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Kent, England, Genealogy Pages Minnie Winifred Bodeker born Faversham 1893


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1 Although both parties were recorded as being of the parish of Harbledown at the time of their marriage, all of their children were christened at Boughton-under-Blean. Family: F1447
2 At time of marriage Mary Carter was described as being of Mersham and Nicholas Rolfe as being of New Romney. Family: F2138
3 both of the parish Family: F2947
4 Details For Marriage ID#204755 Groom Last Name: GREGORY Groom First Name: William (31) Groom Residence: Union Fort Bride Last Name: SPILLETT Bride First Name: Alice (21) Bride Residence: Union Fort Place: Manti Date: 25 Nov 1891 County of Record: Sanpete State: Utah Volume: 2 Page: 147 Family: F1323
5 Details For Marriage ID#292222 Groom Last Name: ROMNEY Groom First Name: William D.s. (20) Groom Residence: Salt Lake City Bride Last Name: SPILLETT Bride First Name: Lavina E. (17) Bride Residence: Big Cottonwood Place: Big Cottonwood Date: 25 Dec 1889 County of Record: Salt Lake State: Utah Volume: B Page: 370 Family: F1318
6 Details For Marriage ID#47834 Groom Last Name: SPILLETT Groom First Name: B. J. Groom Residence: Bride Last Name: SPILLETT Bride First Name: Rose W. Bride Residence: Place: American Falls Date: 28 Nov 1917 County of Record: Power State: Idaho Volume: 1 Page: 290 Family: F1316
7 Details For Marriage ID#70988
Groom Last Name: SPILLET
Groom First Name: James E.
Groom Residence:
Bride Last Name: LASLEY
Bride First Name: Rose W.
Bride Residence:
Place: Pocatello
Date: 27 Nov 1907
County of Record: Bannock
State: Idaho
Volume: 4
Page: 22
Family: F1309
8 Details For Marriage ID#82710 Groom Last Name: SPILLETT Groom First Name: George W. Groom Residence: Bride Last Name: BARNHART Bride First Name: Estella Bride Residence: Place: American Falls Date: 18 Dec 1902 County of Record: Bannock State: Idaho Volume: 2 Page: 296 Family: F1317
9 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F2420
10 Elizabeth was recorded as a spinster and Peter, a batchelor, on their marriage record and both were of the parish of Harbledown. However, no children of this couple were christened at Harbledown . Family: F1439
11 From the Westwell Bishop's Transcripts on the marriage parties were described as:

he bachelor, she widow, both of this parish - banns 
Family: F16
12 He bachelor and she spinster, both of Chartham by banns. Family: F2093
13 he bachelor, she spinster, both of Faversham Family: F1381
14 he bachelor, she spinster, botp Family: F2310
15 he bat., of Bishopsgate, London, she spinster of this parish - lic  Family: F2312
16 he of this parish, widower & she widow of Minster in Thanet  Family: F2816
17 He recorded as George Godsip, bachelor, she spinster, botp - lic Family: F2309
18 Marriage by licence as it was included in Boyds Marriages, 2nd Series Family: F2477
19 Marriage date is date of Faculty Office marriage licence. Family: F1157
20 Marriage licence issued 13 Dec 1690 reads: "William Thompson of Chartham, gent, bat, aged 22 and Elizabeth Baldocke of Molash, sp, 21, whose mother consents. At Chartham, Chilham or Molash. Alexander Middleton of Chartham, clerk, bondsman." Note that Alexander Middleton was the step-father of William Thompson. Family: F447
21 Marriage licence read that both were of Sheldwich, he a bachelor and she a spinster. Family: F1670
22 Marriage record states that both parties were widowed. However, no other earlier marriage for Henry has yet been found. Family: F1431
23 Married his cousin. Family: F2510
24 Name: RANSOM , Kate , H ,
Year of Marriage: 1882
Entry Number: 50
Register: SS21/1
Location: Kent County Council
Name: DIXON , Richard , W ,
Year of Marriage: 1882
Entry Number: 50
Register: SS21/1
Location: Kent County Council 
Family: F2945
25 On marriage to Susanna her surname was recorded as being JAMES and the entry describes both as being widowed. Family: F2341
26 On marriage, Valentine was described as being a widower and maltster of Wye. Elizabeth Sheafe was described as being a spinster, 24 years old and also of Wye. Family: F1455
27 On the marriage record, both parties were described as being of the parish of Harbledown. Family: F1444
28 On this second marriage Francis was described as being "of Godmersham" and Elizabeth, as being of "Kingsnorth". Family: F1563
Gent, bat., 27, of Faversham & Elizabeth Ruck, sp., 26, at St. Mary Bredin Canterbury. Bond: William Allen, Gent of Faversham  
Family: F2316
he bat., of this parish, she spinster of Dunkirk  
Family: F1951
Mr. of Canterbury & Mrs. she of Molash - lic  
Family: F2167
32 She married as Mary Jane Duncan, yet 1861 census records her as being Elizabeth. Family: F1493
33 Susan was 'of Crundale' at the time of her marriage. Family: F1229
34 The marriage record states that both parties were widowed and both of Faversham. Family: F1436
35 Volume 34 fol 114 1807 County: Kent Country: England John Owlett of Milton by Sittingbourne bach (26) & Phillis Ann Webb of the s sp (23). 10 Jan 1807. Family: F1968
36 Wintesses were John Attaway and Elizabeth White. Family: F2182
37 Wit: Mary Jemmett, Ann Jemmett & Edmund Clark Family: F1102
38 Witness on this marriage was Edward Gregory, son of John Dodd's sister, Judith. Family: F1246
39 Witnesses were Samuel Attaway and Charlotte Attaway. He was a painted aged 25 and she aged 38. Family: F2181
40 Only shown in Stammtafeln Adele
41 Agatha is believed to be the daughter of Stephen, King of Hungary. Agatha
42 Some sources say 640. The Calendar of Saints says 692
Died while hunting. 
Anchises (Ansegisel)
43 Age at burial was recorded as 75 years. Catherine
44 Brother of Lothair, King of France Charles
45 went with King Richard I to the Crusades David
46 Murdered by MacBeth Duncan I.
47 At time of death, Elizabeth was aged 86 years. Elizabeth
48 Possible death registration
1928 aged 89
Tonbridge District, Kent, England (vol. 2a, p. 867) 
49 At one time it was thought that Gundred was the Daughter of William the Conqueror. This has since been disproved. For details see the entry for Matilda (Gundred) under William. Gundred
50 Blanca de La Cerda y Lara
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blanca Fernanda de la Cerda-Y-Lara (c. 1317 – 1347) was a Spanish noblewoman.
She was the daughter of Fernando de la Cerda (1275-1322) and Juana Núñez de Lara, called "la Palomilla". On her father's side she was a granddaughter of Princess Blanche of France and therefore a great-granddaughter of King Louis IX (St. Louis) and Marguerite of Provence.

Blanca was the second wife of Juan Manuel, Duke of Penafiel (1282-1349), a member of the junior branch of the Castilian royal house. Their daughter Juana Manuel of Castile married the (illegitimate) Henry II of Castile and became Queen consort of Castile.

Blanca Fernanda de la Cerda was a direct matrilineal ancestor of Queen Victoria and many other European nobles.

Ferdinand de la Cerda, Infante of Castile
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Don Ferdinand de la Cerda (1253 -1275 ) was the Crown Prince (infante) of Castile, eldest son of King Alfonso X of Castile and Violant of Aragon. His nickname, de la Cerda, means "of the bristle" in Spanish, a reference to being born with a line of hair running down his back from the neck.

In November 1268 he married Princess Blanche of France, the daughter of King Louis IX of France. They had two sons:
Alfonso (1270-1324), who married Mahaut, daughter of John I of Brienne, Count of Eu. They had four sons and three daughters.

Fernando (1275-1322), who married Juana Núñez de Lara, called "la Palomilla", Lady of Lara & Herrera, daughter of Juan Núñez de Lara “el Mayor” and Teresa Álvarez de Azagra. They had one son and three daughters. One daughter, Blanca Núñez de Lara, was the mother-in-law to King Henry II of Castile.

Ferdinand predeceased his father in 1275 at Ciudad Real. His sons did not inherit the throne of their grandfather, since their uncle, the second son, Sancho, enforced his claim, even by rebelling. 
Louis IX.

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