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white cliffs of Dover
photo of St. Peter & St. Paul parish church at Charlton near Dover, Kent, England, copyright 2011, David Anstiss licensed for reused under Creative Commons License 2.0 Generic
Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church
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Charlton by Dover, Burials 1700 - 1823

Recently rediscovered among old information sent to the Kent OPC project in 2004 the following entries were transcribed by Dorothy Holden and are included on this site in accordance with her original release and permission.
Prior to 1752 the new year began on 25th March.  Burials during the period 1813 up to and including 1823 are taken from the original Parish Register whereas the earlier burials were copied from a transcript of the original Parish Register.  All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.

SurnameGiven NameDateYearParents, Notes
......KETT?Andrew 13-Feb18205 months [partially obliterated as page damaged]
....................3-Feb1741A traveler and a child unknown
....................11-Jan1741A traveler unknown
....................30-Apr1747A waygoing woman
....................15-Sep1807A Traveller unknown
.................... 1815[entry lost, page ripped damaged]
ALLENMary 6-May1812 
ALTONJohn 1-May1779 
ANDREWSHenry 29-Sep1778 
ANDREWSHenry 3-Feb1800 
ANDREWSJohn 17-Jun1781 
ANDREWSMary 19-Dec1784 
ANDREWSMary 6-Oct1796 
ANDREWSThomas 25-Nov1792 
ANDREWSThomas 4-Apr1811 
ANDREWS Mary 30-Mar1746daughter of Henry and Mary
ARTER James 25-Feb1746 
ARTHUR Jane 22-Dec1736wife of Edward
ARTHUR William 25-Jun1742a Labourer from Dover
AUSTEN Margaret 13-Dec1758 
AUSTEN Mary 29-Jun1748 
AUSTEN Valentine 5-Jan1750? 
AUSTEN William 29-Oct1747 
BAILEY Susanna 9-Sep1763 
BAKERMargaret 1-Jul1779daughter of Thos. DEUWARD? Curate
BAKERMary 12-Aug1795 
BAKERMary 21-May1800 
BAKERMercy 10-Nov1779 
BAKERSarah 7-Mar1783 
BAKERThomas 27-Nov1774 
BAKERThomas 28-Nov1789 
BAKERValentine 20-Apr1775 
BAKERValentine 2-May1802 
BAKERWilliam 20-Feb1785 
BAKERWilliam 24-Feb1812 
BAKER Elizabeth 9-Jun1768 
BALDOWINE Elizabeth 17-Apr1715 
BALLARD James 6-May182314 years
BARROW George 27-Oct1755 
BARTLETThomas 25-Sep1794 
BARTLETThomas and Sarah 25-May1771 
BARTLETWilliam 15-Jan1772 
BARTLET Mary 18-Jun1766 
BARTLET Mercy 13-May1766 
BARTLET William 15-Oct1773of Deal
BARTLETTSarah 24-Jul1789 
BARTLETTThomas 1-Jun1803 
BARTLETT John 18-Mar1812of Deal
BARTLETT Thomas 7-May1774of Deal
BARTON Edward 9-Nov1800 
BARUSJohn 3-May1777 
BARUSWilliam 28-Feb1773 
BARUSWilliam 10-Jun1777 
BAYLEY Ann 20-Aug1766 
BAYLEY Daniel 18-May1710 
BAYLEY Elizabeth 13-Dec1709 
BAYLEY Sarah 24-Apr1761 
BAYLEY William 9-Jan1757 
BAYLEY Mary 6-Feb1703/4widow
BEERJohn 15-Sep1773 
BEERMary 7-Feb1772 
BEERMary 21-May1789 
BEERPhineas 15-Apr1807 
BEERThomas 5-Feb1789 
BEERWilliam 20-Jul1790 
BEER Thomas 30-Sep182312 months
BLINSTONE Martha 23-Apr1710 
BLINSTONE Thomas 19-Sep1705 
BODKINElizabeth 2-Mar1802from Dover
BODKINThomas 18-Jun1797 
BOOTH Mary Ann12-Jan18231 year
BORDENSusanna 16-Sep1804 
BOULTER George 5-May18166
BOWESThomas 20-Jun1793 
BOWLESElizabeth 24-Jun1804 
BOWLESThomas 16-Jul1797 
BOWLESWilliam 15-Jun1794 
BOWS Ann 4-Mar1764 
BOYERS Joseph 3-Feb1720 
BRETTElizabeth 27-May1792 
BRETTFrances 15-Nov1792 
BRETTJames 29-Jul1781 
BRETTJames 21-Nov1786 
BRETTMargaret 25-Sep1801 
BRETTMary 27-Jun1787 
BRETTRichard 13-Aug1796 
BRETTThomas 26-Aug1769 
BRETTThomas 29-Aug1782 
BRETT Aaron 23-Mar1734son of John and Jane
BRETT Ann 6-Feb1764 
BRETT Catherine 1-Dec1738daughter of John and Jane
BRETT Francis 11-Apr1758 
BRETT Jane 6-May1749? 
BRETT John 30-Jan1751 
BRETT John 14-Jul1756 
BRETT Mary 29-Feb1764 
BRETT Mary 15-Sep1766 
BRETT Moses 23-Jun1757from Dover
BRETT Richard 24-Mar1761 
BRETT Richard 18-Jan1763 
BRETT Thomas 14-Jan1753son of Edward
BROCKMANElizabeth 20-Dec1778 
BROCKMANJohn 16-May1773 
BROCKMANJohn 29-Dec1778 
BROCKMANSarah 5-Mar1777 
BROCKWOODWilliam 23-Feb1770 
BROUGHTON John 29-Apr1762 
BROUGHTON Margaret 10-Jun1764 
BROWN ..........17-Feb1750?widow, [name not recorded]
BROWN Susannah 8-Mar1750? 
BROWN Thomas 6-Mar1748 
BROWNE Mary 20-Jan1732wife of Thomas
BROWNING Catherine 26-Jun1755 
BUDDLE Ann 27-Oct1778 
BUDDLEFrances 28-Oct1781 
BUDDLEJohn 16-Dec1781 
BURGESS ..........11-Oct1737widow, [name not recorded]
BURVIE James 16-Dec182158
BUSH Jane 14-Jul18208 months
CALTONMary 22-Sep1779 
CAMBER John 19-Jan1700/1the son of Richard
CAPEL Jane 26-Jun18135 months
CARLTON Edward 2-Mar1788 
CARLTONJohn 3-Mar1789 
CARLTONMary 26-Nov1780 
CARNEThomas 6-Nov1769 
CARNE?Mary 18-Sep1770 
CASPELL Margaret 1-Oct18212 weeks
CASPELL Robert 9-Sep18223 weeks
CEED? Elizabeth 13-Jul1760 
CELTON Ann 6-Jan181867
CELTON William 29-Mar1767 
CHIDWICK Edward 6-May181961
CHILDNicholas 24-Sep1791 
CHURCH Anne 17-May1719widow of William
CHURCH Isaac 10-Jul1724 
CHURCH William 1-Oct1712 
CLAPSON Ann 18-Oct18193 months
CLAPSON Sarah 6-Apr18161 month
CLARINGBOULD Elizabeth 24-Oct181946
CLEMENT Elizabeth 29-Dec1731wife of John
CLOAKMary 23-Feb1798 
CLOAKRichard 11-May1800 
CLOKE Richard 28-Apr18164 months
CLOKE? James? 28-Apr181668 [entry damaged]
COCKER Willimacote 30-Apr1717 
COCKETTLouisa 11-Sep18218 months
COCKETT Elizabeth 5-Feb18204 months
COLLIER Debora 24-Jan1720 
COLLIER Deborah 11-Jun1753 
COLLIER Martha18-Jul1711wife of Robert
COLLIER Robert 30-Apr1718son of Robert
COLLIER Robert 6-Jun1753 
COLLIER William 3-Jun1753 
COOPER James 2-Nov18177
COOPER Susanna 22-Jul18176 weeks
COOPPERSarah 27-Aug1808 
COOPPERSusanna 23-Oct1808 
COOPPER Ann 24-Oct181945
CORNELIUS Frances 7-Jun1768 
COXENElizabeth 22-Feb1780 
COXENMariah 2-Feb1784 
COXENWilliam 10-Aug1781 
COXHILLSusannah 11-Nov1778 
CRICKThomas 16-Jun1804 
CROKEJohn 27-Jul1799 
CURLING Edward 11-Jul1760[senior]
CURLING Edward 30-Jun1760[junior]
DENNEElizabeth 26-Oct1809 
DENNISJohn 20-Jun1781 
DENNISJohn 14-Jul1801 
DENNISMary 6-Jul1797 
DOWNJohn 29-Sep1809 
DOWNMary 26-Jul1806 
DOWNSarah 4-Oct1797 
DREWHenry, Hannah and Mary 20-Nov1756They all dyed (sic) of the smallpox.
DREW Mary 2-Nov1756 
DUFRIESJulas 15-Feb1789 
DYERJohn 27-Jun1805 
EATON Sarah 24-Oct18171 year, 6 months
ELGAR Maria 16-May18177 years, 6 months
ELLIS Ann 18-Mar1805 
ELLISSarah 10-Jun1805 
ELVEYTamazine 2-Nov1756 
ELVEY Catherine 30-Sep1755 
ELVEY Edward 5-Sep1719 
ELVEY Edward 25-Jan1723an infant
ELVEY Elizabeth 8-Mar1747?daughter of James
ELVEY James 29-Aug1753 
ELVEY John 20-Feb1760son of James
ELVEY John 4-Apr1762 
ELVEY Katherine 18-Apr1713daughter of James
ELVEY Margaret 20-Oct1723wife of Edward
EMPTAGE Alice 4-Nov1802 
EMPTAGE Elizabeth 13-Jul1752daughter of W
EMPTAGE Mary 16-Mar181435
ENNELLSGeorge 12-Nov1810 
EVERARD ..........30-Dec1719widow, [name not recorded]
EVERARD Thomas 6-Oct1701 
FAGG Ann 6-Oct1798 
FFLINSTONE Catherine 17-Oct1740 
FIELDMaria 18-Dec1803 
FILEElizabeth 5-May1752daughter of Henry
FILEElizabeth 4-Dec1781 
FILEGeorge 7-Sep1791 
FILEHenry 19-May1785 
FILEJohn 13-Aug1775 
FILEMary 17-Jan1782 
FILESGeorge 25-Aug1793 
FINNISJohn 10-Nov1769 
FINNISMartha 18-Mar1781 
FINNISMary 1-Sep1770 
FINNISSarah 1-Jul1810 
FINNISWilliam 10-Nov1769 
FINNISWilliam 6-May1778 
FLINSTONE ..........25-Apr1731widow, [name not recorded]
FLINSTONE Elizabeth 19-Sep1716widow of Joseph
FLINSTONE Joseph 23-Oct1715 
FLINSTONE Susannah 12-Oct1735 
FLINSTONE Valentine 12-Jan1729 
FLINSTONE William 27-May1716son of Joseph
FOREMANWilliam 24-Jan1810 
FRANCKSKennett 21-Jul1785 
FRANKS Ann 8-Aug1784 
FRIENDMargaret 12-Jul1808 
FRIENDMary 13-Jul1777 
FRIENDMary 27-Nov1800 
FRIENDRichard 12-Nov1804 
FRIENDWilliam 21-Sep1781 
FRIENDWilliam 23-Jun1782 
FRIENDWilliam 7-Nov1795 
FRIEND Anne 14-Aug1715daughter of William
FRIEND Mary 30-Jan1766 
FRIEND Richard 16-Mar1763 
FRIEND William 15-Apr1731 
FRIEND William 14-Oct1780of St Mary's Dover
FROSTJohn 11-May1793 
FROSTMary 27-Jun1790 
FROSTRobert 13-Jul1794 
GAMBRIELMary 25-Nov1779 
GAMBRIELSusannah 16-Jan1777 
GIBBONSMargaret 27-Dec1808 
GIBBONSRichard 13-Jan1809 
GILESGeorge 24-Dec1808 
GOLDFINCH Judith 12-Mar1754 
GOLDFINCH Richard 10-Feb1754 
GOLDFINCH William 19-Jan1743son of Richard and Judith
GOLDFINCH William 17-Feb1750? 
GRANTJames 5-Dec1787 
GRANTMary 8-Jul1784 
GRANTWilliam 20-May1790 
GREEN John 21-Jul181861
HAINULT?Henry 7-Feb1741The Rev., Late of Charlton
HALL Elizabeth 31-Dec1761 
HALL Lucy 26-Sep1749 
HALL William 26-Mar1766 
HAMBROOK Jane 1-Feb1709 
HAMMOND Edward 23-Jan1745 
HAMMOND Susanna 19-Feb1745 
HAMONDElizabeth 22-Jan1734daughter of Edward and Susanna
HAPGOOD William 21-Nov1750 
HARRIS Jane 29-Jun18203
HARTLEYRichard 6-May1807 
HAWKINGS John 22-Jul1721son of William
HAWKINGS Mary 30-Jul1705the wife of William
HAYES John 13-Oct1726 
HAYES Petter 29-Nov1719 
HAYES als SMITHThomas 28-May1714a bastard child son of Thomas Smith and Margaret Hayes
HAYWOOD ..........28-Feb1727widow, [name not recorded]
HEARNThomas 11-Oct1801 
HEARNThomas 19-Apr1805 
HEARN Thomas and Hannah 9-Nov1803Twins
HERNLucy 27-Dec1807 
HERRIDGE Ann 9-Mar1800 
HILEJohn 16-Mar1780 
HILL Fanny 8-Apr181815 months
HOBBARDWilliam 9-Feb1812 
HOBDAY Catherine 17-Jun1759 
HOGBENRichard 12-May1797 
HOGBEN Hannah 3-Apr1766 
HOGBEN Mary 3-May1761 
HOGBEN Thomas 24-Jul1760 
HOGBINJames 20-Jan1789 
HOGBINJohn 25-May1796 
HOGBINMary 19-Dec1789 
HOGBIN Mary 21-Oct1756 
HOGBIN William 22-Dec1753son of William
HOGWOOD Ann 2-Jan1785 
HOGWOODWilliam 18-Jan1789 
HOLLAWAYThomas 3-Aug1794 
HOLLOWAY Ann 14-Jun1768 
HOLLOWAY William 29-Dec1747 
HOLMESJames 26-Apr1772 
HOLMES Deborah 26-Jun1760 
HOLMES Robert 4-Apr1762 
HOMESNancy 24-Jan1783 
HOMES (sic)Nancy 24-Jan1783 
HOWESIsabella 7-Dec1812 
HOYLEElizabeth 31-Jan1775 
HUBBARD Stephen and Samuel 23-Feb18199 days
HUTCHINGSON Elizabeth 16-Oct182251 of Dover
HUTCHINSON Catharine 1-May1805 
JACKSONMargaret 26-Feb1809 
JACKSON James 8-Jul18165 months
JELLY Ann 7-Apr1790 
JEWEL Jane 9-Aug1710daughter of Thomas and Jane
JEWEL Thomas 22-Feb1754 
JEWELL ..........18-Mar1722widow, [name not recorded]
JEWELL Jane 24-Jun1737wife of Thomas
JEWELL Jeanne 5-Jul1720 
JEWELL Thomas 11-Nov1704 
JOHNCOCK John 30-Dec1758 
JOHNSON William 11-Jun18156 months
JONESMary 10-Jan1811 
JONESThomas 11-Aug1809 
JONES Ann 21-Apr181635
JONES William 16-Nov181568
KELTON William 4-Nov1755 
KEMBERSarah 1-Mar1804 
KEMBERWilliam 1-Mar1801 
KEMBER ..........14-Mar1737widow, [name not recorded]
KEMBER Elizabeth 26-Oct1714 
KEMBER George 13-May1743son of William
KEMBER Richard 21-Jun1736 
KEMBER Steven 6-Jul1707 
KEMBER Susannah 17-May1752wife of William
KEMBER Thomas 16-Nov1720 
KEMBER William 25-Dec1764 
KEMBER ? Susanna  1745daughter of William and Susanna
KEMP John 24-Jul1716 
KENEY James 5-Dec1700 
KENNETT William 29-Mar1736 
KENNETT William 30-Sep1744from Dover
KESTERThomas 7-Oct1798 
KINGSFORD Jane 25-Aug182229
KITE Sarah 22-May181641
KNATCHBOWLESusanna 21-Sep1798 
KNATCHBULLSarah 26-Jul1809 
KNIGHT Ann 27-Oct1794 
KNIGHT Edward 13-Nov1796 
KNIGHTJames 18-May1794 
KNIGHTJames 20-Dec1798 
KNIGHTJohn 23-Jun1775 
KNIGHTJoseph 29-Jan1776 
KNIGHTMary 21-Nov1779 
KNIGHTRobert 15-Dec1775 
KNIGHTWilliam 11-Nov1781 
KNIGHTWilliam 24-Mar1782 
KNIGHTWilliam 22-Mar1789 
KNIGHT Ann 29-Jun1766 
KNIGHT Ann 14-Jul182239
KNIGHT Anne 20-Apr1756 
KNIGHT John 17-Aug1760 
KNIGHT Mary 2-Jan1763 
KNIGHT Thomas 27-Mar1767 
KNOTT Elizabeth 13-Jun1712wife of Nicholas of Dover
LAMPARDCatherine 11-Jan1747?daughter of William of Dover
LAMPARDElizabeth 29-Nov1759daughter of Edward of Dover
LAMPARDElizabeth 4-Dec1770 
LAMPARD Anne 21-Apr1721 
LAMPARD Anne 16-Dec1744 
LAMPARD Benjamin 19-Aug1716son of Matthew
LAMPARD Benjamin 4-Apr1721 
LAMPARD Benjamin 5-Mar1746 
LAMPARD Edward 7-May1732son of Martha
LAMPARD Elizabeth 14-Sep1715daughter of Benjamin
LAMPARD Elizabeth 17-Sep1719 
LAMPARD Elizabeth 30-Jan1757 
LAMPARD John 20-Jul1713son of Benjamin
LAMPARD John 14-Mar1715/16 
LAMPARD Mary 12-Apr1707daughter of John and Mary
LAMPARD Mary 30-Dec1714daughter of John
LAMPARD Mary 31-Mar1722widow of John
LAMPARD Richard 11-Dec1714son of John
LAMPARD Robert 31-May1734son of Edward and Martha
LAMPERJames 26-Jul1806 
LAMPERMartha 7-Feb1796 
LAMPERTJohn 5-Dec1784 
LAMPERTWilliam 15-Apr1779 
LANE Elias 1-Mar1807 
LANESJane 12-Aug1801 
LEKEYMary 19-Jul1770 
LEWIS Richard 13-May1758 
LONGMary 2-Jun1805 
MABBSMary 19-Feb1811 
MACARTNEYGeorge 7-Feb1811 
MACARTNEYJonathan 9-May1812 
MANCERThomas 13-Sep1811 
MARSHJoseph Vanson 19-Mar1788 
MARSH Mary 4-Apr1765 
MARSHALJames 11-Aug1777The Rev., a native of Frederickbourgh in Virginia
MARTENThomas 14-Apr1805 
MARTIN??Hayward 31-Oct18172 years, 1 month (page damaged)
MCCARTNEY John 28-Aug18185 weeks
MILESMary 27-Dec1812 
MILESNathaniel 21-Oct181639, of Dover
MILGATE Daniel 1-Mar181814 months
MILLAR Esther 15-Aug181355
MONINSThomas 14-Sep1727son of William Peter, an infant
MONINSThomas 2-Jun1730son of the Rev W Richard MONINS an infant
MONINSW Thomas 19-Apr1718from London
MONINS Anne 2-Feb1730Mrs. wife of W Peter
MONINS Frances 17-Jul1739daughter of W. Rickard and Mary of Canterbury
MONINS Mary 15-Mar1762wife the late Rev W Richard MONINS
MONINS Richard 16-Jul1750The Rev W
MONINS Thomas 15-Apr1728another son of William Peter
MONINS W Thomas 12-Jan1731from Dover
MONINS William Peter 15-Dec1738from Dover
MOORE Thomas 13-Jul181658
MORRIS Mary 2-Apr182076
NASH Hannah 24-Jan18198 years
NOOMANRachel 11-Sep1801 
OLDFIELD David 19-Sep1779 
OLDFIELDJane 26-Sep1779wife of David
PAGEWilliam 12-Jul1791 
PAINElizabeth 4-Jun1795 
PAINGeorge 8-Apr1802 
PAINThomas 28-Apr1800 
PAIN Elizabeth 12-May1754 
PAINEJohn 15-Dec1793 
PASCALLHenry 2-Jan1770 
PASCALLLucy 16-Apr1809 
PASCALLMercy 5-Nov1807 
PASCALLWilliam 24-Nov1798 
PAY Mary Ann26-Apr181318 months
PEARCE Thomas 6-May1713 
PEARCE Susanna 19-May1722widow
PEPPER Catherine7-Apr1772 
PEPPER Edward 22-Jun1743 
PEPPER Edward 27-Feb1717/18 
PETTITLouisa 22-Mar1809 
PETTITWilliam 1-Jun1810 
PETTIT Elizabeth 22-Nov182115 years
PETTIT Hannah 15-May18223
PETTIT Joseph 1-Jan181513
PIERCE John 29-Sep1700the son of Thomas
PILCHERHenry 17-Jan1797 
PLANEJames 6-Jul1801 
POLLEN James 24-Oct1752 
POLLEN Susanna 13-Jul1716daughter of James
POLLIN Suzan 18-May1755 
PORRIERS??Jonathan 6-Jan1788 
PORTERRobert 14-May181551, of River
PORTERThomas 28-Apr1782 
PORTERThomas 28-May1784 
PORTERThomas and Maria 23-Apr1797Twins
PORTWAINThomas 18-Mar1810 
POWELDeborah 16-Dec1778 
POWELLuke 17-Sep1809 
POWELThomas 3-Jun1781 
POWELLElizabeth 14-Apr1771 
POWELLElizabeth 11-May1772 
POWELLMary 12-Feb1788 
POWELLRichard 7-Nov1779 
POWELLSusan 19-Jun1770 
POWELLWilliam 27-Oct1771 
POWELL Anne 7-May1745 
POWELL Deborah 1-May1767 
POWELL Elizabeth 21-Mar1745 
POWELL Mark 13-Jun1757son of Thomas POWELL
POWELL Sarah 2-Oct1764 
POWELL Thomas 21-Jan1764 
POWELL William 9-Feb1764 
POWELL William 3-Jul1766 
PRITCHARDJames 8-Nov1783 
PRITCHARDJane 24-Jan1789 
PRITCHARD Anne 19-Aug1751wife of W James
PRITCHARD James 13-Jun1762 
PRITCHARD Susannah 9-Feb1749? 
PYALL Ann 19-Aug1759 
RADCLIFFEMary 6-Nov1809 
RAMSEY Ann 27-Jan1739 
RANDALMary 11-May1799 
RANDAL Mary 7-Jun1754 
RANDALEWilliam 3-Mar1799 
RANDALLGeorge 6-Mar1806 
RANDELLHarriett 25-Aug1811 
READ Eleanor 9-Oct18164 months
REWELL John 16-Jun18166 months
REYNOLDSAnn 27-Dec1812 
RICHARDS Ann 1-Jun1777 
RICHARDS Deborah 16-May1776 
RICHARDS Eliza 3-Oct1797 
RICHARDSElizabeth 30-Mar1795 
RICHARDSJohn 25-Feb1789 
RICHARDSMary Ann26-Jan1794 
RICHARDSRichard 25-Aug1782 
RICHARDSRobert 19-Dec1798 
RICHARDSWilliam 21-Dec1785 
RICHARDS Ann 14-Jun1761 
RICHARDS Ann 28-Aug1764 
RICHARDS James 6-Feb1733 
RICHARDS John 27-Jul1762 
RICKARDS William 31-Dec1755 
RIGDENEdward 12-Dec1777 
RIGDENMary 12-Mar1769 
RIGDENRobert 6-Apr1779 
RIGDEN Edward 15-Jul1768 
RIGDEN Hannah 10-Feb181526
RIGDEN William 3-Aug1763 
ROBERTS James 29-May1760 
RUSSELElizabeth Susanna 13-Sep1804 
RUTLEY Edmund 11-Aug1800 
RUTLEYElizabeth 1-Jun181482, of Dover
RUTTLEYElizabeth  1764Twins
RUTTLEY Edward 13-Dec1764Twins
SAWERSWilliam 30-Aug1782 
SEDGEWICK Edward 4-Apr1797 
SLATERJane 1-Jun1772 
SLATERJohn 26-Jul1770 
SLATERSusannah 7-Apr1771 
SLATER Ann 25-Jan1758 
SLATER Edward 9-Feb1733 
SLATER Edward 29-Jan1745 
SLATER Isaac 9-Jan1744son of Robert and Mary
SLATER John 10-Feb1745senior
SLAUGHTERElizabeth 18-Jun1809 
SLAUGHTERMary 14-Sep1810 
SLAUGHTERRobert 26-Oct1786 
SLAUGHTERSarah 26-Jun1803 
SMITHJohn 14-Oct1799 
SMITH Ann 22-Jul1774of Dover
SMITH Ann 14-Sep18172 years, 6 months
SOLLEY Stephen 6-Dec1760 
SOUTHOUSE Anne 13-Feb1720 
SOUTHOUSE Anne 24-Nov1745 
SOUTHOUSE Jeanne 14-Aug1719widow
SOUTHOUSE John 30-Apr1766 
SOUTHOUSE Mary 17-Feb1720 
SPARKS John 6-Sep1737the son of Edward and Mary
SPARKS Mary 22-May1748 
SPINNERJohn 5-Feb1773 
SPINNERJohn 17-Oct1780 
SPINNERSusannah 19-Dec1776 
SPINNERWilliam 23-Nov1779 
SPRATTHenry 27-Aug1805 
STANFORDSarah 22-Apr1810 
STANTER??Mary 29-Sep1775 
STOKES Benjamin 28-Feb1797 
STOKESMary 22-Sep1784 
STOKESMary 22-Oct1784 
STOKESMary 3-Jan1797 
STOKESSarah 31-Oct1789 
STONE Jany 5-Aug1708 
STONE Mary 15-Feb1721 
STONE Samuel 2-Nov1713of Dover
STUNT Richard 5-Aug1716 
STUNT Elizabeth 8-Apr1722widow
SWAINE John 6-Mar1745 
SWAINNE Anne 10-Oct1720 
SWAINNE Thomas 24-Jan1720 
TAPSALLMary 27-Mar1788 
TAPSALLNancy 23-Oct1788 
TAPSALLPhillis 6-Feb1788 
TAYLOR ..........9-Oct1751widow, [name not recorded]
TAYLOR John 19-Apr1722 
TAYLOR Mary 6-Nov1709daughter of John and Mary
TILBEYWilliam 10-Jan1812 
TUFNELL Ann Maria28-Feb1787 
W MONNINS Mary 26-Jun1705the wife of
WARWELL John 7-Jan1764 
WATSON Alexander 7-May18152 years, 4 months
WELDEN Elizabeth 6-Aug182348
WELLARD Jane 16-Feb1767 
WELLDENElizabeth 3-Mar1812 
WESTRobert 29-Jan1797 
WESTRobert 27-Mar1808 
WESTWilliam 15-Dec1805 
WEST Catherine 15-Sep1765 
WEST Margaret 1-Jun1762 
WEST William 18-Nov1757an infant from Dover
WHARTON Mary 3-Aug1759 
WHARTON Sarah 18-Apr1756 
WHARTON William 14-Oct1756 
WHILES Hannah 10-Feb1757 
WHITE 8-Nov1752Wife of William
WHYAT Mary 13-Aug1719widow
WILDSHenry 15-Nov1800 
WILDSThomas 30-Apr1800 
WILESWilliam 1-Oct1769 
WILES Jeremiah 12-Jul181765
WILLIAMSMary 18-Nov1810 
WILLS Catherine 31-May1772 
WILLS ..........22-Apr1744widow, from Dover [name not recorded]
WILLSONJohn 24-Feb1782 
WILSON Ann 5-Jul1789 
WILSONElizabeth 13-Aug1775 
WILSONElizabeth 23-Aug1787 
WILSONJohn 21-May1784 
WILSONJohn 12-Feb181752, from Dover Poorhouse, Charlton
WILSONSarah 3-Feb1797 
WILSONSusanna 22-Jun1797 
WILSONWilliam 5-Dec1777 
WILSONWilliam 26-Sep1796 
WILSON John 12-Aug1756 
WILSON John 30-Apr1760 
WILSON John 9-Apr1765 
WILSON Mary 25-Apr1735Wife of William
WILSON Sarah 14-Feb1762 
WILSON Sarah and Mary 27-Dec1738the daughters of John and Sarah
WILSON Thomas 31-Aug1750 
WILSON Thomas 20-May1762 
WILSON Thomas 22-Apr1766 
WILSON William 22-Jul1740 
WITNALLJohn 20-Jan1803 
WOLFEElizabeth 9-Apr1811 
WOOD John 4-Feb181642
WOOTTON Anne 13-Sep1779 
WOOTTON John 22-Nov1758 
WOOTTON Sarah 30-Nov1756 
WORTHINGTON Ann 15-Sep1774 
WORTHINGTONJohn 25-Mar1779 
WORTHINGTONJohn 13-May1803 
WORTHINGTONMary 29-Apr1777 
WORTHINGTON Benjamin 20-Feb1754 
WORTHINGTON Davies 11-Jun1768 
WORTHINGTON John 7-Feb1748 
WORTHINGTON Sarah 30-Apr1762 
WRIGHT Sarah 1-Jul18192 years, 2 months
YEAKINGS John 20-Dec1720 
YOUNGRichard 19-Feb18172 years, 6 months