth
FORDE George C 12-Oct 1794 John/Rachel
FORDE Henry C 5-Jul 1801 John/Rachel
FORDE Stephen C 14-Oct 1798 James/Elizabeth
FORDE Thomas C 27-Oct 1799 John/Rachel
FORDE Winny C 14-Dec 1800 James/Elizabeth
FOSIER Margaret C 29-Oct 1662 Samuel/Marie
FOSIER Marke C 18-Oct 1664 Robert/Anne
FOSTER John C 3-Sep 1758 Peter/Mary
FOSTER Sampson C 29-Sep 1760 Peter/Mary
FOSTER William C 18-Dec 1768 Peter/Mary
FOSTER William C 21-Apr 1771 Peter/Mary
FRANCIS Jemima C 23-Nov 1788 Jeremiah/Phebe
FRANCIS Phebe C 25-Feb 1787 Jeremiah/Phebe
FRANKLIN Elizabeth C 16-Aug 1635 Richard/Elizabeth
FREEMAN Anne C 4-Feb 1705 Walter/Elizabeth
FREEMAN Elizabeth C 9-Oct 1699 Walter/Elizabeth
FREEMAN John C 15-Dec 1700 William/Elizabeth
FREEMAN William C 19-Dec 1703 Walter/Elizabeth
FULLER Anne C 18-Apr 1705 baseborn child, no parent recorded [date uncertain as entry badly smudged]
FURMINGER Edward C 24-May 1639 Edward/Anne
GHORAM Marie C 24-Mar 1678 Thomas/Margaret
GIMBART Mary C 11-Feb 1712 Joseph/Elizabeth
GIMBER Ann C 27-Aug 1721 Joseph/Elizabeth
GIMBER Elizabeth C 2-Mar 1718 Joab/Elizabeth
GIMBER Elizabeth B 22-Jan 1738 John/Hannah
GIMBER Hester C 5-Mar 1732 John/Elizabeth
GIMBER John C 17-Apr 1757 John/Hannah
GIMBER John C 19-Feb 1777
GIMBER Sarah C 3-May 1752 John/Hannah
GODDEN William C 15-Sep 1811 Henry/Anne
GOLDWELL Elizabeth C 18-Feb 1621 do Edward
GOLDWELL John C 13-Oct 1622 son of Edward
GOODWIN Mary C 22-Nov 1812 John/Priscilla
GORHAM Margaret C 30-Apr 1676 Thomas/Margaret
GORRAM Elizabeth C 15-Mar 1672 Thomas/nwn
GORRAM Margaret C 25-Dec 1681 Thomas/Margaret
GORRHAM Anne C 3-May 1674 Stephen/Margaret
GREEN Daniel C 18-Feb 1718 William/Elizabeth, travellers
GRINSTEAD Thomas C 11-Aug 1776 baseborn son of Mary
GWINNE Anne C 26-Oct 1623 do John
HADDEN John C 23-Oct 1692 Richard/Martha
HADDEN Richard C 8-Feb 1691 Richard/Martha
HADDEN Richard C 18-Oct 1696 Richard/Martha
HADDEN William C 1-Oct 1701 Richard/Martha
HADDON Mary C 4-Nov 1688 Richard/Martha
HALL Esther C 22-Apr 1722 Thomas/Esther
HARRISON Elizabeth C 3-Aug 1615 do Edward, parson of Orlestone
HARRISON Susannah C 20-Jan 1811 David/Ann
HARSELDEN Anne C 27-Jun 1615 do Henry
HARSELDEN William C 27-Oct 1616 son of Henry
HATTEN George C 30-Oct 1683 Richard/Mary
HATTEN John C 30-Jan 1685 Richard/Mary
HEAD John C 22-Jan 1710 Samuel/Elizabeth
HEAD John C 14-Sep 1711 Samuel/Elizabeth
HEAD John C 31-Jan 1714 no parents recorded
HEAD Margaret C 18-Feb 1711 John/Catherine
HEAD Mary C 7-Mar 1708 Samuel/Elizabeth
HENMAN Thomas C 4-May 1676 Robert/Mary
HERMAN John C 12-Nov 1749 Richard/Mercy
HEYWOOD Admans C 24-Dec 1738 son of Thomas/Susannah
HEYWOOD Thomas C 17-Apr 1763 baseborn of Mary
HEYWOOD William C 4-Dec 1757 baseborn of Mary
HODGE Joseph C 12-Mar 1663 William/Marie
HODGES Margaret C 22-Jun 1673 William/Mary
HOGBEN George C 24-Jan 1798 John/Elizabeth
HOLMES Elizabeth C 20-Mar 1726 John/Elizabeth
HOWLAND Clark C 31-Dec 1793 Clark/Elizabeth
HOWLAND Clark C 5-Jul 1795 Richard/Eleanor
HOWLAND Elizabeth C 8-Jan 1795 Clark/Elizabeth
HOWLAND George C 15-Nov 1801 Clarke/Elizabeth
HOWLAND Hannah C 7-Sep 1788 Clarke/Elizabeth
HOWLAND Harriot C 11-Oct 1799 Clark/Elizabeth
HOWLAND John C 7-Jul 1793 Richard/Eleanor
HOWLAND Mary Ann C 26-Jun 1792 Clark/Elizabeth
HOWLAND Suannah C 12-Dec 1810 Clark/Elizabeth
HOWLAND Thomas C 11-Jan 1792 Richard/Eleanor
HOWLAND Thomas C 26-Feb 1804 Clarke/Elizabeth
HOWLAND William C 28-Dec 1796 Clark/Elizabeth
HUDSWELL William C 5-Nov 1614 son of William
HUNT Ann C 14-May 1727 Richard/Grace
HUNT Elizabeth C 24-May 1730 Richard/Grace
IFIELD George C 21-Jun 1789 illegitimate son of Elizabeth
IFIELD Sarah C 22-Oct 1780 James/Elisabeth
INMETH Henry C 14-Aug 1614 no parents recorded
INMETH Rachel C 1-Mar 1620 do Henry
INMETH Ursula C 8-Aug 1617 do Henry
JOHNSON Elizabeth C 26-May 1683 Richard/Elizabeth
JOHNSON Jane C 7-May 1637 Richard/Deborah
JOHNSON John C 4-Apr 1686 Richard/Elizabeth
JOHNSON John C 20-May 1688 Richard/Elizabeth
JOHNSON Richard C 15-Jan 1639 Richard/Ann
JONES Barbara C 12-Apr 1812 William/Elizabeth
JONES George C 4-Dec 1803 William/Elizabeth
JONES Henry C 19-Jun 1797 William/Elizabeth
JONES Isaac C 7-Apr 1811 William/Elizabeth
JONES James C 18-May 1806 William/Elizabeth
JONES Jane C 29-May 1791 William/Elizabeth
JONES Jeffery C 7-Feb 1796 William/Elizabeth
JONES John C 18-May 1794 William/Elizabeth
JONES Mary C 21-Feb 1808 William/Elizabeth
JONES Richard C 4-Jun 1809 William/Elizabeth
JONES Robert C 11-Apr 1801 William/Elizabeth
JONES Samuel C 23-Sep 1798 William/Elizabeth
JONES Stephen C 24-Oct 1802 William/Elizabeth
JONES Thomas C 19-Apr 1793 William/Elizabeth
JONES William C 5-Jan 1800 William/Elizabeth
KESBY Hannah C 21-Jan 1770 Thomas/Anne
KESBY John C 9-Nov 1768 Thomas/Ann
KESBY Lucy C 16-Aug 1767 Thomas/Anne
KESBY Stephen C 12-Sep 1771 Thomas/Ann
KESBY Susanna C 1-Mar 1761 Thomas/Ann
KESBY Thomas C 29-May 1763 Thomas/Ann
KETCHLY John C 22-Jan 1746 John/Elizabeth
KETCHLY Stephen C 2-Jun 1748 John/Elizabeth
KETCHLY William C 16-Dec 1753 of the late John by Elise his wife
KETHLY Richard C 3-Mar 1751 John/Elisabeth
KIDD Elizabeth C 31-May 1612 do John
KINGFORD John C 25-Feb 1677 Thomas/Jean
KINGSFORD James C 23-Feb 1696 Thomas/Mary
KINGSFORD Thomas C 1-Dec 1689 Thomas/Mary
KINGSFORT Mary C 23-Oct 1692 Thomas/Mary
KNOWLDEN Elizabeth C 10-Sep 1797 James/Mary
KNOWLDEN Mary C 26-Oct 1794 James/Mary
LAMB John C 1-Mar 1789 no parents recorded
LANGLY Elizabeth C 27-Dec 1617 do Henry
LEE Luke C 26-Oct 1788 James/Lucy
LEE Macy C 17-Apr 1803 do Moses/Ellandine
LOCKHURST John C 17-Dec 1786 Richard/Ann
LOCKHURST Richard C 24-Jul 1785 Richard/Ann, privately bapt 17 July
LOFT Elizabeth C 3-Nov 1673 Richard/Sarah
LONGHURST Anne C 8-Nov 1767 John/Sarah
LONGHURST Elizabeth C 19-Jul 1772 John/Sarah
LONKHURST Catharine C 22-Jun 1777 John/Sarah
LONKHURST James C 28-Sep 1788 Richard/Anne
LONKHURST Jane C 21-Jan 1770 John/Sarah
LONKHURST Richard C 2-Jan 1780 John/Sarah
LONKHURST Susanna C 20-Nov 1774 John/Sarah
LONKHURST William C 5-Sep 1790 Richard/Ann
LORDEN Jesse C 9-Jan 1785 son of William/Mary
LORDING James C 19-Feb 1786 William/Mary
LORDING Mary C 13-Apr 1782 William/Mary
LOTT Mary C 10-Mar 1675 Richard/Sarah
LYNKE Henry C 4-Dec 1738 Henry/Mary
MAPESTONE Margaret C 23-Aug 1635 Thomas/Margaret
MAPESTONE Mary C 17-Apr 1639 Thomas/Margaret
MARDEN Abigail C 3-Mar 1633 do George
MARDEN Elizabeth C 13-Dec 1635 George/Lidda
MARDEN July C 3-Jun 1638 son of George/Liddia
MARSHAL John C 11-Mar 1781 Stephen/Susannah
MARSHAL Mary C 19-Oct 1782 Stephen/Susannah
MARSHALL Mary C 30-Nov 1794 George/Mary
MARSHALL Thomas C 18-Feb 1798 Thomas/Anne
MARTEN Ann C 4-Sep 1788 Richard/Ann
MARTIN Richard C 7-Aug 1791 Richard/Anne
MILLANE Thomas C 3-Oct 1629 son of Thomas
MILLEN Jone C 8-Apr 1632 do Thomas
MILLEN William C 5-Jan 1634 son of Thomas
MORECOCK Daniel C 8-May 1603 son of Daniel, the younger
MORLEY Elizabeth C 5-Dec 1686 Alexander/Mary
MORLEY John C 12-Feb 1682 Alexander/Mary
MORRISS John C 30-Sep 1798 John/Charlotte
MORRISS John C 27-Dec 1801 John/Charlotte
MORRISS Moses C 14-Sep 1799 John/Charlotte
NYE Edward C 15-Jan 1744 Isaac/Mary
NYE Elizabeth C 1-May 1748 Isaac/Margaret [actual date is obscured]
NYE Isaac C 8-Mar 1741 Isaac/Margaret
NYE John C 5-Feb 1758 Isaac/Lydia
NYE Margaret B 31-May 1736 Isaac/Mary
NYE Mary B 17-Apr 1737 Isaac/Margaret
NYE Sarah C 9-Oct 1746 Isaac/Margaret
NYE Susannah C 20-Jan 1760 Isaac/Lydia
NYE Thomas C 3-Jun 1739 Isaac/Margaret
OVELL Margaret C 2-Nov 1617 do William
PAGE Elizabeth C 4-Jan 1801 David/Anne
PAIN Elizabeth C 6-Nov 1768 Thomas/Elizabeth
PAIN Elizabeth C 12-Dec 1791 John/Margaret
PAIN Hannah C 1-Apr 1764 Thomas/Elizabeth
PAIN James C 13-Jan 1723 Thomas/Grace
PAIN Margaret C 12-Mar 1721 Thomas/Grace
PAIN Thomas C 25-May 1766 Thomas/Elizabeth
PAIN Thomas C 5-Mar 1769 Thomas/Sarah
PAINE Ann C 16-Jul 1786 Thomas/Susanna, privately bapt 20 June
PAINE Clarke C 27-Feb 1812 John/Margaret
PAINE George C 13-Jan 1804 John/Margaret
PAINE Hannah C 1-Apr 1764 Thomas/Elizabeth
PAINE Hannah C 18-Jul 1801 John/Margaret
PAINE John C 19-Sep 1798 John/Margaret
PAINE Thomas C 13-Feb 1796 John/Margaret
PAINE William C 10-May 1806 John/Margaret
PAINTER William C 9-Apr 1704 William/Mary
PALMER Edmund C 24-Jul 1803 son of Susannah
PALMER Jane C 7-Oct 1753 baseborn child of Lydia
PARMAR Richard C 10-May 1752 baseborn child of Ldia
PAYNE Edward C 5-Feb 1744 William/Elizabeth
PAYNE Elizabeth C 15-Feb 1741 Thomas/Elizabeth
PAYNE John B 13-Feb 1737 Thomas/Elizabeth
PAYNE John C 11-Apr 1762 Thomas/Elisabeth
PAYNE Sarah C 28-Nov 1742 Thomas/Elizabeth
PAYNE Thomas C 17-Apr 1739 Thomas/Elizabeth
PAYNE William C 5-Jul 1742 William/Elizabeth
PELL Thomazin C 22-Aug 1619 do William
PEMBLINGTON Joseph C 16-Oct 1682 Joseph/Margaret
PERRY Elizabeth C 29-Oct 1699 Thomas/Miriam
PERRY Sarah C 7-Feb 1697 Thomas/Miriam
PIERCE Edward C 23-Apr 1738 Edward/Eleanor
PIERCE Elizabeth C 31-Jul 1700 Richard/Catherine
PIERCE Jane C 12-Apr 1742 Edward/Eleanor
PIERCE Mary C 4-May 1740 Edward/Eleanor
PIETY Mary C 29-Mar 1795 baseborn do Elizabeth
PIETY Mary & Sarah C 11-Nov 1803 twins of Richard/Anne
PIETY Richard C 11-Apr 1784 John/Sarah
PIETY Richard C 13-Jan 1805 William/Mary
PIETY Sarah C 24-Dec 1803 John/Anne
PIETY Thomas C 15-Apr 1787 John/Ann
PITT Elizabeth C 27-Dec 1795 William/Jane
PITT William C 14-Jan 1798 William/Jane
POINTER Ann C 7-Jan 1700 William/Mary
PORTER John C 19-Mar 1727 George/Mary
PORTER Prudence C 15-Nov 1724 George/Mary
PORTMAN Richard C 6-Dec 1664 Richard/Anne
PRICE Bee-chast[e] C 26-Jan 1623 do Rachel, a beastly whore
PRICE Marianne C 18-Aug 1811 Thomas/Anne
RABSON Elizabeth C 14-Apr 1612 do George
RACHEL Rachel C 24-Feb 1717 baseborn daughter of Elizabeth
RANSLEY Edward C 8-Dec 1811 Edward/Elizabeth
RATE John C 5-Sep 1770 Joseph/Mary
READER Alldegonde C 3-Aug 1701 do John/Mary
READER Anne C 20-Jun 1705 John/Mary
READER Diana C 26-Jun 1727 George/Esther
READER Elizabeth C 26-May 1695 John/Mary
READER Thomas C 28-Feb 1700 John/Mary
READS John C 26-Feb 1604 son of Christopher
ROBSON Anne C 12-May 1618 do George
ROBSONE Elisabeth C 15-Mar 1612 do George
RYGDEN John C 13-Sep 1668 Edmund/Catharine
SANDERSON Elizabeth C 17-Jan 1630 do John
SANDERSON John C 8-Jan 1626 son of John
SANDERSON William C 27-Jun 1624 son of John
SAUNDERS Dorothy C 29-Aug 1619 do John
SAWYER James C 13-Mar 1720 James/Margaret
SAXBY Elizabeth C 17-Feb 1693 John/Mary
SAXBY Sarah C 8-Jun 1689 John/Mary
SEDWICK Deborah C 2-Mar 1735 Robert/Mary
SHORTE Margaret C 27-Sep 1635 Raynold/Margaret
SISLEY Thomas C 8-Aug 1779 Thomas/Susannah
SKINNER Jane C 6-Nov 1803 Samuel/Jane
SMITH Catherine C 3-Jul 1684 Henry/Elizabeth
SMITH Charles C 9-Mar 1755 Samuel/Sarah
SMITH Elisabeth C 12-May 1751 Richard/Susannah
SMITH Elisabeth C 5-Apr 1752 Richard/Susanna
SMITH Elizabeth C 3-May 1619 do Richard
SMITH Esther C 18-Jul 1762 Elias/Esther
SMITH Harriet C 12-Jun 1808 Jeremiah/Mary
SMITH Henry C 14-Jun 1688 son of John of Ashford
SMITH Henry C 28-May 1758 Elias/Hester
SMITH Henry C 23-Sep 1810 Jeremiah/Mary
SMITH John C 29-Apr 1759 John/Elisabeth
SMITH John C 22-Dec 1805 James/Mary
SMITH Katherine C 16-Jun 1622 do Richard
SMITH Marie C 13-Nov 1681 Henry/Elizabeth
SMITH Mary C 18-Nov 1759 Elias/Hester
SMITH Richard C 26-Mar 1758 Richard/Susanna
SMITH Vinset C 3-Sep 1770 Richard/Margaret, privately bapt 3 Aug
SMITH William C 8-Apr 1804 illegitimate son of Elizabeth
SMITHE Deborah C 20-Jul 1617 do Richard
SPICER Mary C 29-Aug 1683 Edward/Mary
SPRATT Mary C 20-Jun 1619 do John
SPRINGATE Anne C 10-Aug 1798 Stephen/Elizabeth
SPRINGATE Jane C 9-Jan 1803 Stephen/Elizabeth
SPRINGATE Mary C 27-Apr 1800 Stephen/Elizabeth
SPRINGETT Elizabeth C 2-Jun 1805 Stephen/Elizabeth
STANDEN Deborah C 8-May 1603 do Thomas
STEED Edmund C 12-Apr 1752 Edmund/Elisabeth
STEEVENS Thomas C 19-Apr 1667 William/Susanna
STICKALLS Anne & Sarah C 18-Jan 1801 twins of John/Sarah
STICKALLS Henry C 5-Apr 1801 Robert/Elizabeth
STICKALLS Richard C 17-Apr 1803 Robert/Elizabeth
STICKALS Elizabeth C 5-Sep 1799 John/Sarah
STICKALS John C 5-May 1799 Robert/Elizabeth
STONESTREET Sarah C 18-Jan 1778 John/Martha
STONESTREET William C 5-Mar 1780 John/Martha
STRATTEN Mary C 9-Mar 1773 Stephen/Mary
STRATTON Eleanor C 5-Mar 1805 John/Elizabeth
STREATEN Benjamin C 28-Apr 1811 John/Elizabeth
STREATEN Sophia C 17-Jul 1809 John/Elizabeth
STREETEN John C 7-Feb 1799 John/Elizabeth
SWAYNE Elizabeth C 13-Jun 1619 do John
SWAYNE John C 20-Apr 1617 son of John
TARLTON Winifred C 26-Sep 1611 do James
TERRAL James C 4-Oct 1674 John/Sarah
TERRELL John C 22-Jun 1671 John/Sarah
TERRELL Thomas C 9-Apr 1663 John/Jane
TERRILL Catherine C 21-Jun 1713 no parents recorded
TERRILL Sarah C 20-Apr 1712 Stephen/Anne
THURSTAIN Hannah C 17-Oct 1762 William/Maary
THURSTAIN John C 20-Oct 1754 William/Mary
THURSTAIN Mary C 1-Sep 1745 John/Mary
THURSTAIN Robert C 12-Feb 1758 William/Mary
THURSTAN William C 29-Oct 1749 William/Mary
THURSTON Hannah C 27-Jul 1788 John/Susan
THURSTON William C 11-Feb 1787 John/Susannah
THURSTUN John C 21-Feb 1789 John/Susan
THUSTAIN Ann C 12-Jul 1752 William/Mary
THUSTAN Sarah C 8-Nov 1747 William/Mary
TILDEN Elizabeth C 11-Jul 1731 John/Anne
TILDEN Elizabeth Ann C 21-Feb 1725 John/Ann
TILDEN Ellen C 30-Jul 1727 John/Ann
TILDEN John C 30-Dec 1722 John/Ann
TILDEN Thomas C 10-Nov 1728 John/Ann
TILLEY William C 20-Mar 1774 William/Biddy
TISDALE Hannah C 7-Jul 1723 Richard/Esther
TOMLINSON Sarah C 21-Feb 1686 Joseph/Mary
TRITTON Mary C 11-Apr 1680 Robert/Mary
TRUNCHIN Sarah C 27-Dec 1778 John/Elizabeth
TURNER Margaret C 20-Sep 1747 Richard/Sarah
TURNER Susanna C 1-Jan 1753 Richard/Sarah
TURNER Thomas C 24-Dec 1749 Richard/Sarah
TURRALL Marie C 1-Jun 1677 John/Marie
TURRALL Steven C 28-Feb 1682 John/Ann
TURRELL Thomas C 16-Nov 1669 John/Sarah
UPTON Richard C 20-Mar 1806 illegitimate son of Charlotte
VALE Elizabeth C 25-Dec 1639 George/Elizabeth
VALE William C 31-May 1629 son of William
VINCET Thomas C 8-Mar 1709 Ralph/Esther
VINSET Anne B 21-Dec 1735 John/Elizabeth
VINSET Anne B 5-Feb 1738 Jeremiah/Mary
VINSET Elizabeth C 24-Aug 1729 John/Elizabeth
VINSET Elizabeth B 3-Mar 1736 Jeremiah/Mary
VINSET Jeremiah C 21-Dec 1740 John/Elizabeth
VINSET John C 30-Sep 1739 John/Elizabeth
VINSET John C 18-May 1746 son of Elizabeth, widow
VINSET Margaret C 30-May 1731 Jeremiah/Mary
VINSET Mary C 14-Jan 1733 Jeremiah/Mary
VINSET Ralph C 10-Nov 1742 John/Elizabeth
VINSET Robert C 27-Mar 1717 Ralph/Esther
VINSET Robert C 27-Mar 1717 Ralph/Esther
VINSET Robert C 17-Feb 1719 Ralph/Hester
VINSETT Margaret C 16-Sep 1713 no parents recorded
VIRGOE Mary C 21-Jan 1735 do Richard/nwn
WALTER ............... C 8-Jul 1711 child of William/Mary, child's name not recorded
WATTES William C 3-Jul 1664 John/Elizabeth
WEB Katherine C 22-Aug 1624 do Robert
WEEKS Ann C 16-Jun 1723 John/Mary
WEEKS Elizabeth C 14-Aug 1698 John/Mary
WEEKS Elizabeth C 17-Jan 1704 John/Mary
WEEKS John C 9-Feb 1705 John/Mary
WEEKS Joseph C 11-May 1718 John/Mary
WEEKS Mary C 30-Jul 1701 John/Mary
WEEKS Mary C 7-Jun 1724 John/Mary
WEEKS Robert C 14-Aug 1720 John/Mary
WELLES Deborah C 10-May 1669 Thomas/Jane
WELLS Joan C 9-Jan 1631 do John
WELLS John C 7-Apr 1633 son of John
WELLS John C 26-Dec 1670 Thomas/Sarah
WELLS Mary C 2-Apr 1637 John/Sarah
WELLS Sarah C 24-Aug 1628 do John
WELLS Thomas C 10-Aug 1634 John/Sarah
WELLS William C 10-Mar 1666 Thomas/Jane
WELLS Winneford C 25-Apr 1624 do Benjamin
WELLWARD Miriam C 16-Sep 1694 Edward/Miriam
WENHAM Sarah C 2-Nov 1777 John/Elizabeth, of the parish of Witisham
WHEELER Isaac C 4-Dec 1687 Isaac/Margaret
WHITE Anna C 22-Sep 1700 Henry/Elizabeth
WHITE Elizabeth C 16-Sep 1683 Henry/Grace
WHITE Grace C 28-Aug 1687 Henry/Grace
WHITE Henry C 30-Mar 1695 Henry/Elizabeth
WHITE John C 6-Sep 1685 Henry/Grace
WHITE John C 7-Nov 1703 Henry/Elizabeth
WHITE Margaret C 28-Jul 1689 Henry/Grace
WHITE Rebeccah C 19-Jun 1698 Henry/Elizabeth
WHITEHEAD Sarah C 24-Dec 1749 Jeremiah/Sarah
WICKES William C 21-Mar 1714 no parents recorded
WICKS Mary C 6-May 1716 John/Mary
WICKS Mary C 6-May 1716 John/Mary
WICKS Sarah C 25-Nov 1711 John/Mary
WIGGS Margaret C 10-Jan 1711 John/Mary
WIGGS Thomas C 3-Jul 1709 John/Mary [believe the surname to be Weeks or Wicks but improperly recorded as Wiggs]
WILLET Ann C 12-Dec 1691 Edward/Miriam
WINDER Jane C 28-Apr 1771 Thomas/Elisabeth
WINDER John C 15-Mar 1715 Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER John C 15-Mar 1716 Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER John B 4-Apr 1736 Thomas/Mary
WINDER John C 15-Nov 1741 baseborn child of Mary
WINDER Katherine C 24-Dec 1717 Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER Mary C 22-Feb 1767 Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER Sarah C 21-Jul 1723 Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER Thomas C 24-Jan 1725 Thomas/Elizabeth
WINNE Henry C 25-Dec 1637 John/Ann
WINNE Mildred C 6-Dec 1629 do John
WINNE Thomas C 17-Jun 1633 son of John
WINTERTON George C 6-May 1688 Robert/Jane
WIOLKE Henry C 20-Jul 1634 William/Lettice
WOOD William C 13-Nov 1808 William/Mary
WOOD William C 22-Mar 1812 Edward/Jane
WOODBORN Ann C 1-Nov 1696 John/Elizabeth
WOODBOURN Amy C 2-Jan 1687 John/Eliabeth
WOODBOURN Elizabeth C 15-Nov 1691 John/Elizabeth
WOODBOURN Mary C 6-Oct 1689 John/Elizabeth
WOODBOURN Mary C 27-Feb 1698 John/Elizabeth
WOODBOURN Robert C 8-Apr 1688 John/Elizabeth
WOODBOURN Robert C 8-Apr 1688 John/Elizabeth
WOODBOURN Susan C 22-Sep 1700 John/Elizabeth
WOOLBORN John C 3-Nov 1685 John/Elizabeth
WOOLLEY Mary C 1-Aug 1802 Paul/Anne
WRAIGHT Ann C 7-Jun 1629 do Clement
WRAIGHT Elizabeth C 29-Jan 1671 Thomas/Ann
WRAIGHT Elizabeth C 27-Jan 1765 Joseph/Mary
WRAIGHT Elizabeth C 28-Feb 1789 Joseph/Elizabeth
WRAIGHT Joseph C 15-Jan 1671 John/Mary
WRAIGHT Joseph C 16-Mar 1760 Joseph/Mary
WRAIGHT Richard C 24-Jul 1768 Joseph/Mary
WRAIGHT Thomas C 20-Nov 1672 John/Mary
WRAIGHT Thomas C 11-May 1763 Joseph/Mary
WRAIGHT William C 25-May 1766 Joseph/Mary
WRAIGHT Winnifred C 4-Apr 1761 Joseph/Mary
WREIGHT Elizabeth C 7-Jun 1719 Joseph/Elizabeth
WREIGHT Elizabeth C 3-May 1724 William/Mary
WREIGHT John C 19-Mar 1669 John/Mary
WREIGHT John C 12-Jan 1721 Joseph/elizabeth
WREIGHT Joseph C 10-Mar 1723 Joseph/Elizabeth
WREIGHT Margaret C 10-Jul 1669 Thomas/Anna
WREIGHT Margaret C 24-Jul 1726 William/Mary
WREIGHT Thomas C 24-Jun 1666 Thomas/Anne
WREIGHT Thomas C 7-Mar 1725 Joseph/Elizabeth
WREIGHT William C 5-Mar 1727 Joseph/Elizabeth
WRIGHT Joseph C 25-Dec 1788 Joseph/Anne
WYOLKE Christopher C 8-May 1636 William/Lettice
WYOLKE Priscilla C 18-Mar 1632 do William
YEEMAN Elizabeth C 9-Oct 1628 do William
YEOMAN Edward C 2-Jul 1637 William/Ann
YEOMAN John C 11-Nov 1632 son of William
YEOMAN Robert C 24-Jan 1631 son of William
YEOMAN William C 19-Feb 1635 William/Anne
YEOMANS Mary C 10-Nov 1666 William/Mary
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