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St. Leonard Church at Deal, Kent, iImage Copyright Nick Smith licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License.
Deal, St. Leonard's Church

Deal - 1841 and 1851 Census

The information displayed here is from the former Deal and Walmer website
by the generous permission of Linda Corbett.

The following are all from the 1841 Census.

AddressSurnameGiven NameMale AgeFemale AgeOccupationBorn in Kent
Gravel Walk. page 3/22.FERRIERThomas40 Ag. lab.Y.
 FERRIERThomas20 Ag. lab.Y.
 FERRIERJohn14 Ag. lab.Y.
 FERRIERWilliam11 Ag. lab.Y.
West St. page 11.MINTERThomas70 Boat-builderY.
 MINTERMary 60 Y.
 HAYMANJohn35 Ag. lab.Y.
 HAYMANJohannah 20 Y.
Cottage Row. page 13.DOWLANDStephen30 StonemasonY.
 DOWLANDSarah 30 Y.
 DOWLANDEliz. 3 Y.
 DOWLANDWilliam2  Y.
Cottage Row.WILKINSGeorge25 TailorY.
 WILKINSEliz. 25 Y.
 WILKINSHenry1  Y.
Prospect Place.ALLENEliz. 35 Y.
 ALLENWilliam14  Y.
 CULLENAlice 20 Y.
Prospect Place.CRAWFORDMary 45LaundressY.
 GRAVESEliz. 30LaundressY.
 GRAVESEmily 7 Y.
 GRAVESEliza 2 Y.
Castle Row.BAKERThomas25 ShoemakerY.
 BAKERSarah 25 Y.
 BAKERSarah 5 Y.
 BAKERLucy 3 Y.
 BAKERLouisa 1 Y.
Lower St.PITTOCKGeorge50 TailorY.
 PITTOCKMary 50 N.
 PITTOCKWilliam TailorY.
 PITTOCKGeorge9  Y.
Lower St.PARKERDavid40 ButcherY.
 PARKERThomas15 ButcherY.
 PARKERGeorge12  Y.
 PARKERSophia 9 Y.
 PARKERJohn7  Y.
 PARKERMartha 70Inv.Y.
Lower St.HODGESJames25 BakerY.
 HODGESJane 25 Y.
 HODGESJames1  Y.
Middle St.MARSHDavid30 MarinerY.
 MARSHIsabel 30 Y.
 WILKINSThomas14  Y.
 SMITHMary 9 Y.
Middle St.BAKERJames50 PipemakerY.
 BAKERSarah 50 Y.
 BAKERHenry20 PipemakerY.
Middle St.PHILPOTTGeorge25 ShoemakerY.
 PHILPOTTGeorge18mth  Y.
Silver St.HAYWARDRichard50 MarinerY.
 HAYWARDMary 50 Y.
 HAYWARDRichard20 MarinerY.
 HAYWARDGeorge15  Y.
 HAYWARDCaroline  13 Y.
 HAYWARDRobert 9  Y.
Silver St.BROWNGeorge45 MarinerY.
 BROWNMary 35 Y.
 BROWNSusanna  6 Y.
 BROWNSarah 4 Y.
 BROWNCaroline  1 Y.

The following are all extracts from the 1851 Census.

AddressSurnameGiven NameRelation to HeadMarital StatusAgeOccupationWhere Born
8, Dolphin St.ERRIDGEWilliamHeadMar34MarinerDeal
 ERRIDGEElizabethWifeMar38 Deal
24, Brewer St.RALPHSSarahHeadWid61AnnuitantDeal
 BATESElizaG.DauU2 Deal
130, Middle St.WICKERSStephenHeadMar31LabourerDeal
 WICKERSSusannahWifeMar30 Deal
 BLISSENDENElizabethVisU20 Deal
2, Exchange St.FINNISGeorgeHeadMar32MarinerDeal
 FINNISJuliaWifeMar24 Deal
 FINNISGeorgeSonU4mth Deal
5, Robert St.LAMERTThomasHeadMar59Boat builderDeal
 LAMBERTAnnWifeMar61 Deal
69, Lower St.NEWTONMariaHeadWid46GrocerDeal
44, West St.BARNESJohnHeadMar50FishermanWalmer
 BARNESHarrietWifeMar46 Walmer
9. Coppin St.NICHOLASSZachariahHeadMar62MarinerDeal
 NICHOLASSHannahWifeMar65 Deal