A Muster Rowle [sic] [circa 7 March 1619] contayneing the names of the soldiers, armed men .... Dry pikes, halberts, and bills of Ramsgate and Sarre [Dom. State Papers, James I., vol. cvii. No. 12.] two members of the Town and Port of Sandwich in the County of Kent vizt: -


                   Light Horse furnished.

Sprakling Robert

                   Armed Men furnished:

Allen Robert
Basset Richard
Coppine, Jr. John
Eason John
Hawkes Robert
Ivers John
Sampson Stephen
Saunders, Sr. William
Sprakling, Esq. Robert, furnished 4
Walker William, furnished 2
TOTAL 14  

                   Musketiers furnished:

Basset Richard
Coppine John
Coppine Roger
Coppine William
Coppine Abdia
Coppine, Jr. Thomas
Coppine, Sr. John
Coppine, Sr. Thomas
Coppine Thomas, furnished 2
Covell John
Curleing George
Eason Roger
Fairman William
Fairman Thomas
Golding Stephen
Hawkes William
Hewit Paul
Huffam Richard
Jervis John
Martine Henry
Mockenes William
Read Oliver
Sampson Stephen
Saunders, Jr. William
Saunders, Sr. William
Spencer Nicholas
Spencer Zacharias
Sprackling, Esq. Robert, furnished 4
Trever Edward
Walker William
Wastell Paul
TOTAL 35  

                   Dry Pikes furnished:

Barham Richard
Basset William
Basset William
Beere Paul
Bennet George
Bonner Roger
Coppine Alexander
Coppine Thomas
Davies Robert
Davison John
Emptage Thomas
Fairman Nicholas
Garret John
Holland Griffen
Ivers William
Knowler William
Knowler, Jr. William
Longe George
Mockenes William
Morse George
Pannell Edward
Sea John
Spencer Nicholas
Usher Thomas
Wraith John
TOTAL 25  


Bonner, Sr. John
Coppine William
Eason, Jr. John
Longe Alexander
Moore John
Parkins Richard
Reason Thomas
[surname illegible] Richard
[surname illegible] George
TOTAL 9.  


                   Armed men furnished:

Henaker Nicholas
Sollye Joell

                   Musketiers furnished:

Chilton Edward, Mayor
Henaker Nicholas
Sollye Joell
Widdet Abraham
Widdet Robert

                   Dry Pikes furnished:

Butcher Robert
Peirs Stephen
Widdet Abraham

                   Bills furnished:

Allen Thomas
Jasper John
May William
Sollye Stephen
TOTAL 4.  


Musketts xxxix  
Corslets xvi  
Dry Pikes xxviii  
Bills & sculls? xiii  
Total 96  

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