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This is only a partial transcription of the 1901 census of Monks Horton.  As and when time permits it will be added to.  In the meantime, however, if you have a portion of this census transcribed or would like to continue with the transcription please do so and contact me via any of the links at the bottom of this page.
Hhd Sch No. Abode Name Relation to Head Marital Status Male age last birthday Female age last birthday Profession/ Occupation Employer, Worker or Own Account Working at Home Where Born
1 Cock Ash Walter BARTON Head Widr 61   Wood Cutter Own account At Home Brabourne
    Harry BARTON Son S 33   Carter on Farm Worker   Monks Horton
    Charley BARTON Son S 25   Yardman on Farm Worker   Monks Horton
    Thomas BARTON Son S 20   Shepherd Worker   Monks Horton
2 Woodlands Albert RANSLEY Head Widr 40   Farmer and Carrier Employer   Woodchurch
    Katie C RANSLEY Dau     10       Brabourne
    Ernest G RANSLEY      Son   6         Monks Horton
    Lilian Mary RANSLEY      Dau     4       Monks Horton
    Harry V A RANSLEY    Son   3         Monks Horton
    Rose A SHRUBSOLE     Sis in law S   22       Sellindge
    Frederick HOWLAND Boarder S 24   Road Carter Worker   Monks Horton
    Flora MORPHETT      Serv S   24 House Keeper (Domestic)     Hawkesbury
    Edward B R MORPHETT      Son of H (Visitor)   2          
3 Anchor Road      James BRENCHLEY Head   79   Blacksmith Own account At Home Sellindge
    Sarah A BRENCHLEY Daur     52       Monks Horton
4 Anchor Road Richard COVENEY Head M 61   Carter on Farm Ag/Horse Worker   Stowting
    Ellen COVENEY Wife M   45       Knockholt
    Amy COVENEY Dau S   18 General Servant     Stanford
    Water COVENEY Son   12         Stelling
    Rose COVENEY Dau     10       Upper Hardres
    Thomas COVENEY Son   7         Monks Horton
5 Anchor Road Thomas FOREMAN HEAD M 62   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer Worker   Lympne
    Frances FOREMAN Wife M   56       Monks Horton
    Edward HOGBEN Nephew S 22   Carter Ag/Horse Worker   Monks Horton
6 Anchor Road William PREBBLE Head M 58   Grocer, Shop Keeper Own account At Home Elmsted
    Emily PREBBLE Wife M   49 Grocer Own account   Brabourne
7 Anchor Road William HOGBEN Head M 59   Ordinary Agricultural Labour Worker   Monks Horton
8 Horton Court Farm Ernest EVERSHED Head S 33   Farmer Employer   Billingshurst, Sussex
    Emily E -- Cousin S   39 Housekeeper Domestic (crossed out)     Chichester, Sussex
9 Horton Court Farm George SMITH Head M 70   Miller Worker   Brabourne
    Eliza SMITH Wife M   66       Lympne
10 Horton Park Farm Thomas SWIFT Head M 41   Yeoman Shepherd Worker   Great Chart
    Clara SWIFT Wife M   39       Ashford
    George SWIFT Son S 17   All works on Farm.  Ag lab Worker   Snargate
    Thomas A SWIFT Son S 12         Battersea, London
    Jane E SWIFT Dau     11       Battersea, London
    Sophie SWIFT Dau     7       Ashford
    Clare Ethel SWIFT Dau     5       Ashford
    George HARRIS Serv M 47         Great Marlow, Bucks
    Elizabeth J HARRIS Serv M   47       Organswick
    Raymond MILTON Visitor   3         Newchurch
11 Horton Park George C SWINDELLS Head M 53   Director of fine cotton-- Employer   Shrigley, Cheshire
    Eleanor M SWINDELLS Wife M   48       Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk
    Agatha M SWINDELLS Dau S   11       Bollington, Cheshire
    William E GRANT Serv M 48   Coachman (domestic) Worker   Newbury, Berks
    Sarah A GRANT Serv M   47       Newbury, Berks
    Walter GRANT Serv S 16   Groom (domestic) Worker   Haughton, Stafford
    Edith GRANT Boarder     12       Haughton, Stafford
    Arthur GRANT Boarder   9         Haughton, Stafford
    Jane FRANKLIN Serv S   31 Cook (domestic)     Ashburton, Devon
    Rose SHARMAN Serv S   21 Housemaid (domestic)     Millington, Berks
    Ellen M ROSE Serv S   22 Kitchen maid (domestic)     Reading, Berks
    Sarah GRANT Serv S   25 or 75 Waitress (domestic)     -Woodley, Berks
12 Horton Park Cot Richard GOLDING Head M 29   Baliff Shepherd Worker   Dymchurch
    Minnie GOLDING Wife M   28       Aldington
    Caroline M --- Niece     3       Carlisle, Cumberland
13 Horton Park Cott. John OSBORNE Head M 41   Waggoner on Farm Worker   Sandhurst
    Mary J OSBORNE Wife M   34       Dymchurch
    John M OSBORNE Son   14   Waggoner's mate on farm Worker   Sellindge
    Alice E OSBORNE Dau     12       Lympne
    Harry R OSBORNE Son   9         Lympne
    Rosalind M OSBORNE Dau     7       Lympne
    Frank V M OSBORNE Son   4         Monks Horton
    Violet M OSBORNE Dau     1       Monks Horton
    George HYDER Boarder S 23   Waggoner's mate on farm Worker   Aldington
14 Blind House Thomas FAGG Head M 70   Farmer Own account   Sellindge
    Mary FAGG Wife M   63       not known
    Bertha M FAGG Dau S   25       Stanford
15 Broad Street George W TUTT Head M 39   Farmer Employer   Stanford
    Ellen M TUTT Wife M   37       Mereworth
    George J TUT Son   12         Halling
    Ernest N TUTT Son   6         Halling
16 Broad Street Henry HARRIS Head Widwr 55   Labourer on farm Worker   Bilsington
    Edward HARRIS Son S 28   Farm Labourer Worker   Brabourne
    Annie E HARRIS Dau S   19 Housekeeper domestic [crossed through]      
17 Broad Street Richard HOWLAND Head S 59   Farm Labourer Worker   Monks Horton
    Harriet HOWLAND Sister S   54 Housekeeper domestic [crossed through]      
18 Kite House Valerie GAMBRILL Head M 47   Farmer Employer At Home Crundale
    Ann GAMBRILL Wife M   53       Folkestone
    Annie - S GAMBRILL Dau S   23       Chapel (sic) le Ferne
    Albert V GAMBRILL Son S 15   Farmer's son Worker   Folkestone
20 Unnamed John STICKELS Head Widwr 65   Agricultural Labourer Worker   Brabourne
    Jane WRIGHT Serv S   48 Housekeeper domestic     Stanford
    Agnes WRIGHT Boarder     8       On voyage to America
21 Broad Street James T HAWKETT Head M 54   Stockman on farm Worker   Bethersden
    Mary A HAWKETT Wife M   57       Ramsgate
    Charles D HAWKETT Son S 19   Waggoner on Farm Worker   Capel -
    Mary R HAWKETT Dau     14       Folkestone
    Walter G HAWKETT Son   13   Rook boy on farm Worker   Folkestone
    Violet E HAWKETT Dau     11       Folkestone
    George WHITE Boarder S 60   Agricultural Labourer Worker   Folkestone
22 Broad Street George HOWLAND Head M 34   Carrier barn Own account   Monks Horton
    Jane E HOWLAND Wife M   35        
    Janet HOWLAND Dau     5       Monks Horton
    William HOWLAND Son   3         Monks Horton
    George HOWLAND Son   10mths         Monks Horton
    Harry G ALLEN Boarder S 26   Gamekeeper Worker   Newent, Gloucester
23 Unnamed George CHAMBERS Head M 69   Agricultural labourer Worker   Sittingbourne
    Jane CHAMBERS Wife M   64       Aldington
    Daniel KILHAMS Boarder S 31   Carter on farm Worker   Felpham, Sussex
24 Unnamed Caleb HOWLAND Head M 65   Farmer Own account   Monks Horton
    Sarah HOWLAND Wife M   67       Stelling
25 Higham Hill William G COOK Head M 31   Groom Gardener domestic Worker   Lympne
    Ellen E COOK Wife M   25       Lympne
    Ethel M COOK Dau     3       Monks Horton
    William G H COOK Son   1         Monks Horton
26 Higham Hill Alfred ANDREWS Head M 57   Farm Labourer Worker   Smeeth
    Matilda ANDREWS Wife M   47       Bilsington
    John - AMON Stepson S 26   Agricultural Labourer Worker   Sellindge
    Laura ANDREWS Dau S   23       Brabourne
    George ANDREWS Son S 16   Agricultural Labourer     Brabourne
    Walter ANDREWS Son   13         Smeeth
    Caroline ANDREWS Dau     12       Smeeth
    May ANDREWS Dau     9       Smeeth
    Lyell ANDREWS Son   7         Brabourne
    Florence ANDREWS Dau     4       Monks Horton
    Kathleen ANDREWS Dau     1       Monks Horton
27 Higham Hill Harry LONG Head M 25   Farmer Employer   Brabourne
    Annie LONG Wife M   23       Stanford
28 The Gables Mary SPAIN Head S   54 Living on own means     Monks Horton
    E - J SPAIN Sister S   49 Living on own means     Monks Horton
    Mary L AMOS Serv S   17 General servant (domestic)     Sellindge
29 Horton Priory Edward PILCHER Head M 57   Farmer Employer   Brabourne
    Elizabeth PILCHER Wife M   50       Smeeth
    Lilian PILCHER Dau S   19       Brabourne
    Henry PILCHER Son S 18   Farmer's son Worker   Brabourne
    Elsie PILCHER Dau S   17       Brabourne
    Sidney PILCHER Son   14         Brabourne
    Percy PILCHER Son   12         Brabourne
    Mabel PILCHER Dau     9       Brabourne
    Edward PILCHER Son   7         Monks Horton
    James PILCHER Son   4         Monks Horton
    James BEACH Serv S 48         Rolvenden

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