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RG10/1000;  Family History Library microfilm #0827255;
Census information Crown Copyright, courtesy of www.nationalarchives.gov.uk.
Transcribed by Nicola Pomroy.  (Note: jumped several sch. no.s)  
Has not been proofread.

1610811Worth Street (NW)UPTONSamuel B.headm37Agricultural LabourerGuston, Nr Dover, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)UPTONHannah B.wifem32 Eastry, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)UPTONAnndaughters11ScholarWorth, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)UPTONJanedaughters8ScholarWorth, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)UPTONWilliamsons5ScholarWorth, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)UPTONGeorgesons2 Worth, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)UPTON daughters1m Worth, Kent
1610812Worth Street (NW)BELSEYElizabethheadw73Agricultural LabourerAshley, Kent
1610813Worth Street (NW)TERRYJohnheadm67 Ash, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)TERRYSusan R.wifem67 Ash, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)TERRYIsaac J.sons29Agricultural LabourerAsh, Kent
1610815Worth Street (NW)SPINNERGeorgeheadm49Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)SPINNERMarywifem44 Knowlton, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)LAWRANCEHenryvisitorw84Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
161081 Worth Street (NW)SPINNERHenrybrothers31Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
1610817Prospect CottageDEVESONJohnheadm24Market Gardener - 4 1/2 acres 1 labEastry, Kent
161081 Prospect CottageDEVESONFranceswifem23 Woodnesborogh, Kent
161081 Prospect CottageDEVESONErnest G,sons8m Worth, Kent
161081 Prospect CottageFERRIERElizabethservants13Domestic ServantWorth, Kent
161081 Prospect CottageCOXWilliamservants56Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
161081 Prospect CottageDEVESONWilliambrothers19Market Gardener's sonEastry, Kent
16108110Worth Street PRETTWilliamheadm75ShoemakerWorth, Kent
161081 Worth Street PRETTElizabeth A.wifem75 Folkestone, Kent
161081 Worth Street SMITHMary Anndaughterm46 Worth, Kent
16108211Worth Street NWWOODThomas S.headm22Agricultural LabourerSandwich, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWWOODAnnwifem20 Sturry, Kent
16108212Worth Street NWFASHAMWilliamheadm53Agricultural LabourerEastry, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWFASHAMMarywifem46 Adisham, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWFASHAMJanedaughters16Servant (out of employ)Eastry, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWFASHAMAlfredsons14Agricultural Labourer BoyEastry, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWFASHAMHenrysons11Agricultural Labourer BoyEastry, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWFASHAMHarriettdaughters8ScholarEastry, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWFASHAMStephensons5ScholarEastry, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWFASHAMEmilydaughters3 Worth, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWFASHAMAnnie M.daughters1m Worth, Kent
16108213Worth Street NWCOBUSThomas headm73Farmer 130 acres 1 labWoodnesborough, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWCOBUSCarolinewifem68 Chilham, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWCOBUSMary A.daughters36 Eastry, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWCOZENSCatherine J.g ds15VisitorStaple, Kent
161082 Worth Street NWCOZENSLucyg ds13VisitorStaple, Kent
16108214VicarageSMITHSydneyheadm64Vicar of WorthLondon, Middlesex
161082 VicarageSMITHFrances M.wifem56 London, Middlesex
161082 VicarageSMITHAda Charlottenieces25VisitorGreenwich, Kent
161082 VicarageCOOKElizabethservants42Domestic Servant 
161082 VicaragePAINJaneservants24Domestic ServantNorthbourne, Kent
16108215Blue Pigeons (Beer shop)FARRIERThomasheadm49Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
161082 Blue Pigeons (Beer shop)FARRIEREmilywifem44 Eastry, Kent
161082 Blue Pigeons (Beer shop)FARRIERThomassons11ScholarWorth, Kent
161082 Blue Pigeons (Beer shop)FARRIERJamesbrothers39Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
16109317North WestSPINNERStephenheadm64Agricultural Labourer or farm bailiff 64 acr 4 lab.Worth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERSarah E.wifem53 Worth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERAnne E.daughters27 Worth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERWilliam W.sons25Journeyman Ship CarpenterWorth, Kent
161093 North WestDRAYSONJohnservants20Agricultural LabourerEastry, Kent
161093 uninhabited   s   
16109318North WestSPINNERJohnheadm40Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERSusannahwifem37 Worth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERSarah daughters11ScholarWorth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERAlbertsons9Agricultural Labourer BoyWorth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERAnn E.daughters8ScholarWorth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERJohnsons5ScholarWorth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERJuliadaughters3ScholarWorth, Kent
161093 North WestSPINNERFloradaughters1 Worth, Kent
16109319North WestEVANSHarriette D.headm23GovernessHornsey, Middlesex
161093 North WestEVANSLeila P.daughters2 Luddington, Yorkshire
16109320North WestHOAREEdwardheadm57Farm Bailiff 77 acr 3 lab 1 boyDeal, Kent
161093 North WestHOAREAnnwifem59 Northbourne, Kent
161093 North WestKNIGHTJamesservants21 Wingham, Kent
16109321Crispin Inn PHKIDDERJamesheadm37Licensed Victualler & Fundholder [slightly deaf]Battersea, Surrey
161093 Crispin Inn PHKIDDERHarriett S.wifem41 Ramsgate, Kent
161093 Crispin Inn PHKIDDERMary E.daughters14ScholarShoreditch, London
161093 Crispin Inn PHKIDDERCharlotte H.daughters10ScholarSt George's East, London
161093 Crispin Inn PHKIDDERJames H.sons7ScholarSt George's East, London
161093 Crispin Inn PHKIDDERRose E.daughters2 Worth, Kent
16109422North WestSPINNERCharlesheadm49Farmer 25 acr 1 labWorth, Kent
16109423North WestBALDOCKGeorgeheadm49Agricultural LabourerNonington, Kent
161094 North WestBALDOCKSarahwifem51 Ash, Kent
161094 North WestBELSEYThomasf-in-lawm75 Ickham, Kent
16109424North WestKEMPWilliamheadm54Market Gardener 8 1/2 aShoulden, Kent
161094 North WestKEMPAnnwifem53 Ash, Kent
161094 North WestKEMPWilliamsons20Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
161094 North WestKEMPAnndaughters14ScholarWorth, Kent
161094 North WestKEMPAlbertsons12ScholarWorth, Kent
161094 North WestKEMPArthursons10ScholarWorth, Kent
16109425Red HouseBAILEYCharlesheadm35Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
161094 Red HouseBAILEYElizawifem38 Worth, Kent
161094 Red HouseBAILEYHannahdaughters11ScholarNorthbourne, Kent
161094 Red HouseBAILEYJames C.sons8Agricultural Labourer BoyWorth, Kent
161094 Red HouseBAILEYWilliam E.sons7Agricultural Labourer BoyWorth, Kent
161094 Red HouseBAILEYRose I.F.daughters3 Worth, Kent
161094 Red HouseBAILEYThomassons1 Worth, Kent
16109426Lookers HouseHALLADAYWilliamheadw50LookerWickham, Kent
161094 (Lydden in Ground)TWIMANAnne E.boarders23HousekeeperStourmouth, Kent
16109427No 2 Battery (Sandhills)LEGRYJohnheadm47Chief Boatman-in-Charge Coastguard ServiceDublin, Ireland
161094 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)LEGRYMary A.wifem37 Sheerness, Kent
161094 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)LEGRYMary A.daughters14Deaf & dumbSeasalter, Kent
161094 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)LEGRYHenrysons10ScholarHore, Kent
161094 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)LEGRYEllendaughters4ScholarHore, Kent
161094 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)LEGRYKatharinedaughters1 No2 Battery, Sandhills, Kent
16110528No 2 Battery (Sandhills)STEWARTHenryheadm44Chief Boatman Coast Guard ServiceCosham, Hampshire
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)STEWARTEliza A.wifem34 Dorchester, Dorset
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)STEWARTFrank L.sons3ScholarBradwell, Essex
16110529No 2 Battery (Sandhills)GRAHAMGeorgeheadm43Coastguard Commision BoatmanDeal, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)GRAHAMElizawifem43 Sandwich, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)GRAHAMGeorge I.sons13ScholarBirchington, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)GRAHAMMorris W.sons10ScholarBirchington, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)GRAHAMCharles E.sons4ScholarWorth, Kent
16110530No 2 Battery (Sandhills)CORNISHJamesheadm40Commision Boatman on active list CGSPlymouth, Devonshire
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)CORNISHElizawifem36 Stut[d?]land, Dorsetshire
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)CORNISHFredericksons12ScholarWest Mersea [?], Essex
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)CORNISHJames I.sons10ScholarWest Mersea [?], Essex
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)CORNISHRobert S.sons5ScholarStoke, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)CORNISHAlfred K.sons3ScholarCharlton, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)CORNISHEffie C.daughters8m No2 Battery, Sandhills, Kent
16110531No 2 Battery (Sandhills)HEARSEYStephenheadw44Pensioner GreenwichPaul [?], Cornwall
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)WYBORNSarahservantm63HousekeeperWorth, Kent
16110532No 2 Battery (Sandhills)SAYEREdwardheadm36Boatman Coastguard ServiceWalmer, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)SAYERSarah A.wifem28 Hollingbourne, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)SAYERWilliam G.sons3m Worth, Kent
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)SAYERCharlotte A.daughters7ScholarEast Church, Kent
16110533No 2 Battery (Sandhills)JENNINGSJamesheadm31Boatman Coastguard ServiceSligo, Ireland
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)JENNINGSEllenwifem24 Tipperary, Ireland
161105 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)JENNINGSElizabethdaughters1 Worth, Kent
16110634No 2 Battery (Sandhills)SPLAINDennisheadm30Coast Guard ServiceCork, Ireland
161106 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)SPLAINAllanwifem25Boatman Active ListCork, Ireland
161106 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)SPLAINHannadaughters5ScholarCork, Ireland
161106 No 2 Battery (Sandhills)SPLAINAllandaughters1m Worth, Kent
16110635Keepers House (nr no.2)SUTTONThomousheadm64GamekeeperAsh, Kent
161106 Keepers House (nr no.2)SUTTONSarahwifem52 Sandwich, Kent
16   uninhabited   s   
16110636Shingle End C G StationGREENJohnheadm47Chief Officer of CoastguardPortsmouth, Hants
161106 Shingle End C G StationGREENAnn A.wifem48 Portsmouth, Hants
161106 Shingle End C G StationGREENAmelia R.daughters14ScholarPortsmouth, Hants
161106 Shingle End C G StationGREENAnn E.daughters12ScholarWhitby, Yorkshire
161106 Shingle End C G StationGREENJohn W.sons7ScholarDurham, Hartlepool
161106 Shingle End C G StationGREENLouisa M.daughters5ScholarSutton Bridge, Lincoln
16110637Shingle End C G StationCHURCHEdwardheadm45Chief Boatman Coast GuardNorthbourne, Kent
161106 Shingle End C G StationCHURCHJanewifem44 Worth, Kent
161106 Shingle End C G StationCHURCHAdelaidedaughters12ScholarHastings, Sussex
161106 Shingle End C G StationCHURCHWilliamsons10ScholarHastings, Sussex
161106 Shingle End C G StationCHURCHAmeliadaughters8ScholarHastings, Sussex
161106 Shingle End C G StationCHURCHHarriettdaughters7ScholarHastings, Sussex
161106 Shingle End C G StationCHURCHHenrysons5ScholarSt Margarets, Kent
161106 Shingle End C G StationCHURCHAlicedaughters2 Deal, Kent
16110638Shingle End C G StationMITCHELLSamuelheadm51Commisioned Boatman Coast Guard ServiceHoi[a]th, Kent
161106 Shingle End C G StationMITCHELLMary Annewifem45 Cliff Creek, Kent
161106 Shingle End C G StationMITCHELLEleanor A.daughters17 Worth, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationMITCHELLWilliam M.sons11ScholarWorth, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationMITCHELLMary Anndaughters8ScholarWorth, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationMITCHELLCurtis E.daughters3ScholarWorth, Kent
16111739Shingle End C G StationKNOWLESJohnheadm49Commisioned Boatman Coast Guard ServicePortsmouth, Hants
161117 Shingle End C G StationKNOWLESFranceswifem50 Cheshunt, Herts
16111740Shingle End C G StationTARRWilliamheadm39Commisioned Boatman Coast Guard ServiceDevonport, Devon
161117 Shingle End C G StationTARRJanewifem33 Charlton, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationTARRHenrysons12ScholarGreenock, Scotland
161117 Shingle End C G StationTARRStephen W.sons4m Charlton, Kent
16111741Shingle End C G StationMEDHURSTJohnheadm40Boatman Coastguard ServiceMaidstone, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationMEDHURSTLouisawifem29 Allhallows, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationMEDHURSTJohn T.sons6ScholarSeasalter, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationMEDHURSTHenry S.sons4ScholarSeasalter, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationMEDHURSTLouisadaughters2 Whitstable, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationMEDHURSTWilliamsons3m Worth, Kent
16111742Shingle End C G StationJESSUPGeorgeheadm39Boatman Coastguard ServiceMaidstone, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationJESSUPJessiewifem34 Truro, Cornwall
161117 Shingle End C G StationJESSUPAda daughters10ScholarPlymouth, Devonshire
16111743Shingle End C G StationGOLDIERobert headm36Boatman Coastguard ServiceElgin, Scotland
161117 Shingle End C G StationGOLDIEMargaret A.wifem31 Elgin, Scotland
161117 Shingle End C G StationGOLDIEJane E.A.daughters3m Worth, Kent
16111744Shingle End C G StationGOWERSGeorge Henryheadm34Boatman Coastguard ServiceLyminge, Kent
161117 Shingle End C G StationGOWERSMartha A.wifem25 Worlston, Hampshire
161117 Shingle End C G StationDAVISLouisa Rodanieces3 Worlston, Hampshire
16111845Shingle End C G StationTAYLORThomasheadm33Boatman Coastguard ServiceMargate, Kent
161118 Shingle End C G StationTAYLORMary A.wifem34 Margate, Kent
16111846Shingle End C G StationTHOMASJohnheadm37Boatman Coastguard ServicePortsmouth, Hants
161118 Shingle End C G StationTHOMASSarah O.wifem32 Falmouth, Cornwall
16111847Lookers House (New Farm)BAUDENJohnheadm48LookerWittersham, Kent
161118 Lookers House (New Farm)BAUDENSarahwifem39 Wittersham, Kent
161118 Lookers House (New Farm)BAUDENElizabeth J.daughters11ScholarWittersham, Kent
161118 Lookers House (New Farm)BAUDENFrancesdaughters9ScholarWittersham, Kent
161118 Lookers House (New Farm)BAUDENPhiladelphiadaughters7ScholarWorth, Kent
161118 Lookers House (New Farm)BAUDENJohnsons5ScholarWorth, Kent
161118 Lookers House (New Farm)BAUDENSarahdaughters3ScholarWorth, Kent
161118 Lookers House (New Farm)BAUDENEllendaughters9m Worth, Kent
16111848New Farm DownsSPICERWilliamheadm53Farm 883.0.24 acr 6 men 2 boysSandwich, Kent
161118 New Farm DownsSPICERSarahwifem53 Worth, Kent
161118 New Farm DownsSPICERSarahdaughters21DressmakerSandwich, Kent
161118 New Farm DownsSPICEREmmadaughters18Draper's AssistantSandwich, Kent
161118 New Farm DownsSPICEREdwardsons16FarmSandwich, Kent
161118 New Farm DownsSPICERHenrysons10ScholarSandwich, Kent
161118 New Farm DownsBEANWilliamservants26Farm ServantEastry, Kent
161118 New Farm DownsBARTLETTThomasservants18Farm ServantWorth, Kent
16111849Downs Farm CottageFARBRACEHenryheadm28Agricultural LabourerLittlebourne, Kent
161118 Downs Farm CottageFARBRACESarah A.wifem26 Chillenden, Kent
161118 Downs Farm CottageFARBRACEHenrysons6ScholarDeal, Kent
161118 Downs Farm CottageFARBRACECelia R. A.daughters3ScholarSandwich, Kent
16112950Downs Farm HouseATTWOODThomasheadm52Agricultural Labourer 638.0.29 acr 1 man 2 boysAsh, Kent
161129 Downs Farm HouseATTWOODSarah A.wifem49 Little Mongeham, Kent
161129 Downs Farm HouseATTWOODSamuelsons7ScholarShepherdswell, kent
16112951Downs Farm HouseDENNEHenryheadm66Retired FarmerSandwich, Kent
161129 Downs Farm HouseDENNEMary Annwifem61 Chislett, Kent
161129 Downs Farm HouseMARSHMary Annservants23Domestic ServantWoodnesborough, Kent
16112952Puttocks DownLEDNERJamesheadm44Agricultural LabourerPreston, Kent
161129 Puttocks DownLEDNERJanewifem42 Sandwich, Kent
161129 Puttocks DownRATCLIFFMary A.daughters23Domestic Servant [out of employ]Sandwich, Kent
161129 Puttocks DownLEDNERLucy A.daughters7ScholarWorth, Kent
161129 Puttocks DownLEDNERElizabeth A.daughters5ScholarWorth, Kent
16112953Uninhabited   s   
16112954Stone CrossDURBANJohnheadm29Agricultural LabourerWorth, Kent
161129 Stone CrossDURBANMarywifem34 Worth, Kent
161129 Stone CrossMATTHEWSFrances M.nieces7ScholarSandwich, Kent
161129 Stone CrossDEVISONRichardservantw63Farm ServantStaple, Kent
16112955Blacksmith's Forge (Stone Cross)HOGBINAlfredheadm47Blacksmith employing 2 menSt Nicholas, Kent
161129 Blacksmith's Forge (Stone Cross)HOGBINMarywifem49 Eythorne, Kent
161129 Blacksmith's Forge (Stone Cross)HOGBINAlbertsons26Grocer's Assistant [unemployed]St Margarets, Kent
161129 Blacksmith's Forge (Stone Cross)HOGBINMary A.daughters24 Worth, Kent
161129 Blacksmith's Forge (Stone Cross)HOGBINKatedaughters16 Worth, Kent
16112956Carpenter's Shop (Stone Cross)WYBORNJohnheadw36Master Carpenter 2men & boyNorthbourne, Kent
161129 Carpenter's Shop (Stone Cross)WRIGHTSAnnmother-in-laww74HousekeeperAsh, Kent
161129 Carpenter's Shop (Stone Cross)REEDSarahservants17Domestic ServantRye, Sussex
161121057Room over shop (Stone Cross)HOGBINJohn W.servants30Journeyman WheelwrightTilmanstone, Kent
161121058Stone CrossCORNWELLWilliamheadm44Farmer 30 acr 5 labDeal, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCORNWELLJanewifem46 Sandwich, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCORNWELLWilliam M.sons18Farmer's sonSandwich, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCORNWELLEliza J.daughters14ScholarSandwich, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCORNWELLGeorgesons12ScholarSandwich, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCORNWELLAnnie daughters10ScholarSandwich, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCORNWELLJohnsons8ScholarSandwich, Kent
161121059Stone CrossPAYThomasheadm59Agricultural LabourerAsh, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossPAYElizabethwifem55 Stelling Minnis, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossPAYThomassons20Journeyman BlacksmithSandwich, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossPAYHenrygrandsons15Stonemason's LabourerFolkestone, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossPAYFannygranddaughters12ScholarEastry, Kent
161121060Stone CrossCHAPMANGeorgeheadm47Labourer Chelsea Pensioner (Sergeant in the enrolled pensioners)Tudeley, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCHAPMANMary H.mother-in-laww86 Lydd, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCHAPMANLavinia S.daughters18Dressmaker[Jersey?], British Subject
1611210 Stone CrossCHAPMANMary H.daughters7ScholarCanterbury, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCHAPMANMatildadaughters4ScholarWorth, Kent
1611210 Stone CrossCHAPMANAnn E.daughters2 Worth, Kent
161121061Toll Gate (Stone Cross)PEARSONWilliamheadw58Toll Collector Turnpike GateFrittenden, Kent
1611310 Toll Gate (Stone Cross)PETERJosiahboarders16Imbecile from birthSnodland, Kent
161121162Cottage Osier GardensLAWRENCEDanielheadm64Agricultural LabourerShoulden, Kent
1611211 Cottage Osier GardensLAWRENCESarahwifem53 Lydd, Kent
1611211 Cottage Osier GardensMINTERSEdithgranddaughters2 Durlock Ash, Kent

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