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RG 12/734, St. Nicholas;  Family History Library microfiche #6095844.
Census information Crown Copyright, courtesy of www.nationalarchives.gov.uk.
Transcribed by Pat Kendell.  

Has not been proofread.

1511GuiltonSPAIN Thomas HeadMM51Market garden labourer - employee KENT Ash
1511GuiltonSPAIN Eliza WifeMF41 KENT Ash
1511GuiltonSPAIN William SonSM18  OVB America?
1511GuiltonSPAIN Nellie DaughterSF13Gentleman Servant - employee OVB America?
1512GuiltonSINCLAIR Frances HeadWF80 KENT Ash
1512GuiltonSINCLAIR Eliza GranddaughterSF23 KENT Ash
1512GuiltonBURNELLE Clara ? VisitorSF25?General servantKENT Ash
1514GuiltonBARNSLEY Stephen? HeadMM54Beer house keeperKENT Chislett
1514GuiltonBARNSLEY Jane WifeMF37? KENT Martin
1514GuiltonAMOS Thos. LodgerSM53Farm labourer - employee KENT Stratford?
1514GuiltonSERGEANT Willm. LodgerSM57Farm labourer - employee KENT Walmer
1514GuiltonLAWRENCE Jas.LodgerSM40Farm labourer - employeeSRY Arsham?
1515GuiltonRALPH John HeadMM37Miller - employee KENT Staple
1515GuiltonRALPH Louisa WifeMF35 KENT Eastry
1515GuiltonRALPH Arthur SonSM15Grocers apprentice - employee KENT Ash
1515GuiltonRALPH JohnSonSM10ScholarKENT Ash
1515GuiltonRALPH Herbert SonSM8ScholarKENT Ash
1515GuiltonRALPH Mable DaughterSF6ScholarKENT Ash
1515GuiltonRALPH Winifred DaughterSF4ScholarKENT Ash
1515GuiltonRALPH George SonSM2 KENT Ash
1515GuiltonRALPH Raymond SonSM5m? KENT Ash
1516GuiltonBEER Elizabeth HeadWF52 KENT Canterbury
1516GuiltonBEER JohnSonSM23Farm labourer - employee KENT Ramsgate
1516GuiltonBEER FredSonSM20Farm labourer - employee KENT Ramsgate
1516GuiltonBEER Edith ? DaughterSF15 KENT Ramsgate
1516GuiltonBEER Alfred SonSM10ScholarKENT Ramsgate
1517GuiltonCOOK Vincent HeadWM74Retired farrierKENT Ash
1517GuiltonHOWSE Ben F Son-in-lawMM38Smith & farrier - employerDOR Beaminster
1517GuiltonHOWSE Lillian A DauMF31 KENT Ash
1517GuiltonBEER Minnie ServntSF18General servant - employee KENT Ash
1528GuiltonMARSHALL Thomas HeadMM61Miller R KENT Elmsted?
1528GuiltonMARSHALL Harriet WifeMF57 ESS Billerica
1529GuiltonHILLS Walter C HeadMM32?Grocer's Assistant - employee KENT Ash
1529GuiltonHILLS Annie WifeMF36 KENT Staple?
1529GuiltonHILLS Hubert ? SonSM7 KENT Ash
1529GuiltonHILLS William SonSM6 KENT Ash
15210GuiltonHARVEY John HeadMM38Grocer's Assistant - employee KENT Petham?
15210GuiltonHARVEY Elizabeth WifeMF33 KENT Staple
15210GuiltonHARVEY Marshall SonSM11 KENT Ash
15210GuiltonHARVEY Harry ? SonSM8 KENT Ash
15210GuiltonHARVEY Grace B DaughterSF5 KENT Ash
15210GuiltonSOLLEY Ada C VisitorSF28 KENT Ash
15211GuiltonCOLTHAM George M LodgerSM29Auctioneer's clerk - employee KENT Eltam?
15212GuiltonHADASSEY Alfred H? HeadMM35Grocer's assistant - employee KENT Ash
15212GuiltonHADASSEY Elizabeth A WifeMF31 SSX Ticehurst, Northiam?
15212GuiltonHADASSEY Kate C DauSF6 KENT Ash
15212GuiltonHADASSEY Emily M DaughterSF4 KENT Ash
15213GuiltonBUTLER Beth?LodgerSF25Assistant schoolmistress - employee KENT Sittingbourne ?
15214GuiltonBRATTON Alexander ? HeadMM57?Gardener - employee SCT
15214GuiltonBRATTON Emily WifeMF42 KENT East Malling
15214GuiltonBRATTON Cecilia DaughterSF8 KENT Tunbridge Wells
15214GuiltonBRATTON Charles SonSM7 KENT Ash
15214GuiltonBRATTON Florence DaughterSF6 KENT Ash
15214GuiltonBRATTON Arthur SonSM5 KENT Ash
15215GuiltonBARFORTH Henry HeadMM74?Naval pensioner?HAM Bishop's Waltham
15215GuiltonBARFORTH Amelia WifeMF68? SRY Kingston on Thames
15216GuiltonWATSON John W HeadMM54Highway surveyor - employee SCT -
15216GuiltonWATSON Margaret B WifeMF50  SCT -
15216GuiltonWATSON William R. T.?SonSM19Commission agent - employee KENT Nonington?
15217GuiltonMEASDAY William HeadWM56?Farm labourer - employee KENT Sittingbourne
15217GuiltonMEASDAY MaryDaughterSF20Domestic housekeeperKENT Guilton
16317 cont'dGuiltonMEASDAY JohnSonSM18Farm labourer - employee KENT Guilton
16318GuiltonMEASDAY George HeadMM40.. Labourer - employee KENTAsh?
16318GuiltonMEASDAY Annie WifeMF42 KENT Ash
16318GuiltonMEASDAY Alfred SonSM18Farm labourer - employee KENT Ash
16318GuiltonMEASDAY Annie DaughterSF14Domestic servantKENT Ash
16318GuiltonMEASDAY Frederic SonSM10?ScholarKENT Ash
16319GuiltonCHANDLER William HeadMM59Pork butcher etc. - working on own account KENT Ham Street
16319GuiltonCHANDLER Maria WifeMF56Shop KeeperKENT Ash
16319GuiltonCHANDLER Amelia J DaughterSF16 KENT Ash
16319GuiltonBERRY Daisy M? GranddaughterSF3 KENT Ramsgate
16320GuiltonBRINTON George ? HeadMM49Gardener - working on own account KENT Ash
16320GuiltonBRINTON Mary A WifeMF48 KENT Ash
16320GuiltonBRINTON Jane S DaughterSF22Domestic servantKENT Ash
16320GuiltonBRINTON Ada M DaughterSF5ScholarKENT Ash
16321GuiltonCOOK Henry HeadMM52?Farmer - employer KENT Ash
16321GuiltonCOOK Sarah A WifeMF53 KENT Ash
16321GuiltonCOOK MaryDaughterSF25No occupation given, but EMPLOYED /is X'd. KENTAsh
16321GuiltonCOOK Albert H SonSM21Farmer's son - employee KENT Ash
16321GuiltonCOOK Arthur J SonSM18Farmer's son - employee KENT Ash
16321GuiltonCOOK Henry J SonSM13ScholarKENT Ash
16322GuiltonPETLEY William HeadMM35Auctioneer's Valuer - employer KENT Staple
16322GuiltonPETLEY Lucy WifeMF34 NFK Witchingham
16322GuiltonPETLEY John M SonSM8ScholarKENT Ash
16322GuiltonPETLEY Cecil C SonSM5 KENT Ash
16322GuiltonPETLEY Dorris L? DaughterSF4 KENT Ash
16322GuiltonPETLEY Ruby C DaughterSF2 KENT Ash
16322GuiltonMARCHANT Arthur ..SM17PupilKENT Maidstone
16322GuiltonHAYES Alice ? ...SF21GovernessKENT Marden?
16322GuiltonFORWARD May?ServntSF16Domestic servantKENT Cranbrook
16323GuiltonBEAN James HeadMM45Farm labourer - employee KENT Adisham
16323GuiltonBEAN Sarah A WifeMF40 KENT Smarden
16423 cont'dGuiltonBEAN Louisa DaughterSF10? KENT Adisham
16423GuiltonBEAN Stephen SonSM11Farm labourer - employee KENT Adisham
16423GuiltonBEAN William SonSM9ScholarKENT Adisham
16423GuiltonBEAN JohnSonSM7ScholarKENT Adisham
16423GuiltonBEAN Alice M DaughterSF5ScholarKENT Ringwould
16423GuiltonBEAN JaneDaughterSF3ScholarKENT Ringwould
16423GuiltonSLADE Susanna? BoarderSF22Domestic servantKENT Ash
16424GuiltonHOLBY Edmund ? HeadWM74Labourer - employee KENT Ash
16426GuiltonTHEROFF William? HeadMM58?Labourer - employee KENT Ash
16426GuiltonTHEROFF Frances A WifeMF51 KENT Eastry
16426GuiltonTHEROFF Gertrude DaughterSF14 KENT Ash
16426GuiltonTHEROFF S.?SonSM10ScholarKENT Ash
16427GuiltonBURLING Samuel ? HeadMM72Farm labourer - employee KENT
16427GuiltonBURLING Elizabeth WifeMF70 KENT Ash
16427GuiltonWOOD JohnSon-in-lawMM36Farm labourer - employee KENT Staple
16427GuiltonWOOD Selina DaughterMF27 KENT Upstreet
16427GuiltonWOOD Irving GrandsonSM4 KENT Margate
16427GuiltonWOOD Dorothy GranddaughterSF1 KENT Ash
16428GuiltonGARDNER Harriet? HeadWF73 KENT
16428GuiltonGARDNER Constance DaughterSF40 KENT Ash
16428GuiltonGARDNER MaryDaughterSF35 KENT Ash
16428GuiltonFALLS Elizabeth DauMF43 KENT Ash
16428GuiltonFALLS Arrabela H. C ? GranddaughterSF7 LIN Manchester ?
16428GuiltonSETTERFIELD Mercy ? ServntSF53Cook - employee KENT St. Lawrence
16428GuiltonFOORD Mary?ServntSF27?HousemaidKENT Marshboro'
16429GuiltonGOLDING Edward HeadMM60Collector of taxes - employeeKENT Chillenden
16429GuiltonGOLDING Harriet WifeMF59 KENT West Malling
16429GuiltonGOLDING Herbert SonSM18Market gardener - employee KENT Ash
16430DurlockSUTTONMercy ? HeadWF74Market gardener - employer KENT Ash?
16430DurlockSUTTONDorris ? GranddaughterSF19Domestic servant - employerKENT Worth
17531DurlockWALL Thomas HeadWM74Gardener KENT Ash
17531DurlockWATNELL Stephen? GrandsonSM21?Gardener - domestic servantKENT St. Lawrence
17532DurlockHUNTER Maria ? HeadWF72Living on own means - employer KENT Ash
17533DurlockMINTON Albert ? HeadMM30Market Gardener - employerKENT Worth
17533DurlockMINTON Maria C? WifeMF30  KENT Deal
17533DurlockMINTON Elsie G DaughterSF2 KENT Ash
17534DurlockFORD JohnHeadWM49Market gardener - employer KENT Sandwich
17534DurlockFORD Clara DaughterSF19 KENT Greenwich
17534DurlockFORD KateDaughterSF16  KENT Deptford
17534DurlockFORD William SonSM15  KENT Deptford
17534DurlockFORD Arthur SonSM12Scholar KENT Deptford
17535PeddingHOLMES James L? HeadMM40?Farm labourer - employee KENT Brambling
17535PeddingHOLMES Mary A WifeMF38 KENT Canterbury
17535PeddingHOLMES Alice C DaughterSF14 KENT Wingham
17535PeddingHOLMES Edgar J SonSM11ScholarKENT Wingham
17535PeddingMARSH Henry LodgerSM23Farm labourer - employee KENT Wingham
17535PeddingDAVISON Walter J LodgerSM19Farm labourer - employee KENT Eastry
17536PeddingCACHETT John HeadMM36?Groom & gardener - employee KENT Pluckley
17536PeddingCACHETT Mary J WifeMF21? NTH-
17536PeddingCACHETT Agnes DaughterSF12ScholarKENT Ash
17536PeddingCACHETT John C SonSM11ScholarKENT Ash
17536PeddingCACHETT William SonSM8ScholarKENT Ash
17536PeddingCACHETT Daisy DaughterSF5 KENT Ashford
17536PeddingCACHETT Annie DaughterSF2 KENT Pluckley
17536PeddingSIMMONS Anna AuntWF68 KENT Pluckley
17537PeddingBISHOPP Henry HeadMM50?Retired boot seller KENT
17537PeddingBISHOPP Elizabeth WifeMF55 KENT Herne
17537PeddingBISHOPP Elizabeth DaughterSF17 KENT Ashford
17538PeddingMAYSHALL Joseph ? HeadSM73Labourer - employee KENT Ash
17539PeddingMUSTARD Edward ? HeadMM53?Farrier - employerKENT Cooling
17539PeddingMUSTARD Sophia WifeMF46 KENT Canterbury
17639 cont'dPeddingMUSTARD Edith DaughterSF23 KENT Ash
17639PeddingMUSTARD Alice M DaughterSF20 KENT Ash
17639PeddingMUSTARD Winifred DaughterSF19 KENT Ash
17639PeddingMUSTARD Mariane DaughterSF15 KENT Ash
17639PeddingMUSTARD Wilfred SonSM8 KENT Wingham
17639PeddingWATSON Rose ServntSF18General servantKENT Canterbury
17640PeddingASTER Edward ? HeadMM60Labourer - employee KENT
17640PeddingASTER Caroline WifeMF58 KENT Shatterling
17641PeddingGRIGGS Edward HeadMM58Bailiff - farm - employee KENT Ashford
17641PeddingGRIGGS Mary WifeMF59  KENT Dymchurch
17642GuiltonCASH Henry ? HeadMM25Farm labourer - employee KENT Bishopsbourne
17642GuiltonCASH Emily WifeMF27 KENT Wickham
17642GuiltonCASH E. J. ? DaughterSF7 KENT Bridge?
17642GuiltonCASH Daisy DaughterSF5 KENT Barham
17642GuiltonCASH George SonSM2  KENT
17642GuiltonCASH Walter SonSM1 KENT Ash
17642GuiltonMALPH Alfred BoarderSM30Farm servant - employee KENT Wingham
17642GuiltonDARVELL George ? BoarderSM17Farm servant - employee KENT Wadhurst?
17643MollandsPIERCE Ernest John HeadMM28Gardener - employee KENT Goudhurst?
17643MollandsPIERCE Harriett WifeMF27 KENT Ash
17643MollandsPIERCE Ethel DaughterSF4ScholarKENT Ash
17643MollandsPIERCE Florence DaughterSF4ScholarKENT Ash
17644MollandsFORD Robert HeadMM40Farm labourer - employee KENT Barham
17644MollandsFORD Caroline WifeMF38 KENT Waldershare
17644MollandsFORD Edith DaughterSF12ScholarKENT Elham
17644MollandsFORD Cora C DaughterSF10ScholarKENT Barham
17644MollandsWRIGHT Henry BoarderSM25Farm labourer - employee KENT Sandwich
17644MollandsHAMMOND Arthur BoarderSM16Farm labourer - employee KENT Nonnington
17644MollandsHUBBARD JaneVisitorMF28 KENT Ospringe
17645MollandsMARSH William HeadMM48Farm labourer - employee KENT Ash
18745 cont'dMollandsMARSH Annie WifeMF49 KENT Ash
18745MollandsMARSH Percy J SonSM20Farm labourer - employee KENT Staple
18745MollandsCASTLE Frederick GNephewSM19ScholarKENT Ash
18747MollandsBARRON Henry ? HeadMM70Farmer - employer KENT Hartlip
18747MollandsBARRON Ellen WifeMF63 KENT Maidstone
18747MollandsBARRON Louisa A DaughterSF25 KENT Boxley
18747MollandsAUSTEN Caroline ServntSF24General servantKENT Woodchurch
18748Chequer's CourtBARRON Alfred HeadM M 34Farmer & Hop grower - employer KEN Boxley
18748Chequer's CourtBARRON Kate WifeMF35 KENT Marden?
18748Chequer's CourtBARRON Ethel DaughterSF7ScholarKENT Ash
18748Chequer's CourtBARRON Marjory? DaughterSF6ScholarKENT Ash
18748Chequer's CourtBARRON Albert H? SonSM3 KENT Ash
18748Chequer's CourtBARRON Joyce H DaughterSF8m? KENT Ash
18748Chequer's CourtSTEEL MarySister-in-lawMF24 SRY Brixton
18748Chequer's CourtSTEEL Dorothy M NieceSF7m SRY Brixton
18748Chequer's CourtMUNN Julia ? ServntSF33HousemaidKENT Cliffe at Hoo
18748Chequer's CourtMOAT Edith ServntSF14General servantKENT Littlebourne
18749Chequer's CourtMOAT William HeadMM43Farm servant - ag lab. - employee KENT Woodensboro'
18749Chequer's CourtMOAT Emily J WifeMF43 KENT West Langdon
18749Chequer's CourtMOAT Ernest W SonSM16Farm servant - ag lab. - employee KENT Littlebourne
18749Chequer's CourtMOAT Florence C DaughterSF12ScholarKENT Littlebourne
18749Chequer's CourtMOAT George SonSM9ScholarKENT Sturry
18749Chequer's CourtMOAT Sarah A DaughterSF6ScholarKENT Ash
18749Chequer's CourtMOAT Ellen M DaughterSF3 KENT Ash
18750Chequer's CourtCRYER John HeadMM59Farm labourer - employee KENT Staple
18750Chequer's CourtCRYER Mary WifeMF49 KENT Wickhambreaux
18750Chequer's CourtCRYER Walter SonSM17?Farm labourer - employee KENT Woodnesboro'
18750Chequer's CourtCRYER Henry SonSM22? KENT Ash
18750Chequer's CourtBELSEY George LodgerSM31 KENT Sandwich
18750Chequer's CourtHORN Edward LodgerSM20Farm labourer - employee KENT Barfreston
18851OverlandMUYLEST Michael? HeadMM33?Farm labourer - employee KENT Womenswold
18851OverlandMUYLEST Lizzie WifeMF27 KENT Eastry
18851OverlandMUYLEST Alice DaughterSF5 KENT Barham
18851OverlandMUYLEST Percy SonSM4 KENT Ash
18851OverlandMUYLEST Minnie DaughterSF2 KENT Ash
18851OverlandMUYLEST Frederick SonSM1 KENT Ash
18851OverlandMILLSTED John LodgerSM20 KENT Stelling Minnis
18852Hog HouseCULLEN James HeadMM65Farm labourer - employeeKENT Herne
18852Hog HouseCULLEN Margaret WifeMF60 KENT Chislet
18853OverlandCOOK Lydia HeadWF31FarmerKENT Ash
18853OverlandCOOK Hilda C. E DaughterSF8 KENT Ash
18853OverlandCOOK Ethel L DaughterSF6 KENT Ash
18853OverlandCOOK Constantine S SonSM5 KENT Ash
18853OverlandCOOK Frederick JSonSM4 KENT Ash
18853OverlandKEEN Ada M ServntSF22?Domestic servant LND-
18854EastingSLADDEN James W HeadMM27Farm labourer - employee KENT Ickham?
18854EastingSLADDEN Sarah WifeMF24 KENT Wickham
18854EastingSLADDEN Bertie J. ISonSM8m KENT Ash
18855KnellHOLNES Henry M? HeadMM41Market Gardener - employerKENT Ash
18855KnellHOLNES Mary Ann WifeMF40 KENT Woodnesboro'
18855KnellHOLNES Alfred H SonSM18Gardener - employee KENT Woodnesboro'
18855KnellHOLNES Mabel DaughterSF10ScholarKENT Woodnesboro'
18856KnellGIBBS Thomas HeadMM28Market gardener's lab. - employee KENT Eastry
18856KnellGIBBS Emily WifeMF21 KENT Brabourne
18856KnellGIBBS Olive M? DaughterSF1 KENT Ash
18856KnellOLIVER AmySisterSF22 KENT Brabourne
18857EastingDAWKINS Edward ? HeadMM58?Farm labourer - employee KENT Womenswold
18857EastingDAWKINS Sarah WifeMF46 KENT Ash
18857EastingDAWKINS John C SonSM13Garden boy - employeeKENT Ash
18857EastingLONG Sarah A VisitorWF73 KENT Ash
18858KnellHAMMOND James HeadMM52Farm labourer - employee KENT Ash
19958 cont'dKnellHAMMOND Emma WifeMF49 KENT Ash
19958KnellHAMMOND Charles SonSM14Farm labourer - employee KENT Nonnington
19958KnellHAMMOND Charlotte DaughterSF12 KENT Ash
19958KnellHAMMOND Edith DaughterSF11ScholarKENT Ash
19958KnellHAMMOND Thomas SonSM10ScholarKENT Ash
19959KnellEVANS Thomas HeadMM46Farm labourer - employeeMGY-
19959KnellEVANS Lydia WifeMF47 KENT Chillenden
19959KnellEVANS Florence A DaughterSF3  KENT Deal
19959KnellBROWN Annie A VisitorSF20 KENT Walmer
19959KnellBROWN Florence A VisitorSF5m KENT Walmer
19960KnellANDREWS William HeadMM28Farm labourer - employee KENT Barham
19960KnellANDREWS Florence WifeMF22 KENT Woodchurch
19961KnellCHANDLER Percival F HeadMM23Farmer & fruit grower - employer KENT Ash
19961KnellCHANDLER Edith F WifeMF25 KENT Ash
19961KnellCHANDLER Victor P SonSM2 KENT Ash
19961KnellCHANDLER Harold SonSM1 KENT Ash
19961KnellDENNET Alice ? ServntSF14DomesticKENT Ash - Surname questionable - closest I can get, sorry.
19962Coach StateVERRALL Mabson ? HeadMM46Congregational MinisterKENT Chatham? Address - First name questionable. Poss. ROBSON
19962Coach StateVERRALL Eliza G WifeMF36 YKS Whitb
19962Coach StateVERRALL Edith G DaughterSF7 ?ScholarESSTerling - 7 & 5 both entered
19962Coach StateBRECHAN Sarah M? Mother-in-lawWF62Living on her meansYKS Whitb - Surname questionable
19963Ash St.HARDENElizabeth HeadWF45?Draper - employerSSX Ticehurst
19963Ash St.MORLEY Ellen DaughterWF39 KENT Ash
19963Ash St.HARDENAlice DaughterSF28 KENT Ash
19963Ash St.HARDENEdith DaughterSF25 KENT Ash
19963Ash St.GROOMBRIDGE Flora ServntSF17General servantKENT Chillenden
19964Ash St.LASLETT Robert HeadWM56Market Gardener - employer KENT Ash
19964Ash St.KNOWLES Margaret E.? Step-daughterSF39? HAM Gosport
19965Ash St.JONES Thomas E HeadMM27General machiner - working on own accountDEN Wrexham
19965Ash St.JONES Bertha M. EWifeMF28 LAN Liverpool
19965Ash St.BEER Annie M? ServantSF16Domestic servantKENT Ash
191066Ash St.JACOBS Edward HeadMM49Grocer - employer KENT Sandwich
191066Ash St.JACOBS Louisa WifeMF48?  KENT Dover
191066Ash St.JACOBS Florence C DaughterSF21Governess - school KENT Ash
191066Ash St.NASH Edith ServantSF20Domestic servantKENT Ramsgate
191067Ash St.INGE George HeadMM39Baker - employee KENT Oare?
191067Ash St.INGE Mable E? DaughterSF13 KENT Birchington?
191067Ash St.INGE Herbert S SonSM11 KENT Birchington
191067Ash St.INGE Ethel M DaughterSF9 KENT Birchington
191067Ash St.HEAD ElizabethServantWF46Domestic servantSFK Newton
191068Ash St.CHAMP Henry W? HeadMM32Licensed victualler - working on own accountKEN Teynham
191068Ash St.CHAMP Mary A WifeMF31 KENT Sittingbourne
191068Ash St.CHAMP Frederick SonSM13Scholar KENT Teynham
191068Ash St.CHAMP AnnDaughterSF11Scholar KENT Teynham
191068Ash St.CHAMP Henry W SonSM9Scholar KENT Teynham
191068Ash St.CHAMP Albert SonSM5Scholar KENT Teynham
191068Ash St.WOOD JohnLodgerSM53Blacksmith - employee KENT Blean
191069AshSLADDEN George LodgerSM30G. Labourer - employee KENT Ash
191070AshSMITH Frederick LodgerSM31G. Labourer - employee KENT Ash
191071AshBRETT William LodgerSM36?Bricklayer - employee KENT Sandwich
191072AshLINNETT George LodgerWM59G. Labourer - employeeNTH Claycoton
191073AshKINGSLANDGeorge LodgerSM40G. Labourer - employee KENT Ash
191074Ash, Chequer's LaneJACOBS Israel HeadMM66Grocer & gen shopkeeper - employer KENT Sandwich
191074Ash, Chequer's LaneJACOBS Sarah E WifeMF60 KENT Eythorne
191074Ash, Chequer's LaneJACOBS Louisa DaughterSF25 KENT Ash
191074Ash, Chequer's LaneHARVEY MarySister-in-lawSF65Living on own meansKENT Eythorne
191074Ash, Chequer's LaneBOTTING Frank BoarderSM27Clerk to store keeperESS Billingshurst
191074Ash, Chequer's LaneMARTIN Sarah ServntSF25Domestic servantKENT Ash
191075Ash, Chequer's LaneSCHENK LombardHeadMM46Schoolmaster - working on own accountMDX London
191075Ash, Chequer's LaneSCHENK ElizaWifeMF42 KENT Canterbury
191075Ash, Chequer's LaneSCHENK Ada M.DaughterSF18  KENT Dover
191075Ash, Chequer's LaneSCHENK HardingSonSM22Tutor - school KENT Dover
1101175 cont'dAsh, Chequer's LaneWRAGG Henry W BoarderSM14PupilMDX London
1101175Ash, Chequer's LaneGOODWIN Leonard BoarderSM13PupilMDX London
1101175Ash, Chequer's LaneDOVE Elizabeth ServantSF17Domestic servantKENT Wingham
1101176Ash, Chequer's LaneTRITTON George HeadMM40Clerk & Sexton - Church - employee KENT Chislet
1101176Ash, Chequer's LaneTRITTON Fanny WifeMF39 KENT Faversham
1101176Ash, Chequer's LaneTRITTON Ernest G SonSM18?Tailor - employee KENT Faversham
1101176Ash, Chequer's LaneTRITTON Lillie DaughterSF16 KENT Teynham
1101176Ash, Chequer's LaneTRITTON Daisy V DaughterSF10 KENT Ash
1101176Ash, Chequer's LaneTRITTON Violet V DaughterSF9 KENT Ash
1101177Ash St.HARTY Joseph T LodgerSM30Physician Surgeon - working on own accountIRL-
1101178Ash St.CORNWALL George HeadMM30Grocer's Manager - employee KENT Wingham
1101178Ash St.CORNWALL Emily WifeMF29 IRL
1101178Ash St.CORNWALL George S SonSM2 KENT Ash
1101178Ash St.ASTER Julius D BoarderSM20?Grocer's assistant - employee KENT Wooten
1101178Ash St.ARCHER JohnBoarderSM30?Grocer's porter - employee KENT Canterbury
1101179Ash St.DIXON William HeadMM50Chemist & Stationer - employer KENT Ash
1101179Ash St.DIXON Ellen WifeMF40 KENT Ash
1101179Ash St.DIXON Winifred DaughterSF13ScholarKENT Ash
1101179Ash St.DIXON Harold SonSM12ScholarKENT Ash
1101179Ash St.DIXON Adelaide DaughterSF10ScholarKENT Ash
1101179Ash St.DIXON Christine DaughterSF6ScholarKENT Ash
1101179Ash St.HUDSON Charles F NephewSM16ApprenticeKENT Eastry
1101179Ash St.MAPLE Sarah A ServntSF18Domestic servant - employee KENT Ash
1101180Ash St.WOODRUFF Charles HeadMM34Managing farmer & cattle labourer - employee KENT Sandwich
1101180Ash St.WOODRUFF Annie L WifeMF27 KENT Ash
1101180Ash St.WOODRUFF Cathleen M DaughterSF4 KENT Ash
1101180Ash St.WOODRUFF Dorothy F DaughterSF3 KENT Ash
1101180Ash St.MEASDAY Olive EServantSF15DomesticKENT Ash
1101181Ash St.MORRIS Frances HeadSF34Dressmaker - working on own account KENT Ash
1101181Ash St.WEST Ellen VisitorSF13 KENT Ash
1101182Ash St.YOUNG Mary A HeadWF76Living on own meansKENT Sturry
1101282 cont'dAsh St.COULTON Sarah SisterSF75Dressmaker - employee KENT Dymchurch
1101282Ash St.HARKER Fredric C ? NephewSM20Agricultural labourer - employee LND Brixton
1101283Ash St.BRADLEY George M HeadMM55Shop keeper - working on own account KENT Ash - Chronic blindness
1101283Ash St.BRADLEY Sarah WifeMF60 KENT Ash
1101283Ash St.NEWING Sarah ? Mother-in-lawWF88 KENT Ash
1101284Ash St.SETTERFIELD Eliza HeadWF47General shopkeeper - working on own accountKENT Wingham
1101284Ash St.SETTERFIELD George SonSM18Gardener - employee KENT Ash
1101284Ash St.SETTERFIELD Thomas ESonSM14Yard boy - Ag. L. - employee KENT Staple
1101284Ash St.SETTERFIELD Hannah DaughterSF9ScholarKENT Staple
1101284Ash St.MEDGET Marian MotherWF85 KENT Staple
1101284Ash St.MEDGET Marian SisterSF49 KENT Eastry
1101285Ash St.GRIGGS John HeadMM66?Beer retailer - employer KENT Stourmouth
1101285Ash St.GRIGGS Jane WifeMF62 KENT Birchington
1101286Ash St.BELSEY Joseph LodgerSM49Farm labourer - employee KENT Eastry
1101287Ash St.WEST Emma HeadMF36Charwoman - employee KENT Stourmouth
1101287Ash St.WEST JohnSonSM12ScholarKENT Staple
1101287Ash St.WEST Richard SonSM10ScholarKENT Ash
1101287Ash St.WEST EmmaDaughterSF7ScholarKENT Ash
1101288Ash St.BOWMAN Sidney ? HeadMM25Butcher - employerKENT Ash
1101288Ash St.BOWMAN Ada A WifeMF22  KENT Dover
1101288Ash St.BOWMAN Dorothy DaughterSF2 KENT Ash
1101288Ash St.CHAPMAN Sarah F ServntSF24General servantKENT Wingham
1101289Ash St.BEDDINGFIELD Albert HeadMM41?Coal merchant - employer KENT Ash
1101289Ash St.BEDDINGFIELD Charlotte WifeMF37 KENT Canterbury
1101289Ash St.BEDDINGFIELD Albert W SonSM21Assistant carrier - employee KENT Ash?
1101289Ash St.BEDDINGFIELD Victor H SonSM10ScholarKENT Ash
1101290Ash St.SOLLEY Louisa HeadWF77Living on own meansKENT Sheperdswell
1101290Ash St.SOLLEY Robert SonSM40 KENT Worth
1101290Ash St.SOLLEY Constance DaughterSF32 KENT Nonnington
1101291Ash St.MARTIN Agnes ServntSF15General servantKENT Ash
1101291Ash St.HARRAP J. T.?LodgerSM18?Brewer's pupil - employeeGLA Merthyr Tydfel?
1111392Ash St.POOL William HeadMM20Farm Ag. Labourer - employee KENT Woodnesboro'
1111392Ash St.POOL Emily WifeMF20 KENT Woodnesboro'
1111392Ash St.POOL Charles SonSM2m? KENT Canterbury
1111393Ash St.HOLLIDAY Jonathon HeadSM77Farm labourer - employee KENT Ash
1111394Ash St.THOMAS John HeadMM63?Gardener - employee KENT Staple
1111394Ash St.THOMAS Sarah A WifeMF55 KENT Ash
1111394Ash St.THOMAS George I. B.?SonSM30Gardener - employee KENT Ash? Initials
1111394Ash St.THOMAS William J SonSM22Gardener - employee KENT Woodnesboro'
1111394Ash St.THOMAS Benjamin C SonSM20Gardener - employee KENT Woodnesboro'
1111394Ash St.THOMAS Walter SonWM17Cabinet maker's apprentice - employee KENT Woodnesboro'
1111395Ash St.CASTLE AnnHeadSF40 KENT Ash
1111395Ash St.CASTLE William SonSM18?Farm Ag. Labourer - employee KENT Barton
1111395Ash St.TRICE Alfred H SonSM10ScholarKENT Ash
1111395Ash St.CASTLE Sarah A DaughterSF8ScholarKENT Barton
1111395Ash St.CASTLE Thomas ESonSM7ScholarKENT Ash
1111395Ash St.CASTLE Jane B DaughterSF6ScholarKENT Ash
1111395Ash St.CASTLE MaryDaughterSF4ScholarKENT Ash
1111396Ash St.GODDEN Walter ? HeadMM34Farm Ag. Labourer - employee KENT Dover
1111396Ash St.GODDEN Sophia WifeMF28 KENT Woodnesboro'
1111396Ash St.GODDEN Walter H SonSM7ScholarKENT Woodnesboro'
1111396Ash St.GODDEN Fredric SonSM6ScholarKENT Woodnesboro'
1111396Ash St.GODDEN Charles SonSM4ScholarKENT Woodnesboro'
1111396Ash St.GODDEN Alfred SonSM2 KENT Woodnesboro'
1111396Ash St.GODDEN Edith M DaughterSF1m KENT Woodnesboro'
1111397Ash St.TERRY Stephen HeadMM58?Farm labourer - employeeKENT Ash
1111397Ash St.TERRY Anne C ? WifeMF61Charwoman - employeeKENT Ash
1111397Ash St.FORT Emma C ? NieceSF31 KENT Eastry
1111398Ash St.UDEN Thomas ? HeadWM77Farm labourer - employeeKENT Ash
1111399Ash St.OSBORNE Charles HeadMM43Farm labourer - employee KENT Ash
1111399Ash St.OSBORNE Alice WifeMF36 KENT Ash
1111399Ash St.OSBORNE Elizabeth DaughterSF12? KENT Ash
11114100Ash St.SANDWELL James HeadMM72Farm labourer - employee KENT Ash
11114100Ash St.SANDWELL Sarah WifeMF69 KENT Ash
11114100Ash St.SANDWELL William SonSM29Bricklayer's labourer - employee KENT Ash
11114101Ash St.SPICER George HeadMM42General labourer - employee KENT Deal
11114101Ash St.SPICER Grace WifeMF42 SCT
11114101Ash St.SPICER George H SonSM8Scholar SCT
11114101Ash St.SPICER Walter P SonSM5 SCT
11114102Ash St.SAUNDERS William M HeadMM44Brewer's clerk & cashier - employee LND Southwark
11114102Ash St.SAUNDERS Catherine M WifeMF30Teacher of Music - working on own account KENT Ash
11114102Ash St.SAUNDERS Charles B SonSM8 ? KENT Ash
11114102Ash St.SAUNDERS Kenneth S SonSM10? KENT Ash
11114102Ash St.JONES Jane ServantSF18General labourerKENT Barnsole?
11114103Ash St.EWING Alexander BoarderSM27Clerk in Holy Orders - employeeCUL Whitehaven?
11114104Ash St.MARSH Sarah A HeadSF72Market GardenerKENT Ash
11114104Ash St.CULVER Harriet? NieceSF42Living on own meansKENT Ash
11114105Ash St.TERRY Henry W HeadMM37Grocer's porter - employee KENT Sittingbourne
11114105Ash St.TERRY Lizzie WifeMF33 KENT Wingham
11114105Ash St.TERRY Patricia C DaughterSF5ScholarKENT Ash
11114106Ash St.WOOD Benjamin? HeadMM29Carpenter - employee KENT Warehorn
11114106Ash St.WOOD Annie WifeMF25 KENT Ash
11114106Ash St.WOOD Winnifred DaughterSF6ScholarKENT Ash
11114106Ash St.WOOD William G SonSM5 KENT Ash
11114106Ash St.WOOD Violet C DaughterSF1 KENT Ash
11114107Ash St.HILLS George HeadMM58Grocer - employer KENT Staple
11114107Ash St.HILLS Mary A WifeMF58Clerk - employee KENT Ash
11114107Ash St.HILLS Alfred J SonSM23Grocer's assistant - employee KENT Ash
11114107Ash St.HILLS Frank SonSM20Carpenter's apprentice - employee KENT Ash
11114107Ash St.HILLS Henry FatherWM84 KENT Ash
11114107Ash St.JONES - ?Lady HelpSF25domestic - employeeOXF Blackthorn
11114107Ash St.SOLLEY Harry BoarderSM15Grocer's apprentice - employee KENT Eastry
11114107Ash St.FITALL Beatrice M ServantSF18General servantKENT Copthorne
11215108Ash St.HILLS Henry HeadMM54Boot maker - employer KENT Ash
11215108Ash St.HILLS Mary A WifeMF50 KENT Ash
11215108Ash St.HILLS Florence DaughterSF19 KENT Ash
11215109Ash St.HOWARD Alfred HeadMM51Hotel keeper - employerKENT Westbere
11215109Ash St.HOWARD Selena A WifeMF45 WOR Alfrick
11215109Ash St.HOWARD Henry SonSM18Post man - employee LND Surr?
11215109Ash St.HOWARD William A SonSM16 WOR Witle
11215109Ash St.HOWARD Helen S DaughterSF10Scholar WOR Witle
11215109Ash St.HOWARD Herbert J SonSM8Scholar WOR Witle
11215109Ash St.HOWARD Amelia EDaughterSF3 KENT Ash
11215109Ash St.MARTIN JohnServantSM24Hostler - groom - employee KENTAsh?
11215110Ash St.POTTS Michael HeadMM35Blacksmith - employee KENT Ramsgate
11215110Ash St.POTTS Eliza WifeMF32 KENT Margate
11215111Ash St.DAVIS Thomas HeadMM46Police constable - employee KENT Harrietsham
11215111Ash St.DAVIS Elizabeth C WifeMF43 KENT Ash
11215111Ash St.DAVIS Susannah I ? DaughterSF15Dressmaker's apprentice - employee KENT Bridge? Initial
11215111Ash St.DAVIS TomSonSM14Baker's boy - employee KENT Bridge
11215111Ash St.DAVIS David D SonSM13ScholarKENT Bridge
11215111Ash St.DAVIS Elizabeth DaughterSF11ScholarKENT Bridge
11215111Ash St.DAVIS Constance DaughterSF9ScholarKENT Bekesbourne
11215111Ash St.DAVIS Ronald SonSM4 KENT Brenchle
11215112Ash St.EPPS Henry HeadMM50Brewer's labourer - employee KENT Margate
11215112Ash St.EPPS Eliza WifeMF48 KENT Kingsgate
11215112Ash St.EPPS George I. ? SonSM25Painter's labourer - employeeESS Harwich?
11215112Ash St.EPPS Susan DaughterSF20 KENT Margate
11215112Ash St.EPPS Alice L DaughterSF16 KENT
11215112Ash St.EPPS Henry SonSM15Farm labourer - employee KENT Sandwich
11215112Ash St.EPPS FredSonSM14Farm labourer - employeeKENT Ash
11215112Ash St.EPPS Elizabeth DaughterSF12ScholarKENT Ash
11215112Ash St.EPPS RuthDaughterSF7ScholarKENT Ash
11215113Ash St.BLUNT Owen HeadMM52Brewer's Engine Driver - employee KENT Horsmondon
11216113 cont'dAsh St.BLUNT Hannah WifeMF53 KENT Chart Sutton
11216113Ash St.BLUNT Theodore N SonSM13?Errand boy - employeeKENT Ash
11216113Ash St.REVELL Sidney H GrandsonSM2  KENT Dover
11216114Ash, Queen's Ct.BLUNT Herbert E HusbndMM24Brewer's Engine Driver - employee KENT Cranbrook?
11216114Ash, Queen's Ct.BLUNT Fanny WifeMF26 KENT Nonington
11216115Ash, Queen's Ct.KENNARD Ellen ? HeadSF36Dressmaker - working on own accountKENT Ash
11216115Ash, Queen's Ct.DENNIS MarySisterSF33Dressmaker - working on own account KENT Ashford
11216116Ash, Queen's Ct.SETTERFIELD George HeadMM52Brewer's labourer - employee KENT Ash
11216116Ash, Queen's Ct.SETTERFIELD Fanny ? WifeMF45 KENT Wingham
11216117Ash, Queen's Ct.BAILEY John A LodgerSM23Brewer's clerk, music teacher etc. - employeeSAL Upton Magna
11216118Ash, Queen's Ct.KING Edmund ? HeadMM36Engine driver - employee KENT Rochester
11216118Ash, Queen's Ct.KING Elizabeth M WifeMF40  KENT Dover
11216118Ash, Queen's Ct.JORDAN Thomas W BoarderSM23Bricklayer - employee KENT Deal
11216119Ash, Queen's Ct.BENSTON Dennis C? LodgerSM19Butcher - employeeDOR Blanford?
11216120Ash, Queen's Ct.BRISLEY Herbert HeadMM30Carpenter - employee KENT Ash
11216120Ash, Queen's Ct.BRISLEY Alice J WifeMF28 KENT Ash
11216121Ash, Queen's Ct.MULCAHY Denis BoarderSM29Inland Revenue Officer - employeeIRL -
11216122Ash, Queen's Ct.FORD John HeadMM26Market gardener - employeeLEI? -
11216122Ash, Queen's Ct.FORD Celia WifeMF21 KENT Whitstable
11216123Ash, Queen's Ct.KEMP Wallace HeadMM55Gardener - employee KENT Whitstable
11216123Ash, Queen's Ct.KEMP Sarah WifeMF56 KENT Seasalter
11216123Ash, Queen's Ct.KEMP Henry ? SonSM22Butcher - employee KENT Whitstable
11216123Ash, Queen's Ct.KEMP Shirley SonSM16  KENT Whitstable
11216124Ash, Queen's Ct.MAGERSON Charles HeadMM45Tailor's Cutter - employeeLAN Kirkham?
11216124Ash, Queen's Ct.MAGERSON Elizabeth WifeMF45 LAN Kirkham?
11216124Ash, Queen's Ct.MAGERSON Edith SisterSF30Principal of Boarding School - employerLAN Kirkham?
11216125Ash, Queen's Ct.HARPOLE Thomas HeadMM38Draper & outfitter - employer KENTenterden
11216125Ash, Queen's Ct.HARPOLE Lucy WifeMF37Draper & outfitter - employee KENT Ash
11216125Ash, Queen's Ct.HARPOLE Sidney B SonSM14ScholarKENT Ash
11216125Ash, Queen's Ct.HARPOLE Herbert C SonSM10ScholarKENT Ash
11216125Ash, Queen's Ct.WHITE Alice S BoarderSF23Dressmaker & Milliner - employee KENT Walmer
11317125 cont'dAsh, Queen's Ct.THORNE Marian ServantSF27General servantKENT Waldershare
11317126Ash St.CALENDAR Fred HeadMF24Baker's foreman - employee KENT Whitstable
11317126Ash St.CALENDAR Rhoda WifeMF26 SSX Brightling
11317126Ash St.CALENDAR Florence M DaughterSF3m? KENT Ash
11317127Ash St.CULVER Frances HeadWF56 KENT Woodnesboro'
11317127Ash St.CULVER JohnSonSM33Blacksmith - employee KENT Eastry
11317127Ash St.ROLFE AnnDaughterMF30 KENT Nonington
11317127Ash St.CULVER George SonSM20Blacksmith - employee KENT Ash
11317127Ash St.ROLFE Lillian GanddaughterSM7 KENT Ash
11317128Ash St.WEST George HeadMM58Saddler - employee KENT Ash
11317128Ash St.WEST Elizabeth WifeMF60 KENT Canterbury
11317129Ash St.COX Wm. F. A HeadSF22Head schoolmaster - employeeGLS Bristol, St. Lukes
11317129Ash St.COX Lillian F SisterSF26Head schoolmistress - employeeGLS Bristol, St. Lukes
11317129Ash St.BUDGETT Charles S Step-brotherSM10Scholar GLS St. George's Hill
11317130Ash St.MARSH Alfred HeadMM50?Labourer - employee KENT Ash
11317130Ash St.MARSH Fanny WifeMF40 KENT Ash
11317130Ash St.MARSH LilyDaughterSF7ScholarKENT Ash
11317130Ash St.MARSH Daisy DaughterSF6ScholarKENT Ash
11317131Ash St.BEERLING Henry HeadMM77Labourer - employee KENT Ash
11317131Ash St.BEERLING Hannah WifeMF74 KENT Ash
11317132Ash St.STONE Harriett HeadWF73 KENT Staple
11317133Ash St.NAYLOR JaneHeadWF76 KENT Ash
11317134Ash St.BRISLY James HeadMM57Builder - employer KENT Ash
11317134Ash St.BRISLY Elizabeth WifeMF59 KENT Eastry
11317134Ash St.BRISLY Walter J SonSM36Carpenter & joiner - employee KENT Ash
11317134Ash St.BRISLY Mary A DaughterSF26 KENT Ash
11317134Ash St.BRISLY Emily DaughterSF22 KENT Ash
11317134Ash St.BRISLY Millicent DaughterSF20 KENT Ash
11317135Ash St.V Enumerator entered "ABSENT" in name column       
11317136Ash St.MAPLE Edward I HeadMM21Gas Stoker - employee KENTAsh
11317136Ash St.MAPLE Mary A WifeMF22 KENT Sandwich
11318136 cont'dAsh St.MAPLE Edward J SonSM2 KENT Sandwich
11318136Ash St.MAPLE Infant SonSM5d KENT Ash
11318137AshSLADDEN Elizabeth ? HeadWF75Living on own meansKENT Eythorne
11318137AshSLADDEN Charlotte MDaughterSF41 KENT Ash
11318137AshMALLET Elizabeth J ServantSF20General servantKENT Ash
11318138AshHARRISON Sarah HeadWF59Dressmaker & shopkeeper - working on own account KENT Herne
11318138AshHARRISON Daniel GrandsonSM18Butcher's assistant - employee LND Chelsea
11318138AshROBERTS Althea H. VGranddaughterSF10Scholar NTH Peterboro'
11318138AshKNIGHT George T LodgerSM19?Groom - employee KENT Preston
11318139AshBRETT John HeadWM48Bricklayer & sweep - employer KENT Sandwich
11318140AshLEDNER John M ? HeadMM25?Bricklayer's labourer - employeeNFK Morston
11318140AshLEDNER Sarah A. EWifeMF35?  KENT Sandwich
11318140AshBRETT Walter W SonSM5 ? KENT Ash
11318141AshWHITTAKEREdward HeadMM28 KENT Nonington
11318141AshWHITTAKERHannah WifeMF26Brewer's labourer - employee KENT Nonington
11318141AshWHITTAKERCyril T SonSM2 KENT Ash
11318141AshWHITTAKEREdith M DaughterSF2m KENT Ash
11318141AshLAW George LodgerSM28Brewer's labourer - employee KENT Godmersham
11318142AshBOYS John HeadMM24?Brewer's labourer - employee KENT Deal
11318142AshBOYS Sarah A WifeMF26 KENT Northbourne
11318143AshKEMP David HeadMM38Shoemaker - employee KENT Northbourne
11318143AshKEMP Jane WifeMF39 KENT Monkton
11318143AshKEMP Florence A DaughterSF9ScholarKENT Ash
11318143AshKEMP Ellen DaughterSF8ScholarKENT Ash
11318143AshKEMP Herbert E SonSM5ScholarKENT Ash
11318143AshKEMP Emma M DaughterSF2 KENT Ash
11318144AshHORN Walter J HeadMM29Bricklayer & chimney sweep - employeeKENT Ickham
11318144AshHORN Fanny WifeMF32 KENT Ash
11318144AshHORN Ernest W SonSM5ScholarKENT Ash
11318145AshLETCHFORDJeremiah HeadMM48Brewer's labourer - employee KENT Hartley
11318145AshLETCHFORDHarriet WifeMF44 KENT Greenhithe
11419145 cont'dAshLETCHFORDEmily DaughterSF24 KENT Greenshot Green?
11419145AshLETCHFORDRuthDaughterSF15 KENT Ash
11419145AshLETCHFORDAnnie S DaughterSF13ScholarKENT Ash
11419145AshLETCHFORDAmelia DaughterSF11ScholarKENT Ash
11419145AshLETCHFORDLucy E DaughterSF8ScholarKENT Ash
11419145AshLETCHFORDRoseDaughterSF6ScholarKENT Ash
11419145AshLETCHFORDVictor SonSM3 KENT Ash
11419145AshLETCHFORDNaomi DaughterSF1 KENT Ash
11419145AshLETCHFORDRuth L GranddaughterSF1 KENT Eastry
11419146AshCRISP James N HeadMM58Pork Butcher - working on own account KENT Deal
11419146AshCRISP Frances WifeMF53 KENT Canterbury
11419146AshCRISP Ernest M SonSM20Printer - employee KENT Margate
11419147AshKNOTTS Edward HeadMM59Farm labourer - employee KENT Birchington
11419147AshKNOTTS Sarah F WifeMF53 KENT Barham
11419147AshKNOTTS Henry J SonSM15Farm servant KENT Ash
11419147AshKNOTTS Emma M ? DaughterSF12ScholarKENT Ash
11419147AshKNOTTS Alfred C SonSM8ScholarKENT Ash
11419148AshLOVE Henry J HeadMM28General labourerKENT Ash
11419148AshLOVE Elizabeth A WifeMF30 </