SS - C E N S

Welcome to the FreeCEN "Spreadsheet" Routines.

© FreeCEN Project. This issue 07 Feb 2002
You selected a Folder to contain various Download files.
This should now contain:-
  1. This file, README.HTM
  2. An example file CENSDEMO.CSV
  3. A "set-up" file BLANK.CSV
  4. A Browser displayed file STRUCTUR.HTM
  5. A Browser displayed file FIELDS.HTM
  6. (optional) Browser displayable "Frequently Asked Questions" CENSFAQ.HTM


Start your Spreadsheet routine and Open CENSDEMO.CSV.

If necessary:- Highlight the whole file and change the [Font] to "COURIER" or some other fixed pitch font.
It will be found that the third row of the file contains spacing characters in every field, which will now indicate the maximum capacity of each field when used in conjunction with the FreeCEN format. (This will avoid frequent counting in the longer fields)

Highlight the whole file and set the "Column Widths" to give "Best Fit".

SAVE the file, using your chosen Spreadsheet format to preserve this structure.
When you are ready to commence Data Entry:
Open the appropriate BLANK.CSV file into your Spreadsheet and, if necessary, adjust as above.


When you have finished Data Entry...

Prepare a floppy disk containing
  • Your spreadsheet work SAVED AS a "Comma Separated" (.CSV) file
  • Your MYNOTES.TXT comments file, SAVED AS a "TEXT" (.TXT) file
Because of file sizes it may be necessary to compress these files using ZIP or WINZIP routines
  • Keep a copy of this floppy disk among your own archives in case of any emergency
  • Send the other floppy disk of this information to your Co-Ordinator who will conduct the conversion to FREECEN format and assemble the necesssary disk/files to be forwarded to a Checker
Why not email the information?
Some Co-Ordinators have suggested data transfer by email-attachments.
There is a serious risk, if anything goes wrong at some future date, that valuable transcription and checking work could be lost due to file corruption or other mishap.
This risk is considerably reduced if multiple floppy-disk copies exist.

Even for a large "Piece" a single floppy disk can contain a full history; from transcription, to conversion, checking and validation, and complete with all query notes, so that reconstruction of the data may be possible at any stage.

Now please look at the Spreadsheet Structure