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NEW BROMPTON is an ecclesiastical parish formed in 1865, from the parish of Gillingham and is the Mid division of the county, Medway union, Gillingham local board district and Rochester county court district, Chatham and Gillingham hundred, lathe of Aylesford and Rochester rural deanery, archdeaconry and diocese and is one mile east from Chatham. The London, Chatham and Dover railway has a station here. The church if St Mark is a building in the Early English style and consists of apsidal chancel, clerestoried nave, aisles and vestry to which a tower and spire will be added on the south-west, the nave is separated from the aisles by arcades of five arches, each supported on round pillars with moulded capitals, the aisles are continued as far as the chancel arch, which is enclosed by iron grilles, there is a credence, with piscine below, on the south side of the communion table, the apse is lighted by three windows of two lights, with a quatre-foil above and there is a fine window of five lights at the west end of the nave, there are also 800 seats, all free and inappropriate. The register dates from the year 1865. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value £330, in the gift of the vicar of Gillingham and held since 1872 by the Rev. Richard Morris, of Trinity College, Dublin. The Baptist chapel in Green street was erected in 1881. The Wesleyan chapel is in Canterbury street and was opened in 1882. A spacious building suitable for public meetings was erected in the year 1876 in Railway street and consists of a large hall, well lighted and ventilated and fitted with a balcony and stage; the minor hall, divided by folding doors, is arranged so as to deepen the stage for theatrical purposes. The area is 524 acres; estimated population in 1881, 14,000.

Parish Clerk, Joseph Robert Peachall

Post, Money Order & Telegraph Office, Savings Bank & Government Annuity & Insurance Office, 15 High street - Jesse John Packenham, receiver. Letters through Chatham are despatched at 8.45 & 10.30am. 1.20, 6.20 & 8.35pm; on Sundays at 4.50pm.


Offices, Upper Gardiner Street

Clerk, James Basset, High street, Rochester

Medical Officer, H. Weeks, Mansion row, Old Brompton

Surveyor, Alfred Wanstall, Arden street, New Brompton

Inspector of Nuisances, Charles Edward Taylor, Railway street, New Brompton

Collector, James Godden, Local Board office


Guardian, R. W. Jacob, 4 Park road

Liverpool & London & Globe, T. Elfick, Kingswood road

Norwich Union Fire, W. T. C. Palmer, 54 High Street

Phoenix Fire, T. Masters, 40 High street

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Queen, W. Dudman, 50 Mill road

Sun Fire, C. J. Beveridge


St. Marks Church, Rev. Richard Morris, vicar

Baptist Chapel, Green street, Rev. Walter W. Blocksidge

Bible Christians Chapel, Park road

Primitive Methodist Chapel

Congregational Church, Railway street, Rev. J. Harsant

National Scotch Church, Rev. George Bruce Watson, Paget st

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Canterbury street

Wesleyan Free Church, Cross street


St. Marks Commercial (boys), erected in 1871 for 815 children, with an average attendance of 600, John Bush, master

National (St Marks), James Shelton, master; Miss Pollard, mistress; & Miss Wyborn, infants mistress

Wesleyan, Arden street, erected in 1870 for 600 children, with an average attendance of 530, Edward Avery, master; Miss Helen Barwick, girls mistress; Miss Sarah Pease, infants mistress

Railway Station, George Henry William, station master


Arlidge Alfred A, 103 Railway street

Ballatyne John, 40 Railway street

Beck Richard, 33 Mill road

Beveridge Chas. James, 59 Railway st

Blocksidge Rev. Walter W. (Baptist), 230 Canterbury street

Burr Captain Charles Ernest Gaitskell, 1 Grafton villas

Buzzard T. Hardy L.R.C.P. Edin & L.M. 65 High street

Cardew Lieut, Philip R.R.E Grafton vils

Crook George T. R.N. 35 Mill road

Crosby Thomas, 63 Railway street

Ellis Charles Jones, 32 Mill road

Featherby Edward Geo. Gillingham road

Hartley Joseph, Stafford street

Honey Thomas Benzie, 61 Mill road

Hugo Edward Henry, 36 Railway street

King Thomas Simmons, 65 Railway st

King William Samuel, 61 Railway st

Kingston Thomas, 9 Mill road

Leslie Capt. Francis Seymour R.E. 44 Railway st

Liddell George, 5 York terrace

Little Captain Henry, Beacon court

Morris Rev. Richard, Vicarage

Morton John Henry. Napier road

Newton Thomas William, 6 York ter

Obree Mrs, Gillingham road

O’Brian Misses, York terrace

Penfold Henry, 4 York terrace

Pink Miss, 34 Mill road

Pound Thomas, Napier road

Ridout Mrs, 7 York terrace

Rummens William, 39 Railway street

Schon Rev. James Frederick (chaplain to Melville hospital), Palm cottage

Stedman James, Mill road

Steel Cyrus, Franklin road

Steel Mrs. Franklin road

Toppin Major James M. 3 Grafton vills

Watson Rev. Wm. (Catholic), 45 Mill rd


Adams Jas. Wm. shopkeeper, 78 Railway st

Allan Charles, boot maker, 24 Arden st

Baker Chas. Jas. beer retailer, 22 Arden st

Baker Peter, shopkeeper, 49 Trafalgar st

Bald Richard, shopkeeper, Franklin rd

Baldwin William Summers, dairyman & florist, Trafalgar st

Barnett John, steam power dyer, 64 Trafalgar street

Barnett Benjamin, oilman, 63 High st

Berry James Joseph & Son, butchers, 10 High st

Bills Richd. shopkeeper, 13 Britton st

Bines Harry Richard, carpenter & joiner

Blyther George, grocer, 30 High street

Bromley Thos. Coomber, plmbr. 9 High st

Broomfield Jn. oilman 88 Canterbury st

Brown Alfred, shopkeeper, Jeffery street

Brown William, tailor, 72 High street

Brunger Wm. beer retailer, 1 High street

Burford John, fishmonger, 10 Arden st

Burke Emily (Mrs), milliner, 62 Mill rd

Burton Philip Edwin, beer retailer, 80 Railway street

Bush John (of University of London), commercial school, terms 10s 6d to 27s per quarter; 19 pupils have passed the engineers’ students’ examination, Skinner street

Buzzard T. Hardy L.R.C.P Edin & L.M. physician, 65 High street

Carter Jas. Arthr. butcher , 85 Britton st

Chalken William, tailor, 118 Saxton st

Clarke Wm. Henry, grocer, 72 Britton st

Constable Wm. clothes dealer, 49 High st

Cook Robert, butcher, 22 High street

Cooke Jabez, whitesmith, 8 High st

Cooke Margrt. (Miss), milliner, 11 High st

Coomber Elizabeth Rebecca (Miss), ladies’ school, 48 Park rd

Co-operative Society (James Wilson, sec.), 62 & 64 Railway street

Crane Charles, beer retlr. 61 Victoria st

Crews Wm. Hy. greengrocer, 10 Mill rd

Croneen William, Viscount Harding, & brick maker, High street

Crouch Robert, linen draper, 28 High st

Cuckow Jn. Thos. butcher, 25 Jeffery st

Cuckow William, baker, 114 Trafalgar st

Daley Henry Robert, furniture broker, 39 Skinner street

Darton James, shopkeeper, 91 Saxton st

Davison John, leather seller, 19 High st

Davison Thomas, boot & shoe warehouse, 24 High st

Davison Wm. Rd. house agt. 15 Paget st

Dawes C. monumental mason, Railway street; & at Strood

Dorkins James, shopkeeper, 17 Arden st

Dowle John, tailor, 127 Saxton street

Draper Jsph. Hy. beer retailer, Arden st

Driver Joshua, corn factor, 1 Railway st

Dudman William, grocer, 50 Mill rd

Duffield Robert, watch maker, 73 High st

Dunster Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 22 Britton street

Durling William, baker, 69 Skinner st

Dye Edward, shopkeeper, 7 Arden street

Edgerley Theresa Elizabeth (Mrs), lodging house, 1,2 & 3 York terrace

Edwards Jsph. grocer, 114 Trafalgar st

Ellington Charles, oilman & painter, 44 Jeffery street

Ewell William Attwell, stationer, 23 Railway street

Fletcher John, baker, 83 Britton street

Fordham Hen. shopkeeper, 51 Victoria st

Foster Mary Ann (Mrs), shopkeeper, 100 Saxton street

Friend John Hambling, butcher, 87 Gardiner street

Fuller Samuel, Ghuznee Fort, Fox street

Gardiner Jas. beer retailer, Gardiner st

Gibson Jas. china & china dlr. 47 High st

Gilbert Wm. shopkeeper, 20 Gillingham rd

Gittings John, grocer, 44 High street

Godden Alfred, shopkeeper, 16 Skinner st

Golden John, beer retailer, 23 Jeffery st

Goodwin Daniel, coachbuilder, 52 Railway street

Goodwin John Edward, bricklayer, 113 Canterbury street

Gowar Richard, grocer, 66 High street

Gray Thomas, beer retailer, Skinner st

Green Mrs. Alfred, ladies’ school, 42 Railway st

Greenstead Geo. grngcer, 90 Railway st

Griffith Joseph, beer retailer, 73 Saxton st

Griggs Arthur, butcher, Arden street

Groombridge Geo. baker, 62 Saxton st

Gurnsey Edward, grocer, 60 High street

Hales Thomas, collector of water rates, Skinner street

Hardiman Owen, hair dresser, 39 High st

Harman Geo. beer retailer, 61 High st

Harrington Alfd. watch ma. 7 High st

Harris Wm. boot & shoe ma. 62 High st

Hastrick Orestes Jersey, builder, 40 Green street

Hastrick Jn. Wm. bldr. Copenhagen rd

Hayes Patrick, greengrcr, 55 Victoria st

Hayward George, smith, 19 Fox street

Hayter Charles, dairyman, 9 Fox street

Head Henry, shopkeeper, 23 Church rd

Hedgcock Geo. cow keeper, Franklin rd

Hibbard Stephen, Railway Hotel, & job & post master, Railway street

Higgins Peter, Fleur-de-Lis, Gillingham rd

High Robert, butcher, 71 High street

High William, greengrocer, 13 High st

Hill Henry, grocer, 25A Canterbury st

Hill Thomas, butcher, 1 & 3 Paget street

Hills Mrs. Hardy, ladies school, 53 Railway street

Hills William, Prince Albert, High street

Hodges Frederick William, shopkeeper, 98 Trafalgar street

Horn Wm. cab proprietor, Britton house

Hoskings Eliza (Mrs), baker, Victoria st

Howard Edwd. Wm. beer retlr. Jeffrey st

Hughes Edwd. shopkeeper, 115 Britton st

Hughes Thos. stationer &c. 26 High st

Hugo Edward Henry, surgeon, 36 Railway street

Hurrell Henry, grocer, Duncan road

Irons Robt. paper hanger, Canterbury st

Jacob Rt. Wm. grocer & banker, 4 Park rd

Jell John Thomas, Falcon, 46 Park road

Jell William, beer retailer, Burnt oak

Jell William Henry, Old Black Lion, 19 Mill road

Jolley Robt. cab proprtr. 82 Gardiner st

Jones William, builder, Copenhagen rd

King Street Brickfield Co. (G. Pepper, manager)

Kirby Chas. John, beer retlr. 79 Arden st

Knight John, toy dealer & confectioner, 76 & 78 High st

Ladd David, Half Way House, Church rd

Larke Fredk. Arthur, draper, 38 High st

Lea Robert, tailor, 88 Railway

Lee James Brookes, cabinet maker, 81 Railway street

Lines Caleb Jn. academy, Canterbury rd

Longhurst John, shopkpr. Gillingham rd

Loxton Eliza Ann (Mrs), linen draper, 21 High street

Mackay Brothers, corn factors, 6 High st

Manner Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs), shopkeeper, 80 Gardiner street

Mantle Caroline (Mrs), dress maker & milliner, 43 High street

Maplesden Wm. coal merchant, Station

March William, chemist, 48 High street

Marchant Alfred, clothier, 59 High street

Markby James, confectioner, 55 High street

Masters Thos. upholsterer, 49 High st

Miller William John, tobacconist & news agent, 3 Railway street

Mills Isaac, boot maker, 11 Park rd

Moloney Wm. shopkeeper, Gillingham rd

Moore Horatio, coal merchant, 105 Canterbury street

Morris Frederick, french polisher, 18 Britton street

Munden James, greengrocer, 51 High st

Mutton Mary Ann (Mrs), Woodland tavern, Canterbury street

Newman Hy. shopkeeper, 70 Britton st

Nicholson John, undertaker, 43 Railway street

Nye Henry, greengrocer, 68 High st

O’Brien Misses, ladies school, 1 York ter

Old John, grocer & provision merchant, 23 High street

Old John Bird, greengrocer, 5 High st

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Oliver Annie Rosetta (Mrs), beer retailer, 17 High street

Orren Harriet Annie (Miss), ladies school, 58 Church road

Orwin Louisa Caroline (Mrs), shopkeeper, 13 Saxton street

Packenham Jesse John, china & glass dealer, 29 High street

Page William Thomas, stationer & tabacconist, 41 High street

Palmer William Thomas Carter, stationer, 54 High street

Panteny John, hardware dealer, 50 Railway street

Park & Robson, saw mills, Jeffery street

Parker Ebenezer, beer retlr. 21 Jeffery st

Parkes James, marine store dealer, 19 Arden street

Passby Richard James, wine &spirit & coal merchant, & agent for W & A Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants; & at Gillingham

Pearman Wm. greengrocer, 29 Saxton st

Pearson Jn. beer retailer, 105 Britton st

Penfold Anne (Mrs), lodging house, 8 & 9 York terrace

Perrin Edward, shoe maker, 65 Arden st

Peterkin & Miller, farriers, Britton Farm street

Player Sarah Helena (Mrs), shopkeeper, 5 Park road

Pleasance John, cowkpr. 46 Gardiner st

Pocock Brothers, boot & shoe makers, 50 High street

Porter Amariah, butcher, 74 High street

Poster John, beer retailer, 2 Railway st

Price George, shopkeeper, Victoria st

Rees David, dining rooms, 34 High st

Rich John, shopkeeper, 71 Skinner st

Rix John Alfred, iron monger, 53 High st

Rolfe Wm. shopkeeper, 30 Canterbury st

Rouse Benjamin, timber dealer, Arden st

Rouse Henry Benjamin, poor rate collector, 74 Arden st

Ruber Mary Ann (Mrs), shopkeeper, 51 Arden st

Sansom Henry, cab propr. 34 Church rd

Sanderson Mary (Mrs), dress maker, 9 Railway st

Saxton William, builder, Canterbury st

Saywell William Horace, draper, 46 & 52 High street

Scott John, shopkeeper, Napier Road

Scott John, wheelwright, 30 Fox street

Scott Wm. shopkeeper 26 Railway st

Seares Mary Ann (Mrs), greengrocer & coal dealer, 36 Britton street

Sears Alfred, Napier Arms, Britton st

Shepherd, Neame & Co. family pale ale brewers; stores, Britton Farm st

Shepherd William Henry, Beacon Court tavern, Copenhagen road

Shillabeer William John, 48 Railway st

Shugrue Wm, greengrocer, 18 Saxton st

Sinclair David, beer retailer, Victoria st

Slack Chas. shopkeeper, 8 Arden street

Smith Bros. builders, 76 Church road

Smith Fredk. shopkeeper, 61 Church road

Smith G. Mence, Italian warho. 58 High st

Smith John, Royal oak, Green street

Smithson John, Prince of Wales, Mill rd

Speakman J. Thos, linen drpr. 16 High st

Spenceley William, florist, Duncan rd

Stanley Wm. shopkeeper, 6 Railway st

Stedman James, miller, Brompton steam mills; & at Town mills, Chatham

Stephenson Charles Offerton, solicitor, Upper Gardiner street; & at Rochester

Stephenson Frances (Mrs), fancy repository, 69 High street

Stephenson W. Geo. grocer, 87 Britton st

Stevens James, chemist, 18 High street

Stigant John, linen draper, 56 High st

Stroud Wm. shopkeeper, 20 Britton st

Sturli Fanny (Mrs), beer retailer, 69 Railway street

Sudweeks Joseph, butcher, Paget street

Sutton George, pawnbroker, 14 High st

Taylor Caroline (Miss), confectioner, 86 Railway street

Thompson Robert Larkin, tinman & c. 6 Britton street

Tiltman Wm. butcher, 57 Church road

Tremain, Henry, butcher, 61 Victoria st

Turner Thos. beer retailer, 11 Britton st

Turner Wm. grocer, 90 Canterbury st

Tweed Martin, shopkeeper, 25 Cross st

Vinall Samuel, grocer, 28 Jeffery street

Waghorn Chas. watch ma, 32 High st

Waghorn George. boot & shoe maker, 55 Church road

Waghorn Sml. grainer, 107 Canterbury st

Wakefield John, baker, 36 High street

Walker Samuel, shopkpr. 84 Railway st

Wallace Jn. tailor & drapr. 51 Railway st

Wanstall Alfred, surveyor, Arden street

Watchurst Hy. Alfd. grocer, 30 High st

Weeks Chas. shopkeeper, 19 Paget st

Weeks Geo. corn factor, 34 Canterbury st

Weeks Jesse, corn factor & coal dealer, 42 High street

Weston Thos. chimney sweepr. Britton st

White & Ney, builders, King street

White James, grocer, 57 High street

Wildish Robert, painter, 70 High street

Wilkins Wm. Jas. greengrcr. 33 High st

Winfield Richard Edward, boot & shoe maker, 133 Britton Farm street

Wood Alfred, shopkpr. Gillingham road

Working Men’s Club & Institute (Geo. Walsh, hon. Se.), 57 Railway street

Wray Charles, cow keeper, 31 Arden st

Wray John, butcher, 35 High street

OLD BROMPTON is an ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1847 out of the parishes of Chatham and Gillingham, adjoining Chatham on the north and north-west and Gillingham on the north and north-east; it is in the Mid division of the country, Medway union, Gillingham local board district, Rochester county court district, Chatham and Gillingham hundred, lathe of Aylesford and Rochester rural deanery, archdeaconry and diocese. The church of The Holy Trinity, erected in 1848 at the expense of the Rev. William and Miss Conway, is a building of brick, with Bath stone dressings, in the Early English style and consists of chancel, nave with clerestory, lighted by ten two-light windows, aisles separated from the nave by arcades of five bays, chantry, south porch, and a tower with spire containing a clock and 1 bell: in the chancel is a memorial window to Dr Henry Weekes, of this parish: the church will seat 1,000, 240 sittings being free. The register dates from the year 1847. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value £300, with residence, in the gift of Hyndman’s trustees and held since 1847 by the Rev. Daniel Cooke of Queens’ College Cambridge, hon. Canon of Rochester (1881). There are Catholic and Wesleyan chapels.


Beasted Miss, 24 Garden street

Biddulph Robert, 11 Mansion row

Burgoyne Capt. R. H. (deputy governor of HM Convict Prison)

Butler Fras. Theobald M.D. 4 Garden st

Clayton Capt. A. G. R.E. 20 Prospect rd

Connellan Edward, 3 Mansion row

Cook Rev. Daniel, Rectory

Dawson Capt. G. A. (deputy governor of HM Convict Prison)

Duke rev. William H. M.A. (chaplain of HM Convict Prison)

Fox Mrs. 10 Mansion row

Harris Capt. (governor of HM Convict Prison)

Harrison R. Charlton L.R.C.P.Lon. (principal med. Off. HM Convict Prison)

Hodd Frederic, 4 Mansion row

Honey Mrs, 22 Garden street

James Major W. Wilson, 12 Mansion row

Killion John, 14 Mansion row

Mackey Milburn, 8 Mansion row

Mackinnon Surg. Maj. Henry William Alexander, 10 Mansion row

Martin Rev. Reginald Joseph M.A. (curate), 12 Prospect row

Marshall John, 52 Wood Street

Morrison Rev. Humphrey (Wesleyan chaplain), 7 Prospect road

Nichols John Black R.N. 5 Mansion row

Packham Mrs. 6 Mansions row

Phipps Rev. John Thompson Th.A.K.C.L. (assistant chaplain of HM Convict Prison), St Marys vale

Purkiss Arthur M.B. (assist. med. off. HM Convict Prison), 7 St Marys vale

Raban Lieut. Edwd. R.E. 2 Mansion row

Rogers Capt. H. Gordon, 6 Prospect rd

Ruck Lieut, Richard R.E. 14 Prospect rd

Schomberg Mrs, 15 Prospect road

Skipman Enoch (Inspector of Army Schools), 30 Garden street

Tyler Rev. George Samuel (Wesleyan), 48 Wood street

Walker Charles, Team yard

Walker George White, 14 Mansion row

Weekes Hen. L.H.C.P.Edin. Mansion ho


Adams Beatrice (Miss), King’s head, Middle street

Andrew James, shpkpr. 12 Westcourt st

Arlidge Alfred Abraham, cabinet maker, 43 High street

Austin John, corn dealer, 49 Wood st

Ayres James, baker, 61 Wood street

Baird John, Two Sawyers, 19 High st

Bear Henry, baker, 27 Westcourt street

Beresford Jn. Smith, Bricklayers Arms, High street

Bills Robert, baker, 9 High street

Blackadder, John, grngrcr. 20 Middle st

Blackman Thomas Richard, dairy, 18 Westcourt street

Blackwell Joseph, shopkeeper, 6 Wood st

Blake Thomas, Army & Navy, River st

Bonny Annie (Mrs), lodging house, 4 Prospect road

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Boreham Chas. baker, 12 Middle street

Brindley Mrs. midwife, 14 River street

Brown Jn. ironmonger, 13 & 15 High st

Buchanan N. W. hairdresser, 4 Middle st

Buckley George, boot maker, 8 High st

Burfield Charles, grocer, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants, 55 & 57 High street

Burge Geo. Wm. watch ma. 34 High st

Butler Francis Theobald M.D. surgeon

Cabburn Thomas, King’s Arms, Westcourt street

Carter J. Irvin, tobacconist, 4 High st

Catchpool Thomas, pawnbroker, 2 & 3 Westcourt street

Champness William, china & glass dealer, 41 Wood street

Chatham Soldiers’ Home (Miss Bunker, manageress), Garden street

Coleman Mathw. Lord Nelson, Wood st

Condron Forderonica (Mrs), midwife, 32 Middle street

Cook Joseph, boot maker, High street

Copper George, greengrocer, 67 Wood st

Cooper William, fishmonger, 57 High st

Cork Edwin Fredk. Baker, 49 High st

Cranham Edward, Sun in the Wood, High street

Crouth George, hairdresser, 2 Manor st

Crowhurst Caroline (Mrs), shopkeeper, 50 High street

Dadford Thomas, chemist, 3 High st

Davidson Jn. corn chandler, 10 High st

Day William, saddler, 2 High street

Day Chas. James, cab proptr. Wood st

Doherty John, tailor, 23 Wood street

Ellis E. (Miss), lodging ho. 9 Prospect rd

Fergusson Hy. tobacconist, 36 High st

Field Emos, tobacconist, 54 High st

Filmer Henry, Navy Arms, High street

Finnes Harriet (Mrs), lodging house, 12 Prospect road

Fitzgerald Michael, boot & shoe maker, 2 Middle street

Fright Charles, Dolphin, High street

Fry William, Crown, Wood street

Gale Jas. printer & stationer, 3 High st

Gallery Hy. beer retailer, 11 Manor st

Gilbert William Henry, Lord Napier, Manor street

Grant Charles, hair dresser, 4 Middle st

Gurney John, dealer in second hand clothes, 45 Wood street

Harens Henry, eating house, 7 Middle st

Harman Robert William, military outfitter, 53 High street

Harvey Edward, confectioner, 6 High st

Hathaway Abia (Miss), ladies school, Brompton house

Hazell Ann Maria (Mrs), draper, 27 High street

Hill James, tailor, Strowse buildings

Hill William Thos. grocer, 35 High st

Hitches David, oilman, 14 Manor street

James William, baker, 37 High street

Jennings Solomon, grngro. 16 High st

Johnson Catherine (Mrs), lodging house, 31 Manor street

Kelly John, eating house, 65 Wood st

King William, carpenter, Middle street

King Wm. Robt. grocer, 7 Westcourt st

Lamb Rosetta (Mrs), lodging house, 15 Prospect rd

Lane Mary Elizh. (Miss), grocer, River st

Lawry Thomas, saddler, 21 High st

McGillicuddy Florance, tailor, 2 High st

Mackey Brothers, grocers, 5 High st

Mackay John, lodging ho. 10 Prospect rd

McClarty Margaret (Mrs), beer retailer, 21 Wood street

McIntosh Wm. Geo. greengro. 23 High st

Martin Abraham, marine store dealer, Middle street

Mattin Charles, stationer, 57 Wood st

Mattocks Thos. tallow chndler, 48 High street

Maynard George, butcher, Middle street

Mens Richard, grocer, 25 High street

Morris Henry Howard, oil & colorman, 30 High street

Morriss Samuel, pork butcher, 42 High st

Munn Edward, butcher, 4 Westcourt st

Munn Samuel, baker, 36 Lower Wood st

Nicholas Joseph, greengrocer, 59 High st

O’Conner John, bookseller, 1 Garden st

Pearce Elizabeth Smithers (Miss), bookseller, stationer, & post office, 41 High st

Peters John, china & glass dir, 44 High st

Phelan Maria (Mrs), shopkpr. 16 Middle st

Pritchard Elizabeth (Mrs), ladies school, 6 Garden street

Quin John, shoe maker, Strowse bldgs

Ramage James, milliner, 63 Wood st

Rayment F. R. & Q. (Misses), drapers, & boot factors, 47 & 31 High street

Riley Mary Ann (Mrs), lodging house, 4 Wood street

Rochester & Chatham Café co. (J. Hill, manager), Garden street

Ryan George, greengrocer, 59 Wood st

Ryan James, picture frame maker, 40 High street

Rule Harriet (Mrs), dining rooms, 19 Westcourt street

Sands Frank, photographer, 5 Prospect rd

Sands Richard, painter & writer, 5 Prospect road

Sharp John, Royal Engineer, 51 Wood st

Sheepwash, Benjamin Henry, grocer, 69 Wood street

Shillito Jan. beer retailer, 6 Westcourt st

Shrubb James Richard, shopkeeper, 33 Lower Wood Street

Shipman Enoch, sub-inspector of army schools, 30 Garden place

Skinner Mary Ann (Mrs), lodging house, 11 Prospect road

Smart Catherine (Mrs), lodging house, 13 Prospect road

Smith Nathan, Duke of York, Westcourt st

Snelling Alf. King of Prussia, Prospect rd

Souter Elizabeth (Mrs), Queen’s Head, High Street

Spong Elizabeth (Mrs), shopkeeper, 2 Wood st

Stephen Wm. shopkeeper, 8 Middles st

Stevens George & Charles, pawnbrokers, 56 High street

Stigant Wm. Jn. baker 26 High street

Stokes Walter Edwd. chemist, 22 High st

Strowse John Michael, ironmonger, Lower Wood street

Sutton George, chemist, 45 High street

Swiney Edmund, Shipwrights’ Arms, westcourt street

Tanner George, carpenter, Wood street

Taylor Charles Wellesley, tinman, 10 Middle street

Taylor Joseph, Dockyard hotel, Middle st

Thorpe Henry, stationer, 10 Garden st

Town William Henry, Golden Lion , & job & postmaster, horses & carriages on hire at the shortest notice, High st

Tuffee John, grocer, 20 High street

Turner Edwd. beer retailer, Westcourt st

Twyman Elizabeth (Mrs), linen draper, 24 High st

Varren Saml. beer retailer, 10 Manor st

Walker Charles, farmer, Team yard

Walker George White, contractor, 14 Mansion row

Watchurst & Sons, builders, Middle street

Watchurst Hy. Alf. grocer, 61 High st

Webb Charlotte (Mrs), lodging house, 2 Wood street

Weekes Henry, surgeon L.R.C.P.Edin. Mansion house

Wells Richd. Wm. beer retailer, Middle st

Wilks Elizabeth, shopkpr. 12 Manor st

Williams Edward Ford, ironmonger, 46 High street

Williams Hy, Peter, butcher, 29 High st

Williams Wm. shopkeeper, 43 Wood st

Wood William, boot maker, 33 High st

Woodman John, grocer, 38 High street

Woolley Thomas, stationer & newsagent, 51 High street

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GILLINGHAM is an extensive parish, including within its boundary Old and New Brompton and a small portion of High street, Chatham and is mentioned in Domesday Book: it is in the Mid division of the county, lathe of Aylesford, Medway union, hundred of Chatham and Gillingham, Rochester county court district and in the rural deanery and archdeaconry and diocese of Rochester, situated on the south bank of the navigable Medway, 33 miles from London. The London, Chatham and Dover Railway traverses the centre of the parish and the New Brompton station is about half a mile west of Gillingham church: the parish is governed by a local board of fifteen members and is supplied with water by the Chatham Water Company. The church of St Mary Magdalene is an ancient and spacious edifice of flint and Kentish rag, in the Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel with a large chapel on either side, clerestoried nave, aisles, north porch and a battlemented western tower: the nave is divided from each aisled by four pointed arches, on dissimilar piers and the chancel from each of its chapels by three pointed arches on octagonal pillars: in the north chapel is a mutilated piscine; the south chapel has also a piscine and two sedilia rising eastward: in the chancel are some remains of Norman work and fragments of once magnificent brasses, including part of a brass to W. Beaufitz, 1438 and a small one to John Page, a former vicar, besides many old tombs; in the north chapel are traces of another brass of a knight and lady, with a tine canopy; the font is Norman and has a cylindrical bowl surrounded by a carved arcading: the church was completely restored in 1868, under the direction of A. W. Blomfield esq.: several stained

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Windows, a stone reredos, pulpit and lectern, the work of J. F. Lock Beveridge esq. were then introduced The register dates from the year 1558. The living is a vicarage, with the chapelry of Lidsing annexed and was formerly a peculiar of Canterbury, net yearly value, £530 with residence and 14 acres of glebe, in the gift of William Romney esq. and held since 1878 by the Rev. William Henry Robins M.A. of Trinity College, Dublin. The parish cemetery, near the church, was considerably enlarged in 1878 and a portion is allotted for Catholics and Wesleyans. The charities amounting to £18,123 per annum, are annually distributed to the poor in coals and clothes. A fair is held here on Easter Monday. A battle took place here between King Edmund Ironsides and King Canute the Great. William of Gillingham, who wrote a history of England in the reign of Richard II was born here, as was also William Adams, who discovered Japan. Gillingham Castle is a fort, built in the time of Charles I. There was anciently a palace here, belonging to the Archbishops of Canterbury of which there are now the remains. B Gosling esq. is lord of the manor A. F. W. Stephens, solicitor, Chatham, is steward of the manor. The principal landowners are Robert Lake Cobb, trustees of John Lock, Walter Charles Stunt and the trustees of Barlee and White. The soil is part loam and part gravel; subsoil, chalk and brick earth: the chief crops are wheat, barley and potatoes and there are a few market gardens. The area is 4,302 acres: rateable value, £62,585; and the population in 1881 of the entire parish was 20,722; of Gillingham excluding Old and New Brompton, 5,118.

Grange, 1 mile east, is a hamlet or manor. A small chapel, build by Sir John Philpot, Lord Mayor of London in 1378, is partly used as an outhouse. The area is 256 acres; rateable value, £1,531; and the population in 1881 was 186. This hamlet is a member of the Cinque Port of Hastings.

Parish Clerk, Edward Newnham

Lidsing (or Lidgen) is a parochial chapelry, annexed to Gillingham, 6 miles south-east from and in the country court district of Rochester, lathe of Aylesford, Chatham hundred and Medway union. The church is in ruins and inhabitants resort to Bredhurst church. The area is 439 acres; rateable value, £796; and the population in 1881 was 35.

Parish Clerk, Jordan Naylor

POST & MONEY ORDER OFFICE & Savings Bank - Charles Henry Gleadell, receiver, Gillingham. Letters arrive from Chatham at 7.30am & 12 & 8pm; dispatched at 8am & 12 noon & 8pm. Sundays at 8.25pm. WALL LETTER BOX, Exmouth terrace. Telegraph office at New Brompton.


Kent Fire, Bertram & Margetts

Queen, W. W. Taffs, Holly Tree House


Clerk, James Basset, solicitor, Gardiner Street, New Brompton

Medical Officer, Henry Weekes, Mansion row, Old Brompton

Inspector of Nuisances, Charles Edward Taylor, Railway, New Brompton

Surveyor, Alfred Wanstall, Arden street, New Brompton

Collector, James Godden, local board offices

Clerk to the Burial Board of Vestry Clerk, Joseph Robert Peachell, Christmas street

National School, Church street, Mr Stainthorpe, master



Athawes Edwin Allan, Darland

Bogle Capt. John du Terreau R.E. Gillingham house

Grain Major General Edward Metcalf R.E. The Woodlands

Griffiths Major H. Harcourt, 2 Medway villas

Larvey John Robert, 67 Pier road

Hayward Jn. Jas. R.N. 5 Medway villas

Hearnden Isaac (paymaster R.N.), Mill house, Grange

Hewett Mrs. 1 Kingswood villas

Hodder Mrs. 6 Kingswood villas

Hardner Mrs, 6 Christmas street

MacKenzie Major Austin, 3 Medway vis

Maclaverty Major A. J. R.N. 10 Medway villas

Main Lt. Thos. Rider R.N. 4 Kingswd vils

Meaden Nicholas, 3 Kingswood villas

Morris Capt. Wm. Geo. R.E. Court lodge

Muddle John, Gad’s hill

Muir Surgeon-Major Henry Skey M.D. 8 Medway villas

Osborn Mrs. Walnut Tree farm

Paget Lieut. Claude, 7 Medway villas

Read Henry T. R.N. 8 Kingswood villas

Robins Rev. Wm. Henry M.A. Vicarage

Ross Edmund. Of Bledensburg, Christmas street

Sill Lieut. Jn. Warre R.E. 9 Medway vls

Smith Thomas R.N. Stanley villa, Kingswood road

Turvey William, Christmas street

Ward Major R.E. 7 Kingswood villas

West Edward, 43 Medway road


Austin Wm. Geo. Beer retailer, Pier road

Baker Wm. Green Dragon, Church st

Ball & Gammon, contractors; & at Strood

Beaumont John, shopkeeper, 16 Church st

Bennett Ambrose William, barge owner, Pier road

Bigg William, rope maker & coal merchant, Pier road

Blackmore William, superintendent Prudential Insurance Co. 67 Mill Road

Bowra John, butcher, 14 Church street

Bullbrook John, brick maker

Chalklen John Howett & Isaac, grocer, Church street

Charlton William James, master mariner, Gad’s hill

Cheesman Alfred Wm. army contractor & farmer, Beacon court

Clark Thos. Butcher, Gad’s hill

Cleaves William, Plough & Chequers

Cook Thomas, beer retailer, Pier road

Cooke Walter, Five Bells, Church st

Cooper George, Rose & Crown, Pier rd

Cooper Thomas, blacksmith, near Medway works

Crane Wm. beer retailer, Shalders ter

Creighton Henry, shopkeeper, 62 Pier rd

Cuckow Alfred, shopkeeper, Church st

Cuckow Rt. market gardener, Burnt oak

Cuckow Thomas, baker, Pier road

Davenport Alfd. plumber &c. Church st

Davenport Alfred, bricklayer, Gad’s hill

Duck Henry Wilcox, baker, Pier road

Edmonds Wm. & James, frmrs. Tweedale

Edmonds George, framer, Grange

Featherby George & Co. brick makers, Court Fields brick works

Finnes Wm. Jas. butcher, 13 Medway rd

Foord Charles Ross, farmer, Star farm

Fowle Barnard, farmer

French George, butcher, Gad’s hill

French John, beer retailer, Gad’s hill

French William, shopkeeper, 85 Pier rd

Gibbs Herbert, baker, 38 Medway road

Gibbs William Henry, carpenter & undertaker, Medway road

Gillingham Portland Cement Co. Limited (William Morgan, sec.), Gad’s hill

Gleadell Charles Henry, baker, & post office, 87 Pier road

Godden William, shopkeeper, Church st

Gray Charles, beer retailer, 55 Pier rd

Green John, farmer, Church green

Green John Thos. farmer, Gillingham grn

Green William, Star, Star road

Hall James, smith, Gad’s hill

Hall John, fishmonger, 19 Pier road

Hartridge John, farmer, West court & Barn sole

Heritage Thos. grocer, Medway road

Heritage Thos. jun. grocer, 108 Pier rod

Hodge Wm. shopkeeper, 48 Medway rd

Hofner Fred. beer retailer, 44 Medway rd

Holder Caroline (Miss), shopkeeper, Medway road

Honey Brothers, coal merchants, Commercial wharf

Honey Francis & Son, brick makers

Hunt Thos greengrocer, 51 Medway rd

Jarrett Edwd, beer retailer, Layfield rd

Kemp & Anderson, coal mers. East end

Killick Henry Thos. Ship, Gad’s hill

Kite Abram, Wagon-at-Hale, Darland

Manwaring Thos. jun. miller, Grange

Macaulay John, shopkeeper, 49 Medway rd

McEwen Jas. boot maker, 39 Medway rd

Maddocks Edward, butcher, 84 Pier rd

Milton Joseph, smith, Grange

Mortley Wm. carman, Church street

Mullen William, shopkeeper, Gad’s hill

Osborn G. Edwd. contractor. Medway rd

Packer Wm. shopkeeper, Layfield road

Parker Chas. beer retailer, Wyles street

Passby Richard James, wine & spirit & coal mer. 66 High st; &at New Brompton

Pattison Jn. beer retailer, Burnt Oak ter

Potts Wm. A. beer retailer, Medway rd

Roberts George, shopkeeper, Church st

Rochester, Chatham & Strood Gas Works (William Syms, secretary. & manager; & at Rochester

Rowlett Samuel, Clarendon inn

Roots George & Son, brick makers

Savage Hen. Admiralty tavern, Pier rd

Saywell Thomas, blacksmith, Church st

Sharp George, beer retailer, East road

Sheepwash Richard, cow keeper & carman, Wyles street

Smith Alfred, farmer, Grange

Sone George, shopkeeper, Burnt oak

Stedman Jas, jun. farmer, Tweedle farm

Stigant Elizh. (Mrs), shopkpr. Gad’s hill

Stunt Walter Chas. farmer, Crown frm

Swan George, brick maker

Tanner Bros. coal merchts. Medway rd

Tanner Eliza (Mrs), shopkeeper, 50 Medway road

Tassell Robert, farmer, Hempstead

Taylor John, boot maker, Church street

Tozer William, builder, Station road

Tuffnell Philip John, Lord Exmouth, Medway road

West John, Hastings Arms, Grange

West John Kilburn, shpkpr. 86 Pier road

Whiffin Jeremiah, beer rtlr. Gad’s hill

Whittingham Edward, beer retailer, Medway road

Wickham Thomas, baker, Church street

Wood William, beer retailer & shopkeeper, Grange

Wyles Edmund, farmer, Darland farm


Naylor Reuben, farmer

Geer James William, Harrow

Stedman James, farmer

Wyles James, farmer, Gibralter farm    

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