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Transcribed by Dorothy Holden

A note from Dorothy:

Entire 1871 census for Guston, near Dover.  All persons are born in Kent unless otherwise noted.  Although I have taken care to transcribe as accurately as possible not all pages were clear and if anyone has any queries I would be happy to recheck for them.

Brickfield SPICES John Head unmarried 86? Or 36? Marine Store Dealer Guston
Brickfield Cottages SAYERS Charles Head married 31 Wheel wright Dover
  SAYERS Ann M wife married 32   Hythe
  SAYERS William C son unmarried 11 scholar Dover
  SAYERS Henry L son unmarried 5 scholar Dover
  SAYERS Ann E daughter unmarried 5m   Guston
  WRAIGHT James Head married 32 Agricultural labourer St Margarets
  WRAIGHT Sarah wife married 32   Guston
  WRAIGHT Mary daughter unmarried 9   Guston
  WRAIGHT Charles son unmarried 7   Guston
  WRAIGHT Belsey daughter unmarried 5   Guston
  WRAIGHT Elizabeth daughter unmarried 3   Guston
  WRAIGHT David son unmarried 11m   Guston
  DILNOTT Thomas Head married 43 Blacksmith Westwood
  DILNOTT Elizabeth wife married 38   St Margarets
  HOOD Eliza J stepdaughter unmarried 18 Domestic Servant St Margarets
  DILNOTT Harriett daughter unmarried 15   St Margarets
  DILNOTT Henry P son unmarried 13 Assistant in forge St Laurence
  DILNOTT Edward J son unmarried 12 Farm boy St Laurence
  DILNOTT William A son unmarried 7 scholar St Margarets
  DILNOTT Timothy son unmarried 5 scholar St Margarets
  DILNOTT Frances daughter unmarried 3   St Margarets
  DILNOTT Elizabeth H daughter unmarried 2   Guston
  DILNOTT Ann M daughter unmarried 7m   Guston
  HOOD Thomas Wife's father widower 68 Mariner Kingswould
Brickfield House POTTER George Head widower 65 Brickmaker Shepherdswell
  POTTER Edward son unmarried 31   Shepherdswell
  POTTER Adelaide daughter unmarried 30   Shepherdswell
  POTTER Walter son unmarried 22 School Master Ewell
  POTTER John son unmarried 20 School Master Ewell
  POTTER Louisa daughter unmarried 16   West Cliffe
  COLEMAN Thomas Wife's brother unmarried 66 formerly a Miller Godmersham
Brickfield Cottages cont'd AMOS John Head married 49 Millers Carter Brickfield
  AMOS Hannah wife married 42   East Langdon
  AMOS Henry son unmarried 24 Agricultural Labourer Guston
Mill House MUMMERY John Head married 43 Miller Eastry
  MUMMERY Mary wife married 45   Fordcome
  MUMMERY Anne M daughter unmarried 7 scholar Guston
  MUMMERY Ebenezer son unmarried 5 scholar Guston
  MUMMERY Frank son unmarried 4   Guston
Cherry Tree Hole SMITH William Head married 38 Agricultural labourer St Margarets
  SMITH Mary wife married 28   Guston
  SMITH Edwin son unmarried 5 scholar Guston
Cherry Hill Cottage BOOTH John Head married 33 Agricultural Labourer River
  BOOTH Sarah wife married 29   Guston
  BOOTH Emily daughter unmarried 8   Guston
  BOOTH Thomas son unmarried 6   Guston
  BOOTH Elizabeth daughter unmarried 4   Guston
  BUCKLAND Jane orphan unmarried 13   London, Middlesex
Crow Hill Cottages HOGBEN Henry Head widower 77 Agricultural Labourer Charlton, Dover
  FRIEND Maria daughter widow 21   Guston
  FRIEND Rose grand daughter unmarried 2   Guston
  FAGG William Head married 36 Agricultural Labourer Northbourne
  FAGG Jane wife married 47   East Langdon
  FAGG Alfred W son unmarried 10 Scholar Hougham
  FAGG Robert son unmarried 6   Scholar
  FAGG Charles H son unmarried 3   Crow Hill
Crow Hill House ROLFE William Head married 57 Agricultural Labourer Guston
  ROLFE Mary wife married 56   Guston
  MARSH Daniel son in law unmarried 25 Agricultural Labourer Hougham
  MARSH Charlotte daughter married 24   Guston
  GOLDSACK Mary Head widow 56 Charwoman Ewell
  YOUNG William Head married 50 Agricultural Labourer Denton
  YOUNG Mary wife married 44   Ringwould
  YOUNG Mary J daughter unmarried 11 Scholar Crow Hill
  YOUNG Eleanor daughter unmarried 9 Scholar Crow Hill
  YOUNG William son unmarried 4 Scholar Crow Hill
Crow Hill Cottages NASH John Head widower 49 Agricultural Labourer Guston
  NASH John son unmarried 13 Farm boy Guston
  NASH Maria daughter unmarried 11 Scholar Guston
  NASH Charles son unmarried 7 Scholar Guston
  SAVILLE Daniel Head married 30 Coal Heaver Barlow, Essex
  SAVILLE Amelia daughter unmarried 6 Scholar Guston
  SAVILLE Benjamin son unmarried 4 Scholar Guston
  SAVILLE Elgar son unmarried 2   Guston
  JOHNSON John Head married 61 Agricultural Labourer Hougham
  JOHNSON Susanna wife married 66   Leigh
  PEARCE Richard Head married 57 Agricultural Labourer Whitstable
  PEARCE Hannah wife married 52   Scarborough Yorkshire
  COLLARD John Head married 49 Agricultural Labourer St Margarets
  COLLARD Mary wife married 46   St Margarets
  COLLARD John son unmarried 23 Agricultural Labourer St Margarets
  COLLARD Mildred daughter unmarried 11   St Margarets
  COLLARD James son unmarried 10   St Margarets
  COLLARD Ellen daughter unmarried 6   St Margarets
  COLLARD George son unmarried 4   St Margarets
  COLLARD Emily daughter unmarried 2   Guston
Guston Lane SMITH Edward Head married 46 Agricultural Labourer St Margarets
  SMITH Ann wife married 46   Guston
  SMITH James son unmarried 14 Labourers Boy Guston
  SMITH Ann daughter unmarried 11 Scholar Guston
  BIRCH William Head married 41 Agricultural Labourer Martin
  BIRCH Margaret wife married 40   Guston
  HORN Thomas Head married 68 Agricultural Labourer Whitfield
  HORN Sarah wife married 54   Deal
  HORN Ellen daughter unmarried 9   Guston
  BAKER Laurence Head unmarried 64 Agricultural Labourer East Langdon
Guston UDEN John Head married 39 Agricultural Labourer East Langdon
  UDEN Mary wife married 35 Shopkeeper Grocer Canterbury
  UDEN Leopold son unmarried 10 Scholar Guston
  UDEN Albert son unmarried 8 Scholar Guston
  UDEN Edmund son unmarried 5 Scholar Guston
  UDEN Walter son unmarried 2   Guston
  UDEN Clarence son unmarried 1   Guston
  UDEN Margaret daughter unmarried 7m   Guston
Guston Village ( no numbers) POWELL William Head married 62 Agricultural labourer Northbourne
  POWELL Jemima wife married 65   Alkham
  CLARINGBOULD Richard Head widower 67 Agricultural labourer Shepherdswell
  SNELLER Annie daughter widow 38   Guston
  SNELLER John grandson unmarried 12   Guston
  SNELLER Annie grand daughter unmarried 7   Guston
  ASH William Head married 44 Agricultural labourer Guston
  ASH Sarah wife married 33   Ringwould
  KARLTON Thomas Head married 42 Agricultural labourer Chilenden
  KARLTON Jemima wife married 43   Guston
  KARLTON Thomas son unmarried 13   Guston
  KARLTON James son unmarried 2   Guston
  ASH Jemima mother in law widow 81 Annuitant Oath (Hoath?), Kent
  TRICE Thomas Head widower 70 Agricultural labourer Winsborough
  BAKER John Head married 42 Agricultural labourer Sindgledge
  BAKER Sarah wife married 44   Guston
  BAKER Sarah daughter unmarried 12   St Margarets
  BAKER John son unmarried 10   Guston
  BAKER Elizabeth daughter unmarried 1   Guston
Guston Court Farm EASTES William Head married 34 Farmer Guston Court Farm
  EASTES Eliza wife married 40   Westcliffe
  EASTES Florence daughter unmarried 5   Guston
  MARSH Elizabeth Aunt widow 77   Sandgate
  MARSH Elizabeth Servant unmarried 17 Cook St Margarets
  MARSH Jane Servant unmarried 15 Housemaid St Margarets
  MARSH Henry Servant unmarried 18 Farm Servant Guston
  YOUNG John Servant unmarried 30 Farm Servant Westcliffe
  POTTER George Servant unmarried 28 Farm Servant Shepherdswell
  UPTON James Servant unmarried 15 Farm Servant Guston
  POWELL James Servant unmarried 26 Farm Servant Guston
Guston Village WELLARD John Head married 50 Agricultural labourer St Margarets
  WELLARD Mary J wife married 36   St Margarets
  WELLARD Thomas J son unmarried 10   East Langdon
  WELLARD Elizabeth J daughter unmarried 8 Scholar East Langdon
  WELLARD Susan A daughter unmarried 3 Scholar Guston
  WELLARD Emma M daughter unmarried 11m   Guston
  JONES Joseph Head married 55 Agricultural labourer Whitfield
  JONES Alice wife married 52   Guston
  JONES William son unmarried 13   Guston
  JONES Frances daughter unmarried 9   Guston
  DIXON John Head married 56 Agricultural labourer Guston
  DIXON Margaret wife married 52   Guston
  DIXON Charles son unmarried 11   Guston
  DIXON Eleanor daughter unmarried 7   Guston
  SAWKINGE Richard Head widower 63 Agricultural labourer Eastry
  COWLEY Harriett sister widow 62   Eastry
  TAYLOR Emily niece unmarried 9   Elmstead
  MILLS William Head married 24 Agricultural labourer Whitfield
  MILLS Caroline wife married 26   Aldington
  MILLS Francis son unmarried 6m   Guston
  RATCLIFFE William Head married 77 Agricultural labourer East Langdon
  RATCLIFFE Mary wife married 75   Whitfield
  BRICE John Head unmarried 54 Farmer ------dale, Kent
  KIDDER Eliza relative unmarried 50 Housekeeper Unknown
The Plough FOX George Head widower 73 Publican Denton
Well Farm BRICE Samuel Head married 25 Farmer Waltham
  BRICE Mary wife married 22   Pelham
  BRICE William relative unmarried 18 no occupation given b  
Waltham WENCH Richard Servant unmarried 15 Farm Servant Hastenleigh
Well Farm ROGERS Thomas Head married 27 Agricultural labourer Waltham
  ROGERS Anne wife married 28   Waltham
  ROGERS James son unmarried 5m   Guston
Guston Village BRETT Ann Head widow 86 Annuitant Barham
  BRETT Landon son unmarried 42 Labourer Guston
  BRETT Adelaide grand daughter   14   Ringwould
The Chance PRESCOTT Mary Head widow 75 Publican St Margarets
  PRESCOTT Henry relative widower 70   St Margarets
  ROGERS Esther niece unmarried 17   Ringwould
Guston Village LOTT John Head married 43 Shepherd Ringwould
  LOTT Mary wife married 37   East Langdon
  LOTT William son unmarried 12   Guston
  LOTT Eliza daughter unmarried 10 Scholar Guston
  LOTT John son unmarried 7 Scholar Guston
  LOTT Louisa daughter unmarried 5 Scholar Guston
  LOTT Edward son unmarried 5 months Guston
  POWELL John Head married 34 Agricultural labourer Guston
  POWELL Alice wife married 29   Guston
  POWELL Elizabeth daughter unmarried 4 Scholar Guston
  POWELL William son unmarried 2   Guston
  POWELL James son unmarried 3m   Guston
  HOPPER Hannah Head widow 87   Eastry
  GOLDSACK Anne grand daughter unmarried 12   Whitfield
  MARSH John Head married 51 Agricultural labourer Guston
  MARSH Mary J wife married 51   Guston
  MARSH Mary J daughter unmarried 19   Guston no occupation given
  MARSH George J son unmarried 11   Guston
Frith Cottage WELLARD John Head married 37 Agricultural labourer Walmer
  WELLARD Elizabeth wife married 24   Ringwould
  WELLARD Elizabeth J daughter unmarried 3   Maxton
  WELLARD Harriet Hannah daughter unmarried 9m   Guston
Frith Cottage TUNBRIDGE Charles Head married 55 Milkman Littlebourne
  TUNBRIDGE Jane A wife married 54   East Langdon
  TUNBRIDGE Charles son unmarried 28 Labourer Guston
  TUNBRIDGE Westley son unmarried 18 Fits from birth Charlton
  TUNBRIDGE Jane A daughter unmarried 14   River
  TUNBRIDGE Jemima Visitor unmarried 58   Littlebourne
    Castle Hill Cottage - note: went with the Parish of Charlton          
Frith Farm House GODFREY Thomas Head married 42 Farm Labourer Bailiff Northbourne
  GODFREY Sarah wife married 40   East Langdon
  GODFREY William son unmarried 10 Scholar West Cliffe
  GODFREY Edward J son unmarried 9 Scholar Guston
  CASTLE William Servant unmarried 23 Farm Servant West Langdon
  SMITH William Servant unmarried 18 Farm Servant St Margarets
  GOLDSACK George Servant unmarried 15 Farm Servant Guston
Castle Hill Farm ASH Thomas Head married 41 Farm Servant Bailiff Guston
  ASH Eliza wife married 40   Ringwould
  ASH Ann J daughter unmarried 16 Domestic Servant Guston
  ASH Sarah A daughter unmarried 16 Domestic Servant Guston
  ASH Emma daughter unmarried 14   Guston
  ASH Eliza daughter unmarried 11   Guston
  LOTT Sarah mother in law widow 69   Ringwould
  SOLES Alfred Servant unmarried 20 Farm Servant indoor Ringwould
  DIXON Henry Servant unmarried 18 Farm Servant indoor Guston
  RICHARDS James Servant unmarried 21 Farm Servant indoor Ewell
  NEWTON James Servant unmarried 19 Farm Servant indoor Lower Hardres
Broadlees Farm NEWTON William Head married 46 Agricultural labourer Inxall??
  NEWTON Abigail wife married 46   Petham
  NEWTON Charlotte daughter unmarried 17   Hardres
  NEWTON William son unmarried 20 Agricultural labourer Canterbury
  NEWTON John son unmarried 14   Hardres
  NEWTON Annie daughter unmarried 11   Hardres
  NEWTON Mary daughter unmarried 9   Hardres
  NEWTON Albert son unmarried 5   Hardres
  NEWTON Samuel son unmarried 2   Guston
  PEMBLE William Servant unmarried ?? Servant Agricultural labourer Waltham
  APPLETON William Servant unmarried ?? Servant Agricultural labourer Ash
  PAGE George Servant unmarried 34 Servant Agricultural labourer unknown
42 East Cliffe ODELL George Head unmarried 30 Coastguard Boatman Portsmouth
41 East Cliffe GUY James Head married 48 Commissioned Boatman Coastguard Wakering Essex
  GUY Jane wife married 44   Deal
  GUY Jane daughter unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Dover
  GUY Harriet daughter unmarried 13 Scholar Sandgate
  GUY Johnelly?? daughter unmarried 11 Scholar Dover
  GUY William son unmarried 6 Scholar Dover
  GUY Emma daughter unmarried 4   Dover
40 East Cliffe GILBARD Henry Head married 35 Coastguard Stonehouse Devon
  GILBARD Matilda wife married 33   Flushing, Cornwall
  GILBARD Matilda daughter unmarried 7   Plymouth Devon
  GILBARD Henry son unmarried 4   Plymouth Devon
  GILBARD Amelia daughter unmarried 3m   Plymouth Devon
  GLAZIER Jane (sister) Widow 35   Flushing Cornwall
39 East Cliffe MANAGHAN Enos Head married 37 Coastguard Commissioned Boatman Ramsgate
  MANAGHAN Ann wife married 35   Swingfield Essex
  MANAGHAN Teresa M daughter unmarried 10 Scholar Broadlees
  MANAGHAN Joseph son unmarried 8 Scholar Broadlees
  MANAGHAN Agnes G daughter unmarried 6 Scholar Broadlees
  MANAGHAN Winifred M daughter unmarried 3   Broadlees
  MANAGHAN Gertrude M daughter unmarried 1   Greenhithe
38 East Cliffe KEACHER William Head married 35 Coastguard Scotland
  KEACHER Caroline E wife married 32   Portsea, Hants
  KEACHER John J son unmarried 8   Portsea Hants
  KEACHER Caroline C daughter unmarried 2   Guston
  KEACHER George son unmarried 10m   Guston
37 East Cliffe HINS Samuel Head married 31 Coastguard Gosport Hampshire
  HINS Emily wife married 28   Gosport Hampshire
  HINS Amy E daughter unmarried 2   Gosport Hampshire
36 East Cliffe MCFAUL Francis Head married 38 Chief Boatman of the Coastguard Hayling, Hants
  MCFAUL Mary wife married 34   Bawtry, Ireland
  MCFAUL John son unmarried 9   Eastbourn Sussex
  MCFAUL James son unmarried 7   Eastbourn Sussex
  MCFAUL William son unmarried 6   Eastbourn Sussex
  MCFAUL Joseph son unmarried 4   Eastbourn Sussex
  MCFAUL Francis son unmarried 3   Eastbourn Sussex
  MCFAUL Mary Honora daughter unmarried 7m   Dover
1 Athol Terrace SMITH Robert J Head married 60 Lodging House Keeper Asham
  SMITH Mary wife married 57   Hogston, Middlesex
2 Athol Terrace PACKHAM George Head married 48 Carpenter unemployed Langhton, Sussex
  PACKHAM Elizabeth wife married 35 Lodging House Keeper Dover
  PACKHAM Elizabeth J daughter unmarried 2   Poplar, Middlesex
  PACKHAM George W son unmarried 1   Guston
  WRIGHT Mary Ann Servant unmarried 18 Domestic Servant Eastcliffe
3 Athol Terrace THIRKHILL Ann Head unmarried 53 of no occupation Boston, Lincolnshire
  MAITLAND Parnell R relative married 64 Retired Officer and JP London Middlesex
  MAITLAND Mary A sister married 58   Boston, Lincolnshire
  MAITLAND Mary A niece unmarried 33   Boston, Lincolnshire
  FRANKLIN Alexander Servant unmarried 25 Servant Killencally, Wicklow
  THORNBY Elizabeth Servant unmarried 23 Servant Brabourne
4 Athol Terrace POULSON Ann wife unmarried 40 Housekeeper Brook near Wye
  POULSON Henry son unmarried 9 Scholar Guston
5 Athol Terrace GRIGGS Edmund Head married 61   Kent
  GRIGGS Elizabeth W wife married 54   Kent
  HENDERSON Robert B Head married 37 Retired Major Ireland
  HENDERSON Julia wife married 38   Hull, Yorkshire
  HENDERSON Lilian daughter unmarried 4   St Johns, Paddington, London
  HENDERSON Henry son unmarried 3   London, Middlesex
  HENDERSON Carlisa daughter unmarried 2   London, Middlesex
  PARKINS Sophia Servant unmarried 28 Domestic Servant Bedfordshire
  CR----- possibly CRANSFIELD Sarah Servant   14 Domestic Servant Greenwich
6 Athol Terrace GEE Edward Head married 36 Butcher Dover
  GEE Ellen wife married 31 Lodging House Keeper Cow Hill St Margarets
  JENKINS Elizabeth mother in law Widow 71   Unknown
7 Athol Terrace GRANT William Head married 56 Superannuated Coastguard Poole, Dorset
  GRANT Sarah wife married 54 Lodging House Keeper Poole, Dorset
  GRANT Lavinia daughter unmarried 23   Seaford, Sussex
  GRANT Angelina daughter unmarried 17   Seaford, Sussex
  LAWNS Flora E granddaughter unmarried 2   Hadleigh, Suffolk
8 Athol Terrace CLARK William Head married 42 Mariner Staithes, Yorkshire
  CLARK Mary Ann wife married 47   Mongeham
  CLARK Frances daughter unmarried 19   Dover
  CLARK Emma daughter unmarried 17   Dover
  CLARK William son unmarried 15   Guston
  CLARK Herbert son unmarried 13   Guston
  CLARK Albert son unmarried 10   Guston
  CLARK Amelia daughter unmarried 10   Guston
  CLARK Catherine daughter unmarried 8   Guston
  CLARK Alfred son unmarried 6   Guston
9 Athol Terrace MIDDLE William Head married 29 Mariner Dover
  MIDDLE Eliza wife married 27 Lodging House Keeper Ramsgate
  MIDDLE Harriott daughter unmarried 3   Dover
  MIDDLE George son unmarried 2   Dover
  MIDDLE Fanny daughter unmarried 6m   Dover
10 Athol Terrace JESSUP Isaac Head married 29 Painter Kingsdown
  JESSUP Emily wife married 33   Swalecliff
  JESSUP Florence daughter unmarried 1   Guston
  JESSUP Ada niece unmarried 8 Scholar Woolwich
11 Athol Terrace AYERS James Head married 63 Lodging House Keeper High Hawstow
  AYERS Mary wife married 60   Offording, Suffolk
12 Athol Terrace TAYLOR James Head married 39 Painter Dover
  TAYLOR Mary wife married 42 Lodging House Keeper Brook near Wye
  TAYLOR Henry son unmarried 11 Scholar Guston
  TAYLOR Arthur son unmarried 3   Guston
13 Athol Terrace TRENT William Head married 56 Superannuated from Coastguard Studland, Dorset
  TRENT Mary wife married 45 Lodging House Keeper Ilfracombe, Devon
14 Athol Terrace AYERS Caroline Head unmarried 38 Lodging House Keeper Middle Stoke
  COCKBURN Mary   unmarried 24 Domestic Servant Stepney, Middlesex
15 Athol Terrace YOUNG George Head married 34 Sailor Dover
  YOUNG Miriam wife married 38 Lodging House Keeper Barham
  YOUNG Austin son unmarried 3   Guston
  GOODHALL Cordelia relative Lodger unmarried 35   Ireland
1 Athol Court HOLMES George Head married 63 Working man Norwich
  HOLMES Mary A wife married 64   St Marys
  HOLMES Charles E son unmarried 22 Working man St Marys
  HOLMES Stephen W son unmarried 15 Working boy Hougham
2 Athol Court HARTLETT Edward Head married 32 Sailor Dover
  HARTLETT Elizabeth wife married 32   Shepherdswell
  HARTLETT Lucy daughter unmarried 3   Dover
4 Athol Court PRESCOTT Henry Head married 32 Bath Chair Man Dover
  PRESCOTT Martha M wife married 37   Speldhurst
  PRESCOTT Mary daughter unmarried 14   Marylebone, London
  PRESCOTT William son unmarried 12   London, Middlesex
  PRESCOTT Edward son unmarried 10   Guston
6 Athol Court PILCHER John Head married 45 Diver at the Admirality Pier St Margarets
  PILCHER Ann wife married 43 Laundress Dover
7 Athol Court GRIGGS George Head married 26 Porter Dover
  GRIGGS Sarah wife married 25 Laundress Ewell
  GRIGGS Elizabeth daughter unmarried 3   Dover
  GRIGGS Anne daughter unmarried 1   Dover
8 Athol Court YOUNG John Head married 63 Labourer Buckland
  YOUNG Margaret wife married 62   Buckland
  YOUNG Jacob son unmarried 30 Sailor Buckland
30 Sydney Cottage HERITAGE Charlotte Head unmarried 40 Lodging House Keeper Northbourne
29 Sydney Cottage   unoccupied on night          
    The following were listed as Guston Borough of Dover by the Enumerator:          
35 East Cliff THOMPSON John Head married 57 Lodging House Keeper Portsmouth, Hants
  THOMPSON Catherine wife married 55   Lydd
  THOMPSON Henrietta daughter unmarried 13   Dover
  THOMPSON Kate daughter unmarried 9   Lydd
  POPE Agnes ? unmarried 22   Lydd
  JARRETT George grandson unmarried 16   Lydd
  TURNER Henry Fyers Head married 30 Lieutenant Royal Engineers Active List Mauritius
  TURNER Harriet E wife married 31   Canada
  TURNER Harriet Catherine daughter unmarried 5   Canada
  TURNER Henry H F son unmarried 3   Dover
  PAIN Mary Ann   unmarried 16 Domestic Servant Ashford
34 East Cliff GRANT Frederick Head married 24 Lodging House Proprieter Seaford, Sussex
  GRANT Elizabeth A wife married 40   Dover
  APLECH ?? Elizabeth   unmarried 19 unmarried Dressmaker London, Middlesex
33 East Cliff AMOS William Head married 43 Rector of Braceborough, Stanford, Lincolnshire Hertfordshire
  AMOS Anne J wife married 53   Alderhold, Dorsetshire
  AMOS Jane Servant unmarried 30 Servant Stampford
  EFFIELD Elizabeth Servant unmarried 19 Servant Lincolnshire
1 Sydney Villa GEALE George Head married 59 Lodging House Proprietor Horsell, Surrey
  GEALE Louisa wife married 63   Hammersmith, Middlesex
  HOLLIS Eliza Servant unmarried 15 Servant Perry, Staffordshire
  WRIGHT Ichabod C Head married 75 Banker Bosford, Nottinghamshire
  WRIGHT Hon. Heildman wife married 64   Selby, Milton
  DURSIE Thomas Servant unmarried 14 Page Duffield, Derbyshire
2 Sydney Villa MOXON Elizabeth Head unmarried 80 Independent Income Weybread, Norfolk
  GOUGH Ann Penrose niece married 30 Barristers wife Marylebone, Middlesex
  MOXON Eliza G niece unmarried 27   Marylebone, Middlesex
  BELCHER Rhoda Servant unmarried 23 Servant Housemaid Burghclose, Berkshire
  HAND Harriet Servant unmarried 42 Servant Housekeeper and Cook Coventry, Warwickshire
    The next entry is again for Athol Terrace - whether these are another          
    household or a mistake in the numbering is not clear, the addresses are as written!          
1 Athol Terrace CERILS?? Fanny Head Widow 41 Lady London, Middlesex
  CERILS?? Joseph son unmarried 20 Gentleman London, Middlesex
  CERILS?? Frank son unmarried 13   Paris, France
  DANIEL Jane Servant unmarried 26 Domestic Servant London, Middlesex
  BLACK Andrew Head unmarried 47 Occupation unknown Unknown
6 Athol Terrace PRIOR Johnathon Head unmarried 48 Independent Income Lambeth, Surrey
8 Athol Terrace SMYTH Mary Head married 32   London, Middlesex
12 Athol Terrace SHELLEY William Head unmarried 45   Newcastle u Lyne
11 Athol Terrace HALL Charlotte Head Widow 55 Lady London, Middlesex
  HALL Christopher G son unmarried 23 Professor of Music London, Middlesex
12 Athol Terrace EHORN John Head unmarried 29 Licentiate in Dental Surgery Leamington, Warwickshire
9 Athol Terrace WARWICK Emma Head unmarried 40 Independent means London, Middlesex
  BUTTERLEY Florence J Orphan unmarried 8 Orphan Annuitant London, Middlesex
  BUTTERLEY Ernest B Orphan unmarried 7 Orphan Annuitant London, Middlesex
13 Athol Terrace SMITH James Head married 32 Captain in 1st West Indian Regiment British Guianna (sic)
  SMITH Caroline wife married 29   Calcutta, East Indies
14 Athol Terrace GRIFFITHS Emily B Head married 42 Lady St Pancras, London
  GRIFFITHS Emily B daughter unmarried 12   Norwood, Surrey
  GRIFFITHS Laura J daughter unmarried 10   Rochester
  GRIFFITHS Thomas F son unmarried 3   Rochester
  GRIFFITHS Ellen C daughter unmarried 8   Rochester
  PILLAULT Annie Servant married 33 Domestic Servant Nurse Great Missendon, Buckinghamshire
  SAYER Annie Servant Widow 57 Domestic Servant Cook Whitley, Yorkshire
4 Athol Court PILCHER Thomas W Head unmarried 39 Labourer Hougham
28 Sydney Cottages ECALL William F Head married 34 Railway Servant Porter Lydd
  ECALL Mary E wife married 31   Dover
  ECALL George W son unmarried 3   Dover
  ECALL Robert Crofts son unmarried 3m   Dover

The next page was a list of just the sex and ages of 21 persons who had been sleeping either in sheds or caravans, no names or occupations.

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