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Transcribed by Ronnie Cobb

Editorial Note from Kent OPC Administrator:  The original Throwley files have now been broken into smaller segments.  All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.  Concerning the "literacy" column, below, I would clarify that a question concerning the ability of bride or groom to read or write was never posed at the time of marriage.  Therefore, where the transcriber has stated that one or both parties are either literate or illiterate please take that to mean that the party had signed with either a proper hand-written signature or a mark, respectively.  The ability of an ancestor to read or write cannot be determined by examining one document only.  One must examine several documents that had been created throughout an ancestor's lifetime in order to determine with any degree of certainty the degree of his or her ability in literacy.
See also these marriages alphabetized by bride's surname.


1865 10 Oct ADAMS John Fa Ba Corporal Royal Marines Artillary Throwley John Adams, porter ROOK Caroline Fa Spr.   Throwley William Rook, lab   Philip H. Reynolds Thirza Rook      
1902 31 Mar AMOS Edward 27 Ba Lab throwley George Cheeseman, deceased bricklayer BELSEY Mary 16 Spr.   Throwley James Belsey, lab   mark of James Belsey Annie Belsey      
1867 11 May AMOS William Fa Ba Lab. Throwley John Amos, lab HAMPSHIRE Jane Eliza 17     Throwley William Hampshire, lab She illit. Marks of William Kirby & Alice Chandler William Hawkins, aris clerk      
1951 15 Nov ANDERSON Arthur Rowland 29 Ba RN Tong Green Cottage, Tong Green Arthur Ernest Anderson, deceased, retrd PERKS Pauline May Chesters 29 Spr.   Tong Green Cottage, Tong Green Samuel Arthur Perks, deceased surveyor   Eric Arthur Cook Clarice Edwina Cook      
1936 25 Oct ARROW Francis William 27 Ba engineer High St, Foots Gray, Sidcup William Arrow, engineer THEOBALD Joyce 23 Spr.   Throwley William Richard Theobald, butcher   William Richard Theobald F. W. Arrow      
1851 29 Nov ASHBEE George Fa Ba Lab. Sheldwich Richard Ashbee, bricklayer HARRISON Thomasine Fa Spr.   Throwley John Harrison, lab He signs Thomas Ashbee Mark of Ann Harrison      
1916 11 Dec ASHBEE Walter Lews 29 Ba farmer Wilgate Green Lewis Ashbee, farmer ATTREE Nellie Maud 30 Spr.   Throwley Henry George Attree, market gardener   Ada J. Dick George Thomas Theobald      
1909 29 Sep ATKINSON George Norman 25 Ba police constable 295 Alfred Rd, Nottingham George Atkinson, farmer NEWSON Lilian Caroline 27 Spr.   Belmont, Throwley Walter William Newson, miller   James Fullett Lucy Edwards      
1903 31 Oct AUSTIN George Stephen 21 Ba Carpenter 13 Whitstable Rd, Faversham Thomas Austin, deceased plate layer MANUEL Mary Elizabeth 20 Spr.   Oast House, Throwley George Manuel, lab   G. Manuel L.G. Austin      
1900 13 Oct BAKER Albert James 22 Ba Lab Throwley Jesse Baker, lab SMITH Agnes Matilda 20 Spr.   Throwley George Smith, engine -driver   Frank Friar Lizzie Smith      
1959 15 Aug BAKER Anthony Peter 25 Ba electrcian 19 Priory View, The Brents, Faversham Albert Victor Baker, master-grocer MOAT June Hilary 24 Spr. secretary 1 Jubilee Cottages, Throwley Forstal .. ..   P. Maybourne S. J. Moat      
1877 13 Oct BAKER Jessee 21 Ba Lab Stalisfield Jesse Baker, lab PEPPER Rhoda 17 Spr.   Throwley Martin Pepper he illit John Lyones Julia Coppings      
1876 22 Jan BALDOCK Walter 22 Ba Lab Davington George Fright, lab PAGE Ellen 22 Spr.   Throwley Peter Page, lab   mark of Thomas Page Jane Page      
1905 3 Jly BALES Alfred Gunton 30 Ba butcher St Gabriel Willesden Green Christopher Ellis Bales, butcher WILSON Ellen Louisa 32 Spr.   Throwley John Wilson, bailiff   John Wilson Mary Ann Wilson      
1901 6 Apr BARNARD William James 23 Ba Post Office stamper Throwley James Harnett Bernard, uphosterer RAINES Elizabeth Sarah 18 Spr.   Throwley John Raines, lab   Sydney Crouch mark of George Edward Raines      
1977 13 Aug BAYLEY John 24 Ba trinee accountant Harran, Staion Rd, Westwell James Herbert Bayley, shipping manager HODGES Rachel 19 Spr. car rental assistant North Forstal Farm, Throwley Forstal Colin Roger Hodges, farmer   Colin Roger Hodges James Herbert Bayley      
1930 19 Apr BAYLIS Albert Kelly 27 Ba lorry-driver Preston-next -Wingham Thomas William Baylis, soldier FIDLER Maria 20 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Fidler, lab   Thomas Fidler Charles Jones      
1906 25 Sep BEAK James John 25 Ba bricklayer Broadstairs Charles Beak, butcher TAMSITT Winnie 26 Spr.   Throwley Jose Tamsitt, deceased farmer   William Thomas Pay Gertrude Tamsitt      
1873 6 Aug BELLAMY Reuben Fa Ba butler Ospringe Thomas Bellamy, shepherd MASON Emma Fanny Fa Spr.   Throwley Robert Mason, bricklayer   Sarah Bellamy William Coast      
1918 2 Jan BELSEY James 56 Wid. Lab Throwley James Blsey lab FORD Mael Betrice 24 Spr.   Throwley Alfred Lewis Ford, lab he illit Henry G. Smith Edith Aoams (?Amos ?)      
1940 27 Jan BICKER Albert Thomas 22 Ba stoker, RN HMS Resolution William Charles BIcker, lab HURDMAN Kathleen Margaret 21 Spr.   Throwley William Cecil Spice, stepfather, gardener   Donald Richard Smith William Cecil Spice      
1898 23 Jly BILLS Robert 30 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas Bills, lab SKINNER Mary Ellen 20 Spr.   Throwley William Skinner, lab he illit John Skinner Emma Maud Hawkins      
1853 21 May BONNER Edward Fa Ba Blacksmith Sheldwich Bennet Bonner, blacksmith COX Charlotte Fa Spr.   Throwley John Cox, gamekeeper Both sign George Chambers Rebecca Cox      
1902 9 Oct BRAMBLE Charles 24 Ba Lab Throwley Stephen Bramble, lab ELLEN Fanny 22 Spr.   Throwley George Henry DODD, lab he illit mark of George Henry Dodd Katie Elizabeth Dodd      
1850 9 Mar BRAMBLE Edward Fa Ba Lab. Badlesmere Henry Bramble, lab CARE Sarah Fa Spr.   Throwley Samuel Care, lab Both illit Marks of Henry Bramble & Frances George        
1902 30 Aug BREARY Harry Charles 28 Ba Lab Throwley Mawson Breary, police pensioner BUTLER Emily Jane 20 Spr.   Throwley William Butler, lab   William Butler Emily Brenchley      
1893 29 Oct BRENCHLEY Charles Fa Ba Lab Throwley Alfred Brenchley, lab BUTLER Emily Fa Spr.   Throwley James Butler, lab   William Butler Ellen Harris      
1950 8 Apr BRENCHLEY Reginald William 26 Ba welder Mutton's Hill, Belmont William Charles Brenchley,poultryman SWAN May 22 Spr. grocery assistant Belmont Park Frank Swan, gardener   Walter James Foad Gladys Elizabeth Winifred Brenchley      
1856 5 Jly BRENCHLEY William Fa Ba Lab. Selling James Brenchley, lab WOOD Ellen Fa Spr.   Throwley John Wood,lab Both sign Charles Wood Harriet Wood      
1921 22 Jan BRENCHLEY William Charles 23 Ba carter Hockley Charles Brenchley, lab BRIGGS Gladys Elizabeth Winifred 21 Spr.   Hockley Raymond Richard Briggs, lab   Winifred Briggs Reginald Briggs      
1876 25 Dec BRETT Charles Albert Henry 22 Ba grocer Faversham John Brett, baker PAGE Sarah Ann 22 Spr.   Throwley John Page, lab   John Page Fanny Vant      
1934 27 Jne BRIGGS Raymond George 19 Ba Lab Stone Cottages Raymond Briggs, lab WATTS Violet 19 Spr.   Hockley John Watts, lab   J. Watts J. Briggs      
1929 17 Jne BRIGGS Reginald Arthur Frank 28 Ba horseman Tong Green Raymond Richard Briggs, bailiff KENNETT Edith Jeannette 32 Spr.   Throwley Stephen Kennett, gamekeeper   W. G. Brenchley F. G. Hills      
1878 13 Oct BROWN Archibald Arthur 22 Ba Carpenter St James Westgate John William Brown, clerk CLACKETT Rebecca Emma 24 Spr.   Throwley Robert Clackett, lab   John Henry Hemmington Jane Clackett      
1976 26 Jne BROWN Ross Anthony Langdale 28 Ba surveyor 5 Hawthorne Rd, West Gosforth, Northumberland John Langdale Brown, consulting engineer DALEY Rosemary Clare 24 Spr. stage manager Goodwins, Stalisfield Green Raymond Daley ,physician   Raymond Daley John Langdale Brown      
1856 6 Apr BURTON John William Fa Ba Wheelwright Woolwich Thomas Burton,blacksmith CREED Frances Fa Spr.   Throwley James Creed, farmer Both sign Marks of James Creed & Christiana Creed        
1965 4 Sep BURTON Reginald William Jacob 41 Ba engineering inspector Parsonage Farm, Throwley Giles Burto, deceased garage owner ASH Margaret Lillian 38 Spr. self-employed Parsonage Farm, Throwley Sydney John Ash, deceased farmer   Sydney George Ash Stanley Martin Pearce      
1854 13 Nov BUSBRIDGE Edward Fa Ba Police-man Throwley Robert Busbridge, farmer PAGE Kate Minor Spr.   Throwley Peter Page, lab Both sign Edward Clinch Amelia Page      
1870 21 Aug BUSBRIDGE Robert Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Robert Busbridge, farmer BEECHING Sarah Fa Wid.   Throwley Stephen Kemp, lab   Mark of Stephen Creed Hannah Linkins      
1915 11 Feb BUSHELL William Thomas Gordon 28 Ba private, 2nd South Lancs. Regt Canterbury William Bushell, deceased soldier STEARS Lucy 32 Spr.   Broomfield, Throwley Horace Stears, lab   Charles Wood Edith Pepper      
1943 27 Feb BUSHELL William Thomas Stanley 26 Ba woodman Snoad Street William Thomas Gordon Bushell, boilerman HALL Sarah Ann 26 Spr.   Store Square, Haswell, Durham William Hall, miner   A.B. Collins P. Callaghan      
1868 7 Jan BUTCHER William Fa Ba Esquire Selling Thomas Butcher, farmer VIDEAN Maria Fa Spr.   Throwley Edgar Videan, farmer   Jane Butcher Jane Videan      
1881 31 Oct BUTLER William 19 Ba Lab Throwley James Butler, lab WALKER Kate 20 Spr.   Throwley Francis Walker, lab   marks of Edward Fryer & Mary Anne Walker        
1911 14 Oct CASTLE Edward John 28 Ba Lab Throwley Edward John Castle, deceased lab LANGTON May Agnes 20 Spr.   Throwley William Henry Langton, deceased soldier   mark of Edward Hudge Kate Elizabeth Castle      
1944 9 Jne CHADWICK Albert 22 Ba Sergt. Manchesters Throwley Frank Chadwick, timber worker MORGAN Margaret 20 Spr.   17 Orchard St, Greenheys, Manchester James Morgan, deceased builder   John Stanley Lowe Ronald Rogers      
1854 4 Feb CHAMBERS George Fa Ba Carpenter Throwley John Chambers, farmer COX Rebecca Fa Spr.   Throwley James Cox, gamekeeper Both sign Thomas Theobalds Mary Ann Rye      
1857 11 Jne CHAPMAN George Fa Ba Grocer Ramsgate Thomas Chapman, farmer PEPPER Mary Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley James Pepper, farmer Both sign Thomas Pepper Sarah Chapman      
1853 15 Jan CHEESEMAN Henry Fa Ba Coachman Throwley Stapleton Cheesman, lab WILCOX Amelia Fa Spr.   Throwley Simson Wilcox, farmer Both sign John Cheeseman        
1894 24 Mar CHILMAID Edward 29 Ba Lab Higham William Chilmaid, deceased lab. WHITE Frances Ellen 23 Spr.   Throwley Thomas White, lab   George Richard White Mary Ann White      
1908 14 Nov CLARIS George Albert 61 Wid. builder 51 Westcliff Rd, Ramsgate William Claris, seaman STEARS Sarah 42 Spr.   Broomfield, Throwley Horace Stears, lab   Benjamin Stears Harriet Marie Wood      
1863 14 Nov CLARK Edward Fa   Lab. Throwley George Clark, lab PAGE Amelia Fa     Throwley Peter Page, lab He iillit Samuel Garland Emma Page      
1906 20 Oct CLARKE Charles Edward 30 Ba grocer's assistant Kingston -on- Thames William Clarke, butcher WISE Eleanor Blanche 32     Throwley Charles Wise, farmer   Charles Wise Lucy Wise      
1954 27 Mar CLEAVER Albert George 29 Ba farm Worker Parsonage Cottages, Throwley Charles George Cleaver, farm worker WILLIAMS Olive Myrtle 18 Spr.   Bethel Row Cottages Frederick George Williams, retrd   Emily Jane Williams Frances Elizabeth Cleaver      
1947 8 Mar CLIFTON Percy George 34 Ba Lab Throwley George Clifton, deceased lab WEATHERALL Elsie Alice Doris 29 Wid.   Throwley Jesse Reynolds, lab   F.E. Reynolds C.H. Sands      
1867 25 Dec COAST Nathaniel Fa Ba Carpenter St Pancras, London Nathaniel Coast, carpenter THEOBALD Ellen Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Theobald, farmer   Thomas Theobald Hester Theobald      
1872 11 Apr COAST William Fa Ba gamekeeper Throwley William Coast, farmer BELLAMY Elizabeth Fa Spr.   Cooling Thomas Bellamy, shepherd   James Bellamy Mary Bellamy      
1859 10 Nov COLLARD George 25 Ba Gent. Stone George Collard, gent COLLARD Eleanor 21 Spr. Gent. Throwley Thomas Wacher Collard, gent Both sign Fannie Collard J. Denne      
1864 6 Oct COLLARD Thomas White Fa Ba Farmer Herne John Collard, farmer COLLARD Hester Louisa Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Collard, farmer   J.I. Wacher Fanny Collard      
1939 19 Aug COOPER Edward George 24 Ba Carpenter Rushmere Stalisfield James Cooper, farmer HOOKER Kathleen Mary 29 Spr.   Throwley Walter Hooker, deceased farmer   H.E. Thomas D.J. Thomas      
1885 15 Apr COPPINS Charles 23 Ba Coachman Charing TUPPIN Sarah Ann 21 Spr.   Throwley Joseph Tuppin, lab   J. Tuppin Rose Honeysett      
1919 5 Aug COTTINGHAM Edward George 23 Ba clerk 121 Sandhurst St. Liverpool Edward George Copttingham, telegraphist COTTINGHAM Ellen 24 Spr.   Wilgate, Throwley Henry Obed Cottingham, lab   Violet Constable William Cottingham      
1910 29 Oct COVENEY Arthur George 32 Ba job-master 22 New St, Ashford tephen Chittenden Coveney, gent WISE Laua Agneta 31 Spr.   Throwley Charles Wise, farmer   Charles Wise Lucy Wise      
1871 25 Dec COVENEY George 24 Ba Lab Chilham John Coveney, lab SWAN Ellen 20 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Swan, lab   Sarah Harvey William Hawkins      
1868 4 Jan CREED Edward Fa Ba Lab. Throwley William Creed, lab LONG Maria Fa Spr.   Throwley John Long, groom He iillit James Brown Emma Creed      
1902 19 Jly CREED Ernest Henry Filmer 27 Ba butcher Throwley Henry Coulter Creed, farmer HOAD Olive Blanche 23 Spr.   Preston -next- Faversham David Hoad, deceased licensed victualler   Bruce Albert Hoad Martha Carte      
1893 25 Dec CREED Frederick Henry 21 Ba Lab Throwley Forstal John Creed, lab TONG Elizabeth Ann 20 Spr.   Stalisfield Alfred Tong, deceased lab.   John Creed Annie Maria Creed      
1857 14 Nov CREED John Fa Ba Lab. Throwley William Creed, lab LAW Sarah 20 Spr.   Challock James Law, lab Both illit Henry Hayward Elizabeth Wood      
1871 9 Apr CREED Stephen 25 Ba Lab Throwley William Creed,.lab LINKINS Hannah 19 Spr.   Throwley Daniel Linkins, lab he illit marks of John & Sarah Creed        
1853 22 Oct CREED William Fa Ba Lab. Throwley William Creed, lab CARE Charlotte Fa Spr.   Throwley Samuel Care, lab He signs Mark of Henry Dence Mary Ann Creed      
1883 19 May CREED William Fa Ba Lab Throwley John Creed, lab SPICKETT Mary Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley Mathias Spickett, lab both illit mark of JamesSpickett Rosannah Spickett      
1912 18 Apr CREMER Thomas William Charles 34 Ba gamekeeper Stalisfield Francis Lewis Cremer, shepherd GRANT Alice Maud 28 Spr.   Throwley George Edward Grant, burner   Harcourt Hamilton Long Violet May Grant      
1871 8 Apr CROUCHER John Fa Ba Lab. Throwley James Croucher, lab FRANKS Susan 20 Spr.   Throwley Stephen Franks, lab   Stephen Franks Sarah Ann Franks      
1933 18 Feb CRUSE Cyril John Springfield 25 Ba window-cleaner Wilgate Green Harry Cruse, pensioner REYNOLDS Agnes Winifred 23 Spr.   Wilgate Green Jesse Reynolds, lab   Jesse Reynolds Frank Reynolds      
1908 24 Oct CULMER Harry Robert 25 Ba engine-driver Faversham Charles Culmer, lab PILES Hannah Elizabeth Ellen 22 Spr.   Tong Green, Throwley Charles Piles, lab   Charles Piles Florence Kate Piles      
1945 7 Apr CUTTRIDGE Reginald George 26 Ba tractor -driver Throwley Stephen Cuttridge, deceased lab FISHER Joyce Eileen 18 Spr.   Throwley James Jesse Fisher, builders lab   James J. Fisher, snr James J. Fisher      
1871 1 Jly DAY Henry James 20 Ba Lab Great Chart George Day, lab DALE Julia 21 Spr.   Throwley Edward Dale, farm bailiff   Joseph Thomas Bourne Rebecca Day      
1853 21 Nov DENCE Henry Fa Ba Lab. Throwley James Dence, lab CREED Mary Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley James Creed, farmer He illit John Burton Frances Creed      
1939 8 Jly DIBBLE Edwin 27 Ba charge hand 50 Hackney Rd, Maidstone Edwin Oliver Dibble, railwayman NICHOLLS Gwendoline Vera 28 Spr.   South Hill, Throwley James Henry Nicholls, farmer   F.A. Dibble E.E. Nicholls      
1879 23 Aug DREWRY George 32 Ba Lab Throwley Henry Drewry, lab LEFEVRE Kate Elizabeth 29 Spr.   Throwley John Hawkins, lab he illit James Wood Mary Wood      
1888 30 Aug DROOP William 23 Ba waiter St John's Westminster, London Peter Droop, farmer SWAN Elizabeth Ann 24 Spr.   Throwley William Swan, carter   William Swan George Swan      
1908 1 Aug DRYLAND Edward James 24 Ba Blacksmith Throwley Louis Dryland, lab PEPPER Ellen 23 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Pepper, lab   James Edward Masters Lillie Mabel Dryland      
1926 18 Oct DUNGEY Cecil 24 Ba chauffeur Haybrook Cottage, Sandling, Hythe James Dungey, gardener KINGSNORTH Alice Rosa 26 Spr.   Throwley Henry Kingsnorth ,chauffeur   Thomas George Rayner Alice Kinsnorth      
1896 30 Apr DWELLY James Mitchell 24 Ba Carpenter St John Baptist, Croydon James Mitchell Dwelly, builder's foreman WISE Amelia Edith 29 Spr.   Throwley Charles Wise, farmer   Charles Wise Herbert Dwelly      
1946 28 Sep EADES Eric Tom 28 Ba civil Servant Faversham Tom Easton Eades, painter & decorator STEWART Robina Rose 26 Spr.   Throwley Andrew Robert Stewart, farmer   Andrew Robert Stewart Eric Stampes      
1870 15 Jan EASON Henry 20 Ba Lab. Throwley Thomas Eason, lab WYLES Rosa 19 Spr.   Throwley George Wyles, lab   Mark of John Harris Sarah Ann Rye      
1864 25 Dec ELDRIDGE Charles Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Mark Eldridge, lab HAMPSHIRE Eliza 19 Spr.   Throwley William Hampshire, lab He iillit Mark of John Bensted Eliza Bensted      
1894 24 Feb ELDRIDGE James Alfred 38 Ba Lab Millen's Row, Throwley Joseph Eldridge, gardener BARTLETT Rhoda Eliza 20 Spr.   Bethel Row, Throwley John Richard Bartlett, lab he illit mark of John Richard Bartlett Frances Harriet Bartlett      
1975 2 Aug ELLIS Victor Maurice 24 Ba fitter 27 Gordon Square, Faversham William Thomas Ellis, foreman SMITH Linda May 22 Spr. clerk 6 Jubilee Cottages, Throwley Forstal William Edmund Smith, sheeterman   Colin Edward Richards William Edmund Smith      
1904 4 Jne EVERETT John William 23 Ba Lab Mitcham, Surrey Chrles Everett, deceased carpenter BAKER Elizabeth 21 Spr.   Throwley Jesse Baker, lab   mark of Jesse Baker Charlotte Jane Baker      
1905 14 Oct FAGG Alfred 21 Ba Lab Throwley Edwin Fagg, farmer BREWER Rose Ellen 18 Spr.   Throwley George John Brewer, deceased he illit Joseph Frederick Taylor mark of Ada Matilda Fagg      
1907 27 Apr FAGG Edward 22 Ba Lab Throwley Edward Fagg, farmer FRYER Kate 21 Spr.   Throwley Edward Fryer, lab he illit Joseph Alfred Taylor mark of Ada Matilda Taylor      
1911 28 Oct FAGG George 30 Ba Lab Throwley Edward Fagg, lab HAWKINS Mary Jane 23 Spr.   Reading St, Broadstairs Edwin Samson Hawkins   William Francis Hawkins Ellen Hawkins      
1915 31 Jly FAIRBRACE William Leonard 25 Ba Lab 27 North Lane, Faversham James Fairbrace, deceased fish salesman BOULDING Beatrice Alice 24 Spr.   Throwley Frank Boulding, lab   Alfred Ernest Slingsby Frank Boulding      
1915 8 Sep FAIRMINER Arthur Frederick 29 Ba butler Bramley nr. Guildford George Fairminer, coachman FRANKS Millicent 22 Spr.   Throwley Thomas William Franks, butler   Thomas W. Franks William Stanley Franks      
1919 22 Feb FARNES Daniel 29 Ba Pte, BEF France George Farnes, deceased platelayer MANUEL Mary Ann 28 Spr.   Throwley William Manuel, lab   James Manuel Rosaline Manuel      
1920 4 Dec FEATHERSTONE Frank 32 Ba manager Harrow, Ightham George Featherstone, storekeeper PEPPER Ethel Winifred 35 Spr.   Throwley William Henry Pepper, carpenter   Edith Matilda Tumber Henry William Wallis      
1949 12 Feb FEAVER Sidney Charles 29 Ba printer Chalk Pit Cottages, Preston-next-Faversham Charles William Weaver,lab STEARS Pearl Lily 20 Spr.   Hill Farm Cottage, Throwley Philip Stears,farmer   Philip Stears Stanley James Coe      
1853 8 Oct FEVER James Fa Ba Lab. Eastling William Fever, lab AMOS Maria Fa Spr.   Throwley John Amos, lab Both sign Thomas Fever Charlotte Fever      
1962 17 Mar FISHER Brian Aubrey 24 Ba farm lab. 2 Park Terrace, Throwley James Jesse Fisher, bricklayer FEAKINS Margaret Patricia 25 Spr. shop assistant 2 Hockley Cottages, Eastling Henry Frederick Feakins, forrester   Leslie Roy Ward James Jesse Fisher      
1927 20 Jly FISHER Edward Ernest 25 Ba police constable Police Station Chatham John Fisher, lab COBB Jane Elizabeth 24 Spr.   Broomfield, Throwley Stephen Sutton Cobb, lab   Mary Jane Cobb Albert Sidney Fisher      
1893 18 Feb FISHER John 23 Ba Lab Ospringe George Fisher ,deceased lab RYE Annie 23 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Rye, deceased lab.   Charles Henry Penfold Sarah Ann Burghope      
1943 25 Sep FOAD Walter James 20 Ba AB. RN Throwley Walter James Foad, decorator MORRIS Eileen Frances 18 Spr.   Eastling Edwin James Morris, farm bailiff   Edwin James Morris Walter James Foad      
1883 13 Oct FOX Edward Fa Ba Lab Throwley William Fox, lab HARRIS Charlotte Fa Spr.   Throwley John Harris, lab both illit Thomas Hopkins Elizabeth Fox      
1892 15 Oct FRANKS George Edward Fa Wid. Lab Throwley Stephen Franks, lab RAINES Charlotte Fa Wid.   Throwley Stephen Jones, lab he illit James Franks E. Moore      
1888 26 May FRANKS James Warnes 20 Ba Lab Throwley Stephen Franks,lab MILLER Ellen 19 Spr.   Throwley William Miller, lab   Marshall Frier mark of Anne Miller      
1883 6 Oct FRANKS Thos William 20 Ba gamekeeper Throwley Stephen Franks, lab BURGUM Annie 19 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Burgum, lab   William Pay Sarah Merrells      
1928 14 May FRENCH Alfred John 20 Ba shipwright Throwley Arthur John French, licensed victualler BLOOMFIELD Rose Ada 23 Spr.   Throwley Walter Henry Bloomfiels, groom   Geo H. Rogers Nellie Julia Bloomfield      
1856 6 Nov FRIAR Edwin Fa Ba Carpenter Throwley John Friar, dealer PEPPER Louisa Fa Spr.   Throwley James Pepper, lab He illit James Pepper Helen Norris      
1863 11 Oct FRIDAY George Fa Ba Lab. Stalisfield Thomas Friday, lab HAWKINS Rosa 18 Spr.   Throwley Robert Hawkins, lab He iillit William Hawkins Alice Hawkins      
1868 17 Oct FRYER Edwin 21 Ba Lab. Throwley George Fryer, lab WALKER Jane 19 Spr.   Throwley Francis Walker, lab Both illit Mark of James Fryer Charlotte Fryer      
1867 12 Oct FRYER James Fa Ba Lab. Throwley George Fryer, waggoner WALLER Charlotte Fa Spr.   Throwley William Waller, lab He iillit George Griggs Elizabeth Tuff      
1869 9 Dec GAMBRILL Thomas Fa Ba Farmer Hartley Thomas Gambrill, farmer MONEYLAWS Mary Anne Fa Spr.   Throwley John Moneylaws, steward to Lord Harris   Wm Hy Pepper C. M. Millen      
1912 26 Dec GAMBRILL William John 27 Ba gardener Cheriton William John Gambrill, deceased plumber CRUTTENDE Winifred 25 Spr.   Throwley Robert Thomas Crutttenden, wheelwright   Edward Thomas Gambrill Bessie Violet Cruttenden      
1928 7 Apr GAMMON Albert William 31 Ba painter Eastling George James Gammon, waggoner BRIGGS Hilda Ellen 25 Spr.   Tong Green, Throwley Raymond Richard Briggs, lab   S.W. Gammon R. Briggs      
1864 4 Jne GARLAND Samuel Fa Ba Lab. Preston-next- Faversham John Garland, lab PAGE Emma Fa Spr.   Throwley Peter Page, lab   Mark of Edward Clarke Amelia Clark      
1912 16 Mar GATES Charles William 21 Ba Lab Throwley John Thomas Gates, lab PILCHER Elsie Eva 19 Spr.   Throwley William Pilcher, lab   Robert Henry Gates Hilda Maud Pilcher      
1911 3 Jne GATES John Thomas 23 Ba Lab Throwley John Gates, lab PACKMAN Edith Alice 22 Spr.   Throwley Henry Packman, lab   Sidney Ernest Packman Emma Elizabeth Packman      
1871 26 Dec GEORGE Walter Fa Ba Farmer Leaveland James George, wheelwright CLINCH Catherine Lucy Fa Spr.   Throwley Edward Clinch   Thomas N. Coast F.E. Coast      
1938 8 Oct GILLAM Wilfred Sherriff 28 Ba Lab Badlesmere William Allan Gillam, deceased clerk KERRISON Emma Lily Caroline 21 Spr.   Throwley Walter Henry Kerrison, deceased munition worker   Agnes Mary Kerrison Ethel Gillam      
1906 24 Dec GIPSON George Henry 22 Ba carman Chartham George Gipson, contractor SHILLING Amy Caroline Elizabeth 22 Spr.   Throwley Edmund Shilling, lab   Alfred Edward Shilling Ellen Elizabeth Shilling      
1887 8 Oct GODDEN Stephen William Ray 24 Ba Lab Rushmere, Charing John Godden, bailiff PRATT Charlotte Maria 23 Spr.   Throwley David Pratt, lab   Ellen Pratt Emma Pratt      
1974 7 Dec GOODERHAM Peter Gerald 27 Ba antique dealer 5 Ospringe Place, London Rd, Faversham Gerard Robert Gooderham, manager of Public house RICHARDS Wesley Lynn 21 Spr. antique dealer Church House, Throwley Lelie Walter Richards, electrician   Philip Leslie Richards Gerald Robert Gooderham      
1880 5 Mar GRAY Arthur Balfour 32 Ba painter Throwley John Gray, bricklayer CREED Caroline 20 Spr.   Throwley William Creed, lab   John Gray Eliza Ann Creed      
1891 3 Oct GRAY James 21 Ba bricklayer Throwley John Gray, bricklayer FAGG Charlotte Ethel 19 Spr.   Throwley Stephen Fagg, lab   Stephen Fagg Ellen Spillett      
1917 23 Jly GRAYDON Joseph 27 Ba gunner, CFA, BEF France Throwley William Graydon, caretaker MANUEL Clara Jane 21 Spr.   Throwley George Manuel, lab   George Stephen Austin Benjamin Cok      
1893 2 Sep GREENSTREET Arthur 26 Ba Carpenter Throwley John Greenstreet, bailiff ALDERTON Harriet 26 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Alderton, upholsterer   Edwin Greenstreet Mary Jane Vant      
1971 2 Jan GRIFFIN Lawrence 22 ba RN Whiteacres, Wilgate Green Dennis ArthurReginald Griffin, farm worker LLOYD Suzanne 18 Spr. fruit-packer 36 Larksfield Rd, Faversham Reuben Lloyd, deceased scaffolder   Selina Lloyd Joan Elsie Griffin      
1874 9 Apr HAIG Arthur Balfour Fa Ba Captain R. E. Buckingham Palace Robert Haig, esquire HARRIS Frances Charlotte Fa Spr.   Belmont George Frances Robert 3rd Lord Harris   Alfred , Duke of Edinborough HARRIS      
1934 16 Jne HAMBROOK John Prebble 34 Wid. farmer Alkham Sidney Walter Hambrook, farmer MAPLE Lilian Gladys 33 Spr.   Wilgate Green Harry Maple, farmer   H. Maple B.J. White      
1967 19 Aug HAMLIN Clive John 22 Ba naval air mechanic Port Holme, Sea View Rd, Cliffsend, Ramsgate Arthur Henry Hamlin, engineer MacMILLAN Susan Jennifer 18 Spr. shorthand typist The Windmill Inn, Throwley Forstal Thomas Robert MacMillan, publican   Thomas Robert MacMillan Duncan John Browning      
1879 17 Jne HAMMOND George 23 Ba railway porter Wrotham Edward Hammond, lab NOBLE Emily Dennis 25 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Noble, lab   James Noble Emma Jane Noble      
1918 21 Jly HARRIS George St Vincent 28 Ba Capt. East Kent Yeo. Belmont George Robert Canning Baron Harris Peer of the realm CROOKES Dorothy Mary 26 Spr.   Belmont John William Crookes, clerk in Holy Orders   Ada Lucy Harris Harris      
1894 26 Mar HARRIS Thomas Henry 24 Ba gas-stoker Christchurch, Greenwich Frederick Harris, carpenter SWAN Ada 23 Spr.   Throwley William Swan, lab   William Swan Edith Mary Harris      
1860 26 Apr HARVEY Thomas Austen 25 Ba Farmer Chartham James Harvy, farmer VIDEAN Harriet 22 Spr.   Throwley Edgar Videan, farmer   Mary Ann Videan Maria Videan      
1880 25 Dec HAWKINS Albert James 24 Ba Lab Throwley Robert Hawkins, lab MAYES Eliza 25 Spr.   Throwley William Mayes, lab he illit John Johnson Eliza Johnson      
1890 11 Oct HAWKINS Arthur Ernest William 24 Ba Lab Throwley John Hawkins, yardman ROGERS Emma Maud 20 Spr.   Sheldwich Thomas William Rogers, lab   Lewis Henry Hawkins Alice Jane Smith      
1955 12 Feb HAWKINS Arthur Frederick 23 Ba driver Bethel Row Cottage Arthur Charles Albert Hawkins, wood-worker TAYLOR Edna Kathleen 23 Spr. clerk 1 Swedish House, Throwley William Lambert Taylor, KCC foreman   W. L. Taylor W. J. Foad      
1877 2 Jne HAWKINS Edward 20 Ba Lab Throwley John Hawkins, lab WALKER Sarah 18 Spr.   Throwley William Francis Walker, lab   mark of William Walker Kate Elizabeth Fever      
1851 16 Oct HAWKINS George Fa Ba Lab. Throwley David Day, lab HUBBARD Mary Jane Fa Spr.   Throwley Samuel Hubbard, lab Both sign Henry Cheeseman Amelia Wilcox      
1865 3 Dec HAWKINS Stephen Adkins Fa Ba Lab. Sheldwich Thomas Hawkins, lab JOHNCOCK Esther 20 Spr.   Throwley Edw Johncock, lab She illit. Thomas Hawkins Jane Ann Lawrence      
1864 20 Nov HAWKINS William 57 Ba Lab. & parish clerk Throwley Robert Hawkins, lab CARPENTER Eliza 61 Wid.   Throwley John Payne, wheelwright   Mark of Dane Clark Sarah Ann Clark      
1906 17 Nov HAWKINS William Francis 25 Ba Lab Throwley Edwin Hawkins, lab FAGG Rose Emily 21 Spr.   Throwley Edward Fagg, farmer   Percy Hawkins Mary Hawkins      
1914 22 Oct HAYWARD Henry 23 Ba fruiterer Hernhill Charles Hayward, farmer TAMSITT Gertrude 31 Spr.   Throwley Jose Tamsitt, deceased farmer   J. W. Tamsitt Susie Alice Jenkins      
1913 2 Nov HAYWARD Henry Charles 29 Ba Lab Godmersham John Hayward, woodreeve PENFOLD Mabel Jane 20 Spr.   Throwley Albert Henry Penfold, lab   Albert Henry Penfold Susan Ellen Else      
1931 6 Apr HAYWARD Ronald Frederick 22 Ba Lab Stalisfield Percy James Hayward, lab PILES Florence Mabel 24 Spr.   Throwley Charles Frank Piles, lab   Charles Frank Piles, senr Charles Frank Piles, jnr.      
1938 26 Sep HEARNDEN Cecil John 25 Ba butcher Chartham Frederick Henry Hearnden, nurseryman PILES Ena Joy 23 Spr.   Cooper's Hill, Throwley Charles Frank Piles, general lab   C.F. Piles F. C. Hearnden      
1924 3 Jan HEDGER James 63 Wid. farmer North Hayling, Hants Edmund Hedger, deceased nurseryman SKIPP Mary 63 Spr.   Belmont , Throwley William Smith deceased gardener   Albert Ninns Sarah Skipp      
1881 6 Oct HENDREY Alfred Charles 26 Ba gardener parish of St Luke, Lower Norwood Joseph Hendry, gamekeeper SWAN Mary Ann 20 Spr.   Throwley William Swan, lab   William Swan Elizabeth Ann Swan      
1930 29 Mar HEYMAN Ernest Cooper 22 Ba auctioneer Leaveland Harry Cooper Hayman, gent HOOKER Marjorie Jean 18 Spr.   Throwley Walter Hooker, farmer   George Virrell Knowles William Hooker      
1868 9 Dec HILLS Alfred Clark Fa Ba Farmer Alkham Clark Hills, farmer MILLEN Ellen Fa Spr.   Throwley James Millen, farmer   William Millen Clara Hills      
1909 22 Sep HILLS Ernest Walter 27 Ba salesman Clyde Villa, Broadstairs William Hills, deceased miller TAMSITT Elsie 31 Spr.   Throwley Jose Tamsitt, deceased farmer   William Henry Howard Gertrude Tamsitt      
1900 10 Mar HINDS Frank 24 Ba wood-caever 28 Shakewell Row, West Hackney Charles Hinds, farmer RAINS Martha Frances 22 Spr.   Throwley Oliver Raines,gardener   Mary Ann Hinds Rosa Raines      
1862 28 Dec HOGBEN James Fa Wid. Farmer Throwley Thomas Hogben, lab PEPPER Sarah Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Pepper, lab He iillit Mark of Frederick Coveney Alice Hopkins      
1923 10 Feb HOGBEN Sidney James 26 Ba waggoner Wilgate Walter Hogben, waggoner PILES Ella Lillian Constance 20 Spr.   Cooper's Hill Charles Piles, lab   Henry Piles Eva Piles      
1935 28 Sep HOGBEN Wilfred Lawrence 31 Wid. Lab Parsonage Cottages Walter Stephen Hogben, pensioner VAUGHAN Lilian Jessie 29 Spr.   Parsonage Cottages William James Vaughan, dealer   Harold Edward Peale G, Hogben      
1958 5 Jly HOLLINGSWORTH Vernon Paul 24 Ba insurance clerk 33 Elsynge Rd, Battersea, London SW 18 Herbert Hollingsworth, deceased retail draper WOOD Brenda Jessie 21 Spr.   158 Ashley Gardens, Westminster, London, SW1 Herbert John Wood, deceased farm bailiff   Allan Herbert Wood Peter Ross Field      
1864 24 Sep HONEY Charles Fa Ba Carpenter Borden George Honey, lab HUGHES Hester Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Hughes, lab   Thomas Hughes Emma Hughes      
1939 21 Jan HOOD Henry 27 Ba chef Wilgate .. .. MAPLE Hilda Annie 40 Spr.   Wilgate Harry Maple, farmer   H. Maple J.P. Hambrook      
1863 24 Oct HORTON John 41 Ba Lab. Throwley James Horton, lab SILCOCK Charlotte 40 Spr.   Sheldwich Henry Silcock, lab Both illit Marks of George Silcock & Ruth Ann Austin        
1901 9 Jne HULLETT Frederick 25 Ba baker Throwley Walter Hullett, deceased farmer SKINNER Rosie Jane 22 Spr.   Throwley Charles Leonard Skinner, lab   John Clinch Ann Clinch      
1856 12 Feb JACKSON John Fa Ba Butcher Newnham John Jackson, farmer MILLEN Emily Fa Spr.   Throwley James Millen, farmer Both sign James Pepper Kate Jackson      
1851 1 Nov JAMES Edward Fa Ba Lab. Ospringe Edward James , lab FOX Sarah Fa Spr.   Throwley John Fox, parish clerk Both sign William Nutting Ann Woodland      
1879 8 Feb JOHNSON John 22 Ba Lab Throwley John Johnson, lab WOOD Eliza 23 Spr.   Throwley George Wood, lab   mark of Albert James Hawkins Eliza Mayes      
1878 4 Jan JOHNSON Robert Thomas 32 Ba Lab Chislet James Johnson, lab HARRIS Ann 22 Spr.   Throwley William Harris, bailiff   Thomas Pain Elizabeth Harris      
1877 27 Oct JUDGE Thomas 26 Ba Lab Throwley , FRANCIS Hannah 29 Wid.   Goodnestone John Kerrison, lab She illit. Edwin Gore Esther Dence      
1950 23 Sep KEELER Ralph Philip 22 Ba private gardener New Cottages, Belmont Richard William Keeler, forrester BAILEY Ivy Winifred 21 Spr. laundress 1 Park Terrace, Throwley Victor Harold Bailey, disabled   Derek Frank Keeler Peter James Friar      
1968 18 May KEELER Raymond Jeffrey 20 Ba farm worker Park Farm, Throwley Harold Stanley Keeler, farm manager RANSLEY Dorothy Sharon 20 Spr. bank clerk 7 Jubilee Cottages, Throwley Forstal Francis Ransley, wool merchant   Francis Ransley Mary Sarah Keeler      
1969 13 Sep KEELER Robert James 25 Ba groundsman Park Farm, Throwley Harold Stanley Keeler, farm manager WOOHOUSE Christine Sylvia 17 Spr. clerk Little Belmont, Belmont Park Ronald Arthur Woolhouse, carpenter   Bernard John Rolfe Mary Sarah Keeler      
1965 30 Oct KELSEY James Alexander 37 Ba kerb-layer Hope Cottage, Charing George Kelsey, retd, KERRISON Jean Mary 28 Spr. kitchen maid 2 Bethel Row .. ..   Cecil Walter Kerrison Francis Walter French      
1879 17 Aug KEMSLEY John Thomas 23 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas Kemsley, lab GOODSALL Bertha 22 Spr.   Throwley Robert Goodsall, lab   Thomas Wratten Annie Wratten      
1924 29 Apr KENNARD Thomas Albert 24 Ba Gunner FGA Yaverland, IW Albert Henry Kennard, lab HARRIS Edith May 23 Spr.   Throwley John Richard Harris, lab   Wm. George Harris John R. Harris      
1937 25 Sep KERRISON Francis George Richard 27 Ba tractor driver Bethel Row William Henry Kerrison, munition worker THORNTON Violet 22 Spr.   Bethel Row, Throwley Thomas Thornton, miner   Thos. Thornton John Wyles      
1853 2 Mar KINGSLAND David Fa Ba Farmer Bethersden Daniel Kingsland, farmer PEPPER Jane Fa Spr.   Throwley James Pepper, farmer Both sign George Pepper Sarah Elizabeth Pepper      
1863 16 May KIRBY Henry Fa   Lab. Throwley William Kirby, lab PAGE Eliza Ann Nearly 20     Throwley Richard Page, lab Both illit C. Brenchley Mark of Elizabeth White      
1867 12 Oct KIRBY William Fa Wid. Lab. Stalisfield William Kirby, lab CHANDLER Alice Fa Wid.   Throwley William Hampshire, lab Both illit Marks of Charles Eldridge & Eliza Eldridge        
1927 29 Oct KNIGHT Albert James 29 Ba railway clerk 24 Stonehall, Lydden Albert William Knight, signalman QUEEN Ivy May Frances 27 Spr.   Throwley Albert Thomas Queen, farmer   Albert W. Knight Mary Ann Queen      
1978 25 Mar KYLE Andrew Duncan 24 Ba welder Hill House, Throwley Forstal Dennis Lindsey Kyle HAUGH Patricia Emily 21 Spr. shop assistant 4 Nelson Terrace, Faversham Francis Haugh, security guard   Audrey Doris Kyle Ellen Haugh      
1912 1 Jne LACKFORD Frederick Charles 22 Ba shop- assistant 24 St John's Rd, Faversham Charles Henry Lackford, deceased painter & paper hanger BAKER Ellen Matilda 21 Spr.   Throwley Jesse Baker, shepherd   mark of Jesse Baker Edith Mary Baker      
1878 24 Aug LARKIN Richard 29 Ba Lab Throwley Richard Larkin, lab PAY Kate Jemima 24 Wid.   Throwley George Fryer, lab She illit. mark of William Walker Sarah Hawkins      
1875 26 Sep LARKIN William 29 Ba Lab Throwley Richard Larkin, lab GOODSELL Harriet 30 Spr.   Throwley Richard Goodsell, lab   Richard Walker mark of Frances Pardoe      
1924 29 May LAURENCE Sidney John 23 Ba Lab Hockley Thomas Laurence, deceased lab KEEN Pearl 21 Spr.   Throwley Henry |Keen, keeper   H. Keen R. Waller      
1850 24 Nov LAWRENCE James Fa Ba Lab. Faversham James Lawrence, lab MARDEN Fanny Fa Spr.   Throwley Charles Marden, lab He illit Charles Marden Mary Ann Marden      
1934 21 Feb LEHMANN Arnold Max 31 Ba engineer 51 Beeches Rd, West Bromwich Max David Lehmann, merchant PAULIZKY Winifred Grace 26 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Paulizky, deceased motor engineer   M. D. Lehmann C. E. Wilkinson      
1943 24 Apr LEWIS Arthur Henry 20 Ba L/Cpl RASC Chilham Samuel Trevor Lewis, munition worker WANSTALL Betty Winifred 17 Spr.   Wilgate Green Albert Wanstall, building trade   A. Wanstall D.E. Green      
1878 22 Jne LINKINS George 25 Ba Lab Throwley Daniel Linkins, lab FARBRACE Mary 24 Wid.   Throwley Henry Farbrace, lab both illit. mark of Frederick Friday Agnes Friday      
1884 16 Feb LLOWARCH (sic) Frederick Henry 26 Ba steward Chislet Evan Llowarch, hotel keeper MANUEL Mary Elizabeth 28 Spr. steward Throwley Thomas Manuel, lab   Lucy Llowarch Thomas Manuel      
1859 31 Aug LONG Seth Fa Ba Police-man Throwley Adam Long, gamekeeper CHILMAN Emily 18 Spr.   Throwley Henry Chilman, lab Both sign Henry Chilman Mary Anne Cox      
1899 7 Aug LONGLEY William 27 Ba butcher Ashford Henry Longley, butcher MANUEL Florence Annie 29 Spr.   Throwley George Manuel, farmer   George Manuel Walter Robert Coe      
1957 2 Mar LUCKHURST Dennis Frank 27 Ba agric. Worker Heel Farm, Stalisfield Frank Luckhurst, deceased agric. Worker NICHOLLS Shirley 21 Spr. shop assistant Valley View, Throwley Gordon Lewis Nicholls, agric. Worker   Michael Owen Luckhurst Gordon Lewis Nicholls      
1910 27 Apr LUCKHURST Frank Herbert 24 Ba Lab 36 Cyprus Rd, Faversham Henry James Luckhurst, deceased, lab FRANKS Ethel Annie 26 Spr.   Throwley Thomas William Franks, butler   Thomas William Franks Millicent Franks      
1923 1 Dec LUCKHURST Thomas 27 Ba Lab Charing Heath John Luckhurst, lab PAY Louisa Florence 26 Spr.   Throwley Frank Pay, lab   Frank Pay Charles J. White      
1927 6 Mar LUCKHURST William 24 Ba groom Throwley John Luckhurst, lab PAY Mary 21 Spr.   Throwley Frank Pay, lab   Stanlet Maurice Pack Frank Pay      
1876 10 Apr LUFF George James 24 Ba Carpenter St George's Ramsgate James Luff, carpenter MANUEL Caroline 20 Spr.   Throwley John Manuel, farmer   John Manuel Harriet Manuel      
1922 3 Jne LYNDON Norman Charles 23 Ba shipwright 12 Clifton Rd, Gillingham William Joseph Lyndon, carpenter FARRINGTON Catherine Mary 19 Spr.   Almshouse Cottages John Farrington, deceased captain of barge   C. Andrews J. Lyndon      
1918 2 Sep LYNN Reginald Austin 25 Ba soldier 19th Hussars, BEF Belmont Frederick Robert Lynn, munition worker DRURY Ethel Jane 28 Spr.   Throwley James Drury, gardener   Ethel Maud Lynn James Drury      
1942 20 Jne Mac CASKKILL Allan 22 Ba Sapper, RE Ruishton, Taunton Archie Mac Caskill, retd. WATTS Ruth 19 Spr.   Throwley John Watts, lab   R,G. Briggs L.J. Davies      
1969 ? Dec MACKAY Neil Nelson Scott 28 Ba medical practitioner Greenacre, Wilton Hill, Taunton, Somerset Walter Scott Mackay vetinary surgeon BOASE Carol Elizabeth 24 Spr. State Registered Nurse Wilgate Farm House John Francis Boase, merchant banker   John Francis Boase Walter Scott Mackay      
1940 23 Jne MANUEL Frank 30 Ba butcher Throwley William Manuel, deceased woodman FAGG Beatrice Maud 23 Spr.   Faversham George Edward Fagg, lab   M.J. Fagg F. G. Smith      
1861 8 Jne MANUEL James 42 Ba Lab. Throwley James Manuel, lab CLARKE Ann 18 Spr.   Throwley Dane Clarke, lab   Mary Ann Sole Maria Long      
1883 21 Jly MANUEL James Fa Ba mariner Throwley Thomas Manuel, lab PAY Fanny 20 Spr.   Throwley John Pay, lab   Henry Austen Kate Pay      
1914 8 Aug MANUEL James 25 Ba baker Throwley William Manuel, lab HOGBEN Rosaline 23 Spr.   Sandgate Richard Hogben, lab   William Christmas Mary Ann Manuel      
1867 21 Oct MANUEL John Fa Ba Lab. Throwley James Manuel, lab DALE Frances Fa Spr.   Throwley Edward Dale, bailiff   James Manuel Mark of Stephen Creed      
1921 17 Dec MANUEL Joseph Aaron 27 Ba stoker R.N. HMS Pandora Joseph Manuel, lab PILES Alice Maud 25 Spr.   Throwley Charles Piles, lab   Charles Frank Piles Stanley James Hogben      
1850 28 Dec MANUEL Thomas Fa Ba Lab. Throwley George Manuel, lab SEAGAR Maria Fa Spr.   Throwley William Seagar, lab He illit George Manuel Elizabeth Cork      
1886 18 Jly MANUEL Thomas 28 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas Manuel, lab PAY Kate 24 Spr.   Throwley John Pay, farmer   James Manuel Fanny Manuel      
1896 29 Feb MANUEL Thomas 38 Wid. Lab Throwley Thomas Manuel, lab MERRELLS Elizabeth Jane 35 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Merrells, lab   William Seager Ann Pepper      
1888 21 Oct MANUEL William 23 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas Manuel, woodman MERCER Mary Ann 24 Spr.   Throwley James Mercer, lab   Albert James Hodges Rachel Record      
1932 30 Jly MANUEL William 27 Ba Carpenter Tong Green William Manuel, lab LEDGER Lilian Alice 29 Spr.   White Hill, Ospringe Henry James Ledger, deceased farmer   H.G. Ledger Rachel Manuel      
1944 12 Aug MARCHANT Donald 24 Ba electrn RAF Belmont Henry Marchant, gardener HILLS Vida Phyllis 25 Spr.   Belmont Frederick George Hills, chauffeur   R.L. Burniston        
1937 14 Oct MARSH Frederick Dickson 34 Wid. farmer Maxted Farm, Elstead James John Marsh, farmer MOAT Grace Lillian 22 Spr.   Throwley John Frank Moat, painter   Charles Marsh John Frank Moat      
1928 16 May MARSHALL Cecil Frank 23 Ba hairdresser Nelcombe Place, Weymouth George Marshall, railway porter SONGHURST Primrose Jessie 27 Spr.   Throwley John William Songhurst, blacksmith   John William Songhurst Herbert Alfred Pay      
1907 16 Apr MARSHALL Charles Owen 32 Ba butler Boxgrove , Sussex Edward Marshall, coachman WISE Jane Ellen 35 Spr.   Throwley Charles Wise, farmer   Charles Wise Lucy E. A. Wise      
1903 30 Apr MASTERS James Edward 23 Ba police constable Thorold Rd, Chatham James GOSBEE, lab PEPPER Jane Marie 22 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Pepper, lab   George Richard White Emma Elizabeth Pepper      
1885 19 Dec MATCHAM William James 29 Ba grocer Throwley Stephen Thomas Matcham, farmer & grocer JENNINGS Frances 26 Spr.   Throwley Henry Jennings, farmer   Ellen Jennings William Jennings      
1880 25 Jly MATTHEWS George Daniel 21 Ba bootmaker Throwley George Matthews, lab BURGESS Maria 26 Spr.   Throwley George Burgess, lab   Amy Robinson Daniel Robinson      
1907 5 Aug MATTHEWS Herbert 37 Ba machinist Camberwell Joseph Matthews, carpenter SWAN Edith Annie 31 Spr.   Throwley William Swan, lab   William Swan Florence Frances Swan      
1869 18 Nov MAXTED Robert Fa Ba Farmer Neats Court, Minster Robert B. Court, gent PYE Susannah Jane 18 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Pye, farmer   Thos Pye A. Newman      
1883 13 Oct MAY Richard Fa Ba Lab Throwley George May, lab WILSON Harriet Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Wilson, publican   mark of George Pepper Maria Bone      
1867 3 Jan Mc LEAN John Fa Ba Chemist St James Paddington George McLean, farmer ASHBEE Elizabeth Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Ashbee, farmer   G. Swoffer L.Ahbee      
1866 27 Oct MILES Charles Fa Ba Lab. Throwley William Miles, lab CHEESEMAN Frances 19     Throwley John Cheeseman, lab   William Elgar Andrew M. Packer      
1951 24 Mar MILES Dennis Robert 24 Ba carpenter 11 Station Rd, Pluckley William Daniel Miles, deceased railwayman FENNELL Jean Margaret 21 Spr. office clerk Sunnyside, Throwley Thomas Sidney Fennell, deceased butcher's assistant   Peter Albert Frederick Black George Hadlow Waters      
1904 15 Oct MILGATE Moses 26 Ba Lab Eastling William George Milgate, deceased lab CHAPMAN Ellen Jane 28 Spr.   Throwley William Chapman, lab   William Chapman Rosa Chapman      
1862 25 Sep MILLEN Charles Fa Ba Farmer Throwley James Millen MONEYLAWS Charlotte Maria 20 Spr.   Throwley James Moneylaws, steward   James Moneylaws Mary Ann Moneylaws      
1865 25 Dec MILLS Edward Fa Ba Lab. Upchurch Obadiah Mills, lab ROOK Sarah Thirza Fa Spr.   Throwley William Rook, lab He iillit Mark of John Mills Elizabeth Frances Coast      
1909 9 Oct MITCHELL David 27 Ba Throwley Harry Mitchell, lab PUNYER Elsie Jane 21 Spr.   Throwley John Punyer, deceased lab   Ernest Punyer Lizzie Punyer      
1950 29 Jly MOON James Albert 23 Ba carpenter & joiner 11 Nightingale Rd, Faversham Albert Henry Moon, bricklayer HAWKINS Barbara Florence 21 Spr. draper's assistant Bethel Row Cottages Arthur Charles Albert Hawkins, woodworker & fencer   Albert Edward Wright Florence Annie Hawkins      
1852 13 Oct MUNGHAM John Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Charles Mungham, lab WOOD Maria Fa Spr.   Throwley John Wood, lab Both illit Marks of George Wood & Charlotte Wilcox        
1901 16 Feb NEILL Charles Alfred 25 Ba Lab Milton next Sittingbourne Charles Neill, lab PAY Edith Annie 27 Spr.   Throwley Samuel Pay, farmer   Samuel Pay E.J. Penney      
1888 25 Dec NEVES James 26 Ba Lab Throwley James Neves, lab NOBLE Rose Ann 21 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Noble, lab he illit John Noble Emma Jane Noble      
1946 5 Jan NEWBERY George Edward Huntly 21 Ba driver, REME Newlands 7 Clayford Avenue, Ferndown, Dorset George Sidney Charles Newbery KEELER Edna Lucy 23 Spr.   New Cottages, Belmont Richard William Keeler, estate worker   Richard William Keeler Ivy Gladys Brandon      
1931 4 Apr NICHOLLS Albert Gerald 22 Ba Carpenter Throwley James Henry Nicholls, farmer LEDGER Elsie Louise 22 Spr.   Throwley Henry James Ledger, deceased farmer   H.G Ledger F. Woodward      
1927 4 Jne NICHOLLS Arthur Leonard 25 Ba farmer South Hill James Henry Nichills, farmer STEARS Bessie 22 Spr.   Broomfield, Throwley Benjamin Stears, farmer   R.G. Clark J.B.Stears      
1879 18 Oct NOBLE James 27 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas Noble, lab GRIGGS Mary Ann 30 Spr.   Charlton by Dover ..   John Noble Emma Jane Noble      
1877 13 Oct NOBLE John 22 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas Noble, lab BOURNE Emily Maria 23 Spr.   Throwley John Bourne, lab   James Noble Maria Bourne      
1925 6 Jan OGDEN Redvers Alexander 23 Ba Corpl, RAF Manston, Thanet Alfred Thomas Ogden, civil servant QUEEN Dorothth Minnie 26 Spr.   Throwley Alfred Thomas Queen, deceased farmer   Alfred Thomas Ogden Mary Ann Queen      
1889 3 Aug OTTAWAY Harry Enos 23 Ba indoor servant Smarden Charles Ottaway, bootmaker FOSTER Mary Jane 25 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Roalfe, bailiff   Thomas Roalfe Martha Ada Roalfe      
1929 17 Feb OVERTON Frederick 22 Ba Gunner, RA, 4th Batt. 4 Brig. Farnborough George Overton, lab BRIGGS Marjorie 22 Spr.   Tong Green, Throwley Raymond Richard Briggs, bailiff   R. R. Briggs G.E.W. Brenchley      
1907 6 Apr PAGE Ernest Harry 23 Ba baker Throwley John Thomas Page, lab WICKS Alice 21 Spr.   Throwley William Henry Wicks, deceased lab   John Moore Walter Page      
1922 14 Oct PAGE Herbert Alfred 43 Ba Lab Throwley John Thomas Page, lab SONGHURST Daisy Nellie 30 Spr.   Throwley John William Songhurst, blacksmith   John W. Songhurst Charles Page      
1850 12 Oct PAGE John Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Richard Page, lab KNOWLES Sarah Elizabeth Fa Spr.   Throwley William Knowles, lab Both illit Mark of Henry Carpenter Eliza Carpenter      
1857 9 May PAGE Richard Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Richard Page, lab RAINS Esther Fa Spr.   Throwley Joseph Rains, lab Both illit Mark of Thomas Tickner Ellen Bourne      
1866 15 May PAGE Richard Fa Wid. Lab. Throwley Thomas Page, lab WATERS Srah Fa Wid.   Throwley Thomas Webb, lab Both illit Marks of John Harper & Elizabeth Harper William Hawkins, parish clerk of T.      
1864 4 Jne PAGE Thomas Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Peter Page, lab JACKSON Jane Fa Spr.   Throwley James Jackson, lab He iillit Ann Rutter Mark of William Page      
1916 8 Jly PARKHURST Clive Reginald 22 Ba wireless-operator Throwley George |Adolphus Parkhurst, antique furnisher MACK Nellie Rhoda 26 Spr.   Throwley James Mack, steward   Ethel Theobald James A. Mack      
1878 12 Oct PAY Alfred 22 Ba Lab Throwley John Pay, lab ROGERS Harriet 24 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Rogers, lab She illit. mark of James Percival Alice Rogers      
1862 15 Feb PAY Edward 23 Ba Lab. Throwley Edward Pay, bailiff SOLE Mary Ann 19 Spr.   Throwley John Sole., lab   James Manuel Ann Manuel      
1861 26 May PAY Francis 20 Ba Lab. Throwley Edward Pay, bailiff CREED Christiana 21 Spr.   Throwley James Creed, farmer   James Creed Harriet Pay      
1897 2 Oct PAY Frank 31 Ba farmer Throwley John Pay, farmer PEPPER Harriet Jane 23 Spr.   Throwley John Martin Pepper, lab   Fred. Pepper Rhoda Baker      
1890 26 Apr PAY John 38 Wid. engine-driver Throwley John Pay, farmer ELY Isabel Clara 35 Spr.   Throwley Charles Robert Ely, mariner he illit Thomas Manuel Kate Manuel      
1865 1 Jan PAYNE Jessee 29 Wid. Smith Faversham John Payne, gardener WILCOX Mary Ellen 20 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Wilcox, lab   Simson Wilcox Amelia Wilcox      
1906 2 Jne PEARSON Henry William 25 Ba Blacksmith Throwley Stephen Pearson, deceased blacksmith BAKER Charlotte Jane 25 Spr.   Throwley Jesse Baker, lab   mark of Jesse Baker Edith Mary Baker      
1893 20 May PENFOLD Charles Henry 20 Ba Lab Throwley Valley Henry Penfold , lab BINGHAM Mary 18 Spr. servant Cottage Hospital, Faversham James Bingham, lab   Horace Hills Eliza Hills      
1860 25 Dec PEPPER Charles 24 Ba Groom Chilham John Pepper, lab RYE Mary Ann 22 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Rye, blacksmith   Thomas Rye Amelia Cheeseman      
1895 14 Oct PEPPER Charles 42 Ba Lab Throwley Martin Pepper, lab WICKS Ellen 49 Wid.   Throwley Henry Moore, lab both illit mark of Jesse Baker Rhoda Baker      
1878 12 Oct PEPPER Charles Martin 22 Ba Lab Throwley John Pepper, lab BARTLETT Ellen 21 Spr.   Ospringe William Bartlett, lab   William Bartlett mark of Mary Ann Bartlett      
1916 14 Oct PEPPER Charles Martin 59 Wid. waggoner Molash John Pepper, waggoner SUTTON Julia Elizabeth 45 Wid.   Throwley George Newton, shoemaker he illit Henry Chas Powney Louie Pay      
1878 2 Nov PEPPER Frederick 23 Ba Lab Throwley Martin Pepper, lab ATKINS Mary 19 Spr.   Throwley Joseph Atkins, lab both illit. William Mannering Julia Coppings      
1901 4 Feb PEPPER George James 28 Ba coachman Throwley George Pepper, lab CARPENTER Kate 30 Spr.   Throwley Henry Carpenter, whitesmith   Helen Pepper James Bunyan      
1853 2 Feb PEPPER James Fa Ba Farmer Throwley James Pepper, farmer MILLEN Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley James Millen, farmer Both sign John Millen Emily Millen      
1857 18 Jly PEPPER John Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Martin Pepper, lab KEMSLEY Frances Fa Spr.   Throwley Nathaniel Kemsley, lab Both illit Marks of William Kemsley & Elizabeth Pepper        
1853 9 Jne PEPPER William Henry Fa Ba Farmer Throwley James Pepper, farmer BREWER Elizabeth Fa Spr.   Throwley John Brewer, tradesman Both sign Austin Brewer Frances Brewer      
1875 16 Oct PERCIVAL James 21 Ba Lab Throwley Edward Percival, lab ROGERS Mary Ann 18 Spr.   Charing Thomas Rogers ,lab both illit. mark of John Shover Kate Elvy      
1936 11 Jne PETTIT Eric Bexhill 23 Ba tobacconist 11 South Canterbury Rd, Canterbury William Pettit, tobacconist THEOBALD Doris Mary 25 Spr.   Throwley William Richard Theobald, butcher   William Richard Theobald William Pettit      
1916 29 Jan PETTS Edward 27 Ba A.B. Royal Naval Division Chrystal Palace Thomas Petts, lab PILES Florence Kate 23 Spr.   Throwley Charles Piles, lab   Caroline Elizabeth Piles William James Petts      
1872 18 Jly PETTS Edward James Fa Wid. steward in the Navy Egham, Surrey Richard James Petts, butler PETTS Matilda Elizabeth Fa Spr.   Throwley James Petts, coachman   Richard Petts Charlotte Petts      
1870 28 Apr PHEASEY William Fa Ba Groom Throwley William Pheasey, gamekeeper HURRELL Maria Fa Spr.   Throwley Richard Hurrell, lab   Austin Smith Ann Hurrell      
1907 2 Feb PILES Charles Frank 24 Ba Lab Throwley Charles Piles, lab PILCHER Ethel Lily 19 Spr.   Throwley Stephen Pilcher, lab   Harry Robert Culmer Ellen Piles      
1912 2 Nov PILES William James 28 Ba Lab Throwley Charles Piles, lab PILES Eliza Annie Elizabeth 24 Spr.   Godmersham Richard Piles, lab   George William Piles Florence Kate Piles      
1946 17 Aug PIPER Gilbert Hensley 27 Ba grocer Cranbrook George Henry Weeks, linesman THOMPSON Minnie 29 Spr.   Throwley Horace Robert Thompson, lab   Charles Henry Weeks Alan H. Thompson      
1900 14 Apr POINTER Ernest Brockman 23 Ba Lab Saxon Row, Faversham James Pointer, railway signalman PAYNE Ada 25 Spr.   Throwley George Payne, lab   Edward Payne Mabel Pointer      
1935 8 Jne POINTER Ernest Brocman 58 Wid. bricklayer Faversham James Pointer , Railway signalman AUSTIN Mary Elizabeth 52 Wid.   Throwley George Manuel, woodman   E. M. Pointer Albert G. Austin      
1854 8 Jne POTTER Charles Fa Ba Farmer Headcorn James Potter, farmer PEPPER Sarah Elizabeth Fa Spr.   Throwley James Pepper, farmer Both sign Thomas Pepper Mary Ann Pepper      
1915 3 Apr POTTS George 31 Ba coal-miner Waldershare George Potts, shepherd DIXON Mary Annie 25 Spr.   Throwley Henry Dixon, lab   Fred Dixon Rose Harris      
1934 9 Jne POUT Edwin Thomas 21 Ba horseman Wilgate Green Stephen Charles Pout, lab REYNOLDS Ivy Edith Ellen 19 Spr.   Wilgate Green Jesse Reynolds, lab   J. Reynolds S. C. Pout      
1883 3 Mar POWELL George Fa Ba bootmaker Throwley Thomas Powell, lab MANUEL Alice 20 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Manuel, lab   James Manuel Fanny Pay      
1901 17 May PRITCHARD Herbert Ernest 20 Ba gardener Throwley William Pritchard, lab SMITH Eliza Elizabeth 24 Spr.   Throwley George Smithe , engine driver   George Smith Emma Pritchard      
1899 14 Oct PRITCHARD James William 22 Ba Lab Throwley William Pritchard, lab MILLEN Mary Ann 26 Spr.   Throwley Stephen Millen, farm bailiff   William Pritchard Emma Pritchard      
1915 16 Oct RAINES Arthur 25 Ba Lab Chartham William Raines, fruit-grower HICKSON Elsie Emily 20 Spr.   Throwley Daniel Hickson, lab   Jessie Vera Boorman Walter Raines      
1911 7 Jan RAINES Stephen 26 Ba gardener Eastling Benjamin Raines, lab BONES Edith Annie 21 Spr.   Throwley Alfred Bones, farmer   Alfred Bones Agnes Rains      
1956 6 Oct RALPH Daniel Edward 25 Ba conductor 69 Tonge Rd, Murston Rd, Sittingbourne Daniel Sidney Ralph, paper maker AUSTIN Doreen Ellen 26 Spr. shop assistant South Forstal Farm, Throwley   William James Ralph Frank Stears      
1876 22 Jan RALPH James 20 Ba Lab Davington Thomas Ralph, lab PAGE Emilily Julia 20 Spr.   Throwley Peter Page, lab   mark of Peter Page Kate Julia Page      
1895 26 Oct RANDALL Edmund 32 Wid. Lab Throwley Valley Farm Edmund Randall, lab MILLEN Alice 25 Spr.   Throwley Stephen Millen, lab   Stephen Millen Sarah Millen      
1877 6 Jan RAY Edward James 25 Ba Lab Throwley William Ray, lab CACKETT Mary Jane 24 Spr.   Throwley Samuel Cackett, lab he illit mark of Thomas Cackett Rhoda Pepper      
1938 22 Oct RAYNER Charles Frederick 27 Ba Lab Throwley Frederick Charles Reyner, lab HARRIS Kathleen Wood 18 Spr.   Throwley John Richard Harris, lab   John R. Harris F.W. Tanner      
1869 30 Oct RECORD Walter Fa Ba Wheelwright Sheldwich Alfred Record, wheelwright WIMSETT Ellen Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Wimsett, bailiff   Thomas Wimsett Rachel Elizabeth Wimsett      
1915 22 May REEVE Arthur William 23 Ba Corporal, RFA All Saints, Hove Arthur William Reeve, cowman COBB Kate Mary 23 Spr.   Throwley Stephen Cobb, lab   Hugh Pollitt (?) Elsie Cobb      
1885 3 Sep REVELL Frederick Arthur 25 Ba Blacksmith Throwley Forstal Arhur Revell, lab RYE Sarah Ann 34 Wid.   Throwley Edward Terry, lab   John Pritchard Holder Sarah Holder      
1929 9 Nov REYNOLDS Edward Charles Henwood 28 Ba engine-cleaner 16 Terminus St, Brighton Edward Thomas Reynolds, deceased lab BROOMFIELD Nellie Julia 27 Spr.   Bethel Row, Throwley Walter Henry Bloomfiels, deceased groom   Agnes Mary Kerrison Frederick Charles Catt      
1908 2 Aug ROBNSON Walter Edward William 32 Ba house-decorator Throwley Edward Robinson, printer GATES Alice 23 Spr.   Throwley John Gates, lab   John Gates Edith Packman      
1925 7 Nov ROGERS Clarence Henry 25 Ba stoker R.N. Hoo George Henry Rogers, lab TILLEY Beatrice Emma 23 Spr.   Wilgate Green William Henry Tilley, horseman   Ethel Winifred Baker Alice Beatrice Willis      
1889 12 Oct ROGERS Edward 23 Ba Lab Rushmere in Charing Thomas Rogers, lab FRIAR Mary Ann 20 Spr.   Throwley Edward Friar, lab   Arthur Hawkins William Walker      
1972 9 Dec ROLFE Michael Lawrence 22 Ba accountant 3 Alfred Rd, London SW8 Charles Stanhope Rolfe, retrd. METHVEN Diana Mary 20 Spr. market researcher Old Barn Cottage, Throwley Forstal Ian Methven, personel manager   Charles Stanhope Rolfe Ian Methven      
1900 31 Mar ROOTS Albert 24 Ba Throwley Charles Roots, tenant farmer PACKMAN Charlotte Ellen 21 Spr.   Throwley Henry Packman, lab   marks of Henry Packman & Alice Mary Packman        
1927 12 Mar ROOTS Frederick George 25 Ba Lab Wilgate Albert Roots, lab UNDERDOWN Rose Ruth 20 Spr.   Newton Rd, Faversham Eli Underdown, lab   William Albert Roots Edith Alice Gates      
1864 27 Aug RYE Andrew 22 Ba Blacksmith Throwley Charles Rye, blacksmith MILLER Betsy Ann 21 Spr.   Throwley George Miller, bailiff   George Thomas Miller Jane Gurr      
1873 20 Oct RYE Henry Fa Ba farmer Throwley Forstal Charles Rye, blacksmith CLAYTON Annie Fa Spr. domestic servant Throwley James Clayton , carrier   Edward Hales Jane Burden      
1879 25 Sep RYE Henry Penfield Fa Wid. steward Belmont Andrew Rye, farmer WALLER Emma Fa Wid.   Whitstable Robert Anderson, gent   Charles Packham Rye Jane Wall      
1859 18 Dec SAMMERS Thomas 30 Ba Lab. Throwley John Sammers, lab ROOK Susannah 24 Spr.   Throwley George Rook, lab He illit John Sole Sarah Ann Sole      
1941 14 Jan SAMSON Ernest Frederick 26 Ba A/C RAF RAF Bartley Green Ernest Samson, platelayer NICHOLLS Thora Ena 28 Spr.   South Hill, Throwley James Henry Nicholls, farmer   James H. Nicholls E, Samson      
1850 21 May SANDY William Fa Ba Lab. Faversham Smith Sandy, lab KEMSLEY Mary Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley Nathaniel Kemsley, lab Both illit Marks of George Harris & Harriet Kemsley        
1889 29 Apr SAUNDERS Frederick 26 Ba police constable Throwley Thomas Saunders, waterman STANFORD Kate Louisa Maria 22 Spr.   Leaveland Thomas Stanford, bootmaker   Thomas Stanford Matilda Jane Eliza Stanford      
1941 30 Dec SAXBY Robert James 29 Ba Sapper, RE Belmont Ernest Osborn Saxby, estate carpenter JEFFERY Joan 19 Spr.   Ospringe Henry William Wetherall, lab   having the consent of Beatrice Blanche Wetherall, the natural & lawful mother & surviving parent & sole guardian of you the said minor. 27 Dec 1941        
1914 13 Apr SETTERFIELD Charles Alfred 30 Ba house decorator 104 Byron Rd, Margate Alfred Cornelius Setterfield, horse keeper SHILLING Edith May 24 Spr.   Throwley Edmund Shilling, lab   Frederick Arthur Setterfield Lily Denn      
1895 7 Jly SEWELL Robert Ernest 21 Ba Valet Throwley Joseph Rowland Sewell, warehouseman HARRIS Ann Elizabeth Alice 20 Spr.   Throwley Robert Harris deceased lab   John Hulse Jane Nicholls      
1905 18 Feb SHARP George 21 Ba Lab Small Hythe, Tenterden Charles Sharp, lab PEPPER Emma Elizabeth 22 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Pepper, lab   Frederick Pepper Ellen Pepper      
1889 26 Sep SHELTON James Martin 25 Ba joiner Gedling, Notts Samuel Shelton, joiner WISE Emily Priscilla 24 Spr.   Throwley Charles Wise, farmer   Amelia Edith Wise Charles Wise      
1908 25 Apr SHERWOOD Ernest William 28 Ba Lab Challock John Thomas Sherwood, lab STEARS Flora 20 Spr.   Throwley Harry Carey   Thomas Wood Fanny Maud Vant      
1915 4 Feb SHERWOOD Percy Douglas 28 Ba Lab Challock John Thomas Sherwood, lab SEAGER Harriet Elizabeth 27 Spr.   Throwley William Seager, lab   William Seager Lillian Ellen Seager      
1906 26 Dec SHIELDS Frederick 30 Ba Coachman 7 Hutford Place, Edgeware Rd, London Andrew Sields, coachman PEPPER Helen Rebecca 30 Spr.   Throwley George Pepper, lab   James Shields Edith Annie Savage      
1865 14 Oct SHILLING Charles 20 Ba Lab. Stalisfield George Shilling, lab HORTON Jane 21 Spr.   Throwley James Horton, lab   Mark of Charles Taylor Fanny Horton      
1903 17 Oct SHILLING Ernest Thomas 24 Ba Lab Throwley Edmund Shilling, lab WATERS Elizabeth Mary 19 Spr.   Throwley Henry Waters, waggoner   John Thomas Shilling Amy Caroline Elizabeth Shilling      
1852 21 Oct SHILLING George Davis Fa Ba Carpenter Throwley George Davis Shilling, carpenter RAYNER Adelaide Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Rayner, farmer Both sign Wm Coast Mary Ann Shilling      
1908 14 Mar SHILLING John Thomas 33 Ba Lab Throwley Edmund Shilling, lab PRITCHARD Emma 28 Spr.   Throwley William Pritchard, deceased lab & Parish clerk   Charles Frank Pritchard Martha Mary Harland      
1883 18 Feb SHILLING Robert Fa Ba Lab Throwley Moses Shilling, lab CREED Eliza Fa Spr.   Throwley John Creed, lab he illit marks of William Creed & Mary Anne Spickett        
1942 23 May SHORTER Cecil Reginald 19 Ba Agric. Driver Throwley Philip Kenneth Shorter, engine driver BELSEY Phyllis Margaret 21 Spr.   Throwley James Belsey, deceased lab   G. Newman W.G. Ford      
1946 16 Nov SHORTER Philip Durell 23 Ba stockman Brook Philip Kenneth Shorter, farmer MOAT Lavinia Lucy 20 Spr.   Throwley John Frank Moar, printer   J.F. Moat C. Shorter      
1900 2 Jne SILCOX George Henry 36 Ba waggoner Throwley Daniel Rook, deceased lab. PAY Rosanna 38 Spr.   Throwley Stephen Pay, waggoner   Edward Pay Annie Pay      
1920 11 Sep SIMMONS Alfred Charles 28 Ba plate layer Throwley Alfred Charles Simmons, lab MANUEL Lucy Maria 30 Spr.   Throwley George Manuel, lab   G. Manuel E. Simmons      
1943 12 Jne SIMON Henry Verdun 26 Ba Sergt. Welsh Regt. Ospringe William Simon, tin worker HILLS Iris Joyce 25 Spr.   Belmont Frederick George Hills, chauffeur   Frederick George Hills A.H. Bourne      
1871 21 Oct SMITH Austen Fa Ba groom Selling William Smith, lab HURRELL Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley Richard Hurrell, publican   Charles Hurrell Fanny Hurrell      
1942 18 Jly SMITH Edward 27 Ba stoker, RN Molash Henry George Smith, lab BRIGGS Edna Ethel 19 Spr.   Throwley Raymond Richard Briggs, lab   Henry George Smith R.R. Briggs      
1921 5 Feb SMITH Frederick 36 Ba Lab Throwley Daniel Smith, lab CLEAVER Frances 33 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Cleaver, lab   Henry George Smith Mabel Smith      
1859 25 Jne SMITH George Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Thomas Hawkins, lab BUTLER Maria Fa Wid.   Throwley Joseph Eldridge, shoemaker Both sign James Harris Mary Harris      
1914 10 Oct SMITH Henry George 21 Ba Lab Throwley Daniel Smith, deceased lab CLEAVER Mabel 26 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Cleaver, lab   Frederick Smith Frances Cleaver      
1945 15 Sep SMITH William Edmund 29 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas Smith , lab YANNER Gladys May 29 Spr.   Throwley Henry John Tanner, lab   C.E. Tanner W.C. Tanner      
1923 22 Dec SONGHURST John Thomas 27 Ba Blacksmith Throwley John William Songhurst, blacksmith TROTMAN Laura Beatrice 31 Spr.   Throwley Arthur Trotman, schoolmaster   G.A. Trotman Arthur Trotman      
1921 12 Feb SPARKES James 71 Wid. Lab Throwley James Sparkes, lab HILLS Emily Jane 65 Wid.   Throwley John Costen, bailiff he illit mark of George Franks D. M. Somerville      
1913 5 Oct SPARROW Sidney Frank 20   grocer's assistant Throwley James Robert Sparrow, butler HORTON Clara Edith 20 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Bert Horton, house decorator   Frederick Bert Horton Florence Kate Piles      
1879 3 Feb SPENDIFF George 30 Ba Miller St Mary Stratford, Bow Charles Spendiff, plumber COAST Eleanor Lucy 32 Spr.   Throwley William Coast, farmer   William Coast Emily Spendiff      
1899 22 Jly SPICKETT George William 34 Ba Lab Leaveland John Spickett, lab BOOKER Fanny Clara 22 Spr.   Throwley George Booker, lab   mark of George Booker Ellen Frances Shilling      
1869 16 Oct STANLEY Edward Fa Ba Lab. Throwley George Stanley, lab COURT Mary Ann 18 Spr.   St Margaret's Rochester Thomas Court, lab   Thomas Cort R. North      
1855 1 Dec STANLEY George Fa Wid. Lab. Throwley George Stanley, lab SHERWOOD Sarah Fa Spr.   Throwley Francis Sherwood, lab Both illit Mark of James Stanley Mary Ann Field      
1861 5 Jan STANLEY Henry 20 Ba Lab. Throwley George Stanley, lab ELLIOTT Eliza 20 Spr.   Ospringe Thomas Elliott, dredger She illit. Mark of Richard Hunt Elizabeth Baker      
1867 27 Apr STANLEY Isaac Fa Ba Lab. Throwley George Stanley, lab WEBB Harriet Fa Spr.   Throwley William Webb, lab He iillit Mark of Stephen Bean Elizabeth Broadbridge      
1851 9 Nov STANLEY Thomas Fa Ba Lab. Throwley George Stanley, lab WILSON Eliza Fa Spr.   Throwley George Wilson, lab Both illit Marks of George Stanley & Frances Wilson        
1854 2 Jly STANLEY William 40 Wid. Lab. Throwley William Stanley, lab CHRISFIELD Sarah 27 Wid.   Throwley Edward Goodwin, lab He signs Marks of Thomas Goodwin & Sarrah Day        
1855 26 Aug STANLEY William Fa Ba Lab. Eastling George Stanley, lab JOHNCOCK Sarah Fa Spr.   Throwley Edward Johncock Both illit Marks of George Stanley & Sarah Sherwood        
1954 15 Oct STEARS Robin Frederick 20 Ba Lab Broomfield Farm, Throwley Frederick Stears, farmer WHITE Pearl Brenda 24 Spr.   Beacon Hill, Sheldwich Mace Joseph White, fencing contractor   Frederick Stears Morgan Mace White      
1969 8 Feb STEVENS John Ralph 28 Ba director Corner Cottage, Horsmonden George Ralph Stevens, retrd. HATTON Laurel 39 Spr. secretary Wilgate Green Cottage Frederick George Hatton, retrd.   Arthur Clive Stevens Richard Angus McMurtie      
1897 25 Dec STEVENS Richard John 25 Ba gas-worker St Paul's Ramsgate Richard Joseph Stevens, gas-worker PRITCHARD Hilda Marion 21 Spr.   Throwley William Pritchard, lab   William Pritchard Louisa Pritchard      
1918 10 Jan STEWART Andrew Robert 27 Ba farmer Valley Farm, Throwley Andrew Stewart, farmer CLARK May Ethel 27 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Clark, farmer   David Stewart Janet Cochran      
1920 22 Mar STREETER William Mark 74 Wid. bootmaker Throwley James Streeter, farmer & Clocksmith HAMMOND Ellen 47 Wid.   Throwley George Manuel, cattle dealer   Margaret A. Somerville mark of George E. Franks      
1925 13 Aug SWAN Frank 29 Ba gardener New Cottages, Belmont Frederick Swan, stockman PERKINS Elsie Daisy 23 Spr.   Belmont Arthur Perkins plumber   Ernest John Seager Percy Edwatd Higgins      
1887 16 Jly SWAN Frederick 28 Ba groom Throwley William Swan, lab BALDOCK Emily 22 Spr.   Boughton-under-Blean James Baldock, lab   Ada Swan Charles Baldock      
1859 8 Jan SWAN William Fa Ba Lab. Throwley Thomas Swan, lab WISE Sarah Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley James Wise, lab Both sign Mark of James Wise Eliza White      
1905 2 Dec TAMSITT William Page 35 Wid. farmer Throwley Jose Tamsitt, deceased farmer BUTLER Florence 30 Spr.   Throwley John Royce Butler, farmer   Thomas Sellen Seager Gertrude Tamsitt      
1930 8 Nov TANNER Frederick Walter 24 Ba Lab Throwley Heny Jhn Tannr, lab HARRIS Vera Lilian 23 Spr.   Throwley John Richard Harris, lab   THOas Alber Kennard Joh Richard Harris      
1926 2 Oct TANNER William Charles 25 Ba Lab Throwley Henry John Tanner, lab COTTINGHAM Elizabeth Hannah 24 Spr.   Sheldwich Henry Obed Cottingham, lab   Henry John Tanner Henry Obed Cottingham      
1883 19 May TAYLOR George Fa Ba dealer Folkestone George Taylor fish salesman CREED Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley John Creed, lab   mark of Robert Shilling Eliza Shilling      
1931 4 Apr TAYLOR William Lambert 25 Ba Lab Throwley William Taylor, lab PILES Gertrude Kathleen 22 Spr.   Throwley Charles Pile, decease lab   Charles Frank Piles, senr Charles Frank Piles, jnr.      
1876 23 May TETT Henry Seymour 29 Ba iron maerchant Faversham George Tett, farmer PYE Frances 22 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Pye, farmer   Thomas Pye Mary Louisa Tett      
1924 19 Apr THEOBALD William George 34 Ba Lab 19 Cambridge Rd, Faversham George William Theobald, pensioner CREED Edith Annie 29 Spr.   Throwley Frederick Henry Creed, lab   Alice Gertrude Brisley G.J. Gray      
1911 6 Mar THEOBALD William Richard 28 Ba butcher Throwley George Theobald, butcher JOHNS Grace 23 Spr.   Throwley Robert Johns, mason   Mary Johns Ethel Theobald      
1941 6 Mar THUNDOW Alfred Henry 23 Ba Corpl. RAF Great Bircham, Norfolk George Thomas Thundow, bus-driver THEOBALD Gladys Maud 24 Spr.   Throwley William Richard Theobald, butcher   William Richard Theobald Reginald Arthur Thundow      
1919 8 Jan TOWNER John James 36 Ba Pte, Labour Corps, BEF France John James Towner, habberdasher HORNE Lavinia 31 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Horne, butcher   Alfred Bourne Eva E. Sage      
1920 20 Sep TUCKER James William Thomas 27 Ba fitter Throwley James Tucker, farmer THEOBALD Ethel 31 Spr.   Throwley George Theobald, gent   Clifford Martin Eve Trotman      
1895 9 Feb TUMBER Thomas Edward 25 Ba gardener Norton Thomas Tumber, lab PEPPER Marilda Jane 24 Spr.   Wilderton, Throwley William Henry Pepper, lab   Reuben Howland Mary Abb Pepper      
1898 26 Dec TURNER Frederick 30 Ba Lab Borden George Turner, coachman PRITCHARD Louisa Florence 24 Spr.   Throwley Richard Pritchard, parish clerk   William Pritchard Emma Pritchard      
1852 25 Dec TURNER William Fa Ba Lab. Throwley John Turner, lab WEST Ellen Fa Spr.   Throwley William West, lab He signs Marks of John Turner & Emma Wilson        
1915 19 Jne TYRRELL Archbald John 23 Ba Pte, Buffs Frindsbury Charles Tyrrell, farmer SONGHURST Mabel Rose 26 Spr.   Throwley John William Songhurst, blacksmith   John William Songhurst May Tyrrell      
1914 6 Jne VELVICK Nelson Albert 28 Ba machinist 34 Christchurch Rd, Ashford Edgar Velvick, gardener SONGHURST Lily Emily 22 Spr.   Throwley John William Songhurst, blacksmith   John William Songhurst Mabel Rose Songhurst      
1873 25 Dec WAKEFIELD Edwin Coleman Fa Ba Carpenter Ulcombe Nicholas John Wakefield, carpenter BURDEN Jane Fa Spr. domestic servant Throwley John Burden, steward   Henry Rye Elizabeth Ann Cross      
1884 10 Apr WALKER Alfred 26 Ba Lab Ramsgate John Walker, sailer GRAY Mary Ann 21 Spr.   Throwley John Gray, bricklayer   John Gray Mary Ellen Giles      
1875 3 Apr WALKER Francis Wyborn Fa Ba Gent. Parish of St Augustine, Everton, Co. Lancaster James Walker, solicitor COLLARD Julia Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Collard, farmer   J.I. Wacher Fannie Collard      
1876 11 Mar WALKER Richard 23 Ba Lab Throwley William Francis Walker BARDOE Frances 19 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Bardoe, lab She illit. mark of John Brazier Mary Ann Walker      
1894 25 Dec WALLIS Henry William 20 Ba fireman St Nicholas Parish, Plumstead Henry William Wallis, lab PEPPER Ellen Dorcas 25 Spr.   Wilderton, Throwley William Henry Pepper, lab   William Wallis Mary Ann Pepper      
1885 3 Jne WANOSTRACHT Nicholas Gibbs 52 Wid. clerk in Sun Frie Insurance office St Anyholin's Nunhead, Surrey Nicholas Wanostrocht, schoolmaster ORPIN Elizabeth Bullock 32 Spr.   Throwley Edward Orpin, farmer   Thomas Vernon Mary Maxted Orpin      
1951 24 Mar WARD Graham Sydney 25 Ba agric. Worker Elm Farm, Molash Charles Ward, retrd. NICHOLLS Pauline Esther 21 Spr.   Broomfield Cottage, Throwley Arthur Nicholls, agric. Worker   Bertha Jane Ward Arthur Leonard Nicholls      
1948 10 Sep WARD Leslie Roy 25 Ba technical storeman Victoria House, Charing Frederick William Ward, gardener FISHER Daphne Joan 23 Spr.   2 Park Terrace, Throwley James Jesse Fisher, builder   James Jesse Fisher Dennis Ronald Smith      
1933 3 Jly WARD William George 34 Ba civil service 19 Credon Rd, South Bermondsey Samuel Ward, deceased brush-maker PILES Hetty Mary 23 Spr.   Cooper's Hill Throwley Charles Frank Piles, lab   Samuel Alfred Ward Charles Frank Piles      
1924 29 Nov WATERS Charles Thomas 57 Ba drayman Kingsfield Cottage, Ethelbert Rd, Faversham Stephen Waters , lab JORDAN Emma Julia 48 Wid.   Wilgate, Throwley Daniel Smith, lab   Henry Horne Henry George Smith      
1958 6 Sep WATSON James Robert 25 Ba farm worker 6 Hereford Gardens, Ilford, Essex Robert Alexander Watson, company director REYNOLDS Daphne Jean 20 Spr. assistant cook Wilgate Green Frederick Ernest Reynolds, farm worker   Douglas Alexander Watson Frederick Ernest Reynolds      
1931 26 Sep WATTS John Henry 22 Ba gardener Hockley John Watts, lab BRIGGS Chrissie Vida 22 Spr.   Tong Green, Throwley Raymond Richard Briggs, bailiff   R.R. Briggs P.M. Back      
1867 27 Apr WEBB William Fa Ba Lab. Throwley William Webb, lab STANLEY Sophia Fa Spr.   Throwley George Stanley, lab He iillit Edward Stanley Ann Broadbridge      
1857 25 Oct WELLER James 23 Ba Lab. Throwley [banns at Faversham Union] Andrew Weller, lab CLARKE Ellen 19 Spr.   Throwley George Clarke, lab He illit Mark of Edward Clarke Charlotte West      
1941 11 Nov WELLS Ronald Samuel 22 Ba Pte, Hampshires Ospringe Samuel Joseph Wells, red. GIBSON Patricia Emily 21 Spr.   Throwley Harry Gibson, printer   W. H. Smith H.F. Gibson      
1936 21 Mar WETHERALL Joseph Henry 22 Ba Lab Wilgate Frederick George Wetherall, lab REYNOLDS Elsie Alice Doris 18 Spr.   Wilgate Jesse Reynolds, lab   Jesse Reynolds Clarence Frederick Wetherall      
1933 18 Feb WHITE Edward George 22 Ba waiter Eastling Edward John White, bricklayer NICHOLLS Kathleen Emily Spr.   Throwley James Henry Nicholls, farmer   William Stephen Ganbell Emily Elizabeth Nicholls      
1884 4 Oct WHITE Henry Samuel 21 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas White, lab HAMPSHIRE Jane Elizabeth 17 Spr.   Throwley William Amos, lab both illit Rhoda Baker marks of Edward Fryer & Jane Fryer & Jesse Baker      
1890 25 Oct WHITE Thomas 25 Ba engine-driver Throwley Thomas White, lab AMOS Mary Ann 24 Spr.   Throwley Daniel Amos, lab   William Manuel Frances White      
1901 30 Mar WILLIS George 40 Ba Lab 51 Park Rd, Faversham George Willis, lab WILLIS Julia 21 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Willis, lab he illit marks of Henry Packman & Alice Mary Packman        
1893 7 Oct WILLIS John 29 Ba Lab Throwley George Willis, lab HARRIS Elizabeth Jane 23 Spr.   Boughton-under-Blean Richard William Harris, lab he illit marks of Henry Packman & Alice Mary Packman        
1889 12 Oct WILLIS Stephen 26 Ba Lab Throwley Thomas Willis, lab BINGHAM Caroline 17 Spr.   Leaveland James Bingham, lab   mark of Fred. Willis Mary Bingham      
1852 26 Dec WILSON George Fa Ba Servant Bromley St Leonard George Wilson, lab HARRISON Ann Fa Spr.   Throwley John Harrison, lab He signs Marks of Samuel Clackett & Mary Silcox        
1942 4 Apr WISDOM Herbert Vickary 40 Wid. AB, RN Thomas Wisdom lab BICKER Dorothy Joan 19 Spr.   Throwley William Charles Bicker, lab   William Charles Bicker F.G. Hogben      
1954 13 Nov WOOD Allan Herbert 21 Ba paper-making machinist Park Farm, Throwley Herbert John Wood, agric. Worker GIBBS Doreen Ivy 19 Spr.   The Homestead, Staple St, Hernhill Thomas John Gibbs, gas-board worker   Thomas John Gibbs Herbert John Wood      
1852 21 Feb WOOD John Fa Ba Lab. Throwley John Wood, lab FEVER Emma Fa Spr.   Throwley Charles Fever, lab He illit Mark of John Wood Elizabeth Wood      
1893 8 Apr WOOD Thomas 22 Ba Lab Broomfield, Throwley Thomas Wood, lab STEARS Annie 18 Spr.   Broomfield, Throwley Horace Stears, lab   Benjamin Stears Lizzie Wood      
1889 13 Apr WOOLEY Walter Robert 25 Ba railway porter Orpington John Wooley, lab gambrill Mary Ann 26 Spr.   Throwley Thomas Gambrill, groom   James Whitebread Fanny Gambrill      
1945 16 Jne WORTHAM Stephen Backe 27 Ba Capt. Egerton Hugh Evelyn Wortham, journalist ROBINS Felicity Gwynne 21 Spr.   Throwley Ernest William Gwynne Robins, engineer   Olive Margaret Gwynne Robins Hugh Evelyn Wortham      
1853 11 Jne WRAIGHT James Fa Ba Lab. Norton John Wraight, lab PEPPER Elizabeth Fa Spr.   Throwley Thomas Pepper, lab He illit Mark of Thomas Pepper Elizabeth Moon      
1955 3 Sep WRIGHT Maurice Arthur 23 Ba carpenter 40 Whitstable Rd, Faversham William Charles Wright, lighterman WOOD Daphne Beryl 20 Spr. shop assistant Park Farm, Throwley Herbert John Wood, farm bailiff   Gordon Reginald Wright William Frederick Wright    

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