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Transcribed by Dorothy Holden

A note from Dorothy:

All born Kent unless otherwise stated.  Please note that although I try to be as accurate as I can when transcribing errors do happen so I advise consulting the original records if in doubt!

Langdon Abbey COLEMAN Richard Head unmarried 59 Farmer of 550 acres employing 17 men 8 boys Dover
  GOLDSACK Susannah Housekeeper unmarried 43 Housekeeper Napchester
  HOPPER Ann servant unmarried 18 House servant Martin
  GOLDSACK John servant unmarried 16 House boy West Langdon
  JONES James servant unmarried 17 Carter Whitfield
  HOPPER George servant unmarried 17 Carter East Langdon
  MORRIS Henry servant unmarried 17 Carter East Langdon
  CASTLE Joseph servant unmarried 17 Carter West Langdon
Langdon Abbey Cottages CASTLE George Head married 57 Agricultural Labourer Northbourne
  CASTLE Lucy wife married 54   West Langdon
  CASTLE William son unmarried 13 Agricultural Labourer West Langdon
  CASTLE George son unmarried 11 Scholar West Langdon
  CASTLE Charles son unmarried 8 Scholar West Langdon
  FRIEND James Head married 43 Agricultural Labourer Alkham
  FRIEND Sarah wife married 45   West Langdon
  FRIEND Mary mother widow 69   Alkham
  FRIEND Benjamin Visitor unmarried 37 Sailor Alkham
  HOPPER Joseph Head married 45 Groom Whitfield
  HOPPER Ann wife married 41   Napchester
  HOPPER Henry son unmarried 8 Scholar West Langdon
  HOPPER Ann daughter unmarried 4   West Langdon
West Langdon GOLDSACK George Head married 26 Agricultural Labourer Napchester
  GOLDSACK Mary-Alice wife married 23   East Langdon
  GOLDSACK Alice daughter unmarried 3   East Langdon
  MORRIS Sarah Head widow 83 Gardeners widow Barfrestone
  MORRIS Stephen son unmarried 40 Imbecile West Langdon
  DIXON Charles-Youden Head married 29 Agricultural Labourer West Langdon
  DIXON Ann wife married 28   St Margarets
  DIXON Sarah-Ann daughter unmarried 5 Scholar West Langdon
  DIXON Mary-Jane daughter unmarried 3 Scholar West Langdon
  DIXON Charles-Youden son unmarried 1   West Langdon
  GOLDSACK George Head married 58 Agricultural Labourer St Margarets
  GOLDSACK Ann wife married 52   West Langdon
  GOLDSACK Peter son unmarried 24 Agricultural Labourer Napchester
  GOLDSACK Susan daughter unmarried 13   West Langdon
  GOLDSACK Jane daughter unmarried 11   West Langdon
  SOLLY George Head married 43 Occupier of Land Ash
  SOLLY Harriet wife married 43   Preston
  SOLLY George son unmarried 16 Agricultural Labourer Ash
  SOLLY Sarah daughter unmarried 11   Ash
  SOLLY John son unmarried 9   Ash
  SOLLY Harriet daughter unmarried 7   Ash
  SOLLY Albert son unmarried 5   Sutton
  SOLLY Walter son unmarried 4   Sutton
  SOLLY Rhoda-Ada daughter unmarried 1   West Langdon
  PILCHER Robert Head married 40 Agricultural Labourer Dover St James
  PILCHER Sarah-Ann wife married 33   East Langdon
  PILCHER Julia daughter unmarried 11 Scholar East Langdon
  PILCHER Emma daughter unmarried 8 Scholar East Langdon
  PILCHER Robert son unmarried 5 Scholar West Langdon
  PILCHER George son unmarried 3   West Langdon
  PILCHER Henry son unmarried 2 months   West Langdon
  BAILEY James Head widower 61 Farmer of 70 acres employs 1 man Eythorne
  BAILEY Hester daughter unmarried 28 Dressmaker Eythorne
  DRAKE Alice Servant   14 House servant Eythorne
  WILLIAMS Richard Servant unmarried 18 Carter Northbourne
  HOPPER Henry Servant unmarried 16 Carter France, British Subject
  DRAKE Henry Servant unmarried 11 Farm servant Eythorne
  GOLDSACK Stephen Head married 40 Shepherd West Langdon
  GOLDSACK Jane wife married 39   St Margarets
  GOLDSACK Stephen son unmarried 13 Shepherds boy West Langdon
  GOLDSACK Jane daughter unmarried 7 Scholar West Langdon
  MORRIS Sarah Head widow 63 no occupation East Langdon
  CHANDLER William Head married 62 Cordwainer West Langdon
  CHANDLER Eliz. wife married 58   Eythorne
  CHANDLER Sarah daughter unmarried 35   Northbourne
  CHANDLER Eliz. daughter unmarried 33   Northbourne
  CHAPMAN William Head married 32 Agricultural Labourer Guston
  CHAPMAN Eliz. wife married 30   Whitfield
  CHAPMAN William son unmarried 9 Scholar West Langdon
  CHAPMAN Emma daughter unmarried 1   West Langdon
  GOLDSACK Edward Lodger unmarried 42 Agricultural Labourer Sutton
  DIXON Samuel Head married 68 Agricultural Labourer Dover
  DIXON Marianne wife married 63   Waldershare
  DIXON Marianne daughter unmarried 21   West Langdon
  CASTLE Edwin-James Nursechild unmarried 4 months   Buckland
  MATCHAM Bathsheba Head widow 61   Paddlesworth
  MATCHAM Sarah daughter unmarried 27   West Langdon
  DIXON James Head married 46 Agricultural Labourer Martin
  DIXON Susannah wife married 42   Eastry
  ALLEN Richard Head married 77 Agricultural Labourer Coldred
  ALLEN Eliz. wife married 73   Tilmanstone
  LEMMING William Head widower 48 Agricultural Labourer Kingsdown
  LEMMING William son unmarried 21 Agricultural Labourer Northbourne
  LEMMING Eliza daughter unmarried 17 Housekeeper West Langdon
  LEMMING George son unmarried 15 Agricultural Labourer West Langdon
  LEMMING Marianne daughter unmarried 14 Scholar West Langdon
  LEMMING Henry son unmarried 12 Agricultural Labourer West Langdon
  LEMMING Eliz. daughter unmarried 9 Scholar West Langdon
  WOOD William Head married 39 Agricultural Labourer West Langdon
  WOOD Frances wife married 46   Deal
  WOOD Sarah-Eliz. daughter unmarried 7 Scholar West Langdon
  WOOD George son unmarried 3   West Langdon
  HOPPER Henry Head widower 55 Agricultural Labourer St Margarets
  CHAPMAN Charles son in law married 30 Agricultural Labourer Guston
  CHAPMAN Mary daughter married 24   Little Mongham
  GOLDSACK William Head widower 46 Agricultural Labourer Northbourne
  RIGDEN Jane Servant married 60 House keeper Cheriton
  RIGDEN Jane-Anne Servant's daughter unmarried 24 Servant out of place Hougham
  RIGDEN William Servant's son unmarried 12 Agricultural Labourer West Langdon
  FITALL Mary Head widow 57 Occupier of land Lyminge
  FITALL Eliz. daughter unmarried 28   West Langdon
  FITALL George son unmarried 26 Agricultural Labourer West Langdon
  HOPPER William Servant unmarried 17 Agricultural Labourer Little Mongham

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