Transcribed by Margaret Galt.  Source: Photocopies of Register
Note: Anything in square brackets is not in the original but has been added by me for clarity.  (302)

              Burials Alphabetical by Surname

Given Name
. . . female 26-Jun 1658 daughter [no name] of Edward [rest illegible]
. . . male Feb 1658/9 infant of John and [rest illegible]
. . . Mary Jan 1663/4 the wife of Thomas [rest illegible including surname]
. . . Vincent 31-May 1655 the son of John [surname illegible]
ADAMS ???m 19-Dec 1659 a poore housekeeper [page damaged]
ADAMS female 15-May 1655 infant of John and Mary
ADAMS John 8-Apr 1662  
ADAMS John 20-Jan 1656/7 the son of John and Mary
ADAMS Margaret 28-Jan 1654/5 a widow
ADAMS Mary 18-Jun 1659 daughter of John ADAMS
ADAMS Sarah 4-May 1660 the daughter of John
ADAMS Thomas 7-Oct 1656 a young man son of widow
ADAMS Thomas 10-Apr 1662  
AMBROKE(?) Sarah 19-Feb 1661/2 daughter in law to Edward WILD [Sarah's surname faint]
ANLEY James 26-Jan 1660/61 the son of John ANTEY
BAKER Katherine 21-Aug 1661 a poore maiden
BALLDUCK John 11-May 1658 a housekeeppar [rest illegible]
BALLDUCK? Ann 5-Jun 1655 the wife of Thomas
BAROW Simon 14-Apr 1661 an old man and the parish clarke
BARROW Alice 24-Aug 1659 the wife of Simon
BAX Alice 19-May 1663 the wife of Robert
BAX Ann 3-Jun 1656 the wife of Steven
BAX Elizabeth 13-Dec 1657 the daughter of Richard
BAX Elizabeth 15-May 1659 the wiffe of William
BAX female 4-Aug 1661 Infant of William and Margaret(?)
BAX Jane and Sarah 15-May 1663 the daughters of Richard
BAX Jean 18-Mar 1659/60 the daughtar of Richard
BAX Jeremy 18-Jan 1662/3 the son of Stephen
BAX Mary 17-May 1657 daughter in lawe to Thomas HOLLET
BAX Mary Nov 1663 daughter of ???mm [date illegible]
BAX Richard 14-Mar 1659/60 the son of Steven
BAX Robart 3-May 1660 the son of Thomas
BAX Stephen 2-Apr 1663 senior
BAX Steven 3-Mar 1658/9 the son of Thomas
BAX Susan 20-Dec 1662 servant maide of Stephen BAX, Senior
BAX Thomas 20-May 1655 the son of Thomas
BAX Thomas 14-Oct 1655 the son of Steven and Elizabeth
BAX William 9-Aug 1661 the parish Sexton
BAX(?) Mercy 1-Jun 1662  
BEDO Ann 28-Dec 1661 the wife of John
BEERE Richard 21-Mar 1659/60 Ann old man
BEERE Thomas 14-May 1658 [surname in doubt]
BENELL John 21-Dec 1656 an old man
BENSTEN male 2-Oct 1656 infant of Thomas and Sara
BENSTON Sara 7-Oct 1656 the wife of Thomas
BIGES Anna 24-May 1655 the daughter of Thomas
BIGES Mary 26-Feb 1654/5 the daughter of Thomas
BIGES Rachell 21-Jan 1655/6 the wife of Thomas
BINCHKIN ???? July 1662 James [All except this name illegible –either his child or wife
BOREMAN Sarah 1-Apr 1662 daughter in law to John WATSON or MATSON
BRANDFORD Thomas 4-Jan 1658/9 married man
BRASIER Mary 20-Oct 1662 the wife of Thomas
BRAZIER Thomas 1-May 1663  
BRIANT John 22-Apr 1659 a poor housekeepar
BRICE Mary 30-Jan 1662/3 the widow of John
BRICE Vincent and Henry 3-Apr 1663 the sons of Thomas
BRINGHAM William 20-Sep 1655 the parish minister
BROWNE Thomas 11-Mar 1658/9 a very poore old man
BURTHONGER Thomas 27-Dec 1656 the son of Thomas
CARLAW Barbaron 8-Aug 1658 a poore widow
CARR male 18-Oct 1661 infant of John
CARR Richard 29-May 1663 the son of John
CARTAR Mary 6-Feb 1659/60 sarvant to her mother COOPAR
CASTLEY Thomas 19-Apr 1660 an old man
CEAVELL Jean 19-Jun 1655 the daughter of John
CEEVE Thomas 12-Apr 1658 junior, a Farmar
CEEVE or CEERE Mary 4-Jan 1656/7 the daughter of Thomas
CEEVE-or-CEERE Charles 13-Jul 1658 a young man
CEEVE-or-CEOVE Elizabeth 28-Oct 1659 a widow
CESUELL Richard 21-Jul 1658 a young housekeepar
CHAMBERS Joan 16-Jun 1656 the wiffe of Abraham
CHANDER William 28-Sep 1662  
CHILTNE Elizabeth 19-Feb 1656/7 a bonswoman to Wiliam VERIOR
CHISEL Ann 30-Jun 1658 the daughter of Robert
CLIFFORD John 28-Mar 1663  
CLIFFORD Mary 18-Aug 1656 the wife of Thomas
CLIFFORD Thomas 1-Mar 1658/9 an old housekeepar
COCKLING Elizabeth 21-May 1661 the wife of George
COFFEY Elizabeth 15-Aug 1663 the wife of Thomas [surname very unclear]
COLLENSON John 18-Jan 1656/7 the son of John
COLLONSON Martha 27-Aug 1657 the daughter of John
CONSLE female 4-Jan 1654/5 infant of Thomas and Sara
COOKE John 28-Jun 1655 A housekeepar
COOPER Thomas 24-Aug 1656 an Old housekeepar
COOREMAN William 24-Sep 1658 a housekeepar
COORKE William 3-Aug 1659 a poore old blind man
COULDEN or GOULDEN Thomas 5-Mar 1660/61 the son of Richard
COULSON Susanna 16-Jun 1655 a poore old widow woman
CRAYTHAR or CRAYZAR John 6-Sep 1658 the son of Thomas
CROUX Bennit 20-Apr 1659 the wife of John, [she a] Gentlewoman
CURTENGER Elizabeth 19-Sep 1658 the daughter of Thomas
D???D Ann 1-Nov 1659 a widow
DAVIS Elizabeth May 1658 the wiffe of John [rest illegible]
DEN Daniel 22-Sep 1661 the son of David and Martha
DONALSON?? female 28-Apr 1658 infant of John and Elizabeth
DONSON Thomas 30-Jun 1657 the son of John
DOONKIN Thomas 5-Mar 1660/61 a very poore batchelar
EGLESTON Thomas 18-Jan 1658/9 an Old batcholar
EL??BARS Thomas 19-Mar 1658/9 a housekeepar
ELVARY William Feb 1658/9 a poor housekeepar [date lost]
ENDBORN Ann 30-Dec 1654 the wife of Henry
ENDBORNE John 31-Oct 1655 the son of Elthelbert
ESSEX Elizabeth 2-Apr 1656 the wife of Danell
ESSEX Eve Aug 1658 widow of Nicholas [no date]
ESSEX Mary 16-Jun 1656 the daughter of Daniel
FAIRMAN Tomsin 1-Aug 1661 a maiden of Wingham
FAYARMAN (?) 15-Aug 1657 a poor old man
FAYARMAN or FAIRMAN Ann 4-Feb 1656/7 the wife of Nicholas
FAYRMAN Richard 19-May 1659 of Wingham
FENNELL Mary 1-Jun 1655 a poor ould widowwoman
FENNELL Sara 23-May 1656 the daughtar of Thomas
FFRIND Thomas 28-Apr 1659 a yeoman
FIDGE Sarah 2-Nov 1656 the daughtar of Richard
FILLEY Ann 15-Jan 1656/7 the wife of John
FIRER Henry 29-Mar 1660 an old man
FOARTE Jeffary 15-Oct 1661 an old man was
FOSTALL Henry 8-Apr 1663 the son of William
FOX (?) 30-Aug 1657 an aynchant housekeppar
FOX William 18-Feb 1657/8 the son of William
FRIEND Elizabeth 14-Oct 1661 an old widow woman
GARDNER Jane Oct 1663 daughter of Thomas [date illegible]
GARDNER Thomas Jan 1663/4 [rest illegible]
GAYNFFORD Mary 5-Mar 1658/9 a widow
GOLING Elizabeth 16-Feb 1661/2 daughter of Richard
GOULDFINCH Martha 15-Dec 1658 a widow
GOULDUP Peeter 4-Nov 1656 an old man a housekeepar
HAKES-or-HALES Elizabeth 8-Dec 1658 gentlewoman, a widow of Cantarbury
HALL John 10-Nov 1655 the son of Henry
HARFFLET Dorryti 7-Jul 1659 widow gentlewoman
HARFFLET Henry 1-Feb 1655/6 gentleman
HARFFLET Usselar 19-Jul 1659 a single mayden daughter to the formar [sic: mother was Dorryti Harfflet buried 7 July 1659]
HARFLETT Margaret 1-May 1658 the wife the John, gentleman [date lost]
HARFLETT Sr Christopher 6-Aug 1662  
HARRIS Alexander 8-Apr 1663  
HARRIS Alixsandar 10-Dec 1655 son of Alixsandar
HARRIS Elizabeth 2-Nov 1657 the wife of Alexander
HART Dorryti 4-Dec 1658 an old mayd
HATCH Bartholomew 28-Oct 1657 an old man
HEWET Jonah 23-Jan 1655/6 A pore old man
HEWIT Joan 16-Apr 1660 a widow woman
HIFFUM Ann 13-Jun 1660 a single mayd Gentlewoman
HILLS Reemeallor(?) 26-Nov 1660 a poore widow
HOBART Elizabeth 6-Aug 1657 the daughter of Richard
HOBART Elizabeth 18-Aug 1661 daughter of B???s and Elizabeth
HOBART James 16-Feb 1659/60 the son of Richard
HOLYDAY Susanna 7-Jun 1656 the daughter of William
HOLYDAY William 4-Feb 1655/6 the sone of William
HORNE Charles 10-Nov 1661 a young man
HORNE Charles 11-Apr 1662  
HORNE Martha 3-Jun 1659 the daugther of Charles
HOULLS Edward 9-Mar 1659/60 housekeepar
JEFFAROY Alice 28-Oct 1655 a widow
JEFFORD Anne 26-Oct 1660 a widow woman
JEFFORD Daniel 7-Aug 1655 the son of Sollomon
JEFFORD Samuell 11-May 1659 son of Sollomon
JETHARY female 10-Sep 1657 infant of William and Elizabeth
JETHARY male 26-Jan 1658/9 infant of William and Elizabeth
JOANS Ann 14-May 1659 a sarvant
JOHNSON Aphary 3-Jul 1659 a poore widow woman
JOHNSON Mary(?) 12-Dec 1655 daughter of Thomas
JOHNSON Richard 8-Apr 1662  
JOHNSON Thomas 4-Nov 1656 a poor man a housekeepar
JULL Alnoll 28-Dec 1654 the son of Adam and Mary
JULL Hanna 6-Apr 1660 the daughter of Adam
JULL male 31-Mar 1656 infant of Adam and Mary
KINGSLAND ??? 15-Dec 1659 the wife of James [page damaged]
KNIGHT Edward 16-Jul 1655 the son of Auguston
KNIGHT Prissilla 1-Dec 1656 daughter of Augusten
KNIGHT Steven 11-Dec 1657 the son of Augusten
KNOCKE John 26-Aug 1655 son in law to Robert KNOCKE
KNOLLER Thomas 9-Feb 1662/3 the son of William
LAFY   20-Sep 1657 ?? the wiffe of John of Winsburrow
LEEGET Ralph 9-Jun 1655 of Canterbury but formerly of Ash an Old man
LEVY ??? 23-Dec 1659 a poore sarvante [page damaged]
LOT Abraham 30-Mar 1658 a very poore young man
MARKES Joan 6-Feb 1661/2 the widow of John
MARSHOUL William 2-Mar 1657/8 a very poore man
MARTIN John 15-Jun 1659 a young man
MARTIN Robert 21-Jun 1657 A Single man
MARTIN Robert 5-Apr 1659 an old housekeepar
MATSON Elizabeth 12-Apr 1658 the wife of John
MATSON James 10-Aug 1655 the son of John
MAXWELL Dorrity 6-Mar 1654/5 a widow
MAY Thomas 14-Apr 1655 a housekeeper
MAYTOM Ann 19-Nov 1658 the wife of Richard
MAYTOM Richard 21-Apr 1663  
MEARE Joan 19-Aug 1659 a single man
MEEDE Elizabeth 16-Jun 1658 the wiff of Daniel
MEEDE John 30-Jun 1655 the son of Daniel and Elizabeth
MILLER John 30-Apr 1658 the son of Henry
MINTOR Ann 1-Aug 1656 the wife of Robert of Ellmstoan
MINTOR George 1-Sep 1657 an old man of Ellmstoan Coort but formarly of Ash
MOAS Joan 19-Jul 1659 a poore old man
MOAT Joan 17-Jun 1655 the wife of William
MOATE William 4-Jul 1655 the son of William
MOCKET Stephen 27-Dec 1662 the son of John
MORKET female 20-Jun 1655 infant of John and Martha
MOYNE (?) 25-Sep 1655 the son of Thomas
MOYNE Thomas 23-Sep 1663  
MUFRED-or-MUSRED Lawrence 1-May 1655 a poore housekeepar
MUNS Abraham 15-May 1662  
MUNS John 25-Jun 1656 an anychant housekeepar
MUSGROVE William 11-Apr 1659 a single man of Staple
MUSRED Abygeal 3-Sep 1658 the daughter of Henry
MUSRED Henry 5-Apr 1660 an poor oulde man
MUSRED Mary 21-Feb 1656/7 a sarvant to John CEAVES
NASH John 15-Jun 1659 a young man
NEALE Elizabeth May 1659 the wiffe of Alexander [date unclear]
NOBLE(?) Thomas 4-Sep 1655 a poor housekeepar
NUTH Alice 13-Oct 1662 wife of William Nuth [who was buried 7 Oct 1662]
NUTH William 7-Oct 1662  
PACKER John 29-Apr 1663  
PACKET William 5-Mar 1658/9 the son of Thomas
PAYNE Catharen Feb 1658/9 a widow [date lost]
PECVEL or PERCEL Hester 7-May 1655 a sarvant mayd to Mastar PECVEL or PERCEL 7 day
PEDMAN-or-REDMAN Henry 28-Feb 1658/9 a poor housekeepar
PEFFORD Ann 25-Oct 1659 a single mayd
PEIRRE Andrew 8-Aug 1655 a single man sarvant
PHILPOTT Jane 27-Feb 1661/2 widow
PLUMAR Richard 19-Oct 1660 a London frutarar
POLE Peter 1-Jun 1658 Esquieor and Justice of Peace [rest illegible]
PRICE Elizabeth 30-May 1655 daughter of William
PRICE William 19-Nov 1657 the son of William
PRIOR Daniel 11-Jan 1657/8 the son of Daniel
PRIOR Elizabeth 8-Feb 1657/8 the daughter of Daniel
PRIOR Mary 15-Dec 1662 the daughter of John
PRIVAVION?? David 20-Aug 1657 (??? surname very faint) an Aynchant housekeeper
RALPH Thomas(?) 10-Feb 1656/7 the son of Danell
REDMAN   24-Mar 1662/3 wife of Thomas
REEDMAN William 30-Jun 1657 the son of Henry
RENGETH Milldredd 30-Jul 1655 A young mayden sarvant to her mother
RICHARDS Anne 7-Dec 1662 the wife of John of Woodnesborough
RICHARDSON Martha 12-Oct 1657 the daughter of John
RIGDEN Jane Oct 1663 wife of Henry [date illegible]
RIGDEN Sara 14-Apr 1658 the wife of Thomas
RUSELL Christophar 30-Nov 1658 a poor housekeeper
RUSSELL Elizabeth 4-Sep 1658 the daughter of Christophar
SAFFERY Ann 15-Dec 1656 a sarvant mayd to Oasman SAFFERY
SAFFERY John 17-May 1655 an aynchant housekeppar
SAFFREY John 20-May 1660 a very olde batchelor
SANDARD(?) ? 24-Oct 1655 granddaughter to Thomas CEEVE
SANDARS (?) 24-Oct 1655 infant of Richard and Anne
SANDARS Ann 20-Apr 1655 daughter of Richard
SANDERS Jean 14-May 1655 daughter of Richard
SANDERS Richard 1-Jul 1662 son of Richard [no date]
SANFFORD-or-SANSSORD Stephen 30-Mar 1662 batchelor
SASEY or LASEY Mary 8-Apr 1660 the daughter of William
SAX?? female May 1658 infant of Thomas and Mary [rest illegible]
SEADE Jean 2-May 1655 the daughter of Sellvestar
SEADE-or-FEADE Ann 4-Feb 1654/5 the daughter of Richard
SEADE-or-FEADE Rebeckah 7-Jul 1656 and ould Singgle mayd
SEEDE Sellvetstar 16-Dec 1656 son of Sellvestar
SENES Catharen 13-Jan 1659/60 the wife of John
SHERREY Dorrity 25-Mar 1656/7 the wife of Richard
SIMONS An 4-Feb 1662/3 the wife of Henry
SIMPSON Peeter 12-Oct 1657 a housekeeper
SNOADE George 3-Jul 1655 an Aynchant old man
SOLLEY Elizabeth 18-May 1660 the daughter of Richard
SOLLEY female 11-Dec 1656 infant of John and Margaret
SOLLEY Henry 24-Sep 1658 the son of Thomas
SOLLEY John May 1658 a young man son to Elizabeth [rest illegible]
SOLLEY John 29-Aug 1661 gent late of Ash but now of Wingham
SOLLY Amos 2-Aug 1663 the son of Amos of Woodnesborough [this is very small and looks like an addition]
SOLLY Elizabeth 31-Jan 1661/2 the wife of Amos of Woodnesborough
SOLLY Stephen 8-May 1662 Mr .
SOWNE-or-FOWNE Bettanel 30-Jan 1658/9 a widow
STANNARD Dorrity 14-Dec 1655 a widow woman
STANNARD Sara 8-Dec 1660 the daughter of Steven
STANNARD Steven 26-Oct 1660 the son of Steven
STAPLE Susanna 21-Apr 1659 the daughter of Thomas
STAPLL female 19-Dec 1654 infant of Thomas and Rebeckah
STONARD Barbarow 5-Jun 1661
STRINGER ??? 11-Dec 1659 son of Steven [page damaged]
STURGES John 11-Oct 1659 an old man
TASLER Mary 14-Jul 1663 the daughter of the widow
TAXSAYLE Steven 13-Oct 1659 the son of Simon
TAYLOR Elizabeth 25-Aug 1658 the wife of Thomas
TAYLOR Elizabeth 17-May 1662  
TAYLOR Hesther 22-May 1659 the daughter of John
TAYLOR John 1-May 1662  
TERRY Ann 12-Jul 1663  
TIRSER? Sara 9-Aug 1658 the daughtar of Henry
TISAR Henry 19-Jan 1661/2 son of the widow
TURRAL Milldreed 6-May 1659 a widow
WADE Marthe 31-Jan 1661/2 daughter of William
WELLAND Robert 1-Mar 1662/3 son of Edward
WELLS Jean 26-Oct 1658 the daughter of Joseph
WHIT Alice 28-Nov 1658 the wife of Thomas
WIBOORNE Roger 2-Jun 1655 gentleman
WILDE Margaret 27-Sep 1661 daughter of Edward
WILLS male 14-Sep 1658 infant of Charles and Susanna
WOOD Elizabeth 12-Nov 1661 the wife of Michaell
WOOD Mark? Jan 1663/4 Son of Michael [date illegible]
WOOD Michael 27-Feb 1661/2 widower
WOOD Whittingham 31-Jul 1656 Esquier, a married man
YOUNG William? 4-Nov 1663  
  April none   1657  
  February none   1660/61  
  July none   1657  
  July, August and September none   1660  
  September none   1656  
  September none   1659  

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