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HO 107/470;  Family History Library microfilm #0306865.
Census information Crown Copyright, courtesy of www.nationalarchives.gov.uk.
Transcribed by Nicola Pomroy.  
Has not been proofread.

42851FelderlandMINTERRobert63Miller Farmyes
4285 FelderlandMINTERSarah53 yes
4285 FelderlandMINTERHenry23 yes
4285 FelderlandMINTERRobert19 yes
42852FelderlandHOREEdward25Ag Labyes
4285 FelderlandHOREAnn25 yes
42853FelderlandSMITHWilliam50Ag Labyes
4285 FelderlandSMITHMary60 no
42854FelderlandPHILPOTTRichard25 yes
4285 FelderlandPHILPOTTMary25 yes
4285 FelderlandPHILPOTTSarah6 yes
4285 FelderlandPHILPOTTThomas3 yes
4285 FelderlandPHILPOTTMary1 yes
42855FelderlandWANSTALLStephen35Ag Labyes
4285 FelderlandWANSTALLElizabeth35 yes
4285 FelderlandFARRIERMary15 yes
4285 FelderlandWANSTALLJane5 yes
4285 FelderlandWANSTALLEliza3 yes
4285 FelderlandWANSTALLGeorge1 yes
4285 FelderlandWEBBGeorge15Ag Labyes
4285 FelderlandHENDERSONElizabeth50 yes
4285 FelderlandHENDERSONJohn25 yes
4285 FelderlandGOODBANFrances30F Servantyes
4285 FelderlandSPINNERSarah20F Servantyes
42857FelderlandSPRATLINGHenry45Ag Labyes
4285 FelderlandGRAHAMJohn20Ag Labyes
4285 FelderlandSPICERWilliam15 yes
4285 FelderlandDIXONHenry15Ag Labyes
4285 FelderlandCOCKSarah35F Servantyes
4285 FelderlandNETHERSOLEMary40 yes
4285 FelderlandHARVEYSusanna15F Servantyes
4285 FelderlandCASTLEJames25Ag Labyes
4285 FelderlandCASTLESarah20 yes
4285 FelderlandCASTLEAnn2 yes
4285 FelderlandCASTLEJames8m yes
42859Stone CrossHOLMESJohn60Ag Labyes
4285 Stone CrossHOLMESJane55 yes
428510Stone CrossDOORNEJohn35 yes
4285 Stone CrossDOORNEEliza35 yes
4285 Stone CrossDOORNEWilliam8 yes
4285 Stone CrossDOORNEEliza5 yes
4285 Stone CrossDOORNEJane3 yes
4285 Stone CrossDOORNEMary1 yes
428511Stone CrossADKINSThomas50Wheelwrightyes
4285 Stone CrossADKINSMary45 yes
4285 Stone CrossADKINSJulia15 yes
4285 Stone CrossADKINSJohn11 yes
428512Stone CrossFIELDWilliam60Blacksmithno
4286 Stone CrossFIELDElizabeth60Ag Labyes
4286 Stone CrossTESTERThomas5 yes
428613Stone CrossPHILPOTTJohn50 yes
4286 Stone CrossPHILPOTTAnn45 yes
4286 Stone CrossPHILPOTTWilliam13 yes
4286 Stone CrossPHILPOTTStephen11 yes
4286 Stone CrossPHILPOTTAnna9 yes
4286 Stone CrossPHILPOTTEliza8 yes
4286 Stone CrossPHILPOTTDaniel7 yes
4286 Stone CrossPHILPOTTSamuel1 yes
428614Stone CrossSMITHGeorge60Gate Keeperyes
4286 Stone CrossSMITHMargaret45 yes
4286 Stone CrossSMITHMargaret15 no
4286 Stone CrossSMITHSarah9 yes
428615Puddock's DownOVENDENJessey75Pauperyes
4286 Puddock's DownOVENDENSarah70 yes
428616Puddock's DownHOLMANSJohn60Market Gardeneryes
4286 Puddock's DownHOLMANSAnn55 yes
4286 Puddock's DownHOLMANSSarah15 yes
4286 Puddock's DownHOLMANSDaniel15 yes
4286 Puddock's DownHOLMANSJane13 yes
428617Puddock's DownSOLLEYRichard25Brick Moulderyes
428618Worth Street NWBAILEYJohn35Ag Labyes
4286 Worth Street NWBAILEYPhillis30 yes
4286 Worth Street NWBAILEYSarah11 yes
4286 Worth Street NWBAILEYWilliam9 yes
4286 Worth Street NWBAILEYGeorge7 yes
4286 Worth Street NWBAILEYCharles5 yes
4286 Worth Street NWBAILEYMary3 yes
4286 Worth Street NWBAILEYJohn1 yes
428619Worth Street NWFINNISJames30Ag Labyes
4286 Worth Street NWFINNISMaria35 yes
4286 Worth Street NWFINNISHannah8 yes
4286 Worth Street NWFINNISAnn7 yes
4286 Worth Street NWFINNISHenry5 yes
428620Worth Street NWSPINNERGeorge50Grazieryes
4286 Worth Street NWSPINNERElizabeth70 yes
4286 Worth Street NWFOXMary20F Servantyes
428621Worth Street NWPRETTWilliam45Shoe Makeryes
4286 Worth Street NWPRETTElizabeth45 yes
4286 Worth Street NWPRETTMary15 yes
4286 Worth Street NWPRETTEliza13 yes
4286 Worth Street NWPRETTSarah12 yes
4286 Worth Street NWPRETTAdelaide9 yes
4286 Worth Street NWBARTONCebe4 yes
4286 Worth Street NWFINNISJohn20Shoe Apyes
4286 Worth Street NWCORNSGeorge20Shoe Apyes
4286 Worth Street NWRIGDENCharles15Shoe Apyes
428622Worth Street NWSIMMONSAnn72Indno
4286 Worth Street NWBROWNElizabeth42Indno
428723Worth Street NWWANSTALLWilliam50Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWWANSTALLElizabeth20 yes
428724Worth Street NWNETHERSOLEWilliam80Indyes
4287 Worth Street NWNETHERSOLEMargaret80Indyes
4287 Worth Street NWWYBORNEsther20F Servantyes
428725Worth Street NWSPINNERJames45Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNERElizabeth45 yes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNERCaroline12 yes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNERAnn7 yes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNEREmily6 yes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNERFrederic3 yes
428726Worth Street NWSPINNERMary35House Keeperyes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNERStephen35Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNERHenrietta30F Servantyes
4287 Worth Street NWFITTALLEdward15Ag Labyes
428727Worth Street NWNETHERSOLEMichael35Farmeryes
4287 Worth Street NWDEVERSONWilliam45Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWCOCKRichard20Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWSUTHERFIELDStephen15Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWSUTTONAnn20F Servantyes
428728Worth Street NWFRIENDMary 75Widowyes
4287 Worth Street NWFRIENDJane40 yes
428729Worth Street NWFILESJohn55Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWFILESSarah55 yes
428730Worth Street NWGRIGGSCharles40Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSMary35 yes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSRobert15 yes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSEdmund15 yes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSJohn13 yes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSElizabeth12 yes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSWilliam9 yes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSHarriot7 yes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSGeorge4 yes
4287 Worth Street NWGRIGGSAlfred2 yes
428731Worth Street NWHUNTGeorge25Ag Labyes
4287 Worth Street NWHUNTMary25 yes
4287 Worth Street NWHUNTJulia1 yes
4287 Worth Street NWKINGSLANDJohn15Ag Labyes
428732Worth Street NWDURBANJames70Publicanyes
4287 Worth Street NWDURBANMary50 yes
4287 Worth Street NWDURBANJane25 yes
4287 Worth Street NWDURBANCaroline20 yes
4287 Worth Street NWDURBANHarriot15 yes
4287 Worth Street NWDURBANGeorge15 yes
428733Worth Street NWSPINNERWilliam55Carrieryes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNERMary50 yes
4287 Worth Street NWSPINNERThomas14 yes
428734Worth Street NWSPINNERWilliam80Farmeryes
4287 Lydd Court HouseSMITHThomas65Ag Labyes
4287 Lydd Court HouseKNIGHTWilliam35Ag Labyes
4288 Lydd Court HouseKNIGHTMary25 yes
4288 Lydd Court HouseKNIGHTWilliam5 yes
4288 Lydd Court HouseKNIGHTMary3 yes
428835Downs HouseHAWKINSRobert50Ag Labyes
4288 Downs HouseHAWKINSMary50 yes
4288 Downs HouseHOPKINSMary20F Servantyes
4288 Downs HouseBULLOCKJohn20Ag Labyes
4288 Downs HouseDICKSONJohn20Ag Labyes
4288 Downs HouseDRAYSONCharles20Ag Labyes
4288 Downs HouseBROWNThomas20Ag Labyes
4288 Downs HouseHAMMONDWilliam20Ag Labyes
4288 Downs HouseGIBBONSStephen15Ag Labyes
428836Shingle EndCOLLINSGeorge45Lieut. R. N.no
4288 Shingle EndFACEYElizabeth30F Servantyes
4288 Shingle EndGRANTAnna45Visitoryes
4288 Shingle EndCLEMENTSusannah3Visitorno
428837Shingle EndMANNERSRobert55Coast Guardno
4288 Shingle EndMANNERSMary40 no
4288 Shingle EndMANNERSMaria20 no
4288 Shingle EndMANNERSMary15 no
4288 Shingle EndMANNERSGeorge12 no
4288 Shingle EndMANNERSHannah5 yes
4288 Shingle EndMANNERSEdward4 yes
4288 Shingle EndMANNERSElizabeth2 yes
4288 Shingle EndMANNERSHenry1 yes
428838Shingle EndRICHARDSEbenezer30Coast Guardno
4288 Shingle EndRICHARDSFrances35 no
4288 Shingle EndRICHARDSElizabeth13 no
4288 Shingle EndRICHARDSJames8 yes
4288 Shingle EndRICHARDSJane6 yes
4288 Shingle EndRICHARDSJohn5 yes
4288 Shingle EndRICHARDSHenry3 yes
428839Shingle EndDULLAGHANMichael35Coast GuardI
4288 Shingle EndDULLAGHANCatharine40 I
4288 Shingle EndDULLAGHANCatharine15 I
4288 Shingle EndDULLAGHANMary14 I
4288 Shingle EndDULLAGHANPatrick12 I
4288 Shingle EndDULLAGHANHonoria9 I
4288 Shingle EndDULLAGHANMichael7 I
4288 Shingle EndDULLAGHANBedelia5 I
4288 Shingle EndDULLAGHANThomas3 I
428840Shingle EndNOALRichard45Coast Guardno
4288 Shingle EndNOALGrace30 no
4288 Shingle EndNOALWilliam9 no
4288 Shingle EndNOALRichard4 no
428841Shingle EndLOWRYJohn20 no
4288 Shingle EndLOWRYJenifer25 no
4288 Shingle EndLOWRYEdward9m no
4288 Shingle EndLYNCHWilliam30 no
428942Shingle EndRICHMONDWilliam25Coast Guardno
4289 Shingle EndRICHMONDAnn20 no
4289 Shingle EndCOGHLENMary18 I
428943Watch VesselFLINNPatrick40Coast GuardI
4289 Watch VesselCOGHLANJeremiah25Coast GuardI
4289 Watch VesselCOOKWilliam45Coast Guardno
428944Osier Garden CottageSAYERThomas30Ag Labyes
4289 Osier Garden CottageSAYERCharlotte30 yes
4289 Osier Garden CottageSAYERMaria6 yes
4289 Osier Garden CottageSAYERGeorge5 yes
4289 Osier Garden CottageSAYEREsther3 yes
428945Vessel named LondonELGARGeorge25Marineryes
4289 Vessel BACHELORWilliam40Marineryes
4289 Vessel DRAYSONHenry15Marineryes
428946Shingle EndBARTLETTGeorge30Coast Guardno
4289 Shingle EndBARTLETTHannah20 yes
4289 Shingle EndBARTLETTSarah2 yes
4289 Shingle EndBARTLETTEliza4m yes
428947Vessel British FairPEARCEJames45Marineryes
4289 Vessel British FairNEWINGWilliam40Marineryes
4289 Vessel British FairSPINNERCharles15 yes

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