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Kent, England, Genealogy Pages Minnie Winifred Bodeker born Faversham 1893

John RUCK[1, 2]
 1545 - 1573

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  • Birth  Abt 1545  Boughton-Blean, Kent, England Find all individuals with events at this location  [3
    Gender  Male 
    Died  30 Dec 1573  Boughton-Blean, Kent, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Buried  Boughton-Blean, Kent, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID  I3627  Young Family Kent Ancestry
    Last Modified  19 May 2007 23:41:29 
    Father  William RUCK, b. Abt 1510, Boughton-Blean, Kent, England  
    Mother  Margaret CARTER, b. Abt 1520 
    Family ID  F1192  Group Sheet
    Family  Susan HAWKYNS 
    Married  27 Nov 1570  Boughton-Blean, Kent, England Find all individuals with events at this location  [4
    >1. Thomas RUCK, c. 13 Mar 1571/1572, Boughton-Blean, Kent, England
    Family ID  F1195  Group Sheet
  • Sources 
    1. [S20] Will, Consistory Court of Canterbury, Consistory Court of Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral Archives, (U.S.A., Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah), LDS Film #0188847, 1572-1579, 27 Feb 1572/1573.
      Will of John Ruck, of Boughton-under-Blean, 16 Eliz. I (27 Nov)

      IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN, the xxviith day of November in the sixteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God of England, France and Ireland, Queen, defender of the faith, I, JOHN RUCK, of the parish of Boughton-under-Blean in the County of Kent, sick of body but whole and perfect of remembrance thanks be to God, do make, ordain and declare this my present testament and last Will in manner and form following:

      FIRST, I will and give my soul unto almighty God, my maker and redeemer, Jesus Christ, by whose [?] death I trust to be save, and I will my body to be buried within the churchyard of Boughton aforesaid as near to the place where my father was buried there as may be. Also, I will to the poor at my burial in bread, drink and money, forty shillings to be given unto them by the discretion of my Executors and overseers.

      ITEM I will and give unto every of my household servants twelve pence.

      ITEM I will and give unto MATHEW RUCK, ADAM RUCK and CIRRIACK RUCKE, my brethren, to every of them, fifteen shillings to be paid to every of them at the age of 21 years of each one of them.

      ITEM I will and give unto my Aunt, Matthew Spencer’s wife, xxv shillings.

      ITEM I will and give unto WILLIAM RUCKE, my brother, two hundredth of sheep pelts, part of three hundredth sheep pelts which he oweth me.

      ITEM I will and give unto SUSAN, my wife, four score pounds of current English money to be paid, vizt. Within one month after my decease twenty pounds, and within one year then next after, forty pounds, and within one year then next following, other twentieth residue.

      ITEM, I will that all the residue of my debts, money, and goods which I have not before or hereafter in this my Testament and last Will given, willed and bequeathed to be sold by mine executors and their assigns within three years next after my decease to the best price it may or can be and the money coming and issuing of the sale thereof, together with my debts, I will my said Executors or the survivor of them or their assigns, shall purchase so much land as it will use in so short time as they can, to be had to the use of my son, Thomas RUCKE, and his heirs.

      ITEM, I will and give unto SUSAN, my wife, all my household stuff.

      ITEM, I will and make Executors of this my present testament and last Will, JOHN PORDAGE, my father-in-law* and WILLIAM RUCKE, my brother. And I give to either of them for their pains therein to be taken over and above their charges five and twenty shillings.

      AND I make THOMAS HAUKINS, the elder, my wife’s father, and CHRISTOPHER SOUTHOUSE, the elder, overseers of this my testament and I give to them for their labour a six shilling and eight pence.

      ALSO I will that whereas I do owe to my father and mother-in-law**, JOHN PORDAGE and to MARGARET, his wife, thirty pounds, which was part of the money which my father willed unto her; my mind is that the said JOHN PORDAGE shall detain the said thirty pounds coming and issuing out of the sale of my goods and debts in his own hands and to pay himself his executorship or any other thing in this my last Will and Testament notwithstanding. PROVIDED always that if my wife be with child at the time of my decease I give to the said child, if it be a man child, forty pounds, and if it be a woman child, I give it twenty pounds to be saved out of my stock of goods aforewilled to my son, THOMAS RUCK.

      THIS is the last Will of me, the said JOHN RUCK, concerning the disposition of all lands, houses and tenements which I have in the parish of Boughton-under-Blean aforesaid or elsewhere.

      First, I will my house wherein I now dwell with another house called the Bell including all my orchards, outhouses, gardens, lands and other mine hereditaments in Boughton-under-Blean aforesaid, unto SUSAN, my wife, for the span of thirteen years after my decease if she so long do live without strife or waste and paying the Lord’s rents and finding the reparations.

      And I will after the thirteen years be expired if my wife so long do live or immediately after my wife’s death, if she die before the end of the foresaid thirteen years, that all the profits and sums coming and issuing yearly, issuing of all my said lands, houses and tenements with all other my hereditaments with the appurtenances in Boughton aforesaid until my son THOMAScomes to the age of twenty-one years, except the house called the Bell and the little garden or orchard thereto annexed now in the tenure and occupation of Edmund Percival, shall be to the use of my son, THOMAS RUCK, and I will that my Executors to have the letting and fitting of all my said houses and lands and other my hereditaments aforesaid (except before excepted) and the same thereof to be put to some [ty----sse inowease?] to the use of my said son by my said Executors or by the survivor of them, their Executors or assigns, and they thereof to give an account unto my said son, THOMAS, at his foresaid age of twenty-one years.

      ALSO I will the said house called the Bell and the orchard or garden now in the occupation of Edmund Percival before excepted with the appurtenances unto SUSAN, my wife, for the whole term of her natural life if she over lives the thirteen years aforesaid, to be had to her and her assigns for the said term without strife or waste keeping the reparations and paying the Lord’s rents.

      ALSO I will that WILLIAM RUCKE, my brother, shall have the governance, rule and bringing up of my other brethren, MATTHEW, ADAM and CIRRIACK, and also all the profits of those lands and tenements which my father, WILLIAM RUCK, the elder, willed and assigned that I should take and have to be held to him in such form and sort as I may do by my said father’s his Will paying unto them such sum and sums of money as I should do except twenty shillings unto MATTHEW RUCK.

      AND I will that my wife shall find and bring up my son, THOMAS RUCK, until the end of the foresaid thirteen years at her own cost and charges and after the said thirteen years, I will my said son shall be put to some honest exercise or occupation at the discretion of my wife aforesaid.

      WITNESS of this my present Testament and last Will: Thomas Hawkins, the elder; Christopher Southouse, senior; Edward Songer; Stephen Wyemas and others.

      PROBATE granted 27 February 1573.

      1. * and **: The term “in-law” was an old usage denoting that a person was related to another through marriage. The term “step-“ had not yet come into expression. Accordingly, when encountered, any term denoting an “in-law” relationship needs further study before the actual intent can be learned. In this instance, the Will of Margaret Pordage, as well as a marriage entry help to clarify that John Pordage was the second husband of Margaret, natural mother of John Ruck herein.

      2. Grant of probate is badly blurred and consequently cannot be translated. It is impossible to determine to whom the grant was made, although I suspect it was made in favour of the the Executors.
      Will of John Rucke, of Boughton-under-Blean.

    2. [S91] Monumental Inscription, England: Zechariah Cozens, Boughton-under-Blean, Kent, England, p297.
      John Rucke son of this William deceased the XXX day of December 1573

    3. [S20] Will, Consistory Court of Canterbury, Consistory Court of Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral Archives, (U.S.A., Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah), LDS Film #0188846, vol. 31, 9 Feb 1571/1572.
      Will of William RUCKE, of Boughton-under-Blean, Kent, 30 May 1567

    4. [S36] Parish Register, England, Kent: Church of England, Canterbury Cathedral Archives, (U.S.A., Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah), LDS Film #1836199, Boughton-under-Blean, 27 Nov 1570.


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