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Kent Online Parish Clerks

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Volunteer Form

Thank you for considering to become an Online Parish Clerk for the Kent OPC project.  Your work will help many family historians who, but for your contribution, may not have easy access to the records they need for their research.

By submitting this form you are acknowleding that you have read, agree with and will abide by the information and conditions set out on the Volunteer page.

About You:

Your Name

Name of Parish for which you wish to volunteer. (Please submit a new form for each separate parish, up to a maximum of 3 per week.)

What is your usual email address?  Please enter your usual email address through which I may contact you.  This is not necessarily the email you would use for look-up requests.


For what activities do you wish to volunteer?  If you select Parish OPC, further information will be taken from you further down in this form.

  Parish OPC
  Transcripts only
  Lookups only


Do you have any existing web page(s) containing information for this parish?
If so, what is the URL for that page(s)?


Do you wish to continue to maintain your own independent OPC parish web pages?
Yes       No  


On your own independent web pages are the links to your transcripts clearly defined on your home page?
Yes       No  

If the answer to this question is yes, then we will build links from the Kent OPC parish page to your homepage.
Otherwise, we will build links from the Kent OPC parish page to the individual pages containing your transcripts.


If you do not already have an independent web page, do you wish to build your own independent
OPC parish web pages or submit your transcripts to the Kent OPC project web pages?

Build independent web pages       Submit to Kent OPC project web pages  


Are you willing to accept lookup requests?  Please check all that apply to your situation.

  On the OPC Forum page for your parish - Yes
  By Email
  By regular post
  I will not take lookup requests

We will be encouraging our OPCs to use the new Forum to field lookup requests in order to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible for our OPCs and for our readers.

What email address would you like to use for lookup requests?  If you have a web-based email address that you would like to use for emailed lookup requests, please enter it here.  Having a web-based email address separate from your usual address will help prevent you receiving OPC requests from our visitors on your regular email address and hopefully keep you private inbox clutter free.


Your available information and transcripts:


In what format will you be providing your transcripts?

  csv file
  plain text file
  Excel spreadsheet (97/2000/2003/2007)
  Access database (97/2000)

We are able to process your transcripts in any of the four forms noted.  However, for quicker upload to the OPC parish pages, transcripts submitted in plain text file or Excel formats are best.  Please note the Excel program version numbers and save your work as one of those versions before submitting it to us.


Please first choose if you will be submitting census data as a transcript or using it for lookups only.  Then, choose all years that you have available to you for that purpose.

  No census available
  To submit as transcripts
  For lookups only

Please specify date(s) of other census returns you have available, here.   

Church Registers

Please check all formats that you have available.  Please note that due to copyright restrictions we are not able to accept any transcripts, extracts, abstracts from or permit any lookup requests to be completed using commercially published material.  If this is the only format of church registers that you have available, I am sorry to advise that we will not be able to use your resources for transcript submission or lookup requests.   I have none (see additional questions below)
  Original Parish Registers
  Original Archdeacon's Transcripts
  Original Bishop's Transcripts
  Microformat of original Parish Registers
  Microformat of original Archdeacon's Transcripts
  Microformat of original Bishop's Transcripts
  Commercially transcribed Parish Registers
  Commercially transcribed original Archdeacon's Transcripts
  Commercially transcribed Bishop's Transcripts

Years covered in the registers:

Please set out here what years and events are available from your registers.  Please distinguish between registers from which you will do lookups and from which you will submit transcripts, i.e. you may have marriages that you can provide brief transcripts for - name, date, marital status, and marriages that you may wish to provide additional information from, such as names of fathers and witnesses.

Other documents, records, transcripts:

Please check all of the following boxes that apply.  If you have no other documentation available for lookups or transcription work please select "No, I do not have other documents, records or transcripts".

  No, I do not have other documents, records or transcripts
  Churchwarden's Accounts
  Overseer's Accounts
  Parish Map
  Parish History
  Settlement/Removal Records
  Bastardy Examinations
  Apprenticeship Records
  Vestry Minutes
  Protestation Returns
  Association Oaths
  Hearth Tax Returns
  Church Incumbents
  History of Residents
  History of Houses/Farms
  History of Public Buildings
  Memorial Inscriptions
  Quarter Sessions
  Transportation Records
  Passenger Lists
  Workhouse Documents

Additional description of above documents:

Please describe in further detail the items that you checked and whether these documents are strictly to be used for lookup purposes or to be transcribed and submitted to the OPC parish pages.

Other OPC volunteer activities:

Please select all that apply to your situation.  It is not necessary to take on more responsibility for a parish other than those duties that you initially stated in the top of this form, i.e. lookups and transcripts.  But, if I have a clearer idea of what else you would be prepared to do concerning your OPC parish I can better direct our reader's queries.  Of course, you are always free to add more responsibilities to your line-up from time to time based upon your own personal availability and desires.

  Answer lookup requests submitted to the general forum boards
  Transcribe hand-written data
  Transcribe digital images of original records
  Transcribe audio-recorded data
  Index a book
  Index a chapter of a book
  Take digital photographs at your locale for OPC readers
  None of these at this time

Additional information concerning your chosen parish(es):

Lastly, would you be good enough to recommend up to 5 local businesses that you think would be of benefit should a foreign visitor wish to make a trip to your parish(es).  For example, a good restaurant, a good bed and breakfast or hotel, an antique store, an antiquarian's store or used book shop, a good tourist destination such as a local visitors' centre or wildlife refuge, car hire agency, an estate agent who deals in short-term rentals and so on.

By submitting this form you are acknowledging that you have read, agree with and will abide by the information and conditions set out on Volunteer page.