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Cudham Church
St. Peter & St. Paul
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Cudham 1891 Census

Source The National Archives call number RG12/631.
Transcribed by Adrian Furminger.
  Has not been proofread beyond correcting some immediately apparent errors.
32131Grub Ground DougalMarmaduke Thompson Head Marr37 DUB
3213   DougalAdalaide Wife Marr39 COR
32132Grub Ground Smith Herbert Head Marr37 Cudham, Kent
3213   Smith Fanny Wife Marr35 Cudham, Kent
3213   Smith Frederick Albert Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
3213   Smith Ernest Reuben Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
3213   Smith Ellen Jane Daughter Single4 Cudham, Kent
3213   Field Alfred Lodger Single25 Tatsfield, Surrey
32133Grub Ground Blundell William Head Marr36 Cudham, Kent
3213   Blundell Clara Wife Marr31 Sternfield, Suffolk
3213   Blundell Beatrice Ellen Daughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
32134Brickyard Farm Blake William George Head Marr53 Orpington, Kent
3213   Blake Mary Jane Wife Marr47 Bath, Somerset
3213   Blake Selina Annie Daughter Single13 Cudham, Kent
3213   Francis Louisa Visitor Single16Elmers End, Kent
3213   Rose Emma Visitor Single13 Wandsworth, London
3213   Johnson James Farm-ServantSingle50 Berkshire
32135Grub Ground Thompson Henry Samuel Head Marr45 Farnborough, Kent
3213   Thompson Isabelle Wife Marr41 Brasted, Kent
3213   Thompson Samuel Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
3213   Thompson Alfred Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
3213   Thompson Walter Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
3213   Thompson Emma Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
3213   Thompson Lilian May Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
3213   Thompson Albert Edward Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
32136Old Harrow Burkin Henry Head Marr73 Cudham, Kent
3213  BurkinSophiaWifeMarr72 Cudham, Kent
3213   Burkin Emily Granddaughter Single13 Cudham, Kent
32137Old Harrow Cowland John Henry Head Marr45 Cudham, Kent
3213   Cowland Alice Wife Marr43 Cudham, Kent
3223   Cowland Alice Elizabeth Daughter Single19 Cudham, Kent
3223   Cowland Herbert George Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
3223   Cowland Lilian Emma Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
322381 Cherry Cottage Drew John Thomas Head Marr29 Cudham, Kent
3223   Drew Mary Ann Wife Marr28 Cudham, Kent
3223   Drew Arthur John Son Single0 Cudham, Kent
3223   Dubery Georgina Servant Single14 Cudham, Kent
322392 Cherry Cottage Drew George Amos Head Marr31 Cudham, Kent
3223   Drew Elizabeth Wife Marr32 Cowden, Kent
3223   Drew George Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
3223   Drew Charles Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
3223   Drew Frederick Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
3223   Drew Walter Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
322310Grub Ground Stiles Annie Head Single20 East Malling, Kent
322311Grub Ground Devine William Head Marr33 Cudham, Kent
3223   Devine Eliza Wife Marr30 Cudham, Kent
3223   Devine David Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
3223   Lettington Mary Ann Mother Widow64 Tatsfield, Surrey
3223   Lettington Emily Sister Single22 Cudham, Kent
322312Grub Ground Thompson William Head Marr36 Farnborough, Kent
3223   Thompson Eliza Wife Marr20 Cudham, Kent
3223   Thompson Louise Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
3223   Thompson Matilda Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
3223   Thompson Clive Norah Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
322313Jail Lane Burkin Michael Head Marr38 Cudham, Kent
3223   Burkin Minnie Wife Marr36 Down, Kent
3223   Burkin Edmund Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
3223   Burkin Jessie Son Single12 Cudham, Kent
3223   Burkin Harry Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
3223   Burkin Frank Son Single4 Whetstone, Middlesex
3234   Burkin Kate Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
3234   Burkin Louisa Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
3234   SmithEdmund Father-in-law widower71 Chelsfield, Kent
323414Jail Lane Yeates Albert Head Marr51 Shoreham, Kent
3234   Yeates Mary Ann Wife Marr51 Shoreham, Kent
3234   Yeates Trevor Gilbert Son Single21 Cudham, Kent
3234   Yeates Nellie Agnes Daughter Single18 Cudha m, Kent
3234   Yeates William Templar Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
3234   Yeates Annie Ethel Daughter Single13 Cudham, Kent
323415School House Crooks Esther Head Widow65 Great Horsley, Essex
3234   Crooks Walter Son Single25 Lexden, Essex
3234   Crooks Blanche Esther Daughter Single27 Lexden, Essex
323416Jail Lane Tipping John Head Marr72 Cudham, Kent
3234   Tipping Sarah Wife Marr68 Lewes, Sussex
3234   Tipping Samuel Son Single30 Cudham, Kent
3234   Tipping George Wm Grandson Single23 Cudham, Kent
323417Rose Cottage, Jail Lane Burkin James Head Marr70 Cudham, Kent
3234   Burkin Mary Wife Marr67 Cudham, Kent
3234   Burkin Rhoda Daughter Single26 Cudham, Kent
3234   Burkin Gertrude Granddaughter Single6 Sydenham, Kent
323418Jail Lane Jackson Richard Head Marr57 Cudham, Kent
3234   Jackson Ellen Wife Marr40 Southwark, London
3234   Jackson Amy Daughter Single25 Cudham, Kent
3234   Jackson Esther Daughter Single12 Southwark, London
3234   Jackson Ellen Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
3234   Jackson Richard Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
3234   Jackson David Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
323419Jail Lane Packman Samuel Head Marr62 Bromley, Kent
3234   Packman Julia Wife Marr47 Putney, Middlesex
3234   Packman Annie Sophia Daughter Single23 Cudham, Kent
3244   Packman George Herbert Son Single22 Cudham, Kent
3244   Packman Hedley James Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
324420Jail Lane Crittell George Head Marr40 Edenbridge, Kent
3244   Crittell Caroline Wife Marr40 Cudham, Kent
3244   Crittell Amelia Daughter Single15 Cudham, Kent
3244   Crittell Fredrick Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
3244   Crittell George Son Single12 Cudham, Kent
3244   Crittell Mary Ann Daughter Single9 Cudham, Kent
3244   Crittell Archibald Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
3244   Crittell Caroline Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
3244   Crittell Frank Gordan Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
3244   Crittell Flossie May Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
324421Jail Lane Burkin Henry George Head Marr43 Cudham, Kent
3244   Burkin Eleanor Jane Wife Marr44 Hayes, Kent
3244   Burkin Fanny Jemima Daughter  20 Cudham, Kent
3244   Burkin Rose Daughter Single16 Cudham, Kent
3244   Burkin Henry George Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
3244   Burkin Ester Lousia Daughter Single11 Cudham, Kent
3244   Burkin Bertha Hurley Daughter Single9 Cudham, Kent
3244   Burkin Elizabeth Jane Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
324422Jail Lane Skinner Eliza Mother Widow79 Nutfield, Surrey
3244   Burkin Arthur Son Marr52 Godstone, Surrey
3244   Burkin Henry Son Single46 Godstone, Surrey
324423Old Jail Lane Markham Mary Ann Head Widow59 London
3244   Markham Arthur Son Single25 Cudham, Kent
3244   Markham Clara Daughter Single15 Cudham, Kent
324424Jail Lane Elliott Robert Head Marr42 Cudham, Kent
3244   Elliott Mary Ann Wife Marr41 Cudham, Kent
3244   Elliott Thomas Son Single16 Cudham, Kent
3244   Elliott Jemima Daughter Single14 Cudham, Kent
3255   Elliott Annie Daughter Single11 Cudham, Kent
3255   Elliott Robert Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
3255   Elliott Emma Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
3255   Elliott Mary Ann Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
3255   Elliott Rebecca Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
325525Coslan's, Jail Lane Bigley Susanah Head Widow72 Warlingham, Surrey
325526Coslan's, Jail Lane Dewberry John Head Marr67 Cudham, Kent
3255   Dewberry Mary Wife Marr55 IRL
3255   Dewberry William Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
325527Coslan's Farm Wallis William Head Marr69 Oxted, Surrey
3255   Wallis Jane Wife Marr49 Chelsfield, Kent
3255   Wallis William Sawyer Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
3255   Wallis Norman Son Single12 Cudham, Kent
3255   Wallis Bertram Stanley Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
3255   Brinn Eunice Jane Stepdaughter Single19 Down, Kent
3255   Brinn Annie Mary Stepdaughter Single16 Down, Kent
3255   Davies Crithbeth Nephew Single9 Bromley, Kent
3255   Lettington Georgen/sSingle50 Cudham, Kent
325528Biggin Hill Borer Simeon Head Marr42 Cudham, Kent
3255   Borer Jemima Caroline Wife Marr38 Hollingbourne, Kent
3255   Borer Caroline Elizabeth Daughter Single15 Down, Kent
3255   Borer Edward Simeon Son Single13 Mitcham, Surrey
3255   Borer Henrietta Agnes Daughter Single11 Cudham, Kent
3255   Borer Emma Sarah Daughter Single9 Cudham, Kent
3255   Borer Richard John Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
3255   Borer Frank William Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
3255   Borer Hannah Selina Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
3255   Borer Henry George Son Single0 Cudham, Kent
325529Coslan's Cottage Packman Albert Head Marr36 Cudham, Kent
3255   Packman Ellen Wife Marr38 Limpsfield, Surrey
3265   Packman Eleanor Daughter Single9 Down, Kent
3265   Packman Albert Edward Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
3265   Packman Emily Maria Daughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
3265  Smither Reuben Lodger Single26 Cudham, Kent
326530Coslan's Cottage Marchant Jesse Head Marr48 Camberwell, London
3265   Marchant Annie Wife Marr49 Cudham, Kent
3265   Marchant Edith Daughter Single24 Cudham, Kent
3265   Marchant Fanny Daughter Single18 Cudham, Kent
3265   Marchant William Son Single16 Cudham, Kent
3265   Marchant Emily Daughter Single14 Cudham, Kent
326531Fern Cottage Smither Charles Head Marr35 Edenbridge, Kent
3265   Smither Annie Wife Marr28 London
326532n/s Field Thomas Head Marr28 Worlingham, Surrey
3265   Field Slenus Wife Marr26 Hampton, Middlesex
3265  Goray Edward Boarder Single45Donhead, Wiltshire
3265   Haines Charles Boarder Single45 Exton, Devon
326533Cudham Lodge Jessup John Head Marr52 Otford, Kent
3265   Jessup Sarah Wife Marr54 Dedham, Essex
3265   Jessup John Son Single26 Knockholt, Kent
3265   Jessup George Son Single24 Westerham, Kent
3265   Jessup Sarah Daughter Single22 Brasted, Kent
3265   Jessup Elizabeth Daughter Single20 Brasted, Kent
3265   Jessup Robert Son Single16 Brasted, Kent
3265   Jessup Emma Daughter Single14 Brasted, Kent
3265   Jessup Annie Daughter Single12 Brasted, Kent
3265   Turner John Servant Single66 Brasted, Essex
326534Cudham Lodge Cottages Sayers William Henry Head Marr46 Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
3265   Sayers Sarah Jane Wife Marr44 Horsham, Sussex
3265   Beadle George Lodger Single19 Knockholt, Kent
3265   Payner GeorgeNurse ChildSingle2 London
3276   Sutherland Robert Gardiner Nurse Child Single0 London
327635Cudham Lodge Cottages Thompson Horrace Head Marr31 Cudham, Kent
3276   Thompson Margaret Wife Marr33 Ealing
3276   Thompson Margaret Daughter Single9 Down, Kent
3276   Thompson Horrace Son Single6 Down, Kent
3276   Thompson Edith Daughter Single4 Cudham, Kent
3276   Thompson Sarah Elizabeth Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
327636Cudham Lodge Cottages Gibbs George Head Marr46 Croydon, Surrey
3276   Gibbs Martha Wife Marr40 Colchester, Essex
3276   Gibbs John Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
3276   Gibbs Sarah Daughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
3276   Gibbs Alfred Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
3276   Gibbs Alice Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
327637Cudham Lodge Cottages Nevard John Head Marr48 Dedham, Essex
3276   Nevard Elizabeth Wife Marr47 Woolwich, Kent
3276   Nevard John W Son Single24 Woolwich, Kent
3276   Nevard Albert Son Single17Plumstead, Kent
3276   Nevard James Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
3276   Nevard Ada Daughter Single11 Cudham, Kent
3276   Nevard Fredrick Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
3276   Nevard Earnest Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
3276   Nevard Percy Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
327638Old Forge HouseAllenEliza Wife Marr42 Westerham, Kent
3276  JacksonAlfred Son Single21 Cudham, Kent
3276  JacksonCarry Daughter Single17 Keston, Kent
3276  JacksonFanny Daughter Single12 Cudham, Kent
3276  JacksonAnnie Daughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
3276  AllenLilly Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
3276   Hilder Esther Boarder Single10 Wallsend, Sussex
3276   Hilder Rose Boarder Single11 Wallsend, Sussex
3276   Hilder Ellen Boarder Single17 Eastbourne, Sussex
3286 Old Forge Cottage Uninhabited    
328640Old Forge Cottage Singleton Nehemiah Head Marr66Donhead, Wiltshire
3286   Singleton Annora Wife Marr50Donerile, Ireland
3286   Singleton John Son Single29 Tatsfield, Surrey
3286   Singleton James Son Single10 Kent, cudham
3286   Singleton Julia Daughter Single15 Kent, cudham
328641Crown's Ash Ashley Joseph Head Marr52 South Ferriby, Lincolnshire
3286   Ashley Jane Wife Marr48 Therfield, Hertfordshire
3286  Ashley Emma Jane L. Daughter Single16Selhurst, Croydon, Surrey
328642Salt Box Prince Waller W. D. Head Marr56 Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
3286   Prince Eliza Emma Wife Marr43 Camberwell, Surrey
3286   Prince Lillian B. D. Daughter Single5Westminster
3286   Stephens Sarah Jane Servant Single15 Bromley, Kent
3286   Giles Charles V. Servant Single20Uxfield, Kent
328643King's Arms Horwood John Head Marr67 Raddington, Middlesex
3286   Horwood Elizabeth Wife Marr46 Milton, Berkshire
3286   Horwood Walter Son Single16 Farnborough, Kent
3286   Horwood Fredrick Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
3286   Horwood Elizabeth Niece Single7Mincing Lane, London
328644Leaves Green Veness Joseph John Head Marr54 Dallington, Sussex
3286   Veness Naomi Wife Marr50 Fakenham, Kent
3286   Veness Alice E Daughter Single10 Croydon, Surrey
328645Leaves Green Cowlard George Head Marr36 Cudham, Kent
3286   Cowlard Sarah Eliza Wife Marr30 Chelsham, Surrey
3286   Cowlard Alice Eleanor Daughter Single8 Cudham, Kent
3286   Cowlard Caroline Ada Daughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
3286   Cowlard George Thomas Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
3286   Cowlard James W Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
3286   Cowlard Fanny Emily Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
328646Leaves Green Weller William Head Marr65 Worlingham, Surrey
3286   Weller Caroline Wife Marr75 Hever, Kent
3297   French LouisaNurse Single60 Camberwell, Kent
329747Leaves Green FriendAlfred Head Marr33 Westerham, Kent
3297   FriendTrosey Jane Wife Marr31 Knockholt, Kent
3297   FriendHorrace A T Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
3297   FriendAmose J Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
3297   FriendAlfred C G Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
3297   FriendStanley W P Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
3297   FriendMay F A Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
3297   FriendBertram L S Son Single11 mn Cudham, Kent
329748Leaves Green Wheatley Richard Head Marr55 Greenwich, Kent
3297   Wheatley Fanny Wife Marr67Stringhol, Yorkshire
3297   Wheatley Maria Daughter Single27 Cudham, Kent
3297   Blake Annie Servant Single17 Shoreham, Kent
3297   Killick Emily Servant Single16 Chelsham, Surrey
3297   Hossell John Farm Servant Single32 Truro, Cornwall
3297   Gray Aruth EFarm Servant Single23 Cudham, Kent
3297   FreemanJamesFarm Servant Single57 Worlingham, Surrey
3297   WixxHenry Farm Servant Single38Lawrence Walham, Berkshire
3297   Hodgkin AlfredFarm Servant Single30 Brenchley, Kent
3297   Ridley RobertFarm Servant Single32Selsdon, Surrey
3297   HobdenWilliamFarm Servant Single65Marden Park, Surrey
3297   Maynard Henry Farm Servant Single30 East Grinstead, Surrey
3297   Curlis GeorgeFarm Servant Single30 Newark, Sussex
329749Leaves Green Pring William H Head Marr24 Cudham, Kent
3297   Pring Louisa E Wife Marr20 Down, Kent
3297   Pring John Father Marr69 Westerham, Kent
3297   Pring Ada Caroline Daughter Single1 Cudham, Kent
3297   Pring Henry James Brother Single21 Cudham, Kent
329750Leaves Green Harding Alfred Head Marr46 Keston, Kent
3297   Harding Charlotte Wife Marr38 Westerham, Kent
3297   Harding Alfred Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
32107   Harding George Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
32107   Harding Maud Daughter Single12 Cudham, Kent
32107   Harding Jessie Daughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
32107   Harding Emma Daughter Single8 Cudham, Kent
32107   Harding Henry Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
32107   Harding Frank Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
32107   Harding Charlotte Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
32107   Harding Annie Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
3210751Leaves Green Collins George Head Marr50 Aldingbourne, Sussex
32107   Collins Ellen Wife Marr48 Woolbeding, Sussex
32107   Collins Walter G Son Single23 Aldingbourne, Sussex
32107   Collins Aruther J Son Single17 Aldingbourne, Sussex
32107   Collins Frederick W Son Single16 Aldingbourne, Sussex
32107   Collins Archabald C Son Single14 Aldingbourne, Sussex
32107   Collins Mary E Daughter Single12 West Dean, Sussex
32107   Collins Emily M Daughter Single10 West Thorney, Sussex
32107   Collins Amelia C Daughter Single8 Sullington, Sussex
32107   Collins Alfred T Son Single6Temlington, Sussex
32107   Uninhabited    
3210753Leaves Green Cox James Head Marr60 Inkpen, Berkshire
32107   Cox Ellen Wife Marr57 Chelsham, Surrey
3210754Leaves Green Skinner George Head Single38 Cudham, Kent
32107   Skinner Emily Mother Widow61 Cudham, Kent
32107   Skinner Thomas Son Single31 Cudham, Kent
32107   Skinner Elizabeth Daughter Single23 Cudham, Kent
32107   Skinner Fredrick Son Single17 Cudham, Kent
32107   Skinner Florance W Granddaughter Single8 Cudham, Kent
3210755Leaves GreenBeadleEliza Wife Marr75 Cudham, Kent
32107  BeadleJames n/sWidower32 Cudham, Kent
32107  BeadleFrederick Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
3211856Leaves Green Gardener Harriot Head Widow64 Milton, Berkshire
32118   Elbourn Sarah Boarder Single9Clerkenwell, London
3211857Leaves Green Eagleton Eliza Head Widow60 Milton, Berkshire
32118   Sligwood John Boarder Single61 Cambridgeshire
32118   Elbourne Charles Boarder Single41 Buckinghamshire
3211858Leaves GreenWoodEmily M Wife Marr35 Worlingham, Surrey
32118  WoodWilliam G Son Single2 Forest Hill, Kent
3211859Leaves Green Standing James Head Marr58 Tunbridge, Surrey
32118   Standing Sarah Wife Marr55 Barking, Surrey
32118   Standing Lousia A Daughter Single32 Cudham, Surrey
32118  Footman William Servant Single18Hornsey Road, London
3211860Leaves Green Thompson Samuel Head Marr34 Farnborough, Kent
32118   Thompson Sophy Wife Marr30 Cudham, Kent
32118   Thompson Martha S Daughter Single12 Cudham, Kent
32118   Thompson William F Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
32118   Thompson Maud M Daughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
32118   Thompson Frederick S Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
32118   Thompson George H Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
3211861Leaves Green Uninhabited    
3211862Leaves Green Gray Thomas Head Marr62 Holtby, Yorkshire
32118   Gray Ann Wife Marr62 Yorkshire
3211863Leaves Green Potter James Head Marr24 Keston, Kent
32118   Potter Clara Wife Marr25 Orpington, Kent
32118   Potter Ellen C Daughter Single1 Down, Kent
32118   Potter Easter F Daughter Single0 Keston, Kent
32118   Potter William Brother Single26 Keston, Kent
3211864Ashmore House Taylor Richard Head Marr58 London
32118   Taylor Emily Wife Marr64 Hayes, Kent
32118   King Mary Ann Servant Single20 Addington, Surrey
32118   White William Servant Single24 Richmond, Surrey
3212865Leaves Green Hill William Head Marr31 Walkern, Herefordshire
32128   Hill Ellen Wife Marr38 Baldock, Herefordshire
32128   Hill Gertrude Daughter Single9 Clapton, London
32128   Hill Frances Daughter Single8 Clapton, London
32128   Coombes Jane Visitor Single18Highfield Bavin, Wiltshire
3212866Higham's Hill Saunders Charles Head Marr46Risbrough, Buckinghamshire
32128   Saunders Amy Wife Marr45 Orpington, Kent
32128   Saunders Lucy E Daughter Single15 Chelsham, Surrey
32128   Saunders Charles W Son Single10 Surrey, Surrey
32128   Saunders Henry G Son Single11 Eynsford, Kent
32128   Saunders Thomas H Son Single9 Chelsham, Surrey
32128   Saunders Burnard A Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
32128   Saunders Walter J Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
32128   Saunders Robert B Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
3212867Higham's Hill Bond Joseph Head Marr49 Richmond, Surrey
32128   Bond Rosetta Wife Marr45Avley, Essex
32128   Bond Earnest Son Single18 Wandsworth, Surrey
32128   Bond Sidney Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
3212868n/s Mansfield George J Head Marr54St Peters, Hertfordshire
32128   Mansfield Susan Wife Marr45 Brighton, Sussex
32128   Mansfield Arthur Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
32128   Mansfield Buth Daughter Single13 Cudham, Kent
32128   Mansfield George Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
32128   Mansfield Earnest J Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
32128   Mansfield Walter Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
32128   Mansfield Alan W Son Single8 mn Cudham, Kent
3212869Fairchild's CottageFairbrassEleanor Wife Marr46 London
32128  FairbrassEmily Daughter Single14 Cudham, Kent
32128  FairbrassDinah Daughter Single11 Cudham, Kent
32128  FairbrassJames Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
32128  FairbrassCharles Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
3213970Fairchild's School Hallahan Jane E Head Single34 St Georges
32139  Birch Catherine A Boarder Single31 Pimlico, London
3213971Fairchild's CottageLawrence Isaac Head Marr75 Baydon, Wiltshire
32139  Lawrence Phebe Wife Marr73 Chelsham, Surrey
3213972Fairchild's Cottage Young Charles Head Marr71 Cudham, Kent
32139   Young Sarah Wife Marr70 Essex, Essex
3213973Blackman's Jenner William Head Marr53 Cudham, Kent
32139   Jenner Jane Wife Marr47 Brasted, Kent
32139   Jenner Arthur Son Single18 Cudham, Kent
32139   Jenner Sophia Daughter Single14 Woodmansterne, Surrey
32139   Jenner Eliza Daughter Single12 Cudham, Kent
32139   Jenner Ada Daughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
3213974Blackman's Richards Henry T Head Marr32 Cudham, Kent
32139   Richards Annie M Wife Marr25Maidenham, Buckinghamshire
32139   Richards George E Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
3213975Blackman'sShrub John Head Marr62 Ide Hill, Kent
32139  Shrub Elona Wife Marr63 Bromley, Kent
32139  WaltonGeorge Son Single26 Cudham, Kent
32139  WaltonCharles Son Single21 Cudham, Kent
32139  BottingCaroline Boarder Single12 Croydon, Surrey
32139  BottingGeorge Boarder Single7 Croydon, Surrey
3213976Blackman's Lock William Head Marr54 Chelsham, Surrey
32139   Lock Sarah Wife Marr50 Brasted, Kent
3213977Blackman's Ferguson John Head Marr53 Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire
32139   Ferguson Ellen Wife Marr51County Corke, Ireland
32139   Ferguson James Son Single14 Keston, Kent
32139   Ferguson Hannah Daughter Single19 Addington, Surrey
32139   Williamson Esther Daughter Marr24 Croydon, Surrey
32139   Williamson William Son-in-law Marr24Lynn, Norfolk
32139   Williamson William J Grandson Single0 Cudham, Kent
3214978Blackman's Heffer Roberts Head Marr35Blumbell Hill, Kent
32149   Heffer Emma Wife Marr24 Godstone, Surrey
32149   Heffer Robert Son Single0 Cudham, Kent
3214979Blackman's Lee Edmond Head Marr44 Cudham, Kent
32149   Lee Sophia Wife Marr38 Chelsham, Surrey
32149   Lee George Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
32149   Lee Waller Son Single14 Tatsfield, Surrey
32149   Lee Jesse Son Single11 Cudham, Kent
32149   Lee Alice A Daughter Single8 Cudham, Kent
32149   Jupp Annie Sister Single34 Chelsham, Surrey
3214980Skid Hill Chitty Harriett Head Widow52 West Wickham, Kent
32149   Chitty Thomas Son Single33 Warlingham, Surrey
32149   Chitty Charles Son Single23 Warlingham, Surrey
32149   Chitty Mercy Daughter Single19 Warlingham, Surrey
32149   Beagley Edmond Servant Single58 Tatsfield, Surrey
32149   Dimick Alfred Servant Single62 Oxted, Surrey
32149   Boltright William Lodger Single50 Shirley, Surrey
32149   Smith William Lodger Single66Croydon, Surrey
3214981  Uninhabited    
3214982Norrhead's Cottage Hallson Andrew Head Marr48 Broadwinsor, Dorset
32149   Hallson Ann Wife Marr45 Broadwinsor, Dorset
32149   Hallson Caroline Daughter Single22Silverdoel, Staffordshire
32149   Hallson Andrew Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
32149   Hallson Robert Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
32149   Hallson Edith Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
32149   Hallson William Son Single0 Cudham, Kent
3214983Norrhead's Cottage Hayes Horrace Head Marr54 Cudham, Kent
32149   Hayes Emma Wife Marr45 Cudham, Kent
32149   Hayes George W Son Single14 Tunbridge, Kent
32149   Hayes Frederick J Son Single12 Leigh, Kent
32149   Hayes Alice J Daughter Single6Chevening, Kent
32151084Norrhead's Cottage Fleming William Head Marr59 Down, Kent
321510   Fleming Emma Wife Marr60 St Mary Cray, Kent
321510   Wallis Henry Lodger Marr59 St Mary Cray, Kent
321510   Swift Waller Lodger Single40 Cudham, Kent
32151085Norrhead's Cottage Beagley George J Head Marr28 Cudham, Kent
321510   Beagley Mary J Wife Marr26 Cudham, Kent
321510   Beagley Sarah J Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
321510   Beagley Lilian B Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
321510   Beagley Alfred G Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
321510   Sayers William Lodger Single19 Haywards Heath, Sussex
32151086Norrhead's Farm Bacholar David Head Marr56 Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire
321510   Bacholar Charlotte Wife Marr53Dagnall, Berkshire
321510   Bacholar Ada Daughter Single20 Cudham, Kent
321510   Bacholar George Son Single18 Cudham, Kent
321510   Bacholar David Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
32151087Bottom Barn Lee James W Head Marr27 Cudham, Kent
321510   Lee Agnes M Wife Marr24 Brasted, Kent
321510   Lee Ellen A Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
321510   Lee Alice M Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
32151088Bottom Barn Charmon Henry Head Marr68 Horsham, Surrey
321510   Charmon Eliza Wife Marr61 Cudham, Kent
321510   Richardson William Lodger Single18 Cudham, Kent
32151089Aperfield Lodge Mottram Thomas Head Marr57 Woolton, Lancashire
321510   Mottram Mary A Wife Marr51 Pewsey, Wiltshire
321510   Mottram Elizabeth Daughter Single24 Cudham, Kent
321510   Mottram William Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
32151090London RoadLewis Sopie Head Widow67 Cudham, Kent
32151091Aperfield Cottage Dye William Head Marr39Tythenn, Kent
321510   Dye Rosseller Wife Marr31 Cudham, Kent
321510   Dye William Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
321510   Dye George Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
321610   Dye Lilly Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
321610   Dye Mable Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
321610   Dye Annie Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
321610   Dye Fredrick Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
321610   Lee John Lodger Single36 Cudham, Kent
32161092Aperfield Cottage Strood Charles Head Marr37Eastry, Kent
321610   Strood Clara Wife Marr34 Hunmanby, Yorkshire
321610   Strood Charles W Son Single4 Sevenoaks, Kent
321610   Strood Elsie M Daughter Single2 Sevenoaks, Kent
32161093Biggin Hill, Mead HouseTremainJohn Head Marr59 Cudham, Kent
321610  TremainAnn Wife Marr56 Godstone, Surrey
321610  TremainJohn Son Single25 Cudham, Kent
321610  TremainAlbert Son Single20 Cudham, Kent
321610  TremainEdith Daughter Single18 Cudham, Kent
321610  TremainArthur Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
32161094Black Horse Inn Whiting George Head Marr76 Beeford, Yorkshire
321610   Whiting Mary Wife Marr49 Withernwick, Yorkshire
321610   Whiting Lizzie E Daughter Single34 Bempton, Yorkshire
32161095Biggin Hill Batchler Christopher Head Marr35Frisdon, Sussex
321610   Batchler Mary Wife Marr40 Penryn, Cornwall
321610   Batchler William Son Single6 Lee, Kent
321610   Pearson Henry Boarder Single52Tudely, Kent
32161096Biggin HillTwindell Mary Ann Head Widow69 Cudham, Kent
321610   Wallis Thomas Boarder Single63 Oxted, Surrey
32161097Biggin Hill Day Jane Head Widow66 Malmesbury, Wiltshire
321610   Day Robert Son Single26 Cudham, Kent
32161098Darlington Cottage Hallam William Head Marr35Pimlico, London
321610   Hallam Amy J Wife Marr26 Cudham, Kent
321610   Hallam Lily Daughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
321610   Hallam William Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
321610   Hallam Gertrude Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
321711   Hallam John D Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
321711  AbrahamWilliam Uncle Widower70 Devizes, Wiltshire
321711   Clarke Louisa Half-Sister Single13 Cudham, Kent
32171199Lustead Farm Francis Frank Head Marr62 Cornwall, Worcestershire
321711   Francis Anne Wife Marr65 Denny, Somerset
321711   Risby Fredrick Lodger Single27 Farnham, Suffolk
321711100Mill House, London Road Blake George Head Marr45 Cudham, Kent
321711   Blake Maria Wife Marr44Pewsy, Wiltshire
321711   Blake Alfred Son Single19 Shirley, Surrey
321711   Blake George Son Single17 Addington, Surrey
321711   Blake William Son Single15 Addington, Surrey
321711   Blake James Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
321711   Blake Richard Son Single12 Cudham, Kent
321711   Blake Fredrick Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
321711   Blake Percy Son Single6 Cudham, Kent
321711   Blake Lenard Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
321711101London Road Coulton Sarah Lodger Widow45Bowden Hill, Wiltshire
321711102London Road Iverson John Head Marr59 Warlingham, Surrey
321711   Iverson Sophia Wife Marr58 Knockholt, Kent
321711   Iverson Alfred WStepsonSingle23 Cudham, Kent
321711   Iverson JessieStepsonSingle20 Farnborough, Kent
321711   Iverson Edwin J Stepson Single18 Cudham, Kent
321711103Aperfield Lodge Lettington Alfred Head Marr34 Cudham, Kent
321711   Lettington Matilda Wife Marr32 Cudham, Kent
321711104London Road Fosler William Head Marr45 Tonbridge, Kent
321711   Fosler Eliza Wife Marr44Tudeley, Kent
321711   Jenner Isabel Grandchild Single3 Croydon, Surrey
321711105London Road Blake Albert Head Marr32 Cudham, Kent
321711   Blake Isabella Wife Marr31 Cudham, Kent
321711   Blake Esther Daughter Single6Downe, Kent
321711   Blake Annie Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
321811   Blake Albert Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
321811   Blake William Son Single6 mn Cudham, Kent
321811106Pimlico Cottage Roffey Amos G Head Marr25 Westerham, Kent
321811   Roffey Catherine M Wife Marr30 Cudham, Kent
321811   Roffey Amos T A Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
321811   Roffey Grace C Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
321811107London Road Lee William Head Widower51 Cudham, Kent
321811   Lee William Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
321811   Lee Alfred Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
321811108London Road Jackson Thomas Head Marr35 Cudham, Kent
321811   Jackson Sophie Wife Marr33 Chiselhurst, Kent
321811   Jackson Robin Son Single8 mn Tunbridge Wells, Kent
321811109Westerham Hill Tapsell Henry Head Marr59 Cudham, Kent
321811   Tapsell Sarah Wife Marr71 Cudham, Kent
321811   Lee Albert Lodger Single34 Cudham, Kent
321811   Lee Edmond Lodger Single24 Cudham, Kent
321811   Paice Emily Niece Single14 Sevenoaks, Kent
321811110Westerham Hill Collins William Head Marr42 Cudham, Kent
321811   Collins Lucy Wife Marr39 Cudham, Kent
321811   Collins Ada Daughter Single16 Cudham, Kent
321811   Collins Nellie Daughter Single13 Cudham, Kent
321811   Collins Percy Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
321811   Collins William Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
321811   Lee Bertramn/sSingle7 mn Cudham, Kent
321811  Lettington George Lodger Single28 Cudham, Kent
321811111Westerham Hill Beadle William Head Marr43 Cudham, Kent
321811   Beadle Elizabeth Wife Marr42 Cudham, Kent
321811   Beadle Elizabeth Daughter Single15 Westerham, Kent
321811   Beadle Olivia Daughter Single14 Cudham, Kent
321811   Beadle William Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
321811   Beadle May Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
321912   Beadle Rupert Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
321912112No 1, Salubrous Grange Gillett William Head Marr46 Selling, Kent
321912   Gillett Mary A Wife Marr38 Cowden, Kent
321912113South Street Batchelor George Head Marr30 Limpsfield, Surrey
321912   Batchelor Rebecca T Wife Marr27 Cudham, Kent
321912   Batchelor George Son Single0 Cudham, Kent
321912114South Street Lettington William Head Widower60 Cudham, Kent
321912   Lettington Henry Son Marr24 Cudham, Kent
321912   Lettington Kate E Daughter-in-lawMarr20 Cudham, Kent
321912115South Street Wallis George Head Marr50Oxted, Surrey
321912   Wallis Caroline Wife Marr49 Cudham, Kent
321912   Wallis Mary E Daughter Single23 Keston, Kent
321912   Elbourne James Boarder Single11 St Pancras, London
321912   Elliott William C Boarder Single10 Croydon, Surrey
321912116South Street Ansell George Head Single48 Cudham, Kent
321912   Ansell Emily Sister Single46 Cudham, Kent
321912   Ansell Henry Brother Single39 Cudham, Kent
321912   Ansell Reuben Brother Single32 Cudham, Kent
321912117South Street Thomson John D Head Marr44 Morden, Surrey
321912   Thomson Caroline Wife Marr44 Greenwich, London
321912   Thomson Edward W Son Single20 Chiselhurst, Kent
321912   Abrahams Murry Visitor Single7 Dulwich, Kent
321912   Heath Edith Visitor Single19 Bromley, Kent
321912   Lee Jane Servant Single30 Cudham, Kent
321912   Lee Matha Servant Single15 Cudham, Kent
321912118South Street Hutton Edmond Head Marr40 Bourton, Dorset
321912   Hutton Ellen Wife Marr40 Warminster, Wiltshire
321912   Hutton Earnest Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
321912   Hutton Mabel Daughter Single12 Cudham, Kent
321912   Hutton Lillian Daughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
321912   Hutton Percy Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
322012   Hutton Edith Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
322012   Hutton Horrace Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
322012   Hutton Ronald Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
322012119South Street Ward Christopher Head Marr33 Cudham, Kent
322012   Ward Annie M Wife Marr31 Farnborough, Kent
322012   Ward Albert Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
322012   Ward Alfred Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
322012120South Street Burken Ann P Head Widow 44 Sydenham, Kent
322012   Burken William E Son Single21 Sydenham, Kent
322012   Burken Albert Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
322012   Jesup George H Lodger Single26Downe, Kent
322012   Bidwell Waller Lodger Single21 Lambeth, London
322012   King James Lodger Single40 Lambeth, London
322012   Melbrough Alfred Lodger Single20 Lambeth, London
322012121South Street Burrell Joseph Head Marr59 Sternfield, Suffolk
322012   Burrell Marie Wife Marr62Lagstone, Suffolk
322012   Blundell Clara E Granddaughter Single9 Cudham, Kent
322012122South Street Westbrook Eliza Head Widow42 Cudham, Kent
322012   Westbrook George T Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
322012   Westbrook William C Son Single11 Cudham, Kent
322012   Westbrook Bertram H Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
322012123South Street Christy George Head Single71Surrey Square, Surrey
322012   Tapsell Thomas WGroomSingle31 Cudham, Kent
322012   Charman Ellen Servant Single31 Cudham, Kent
322012   Everest Annie Servant Single25 Brasted, Kent
322012   Tapley Annie Servant Single15 Sundridge, Kent
322012124South Street Farm Westbrook James Head Marr49 Tatsfield, Surrey
322012   Westbrook Lucy E Wife Marr39 Cudham, Kent
322012   Dewburry John Servant Single18Telesdon, Surrey
322012   Blake Elizabeth Servant Single15 Wiltshire, Wiltshire
322113125South Street Westbrook William Head Marr42 Cudham, Kent
322113   Westbrook Mary Wife Marr53 Darrington, Yorkshire
322113   Westbrook Frank Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
322113   Westbrook Harry Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
322113   Westbrook Vincent W Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
322113   Hallam Maud Niece Single15Lowmoor, Yorkshire
322113   Lockyer Sarah JCousinSingle25 Cudham, Kent
322113   Beasley William J Lodger Single26 Cudham, Kent
322113126Horley Corner Wells John Head Marr28 Cudham, Kent
322113   Wells Alice Wife Marr27 Otford, Kent
322113   Wells Alice Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
322113   Shrub Henry Lodger Single16 Otford, Kent
322113127Horley Corner Friend Edwin Head Marr48 Westerham, Kent
322113   Friend Sarah Wife Marr36 Cudham, Kent
322113   Friend Mary A Daughter Single15Tatsfield, Surrey
322113   Friend Ellen G Daughter Single13Tatsfield, Surrey
322113   Friend Emily Daughter Single11Tatsfield, Surrey
322113   Friend Dulcie Daughter Single8 Knockholt, Kent
322113   Friend Amy E Daughter Single6 Knockholt, Kent
322113   Friend Edward G Son Single3 Westerham, Kent
322113   Friend Thomas Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
322113128Horley Corner Mullens Henry Head Marr26 Chelsham, Surrey
322113   Mullens Ellen Wife Marr23 Chelsham, Surrey
322113   Mullens Henry G Son Single2 Tatsfield, Surrey
322113   Mullens Ellen M Daughter Single6 mn Cudham, Kent
322113   Everest William Lodger Single22 Westerham, Kent
322113129Horley Corner Webster James Head Marr38 Brasted, Kent
322113   Webster Mary J Wife Marr32 Cudham, Kent
322113   Webster Amy J Daughter Single13 Cudham, Kent
322113   Webster Alfred W Son Single11 Cudham, Kent
322113   Webster James A Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
322213   Webster Annie Daughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
322213   Webster Beateerice M Daughter Single4 Cudham, Kent
322213   Webster Burnard G Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
322213  Inkpin Able Lodger Marr40 Brasted, Kent
322213130Horley Corner Hook Caroline Mother Single37 Westerham, Kent
322213   Webster Edith R Daughter Single10 Sundridge, Kent
322213   Webster Albert Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
322213   Osborne Elizabeth J Boarder Single34 Sevenoaks, Kent
322213131Horley Corner Dulak James Head Marr66 Westerham, Kent
322213   Dulak Eliza Wife Marr70 Westerham, Kent
322213132Aperfield Court Jackson Caroline Head Widow63 Colchester, Essex
322213   Jackson Charles Son Single21 Cudham, Kent
322213   Tapsell John Lodger Single19 Tatsfield, Surrey
322213133Aperfield Court Barn Parker Georg Head Single48 Ipswich, Suffolk
331171Single Street Duberry George W Head Marr48 Cudham, Kent
33117   Duberry Martha Wife Marr38Four Elms Hever, Kent
33117   Duberry Albert George Son Single11 Cudham, Kent
33117   Duberry Ada Emily Daughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
33117   Duberry Edgar William Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
33117   Duberry John Stanley Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
331172Single Street Brazier Mary Head Single81 Cudham, Kent
331173Single Street Crane William Head Marr68 Cudham, Kent
33117   Crane Mary Wife Marr67 Cudham, Kent
33117   Crane Thomas Son Single27 Cudham, Kent
33117   Crane Frederick Son Single24 Cudham, Kent
33117   Crane George Son Widower40 Cudham, Kent
33117   Crane George Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
33117   Crane Charley Son Single12 Cudham, Kent
33117   Crane William Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
33117   Smith Rose Niece Single16 Bromley, Kent
331174Single Street Staples Richard Head Marr41 Cudham, Kent
33117   Staples Ellen Wife Marr38Lesness Heath, Kent
33117   Staples Ellen Alice Daughter Single11 Northumberland, Kent
33117   Staples Olive Daughter Single10 Northumberland, Kent
33117   Staples Henry Richard Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
33117   Staples Sarah Elizabeth Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
33117   Staples James Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
331175Single Street Wilson Richard Head Marr36New Hampton, Middlesex
33117   Wilson Kate Wife Marr36New Hampton, Middlesex
33117   Wilson Ellen Daughter Single7New Hampton, Middlesex
33117   Wilson Kate Daughter Single5New Hampton, Middlesex
33117   Wilson Richard Chas Son Single4 Hadlow, Kent
33217   Wilson Elizabeth Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
33217   Wilson Maud Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
332176Single Street Jackson James Head Marr34 Cudham, Kent
33217   Jackson Jane Wife Marr34 Cudham, Kent
33217   Jackson William Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
33217   Jackson Mary Daughter Single12 Cudham, Kent
33217   Jackson Thomas Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
33217   Jackson Lily Daughter Single1 Cudham, Kent
332177Single Street Uninhabited    
332178Single Street Foster Richard Head Marr37 Knockholt, Kent
33217   Foster Eliza Wife Marr32 Cudham, Kent
332179Single Street Uninhabited    
3321710Single Street Whitehouse Benjamen Head Widower80 Cudham, Kent
33217   Whitehouse Hannah Daughter Single50 Cudham, Kent
3321711Single Street Bateman John Head Marr46 Cudham, Kent
33217   Bateman Elizabeth Wife Marr47 Chelsham, Surrey
33217   Drew Richard Lodger Single41 Croydon, Surrey
33217   Lines John Lodger Single36 Lewisham, Kent
3321712Single Street Crane Caroline Head Widow74 Chelsfield, Kent
33217   Crane George Son Marr43 Cudham, Kent
33217   Crane Annie Wife Marr32 Cudham, Kent
33217   Crane Sophia Granddaughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
3321713Single Street Richards Anthony Head Marr65 Cudham, Kent
33217   Richards Mary Ann Wife Marr70 Cudham, Kent
33217   Elliott Frederick Grandson Single17 Cudham, Kent
3331814Single Street Lettington James Head Marr67 Cudham, Kent
33318   Lettington Maria Wife Marr65 Norwood, Surrey
33318   Lettington Frank Son Single29 Cudham, Kent
33318   Lettington Jesse Son Single24 Cudham, Kent
33318   Lettington Frances Granddaughter Single9 Cudham, Kent
3331815Single Street Packman Edward Head Widower66 Bromley, Kent
33318   Packman Reuben S Son Single33 Cudham, Kent
33318   Packman Martha Maren Daughter Single27 Cudham, Kent
3331816Single Street Bateman George Head Marr44 Cudham, Kent
33318   Bateman Lydia Wife Marr41 Cudham, Kent
3331817Single Street Bateman Benjaman Head Marr33 Cudham, Kent
33318   Bateman Alice Wife Marr24 Cudham, Kent
33318   Bateman Benjaman Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
33318   Bateman Alice Daughter Single1 Cudham, Kent
33318   Richards John Lodger Widower49 Downe (Down), Kent
3331818Jail Lane Cowland Richard Head Marr42 Cudham, Kent
33318   Cowland Fanny Wife Marr38Brokby, Worcestershire[?]
33318   Cowland Loura F B Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
33318   Cowland Ethel Emma Daughter Single1 Cudham, Kent
33318  Jeffrey Harriet Servant Single14 Sundridge, Kent
3331819Berries Bateman William Head Marr70 Cudham, Kent
33318   Bateman Ann Wife Marr67 Cudham, Kent
33318   Bateman William Son Single39 Cudham, Kent
33318   Bateman Alfred R Son Single20 Cudham, Kent
33318   Newman GeorgeSon-in-lawMarr33 HAMP
33318   Newman Sarah Emma Wife Marr24 Cudham, Kent
33418   Newman Mary Ann Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
33418   Newman Annie Ethel Daughter Single1 mn Cudham, Kent
3341820Berries Uninhabited    
3341821Berries Rowe James Head Marr52 Cudham, Kent
33418   Rowe Mary Wife Marr43 Cudham, Kent
33418   Rowe James Son Single20 Cudham, Kent
33418   Rowe George Son Single11 Cudham, Kent
33418   Rowe Frederick Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
33418   Rowe Ellen Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
3341822Berries ThomsonSamuel Head Marr76Farnborough, Kent
33418   ThomsonMartha Wife Marr67 Shoreham, Kent
33418   ThomsonFrederick Son Single20 Cudham, Kent
3341823Berries Farm Collins Daniel Head Marr65 Claypole, Lincolnshire
33418   Collins Frances Wife Marr59 Knockholt, Kent
33418   Collins John Son Marr34 Cudham, Kent
33418   Collins Jemima Jesse Wife Marr29Rotherhithe, London
33418   Collins Elizabeth Granddaughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
33418   Collins William John Grandson Single4 Cudham, Kent
3341824Berries Skinner William Ernest Head Marr50 Chelsfield, Kent
33418   Skinner Jane Wife Marr43 Cudham, Kent
33418   Skinner George Brother Single57 Cudham, Kent
33418   Skinner William B Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
33418   Skinner Leonard John Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
33418   Skinner Richard George Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
33418   Skinner Fred Thomas Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
3351925Berries Clark James Head Marr49 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Kate Wife Marr40 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Frederick Son Single17 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Sophia Daughter Single15 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Ellen Daughter Single14 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Christine Daughter Single11 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Rose Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Elizebeth Daughter Single4 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Albert Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Louisa Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Headley Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
3351926Berries Burkin John Head Marr35 Cudham, Kent
33519   Burkin Hannah Wife Marr45 Cudham, Kent
33519   Burkin Walter Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
33519   Burkin George Son Single11 Cudham, Kent
3351927Newbarn Cottage Cope Alfred Head Marr32 Knockholt, Kent
33519   Cope Esther Wife Marr27 Sundridge, Kent
33519   Cope Alfred Son Single3 Sundridge, Kent
33519   Cope George Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
3351928Newbarn Cottage Uninhabited    
3351929Newbarn Farm Uninhabited    
3351930Other Collection [sic] Uninhabited    
3351931Harrow Road Clark James Head Marr42 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Frances Wife Marr37 London, London
33519   Clark Fanny Daughter Single14 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark James Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
33519   Clark Malalark Daughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
33619   Brown Edward Lodger Single42 Speldhurst, Kent
3361932Harrow Road Burkin George Head Marr39 Cudham, Kent
33619   Burkin Marea Wife Marr32 Hayes, Kent
33619   Burkin George Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
33619   Burkin Hugh Son Single2 Cudham, Kent
33619   Burkin Joseph Son Single10 mn Cudham, Kent
33619   Robinson William Lodger Single32 Croydon, Surrey
33619   Heath Frederick Lodger Single33 Limpsfield, Surrey
3361933Harrow Road Wood George Head Marr55 Cudham, Kent
33619   Wood Sarah Wife Marr58 Chelsfield, Kent
33619   Wood John Son Single24 Cudham, Kent
33619   Wood George Son Single19 Cudham, Kent
33619   Wood Emily Daughter Single15 Cudham, Kent
3361934Harrow Road Burken Jesse Head Marr44 Cudham, Kent
33619   Burken Frances Amelie Wife Marr48Peckham, Sussex
33619   Burken Charles Jesse Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
33619   Burken Alfred Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
33619   Burken Edgar Phillip Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
3361935Harrow Road Staples Alfred Head Marr40 Cudham, Kent
33619   Staples Amy Wife Marr34Farnborough, Kent
33619   Staples Harriett Daughter Single9 Cudham, Kent
33619   Bell Florence Amy Niece Single4Manor Park, Essex
3361936Harrow Road Webster Charles Head Marr43 Brasted, Kent
33619   Webster Sophy Wife Marr56 Cudham, Kent
33619   Webster William Father Widower74 Sundridge, Kent
3372037Harrow RoadVicatKatherine Head Widow 52 Southwark, London
33720  Perry Elizebeth Sister Single61 Southwark, London
33720   Wood James Servant Single21 Cudham, Kent
33720   Wood Alice Servant Single16 Cudham, Kent
3372038Gray's Farm Musker John Head Marr45 Bootle, Lancashire
33720   Musker Alice Wife Marr42 Liverpool, Lancashire
33720   Musker John H Son Single20 Liverpool, Lancashire
33720   Musker Helen Niece Single24Borth, Lancashire
33720   Fowler F C Servant Single39Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire
33720   Bowles S P Visitor Single26 carbote, Cumberland
33720   Manders MarionCookWidow50 Chester, Surrey
33720   Johnson Amelia Servant Single22 Chertsey, Surrey
3372039Silverstead Road Uninhabited    
3372040The GrangeKearyAnnie Gregory Wife Marr37Cakenzate, Shropshire
33720  KearyCuthbert Mclaren Son Single6 Dulwich, Surrey
33720  KearyMayona Grace Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
33720   Harrison Elizebeth Servant Single22 Barrow in Furness, Lancashire
3372041Silverstead Road Day William James Head Widower39 East Hendred, Berkshire
33720   Day Henry John Son Single19Charrow, Berkshire
33720   Day Ellen Daughter Single12 East Hendred, Berkshire
3372042Silverstead Road Wyman Daniel Head Marr37 Newnham, Gloucestershire
33720   Wyman Annie Wife Marr34 East Hendred, Berkshire
33720   Day Emily Niece Single8 East Hendred, Berkshire
33720   Day Alice Niece Single6 East Hendred, Berkshire
33720   Bond Thomas Lodger Single29 Knockholt, Kent
3382043Silverstead Road Uninhabited    
3382044Silverstead Road Medhurst John Head Marr40 Brasted, Kent
33820   Medhurst Patience Wife Marr35 Cudham, Kent
33820   Medhurst Albert Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
33820   Medhurst John Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
33820   Medhurst William Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
33820   Medhurst Emma Daughter Single5 Tatsfield, Surrey
33820   Medhurst Herbert Son Single2 Tatsfield, Surrey
3382045Silverstead Road Uninhabited    
3382046Bomber's House Marchant Thomas William Head Marr24 Rotherhithe, London
33820   Marchant Theda Jane Wife Marr23 Cartmel [note added: na]
3382047Bomber's Bateman Thos James Head Marr29 Cudham, Kent
33820   Bateman Mary Ann Wife Marr27 Cudham, Kent
33820   Bateman Wm Thos Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
33820   Bateman Sarah Harriett Daughter Single8 Cudham, Kent
33820   Bateman Anne Jane Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
33820   Bateman Henry Edward Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
33820   Bateman Thos George Son Single0 Cudham, Kent
3382048Bomber's Marchant William Head Marr53 Camberwell, London
33820   Marchant Elizabeth Ann Wife Marr54 Knockholt, Kent
33820   Marchant Fanny Louisa Daughter Single21 Cudham, Kent
3382049Thrift Cottage Dewberry Samuel Head Marr47 Cudham, Kent
33820   Dewberry Fanny Wife Marr42 Cudham, Kent
33820   Dewberry Alice F Daughter Single16 Cudham, Kent
33820   Dewberry Ernest S Son Single13 Cudham, Kent
33921   Dewberry Ruth E Daughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
33921   Dewberry Phillip W Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
33921   Dewberry Sidney H Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
33921   Dewberry Winifred Eva Daughter Single1 Cudham, Kent
3392150Thrift Cottage Dewberry Mary Head Widow86 Richmond, Yorkshire
33921   Osborne Alice Granddaughter Single14 Knockholt, Kent
3392151Horns Green Fowden James Head Marr56 Beckenham, Kent
33921   Fowden Ann Wife Marr60 Edenbridge, Kent
3392152Little Portlands Higgins Edmond Head Widower47 Butleigh, Somerset
33921   Higgins Edmond Frank Son Single22 Newport, MON
33921   Higgins Constance Julia Daughter Single19 Newport, MON
33921  Higgins Wyndham Augustus Son Single14 Newport, MON
3392153Jubilee Cottage Stone William George Head Marr31 Cudham, Kent
33921   Stone Emma Wife Marr34 Cudham, Kent
33921   Stone William Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
33921   Stone Emily Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
33921   Stone Ellen Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
3392154Horns Green Crane William Head Marr33 Cudham, Kent
33921   Crane Jane Wife Marr30 Cudham, Kent
33921   Crane Thomas Son Single11 Cudham, Kent
33921   Crane George Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
33921   Crane Frederick Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
33921   Crane Rose Daughter Single4 Cudham, Kent
33921   Crane Alice Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
3392155Horns Green Uninhabited    
33102156Horns Green Foster John Head Marr47 Cudham, Kent
331021   Foster Ellen Sister Single35 Cudham, Kent
33102157Horns Green Jackson William Head Marr50 Cudham, Kent
331021   Jackson Ann Wife Marr58 Cudham, Kent
331021   Jackson Thomas Son Single24 Cudham, Kent
331021   Jackson Alfred Son Single20 Cudham, Kent
331021   Jackson George Son Single18 Cudham, Kent
331021   Jackson Ellen Daughter Single15 Cudham, Kent
331021   Jackson Medeabyer Daughter Single14 Cudham, Kent
33102158Horns Green Wells George Head Marr36 Knockholt, Kent
331021   Wells Emily Wife Marr33 Knockholt, Kent
33102159Horns Green Uninhabited    
33102160Horns GreenYeatesCharlotte Wife Marr64 Cudham, Kent
331021  YeatesRosina Daughter Single24 Cudham, Kent
331021  YeatesLavania Daughter Single21 Cudham, Kent
33102161Cudham Street Cowlard William Head Marr45 Cudham, Kent
331021   Cowlard Annie Wife Marr45 Down, Kent
331021   Cowlard William Son Single24 Cudham, Kent
331021   Cowlard George Son Single22 Cudham, Kent
331021   Cowlard Annie Daughter Single18 Cudham, Kent
331021   Cowlard Alfred Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
331021   Cowlard Henry Son Single12 Cudham, Kent
331021   Cowlard Ernest Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
33102162Cudham Street BlackwellWilliam Hunt Head Marr55 Newington, London
331021   BlackwellSarah Wife Marr60Stepney, London
331122   BlackwellLouisa Ann Daughter Single22 Stepney, London
331122   BlackwellClara Daughter Single20 Deptford, Kent
331122  Chilcroft Elizabeth Alice Granddaughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
33112263The Lodge Humble Arthur Head Marr32 Chelsfield, Kent
331122   Humble Cathinon Wife Marr38 Knockholt, Kent
331122   Humble Arthur Son Single0 Cudham, Kent
33112264Cudham Street Drew Mary Ann Yeates Head Single61 Cudham, Kent
33112265The Forge Holland William Head Marr65Sundrige, Kent
331122   Holland Clara Wife Marr45 Bromley, Kent
331122   Holland Albert Son Single19 Cudham, Kent
331122   Simmons Elias ApprenticeSingle17 Tudeley (Tudley), Kent
33112266Cudham Street Townsend David Head Marr54Farchinfield, Essex
331122   Townsend Caroline Wife Marr59Linnell, Essex
331122   Townsend Ada Daughter Single14Farchinfield, Essex
33112267Cudham Street Clark Edward Head Marr51 Cudham, Kent
331122   Clark Catherine Wife Marr54 Cudham, Kent
331122   Clark Edward Son  22 Cudham, Kent
331122   Clark John Son Single18 Cudham, Kent
331122   Clark Alfred Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
331122   Clark Emily Daughter Single10 Cudham, Kent
331122   Clark Albert Son Single8 Cudham, Kent
33112268Cudham StreetFriendWilliam Head Marr69 Cudham, Kent
331122  FriendSusan Wife Marr64 Limpsfield, Surrey
331122  FriendAlfred Son Single46 Cudham, Kent
331122  FriendJames Son Single26 Cudham, Kent
331122  FriendJohn Son Single22 Cudham, Kent
33122269Cudham Street Gillett James Head Marr52 Sellindge, Kent
331222   Gillett Henrietta Jane Wife Marr56 Tenterden, Kent
331222   Gillett Amy Daughter Single24 Northbourne, Kent
331222   Gillett Arthur Son Single13 Deal, Kent
33122270Cudham Street Blake William James Head Marr32 Cudham, Kent
331222   Blake Eliza Wife Marr40 Cudham, Kent
331222   Blake Maude Daughter Single8 Cudham, Kent
331222   Blake Annie Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
331222   Blake Henry Son Single4 Cudham, Kent
331222   Blake Florence Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
331222   Collins Dorathy Lodger Single5Farnborough, Kent
33122271Cudham Street Burkin William Head Marr36 Cudham, Kent
331222   Burkin Eliza Wife Marr35 Cudham, Kent
331222   Burkin William Henry Son Single12 Cudham, Kent
331222   Burkin George Alfred Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
331222   Burkin Lennard Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
331222   Burkin Fanny Daughter Single5 Cudham, Kent
331222   Burkin Edith Daughter Single4 Cudham, Kent
331222   Burkin Kate Daughter Single1 Cudham, Kent
331222   Burkin Ernest Walter Son Single5 mn Cudham, Kent
33122272Cudham Street Uninhabited    
33122273Cudham Street Whitehurst John Head Marr56 Cudham, Kent
331222   Whitehurst Sarah Wife Marr50 Limpsfield, Surrey
331222   Whitehurst Bertha E Daughter Single11 Cudham, Kent
33122274Cudham Street Drew William Head Marr58 Cudham, Kent
331222   Drew Eleanor Wife Marr58 Down, Kent
331222   Drew John Son Single35 Deptford, Kent
33132375Cudham Street Uninhabited    
33132376Cudham Street Collins Henry Head Single37 Cudham, Kent
331323   Collins Dulcia Sister Single25 Cudham, Kent
331323   Collins John Brother Single21 Cudham, Kent
33132377Cudham Street Martin Thomas Head Marr51 East Peckham, Kent
331323   Martin Eliza Wife Marr52Charwood, Surrey
331323   Martin Emma Eliza Daughter Single26 Stepney, London
33132378Cudham Hall Uninhabited    
33132379The Retreat Reynolds John Clifford Head Marr45 West Hoathly, Sussex
331323   Reynolds Louisa Wife Marr47 Beckenham, Kent
33132380Cudham Street Alwen Thomas Head Marr43 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Caroline Wife Marr43 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Frederick Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Bertha Daughter Single12 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Herbert Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
33132381Cudham Street Alwen John Head Marr47 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Harnett Wife Marr39 Chelsfield, Kent
331323   Alwen John Son Single15 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Hanett Daughter Single14 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen George Son Single11 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Maud Daughter Single8 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Clara Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
331323   Alwen Walter Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
33142382Cudham Street Roberts William Head Marr50 Forest Row, Sussex
331423   Roberts Emma Wife Marr49 Bletchingley, Surrey
331423   Roberts Percy James Son Single23 Bletchingley, Surrey
331423   Huggett Louisa Kate Niece Single19 Horne, Surrey
33142383Cudham Street Yeates Richard Head Marr82 Cudham, Kent
331423   Yeates Mary Ann Wife Marr71 Knockholt, Kent
331423   Yeates Minnie Daughter Single25 Cudham, Kent
331423   Yeates Louis Son Single25 Cudham, Kent
331423   Yeates Lilian Annie Granddaughter Single5Finsbury Park, London
33142384Cudham Street Yeates Frank Head Marr32 Cudham, Kent
331423   Yeates Gertrude Wife Marr25 Loddington, Leicestershire
331423   Yeates Eva Gertrude Daughter Single5 Twickenham, Middlesex
331423   Yeates Dora Mary Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
331423   Yeates Oscar Frank Son Single1 Cudham, Kent
33142385Cudham Street Galloway Thomas Head Marr72 Limpsfield, Surrey
331423   Galloway Annie Wife Marr77Stanberry Mile, MGY
331423  Read William Lodger Single54 Southampton, Hampshire
33142386Cudham Street Yeates Mary Head Widower86 Cudham, Kent
331423   Yeates Albert Nephew Single46 Chelsfield, Kent
33142387Cudham Street Uninhabited    
33142388Bottom Barn Akers Lawrence Head Marr60 Chelsham, Surrey
331423   Akers Elizebeth Wife Marr51 Dunholme, Lincolnshire
331423   Akers William Son Single21 Oxted, Surrey
331423   Akers Edith Daughter Single13 Kenley, Surrey
331423   Akers Emily Daughter Single12 Kenley, Surrey
331423   Akers Thomas Son Single8 Tandridge, Surrey
33152489Bottom Barn Wood Thomas Head Marr63 Cudham, Kent
331524   Wood Phoebe Wife Marr51 Sutton Valence, Kent
331524   Wood William Son Single25 Farnborough, Kent
331524   Wood Charles Son Single17 Cudham, Kent
33152490Cudham Court Wheatley Fred Head Single30 Cudham, Kent
331524   Edwards George Servant Marr56 wesleton, Suffolk
331524   Edwards Eliza Servant Marr47 Darsham, Suffolk
33152491Blacksmith's Arms Howard Charles Head Marr30 Eynsford, Kent
331524   Howard Frederick Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
331524   Charman John Boarder Single27 Cudham, Kent
33152492The Vicarage Freer Henry Leftwich Head Marr56 Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
331524   Freer Emily Grace Wife Marr37 Tunbridge Wells, Warwickshire
331524   Freer Eva Mary Daughter Single11 Cudham, Warwickshire
331524   Brown HarriettMaid Single31 Wantage, Berkshire
331524   Bodman Emily Annie Servant Single32 Lewisham, Kent
331524   Roberts Bridget Servant Single25 gellyswin, CMN
331524   Harrigan Bridget Servant Single22Craven Street, Strand, London
331524   Worsfold Harriett Servant Single30 Reigate, Surrey
331524   Bodkin Sophia Servant Single18 Brighton, Sussex
33152493Vicarage Cottage Featherstone John Thos Head Marr50 Hollingbourne, Kent
331524   Featherstone Esther Wife Marr40 Goudhurst, Kent
331524   Wilmhurst Harriett Visitor Marr46 Goudhurst, Kent
33152494Mace Farm Jessup Benjamen Head Marr35 Sundridge, Kent
331524   Jessup Mary Ann Wife Marr34 Cudham, Kent
331524   Jessup Florence Mary Daughter Single11 Cudham, Kent
331524   Jessup Arthur Withers Son Single9 Cudham, Kent
33162495Mace Cottage Wood James Head Marr30 Cudham, Kent
331624   Wood Sophia Wife Marr25 Knockholt, Kent
331624   Wood Edith Laura Daughter Single3 Cudham, Kent
33162496Hostye Farm Pearce William Head Single23 Forest Hill, Kent
331624   Lenthall Daniel J Servant Marr40Not Known
331624   Lenthall Mary M B Servant Marr39 Poole, Dorset
33162497Hostye House Moxham Robert Hale Head Marr63 british subject, Jamaica
331624   Moxham Isabella Wife Marr43 Cudham, Kent
331624   Moxham Ellen Harriett Daughter Single20 Chelsea, London
331624   Moxham Matilda Edith Daughter Single18 Kemsing, Kent
331624   Moxham Eva Isabel Daughter Single17 Sevenoaks, Kent
331624   Moxham William Pearce Son Single14 Cudham, Kent
331624   Moxham Lillian May Daughter Single13 Cudham, Kent
331624   Moxham James Son Single10 Cudham, Kent
331624   Moxham Ethel Maud Daughter Single9 Cudham, Kent
331624   Moxham Edgar M Son Single7 Cudham, Kent
331624   Moxham Nora Mabel Daughter Single6 Cudham, Kent
331624   Moxham Gerald Son Single5 Cudham, Kent
331624   Moxham Norman Victor Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
33162498Snag Lane Cope William Head Marr64 Chelsfield, Kent
331624   Cope Cornelia Wife Marr71 Stamford, London
331624   Cope Edwin John Son Single27 Knockholt, London
331624   Cope Henry Ernest Son Single25 Brasted, London
331624   Cope Henry James Grandson Single12 Brasted, London
33162499Snag Lane Woodman John Head Marr60 Uxbridge, Middlesex
331624   Woodman Jane Wife Marr65 Knockholt, Kent
331725100Snag Lane Bolton Elizabeth Head Widow71 KENT Not Known
331725   Ward Sophia Niece Marr39 Cudham, Kent
331725101Snag Lane Medhurst William Head Marr47 Tatsfield, Surrey
331725   Medhurst Eliza Wife Marr39 Tatsfield, Surrey
331725   Medhurst Joseph Son Single20 Farnborough, Kent
331725   Medhurst Thomas Son Single19 Cudham, Kent
331725   Medhurst Eli John A Son Single12 Cudham, Kent
331725   Medhurst Harry Son Single11Dunton Green, Kent
331725   Medhurst Harriett Daughter Single9 Cudham, Kent
331725   Medhurst Frederick Son Single8 Farnborough, Kent
331725   Medhurst Rhoda Daughter Single6 Farnborough, Kent
331725   Medhurst Arthur Son Single3 Farnborough, Kent
331725102Snag Lane Saby John Head Marr74 Cambridgeshire
331725   Saby Catherine Wife Marr74 Walworth, Surrey
331725103Green Street, Green Road Uninhabited    
331725104Den Barn Farm Uninhabited    
331725105The Larches Poole Edmund Head Marr45St Mary Newington, Surrey
331725   Poole James Elizabeth Wife Marr39 Islington, Middlesex
331725  Shells Fred Walter Visitor Single28Babbecombe, Devon
331725   Palmer Annie Servant Single25 Stawell, Somerset
331725   Hyde Alice Servant Single28 Charmouth, Dorset
331725106Larches Cottage Heseldine Edmund W Head Marr34 Salehurst, Sussex
331725   Heseldine Susan Wife Marr40 Etchingham, Sussex
331725   Heseldine Agnes C Daughter Single7 Hawkhurst, Sussex
331725   Heseldine Thomas N Daughter Single7 Cudham, Sussex
331825   Heseldine Eleanor M J Daughter Single4Greenland Grove, London
331825   Heseldine Harold W Son Single0 Cudham, Kent
331825107The New Houses Cope William Head Marr58 Cudham, Kent
331825   Cope Sarah Wife Marr57 Cudham, Kent
331825   Cope William Son Single3 Cudham, Kent
331825   Cope Charlotte Daughter Single2 Cudham, Kent
331825   Cope Beatrice Daughter Single0 Cudham, Kent
331825108The New Houses Collins George Head Marr50 Seal, Kent
331825   Collins Jane Wife Marr48Topsham, Kent
331825   Collins Agnes Mary Daughter Single17 Seal, Kent
331825   Collins Alfred Albert Son Single15 Seal, Kent
331825   Collins Flora Kate Daughter Single13 Seal, Kent
331825   Collins Minnie Jane Daughter Single13 Seal, Kent
331825   Collins John Henry Son Single9 Seal, Kent
331825   Collins Deloy Keziah Daughter Single7 Cudham, Kent
331825109The New Houses Musselwhite John Head Marr37 Bishopston, Hampshire
331825   Musselwhite Selma Wife Marr38 Bishopston, Hampshire
331825   Musselwhite Frank Son Single15 Bishopston, Hampshire
331825   Musselwhite Agnes M Daughter Single14 Bishopston, Hampshire
331825   Musselwhite Fannie Daughter Single12 Bishopston, Hampshire
331825   Musselwhite William J Son Single10 Cricklade, Wiltshire
331825110Cudham Hill Simmons Richard Head Marr45 Tunbridge, Kent
331825   Simmons Mary Jane Wife Marr43 Horsham, Sussex
331825   Simmons George Son Single22 Yalding, Kent
331825   Simmons Eliza Daughter Single19 Tunbridge, Kent
331825   Simmons Emily Daughter Single12 Sevenoaks, Kent
331825   Simmons Ellen Daughter Single10 Sevenoaks, Kent
331926111Cudham Hill Killick John Head Marr49 Cudham, Kent
331926   Killick Sarah Wife Marr39 Cudham, Surrey
331926   Killick George Son Single19Farleigh, Surrey
331926   Killick Emily Daughter Single15Farleigh, Surrey
331926   Killick Elizabeth Daughter Single12Farleigh, Surrey
331926   Killick Clara Daughter Single10Farleigh, Surrey
331926   Killick Florie Daughter Single4Farleigh, Surrey