Transcribed by Debra Buchanan. Source:  FHS Microfilm #1042461.

     Burials in alphabetical surname order

Additional notes
4 JohnAbbotCrooch23June175969  
9 AnneAbbott 28November1764 widow of Mr Septimus Abbott 
13 JohnAbbottWalding1March176887  
13 SarahAbbott 27January1769 wife of Mr Thomas Abbott 
8 SeptimusAbbott 15July176359  
15 ThomasAbbott 28May1773   
  CharlotteAdamsOne of the poor houses5April1792 Of Mary Ashton 
9 JohnAdams 9March1764infant  
  JohnAdams 1February180374  
  MaryAdams 16April1778   
  ThomasAdams 25December179121Of John died at Mr Southernwoods Hockenden inflammation in his bowels 
  ElizabethAilud 20February178928Wife of William Ailud Shoemaker, Miscarriage 
  FrancisAiskell Esquire 22September180070  
18 CatharineAkehurst 16May17773  
18 FriendAkehurst 22May17771  
  GeorgeAkehurst 25February180822  
16 JohnAkehurst 22August1775   
  JohnAkehurst 29April17902 mthsOf William & Anne Akehurst Sawyer 
  MaryAkehurst 22December17822 mthsOf William & Anne of ST Mary Cray Street, convulsions 
  SarahAkehurst 12November180918 decline
15 ThomasAkehurst 1March1772infant  
11 WilliamAkehurst 5June1766   
  JohnArcher 10November1779An old manA carpenter who died in Five Bells Cray 
  ThomasAshtonSt Mary Street late of Crocken Hill20February178575  
11 WilliamBagfield 24January176676  
15 ThomasBagghill 5November1773   
9 EdwardBaker 25March1764infant  
  ElizabethBaker 12March178938Wife of Wheeler, Consumption 
  ElizabethBaker 6July180343 dropsey
  JefferyBaker 14April177817 days  
  JohnBaker 16November179735Long illness a club burial a funeral sermon 
5 MaryBaker 14December1760infant  
17 MaryBaker 24December177538  
  MaryBakerBirchwood Corner16July177828  
4 MaryBarker 6September175924  
  CharlesBarnard 9August1789   
  MaryBartonOrpington20October181134 decline
  SarahBarton 5August181065 tropical complaint
  ThomasBarton 31December180925 scarlet fever
  AnneBasset 5April178719A servant of Mr Snellings, drowned in his millpond, supposed to have thrown herself in 
10 ElizabethBath 14February176557  
17 JohnBath 10January177760  
  JosephBaxter 25January181224  
  RichardBaxter 13January180565 asthma
  WilliamBeaks 27July1780   
3 JohnBedell 15December175860buried at North Cray 
9 ElizabethBiggs 17December176416daughter of Mr John Biggs 
16 ElizabethBiggsErith13August1775   
3 JaneBiggs 27August175877  
6 JohnBiggs 4March176121son of John Biggs 
15 JohnBiggsErith18July1773  farm servant
  AmyBirdSt Mary Cray St22July17929 mthsOf William & Letitia Bird, Dentition 
15 AnneBirdSt John's Hackney25November1773   
4 EdwardBird 18June1759   
  GeorgeBird 27October17963 mthsOf William Bird & Letitia his wife 
14 JemimaBird 30May1770infant  
13 JohnBird 17September1769   
  JohnBirdFrom the World turned upside down Kent Road25November179151  
  MaryBirdSt Mary Somerset London25November179262Decline 
  MaryBird 6October18097 yrs 2 mths fever
14 PhebeBird 30May1770infant  
  RichardBird 29November1790About 3 mthsOf William & Letitia Bird, Convulsions 
  SamuelBirdSt Mary Cray St8February178460Found in Northfield not quite dead & he survived a day & a night onlyLabouring man
  SamuelBird 28December1797Few daysOf William & Letitia  
  SarahBird 29August180744 inflammation of bowels
  SophiaBird 28January17922 mthsOf Thomas & Sarah Bird Woodcutter, Convulsions 
  ThomasBird 11March178067  
  ThomasBlagdenCrocken Hill 13July180325 impostumous
15 JohnBlair 2December1772   
  AnneBoastFrom the corner of Hockenden Wood1November178310 mthsOf Richard & Elizabeth Boast 
  ElizabethBoastHockenden2December178942Wife of Richard a day labourer 
  JamesBoastHockenden25June17896Of Richard & Elizabeth Labourer 
  ElizabethBolt 20January180579 old age
6 JohnBolt 28June176176  
  JohnBolt 18March180375  
14 AnneBoucher 21November1771   
18 MaryBoult ? 22October177790  
  RuthBowlerSt Mary Cray St27July178412Fever, pauper 
13 AnneBrain 30June1769infant  
  JamesBrain 17October17782  
  SarahBraine 21March179210Of Richard, Consumption 
  ElizabethBraithwaiteDeptford5November179025 or 26Her husband a Chaulker in the Kings Yard, Consumption 
11 MaryBrewerEltham3June1766   
  Matthew MillerBrightlingSt M.C Street27February178915 mthsFever 
  AnnBrown 27March181260 sudden death
  AnneBrown 29June17792 yrs 7 mths  
10 Eliz.Brown 20May1765 in childbed 
17 ElizabethBrown 6May17773  
  ElizabethBrown 29October177966  
  HarrietBrownFrom Mr Beren's Almhouses 27April17942 mths  
  HenryBrownSt Mary Cray St2September178463Some years ago a bakerBaker
  JohnBrown 28August179941 Plumber
11 MaryBrown 3January176670  
  MaryBrown 22July177825Wife of Moses Brown 
  MaryBrownFrom one of the new houses21February179034  
17 RichardBrown 20July177630  
  SamuelBrown 15October17789  
  SarahBrown 23February180080 Widow of Thomas Brown late parish clerk here
7 ThomasBrown 8September176220smallpox 
  ThomasBrown 16August178227Consumption brought from Bridgen Club Burial & Funeral sermon 
  ThomasBrownLived in one of Mr berens Almhouses29December179379Late Clerk of this Parish but though age & infirmities was superannated & had resigned in one of Mr Berens Almhouses 
  WilliamBrownSt Mary Cray St17July17823 mths  
12 AnthonyBushby 20September1767infant  
  DeborahBushby 20March178252Wife of Peter of consumption 
14 MrsBushbyFairtoft23December1770   
  ElizabethCacket 2October180317 mths a poor orphan
  SusannahCacket 25May180675 old age
  ThomasCacket 13April180680 small pox
  MaryCamfield 27September180914 yrs 9 mths decline
4 SarahCamp 11August1759infantsmall pox 
10 ElizabethCarey 4October1765   
10 JamesCarey 12October176575  
16 JamesCarey 3January1775   
1 JoanCarey 14January1756 widow 
3 JohnCarpenter 9January1758 son of John Carpenter 
  MercyCarr 30March1791About a mthOf Henry & Sarah Carr, Blacksmith 
  AnnCastletonCrocken Hill 4October181053 long illness
1 Anne [Mrs]Chapman 29May1755   
  JaneChapmanKingsdown20April1792Old age  
3 JosephChapman 29March17585son of Joseph Chapman 
18 ThomasChapman 1March17781Son of the above 
2 WilliamChapman 26November175642 yeoman
5 WilliamChapman 13December1760 son of Joseph Chapman 
18 WilliamChapman 1March177833  
  HenryChildKippington15March179386 Maltster
12 MaryChildChelsfield25May1767 in childbed 
  ThomasChildRed Lion Reynells Smiths6April17876A complaint in his head 
2 MaryChuxDartford5December1756infant  
  AnnClark 1August181185  
  EdwardClark 4October18053 1/2  
9 FannyClark 28December1764   
2 JaneClark 17May1757infantdaughter of Richard Clark 
9 JaneClark 28December1764 daughters of Richard Clark 
  MaryClarkCrocken Hill14June179568Wife of Robert 
15 RobertClark 28March1773infant  
  RobertClark 7December18023  
9 ThomasClark 28December1764 son of Richard Clark all three of millary fever 
10 ThomasClark 12May1765infant  
16 JaneClarke 28January1775   
  RichardClarke 28November179780Old age 
14 JohnCobby 22June1771   
1 SarahCobby 17December1755 daughter of Richard Cobby 
  RichardCoby 14November178768Gardener to Mr Hodsoll Esq, a decline, from a cottage opposite Effinghams 
  MaryCollins 6January1798   
17 CharlesCooperLondon12March177764  
  ElizabethCooperOne of the poor houses15September1790Old agepauper 
  ElizabethCooper 9August1807  whooping cough
  HenryCooper 11February17967 mthsOf John & Joanna 
  JamesCooper 6January18121  
  JohnCooper 27September180365  
2 JohnCootePauls Cray10August1757   
  MarthaCowlard 19October179113 days  
14 SimonCox 29July1771infant  
15 EdwardCumber 20October1772   
  IsabellaCurteis 30December178066  
  MaryDaleThe Greyhound Bromley5July1790 Of Daniel & Jane Dale fever, keeps the Greyhound Bromley 
  AbrahamDaniels 5May178214 daysOf John & Mary the father a soldier of the 65th Reg 2nd at Cray 
  DanielDavis 11February18082  
12 MatthewDay 23September1767 pauper 
  WilliamDay 5October179464Died at Perrys at Hockenden 
12 WilliamDeanDeptford1February1767   
12 JamesDenton 22April1767   
  WilliamDollutSt Mary Cray St16March1785About 40From William Akehurst a Sawyer in St Mary Cray St, pauperSawyer
11 Edward SalisburyDouce 27July1766infant  
14 GabrielDouse 14May1770infant  
17 SarahDraytonLondon19November177620  
  ThomasDuke 21September180925 brain fever
2 JosephDunmell 16January1757 twins of James & Sarah Dunmell 
2 MaryDunmell 16January1757   
  JamesDunmullFrom Grays27September178626A fever 
  JohnDunmull 3December17935Of Richard & Catherine 
  JosephDunmull 3November179671From Mr Bakers the Wheeler 
  SarahDunmullCrocken Hill1December178360Wife of Joseph in one of the poor houses lately come from Crocken Hill, Cancer, Pauper 
15 ElizDurling 7October1773infant  
  ElizabethDurlingMottingham5April17864 mthsOf Matthias & Sarah Durling Whooping cough 
  MaryDurling 14September17793 wksOf Matt & Sarah  
  MaryDurlingMottingham18September178814 daysOf Matthias & Sarah Durling, farmer 
  MathiasDurling 3August180862 short illness
  WilliamDurlingSt Mary Cray St5August17842 mthsOf Matthias & Anne Durling 
  MargaretDuttonChrist Church Middlesex4July180247 dropsey
  ThomasEavesSt Mary Cray St24September178450Belonging to Darenth of decline 
  AliceEdwards 23May180274 suddenly
  AmyEdwards 23June177812  
  ElizabethEdwards 1February180128  
  HenryEdwards 17January179465From a fall out of a walnut tree 
2 MaryEdwards 24December1757 childbed 
3 EdwardElliot 31October175872  
7 ElizabethElliot 4April1762   
5 MaryElliotDeptford7May1760 smallpox 
  HenryElliott 20December18075 mths whopping cough
11 Anne [Mrs]EveristErith30December1766   
  DinahEylesSt Mary Cray 6August179415Of Joseph & Anne Shopkeeper St Mary Cray died of fever in London 
  JosephEyles 12July179746 Papermaker & Shopkeeper
  ChristopherFarrant 4April180245 hard drinking
  JohnFarrant 25January179515 & few daysSon of Christopher Farrant Farmer died of a putrid fever 
  SarahFarrant 11November17949Of Christopher & Anne Farrant Farmer of putrid fever 
14 JamesFeltham 26June1771   
9 JamesFenn 29August1764infant  
18 MaryFennLondon23September17775 wks  
  FrancesFleming 26July179635childbed 
  WilliamFlemingReynell Smiths28April17922Of John & Fanny Fleming from Reynell Smith, stoppage of urine 
1 ThomasFrancis 26October1756infant  
18 AnneFrenchWilmington25February177834  
  ElizabethFrench 8February180173  
  JeremiahFrench 21June180710 small pox
  JohnFrench 23March18122 mths  
  KittyFrench 20March181117  
18 BenjaminFullerParkgate23January177841  
5 EdwardFullerRedcliffe2May1760   
14 Elizabeth [Mrs]FullerPauls Cray1February1770 widow 
16 WilliamFuller 31August1774   
1 MaryGibson 19April1755   
13 EdwardGishing 29March176991  
17 JaneGissop 15February17778 mthsTravelling infant 
6 FaithGoldingErith7October1761   
  MaryGoodger 26February180680 old age
  RichardGoodhew 14June179634Died of a hurt from the kick of a horse 
9 GeorgeGoodhue 18January176410  
13 HannahGoodhue 21March1769infantsmallpox 
18 MaryGrapes 3March17785 wks  
6 SarahGreen 25April1761infant  
  Henry GreenhillHockenden20April17943 mths  
17 GeorgeGreenwood 25January177645  
15 BenjaminGreenwood Esq. 11December177382  
  JohnGroombridge 4December180633 decline
14 ThomasGroombridge 28April1771   
  AnnGunn 13September181293 old age
  RobertGunn 18December180372  
  AnnGunner 4September180775  
2 ElizabethGuxDartford16October175735  
3 ElizabethGux 30March175890  
  WidowGux 22September178289  
1 Elizabeth [Mrs]Guyant 19May1756   
  MarthaHackettClapses11September179127Wife of Thomas Hackett a labouring man from Clapses, an internal complaint 
  WilliamHall 22November17851 mthOf Capt.Hall & Millicent his wife, a fit under Inoccultation but the smallpox had not broke out 
7 RoseHardingPauls Cray19September1762   
  AliceHatfield 10November178210Of John & Anne from a house near Mr Maceys 
  AnneHatfield 23March17804  
  AnneHatfield 13April178538Wife of John Hatfield, Pleurisy, near the water 
  ChristopherHatfield 27July1788 Of a Decline from his Bro's 
  JamesHatfield 17January179312Killed by a sand pit falling in upon him 
5 WilliamHatfield 11January1760infanta foundling  
  JohnHawesStanhill Wilmington13May177947  
12 JohnHaws 25March1767infant  
12 Old WidowHaws 19November1767   
7 RichardHill 2May1762   
13 AnneHoath 30June1769   
  CharlesHob* ? 22December180932  
3 AnneHodge 27February1758 widow 
  AnneHodgeSt Mary Cray Street24January17898Of Frances 
  FrancisHodge 28July179652Decline 
  JohnHodgeSt Pauls Cray9September180361 cold
12 WilliamHodge 5August1767   
  MaryHodges 2January178373From her sons Fra.Hodges St Mary Cray Street, Dropsical 
  Mrs Matilda HodsellLondon24July180786  
2 Helena [Mrs]Hodsoll 24December175683  
3 HenriettaHodsoll 10February1758 wife of Mr William Hodsoll 
5 WilliamHodsoll 11October176074  
  EdwardHodsoll [Esquire]St Catherine St the Strand London & had a house St Mary Cray16October179474 Banker
  WilliamHodsoll [Esquire]St Catherine St the Strand London 20November179438Son of the Edward Hodsoll Esq lately interred hereBanker
  AnneHogsfleshBrichwood Corner8June178556Wife of James Hogsflesh kept the Bull,Birchwood Corner, a long illness 
  JamesHogsfleshOne of the poor houses11September1791 Some time ago kept the Bull Birchwood Corner Paralytick 
  WilliamHollands 22June18001  
  MaryHollens 14September180317 mths daughter of John & Ann Hollens
  ElizabethHollisSt Mary Cray Street4August178223  
  ElizabethHolmes 22July179634Wife of [blank] Holmes of a decline at Mr Barnards 
  JamesHolmes 30December180129 asthma
  MaryHoness 7December181115 wks  
  WilliamHoness 31December18129 days  
17 ThomasHonor 15June17767 mths  
13 WilliamHooker 15January1768infant  
  WilliamHooker 17February177945  
6 IsaacHorne 9June1761   
  MarthaHubbard 4February178167  
  MaryHubbard 15November180555  
  Susanna AnneHubbard 11December17784  
7 WilliamHubbard 15August1762   
   Hubbard 2September1795   
  JohnHuchford 30November178080  
10 RichardIsaac 30June1765 a schoolboy killed by lightening June 20 
  ElizabethJackson 26January178274  
8 JamesJackson 19February1763 smallpox 
  RobertJacobs 24August178135  
18 ElizabethJealWoolwich1February177829  
12 SarahJeal 12April1767infant  
4 JohnJelly 17August1759infantsmall pox 
9 ThomasJelly 7March1764infant  
1 MarthaJenkinson 19April1755   
  HarrietJewellfrom the Bull at Birchwood Corner21September18006 mths  
13 ElizJohnson 4June1768infant  
4 MaryJohnson 10September1759   
  AbigailJonesHarestreet Dockhead16October178728A decline 
  JohnKaryBrought from Woolwich but lived at Kevington till very lately10May178796  
1 SusanKeble 14November1756infant  
  AnneKempReynell Smiths1December179032Wife of James a Wheelwright at Reynell Smiths consumption 
  JohnKempCrocken Hill10December178079  
  JohnKempEynsford side of Crocken Hill7October17849 mths  
  MaryKemp 20July177964Funeral sermon 
15 ThomasKemp 3May1772  farmer
14 WidowKempAynesford8April177186  
  EdwardKeysSt Mary Cray St19August178428Of a putrid fever. A club burial & funeral sermonBarber
  EstherKibbleHockenden12January17936 mths  
  MarkKibbleHockenden27December17911 mthA decline 
  SarahKinnan 10October180763  
  NicolasKinston? 26March180936 consumption
10 Elizabeth [Mrs]Knight 28September176576  
17 AnnKnow 4May177759  
3 GeorgeKnow 12April1758infant  
17 HenryKnow 15November177535  
13 JohnKnow 7July1769 smallpox 
18 RichardLakehurst 11June17772  
1 AnneLane 19November1756infanttwins 
  AnneLaneCrocken Hill21July177812  
12 ElizabethLane 15March1767   
  ElizabethLane 22August179176A blind woman infirmities of old age 
  FrancisLane 24November180772 old age
7 HannahLane 8August1762   
8 HenryLane 3June1763   
1 MildredLane 19November1756infant  
13 MillyLane 13March1768 widow 
13 RichardLane 29May1768   
  SarahLane 15September1790 From James Brain's of a cancer 
1 TobiasLane 17October175684  
  WilliamLane 22November177813  
  WilliamLane 6September18114 putrid sore throat
  CharlesLawrence 7October17894 mthsOf George & Anne Hooping Cough 
  CharlesLawrence 11October17959 mthsOf George Lawrence Collar maker & Anne his wife out of order in register 
  HarrietLawrence 30April17949 mthsOf George Collarmaker & Anne his wife 
  JamesLawrence 6December1790About a fortnightOf George Lawrence Collar maker 
  JohnLawrenceSt Mary Cray St11March17883 mthsSon of Geo & Anne Collar Maker in St Mary Cray Street, a fit or overlaid 
  SallyLawrence 2March17845 mthsOf George & Anne Lawrence always a weakly child 
  SarahLeener 9April178017  
13 JohnLockyer 26December1768infant  
  MaryLockyerFrom one of the houses of Jos. Berens Esq3June179974  
13 WilliamLockyer 18December1768infant  
19 JamesLong 14March177866  
  JamesLong 19May178945Kept by the parish brought from Harry Edwards 
13 MaryLong 6November1768   
  ThomasLoverHockenden15July17913Of Richard Lover farmer of Hockenden & Anne his wife of a putrid fever 
  AmyLucas 2June1800about 17  
  EstherLucas 22August1789 Of John & [blank] Lucas Whooping Cough 
  ThomasLucas 10October17893Hooping Cough & consumptive 
4 AnneMace 1March1759 daughter of John Mace 
14 ElizabethMace 16April1771infant  
  ElizabethMace 10February179571Wife of John Mace Schoolmaster died suddenly after a long disposition 
1 JohnMace 12July1756 son of John Mace 
5 MaryMace 18July176083  
10 MaryMace 13February1765infant  
5 ThomasMackayLondon12October1760infant  
  EdwardMacoy 14April181210 small pox
  MaryMacstea 31December180929 decline
  DanielMandy 27May17817  
  RichardMandySt Mary Cray Street17October178332Fell into a tub of hot water at Mr Rush's Chislehurst & survived the accident about a weekA cooper
  EmilyMann 16December18113 mths  
8 JohnMannering 5April176382  
  GeorgeMardkin? 5May1799 Dropsey 
4 EdwardMarshall 8February1759   
4 SarahMarshall 26July1759 widow small pox 
  SophyMartin 9March1795Few daysOf John & Sarah Martin 
4 PamelaMason 5December1759infanta foundling  
  JohnMatthews 23June17954 mthsA base born child of Mary Ashton & John Matthews 
7 ElizabethMillar 25October1762   
16 HenryMillar 13February1774   
  HenryMillerSt Mary Cray St12January179075Long illnessfarmer
  JaneMilles 20December178123Consumption 
1 SusannahMilling 18August1756   
  DavidMillsWorkhouse9February179472Old age 
12 Eliz.Mills 11June1767infantdrowned 
  ElizaMills 27February180077  
4 JamesMills 3November1759infant  
  JamesMills 8March180376  
  JohnMillsRed Lion Reynells Smiths8June178150Cut his own throat 
2 MaryMills 27November175663widow 
15 MaryMills 19September1773   
13 SusannaMills 17March1769 wife of David Mills smallpox 
4 WidowMills 5April1759   
  MaryMitchel 14April179873  
  WilliamMitchel 17March179773  
5 AnneMitchell 21May1760 daughter of William Mitchell 
5 MaryMitchell 20January1760 daughter of William Mitchell 
11 SarahMitchell 27August1766 wife of John Mitchell 
1 WilliamMitchell 19February1756infant  
14 Walter MonkMonk 15August1771  Gardiner
14 SarahMorrison 11October1770   
  GeorgeMunday 17June18083 wks convulsions
  WilliamMunn 14January179637died suddenlyPlumber & Glazier
17 WilliamMusgrove 29January177664  
  Maria AnnNash 7September18078 mths convulsions
15 RichardNeal 3February1772   
  JohnNesslingFrom one of My Van's Tenements2January179233  
4 JamesNewman 21June1759 son of John Newman small pox 
16 JohnNewman 15May1774   
  ThomasNewmanSt Mary Magdalene Bermondsey6February179545Putrid fever 
17 HannahNewstead 6March1777   
  JosephNewsted 15July17905Of Charles Newsted & Jane Smith a fever 
  WilliamNobbin 1July181235  
  MarthaNorth 17October179375Mother of Mr Munns Plumber in St M C Street 
  JohnNyeHockenden17July178061A pauper from Hockenden 
  JohnNyeWorkhouse27September1794 small pox 
  SarahNyeHockenden10October179468small pox 
17 WilliamOrpington 21April1777   
1 JaneOverton 31March1755   
16 WilliamOvery 5January1774   
  ElizabethPackman 14September177917 daysOf William & Mary 
  HenryPackman 17November180552  
18 JohnPackmanEynsford19November177787  
  MaryPackman 3April178042  
  MaryPackman 28May178041  
  MaryPackmanSt Mary Cray St2January178473  
17 SarahPage 25June17766 mths  
18 ElizabethPalmer 23September177787  
  GeorginaPalmer 19February17923 yrs 11 mthsNiece to Mr John Burlingham Plumber & Glazier, a fever 
  MariaPalmerSt Margarets Westminster 3May17931 yr 11 mthsDecline 
11 ThomasPalmer 22November176674  
15 WilliamParsons 1August1772   
  JamesPattison 23December17925Of James & Mary Pattison Plumber 
  JamesPattison 15September1793 Decline 
12 MichaelPearman 8July176773 late Clerk
6 SarahPearman 13April1761   
1 ThomasPecker 15April1755   
17 PhiladelphiaPeckman 1March17769mths  
5 Susanna Perrick 28August1760infant  
  AnnePerryHockenden2June178248Wife of John from Hockenden of influenza 
13 ThomasPerryn 1April1769infant  
4 WilliamPethwood 25April175980  
  CharlesPett 27May1788 From Mr Bakers the Wheeler, a consumption 
  AnnePhilips 2September17841yr Of William & Anne Philips 
1 HenryPhilips 21August1756   
14 WidowPhilips 2April1771   
  JohnPhillips 5November17781 yr 9 mths  
  ElizabethPilton 9December18022yrs 10mths burnt to death
  JamesPinson 8April178176A pauper  
  MaryPinsonSt Mary Cray St23January178535Consumption, wife of William Pinson 
  WilliamPinson 12July17794  
15 ThomasPlastow 25November1773  farm servant
  ElizabethPlummer 4March178748Of a dropsy, a servant of Mr Berens Esq died at a house in ST Mary Cray Street 
12 SusannaPocock 5May1767 in childbed 
15 ThomasPocock 23February1773infant  
  JamesPocokeFoots Cray21June178319An unlcer on his thigh 
11 JamesPollock 17April1766 smallpox 
  AnnePoltuneyWigzells Row19November179325 or 26Wife of James in childbed 
  ElizabethPoltuney 31December1793WksOf James & Anne Poluney 
  HannahPoolHockenden19August180438 fever
15 MaryQualch 1May1772  farm servant
  ElizabethRabelus 17March180380  
9 EdwardRablais 23December1764infant  
5 WilliamRablais 9December1760   
  JohnRablus 5March178660Gardener, kept the Blue Anchor St Pauls Cray parishGardener
  JohnRablusWelling4August180655 jaundice
  ThomasRablusButcher Row St Clements Dane 14October179367DeclineTallow Chandler
15 JohnRacket 3December1772   
  ElizabethRamsdenSt Mary le Bone29July179963Died suddenly a coroners warrant brought 
  MaryRangerKensington4January18104 mths  
  JamesReedThe Bull Birchwood Corner16December179526  
  JohnReedThe Bull Birchwood Corner22September17956 wksOf James & Sophia 
10 RichardReynolds 23October1765   
15 JamesRivers 11February1773infant  
  JamesRoberts 30June17916Convulsions 
  JaneRoberts 7February1790 Putrid fever 
3 JohnRoberts 26November1758 small pox 
10 JohnRoberts 25March1765   
  JohnRoberts 12March178022  
  JohnRoberts 10August1789 Of James & Anne Roberts 
4 MaryRoberts 23April1759infant  
   Roberts 20December180147 killed by waggon going over him
6 JohnRofe 9January1761   
13 MaryRofe 3March1768   
14 ThomasRofe 9December1771   
  MargaretRogers 2June178274Wife of Matthew St Mary Cray Street 
16 MaryRogers 20January1775   
  MatthewRogers 16November1788 Blacksmith Old age ann Annuitant on Mr Coventry's Charity for the BlindBlacksmith
16 MaryRoles 16November1774   
9 HesterRolles 23September1764infant  
1 WilliamRolls 11February1756   
14 JohnRoots 7October1770  farm servant
6 MaryRoots 26June1761infant  
  MaryRootsRochester20September179476Formerly kept the Black Boy St M Cray brought from near Rochester, died of Dropsey 
  ElizabethRudman 25January180782  
17 AnnRussell 5September177641  
  JaneRussellSt Giles Cripplegate London2April179374  
  John NicholasRussellMill Bank Parish ST John the Evangelist Westminster22January178467One of the chief clerks in the new annuity office South Sea House London for near 40 years 
  ElizabethSaunders 7April178274Cancer in her face 
  AnneSaxbySt Johns Southwark27August178439Consumption 
  AnneSaxbyBorough of Southwark9March178826in childbed 
14 ElizabethSaxbyAxtable24April1771   
14 GeorgeSaxbyAxtable8December1771  servant
14 George JnrSaxbyAxtable19May1771   
13 HannahSaxby 9November176986  
  JohnSaxbyFarningham16November177991Brought from Farningham 
14 LydiaSaxbyAxtable18June177119  
4 MarySaxby 26July1759 wife of Richard Saxby small pox 
13 RichardSaxby 22January1768infant  
2 SarahSaxby 22December175684  
3 WilliamSaxby 3February175894  
8 EleanorScott 9January1763infant  
  HannahScott 19March178032Wife of Stephen Scott 
9 JamesScott 16March1764infant  
9 JosephScott 24October17645  
  MaryScott 19May178844Wife of Thomas Scott Plumber & Glazier, an internal complaint which she laboured near two years 
  StephenScott 10May179852 Papermaker
  ThomasScott 29March17781  
  EdwardSeare 25July181157  
  John EdwardSearlChelsea6April18096 mths  
6 WilliamSeaybe 28October1761   
  EdwardSeersChelsea29October18065 mths  
16 JohnSellems 26March1775   
  MarySelmesDeptford27July17879Daughter of Jeremiah & Mary Selmes of Deptford, of a contagious fever 
13 Catherine [Mrs]Selms 18January1768   
13 JohnSelms 8July1768   
7 ThomasSelms 15December1762  Taylor
11 ThomasSelms 12February176624smallpox 
  Anne MariaSharpKeston16February178156  
  GeorgeShorter 3October18113 wks  
  WilliamSimesSt Mary Cray St1March178579Enjoyed Mr Coventry's charity for the blind 
5 WilliamSkudder 20June1760   
13 AnneSmallbones 22February1769 in childbed 
13 FrancesSmith 5July1769 smallpox & childbed & her new born infant 
14 HenrySmithPauls Cray24January1771 in ye church 
6 JohnSmithPurfleet10October1761   
17 JohnSmith 23February17774 mthsAn infant 
15 MarthaSmith 3October1773 died suddenly 
  MarySmith 22November181085 decay
16 MrsSmithCrooch25June1774   
8 ThomasSmith 16March1763infant  
15 ThomasSmith 12July1772 in ye church 
  AnneSnelling 21May177836in childbed 
13 FannySnelling 16May1768infant  
11 FrancesSnelling 16October1766infant  
4 Jane [Mrs]Snelling 4February175959  
17 JohnSnelling 5June17762 days  
  RichardSnellingOne of the poor houses12December179073Of one of the poor houses belonging to Mr Berens of Kippington 
  Susan Snellingold age from Mr Berens Almhouses3January180281  
  AnnSouthernwood 7April181253  
  JohnSouthernwoodHockenden27October17921yr 9 mthsOf Thomas & Anne Sothernwood of the measles 
  ThomasSouthernwoodHockenden3October1786About mthOf Thomas & Anne Sothernwood 
  ThomasSouthernwoodHockenden27October17923 mthsOf Thomas & Anne Sothernwood of the measles 
  JamesSparkes 31January18083 yrs 2 mths  
  ThomasSparks 16April18096  
1 EdwardSpice 7October1755 son of Edward Spice 
13 Catherine Stacey 16May1769 in childbed 
13 JamesStacey 24May1769infant  
  ElizaStapley 24May1800about a fortnight Of William & Catherine
  JosephStapley 12November17902yr 4 mthsOf Thomas Stapley Bricklayer & Lucy his wife 
  LucyStapleySt M.C Street18June1789 Of Thomas & Lucy Bricklayer  
  ThomasStapley 23February17802  
  ThomasStapley 21February180263 bricklayer
  WilliamStapley 31October180833 disease of the heart
  WilliamSteddle 2May17802 days  
13 WilliamStephens 17September1769   
14 WilliamStephens 15July1770   
  MaryStephenson 27March17942Of a decline, sister of above Sarah 
  SarahStephensonClerkenwell1February17945 mthsOf a decline her father Clerk to Mr Van & lives in Clerkenwell sent here for a few days for the air survived only a few days 
2 FrancisStevens 18September1757   
14 FrancisStevens 18August1771   
5 MaryStevensOrpington2September1760   
  RichardStevensHockenden23May178261Labourer, singleman bor here from Hockenden 
8 SarahStevens 29June176386  
  SophiaStiles 26April17816 wks  
16 ThomasStiles 28May1775   
  ThomasStiles 28February17826  
  AnneStone 27October178240Wife of John brought from Poveriss 
12 CassibelannsStone 25March1767infant  
  JohnStone 10January179152Of Asthma late of Mr Snellings Servant at Poveriss 
16 RobertStone 8February1774infant  
  SarahStone 23April17801 mth  
  SusannaStone 2July178023  
  ThomasStonePoveriss6September17787 mths  
  AnnStratford 4March181015 mths  
  FannyStratford 12May179919Consumption 
  JamesStratfordFrom Clapses2August17841Of John & Eliz. Stratford, small pox in the natural way 
  KittyStratfordSt Mary Cray St4May17882Of John & Eliz. Stratford, of St Mary Cray Street taken on Monday with a cold shivering & hoarseness & died on Tuesday 
  ThomasStringer 17October17951 yrsOf Thomas & Anne  
  JaneStyles 14November179851  
  ThomasStyles 10December180261  
  EdwardSwan 4December1808  infant
  ElizabethSwanFrom Mr Beren's Almhouses St Mary Cray Street20February178565  
  RhodaSwan 2June1807  dropsey
6 JamesSweetapple 16December1761infant  
  JohnTane 27April1782About 60  
  WilliamTaplin 24December180440 consumption
5 AnneTaylorDartford2August176019smallpox 
  ElizabethTaylor 25December1803bet. 70 & 80 actually says between 70 & 80
1 HenryTaylor 26February1756   
9 JohnTaylor 22May1764   
3 MaryTaylor 22September175862   
13 Mary [Mrs]Taylor 16March1768   
  AnneTicknerCrocken Hill24November1782   
14 ElizTickner 27December1771   
4 JohnTickner 25May1759infantsmall pox 
  JohnTicknerGrocer from Foots Cray23May180070  
  MaryTickner 3March1786 pauper 
  SarahTinkley 25October180739 entry at bottom register name should have been entered Sophia Imm ?
  DuannaTinkling 23June1791A few daysDuanna of John Martin & Sarah Tinkling 
  CassivellannusTownsend 15November179810  
  JosephTownsendSt Mary Cray St1September17842 yrs 8 mthsFever 
18 CassibilinusTownshend 22May17772  
18 JohnTownshend 15May17775  
  Catherine TrundleKeep the Black Boy St M.C12February17924 mthsOf John & Elizabeth Trundle, Suddenly 
  JohnTrundle 2April181158  
7 JohnTuck 22August1762infant  
4 RobertTuck 5April1759infant  
7 SusanTuck 25June1762   
  ThomasTulet 20November17793  
  WilliamTulet 26August178148Buried from Cray but belonging to Lullingstone 
16 HenryTulett 10January1775   
16 JohnTulett 24September1775   
  SarahTulip 20March180364 influenza
14 AmyTurner 21July1770infant  
  AmyTurnerA cottage near Mr Hodsolls10January17923 mthsConvulsions 
  AmyTurner 28December1797   
6 AnneTurner 3April1761infant  
  AnneTurner 21October179720Of James Turner & Mercy his wife, died of a decline 
11 Eliz.Turner 30January1766   
  ElizabethTurner 7November17951  
2 JamesTurner 8May17574son of Luke Turner 
  JamesTurner 25December17911Of James & Mercy Turner, a fit 
  MariaTurner 5July17872 mthsOf James & Mercy Turner near Mr Hodsells, the father Carter to Mr Snellings Mill Waggon 
  MercyTurner 1March180550 decline
  RichardTurnerReynell Smiths20August1783About a mthCame before its time 
13 WilliamTurner 22January1768infant  
   Turner 11July180214 days base born of Mercy Turner
  Dorah TaylorTuthill 17September1783Above 5 mthsOf John Tuthill late an assistant to Mr Waring but now set up for himself at Orpington & Anne his wife 
  JohnTuthillReynell Smiths6August178211 mthsDentition from Reynells Smiths son of [space] Tuthill assistant to Mr Waring 
5 AnneTye 18February1760infant  
  HannahTyeChatham10April178872Of mortification in her arm 
2 CharlesTyghe 19December1756infantsmall pox 
3 ElizabethUnknown 20March1758 a poor traveller 
2 NameUnknown 6December1756 a poor strolling woman name unknown 
2 NameUnknown 9May1757 a beggars little boy name unknown 
13 NameUnknown 8October1768 a poor travelling woman 
13 NameUnknown 6December1768 a poor travelling woman 
  WomanUnknownHockenden31July177925 or 26An unknown vagrant woman said to be Scotch brought from Hockenden 
  AnneVallins 4June1809  small pox
16 ElizabethVallins 31July1774   
  JulietVan Heythaysan 6May180430/4/180421of decline
  AdolphusVanheythaysen 11October1799 Decline 
  Henry AugustusVanheythaysen 22January17901 yr within a few daysSon of G.L Vanheythaysen Esq & Amy his wife 
  Delme Gerard ArthurVanheythuysen  14January179921Died of consumption at Egham 
  Gerard LevingeVanheythuysen [Esq]Bristol14April179746Died at Bristol where he went for his health 
  JohnVennerSt Mary Cray St26March17907 mthsOf William & Frances Baker 
  SusannaVenner 24July17815 wks  
  Susanna GoldingVenner 8February17946 mthsOf William Venner Baker & Frances his wife, decline 
  WilliamVenner 10June1794 Of William & Frances 
16 AnthonyViner 22September1775   
  HagarVinerSt Mary Cray St11August179173A widow & pauper in one of Mr Berens Almhouses in ST Mary Cray St, infirmities of age 
  JohnWaghorn 22February17829mths  
  JohnWaghorn 15May178226Hung himself in London & bro here because he had lived here & his wife was still here 
  Thomas JohnWale 22November17983  
4 EdwardWalker 25May1759 small pox 
  AnneWallerFoots Cray16July17977  
  Henry WallerFoots Cray22March178053Funeral sermon 
  JohnWallerFoots Cray10November178262Butcher 
7 MaryWaller 7March176272  
14 MaryWallerFoots Cray29May1771   
1 ThomasWaller 22October1755  Butcher
14 WilliamWallerGreenwich21November1770  farm servant
  DanielWallis 9April178437Ill some time, from Capt. Morgan's Tenuent 
16 MrsWallis 25February1775   
10 AnneWard 17May1765infant  
13 AnneWard 23May1768infant  
  AnthonyWardKeston5December178422Of decline 
  JohnWard 2November17914 mthsA weak child 
  JosephWardtwins18November18043 wks  
  LetitiaWard 27September1797   
15 MaryWard 29January1772   
  MaryWard 14April18005  
4 RichardWard 26October1759   
  RichardWard 18February1797 pauper 
15 SarahWard 11May1772infant  
13 WilliamWard 9August1769 smallpox 
  WilliamWard 9August1781infant  
  John WalterWaring 23May18026 1/2  
  Mrs ElizabethWaringLambeth1April180254 Mrs Eliz Waring brought from Lambeth died suddenly
4 RobertWaring 15November175911son of Mr Walter Waring 
  GeorgeWarren 17July18018 mths  
16 JaneWarton 13November1774   
  Mrs AnnWatkinsGreenwich11September180271  
16 WilliamWeakes 2April1774  exciseman
  RobertWeatherly 31October18041 child of a passing papermaker
4 DunmellWebbNorth Cray21November1759   
3 MargaretWebbNorth Cray9March1758   
  SarahWeeks 20February180080 Mantua ? Maker
1 ElizabethWeller 11May175589  
  GeorgeWeller 22May17979 mthsMeasles 
  GeorgeWeller 7August18032 mths son of Thomas & Alice Weller
  GeorgeWeller 4March18125 whooping cough
  HarrietWeller 26November18094  
16 JohnWeller 30March1775   
16 JohnWellerWilmington6August1775   
  JohnWeller 29May180852 parish clerk
1 MaryWeller 18January1755infant  
15 MaryWeller 30May1773   
  SarahWeller 17December18046 wks  
3 SusanWeller 19July1788 in childbed 
3 SusannaWeller 4August1758infant  
  ElizabethWest 13February181265  
  Ellen [Miss] WestIslington29March179216  
14 MaryWestSt Lukes Middlesex5June1770 daughter of William & Mary West 
16 MrsWestLondon2February1775   
  SarahWestSt Mary Islington Middlesex9July179560Wife of William West 
  WilliamWestEsquire Islington6January180875  
2 AliceWhale 21December175668small pox 
1 PriscillaWhite 26July1755   
1 ThomasWhite 29January1755   
3 WilliamWhitebreadChiddingstone16August1758 He was killed by a large ladder falling on him at Mr Geesa carpenter
  CharlotteWilliams 18September179113 mthsOf William Williams Barber & Anne his wife , a weekly child 
  JohnWillisSt Mary Cray Street2January17835From Richard Clarkes 
11 ThomasWillis 9February176616smallpox 
  ElizabethWinchurch 22December1799 Killed with cold a coroners warrant had for burying her 
13 ElizWingate 18December1769infant  
  ElizabethWoodMorns house15February1782 Of smallpox 
3 HenryWood 29January1758   
  Mary AnneWood 15November1791infant  
  SarahWoodPoor house15January1790About 50  
13 WilliamWooden 24November1768   
  SarahWooder 19June17786  
  ThomasWooderHockenden16June178627Of a decline 
  JohnWoodes? 17January1805   
10 AnneWoodward 23March1765infant  
12 Elizabeth [Mrs]WrightRotherhithe21December1767 sister of Mr Snelling 
  Maria LucyWrightRotherhithe26September181119 mths  
  Thomas JamesWrightLewisham Thrush9October17845 wks  
17 Thomas SnellingWrightRotherhithe5May17775 mths  
  RichardYoung 18February180523 fits
16 WidowYoung 11April1774   
13 WilliamYoung 29April1769 smallpox 
  Mary Traveller19August1778   
Mem. At a vestry held the 21st of August 1768 it was agreed to pemit Mr Richard Wright of Rotherhithe to make a Vault in the Church yard of this parish ten feet & half long to nine feet & half broad to erect a tombstone over the said vault paying to the Rev Mr Fawkes Vicar the sum of 5 guineas for each permission and to bury the dead of his family in the said vault as occasion shall require paying on the burying of each dead person aforesaid to the Minister five shillings as a burying fee & to the overseers of the poor of this parish half a guinea for the use of the poor signed Fawkes Vicar Ben Greenwood Geo. Greenwood John Ebbut Jos. Snelling John Sharpe Geo. Golding Jer.Abbott Edw.Jeal Nic.Townsend

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