Transcribed by Debra Buchanan. Source:  FHS Microfilm #1042461.

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Ref. #
Surnames - Groom/Bride
First name(s) - Groom/Bride
Rank or Profession
Signed? (Y/N/X)
Witnesses 1 & 3
Witnesses 2 & 4
111321814WoodThomas bachelor OTPX the mark BThomas WalkdenMary Wansey?
     WalkdenRebecca spinster OTPy    
12371814SakerThomas bachelor OTPX the mark BHenry CookSarah Poole
     TaylorSarah spinster OTPX the mark    
131671814KeepJesse bachelor OTPX the mark BEdward PittyWilliam Chapman X the mark
     PinkSophia spinster OTPX the mark    
2417101814HawthornHamlet Henry widower OTPy BWilliam BromleyMary Mayrich
     FairburnSarah spinster OTPy    
2523121814ChapmanCharles William bachelor OTPy BJoseph DobinsonThomas Weller
     Craft Mary Ann spinster OTPX the mark    
262811815BackEdward bachelor OTPX the mark BGeorge HarestoneThomas Weller
     BowingMary spinster OTPX the mark    
371321815BoleyJohn bachelor OTPX the mark BThomas WellerAnne Elmsley
     WallerSarah spinster OTPX the mark  Mary Elmsley 
381041815CroucherJohn bachelor OTPX the mark BX the mark Davis CroucherThomas Weller
     EvansCharlotte spinster OTPX the mark    
3921101815StratfordJoseph bachelor OTPy BJoseph DobinsonThomas Weller
     KibbelSarah spinster OTPX the mark    
410651816HarperGeorge bachelor OTPy BMary KnightThomas Weller
     BaileySarah spinster OTPX the mark    
4112271816SturtJohn bachelor OTPy BThomas PackmanSusannah Stanbury
     StanburyHarriot spinster OTPX the mark    
41226121816AxtellSamuel bachelor OTPy BJoseph Andrews ?Catherine Stapley
     MillingchampMargaret widow OTPX the mark    
5131021817BrownleesWilliam bachelor OTPy BHannah FreemanJane Milhouse?
     MeyrickMary spinster OTPy  Charles Causby 
5143041817WilsonJohn bachelor OTPy BJohn HandX the mark Jane Hand
     BreachAnn spinster OTPy    
5152851818MercerJames Alexander widower OTPX the markbanns/licence section blank X the mark George JacksonSarah Clem**se?
     JacksonSarah spinster OTPX the mark    
6167101818SouthernwoodThomas widower OTPy LPhillip MosyerElizabeth Buckland
     StoneMary spinster OTPy    
6172951819CarterAlbinus bachelor St Dunstan in the Easty LThomas Mace BowyerJames Tipton
     TiptonSophia spinster OTPy    
6184101819LovelockWilliam bachelor OTPX the mark LX the mark Jesse KeepX the mark Sophia Keep
     PikeSarah spinster OTPX the mark    
7192951821EverestRobert widower OTPX the mark BX the mark Thomas ClaytonX the mark Mary Clayton
     FowlerBett widow OTPy    
7202461821ChalklinRichard bachelor OTPX the mark BRobt. AllenAmy Humphrey
     AllenSarah   OTPycondition not shown   
7211441822CulleyCharles bachelor OTPy BWilliam PackmanAnn Small
     PackmanMatilda spinster OTPy    
8221351822WhiteRobert bachelor OTPy BJames WhiteLydia Richards
     HockleyMary spinster OTPX the mark  Sarah White 
8232461822HarrisWilliam bachelor OTPX the mark BX the mark Mary HarrisThomas Weller Parish clerk
     ProvostPhoebe spinster OTPX the mark    
824871822PuplettWilliam bachelor OTPX the mark BJohn SladeX the mark Sarah Savage
     DukeHester spinster OTPX the mark    
9251691822LeeJeremiah bachelor OTPX the mark BRichard LeeMariah Teclat?
     HoareJane spinster OTPy    
92626121822SpoonerThomas   OTPycondition not shownBJames DawsonEdith Dawson
     DawsonEleanor   OTPycondition not shown   
9272841823HenryMatthew   OTPycondition not shownBWilliam HerveyCathey Stapley
     StapleyMatilda   OTPycondition not shown   
10281781823HavendenWilliam bachelor OTPX the mark BHenry MilesMary Page
     WillabyElizabeth spinster OTPX the mark  Thomas Weller 
10291511824KentWilliam Partington bachelor St Georges Bloomsburyy LThomas MorganDavid Howard Morgan
     MorganMartha Amelia spinster OTPy    
10301811824JealWilliam bachelor Orpingtony BX the mark William SimmsThomas Weller
     LaneAnn spinster OTPX the mark    
11311571827LloydJames bachelor Newick SussexX the mark LJames RanfoodX the mark Elizabeth Sanderson
     AndrewsMary spinster OTPX the mark  Thomas Weller 
11321591827CasseltonJohn bachelor OTPX the mark BJohn RichardsSarah Richards
     TuletMary spinster OTPX the mark    
113327101827MosyerWilliam bachelor OTPy LJane SmitheT.H Taylor
     DaleMary spinster Cudhamy    
123416121827WoodhouseHenry bachelor OTPy BThomas WellerX her mark Alice Weller
     JarvisAlice spinster OTPywith consent of parents   
123519101828HarperGeorge widower Orpingtony BJohn HarperElizabeth Pagg
     StratfordKitty spinster OTPX the mark    
123630111828ReevesJames bachelor OTPX the mark BX the mark Mary CooperWilliam Strudwicks
     StrudwickSarah spinster OTPX the mark    
133723121828PackmanJames bachelor OTPy BThomas PackmanRichard Packman
     VallinsAmy spinster OTPy  Mary Ann LinesEleanor Snowden
13382221829DriverHenry bachelor OTPy BEdwin BarhamCharlotte Dennis
     PearceRimme spinster OTPysigned Rimm Pearce   
13392221829BarhamEdwin bachelor OTPX the mark BHenry DriverRimm Pearce
     DriverCharlotte spinster OTPy    
14402111829StrudwickThomas bachelor OTPX the mark BWilliam StrudwicksHelen Bryant
     BryantJohanna spinster OTPX the mark    
144110111829PackmanGeorge bachelor OTPX the mark BMatthew HenryMatilda Henry
     StapleyLucy spinster OTPy    
144228111829Wilford EsquireEdmund Neal bachelor Woolwichy LJames DrewAndrew Drew
     DrewJane spinster OTPy    
15434101830PenfoldJohn   OTPX the markcondition not shownBX the mark William PenfoldX the mark Jane Englefield
     KenleyLouisa   OTPycondition not shown   
15446121830WellerGeorge   OTPycondition not shownBHenry WellerX the mark Harriet Vallins
     VallinsLouisa   OTPX the markcondition not shown   
1545721831ClaytonWilliam   OTPycondition not shownBX the mark James NewtonAnn Burrows
     WandenElizabeth   OTPycondition not shown   
1646831831BirdEdward bachelor OTPy BM.A.GilesHenry Dadd
     RichardsonMary spinster OTPy  Susanna RichardsonElizabeth Richardson
16472831831CaseltonWilliam bachelor OTPy BX the mark Thomas IsmongerElliza Ismonger
     WhitedSusan spinster OTPy    
16482541831StaplesWilliam bachelor OTPX the mark BThomas FirmagerX the mark Sarah Gibbons Firminger
     HaydenCaroline spinster OTPX the mark    
17492781832WellerHenry bachelor OTPyEntry missing from IGIBX the mark James VallinsEliner Humble
     VallinsHarriot spinster OTPX the mark    
17507101832PriceRichard bachelor OTPX the mark BX the mark William NyeX the mark Elizabeth Nye
     NyeMaria spinster OTPX the mark    
175127111832BignallJames widower OTPy BThomas PackmanAnn Tickner
     SawbridgeAlice spinster OTPy    
185217121832VallinsJames bachelor OTPX the mark BJohn PlummerX the mark Katherine Dowling
     KimbleEliza spinster OTPy    
18532961833PackmanGeorge bachelor OTPy BX the mark Thomas BristowCharlotte Packman
     BristowMary spinster OTPX the mark    
18543121833BrazierJohn bachelor OTPy BX the mark James BengeMary Paine?
     SandersonMaria spinster OTPX the mark    
19558121833JohnsonJames bachelor OTPy BJohn JohnsonX the mark Eliza Paine
     HainesElizabeth spinster OTPX the mark    
1956741834WatsonWilliam bachelor OTPX the mark  William TobartSarah Thornhill
     PackmanRebecca spinster OTPX the mark    
19571341834BurgessThomas widower OTPX the mark BGeorge HarmanX the mark Kitty Turner
     BusbySarah widow OTPy    
20581951834StratfordBarnabus bachelor OTPy BJohn WhiteX her mark Esther Perrin
     WhiteMary Knight spinster OTPX the mark    
20596101834PlummerJohn bachelor OTPy BWilliam PackSophia Pack
     JoyEliza spinster OTPX the mark    
2060411835WansburyJohn bachelor OTPX the markWonsbury IGIBX the mark William CooperSophia Plummer
     DollySarah spinster OTPX the mark    
21611241835SealJoseph Sutton widower OTPX the mark BX the mark George Stean?Thomas Weller
     PalmerAnn widow OTPX the mark    
21621651835LeeJames bachelor OTPy BGeorge ? SmithSophia Dixon
     SmithTabitha spinster OTPX the mark  Robert Lockyer 
2163691835TicknerRichard Troot bachelor OTPyGroom should have been recorded as Richard Trott TicknerBJohn WellerRebecca Weller
     ClementsSarah spinster OTPy    
22641371837BellamyThomas bachelor St Georges Bloomsburyy LFrederick Steveson?Frances Brook
     PickstoneSarah Ann   OTPy  Thomas PickstoneCharles Brooks

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