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Transcribed by P. J. Stuart, Source:  RG9/528

None Recorded, fol. 4, p. 1 PARKISS George Head Marr 50 Ag Lab Rodmersham
  PARKISS Ann Wife Marr 45   Borden
  PARKISS Ann Daughter Unmarr 10   Rodmersham
  PARKISS Horace Son Unmarr 9   Rodmersham
  PARKISS Mary Daughter Unmarr 6   Bapchild
  PARKISS Charlotte Daughter Unmarr 4   Bapchild
Do ROSE Thomas Head Marr 31   Lynsted
  ROSE Maria Wife Marr 23   Milton
Do HAYWARD Anna Head Widow 60 Ag Lab (formerly) Puckley
  HAYWARD William Son Unmarr 24 Brick Maker Bapchild
  HAYWARD James Son Unmarr 18 Ag Lab Milton
Little Dully KITE William Head Marr 40 Ag Lab Bapchild
  KITE Ellen Wife Marr 30   Milton
  KITE Margaret Daughter Unmarr 8   Bapchild
  KITE Hezekiah Son Unmarr 7   Bapchild
  KITE William Son Unmarr 4   Bapchild
  KITE Frederick Father Widower 72   Murston
Do NICHOLS James Head Marr 35 Ag Lab Tonge
  NICHOLS Fanny Wife Marr 26 Scholar Doddington
  NICHOLS Philip Son Unmarr 9 Scholar Bapchild
  NICHOLS Esther Daughter Unmarr 7 Scholar Bapchild
  NICHOLS Elizabeth Daughter Unmarr 4 Scholar Rodmersham
  NICHOLS Fanny Daughter Unmarr 2   Faversham
  NICHOLS Clara Daughter Unmarr 4 m   Bapchild
Do, fol. 4, p. 2 KEMP William Head Marr 62 Ag Lab Rodmersham
  KEMP Mary A Wife Marr 57   Sheerness
  ASH? Henry Lodger Ummarr 27 Ag Lab Lynsted
Wood Street ATKINS James Head Marr 41 Ag Lab Ireland
  ATKINS Hannah Wife Marr 43   Bridge
  ATKINS Edward Son Unmarr 6   Bapchild
  ATKINS Elizabeth Daughter Unmarr 4   Bapchild
Do CLARK Elizabeth Servant Widow 59 Cook London Cripplegate
  COLLINS Emma Servant Unmarr 17 House Maid Cuxton
Do BAKER Thomas Head Marr 34 Ag Lab Lynsted
  BAKER Dinah Wife Marr 33   Eastling
Dulley HEAD William Head Marr 41 Ag Lab Bredgar
  HEAD Sarah A Wife Marr 33   Lynsted
  HEAD Sarah A Daughter Unmarr 15   Tonge
  HEAD Frances Daughter Unmarr 6 Scholar Bapchild
Do AKHURST John Head Marr 35 Ag Lab Lynsted
  AKHURST Eliza Wife Marr 35   Murston
  AKHURST Margaret Daughter Unmarr 7 Scolar Rodmersham
  HAMPTON Thomas Lodger Wid 58 Ag Lab Tonge
Pet Wood HOPPER Richard Head Marr 61 Ag Lab Bapchild
  HOPPER Mary Wife Marr 45   Murston
  LUCKET Amy Dau Unmarr 21 Dress Maker Newington
Kingsdown Road STEPHEN Martha Head Wid 36   Tonge
  FORSTER Susan Aunt Unmarr 72   Tonge
  HOPE Mary Ann Cousin Unmarr 26   Newnham
Do, fol. 5, p. 3 STEVENS John Head Unmarr 82 Maltster Henley on Thames
  ROSE Ellen Servant Wid 58 Servant Milsted
Not Recorded CROFT John F Head Marr 32 Annuaint Middx Marylebone
  CROFT Emma Wife Marr 25   Portugal British Subject
  CROFT John R Son Unmarr 4   Cliffe
  CROFT Elizabeth G Daughter Unmarr 2   Scotland
  CROFT Frederick H Son Unmarr 1   Bapchild
  OWLER Maria R Servant Unmarr 29 Nurse Suffolk L?
  FOSTER Jesse Servant Unmarr 22 Footman Newnham
  OWEN Harriet Servant Unmarr 19 Housemaid Berks Henley
  HERD Margaret Servant Unmarr 26 Cook Norfolk New Fakenham
  SHENDEN Ann Servant Unmarr 30 Housemaid Bearstead
Radfield ARTHUR Jesse Cook Unmarr 59 Cook Hants Andover
  CRANFORD Georggina Servant Unmarr 25 Housemaid Headcorn
Do JARRETT John Head Marr 46 Ag Lab Leysdown
  JARRETT Emily Wife Marr 43   Sittingbourne
  JARRETT James Son Unmarr 10 Scholar Bapchild
  JARRETT Charles Son Unmarr 8 Scholar Bapchild
  JARRETT Jesse Son Unmarr 6 Scholar Bapchild
  JARRETT Emily Daughter Unmarr 5 Scholar Bapchild
  JARRETT Alfred Son Unmarr 2   Bapchild
  JARRETT Sarah A Daughter Unmarr 1   Bapchild
  JARRETT John Father Widower 77 Ag Lab Bapchild
Do MOOR John Head Marr 64 Ag Lab Tonge
  MOOR Liddia Wife Marr 65   Ebony
Do, fol. 5, p. 4 JARRETT George Head Marr 69 Ag Lab Rodmersham
  JARRETT Martha Wife Marr 67   Rodmersham
Do BENTLEY William Head Widower 67 Ag Lab Charring
  BENTLEY Mercy Daughter Unmarr 25 School Mistress Burfield
Do CLARK James Head Marr 65 Ag Lab Lynsted
  CLARK Susan Wife Marr 63   Sittingbourne
Radfield House BURROWS Thomas Head Marr 55 Farm Baliff Charing
  BURROWS Sarah Wife Marr 50   Lancashire ?
  BURROWS Thomas Son Unmarr 17 Child Bapchild
  BURROWS Ann N Daughter Unmarr 15   Bapchild
  BURROWS Edwin Son Unmarr 14 Pupil Teacher C?
  HOUGHTON Frances Servant Unmarr 15 Servant Luddenham
  GIDEON William Servant Unmarr 27 Carter Borden
  JARRETT William Servant Unmarr 22 Carter Lynsted
  FISHER William Servant Unmarr 21 Carter Tonge
  HILLS William Servant Unmarr 17 Carter Rodmersham
London Road COLLINS Benjamin Head Marr 48 Ag Lab Custon
  COLLINS Charlotte Wife Marr 41   T cliffe?
  COLLINS George Son Unmarr 15 Blacksmith Custon
  COLLINS Benjamin Son Unmarr 13 Ag Lab Bapchild
  COLLINS William Son Unmarr 11 Ag Lab Bapchild
  COLLINS Thomas Son Unmarr 9 Scholar Bapchild
  COLLINS Ellen Daughter Unmarr 7 Scholar Bapchild
  COLLINS Mary Daughter Unmarr 5 Scholar Bapchild
  COLLINS Charles Son Unmarr 4   Bapchild
fol. 6, p. 5 commences COLLINS Sarah A Daughter Unmarr 1   Bapchild
Reed House, fol. 6, p. 5 BROWN Benjamin Widower Marr 46 Brickfield Lab/ Brick Maker Hollingbourne
  BROWN George Son Unmarr 20 Brickfield Lab/ Brick Maker Sittingbourne
  BROWN Ann Daughter Unmarr 14 Housekeeper Sittingbourne
  BROWN Jane Daughter Unmarr 12 Scholar Sittingbourne
  BROWN Eliza Daughter Unmarr 10 Scholar Sittingbourne
  BROWN Benjamin Son Unmarr 7 Scholar Sittingbourne
  BROWN Edward Son Unmarr 3   Bapchild
  BROWN Frederick Son Unmarr 1   Bapchild
Non Recorded WOOD James Head Marr 39 Ag Lab Throwley
  WOOD Elizabeth Wife Marr 41   Moldash
  WOOD George Son Unmarr 13 Ag Lab Throwley
  WOOD Danniel Son Unmarr 11 Ag Lab Throwley
  WOOD Ann Daughter Unmarr 9 Scholar Preston
  WOOD Mary A Daughter Unmarr 7 Scholar Preston
  WOOD Frances Daughter Unmarr 4 Scholar Preston
Morris Court SAMSOM John Head Marr 42 Farm Bailiff Sheldwich
  SAMSOM Ann Wife Marr 40   Selling
  SAMSOM Arthur Son Unmarr 5   Canterbury
  SPICE Emma Servant Unmarr 15 House Servant Bapchild
  SAGE Richard Servant Unmarr 25 Carter Rodmersham
  CHAMPS John Servant Unmarr 23 Carter Lynsted
  JARRETT Elias Servant Unmarr 19 Carter Bapchild
  FURASS John Servant Unmarr 20 Carter Lynsted
  SPICE Raymond Servant Unmarr 17 Carter Bapchild
fol. 6, p. 6 commences SELLING Daniel Servant Unmarr 15 Carter Milsted
Vicarage, fol. 6, p. 6 BUCKNOR John Head Marr 52 Vicar ?
  BUCKNOR Eliza Wife Marr 53   London Park Lane
  BUCKNOR Annie A Daughter Unmarr 18   Sussex ?
  GARDENER Ellinor Cousin Unmarr 35   Eltham
  MOORE Sophy? Servant Unmarr 15 Housemaid Bapchild
  JENNER Charlotte Servant Unmarr 60 Cook Rochester
  PRYMER Mary Servant Unmarr 39 Ladies Maid Wilts ?
  YOUNGE Eliza Servant Unmarr 19 Housemaid Herts Bushey
  KEEL Fanny Servant Unmarr 19 Workwoman Sittingbourne
School House TOPLEGE Nicholas Head Marr 25 Certified Schoolmaster Rochester
  TOPLEGE Elizabeth Wife Marr 28   Sussex North?
  TOPLEGE Elizabeth B Daughter Unmarr 2   Bapchild
  BURGE Mary Sister in Law Unmarr 13 Scholar Sussex North?
Not Recorded BARNEY Edward Head Marr 31 Gardner Lynsted
  BARNEY Mary Ann Wife Marr 35   Lynsted
Not Recorded MOSS John Head Marr 42 Ag Lab and Parish Clerk Hartlip
  MOSS Jane Wife Marr 38   Borden
  MOSS George Son Unmarr 14 Ag Lab Bapchild
  MOSS William Son Unmarr 11 Ag Lab Bapchild
  MOSS James Son Unmarr 9 Page Bapchild
Bapchild Court GASCOYNE William Head Marr 71 Farmer 355 Acres 25 Men 5 Boys Bapchild
  GASCOYNE Sarah Wife Marr 60   Teynham
  GASCOYNE Helen Daughter Unmarr 29   Bapchild
  GASCOYNE George B Son Unmarr 27 Grazier 240 Acres 2 Men Bapchild
fol. 7, p. 7 commences OXLEY John Servant Unmarr 35 Groom Sussex Heathfield
  WOOD Elizabeth Servant Unmarr 38 Cook Headcorn
  ATHERWAY Elizabeth Servant Unmarr 23 Housemaid Selling
  BROOKS Mary Servant Unmarr 17 Housemaid Suffolk Browning
Not Recorded, fol. 7, p. 7 HIGGINS Jesse Head Marr 30 Ag Lab Teynham
  HIGGINS Frances Wife Marr 27   Teynham
  HIGGINS William Son Unmarr 6   Frittenden
  HIGGINS George Son Unmarr 3   Headcorn
  HIGGINS William H Boarder Unmarr 32 Ag Lab Milsted
  HIGH George Boarder Unmarr 16 Ag Lab Frittenden
  FOWLE Henry Head Marr 25 Ag Lab Stone
  FOWLE Sarah Wife Marr 37 Ag Lab wife Broughton
  FOSTER Charles Son in Law Unmarr 14 Ag Lab Graveney
  FOSTER Eliza Dau in Law Unmarr 12 Scholar Graveney
  FOSTER John Son in Law Unmarr 9 Scholar Goodnestone
  FOWLE Henry N Son Unmarr 2   Graveney
  PAYNE John Head Marr 25 Ag Lab Faversham
  PAYNE Mary A Wife Marr 21   Teynham
  HARRIS John Head Marr 50 Ag Lab Rodmersham
  HARRIS Susan Wife Marr 44   Kingsdown
  HARRIS Olliff Daughter Unmarr 22   Linsted
  HARRIS Albert Son Unmarr 4   Rodmersham
  HARRIS Emily Daughter Unmarr 2   Rodmersham
  BISHOPS John Lodger Unmarr 26 Ag Lab Bapchild
  SMITH Dianah Lodger Unmarr 12   Bapchild
fol. 7, p. 8 commences CHEESMAN William Head Marr 58 Ag Lab Sittingbourne
  CHEESMAN Ann Wife Marr 66   Frinsted
  HILLS Joseph Lodger Unmarr 46 Brickfield Lab/ Brickmaker Frinsted
  NORRIS George Head Wid 70 Ag Lab Rodmersham
  CLARK Sarah Servant Wid 60 Domestic Sittingbourne
Beggars Manor TURNER Isaac Head Marr 35 Brickmaker Gravesend
  TURNER Emily Wife Marr 27   Lynsted
  TURNER Sarah Daughter   5   Faversham
Beggars Manor LIDDEW Walter Head Marr 24 Ag Lab Sittingbourne
  LIDDEW Harriet Wife Marr 26   Tonge
  SMITH William Head Marr 42 Ag Lab Sheldwich
  SMITH Mary A Wife Marr 37   Middlesex Hackney
  SMITH George Son Unmarr 13 Ag Lab Surrey Rotherhithe
  SMITH George Uncle Wid 64 Ag Lab Chilham
  PILCHER Stephen Head Marr 32 Ag Lab Elmstead
  PILCHER Alice Wife Marr 28   Doddington
  PILCHER George Son Unmarr 13 Scholar Doddington
  DUN? George Lodger Unmarr 20 Ag Lab Frittenden
Pond House HILLS William Head Marr 24 Ag Lab Bobbing
  HILLS Frances Wife Marr 32   Newnham
  HILLS Jennett Daughter Unmarr 6 Scholar Bapchild
  HILLS Ellen Daughter Unmarr 1   Bapchild
  HILLS Frances Mother Wid 67   Borden
  HILLS John Brother Wid 47 Ag Lab Newington
Pond House, fol. 8, p. 9 HILLS Edward Head Marr 36 Coal Carter Bobbing
  HILLS Margaret Wife Marr 32   Newnham
  HILLS Emma Daughter Unmarr 8 Scholar Bapchild
  HILLS Esther Daughter Unmarr 4 Scholar Bapchild
  HILLS Edward J Son Unmarr 2   Bapchild
  HILLS Annie E Daughter Unmarr 1 Month   Bapchild
Pond House WELLER Samuel Head Marr 42 Lab on London Road Tonge
  WELLER Frances Wife Marr 49   Milton
Home Farm SPICE Thomas Head Marr 49 Ag Lab Bapchild
  SPICE Maria Wife Marr 47   Goodnestone
  SPICE Stephen Son Unmarr 22 Ag Lab Bapchild
  SPICE William Son Unmarr 16 Ag Lab Bapchild
  SPICE Clifford Son Unmarr 12 Ag Lab Bapchild
  SPICE Jane Daughter Unmarr 8 Scholar Bapchild
  SPICE Walter Son Unmarr 6 Scholar Bapchild
  SPICE Amos Son Unmarr 3   Bapchild
Home Farm SPICE Edward Head Marr 45 Ag Lab Bapchild
  SPICE Sarah Wife Marr 46   Bapchild
  SPICE Elizabeth Daughter Unmarr 19   Bapchild
  SPICE Esther Daughter Unmarr 11 Scholar Bapchild
  SPICE George Son Unmarr 9 Scholar Bapchild
  SPICE Frank Son Unmarr 3   Bapchild
  SPICE William Son Unmarr ? Months   Bapchild
Public House, fol. 8, p. 10 LANGTON John Head Marr 41 Inn Keeper Rodmersham
Fox and Goose LANGTON Elizabeth Wife Marr 41   London ? Axe
  LANGTON Harriet Daughter Unmarr 8 Scholar Rodmersham
  LANGTON Louise Daughter Unmarr 6   Rodmersham
  LANGTON Elizabeth Daughter Unmarr 4   Rodmersham
  LANGTON Matthew Son Unmarr 2   Rodmersham
  LANGTON William J Son Unmarr ? Months   Bapchild
  TERRY Amy Servant Unmarr 21 House Servant Rodmersham
  WATERS John N D Nephew Unmarr 17 Gardener Surrey Thames Ditton
  HENMAN William Boarder Unmarr 27 Ag Lab Sussex Waldern?
Bapchild Street CROUCHER George Head Marr 39 Police Constable and Chelsea Pennsioner Crundale
  CROUCHER Maria Wife Marr 30   Dev Plymouth
  CROUCHER Edward Son Unmarr 2   Malta British Subject
Bapchild Street BARTLETT John Head Marr 47 Brickfield Labourer Lynsted
  BARTLETT Harriet Wife Marr 42   Wormshill
  BARTLETT George Son Unmarr 17 Brickfield Labourer Teynham
  BARTLETT Martha Daughter Unmarr 15 Scholar Tonge
  BARTLETT Elizabeth Daughter Unmarr 11 Scholar Murston
  BARTLETT Sarah Ann Daughter Unmarr 9 Scholar Elmney
  BARTLETT Walter Son Unmarr 7 Scholar Elmney
  BARTLETT Emma Daughter Unmarr 5   Murston
  BARTLETT Robert Son Unmarr 2   Bapchild
Bapchild Street LITTLE James Head Marr 70 Ag Lab Sittingbourne
  LITTLE Sarah Wife Marr 65 (Deaf) Murston
  LITTLE Alfred Son Unmar 27 Ag Lab Murston
fol. 9, p. 11 commences AUSTIN Elizabeth Mother in Law Wid 92 Ag Lab Widow Bobbing
Bapchild Street, fol. 9, p. 11 REEVES Henry Head Marr 35 Grocer Bapchild
  REEVES Sarah Wife Marr 34   Murston
  REEVES Henry Son Unmarr 7 Scholar Bapchild
  REEVES John Son Unmarr 6 Scholar Bapchild
  TAYLOR William Shopman Unmarr 22 Assistant Eastchurch
Bapchild Street MATTHEWS Daniel Head Marr 60 Ag Lab Rodmersham
  MATTHEWS Martha Wife Marr 54   Milton
  MATTHEWS George Son Unmarr 11 Ag Lab Bapchild
  MATTHEWS Alfred Son Unmarr 9 Ag Lab Bapchild
Bapchild Street SELLEN Stephen Head Marr 27 Ag Lab Milsted
  SELLEN Charlotte Wife Marr 20   Rodmersham
  SELLEN Stephen F Son Unmarr 2   Bapchild
  SMITH John Lodger Unmarr 31 Brickmaker Lynsted
Bapchild Street GEORGE Thomas Head Marr 35 Smith Ospringe
  GEORGE Charlotte Wife Marr 34   Newnham
  GEORGE Alfred Son Unmarr 11 Scholar Ospringe
  GEORGE Charlotte Daughter Unmarr 5 Scholar Bapchild
  GEORGE Harriett Daughter Unmarr 3   Bapchild
  GEORGE Thomas Son Unmarr Under 1 month   Bapchild
Bapchild Street SPICE James Head Marr 45 Ag Lab Lynsted
  SPICE Caroline Wife Marr 35   Ashford
  SPICE Ellen Daughter Unmarr 17   Bapchild
  SPICE Mary Daughter Unmarr 17   Bapchild
  SPICE F? Son Unmarr 5   Bapchild
fol. 9, p. 12 commences WHITMAN Charles Visitor Unmarr 2   Faversham
  SPICE William Grand Father Wid 75 Ag Lab Lynsted
Bapchild Street, fol. 9, p. 12 SHILLING James Head Marr 37 Brickmaker Lenham
  SHILLING Mary Wife Marr 35   Rodmersham
  SHILLING Margaret Daughter Unmarr 17   Milsted
  SHILLING James Son Unmarr 12 Ag Lab Bapchild
  SHILLING Edward Son Unmarr 9 Ag Lab Bapchild
  SHILLING Alfred Son Unmarr 6 Scholar Bapchild
Bapchild Street ELAY? Allen Head Wid ?? Nurse Lenham
Bapchild Street HOPPER William Head Marr 55 Ag Lab Teynham
  HOPPER Elizabeth Wife Marr 45   Cobham
  HOPPER James Son Unmarr 25 Brickmaker Bapchild
  HOPPER Hannah Daughter Unmarr 18   Bapchild
  HOPPER Elizabeth Daughter Unmarr 12   Bapchild
  HOPPER Richard Son Unmarr 7   Bapchild
  HOPPER Sarah Daughter Unmarr 5   Bapchild
Bapchild Street FREND Hannah Head Wid 79 Ag Lab Widow Otham
  FREND Jessy Son Marr 37 Brickfield Lab Bapchild
  FREND Eliza Daughter Unmarr 9 Scholar Rodmersham
  FREND Edward Son Unmarr 5   Murston
Bapchild Street SLOAN John Head Marr 44 Butcher Milsted
  SLOAN Elizabeth Wife Marr 42   Milsted
  SLOAN John N Son Unmarr 6 Scholar Bapchild
  SLOAN Elizabeth Daughter Unmarr 5 Scholar Bapchild
  SLOAN William J Son Unmarr ?   Bapchild
fol. 10, p. 13 commences GRANT Henry Servant Unmarr 16 Butcher Tonge
  BAYLES Harriet Niece? Unmarr 13 Milkmaid Sittingbourne
Bapchild Street, fol. 10, p. 13 DUNK James D Head Marr 39 Baker Luddenham
  DUNK Elizabeth A Wife Marr 29   Ospringe
  DUNK Frances M Daughter Unmarr 9 Scholar Bapchild
  DUNK Herbert M Son Unmarr 4   Bapchild
  WILLS Matilda Visitor Unmarr 11   Moldash
Bapchild Street ARNOLD William Head Marr 40 Ag Lab Sturrey
  ARNOLD Sue? Wife Marr 50   Berks Aldermaston
Bapchild Street TURNER Ann M Head Wid 57 Laundress Essex Waltham
  TURNER Sarah A Daughter Unmarr 19 Dressmaker Bapchild
  TURNER Samuel Son Unmarr 23 Brickfield Bapchild
Bapchild Street JARRETT William Head Marr 32 Ag Lab Rodmersham
  JARRETT Eliza Wife Marr 33   Headcorn?
Bapchild Street SHARP Richard Head Marr 27 Thatcher Rodmersham
  SHARP Emma Wife Marr 27   Bapchild
  SHARP William E Son Unmarr 3   Tonge
Bapchild Street GILBERT Philip Head Marr 41 Ag Lab Doddington
  GILBERT Elizabeth Wife Marr 35   Lynsted
  GILBERT Ann Daughter Unmarr 14   Lynsted
  GILBERT Emma Daughter Unmarr 10 Scholar Teynham
  GILBERT Lucy Daughter Unmarr 6 Scholar Lynsted
  GILBERT George Son Unmarr 4 Scholar Lynsted
  GILBERT Emily Daughter Unmarr 2   Bapchild
Bapchild Street, fol. 10, p. 14 BUTLER John Head Marr 32 Wheelwright Eastry
  BUTLER Rosa D Wife Marr 35   Deal
  BUTLER Rosa E Daughter Unmarr 7 Scholar Teynham
  BUTLER Eliza E Daughter Unmarr 4   Teynham
  BUTLER Frederick J Son Unmarr 2   Bapchild
Bapchild Street JARRETT Jesse Head Marr 44 Brickmaker Tonge
  JARRETT Mildred Wife Marr 43   Teynham
  JARRETT Thomas Son Unmarr 20 Brickmaker Sittingbourne
  JARRETT Emma Daughter Unmarr 14 Scholar Tonge
  JARRETT Jesse Son Unmarr 9 Scholar Bapchild
  JARRETT Eliza Daughter Unmarr 5 Scholar Bapchild
Bapchild Street CORDLEY Thomas Head Marr 48 Brickmaker Bapchild
  CORDLEY Sarah Wife Marr 39   Ashford
  CORDLEY Alexander Son Unmarr 3   Bapchild
  CORDLEY Charles Son Unmarr ?? Months   Bapchild
Bapchild Street HUNT William Head Marr 31 Brickmaker Bapchild
  HUNT Esther Wife Marr 30   Sittingbourne
  HUNT Ellenor Daughter Unmarr 7 Scholar Bapchild
  HUNT William Son Unmarr 2   Bapchild
Bapchild Street CARMAN William Servant Unmarr 17 Baker Sittingbourne
Bapchild Street HUNT Danill? Head Marr 22 Brickmaker Bapchild
  HUNT Sarah A Wife Marr 19   Teynham
Bapchild Street STEDMAN? Henry Head Marr 52 Brickmaker Ashford
  STEDMAN? Jane Wife Marr 48   Maidstone
  STEDMAN? George Son Unmarr 17 Brickfield Lab Kingsdown
fol. 11, p. 15 commences STEDMAN? Ellen Daughter Unmarr 12 Scholar Kingsdown
  STEDMAN? Edward Son Unmarr 9 Scholar Kingsdown
  STEDMAN? Arthur Son Unmarr 6   Kingsdown
  STEDMAN? William Son Unmarr 4   Kingsdown
Bapchild Street, fol. 11, p. 15 FERRER Thomas Head Marr 62 Ag Lab Kingsdown
  FERRER Mary Wife Marr 62   Sittingbourne
  FERRER Emma Grand Daughter Unmarr 10 Scholar F bury?
Bapchild Street CORDLEY Esther Head Wid 80 Ag Lab Widow Ospringe
Bapchild Street LITTLE William Head Marr 35 Ag Lab Murston
  LITTLE Mary Wife Marr 29   Bapchild
  LITTLE Sarah Daughter Unmarr 8 Scholar Tonge
  LITTLE James Son Unmarr 5 Scholar Bapchild
Bapchild Street COMER John Head Unmarr 28 Boot and Shoe Maker Norfolk ?
  COMER Phebe Sister Unmarr 21 Dress Maker Norfolk ?
Bapchild Street HUNT James Head Marr 64 Ag Lab (Deaf) Meopham
  HUNT Ann Wife Marr 58   Sittingbourne
  HUNT Henry Son Unmarr 20 Ag Lab Bapchild
Bapchild Street MOORE John Head Marr 62 Ag Lab Tonge
  MOORE Elizabeth Wife Marr 59   Frinsted
  MOORE Edward Son Unmarr 22 ??? Tonge
Bapchild Street BROWN Matilda Grand Daughter Unmarr 12 Scholar Sittingbourne
Bapchild Street WRAIGHT Stephen Head Marr 27 Ag Lab Stalisfield
  WRAIGHT Mary Wife Marr 21   Bapchild
  WRAIGHT Stephen Son Unmarr 3 or 4   Bapchild
Bapchild Street, fol. 11, p. 16 MATTHEWS James Head Marr 23 Brickmaker Murston
  MATTHEWS Elizabeth Wife Marr 24   Hartlip
  MATTHEWS Sarah E Daughter Unmarr ?? Months   Bapchild
Bapchild Street HOSTER James Head Marr 29 Brickmaker Murston
  HOSTER Emma Wife Marr 24   Newnham
  HOSTER Mary Daughter Unmarr 2    
  HOSTER Emma Daughter Unmarr ?? Months   Bapchild
Bapchild Street MORRE Thomas Head Marr 25 Ag Lab Tonge
  MORRE Sarah E Wife Marr 21   Minster
  MORRE George Son   1   Minster
Bapchild Street ?? Martha Head Wid 74 Ag Lab Widow Rodmersham
  ?? John Son Unmarr 34 Ag Lab Murston
  ?? George Son Unmarr 32 Ag Lab Murston
Bapchild Street ANDERSON Ann Head Wid 57 Ag Lab Widow Teynham
  ANDERSON George Son Unmarr 22 Brickmaker Bapchild
  ANDERSON William Son Unmarr 19 Brickmaker Bapchild
Bapchild Street HADLOW George Head Wid 68 Carpenter Not Known
  BIGGS Mrs Servant Unmarr 40 Housekeeper Not Known
Little Dully BAKER Joseph Head Wid 65 Ag Lab Maidstone

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