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photo of St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church at Downe, Kent, England Copyright 2005 Philip Talmage licensed via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License
St. Mary the Virgin, Downe
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Downe Parish, Land Tax Assessment, 1820

Transcribed by Henry Mantell and other volunteers at the then Centre for Kentish Studies, Maidstone.
The Downe Land Tax Assessments, 1780-1831 under reference Q/RPL/109 was microfilmed and is available on FHL British Film #1469943, Item 4. In some cases, the original manuscripts were examined with the permission and courtesy of the Archive.

      Assessor: Willm. Sales.

PageLineProprietors' SurnamesProprietors' Given NamesTax AssessedOccupiers' SurnamesOccupiers' Given NamesTax Rate Amount
1st1CarewMrs.  WoodSarah  
1st2Lubbock Bart [crossed through Esqre]Sir Jno: Wm   
1st3FowlerDaniel  HimselfHimself 
1st4Phillips heirsThomas  Themselves & othersThemselves & others 
1st5RavenhillWm  HimselfHimself 
1st6Smith & othersMessrs  Themselves & othersThemselves & others 
1st7LubbockSir Jno Wm  HimselfHimself 
1st8Lubbock [Do.]Sir Jno Wm  WynnSarah  
1st9BestJohn  ElliottRichard  
1st10Norman Esq. [paper fold]George  StowWilliam  
2nd11BestJohn  MarchantJames  
2nd12Best [Do.]John  HarwoodHenry  
2nd13MinshawH G  HimselfHimself 
2nd14WellerTimothy  Himself & othersHimself & others 
2nd15GodboldNath  JohnsonLt Col: 
2nd16WoodGeorge  HimselfHimself 
2nd17AngellerMary  WoodSarah  
2nd18GearySir Wm.  ElliottRichard  
2nd19Geary [Do.]Sir Wm.  SmithJohn  
2nd20WoodGeorge  HimselfHimself 
2nd21SmithGeorge  SmithJohn  
2nd22GloverRichd.  OsborneMessrs  
2nd23Glover [Do.]Richd.  SalesWilliam  
2nd24SmithGeorge  TownThomas  
2nd25GoringeMr.  OsborneMessrs  
2nd26LubbockSir John Wm.  HardingJames  
3rd27BestJohn  MarchantJames  
3rd28Best DoJohn  HarwoodHenry  
3rd29MinshawH G  HimselfHimself 
3rd30WellerTimothy  Himself & othersHimself & others 
3rd31GodboldNath  JohnsonLt Col: 
3rd32WoodGeorge  HimselfHimself 
3rd33AngellerMary  WoodSarah  
3rd34GearySir Wm.  ElliottRichard  
3rd35Geary [Do.]Sir Wm.  SmithJohn  
3rd36WoodGeorge  HimselfHimself 
3rd37SmithGeorge  SmithJohn  
3rd38GloverRichd.  OsborneMessrs  
3rd39Glover [Do.]Richd.  SalesWilliam  
3rd40SmithGeorge  TownThomas  
3rd41GoringeMr.  OsborneMessrs  
3rd42LubbockSir John Wm  HardingJames  
4th43Pocock EsqreGeorge  Heygate, Esq. Wm  
4th44BaxterWillm & Robt  BestJames  
4th45Best's heirsWilliam  HardingThomas  
4th46WoodGeorge  GoodchildJames