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The church is ancient;  had once a chantry;  was recently restored;  had formerly no tower, but has now a new one;  and contains a curious brass without name or date, and two other brasses.
Front view of Leigh Church in Kent


Side view of Leigh Church in Kent From 1860 through 1861 the church underwent considerable reconstruction.  Notice the difference in stone used throughout the building.  Apparently this situation came to be as the result of two different architects having been employed to see to the reconstruction of different portions of the church: the chancel being the responsibility of the Lay Rector, at that time Lord de Lisle, and the parish being responsible for the remainder of the building.  Lord de Lisle contracted with George Devey for certain work.  But, the parish contracted with Charles Baily, a cousin of Thomas Farmer Baily, the owner of Hall Place.  The two architects used different types of stone in their respective works.
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