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HO 107/470;  Family History Library microfilm #0306865.
Census information Crown Copyright, courtesy of www.nationalarchives.gov.uk.
Transcribed by Nicola Pomroy.  
Has not been proofread.

528151Mill LaneHOBBSThomas50Ag. Laby
52815 Mill LaneHOBBSElizabeth50 y
52815 Mill LaneHOBBSJane15Apy
52815 Mill LaneHOBBSElizabeth15 y
52815 Mill LaneHOBBSThomas13 y
52815 Mill LaneTAYLORJane6 y
528152Church FarmBAKERJohn70Farmery
52815 Church FarmBAKERAnne55 y
52815 Church FarmBAKERJohn20 y
52815 Church FarmBAKERMary20 y
52815 Church FarmPAYWilliam20Ag. Laby
52815 Church FarmGIBBONSJohn15Ag. Laby
52815 Church FarmWANSTALLAnne15Fy
528153The VillageBAILEYCharles55Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageBAILEYMary55 y
52815 The VillageSPICERWilliam20Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageMORRISCharles 20Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageBACHELORWilliam15Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageOSBORNCharlotte15F Sy
52815 The VillagePRETTSusanah75Widdowy
528154The VillageSPINNERRichard50Farmery
52815 The VillageSPINNERMary45 y
52815 The VillageFITTALLStephen30Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageBROWNEJames30Ag. Laby
528155The VillageFRIENDSarah45Schoolmistressy
528156The VillageGARDNERJohn35Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageGARDNERCharlotte35 y
52815 The VillageGARDNERWilliam12 y
52815 The VillageGARDNERAnne8 y
52815 The VillageGARDNEREdward2 y
528157The VillageFRIENDWilliam35Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageFRIENDHarr[i]et35 y
52815 The VillageFRIENDJohn14 y
52815 The VillageFRIENDWilliam6 y
52815 The VillageFRIENDMary2 y
528158The VillageSMITHRichard35Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageSMITHMary35 y
52815 The VillageSMITHRichard8 y
52815 The VillageSMITHThomas6 y
52815 The VillageSMITHGeorge3 y
52815 The VillageSMITHJohn8m y
528159The VillageNEWINGWilliam30Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageNEWINGSusan25 y
52815 The VillageNEWINGWilliam8 y
52815 The VillageNEWINGJoseph2 y
5281510The VillageCOCKThomas75Ag. Laby
52815 The VillageCOCKAnne65 y
5281511The VillageSMITHElizabeth55Widdowy
52815 The VillageSMITHJoseph14 y
52815 The VillageSMITHJane12 y
5281612The VillageGRIGGSGeorge35Ag. Laby
52816 The VillageGRIGGSCharlotte30 y
52816 The VillageGRIGGSGeorge12 y
52816 The VillageGRIGGSAlfried11 y
52816 The VillageGRIGGSWilliam9 y
52816 The VillageGRIGGSElizar8 y
52816 The VillageGRIGGSElizabeth7 y
52816 The VillageGRIGGSJohn4 y
5281613The VillageJARVISThomas55Ag. Laby
52816 The VillageJARVISJohn25 y
52816 The VillageJARVISJane14 y
52816 The VillageJARVISCatherine9 y
5281614The VillageDIXONRichard35Ag. Laby
52816 The VillageDIXONElizabeth30 y
52816 The VillageDIXONSarah9 y
52816 The VillageDIXONCharles4 y
52816 The VillageDIXONMary2 y
5281615The VillagePHILPOTTJohn25Ag. Laby
52816 The VillagePHILPOTTSarah25 y
52816 The VillagePHILPOTTWilliam3 y
52816 The VillagePHILPOTTJohn1 y
52816 The VillagePETTMANElizabeth8 y
52816 The VillageBLACKMANJohn6m y
5281616The VillagePRETTElizabeth75Widdowy
5281617The VillageCHAPMANHenry35Ag. Laby
52816 The VillageCHAPMANGeorge8 y
52816 The VillageCHAPMANRichard5 y
52816 The VillageCHAPMANThomas4 y
52816 The VillageCHAPMANCharlotte1 y
52816 The VillageHAYMANElizabeth40F Sy
5281618The VillageBEERLINGGeorge55Ag. Laby
52816 The VillageBEERLINGJames20 y
52816 The VillageBEERLINGAlice15 y
5281619The VillageGOODMANJohn50Ag. Laby
52816 The VillageGOODMANMary45 y
52816 The VillageGOODMANWilliam14 y
52816 The VillageGOODMANPleasent12 y
52816 The VillageGOODMANThomas10 y
52816 The VillageGOODMANEmma5 y
5281620The VillageWANSTALLWilliam80Grazery
52816 The VillageWANSTALLSarah80 y
5281621The VillageWANSTALLAnne75Widdowy
5281622The VillageFARRIERAnne70Widdowy
52816 The VillagePETTETWilliam30Butchery
52816 The VillagePETTETJane30 y
52816 The VillagePETTETWilliam7m y
5281623The VillageHOPKINSBengamin60Ag. Laby
52816 The VillageHOPKINSFrances50 y
52816 The VillageGOODBANJames20 y
5281724The VillageFARRIERThomas30Ag. Laby
52817 The VillageFARRIERElizabeth30 y
5281725The VillageNEWINGAnne70Widdowy
5281726The VillageSPINNERJohn50Carpenter F[?]y
52817 The VillageSPINNERSarah40 y
52817 The VillageSPINNERJohn11 y
52817 The VillageSPINNERHenry2 y
5281727The VillageGRIGGSRobert70Ag. Laby
52817 The VillageGRIGGSElizabeth70 y
5281728Blue PigeonsFARRIERWilliam50Ag. Laby
52817 Blue PigeonsFARRIERSarah65 y
52817 Blue PigeonsFARRIERWilliam25 y
52817 Blue PigeonsFARRIERHenry10 y
52817 Blue PigeonsFARRIERGeorge10 y
52817 Blue PigeonsFARRIERJames5 y
52817 Blue PigeonsFARRIERJane5 y
5281729Sand HillsGIBBONSJohn55Ag. Laby
52817 Sand HillsGIBBONSAmy50 y
52817 Sand HillsGIBBONSWilliam10 y
5281730Sand HillsWANSTALLStephen65Ag.Laby
52817 Sand HillsWANSTALLMary60 y
52817 Sand HillsELLIOTElizabeth12 y
5281731Look HouseWYBORNHenry60Ag. Laby
52817 Look HouseWYBORNSarah55 y
52817 Look HouseWYBORNJames15 y
52817 Look HouseWYBORNJane14 y
5281732HacklingCHURCHJohn45Ag. Laby
52817 HacklingCHURCHSarah35 y
52817 HacklingCHURCHWilliam13 y
52817 HacklingCHURCHJohn10 y
52817 HacklingCHURCHSusanah8 y
52817 HacklingCHURCHAnne5 y
52817 HacklingCHURCHHenry1m y
52817 HacklingDURBANJane25 y
52817 HacklingDURBANGeorge20Ag. Laby
52817 HacklingHORTONElizabeth55F Sy
52817 HacklingYONGMary15F Sy
52817 HacklingCASTLERobert20Indy
52817 HacklingCOCKWilliam20Ag. Laby
52817 HacklingFARRIEREdward15Ag. Laby
52817 HacklingAKERSAnne70 y
52817 HacklingBRINSLEYAnne15F Sy
52817 HacklingBRINSLEYJames15Ag. Laby
5281736HacklingDURBANWilliam25Ag. Laby
52817 HacklingDURBANMary30 y
52817 HacklingDURBANGeorge3 y
52817 HacklingDURBANFrances2 y
5281837HacklingWANSTALLWilliam40Ag. Laby
52818 HacklingWANSTALLSarah35 y
52818 HacklingWANSTALLRichard9 y
52818 HacklingWANSTALLEdward7 y
52818 HacklingWANSTALLSarah5 y
5281838HacklingHOLDENRichard25Parish Cly
52818 HacklingHOLDENMary20 y
52818 HacklingHOLDENPhilip4m y
52818 HacklingHOLDENJohn34Ag. Laby
5281839Hackling Chalk PitEWELLRobert40Ag. Laby
52818 Hackling Chalk PitEWELLEster35 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitEWELLThomas12 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitEWELLJohn9 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitEWELLRichard7 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitEWELLHenry2 y
5281840Hackling Chalk PitKEMPWilliam25Ag. Laby
52818 Hackling Chalk PitKEMPAnne20 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitKEMPJames1 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitKEMPSarah6m y
5281841Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANWilliam25Ag. Lab & Lime Burnery
52818 Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANElizabeth40 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANStephen15 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANMary13 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANJames11 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANElizabeth9 y
5281842Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANSarah5 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANGeorge3 y
52818 Hackling Chalk PitCHAPMANJane1 y
5281843Upton HouseCOLLITTThomas65Indn
52818 Upton HouseCOLLITTCatherine25 y
52818 Upton HouseHARBOR[OUGH]Mary25 n
52818 Upton HouseSOLLYThomas8 y
52818 Upton HouseDILNOTJames20M Sy
52818 Upton HouseDILNOTElizabeth20F Sy
52818 Upton HouseSETTERFIELDMary20F Sy
5281844No.2 BatteryDORNFORDJosiah55Navyn
52818 No.2 BatteryDORNFORDElizabeth55 s
52818 No.2 BatteryDORNFORDEsther Eleanor20 s
52818 No.2 BatteryDORNFORDMark Dausel20 s
52818 No.2 BatteryDORNFORDFanny Dausel20 s
52818 No.2 BatteryDORNFORDAlex[andra] Leonard15 s
52818 No.2 BatteryDORNFORDEmma Louise15 s
52818 No.2 BatteryDORNFORDEliza Mercer25 s
52818 No.2 BatteryDORNFORDEliza Mercer1 s
52818 No.2 BatteryCARLTONAnne15F Sy
52818 No.2 BatteryPRINCEAnne15F Sn
5281845No.2 BatteryVALLACKPeter45Coast Gardn
52818 No.2 BatteryVALLACKMary40 n
52818 No.2 BatteryVALLACKMary13 n
52818 No.2 BatteryVALLACKElener11 n
5281946No.2 BatteryRALPHJohn25Boatman Coast Gardy
52819 No.2 BatteryRALPHMary30 y
52819 No.2 BatteryRALPHAndrew7 y
52819 No.2 BatteryRALPHJohn5 y
52819 No.2 BatteryRALPHElizabeth3 y
52819 No.2 BatteryRALPHSarah1 y
5281947No.2 BatteryHILLWalter35Boatman Coast Gardn
52819 No.2 BatteryHILLMary30 n
52819 No.2 BatteryHILLMary3 n
52819 No.2 BatteryHILLElizabeth2 n
52819 No.2 BatteryHILLCaroline5m y
52819 No.2 BatteryHILLAnne5m y
5281948No.2 BatteryMASLINJohn30Coast Gardn
52819 No.2 BatteryMASLINElizabeth30 y
52819 No.2 BatteryMASLINJohn6 y
52819 No.2 BatteryMASLINWilliam3 y
52819 No.2 BatteryMASLINMary1 y
52819 No.2 BatteryTHOMSETTAmelia30 y
5281949No.2 BatteryTRANSUMCharles36Coast Gardy
52819 No.2 BatteryTRANSUMCaroline25 y
52819 No.2 BatteryTRANSUMThomas11m y
5281950No.2 BatteryBAILEYFrancis30Coast Gardn
5281951No.2 BatteryJONESJames50Coast GardI
52819 No.2 BatteryJONESEliza50 I
52819 No.2 BatteryJONESCharles20 I
5281952No.2 BatteryFLEMINGJohn25Coast GardI
52819 No.2 BatteryFLEMINGEmma15 n
5281953Lodged in BarnSANDOMDaniel45Travler (Church Farm)y
5281954Lodged in BarnKNOWLESWilliam40Ag. Lab (Hackling)y
52819 Lodged in BarnKNOWLESThomas13(Hackling)y
5281955VillageSPINNERGeorge20Ag. Lab (omitted)y

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