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BROMPTON is within the borough of Chatham. The church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, was erected in 1848, at the expense of the Rev. William and Miss Conway, who are the patrons of the living; it is a neat edifice, with a handsome spire.

GILLINGHAM is mentioned in ‘Domesday Book’. A sharp battle took place here between King Edmund Ironside and King Canute the Great. It was a considerable manufacturing place in the time of Queen Elizabeth. Edward III, granted the town a market and an eight days’ fair, both now discontinued. William of Gillingham, who wrote a history of England in the reign of Richard II, was born here, as was also William Adams, who discovered Japan. The church of St. Mary Magdalene is an ancient and spacious edifice. The east window is handsome. In the chancel are remains of a Norman arch. The font is Norman and circular. There are two Piscinae. There are brasses, one of 1438, and many other old tombs. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Principal and Fellows of Brazenose College, Oxford. Our Lady of Gillingham used to be celebrated for miracles and pilgrimages. Gillingham Castle is a fort which was built in the time of Charles I. The palace of the Archbishop of Canterbury, at Gillingham, was a splendid structure. The hall, 110 feet long by 30 feet wide, is used as a barn.

At GRANGE, which is a hamlet or manor, with 165 inhabitants, and a member of the Cinque Port of Hastings, is a small chapel, built by Sir John Philpot, Lord Mayor of London in 1378, partly used as a outhouse.

NEW BROMPTON is in the parish of Gillingham.

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Belson Lieut. Frederick Charles, 3 Exmouth terrace

Blackader James, 5 Exmouth terrace

Burrell James, Hamlet of Grange

Ebrington Mrs. Elizabeth, Gillingham la

Fricker Mrs. Mary, Gads Hill

Fry Capt. Richard, Gillingham lane

Gifford George, Gads Hill

Gittings Lieut. Henry, Lay field

Glennie Mrs. Melville, Court Lodge

Griffiths Capt. John, Gillingham lane

Irwin Richard, Christmas street

Jennis Mrs. Mary, Gillingham lane

Leman Rev. Robert O

Meers Ady

Muddle Edward, Gads Hill

Muddle James, Gads hill

Murray Capt. R.N. Woodbine cottage

O’Gorman Mrs. Catherine, Gillingham lane

Osmer Mrs, Gillingham lane

Page Rev. John, D.D. Vicarage

Pitman Isaac, Church street

Richardson Mrs. Margaret, Hamlet of Grange

Rogers Capt. William, 2 Exmouth ter

Scott Mrs, Elizabeth, Gillingham lane

Skene Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, Court lodge cottage

Sugden Mrs. Sophia Ann, Gillingham lane

Townley Lieut. Jas. R.N. Church st

Troughton Adolphus Charles, 4 Exmouth terrace


Banes Charlotte, ‘Lord Exmouth’, Exmouth terrace

Beeching John Ebenezer, farmer & brick maker, Hamlet of Grange

Bennett William, coal merchant, Gillingham lane

Bigg Charles William, rope manufacturer & coal merchant

Brice Soloman ‘Five Bells’, Church street

Brooks James Charles, baker, Exmouth terrace

Bunyard John, beer retailer, Gillingham lane

Carter Edward, baker, Layfield

Charnock Elizabeth, beer retailer, Exmouth terrace

Clark Charles, shopkeeper, Exmouth terrace

Cleave John, ‘Plough &Chequers’

Comport Thomas, farmer

Cooper Samuel James, shopkeeper

Copping William, ‘Lord Warden’, Hamlet of Grange

Cuckrow Thomas, farmer

Dawes Spencer, farmer

Den Mary, beer retailer

Dodd Edwin, farmer

Dulake William Thomas, market gardener, Gads hill

Dunford John, farmer

Dyer Michael, boot & she maker, Gillingham lane

Finnes William James, butcher, Exmouth terrace

Fowle Barnard, farmer

Friday Isaac, miller

Friday John, farmer

Funnell Edward, shopkeeper, Gillingham lane

Gilbert William, miller, Chatham hill

Godden William, shoemaker, Church street

Harden David, butcher, Gillingham lane

Hedgecock William, farmer

Hinds Edward, beer retailer, Layfield

Hodges Henry, baker, Church street

Honey Thomas, sen. brick maker, Gillingham lane

How Sarah, ‘Waggon’, Hale

How William, wheelwright, Hale

Hulett James L. boarding school

Jarrett Edward, ‘Star’, Chatham Hill

Jeffrey & Hopkins, brick maker.

Johnson Stephen George, shopkeeper, Gillingham lane

Jones Mary, shopkeeper, Gillingham lane

Kinley Sophia, shopkeeper, Exmouth terrace

Lardner Jason, surgeon, Christmas street

Letley Henry, shopkeeper, Hamlet of Grange

Lock John, farmer

Lunn George, ‘Rose & Crown’, Gillingham lane

Maddocks John, butcher, Gillingham lane

Mansfield James, farmer

Mason Joseph, shopkeeper

McPherson Edward Hobbs, shopkeeper, Church street

Medhurst Walter, ‘Hastings Arms’, Hamlet of Grange

Milton Henry, blacksmith & wheelwright, Gads hill

Newnham Geo. Frederick, carpenter & builder, Christmas st

Osborn George, beer retailer, Exmouth terrace

Osborn John, timber dealer, Gillingham lane

Osborne Edward, beer retailer, Gads hill

Perry Sarah Ann (Miss), ladies’ boarding & day school, Wellington cottage

Pope Francis, brewer, Gillingham lane

Robinson John Robert, beer retailer, Church street

Saywell William, blacksmith, Church street

Saywell William, butcher, Gads hill

Semark William, grocer & linen draper, Gads hill

Snelling James, ‘Ship’, & blacksmith, Gads hill

Spratt Robert, miller, Cannon row

Springett John, tailor, Gillingham lane

Standen John, beer retailer

Stanley Sarah (Miss),dressmaker, Gillingham lane

Stapeley Joseph, shopkeeper, Gillingham lane

Stepney Henry, shoemaker, Church street

Stunt John, farmer

Summerset John, beer retailer, Gillingham lane

Sutton Caroline Elizabeth, grocer, Layfield

Tanton Moses, blacksmith, Hale

Venner William, ‘Green Dragon’, Church street

Vey Frances (Mrs), shopkeeper, Exmouth terrace

Wenman James, hairdresser, Church street

Wyles John, farmer

Yates Kenzie Elizabeth, milliner, Christmas street


Bentley Capt. Charles, 3 New Brompton terrace

Bentley Mrs. Mary, 2 Nile terrace

Bursham Lieut. Godolphin, 9 Nile ter

Byham Mrs Mary Ann, 3 Nile terrace

Eagles William, 5 Scrayfriers terrace

Freeland Mrs. Ellen, Scrayfriers terrace

Jones George, Scrayfriers terrace

Matheson Mrs. Sarah Ann, 6 Scrayfriers terrace

McLeod Capt. William K, 4 Nile ter

Mitchell Mrs, Elizabeth Rachel, St. Marys Place

Muddle John, Scrayfriers terrace

Peel Mrs. Emily, Scrayfriers terrace

Smith John, 1 St. Marys place

Smith Mrs. Mary, 2 New Brompton ter

Thompson Capt. Richard, 12 Scrayfriers terrace

Valsler Mrs. Eliza, Scrayfriers terrace


Adams Charles I, baker, High street

Baker James John, cooper, Britton street

Beard William, coal dealer, 14 Upper Britton street

Riddle Samuel, shopkeeper, 3 Lower Britton street

Boyden James, beer retailer, Park place

Carwardine Benjamin, corn factor, 1 High street

Cazley John, shopkeeper, Park place

Chalklen Emma, day school, 8 St. Marys place

Chalklen William, tailor, 8 St. Marys place

Colley William, shopkeeper, Britton Street

Cook Jabez, blacksmith, Britton street

Cork John, bricklayer & plasterer, 10 Fox street

Coster John, painter, plumber &c. Lower Britton street

Cronern William, ‘Viscount Hardinge’, Park place

Danells Fredk, grocer, & agent to Anchor life & fire assurance

Davis William, coal dealer, 15 Britton street

Dawes William, ‘Guznee Ford’, Fox street

Dean Charles, shopkeeper, Fox street

Denny John, marine store dealer, High street

Elvy James, coal dealer, High street

Everett Benjamin, butcher, Church path

Ferris Thomas, beer retailer, Skinner street

Fowle John, baker, 15 Charlton street

Green John, farmer

Harden Thomas, butcher, High street

Hawkins John, shopkeeper, High street

Henty Dr. surgeon, Scrayfriers terrace

Hicks William, carpenter & c, Lower Britton street

Horn William, ‘Prince of Wales’, Scrayfriers terrace

Hoskins William, baker, Fox street

Houghton George Edward, butcher, 4 High street

Jacob Richard Thomas, baker, Park place

Ladd David, beer retailer, Church path

Lampard Stephen, boot & shoemaker, 6 Canterbury road

Langley William, book & shoemaker, 2 High street

Lowe John, ‘Black Lion’, Fox lane

Matthews William, shopkeeper, Park place

Mills Thomas, hairdresser, High street

Pepper Gales, chemist & druggist, 1 Lower Britton street

Potter Frederick, china & hardware dealer, Britton street

Prout Thomas, ‘Plough’, Britton street

Rice George, shopkeeper, Britton street

Rider William, beer retailer, 1 Canterbury road

Robinson George, beer retailer, 9 Upper Britton street

Rouse Benjamin, timber merchant

Ruck William James, baker, Fox lane

Rudman John, boot & shoe maker 33 Charlton street

Page 476

Savage William, shopkeeper, Park place

Sexton William, builder &c, 3 Canterbury road

Sheepwash John, shoemaker, Britton street

Siburn Joseph, butcher, Fox terrace

Smith Gilbert, baker, Britton street

Stedman James, miller, Brompton mills

Stigant John, linen draper &c, Britton street

Swan Mary, shopkeeper, 58 Britton street

Theobald Thomas, beer retailer, Park place

Trater Thomas, boot & shoemaker, Lower Britton street

Treadwell Thomas Alfred, shopkeeper, Canterbury road

Turner William , beer retailer, 7 High street

Waghorn George, shoemaker, High street

Weekes Lucretia Mary Ann, milliner & dressmaker, 42 Park place

White James, grocer, 3 High street

Woodger John, linen draper, Lower Britton street

Wray John, butcher, High street

POST OFFICES - Lucy Couves, receiver, Church street, Gillingham. Letters arrive from Chatham at 9am & ½ past 2pm & dispatched at ¼ to 11am, & ½ past 7pm. Stephen Packenham, receiver, Park place, New Brompton. Letters are dispatched at ¼ past 11am & ¼ to 8pm.


Parish Church, Rev. John Page, D.D. vicar; Rev. Robert O. Leman, M.A. curate.

Wesleyan Chapel, Christmas street, Gillingham

Wesleyan Chapel, Britton street, New Brompton

Primitive Methodist Chapel, New Brompton

Wesleyan Reformers Chapel, Layfield, Gillingham

Bible Christians Chapel, Gads hill, Gillingham

Wesleyan Reformers Chapel, Britton st, New Brompton

Bible Christians Chapel, Park place, New Brompton

National School, Church street, Gillingham; Joseph Peachell, master; Mrs. Mary Peachell, mistress

INSURANCE AGENT- Anchor Life & Fire, E. H. McPherson, Church street, & Frederick Danells, Scrayfriers terrace, New Brompton    

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