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white cliffs of Doverphoto of St. Andrew parish church at Buckland near Dover, Kent, England, copyright 2006, John Salmon licensed for reused under Creative Commons License 2.0 Generic
St. Andrew Parish Church
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Buckland by Dover, Christenings 1773 - 1813

Transcribed by Dorothy Holden
A note from Dorothy: The reel I used started with just one entry for 1773 that for William the son of Joseph and Lucy FOX on 19 December.

------Henry28-Apr1805son of William and Mary, no surname
?????Alice4th February1781daughter of Henry and Martha, of East Midd. Mil [sic]
???RINGMary Ann1-May1803daughter of Joseph and Mary Jane
AMESAnn25th February1776daughter of John and Elizabeth
ANSELLElisha25-Nov1811son of Elisha and Mary
ASHElizabeth28th February1796daughter of Frances Ann
ATWOODAnn9-Sep1804daughter of Richard and Mary
ATWOODElizabeth5-Dec1802daughter of Richard and Mary
ATWOODSusanna8th June1806daughter of Richard and Mary
BACHELORJoseph25-Dec1803son of Michael and Susanna
BACHELORThomas22-Dec1805son of Michael and Susanna
BAILYMary Ann14th December1788daughter of John and Elizabeth
BAKERAnn25th February1789daughter of William and Mary
BAKERJames13th August1786son of William and Mary
BAKERJohn McCormack4-Dec1803son of William and Susanna
BAKERMary28-Dec1800daughter of John and Margaret
BAKERThomas30th May1790son of William and Mary
BAKERThomas20-Oct1799son of Amy, baseborn
BARHAMMary Ann28th August1808daughter of Thomas and Mary
BARHAMPhiladelphia15-Jun1813no details listed, labourer
BARHAMSarah16-Dec1810daughter of Thomas and Mary
BARKERAbraham Tucker4th March1787son of Richard and Sarah
BARKERRosanna25th May1806daughter of John and Rosanna
BARTHEREmilia18-Feb1812daughter of James and Sarah
BAXCharlotte Jemima2-Sep1804daughter of William and Ann
BAYNTONJames12-Apr1812son of Samuel and Hannah
BAYNTONJervis24-Jun1810son of Samuel and Hannah
BECKEdward9-Aug1801son of William and Sarah
BEERWilliam19-Aug1810son of Thomas and Ann
BENNETSarah23rd April1786daughter of Samuel and Rachel
BENNETWilliam27-Jan1805son of Samuel and Rachel
BETTESWORTHJohn22nd May1796son of William and Sarah
BETTESWORTHMary Ann29th January1795daughter of William and Sarah
BETTSEdward5-Mar1800son of William and Sarah
BIRCHFrancis5th April1774son of Thomas and Elizabeth
BIRCHMary27th August1797daughter of James and Ann
BIRCHRichard6th October1793son of James and Ann
BLIGHTONMary17th July1788daughter of Moses and Jane
BOERJames19th July1780son of Thomas and Sarah
BOURNEsther10-Feb1799daughter of Richard and Esther
BOWES properly BOWLESWilliam27-Mar1803son of Henry and Hannah
BOWLESJohn6-Apr1800son of John and Jane
BOWLESMary23rd January1780daughter of Thomas and Mary
BRAZIERThomas3rd October1789son of Richard and Elizabeth
BRIDGEMANHenry Edmund 21st November1795son of the Honourable Orlando and Lucy Elizabeth, of Stoke Hall in Derbyshire was baptised and admitted into the congregation
BROOKHAMGeorge25th May1794son of George and Mary
BROWNGeorge Hetherington14-Jul1811son of William HETHERINGTON and Mary BROWN: there was the following notation re the above baptism Upon inquiry George Hetherington BROWN was baseborn A JAMES perp. Curate
BROWNMargaret28th March1779daughter of John GORHAM and Ann BROWN, baseborn
BUCKWilliam26-May1811son of Thomas and Mary
BUDDELLElizabeth Ann 7-Jun1812daughter of Henry and Mary
BULLARDBenjamin2-Jun1799son of Benjamin and Sarah
BULLARDMary Ann25-Feb1804daughter of Benjamin and Sarah
BULLARDSarah19-Apr1801daughter of Benjamin and Sarah
BULLARDThomas7-Nov1802son of Benjamin and Sarah
BULLARDThomas10th December1809son of Benjamin and Sarah
BURBRIDGECharles Henry14-Apr1811son of John and Ann
BURBRIDGEJohn7-Feb1813son of John and Ann, gardener
BUSHELLSarah21st September1788daughter of James and Sarah
BUTCHERElizabeth13-May1798daughter of James and Sarah
CAISTERThomas7-Oct1798son of James and Elizabeth
CARTElizabeth23rd January1784daughter of Nicholas and Mary
CARTERTheophilus25th December1791son of Sarah
CASTLEAnn3rd December1780daughter of George and Mary
CASTLEElizabeth11th May1806daughter of Stephen and Susanna
CASTLEJohn2nd January1774son of Edward and Sarah, of River
CASTLERachel Ann30th April1808daughter of Thomas and Ann
CASTLESarah10th April1808daughter of Stephen and Susan
CASTLESusan17-Mar1805daughter of Stephen and Susan
CASTLEWilliam17th March1782son of George and Mary
CASTLEWilliam4-Sep1803son of Stephen and Susan
CHARLESEliza12-Apr1812daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
CHARLESJohn Cocks6th June1809son of Richard and Elizabeth
CHILWICKEdward6th November1785son of Edward and Mary Maria
CLARKJohn3rd December1780son of Richard and Mary, travellers
CLARKMary14th March1790daughter of John and Mary
CLEVERLEYMary Ann Smith29th June1806daughter of Rueban and Mary
COCKEAnn Maria23-Jul1810daughter of James and Maria
COLLINEYJohn14th June1778son of Barnet and Charity, travellers
COOKEliza10-Jun1804daughter of Richard and Mercy
COOKEliza Mercy 16th August1807daughter of Richard and Mercy
COOKMercy Frances23-Sep1810daughter of Richard and Mercy
COOKSarah25-Feb1776daughter of Henry and Jane
COOKSusanna7th September1777daughter of Henry and Jane
CORDROYFrancis12-Sep1813son of Thomas and Lois [sic], papermaker
COVENEYLouisa3-Mar1805daughter of James and Ann
COVENEYSarah25th February1807daughter of James and Ann
COXENAnn18th August1782daughter of Charles and Henrietta
COXENElizabeth28th November1779daughter of Charles and Henrietta
COXENMargaret23rd March1777daughter of Charles and Henrietta
COXENMaria14th January1784daughter of Charles and Henrietta
COXENRichard18th March1781son of Charles and Henrietta
COXENSusanna6th November1778daughter of Charles and Henrietta
COXENWilliam17th July1785son of Charles and Henrietta
CRICKCharlotte29th March1807daughter of William and Martha
CRIEKSJames19-May1805son of William and Martha
CUMMINGSElizabeth1st March1808daughter of William, Capt. In the 1st Surrey Militia and Mary, his wife
CUMMINSRosanna12th March1809daughter of William and Elizabeth
CURTISJohn and Mary1st February1782son and daughter of John and Elizabeth, twins
DARTMary Ann19th November1786daughter of Nicholas and Mary
DAVISEliza9th August1807daughter of Richard and Susanna
DAVISHenry Farmer18-Mar1804son of Richard and Susanna
DAVISSarah10-Nov1805daughter of Richard and Susanna
DODDAnn5th April1786daughter of John and Jane
DODDElizabeth16th February1777daughter of John and Jane
DODDJohn9th April1775son of Thomas and Sarah
DODDJohn7th January1781son of Thomas and Sarah
DODDJoseph18th April1779son of John and Jane
DODDRichard18th June1784son of John and Jane
DODDStephen Alexander 22nd April1781son of John and Jane
DODDWilliam Collman27th November1774son of John and Jane
DOVERWilliam9th July1775son of Samuel and Susanna
DRAPERJames28th January1776son of Jesse and Hannah
EASTWilliam31st August1806son of William and Sarah
EASTESCatharine Frances11-Dec1803daughter of William and Sarah
EASTESElizabeth6th March1774daughter of William and Margaret
EASTESJesse17th March1776son of William and Margaret
EASTESMartha Maria 25-Nov1810daughter of William and Sarah
EASTSAnn28th August1808daughter of William and Sarah
EDGERLEYThomas Daines14th May1809son of Ann, baseborn
ELISONWilliam6th January1782son of William and Elizabeth
ELLESAnn13-May1804daughter of John and Sarah
FAGGHannah13-Sep1812daughter of John and Susanna
FAGGJohn16-Aug1812son of John and Ann
FAGGMary Ann16-Aug1812daughter of Stephen and Ann
FAGGMatthew6-Jan1811son of Stephen and Ann
FAGGRobert19-Jul1812son of Robert and Catharine
FAGGWilliam9-Dec1810son of John and Ann
FARRElizabeth12th October1794daughter of William and Rebecca
FARRFanny7th December1797daughter of William and Rebecca
FARRFanny31-Mar1805daughter of William and Rebecca
FARRJames23-Feb1800son of William and Rebecca
FARRJohn & Jane 29-May1802son and daughter of William and Rebecca, twins
FARRMary18th May1788daughter of William and Rebecca
FARRRebecca31st January1808daughter of William and Rebecca
FARRSarah2nd September1792daughter of William and Rebecca
FARRThomas17th August1785son of William and Rebecca
FARRWilliam31st December1786son of William and Rebecca
FARRWilliam25th July1790son of William and Rebecca
FARUMMary20th March1791daughter of William and Mary
FARUMWilliam24th August1788son of William and Mary
FARUM??John1-Sep1786son of William and Mary
FLINDERJenny7th June1795daughter of John and Mary
FORSTERMary22nd June1783daughter of Sarah, baseborn
FOXAlfred7th December1809son of William and Mary, an adult
FOXCharles30-Aug1812son of Robert and Mary
FOXElizabeth23rd December1781daughter of Joseph and Lucy
FOXElizabeth15th August1784daughter of Joseph and Lucy
FOXElizabeth21-Feb1802daughter of William and Mary
FOXGeorge26th April1807son of William and Mary
FOXHenry15-May1803son of William and Mary
FOXJohn3rd March1780son of Joseph and Lucy
FOXJohn17th December1797son of John and Ann
FOXMary27-Jan1799daughter of John and Ann
FOXPolling21st April1776son of Joseph and Lucy
FOXSamuel27th July1788son of Joseph and Lucy
FOXSarah28th January1787daughter of Joseph and Lucy
FOXThomas15th April1792son of Joseph and Lucy
FOXVincent27th June1790son of Joseph and Lucy
FOXWilliam19th December1773son of Joseph and Lucy
FOXWilliam7th December1809son of Thomas and Mary, an adult
FOXWilliam5-Aug1810son of Robert and Mary
FRIENDCaroline Bridges26th February1806daughter of George and Elizabeth
FRIENDElizabeth16th November1788daughter of Johnson and Elizabeth
FRIENDGeorge Richard4th June1809son of George and Elizabeth
FRIENDMary15th August1790daughter of Johnson and Elizabeth
GALEWilliam3rd April1809son of Jonathan and Eliza
GAMBRILMary Ann18-Mar1799daughter of Mark and Ann
GAMMONSarah & Ann16-Oct1800twin daughters of Benjamin and Sarah
GASSONElizabeth22nd June1794daughter of William and Mary
GASSONJames8th October1797son of William and Mary
GASSONJudith27th May1796daughter of William and Mary
GIBBONAnn15th December1793daughter of Stephen and Mary
GIBBONMary14th February1796daughter of Stephen and Mary
GODDENJohn23-Feb1800son of Richard and Mary Ann
GODDENMary29-Mar1812daughter of Richard and Mary Ann
GODDENRichard3-Apr1803son of Richard and Mary
GODDENThomas17-Mar1805son of Richard and Mary Ann
GODDENUrsula15-Nov1801daughter of Richard and Mary
GOLDFINCHThomas27th June1790son of William and Martha
GOLDSACKGeorge16th May1784son of John and Elizabeth
GOLDSACKMary22nd September1782daughter of John and Elizabeth
GORDONMartha19th July1807daughter of Richard and Mary Ann
GORDONWilliam10th December1809son of Richard and Mary Ann
GRADYJohn25th December1785son of John and Margaret
GRAHAMJohn24-Jun1799son of Francis and Mary
GRAHAMThomas15th May1791son of Thomas and Elizabeth
GRAVESAndrew12-Sep1801son of John and Elizabeth
GURNEYWilliam6th January1776son of William and Sarah
HALLCatharine12th October1806daughter of Charles and Margaret
HALLSarah Mason21-Jun1812daughter of Charles and Margaret
HALLWilliam12th November1809son of Charles and Margaret
HALLEYMary16th August1795daughter of James and Mary
HALLEYThomas2nd February1791son of Thomas and Mary
HAMMONDAnn19th May1776daughter of John and Ann
HAMMONDFrances2nd April1778daughter of John and Ann
HANSELThomas3-Oct1813son of Elisha and Mary, labourer
HARBORDRichard11th November1792son of William and Mary
HARMANAnn5th January1806daughter of George and Susanna
HARMANGeorge6-Jan1811son of George and Susanna
HARMANMaria18th October1808daughter of George and Susanna
HARRISAnn11th June1785daughter of Thomas and Ann
HARRISAnn18th December1785daughter of John and Mary
HARRISAnn Reader12th December1790daughter of John and Mary
HARRISElizabeth20-May1798daughter of Thomas and Ann
HARRISGeorge24-Aug1800son of John and Mary
HARRISGeorge9th February1806son of John and Mary
HARRISIsaac1st March1795son of Thomas and Ann
HARRISJames18-Jan1801son of Thomas and Ann
HARRISJohn6th July1783son of Thomas and Ann
HARRISMary22-Apr1798daughter of John and Mary
HARRISMary Ann5th July1808daughter of Thomas and Susanna
HARRISRichard17th August1783son of John and Mary
HARRISRichard Harvey30th July1786son of Thomas and Ann
HARRISSarah18th May1788daughter of John and Mary
HARRISThomas and Daniel17th January1796twin sons of John and Mary
HARRISWilliam3rd March1793son of John and Mary
HARTAnn2nd August1807daughter of John and Sarah
HATCHERJohn20th August1809son of John and Susanna
HATCHERMartha19th January1806daughter of George and Ann
HATTONAnn15th August1784daughter of William and Martha
HATTONAnn23rd June1793daughter of Richard and Mary
HATTONElizabeth15th November1789daughter of William and Martha
HATTONGeorge and Jane8th June1806son and daughter of Richard and Ann, twins
HATTONHenry3-May1812son of Thomas and Louisa
HATTONJane7-Jan1810daughter of Richard and Ann
HATTONJohn23rd January1774son of William and Mary
HATTONJohn12th June1785son of Stephen and Mary
HATTONLaura8-Jul1810daughter of Thomas and Louisa
HATTONLouisa7-Mar1802daughter of Richard and Ann
HATTONLouisa20th May1807daughter of Thomas and Louisa
HATTONMaria Augusta22nd June1809daughter of Thomas and Louisa
HATTONMary11th November1787daughter of Stephen and Mary
HATTONMary Ann23-Mar1800daughter of Richard and Ann
HATTONMary Ann & Elizabeth Ann 15-Nov1812twin daughters of Thomas and Mary Ann
HATTONRichard27th March1791son of Richard and Mary
HATTONRichard Manger28th May1780son of Edward and Ann
HATTONRobert15-Jan1804son of Richard and Ann
HATTONSusanna8th September1776daughter of Edward and Ann
HATTONSusanna28th June1789daughter of Richard and Mary
HATTONThomas16th October1796son of Richard and Ann
HATTONThomas4-Oct1804son of Thomas and Louisa
HATTONWilliam20-Aug1798son of Richard and Ann
HATTONWilliam6th June1806son of Thomas and Louisa
HAYWARDAnn24th April1808daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HAYWARDEliza4-Aug1811daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HAYWARDElizabeth8-Dec1805daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HAYWARDMary31-May1801daughter of Richard and Elizabeth
HAYWARDSarah30th January1774daughter of William and Elizabeth
HAYWARDWIlliam9-Oct1803son of Richard and Elizabeth
HAYWOODAnn29th January1809daughter of William and Elizabeth
HAYWOODRichard3-Feb1811son of Thomas and Elizabeth
HEATHAnn13-Sep1802daughter of James and Grace
HEMBERRichard2nd July1781son of Thomas and Mary
HERBERTJames22nd August1790son of William and Mary
HERBERTJohn25th June1780son of Nicholas and Alice
HERBERYMary Ann18th May1788daughter of William and Mary
HIBORDHenry8-Apr1798son of William and Mary
HILLSCharles10th April1774son of William and Lydia
HILLSFanny19th August1775daughter of William and Lydia
HILLSGeorge23rd November1777son of William and Lydia
HILLSHarry26th November1776son of William and Lydia
HILLSJohn Hugh27th February1779son of John and Mary
HOBBSSarah27-Jun1813daughter of Henry and Susanna, labourer
HOGBINElizabeth23-Apr1798daughter of Richard and Ann
HOILEElizabeth5th March1780daughter of Mary, baseborn
HOILEJohn11th May1783son of William and Elizabeth
HOILES?Mary Anne16th March1794daughter of George and Mary
HOLLODAYJohn1-Jan1798son of George and Ann
HOLTEliza31st July1808daughter of George and Hephzibeth
HOLTGeorge23-Dec1810son of George and Hephzibeth
HOLTJames19-Oct1803son of George and Hephzibeth
HOLTMary Ann8-Dec1805daughter of George and Hephzibeth
HOLTTemperance5-Sep1813daughter of George and Hepzibeth, papermaker
HOLYDAYWilliam31st January1808son of William and Hannah
HORNAnn19th July1781daughter of Thomas and Ann
HORNHarriet17th January1786daughter of Thomas and Ann
HORNMaria18th August1783daughter of Thomas and Ann
HORNThomas17th October1779son of Thomas and Ann
HORNThomas28th January1806son of Thomas and Mary, an adult aged 52
HUBARDThomas7-Mar1802son of Thomas and Sarah
HUBBERTJohn22-Jan1804son of Thomas and Sarah
HUNTERAnn20th July1806daughter of John and Elizabeth
HUNTEREdward4-Oct1801son of John and Elizabeth
HUNTERElizabeth1-Apr1804daughter of John and Elizabeth
HUNTERJane7-Jun1812daughter of John and Elizabeth
HUNTERJohn12th February1809son of John and Elizabeth
IMPEYJohn7th September1788son of William and Martha
IMPEYMary11th May1791daughter of William and Martha
IMPEYWilliam15th July1787son of William and Martha
JACOBEdward Thomas 5-Mar1800son of the Rev. Stephen LONG JACOB and Eliza Susanna, from River
JARMANHenry26-Dec1813son of George and Susanna, a miller
JOHNCOCKAnn1st March1795daughter of Thomas and Susanna
JOHNCOCKElizabeth24th September1797daughter of Thomas and Susanna
JOHNCOCKMargaret25-May1800daughter of Thomas and Susanna
JOHNCOCKMargaret13th December1809daughter of Thomas and Susanna
JOHNCOCKMary22nd July1792daughter of Thomas and Susanna
JOHNCOCKPhiladelphia27th September1795daughter of Francis and Mary
JOHNCOCKSusanna18th June1786daughter of Thomas and Susanna
JOHNCOCKSusanna Doves8-Dec1805daughter of Thomas and Susanna
JOHNCOCKThomas11th December1791son of Francis and Mary
JOHNCOCKWilliam22nd February1789son of Thomas and Susanna
JOHNCOCKWilliam12-Aug1798son of Francis and Mary
JOHNSONElizabeth22nd December1782daughter of John and Margaret
JOHNSONHannah16th November1794daughter of Jonathon and Ann, of River
JOHNSONMary12th January1777daughter of John and Margaret
JOHNSONRichard14th November1779son of John and Margaret
JOHNSONWilliam12th September1779son of Peter and Sarah
KEMBLEElizabeth Dodson3rd December1797daughter of Mark and Ann
KINGEdward Charles5th May1793son of Francis and Mary
KINMANAMary21st August1785daughter of Hannah, baseborn
KNIGHTThomas25th December1806son of George and Ann
KNOTAugustin18th January1795son of Henry and Susanna
KNOTTElizabeth24-Feb1805daughter of William and Mary
KNOWLESJoseph10th August1806son of William James and Ann
LANEAnn9-Jun1811daughter of James and Ann
LANEElizabeth12th March1809daughter of James and Ann
LANELydia13th April1807daughter of James and Ann
LANESusan27-Jun1813daughter of James and Ann, papermaker
LANEWilliam25-Feb1804son of James and Ann
LANGLEYAnn17th November1776daughter of Richard and Sarah, of Charlton Dover
LANGLEYCharles24-Jun1804son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYChristian7th January1781daughter of Richard and Sarah
LANGLEYGeorge2nd February1806son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYHenry24-Jan1802son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYJames24-Nov1810son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYJohn25th October1795son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYMaria8-Aug1813daughter of Richard and Sarah, labourer
LANGLEYMary21st March1776daughter of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYMary27th August1786daughter of Richard and Sarah
LANGLEYMary15th June1788daughter of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYRichard21st March1779son of Richard and Sarah
LANGLEYRichard9th April1797son of Thomas and Elizabeth
LANGLEYRichard5th November1797son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYRobert25th April1784son of Richard and Sarah
LANGLEYRobert3rd February1808son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYRobert28-Apr1811son of Richard and Sarah
LANGLEYSarah20th November1808daughter of Richard and Sarah
LANGLEYSarah and Stephen17th October1790son and daughter of Richard and Sarah, twins
LANGLEYSusanna5th March1791daughter of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYSusanna11-Apr1813daughter of Hugh and Mary, papermaker
LANGLEYThomas25th December1774son of Richard and Sarah
LANGLEYThomas6th January1792son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYThomas9-Mar1800son of Richard and Sarah
LANGLEYWilliam30th July1786son of Hugh and Mary
LANGLEYWilliam1-Dec1799son of Hugh and Mary
LAVENDERMary5th June1808daughter of Edward and Amy
LAVENDERWilliam25th May1806son of Edward and Amy
LAWRENCEMercy Elizabeth2-Aug1812daughter of Pierce and Elizabeth
LAWRENCESusanna12th February1809daughter of Pierce and Elizabeth
LOARINGKezia20th May1787daughter of WIlliam and Elizabeth
LOUDGeorge Hatton16-May1802son of Henry and Mary
LOUDHenry15th July1787son of Henry and Mary
LOUDHester Smith1st January1782daughter of Henry and Mary
LOUDJohn15th November1795son of Henry and Mary
LOUDJohn28-Jan1798son of Henry and Mary
LOUDMaria27-Oct1799daughter of Henry and Mary
LOUDMary Hatton13th October1779daughter of Henry and Mary
LOUDSusanna15th April1792daughter of Henry and Mary
LOUDThomas6th February1785son of Henry and Mary
LOUDThomas Hatton13th October1793son of Henry and Mary
LOUDWilliam Hatton13th December1789son of Henry and Mary
LUCKETTMary16-Jun1805daughter of James and Sarah
MARSHJohn Still7-Jul1805son of (ink blot) and Ann
MARSHJoseph22nd July1808son of Henry and Elizabeth
MARTINElizabeth7th May1775daughter of Edward and Mary
MARTINSamuel3rd May1789son of Edward and Mary
MATTHEWSJohn6th August1809son of John Joseph and Elizabeth Catharine
MAYBANKElizabeth13th November1785daughter of William and Ann
MAYSTONElizabeth7-Jan1798daughter of William and Sarah
MAYSTONMary elz16th October1796daughter of William and Sarah
MAYSTONRobert28th December1794son of William and Sarah
MAYSTONSarah Lock Walker9th February1794daughter of William and Sarah
MAYTUMFrances27th April1788daughter of Thomas and Sarah
MILLANCatharine17th December1809daughter of Robert and Catharine Smith
MILLBOURNSamuel1st October1797son of John and Elizabeth
MILLNGeorge14-Apr1811son of Robert and Catharine
MILLNMaria22-Nov1812daughter of Robert and Catharine
MONDAYBenjamin23-Jun1813son of John, miller
MUMMERYBenjamin1st April1792son of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYCharles16th February1806son of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYElizabeth17th August1788daughter of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYElizabeth12-Aug1798daughter of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYGeorge27-Jul1800son of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYJames George14th November1779son of William and Sarah
MUMMERYJohn4th August1776son of William and Sarah
MUMMERYJohn6th April1783son of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYJohn9th October1785child's name John (or Joseph? ink blot on paper) son of John and Mary
MUMMERYJoseph22-Jul1804son of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYMartha20th November1785daughter of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYMary12th February1809daughter of Jacob and Jane
MUMMERYSamuel1st February1795son of William and Elizabeth
MUMMERYStephen18th February1781son of William and Elizabeth
MUNDAYHenry19th July1807son of John and Mary
MUNDAYSusanna24th December1809daughter of John and Mary
MUTTONHenry14th May1797son of John and Susanna
NASHJohn6th February1774son of James and Abigail
NASHRichard7th December1777son of Mary, baseborn
NEWINGTONCharles27th April1794son of Samuel and Elizabeth
NEWINGTONJoseph15th January1797son of Samuel and Elizabeth
NEWMANAnn13th April1783daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, travellers
NORWOODEliza4-Aug1805daughter of John and Martha
NORWOODWilliam3-Apr1803son of John and Martha
OLDSCatharine25th October1807daughter of William and Mary
OLIVEGeorge31st March1793son of James and Mary
PAGERichard27th April1783son of John and Sarah
PAGESusanna4th January1784daughter of Charles and Sarah
PAGEThomas30th January1785son of John and Sarah
PAINElizabeth Ann5th November1780daughter of Henry and Mary
PAINHenry8th June1779son of Henry and Mary
PAINHenry7th July1782son of Henry and Mary
PAINHenry Robert 1st March1784son of Henry and Mary
PAINJesse28th March1785son of Henry and Mary
PAINRichard19th June1774son of Leeds and Elizabeth
PARKERThomas24th December1809son of James and Harriet
PARTRIDGESarah25-Nov1804daughter of Henry and Elizabeth
PEACHElizabeth Ann13th July1788daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
PEACHThomas28th January1787son of Thomas and Elizabeth
PECKERMargaret5-Aug1802daughter of John and Margaret
PEMBERTONJohn25th May1806son of John and Margaret
PEMBERTONMary Ann15-Jul1804daughter of John and Mary
PEMBERTONRichard23rd March1808son of John and Margaret
PETTSJoseph27-Sep1805son of Joseph and Mary
PHILPOTTCharles28-Jun1801son of Charles and Jane
PHILPOTTCharles1st February1807son of Charles and Jane
PHILPOTTMary Ann23rd April1809daughter of Charles and Jane
PHILPOTTWilliam7-Aug1803son of Charles and Jane
PHILPOTTWilliam14-Apr1805son of Charles and Jane
PICKERINGJohn Butcher19th April1808son of Joseph and Mary
PIERCEMary25th January1789daughter of Mary, baseborn
PIERCERichard28th August1774son of William and Elizabeth
PLAINPeter25th May1806son of Walter and Elizabeth
POWELLThomas12th April1807son of Thomas and Eliza
PRESCOTLouisa10-Mar1811daughter of Thomas and Sarah
PRESCOTThomas20th March1774son of Richard and Sarah
PRESCOTTAnn16th December1781daughter of Richard and Sarah
PRESCOTTFrancis25th April1784son of Richard and Sarah
PRESCOTTGeorge17-May1812son of Thomas and Sarah
PRESCOTTJohn24th April1792son of Thomas and Mary
PRESCOTTLouisa1-Dec1805daughter of Thomas and Sarah
PRESCOTTLouisa7th September1808daughter of Thomas and Sarah
PRESCOTTMary26th December1790daughter of Thomas and Mary
PRESCOTTSarah6th February1780daughter of Richard and Sarah
PRESCOTTSarah27th April1794daughter of Thomas and Mary
PRESCOTTThomas3-Apr1803son of Thomas and Sarah
PRESTONMary Ann24-Aug1800daughter of Thomas and Sarah
PRESTONThomas17th April1796son of Thomas and Mary
PRITCHARDElizabeth22nd February1789daughter of Joseph and Ann
RATCLIFFAnn30th July1797daughter of John and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFAnn29th October1809daughter of William and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFCatharine12-Mar1800daughter of John and Catherine
RATCLIFFHannah9-Sep1798daughter of William and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFJohn9th August1795son of John and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFJohn12-Mar1800son of John and Catharine
RATCLIFFJohn20-Sep1801son of William and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFMary15th January1797daughter of William and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFRichard2-Dec1798son of John and Catharine
RATCLIFFSarah10-Mar1812daughter of William and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFSusanna29-Sep1805daughter of William and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFEElizabeth Ann3rd April1791daughter of John and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFESusanna17th March1793daughter of John and Elizabeth
READAnn14-Oct1804daughter of RIchard and Ann
READElizabeth12th July1807daughter of Richard and Ann
READJames22-Nov1802son of Richard and Ann
REEVESCharles10th August1777son of William and Elizabeth
REEVESThomas27-Dec1801son of Thomas and Angeler [sic]
ROBBINSCatharine12th October1806daughter of Vincent and Catharine
ROBBINSJames7th September1794son of Vincent and Catherine
ROBBINSJohn10th December1780son of John and Caroline
ROBBINSJohn9-Dec1810son of Thomas and Mary Ann
ROBBINSJohn Brannd [sic]31st July1808son of Vincent and Catharine
ROBBINSMary2nd July1779daughter of Thomas and Susanna
ROBBINSMary Stowman19-Jan1812daughter of Vincent and Catharine
ROBBINSRichard1-May1803son of Vincent and Catharine
ROBBINSSamuel22nd April1787son of Thomas and Susanna
ROBBINSSusanna6th May1781daughter of Thomas and Susanna
ROBBINSThomas17th August1783son of Thomas and Susanna
ROBBINSVincent21st August1796son of Vincent and Catherine
ROBBINSWilliam1st May1785son of Thomas and Susanna
ROBBINSWilliam3rd June1809son of Thomas and Mary Ann
ROBINSEdward24th May1778son of John and Caroline
ROBINSEdward30-May1813no details listed, Blacksmith
ROBINSJacob28-Jun1801son of Vincent and Catharine
ROBINSJacob28-Jun1801son of Vincent and Catharine
ROBINSJacob28-Jun1801son of Vincent and Catharine
ROBINSThomas20th March1774son of Thomas and Susanna
ROBINSWilliam20-Oct1799son of Balentine and Catharine
ROBINSONMary Ann26-Aug1802daughter of James and Ann
ROODSDavid24th July1785son of Jesse and Elizabeth
ROPEREdward4-Mar1810son of William and Sarah
ROPERElizabeth30th July1786daughter of John and Mary
ROPERElizabeth19-Jan1812daughter of William and Sarah
ROPERFanny22nd August1790daughter of John and Mary
ROPERJohn24th April1808son of William and Sarah
ROPERMargaret24th December1775daughter of John and Mary
ROPERMary11th April1779daughter of John and Mary
ROPERMary11th November1781daughter of John and Mary
ROPERWilliam14th November1784son of John and Mary
ROWEAnn24th January1790daughter of John and Rejoyce [sic]
SCOTTSarah12-Sep1813daughter of James and Elizabeth, labourer
SEWARDAnn25-May1798daughter of George and Elizabeth
SHARPMary Ann19th January1806daughter of John and Ann
SHARPRichard23rd March1789son of Richard and Margaret
SHARPSarah12th May1793daughter of Richard and Margaret
SHARPThomas27th June1791son of Richard and Mary
SHEPHERDCharles6-Dec1812son of William and Martha, followed by this note ; This is the last entry of baptisms under the old plan. A JAMES perp.Curate
SHEPHERDJohn28-Oct1810son of William and Martha
SHEPHERDWilliam9th October1808son of William and Martha
SKEMPBarnet19th March1775son of William and Mary
SMITHEliza8-Jul1810daughter of (no entry) baseborn
SMITHJane19th April1789daughter of Jane, baseborn
SMITHJohn8-Jan1804son of Thomas and Elizabeth
SMITHMatthew John 20th November1808son of John and Mary
SMITHRichard24-May1812son of John and Mary
SMITHWilliam1st December1785son of Elizabeth, baseborn
SMITHWilliam4th December1808son of William and Harriet
SMITHWilliam18-Mar1810son of John and Mary
SPAINElizabeth1st July1781daughter of Edward and Mary
SPAINMargaret7th March1790daughter of Edward and Mary
SPAINSarah15th August1784daughter of Edward and Mary
SPAINSusanna9th March1788daughter of Edward and Mary
STOCKWELLCharles18th November1790son of Henry and Hannah
STOCKWELLGeorge17th May1789son of Henry and Hannah
STOCKWELLHenry10th December1787son of Henry and Hannah
STOCKWELLJohn22nd September1776son of Henry and Hannah
STOCKWELLMary12th May1782daughter of Henry and Hannah
STOCKWELLNicholas Pankhurst16th May1784son of Henry and Hannah
STOCKWELLThomas29th January1786son of Henry and Hannah
SUTTONEdward2nd September1781son of Susanna, baseborn
THISTLEJames15th February1796son of William and Elizabeth
THOMASAnthony Lewis11-Aug1805son of Anthony LEWIS and Ann
THOMASElizabeth Ann 26-Sep1813daughter of Anthony and Ann, papermaker
THOMASMary Ann10-Nov1802daughter of Anthony and Ann
THOMASSarah6th December1807daughter of Anthony and Ann
THOMASSusanna Tremain5-Aug1810daughter of Anthony and Ann
TILBYMary15th December1776daughter of Thomas and Ann
TOMSGeorge23rd February1783son of William and Ann
TOMSGeorge3rd July1808son of William and Sarah
TOMSHelen24th November1774daughter of William and Ann
TOMSJohn24th September1780son of William and Ann
TOMSMargaret9th April1786daughter of William and Ann
TOMSRichard22nd December1777son of William and Ann
TOTTLEWilliam24-Jul1803son of Thomas and Mary
WALLERRichard30th December1792son of Henry and Elizabeth, travellers
WATKISSJohn4th April1779son of George and Mary
WEEDONGeorge Cornelius26-Dec1804son of James and Sarah
WELCHGeorge18th February1792son of Josiah and Henrietta
WELCHThomas18th October1789son of Joseph and Henrietta
WELLARDEdward8-Jan1805son of Richard and Charlotte
WELLARDStephen10th May1807son of Richard and Charlotte
WELLARDWilliam13-Nov1803son of Edward and Jane
WELLSJames4-Jul1802son of William and Jemima
WESTAnn27-Jan1799daughter of Thomas and Mary
WESTGeorge18th December1794son of Thomas and Mary
WESTMary2nd May1793daughter of Thomas and Mary
WESTThomas26th February1797son of Thomas and Mary
WESTLEYMary Ann14th February1790daughter of Joseph and Susanna
WESTLEYMary Maria28-Apr1805daughter of Joseph and Susanna
WESTLEYWilliam12-Sep1802son of Joseph and Susanna
WHITEElizabeth4-Mar1810daughter of Richard and Ann
WHITNELLJames and John18th May1788twin sons of Mary, baseborn
WICKHAMElizabeth16-Sep1804daughter of James and Mary
WICKSElizabeth14th August1774daughter of Henry and Susanna
WICKSJane1st February1778daughter of Henry and Susanna
WILLARDBenjamin28-Jul1805son of Edward and Jane
WILLIAMSCharles13-Sep1812son of John and Mary
WILLIAMSRobert11-Jan1803son of John and Mary
WILLSEdward24-Jun1810son of John and Ann
WOODHarriet27th June1806daughter of Jasper and Mary
WOODJohn25th December1784son of John and Mary
WOODMary2nd February1783daughter of John and Elizabeth, travellers
WOODWilliam17th January1808son of Jasper and Sarah
WRIGHTMary Ann30-Sep1810daughter of John and Susanna
WRIGHTStephen15th September1793son of Augustin and Alice
YOUNGAnn22nd November1795daughter of William and Ann
YOUNGElizabeth5-Oct1800daughter of William and Ann
YOUNGJacob and Ann10th May1807son and daughter of John and Catharine, twins
YOUNGRichard19-Aug1798son of William and Ann