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Orlestonesponsor.jpg - 103434 Bytes
Transcribed by Susan D. Young.   RG10/960, E.D. 6, Parliamentary Eastern Division;  Genealogical Society of Utah microfilm #0827247;  Census information Crown Copyright, courtesy of www.nationalarchives.gov.uk
65711Canal Station House (In-Liberty of Romney Marsh commences)PARSONS Edgar head mar M22labourer Warehorne
65711" PARSONS Jane wife mar F19labourer Ruckinge
65711" PARSONS Winifred A. daug single F1none Orlestone
65712Hammill SIMMONDS William head mar M39labourer Waltham
65712" SIMMONDS Sarah A. wife mar F29none Sandwich
65713Hammill GODDEN Alfred head mar M31labourer Shadoxhurst
65713" GODDEN Mary A. wife mar F27labourer Orlestone
65713" GODDEN William son single M5none Orlestone
65713" GODDEN Thomas son single M4none Snave
65713Hammill GODDEN George son single M2none Snave
65713" GODDEN Elizabeth daug single F1none Snave
65714Hammill MANNINGS Henry head mar M26labourer Rucking
65714" MANNINGS Ellen wife mar F26labourer Warehorne
65714" GORRINGE Harriett F. daug single F8wife's daughter Warehorne
65714" GORRINGE Albert I. son single M6wife's son Warehorne
65714" GORRINGE Ellen Elizabeth daug single F3wife's daughter Orlestone
65714" MANNINGS Henry T. son single M1son Orlestone
65716Canal Station House NORRIS William head mar M48station keeper R.M. Canal Deal
65716" NORRIS Elizabeth wife mar F55station keeper's wife Dover
65716" DIVERS John head mar M43labourer Snave
65716" DIVERS Jane wife mar F36labourer Woodchurch
65716" BOURNE Caroline visitor widow F70mother-in-law Hawkhurst
65717Mountains BATES John head unmarried M39farmer of 190 acres Brookland
65717" BATES Anna E. sister unmarried F24housekeeper Snargate
65728Ham Street STICKELLS James head mar M31labourer Warehorne
65728" STICKELLS Elizabeth wife mar F28none Bilsington
65728" STICKELLS Thomas J. son single M10none Orlestone
65728" STICKELLS Charles sons single M 8none Orlestone
65728" STICKELLS Mary Elizabeth daug single F6labourer Orlestone
65728" STICKELLS Jane daug single F4none Orlestone
65728" STICKELLS Rachel daug single F2none Orlestone
65729Ham Street STICKLES Richard head mar M68labourer Orlestone
65729" STICKLES Jane wife mar F69none Orlestone
65729" NORMAN George lodger unmarried M22labourer Rotherfield, Sussex
657210Ham Street CALL Robert head mar M50poulterer New Romney
657210" CALL Sarah wife mar F47poulterer's wife Monks Horton
657210" CALL Robert son unmarried M24poulterer Ham Street
657210" CALL Charles son unmarried M22poulterer Ham Street
657210" MARTEN Frank nephew unmarried M 5none Ham Street
657210" MARTEN Walter nephew unmarried M 2none Ham Street
657210" MUMMERY James servant unmarried M19labourer Ham Street
657210" PARSON Anne servant unmarried F20servant Ham Street
657210" DAY Sarah servant unmarried F12servant London
657211Ham Street HILLS Stephen head mar M50labourer Shadoxhurst
657211" HILLS Elizabeth wife mar F42none Kennington
657211" HILLS George son unmarrie M19saddler's apprentice Orlestone
657211" HILLS John son unmarried M14none Orlestone
657211" HILLS Ann daug unmarried F10none Orlestone
657211" HILLS Sarah daug unmarried F7none Orlestone
658311 cont'd " HILLS Stephen son unmar M6none Orlestone
658311" HILLS Clark son unmar M3none Orlestone
658312Ham Street COVENEY Ann head widow F81none Shadoxhurst
658312" PAINE Emily servant unmar F15servant Orlestone
658313Ham Street MARSH George head mar M37labourer Ruckinge
658313" MARSH Elizabeth wife mar F40none Woodchurch
658313" MARSH Stephen son unmar M12labourer Orlestone
658313" MARSH Annie daug unmar F9labourer Orlestone
658313" MARSH Rosa daug unmar F8none Orlestone
658313" MARSH Mary daug unmar F5none Orlestone
658314Ham Street BAMPTON William head mar M45labourer Welty?, Lincolnshire
658314" BAMPTON Sarah wife mar F46none Brandon, Lincolnshire
658314" BAMPTON William son unmar M16servant Lyston, Lincolnshire
658314" BAMPTON Henry son unmar M14none Lyston, Lincolnshire
658314" BAMPTON Charles son unmar M12none Lyston, Lincolnshire
658314" BAMPTON Matthew son unmar M10none Lyston, Lincolnshire
658314" BAMPTON Catherine daug unmar F9none Lyston, Lincolnshire
658314" BAMPTON Elizabeth daug unmar F7none Rotherfield, Sussex
658315Ham Street KNIGHT Harry head mar M51carpenter Kenardington
658315" KNIGHT Jane wife mar F45none Warehorne
658316Ham Street ASWORTH Henry M. J. head widow M49General Practitioner, M.B., R.C.S., L.S.A. Irnpland?, Middlesex
658316" ASWORTH Mary Ismay daug unmar F22housekeeper Swansea, Glamorganshire
658316" ASWORTH Alice Jane daug unmar F11scholar Orlestone
658316" ASWORTH Bertha M. daug unmar F9scholar Orlestone
658316" DORMAN Elizabeth servant unmar F20servant Orlestone
658417Ham Street BALLARD Alfred head unmar M41fruiterer Hillingleigh, Surrey
658418Ham Street COBB John head mar M65labourer Orlestone
658418" COBB Bridges wife mar F50wife unknown
658418" COBB John son unmar M22labourer Ham Street
658418" COBB Thomas son unmar M19labourer Ham Street
658418" COBB Robert son unmar M16labourer Ham Street
658418" COBB Harriett daug unmar F9none Ham Street
658418" COBB Mary daug unmar F7none Ham Street
658419Ham Street PAINE Clark head mar M29labourer Ham Street
658419" PAINE Sarah wife mar F52none Shadoxhurst
658419" PAINE Hills son unmar M18labourer Orlestone
658419" PAINE Ellen daug unmar F13none Orlestone
658419" MARTIN William J.grandson unmar M3none Paddington, London
65841 uninhabited
658420Ham Street LORDEN Thomas head mar M44shepherd Orlestone
658420" LORDEN Eliza wife mar F42none New Romney
658420" L----UNS? Mary lodger widow F72none Warehorne
658420" BRISSENDEN John lodger unmar M37labourer Orlestone
658421Ham Street BENNETT John head mar M63schoolmaster Ashford
658421" BENNETT Emily wife mar F55schoolmistress Whitfield
658421" SCOTT Elizabeth niece unmar F32visitor Whitfield
658422Ham Street DENNARD? William head widow M69labourer Warehorne
658422" M---ER? Mary none stated widow F61housekeeper Cambridgeshire
658423Ham Street BALL? HALL?Charles head mar M53fruiterer Greenstreet
658423" BALL? HALL?Febes wife mar F53wife Wichling
659524Ham Street BEAL James head mar M31fruiterer Churtsy, Sussex
659524" BEAL Charlotte wife mar F28wife Orlestone
659524" BEAL William M. son single M9... Orlestone
659524" BEAL Charles J. son single M7... Orlestone
659524" BEAL Febee daughter single F5... Orlestone
659524" BEAL Sarah daughter single F3... Orlestone
659524" BEAL Alice daughter single F1... Orlestone
659524" BEAL Henry son single M3 weeks ... Orlestone
659525" WANSTALL Thomas head widow M61farmer Woodchurch
659525" WANSTALL Thomas J. son mar M25farmer's son Orlestone
659525" WANSTALL Emily A. daughter mar F21housekeeper Orlestone
659526" NASH Robert head mar M65labourer Shadoxhurst
659526" NASH Elizabeth wife mar F55... Clerkenwell, Middlesex
659527" MORRIS Irons head mar M71carpenter Warehorne
659527" MORRIS Louisa wife mar F62... Peasmarsh
659528" WOODLAND Mary head widow F74... Woodchurch
659528" RICHARDSON Alfred lodger single M29shoemaker Wittersham
659529" WOODGATE George head mar M43labourer Shadoxhurst
659529" WOODGATE Elizabeth J. wife mar F39... Woodchurch
659529" WOODGATE George son single M13... Shadoxhurst
659529" WOODGATE Samuel son single M11... Shadoxhurst
659529" WOODGATE Elizabeth A. daughter single F9... Shadoxhurst
659529" WOODGATE James son single M7... Orlestone
659529" WOODGATE Kate daughter single F2... Orlestone
659630Ham Street BENSTED George head mar M30labourer Orlestone
659630" BENSTED Frances wife` mar F 24... Orlestone
659630" BENSTED Jane daughter single F2... Orlestone
659630" BENSTED James son single M6 months ... Orlestone
659631" FEATHERS George head mar M35labourer Orlestone
659631" FEATHERS Mary wife mar F31... Shadoxhurst
659631" FEATHERS Lear? daughter single F8... Orlestone
659631" FEATHERS Ellen daughter single F6... Orlestone
659631" FEATHERS Fanny daughter single F4... Orlestone
659631" FEATHERS Charles W. son single M6 months ... Orlestone
659632" PAINE John head mar M61parish clerk Lenham
659632" PAINE Mary wife mar F60... Warehorne
659633" DORMAN John head mar M48game keeper not stated
659633" DORMAN Frances wife mar F48... not stated
659633" DORMAN Elizabeth I daughter single F22... not stated
659633" DORMAN Mary Ann daughter single F11... not stated
659633" DORMAN James son single M9... not stated
659633" DORMAN George son single M6... not stated
659633" DORMAN William G. Grandson single M5... not stated
659634" PARSONS Thomas head mar M47labourer Warehorne
659634" PARSONS Maria wife mar F43... Hamton
659634" PARSONS Thomas son single M12... Orlestone
659634" PARSONS Eliza daughter single F8... Orlestone
659634" PARSONS James W. son single M6... Orlestone
659634" PARSONS Charles son single M2... Orlestone
660735Ham Street DORMAN Edward head mar M39labourer Orlestone
660735" DORMAN Charlotte A. wife mar F37... Bethersden
660735" DORMAN Edward J. son single M16labourer Orlestone
660735" DORMAN Charles son single M10... Orlestone
660735" DORMAN Lewis son single M8... Orlestone
660735" DORMAN Eliza daughter single F5... Orlestone
660735" DORMAN Fred son single M3... Orlestone
660735" DORMAN Leonard son single M1... Orlestone
660736" SCOTT Charleshead mar M25labourer Brabourne
660736" SCOTT Harriett wife mar F26... Warehorne
660736" SCOTT Eliza daughter single F6... Orlestone
660736" SCOTT Elizabeth daughter single F4... Orlestone
660736" SCOTT Henry son single M2... Orlestone
660737" BURGESS James head mar M25labourer not stated
660737" BURGESS Mary Ann wife mar F20... not stated
660737" BURGESS Harry son single M2... not stated
660738" ORMAN Spencer head mar M32labourer Ruckinge
660738" ORMAN Harriett wife mar F30... Kingsnorth
660738" ORMAN William son single M7... Warehorne
660738" ORMAN Kate daughter single F5... Warehorne
660738" ORMAN Albert son single M3... Orlestone
660738" ORMAN Anna E. daughter single F1... Orlestone
660739" ALLEN Edward head mar M59labourer Battle, Sussex
660739" ALLEN Sarah wife mar F59labourer Greenwich
660840Ham Street LAW Thomas head widower M49wagoner Orlestone
660840" LAW Ann daughter single F23housekeeper Orlestone
660840" LAW James son unmarried M21labourer Warehorne
660840" LAW John son unmarrie M19labourer Warehorne
660840" LAW Elizabeth daughter unmarried F14labourer Warehorne
660840" LAW Thomas A. son single M12labourer Warehorne
660840" LAW Henry son single M10labourer Warehorne
660840" LAW Albert grandson single M6scholar Orlestone
660840" LAW William son single M5... Orlestone
660840" LAW Arthur James grandson single M3... Orlestone
660841" GOWER Thomas head mar M28bricklayer Mersham
660841" GOWER Martha wife mar F25... Brighton
660841" GOWER Thomas E. son single M5... Camberwell
660841" GOWER Frances S. E. daughter single F2... Hamstreet
660841" GOWER Ellen E. daughter single F7 months ... Hamstreet
660842" OVENDEN William head mar M35shoemaker West Hythe
660842" OVENDEN Ann wife mar F31... Orlestone
660842" OVENDEN William son single M8... Orlestone
660842" OVENDEN Harry son single M6... Lympne
660842" OVENDEN Lewis son singel M5 weeks ... Orlestone
660843Cotton Hill DAY Thomas head mar M32labourer Egerton
660843" DAY Rosa H. wife mar F32... Bilsington
660843" DAY Ellen M. daughter single F9... Folkestone
660843" DAY William G. son single M7... Folkestone
6608end of In Liberty of Romney Marsh
661944Cotton Hill Farm WOOD William head mar M36labourer Orlestone
661944" WOOD Hannah wife mar F31... Ashford
661944" WOOD Alfred R. Paine son single M11... Kingsnorth
661944" WOOD Daniel Paine son single M7... Chart
661944" WOOD Charles H. son single M5... Chart
661944" WOOD Elizabeth daughter single F4... Ruckinge
661944" WOOD William A. son single M1... Orletone
661945Cotton Hill Farm WOOD Henry head mar M32not stated Orlestone
661945" WOOD Amelia wife mar F22... Ruckinge
661945" WOOD Eliza daughter single F8... Orlestone
661945" WOOD Thomas W. son single M6... Orlestone
661945" WOOD Ellen B. daughter single F3... Orlestone
661945" WOOD Henry son single M1... Orlestone
661945" WATSON George lodger single M54labourer not known
661946no address BENSTED William head mar M65not stated Orlestone
661946" BENSTED Jane wife mar F55... Woodchurch
661946" BENSTED Hester daughter single F25... Hamstreet
661946" BENSTED Harriett daughter single F17... Hamstreet
661946" BENSTED James son single M14... Hamstreet
661947Duke's Head Inn, Ham Street (only residence In Liberty of Romney Marsh) BUSS Thomas S. head mar M50Innkeeper Lydd
661947" BUSS Sarah A. wife mar F48innkeeper's wife Tenterden
661947" BUSS Emma daughter single F21... London
661947" BUSS James son single M9scholar London
661947" BUSS Eleanor daughter single F11scholar London
661947" TAPHOUSE Eliza J. cousin single F42independent London
6611048Ham Street, Toll House (only residence In Liberty of Romney Marsh) HATCHER Thomas head mar M67toll collector Staplehurst
6611048" HATCHER Hannah wife mar F70toll collector Staplehurst
6611048" JELVES Elizabeth servant single F19servant Staplehurst
6611049Ham Street, Post Office POTTER Joseph head mar M34baker Orlestone
6611049" POTTER Charlotte wife mar F30baker's wife Bilsington
6611049" POTTER Susan sister single F31telegraph clerk Orlestone
6611049" POTTER Lewis H. son single M1... Orlestone
6611049" WOODGATE Charles T. apprentice single M14baker's apprentice Shadoxhurst
6611050Ham Street MORRIS John head mar M70carpenter not stated
6611050" MORRIS Eliza wife mar F68... Appledore
6611051Ham Street COBB Alfred head mar Mn/s(Fruiterer from home on business) [sic] not stated
6611051" COBB Harriett wife mar F55wife Iden
6611051" COBB Catharine daughter single F20... Hamstreet
6611051" COBB Alfred J. son single M15... Hamstreet
6611051" COBB David son single M13... Hamstreet
6611051" COBB George son single M10... Hamstreet
6611052Ham Street MAYLUM William head widower M74farmer Warehorne
6611052" KEMSLEY Mary housekeeper single F56housekeeper Lenham
6611052" MARSHALL Esther servant single F21servant Warehorne
6611053Ham Street, Railway Station ABRAHAM Dimlop head mar M50station master Woodford, Essex
6611053" ABRAHAM Mary wife mar F44... London
6611053" COOK Arthur nephew single M 6lodger London
6611054Gorham's Farm TAYLOR William head mar M50labourer St. Stephen's, Kent
6611054" TAYLOR Ann wife mar F36... Orlestone
6611054" TAYLOR Elizabeth daughter single F12... Warehorne
6621154 cont'd Gorham's Farm TAYLOR Sarah R. daughter single F7scholar Orlestone
6621154" TAYLOR Walter Wm. son single M5scholar Orlestone
6621154" TAYLOR Ernest son single M3... Orlestone
6621154" TAYLOR Ada F. daughter single F7 months ... Orlestone
6621155Brick Yard THURSTON Thomas head mar M46brickmaker Orlestone
6621155" THURSTON Sarah wife mar F45brickmaker's wife Hythe
6621155" THURSTON Wightwick son single M16... Hythe
6621155" THURSTON Ada K. daughter single F5... Orlestone
6621156None stated MUMMERY Stephen head mar M33labourer Orlestone
6621156" MUMMERY Harriett wife mar F33labourer's wife Woodchurch
6621156" MUMMERY Mary Ann daughter single F4... Orlestone
6621156" MUMMERY Clark son single M2... Orlestone
6621157Burnt Oak WELLER Albert head mar M34carpenter Tenterden
6621157" WELLER Jane wife mar F34... West Ham, Essex
6621157" WELLER Annie J. daughter single F2... Orlestone
6621157" WELLER Emily C. daughter single F6 months ... Orlestone
6621158Orlestone Cottages SAUNTER Henry Head mar M45waggoner Northiam
6621158" SAUNTER Mary wife mar F36waggoner's wife Ruckinge
6621158" SAUNTER Frances daughter single F17out of situation Orlestone
6621158" SAUNTER Charles son single M11Scholar Great Chart
6621158" SAUNTER Elizabeth daughter single F9Scholar Great Chart
6621158" SAUNTER George son single M7Scholar Bilsington
6621158" SAUNTER Fred son single M5Scholar Bilsington
6621158" SAUNTER Mary daughter single F3... Orlestone
6621259Sugar Loaf Farm SHEARS Richard head mar M44labourer not stated
6621259" SHEARS Martha wife mar F47... Warehorne
6621259" SHEARS Alfred son single M25labourer Warehorne
6621259" SHEARS James son single M14labourer Orlestone
6621259" SHEARS William son single M11scholar Orlestone
6621260Orlestone Court KINGSNORTH Edward head mar M64farmer 800 acres Kent
6621260" KINGSNORTH Mary wife mar F56... Kent
6621260" KINGSNORTH Frances daughter single F25... Kent
6621260" KINGSNORTH Edward son single M14... Kent
6621260" HOBBS James pupil single M19farm pupil Kent
6621260" HUCKSTEP William servant single M23farm servant indoor Kent
6621260" COOLING Alice servant single F23farm servant indoor Kent
6621260" GOWER Stephen servant single M19farm servant indoor Kent
66212Orlestone Church KINGSBEE Henry servant single M19farm servant indoor Kent
6621261Harts Houses, No. 1 JENNER George head widower M53labourer Orlestone
6621261" JENNER Fanny daughter single F23housekeeper Orlestone
6621262Harts Houses, No. 2 WHITEHEAD William head mar M51wooddealer Warehorne
6621262" WHITEHEAD Amelia wife mar F60... Charing
6621262" WHITEHEAD William H. son single M25bricklayer Willesborough
6621263Harts Houses, No. 3 JONES Mary head widow F73annuitant Warehorne
6621263" JONES Moses son single M26labourer Orlestone
6621264Harts Houses, No. 4 ORMAN James head mar M40wood dealer Ruckinge
6621264" ORMAN Harriett wife mar F39... Ruckinge
6631365Harts Houses, No. 5 POPE Elizabeth head widow F44laundress
6631365" POPE Thomas son single M15apprentice shoemaker Orlestone
6631365" POPE Harriett daughter single F12... Orlestone
6631365" POPE Elizabeth daughter single F10... Orlestone
6631365" POPE Albert son single M7... Orlestone
6631365" POPE Sarah daughter single F5... Orlestone
6631366Harts Houses, No. 6 BRISSENDEN Thomas head mar M68dealer in wood Warehorne
6631366" BRISSENDEN Eleanor wife mar F65... Warehorne
6631366" STREETER Harriett sister single F70... Warehorne
66313below this point houses are within the Liberty of Romney Marsh
6631367Ham Street PENFIELD James head mar M43saddler Tenterden
6631367" PENFIELD Eliza wife mar F47... Dymchurch
6631367" PENFIELD Walter son single M13school boy Orlestone
6631367" PENFIELD William son single M10school boy Orlestone
6631367" PENFIELD Eliza daughter single F7school boy [sic] Orlestone
6631367" GODDEN Mary mother widow F72.. Dymchurch
6631368" WHITEHEAD William head mar M76wheelwright Warehorne
6631368" WHITEHEAD Caroline wife mar F55... Warehorne
6631368" WHITEHEAD Frances daughter single F31... Warehorne
6631368" WHITEHEAD Harriett daughter single F12... Orlestone
6631369" POPE Joseph head mar M46shoemaker Orlestone
6631369" POPE Charlotte wife mar F42... Tenterden
6631369" POPE George son single M4... Orlestone
6631369" POPE Fanny daughter single F1... Orlestone
6631369" POPE Harry nephew single M 11schoolboy Orlestone
6631370" BALLARD Ellen ... ... ... .. [this entry crossed out with no other details entered]
6631471Ham Street ROGERS William head mar M42general dealer Norfolk
6631471" ROGERS Mary Ann wife mar F42... Orlestone, Kent
6631471" ROGERS Charley son single M11scholar Orlestone
6631471" ROGERS Elizabeth daughter single F9scholar Orlestone
6631471" ROGERS Albert son single M7scholar Orlestone
6631471" ROGERS Ruth daughter single F5scholar Orlestone
6631471" ROGERS Robert son single M3... Orlestone
663140Wesleyan Chapel
6631472Ham Street MAYLUM William head mar M29Grocer & draper Warehorne
6631472" MAYLUM Charity wife mar F32... Wadhurst, Sussex
6631472" MAYLUM Lilie A. daughter single F3... Orlestone
6631472" MAYLUM William C. son single M1... Orlestone
663140Village Hall & School
6631473Ham Street BRISSENDEN James head mar M64woodreeve Wittersham
6631473" BRISSENDEN Cordelia wife mar F60... Ashford
6631473" BRISSENDEN Richard son single M22labourer Orlestone
6631473" BRISSENDEN Henry A. son single M19labourer Orlestone
6631473" BRISSENDEN Ellen daughter single F17... Orlestone
6631474" BUTLER John head mar M63butcher Orlestone
6631474" BUTLER Elizabeth wife mar F63... Warehorne
6631474" BUTLER John M.son single M30grazier Orlestone
6631474" LUCKHURST Alice servant single F16servant Ruckinge
6631475" TURNER William T. head mar M36baker Farmingham
6631475" TURNER Elizabeth wife mar F32... Smeeth
6631475" TURNER Mary E. daughter single F7... Orlestone
6631475" TURNER Martha daughter single F5... Orlestone
6641576Ham Street HATCHER Edward head mar M25brickmaker Staplehurst
6641576" HATCHER Harriett wife mar F25... Marden
6641576" HATCHER Elizabeth H. A. daughter single F4... West Hythe
6641576" HATCHER William H. G. son single M1... Marden
6641577" THURSTON Robert head mar M50grocer & draper Orlestone
6641577" THURSTON Ann wife mar F46... Lydd
6641577" THURSTON William B. son single M18grocer's assistant Orlestone
6641577" THURSTON Eliza daughter single F16... Orlestone
6641577" THURSTON Frank son single M4... Orlestone
6641577" REYNOLDS Ellen servant single F18servant Wye
6641577" CULVERHOUSE William cousin mar M31gentleman Trowgat Wight
66415end of Liberty of Romney Marsh
6641578Ham Street SCOTT John head mar M33labourer Ruckinge
6641578" SCOTT Mary wife mar F29... Orlestone
6641578" SCOTT John A. son single M2... Orlestone
6641579Ham Street SCOTT Benjamin head mar M73labourer Wye
6641579" SCOTT Sarah wife mar F69... Bilsington
6641579" SOCTT John grandson single M15scholar Warehorne
6641580Ham Street STICKLES John head mar M36labourer Sittingbourne
6641580" STICKLES Elizabeth wife mar F34... Kennardington
6641580" STICKLES Alice daughter single F11... Faversham
6641580" STICKLES George son single M9... Hampshire
6641580" STICKLES Kate daughter single F6... Maidstone
6641580" STICKLES Fanny daughter single F4... Hampshire
6641681Ham Street COLLINS William head mar M37labourer Ruckinge
6641681" COLLINS Amelia wife mar F35... not stated
6641681" COLLINS Leonora J. daughter single F4... Orlestone
6641681" COLLINS William M. son single M3... Warehorne
6641681" COLLINS Benjamin T. son single M2... Orlestone
6641682" NASH Eliza head widow F34needlewoman Bilsington
6641682" NASH George son single M16labourer Bilsington
6641682" NASH Thomas son single M12labourer Bonnington
6641682" NASH William son single M8scholar Warehorne
6641682" NASH David son single M6scholar Warehorne
6641682" NASH Frederic son single M5scholar Warehore
6641683Ham Street (only residence in In Liberty of Romney Marsh) THURSTON Esther head widow F71carpenter [sic] New Romney
6641683" THURSTON Richard W. son single M48carpenter Olrestone
6641683" THURSTON Harriett daughter single F42... Orlestone
6641683" THURSTON Emily daug single F29... Orlestone
6641684Ham Street BALLARD Richard head mar M33hostler Shadoxhurst
6641684" BALLARD Charlotte wife mar F28... Lydd
6641684" BALLARD William L. son single M7scholar Orlestone
6641684" BALLARD Charles E. son single M5scholar Orlestone
6641684" BALLARD Walter son single M6scholar Orlestone
6641684" BALLARD Frank son single M2... Orlestone
6641684" BALLARD Ellen L. daughter single F1... Orlestone
6641684" BALLARD Fanny F. daughter single F2 months ... Orlestone
6641684" BALLARD Ellen sister single F39formerly cook Kennardington
6651785Ham Street BUTLER Richard head mar M68butcher Warehorne
6651785" BUTLER Sarah A. wife mar F55... Northbourne?
6651786Ham Street JONES Samuel head mar M35labourer Orlestone
6651786" JONES Elizabeth wife mar F41labourer Warehorne
6651787a family camping without home or habitation READ George head mar M41hawker not known
6651787" READ Eliza wife mar F40hawker not known
6651787" READ James son single M13hawker Kent
6651787" READ Samson son single M11hawker Kent
6651787" READ Polly daughter single F8... Kent
6651787" READ Phoebe daughter single F6... Kent
6651787" READ Albert son single M3... Kent
6651787" READ ? son single M1... Kent
66517In Liberty of Romney Marsh commences
6651788Railway Crossing NORTON James head mar M43labourer Great Chart
6651788" NORTON Mary Ann wife mar F42gatekeeper Ruckinge
6651789none HARDEN Harriett head widow F52nurse London
6651789" HARDEN Amy daughter single F30invalid Warehorne - deaf
6651789" HARDEN Alfred son single M21labourer Warehorne - cripple
6651789" HARDEN Jane daughter single F17visitor Warehorne
6651789" HARDEN Charles grandson single M7scholar Warehorne
6651789" POPE Joseph nurse child single M7 months ... Orlestone
6651790none PEARSON James head mar M43labourer Bethersden
6651790" PEARSON Jane wife mar F32... Hartlip?
6651790" PEARSON James son single M9 months ... Orlestone

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