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Cudham Church
St. Peter & St. Paul
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Cudham Burials 1813-1875

Source Bromley Archive reference P/107/1/5. Supplemented by microfilm.
Transcribed by Henry Mantell and his team.

Here, all entries are by surname and then chronological sequence.
SurnameGiven NameDateYearAge, Abode, NotesReg. #
[blank entry]     716
[no surname recorded]Catherine5-Sep185417 years, Irish Labourer's daughter of Cudham Lodge Barn485
[no surname recorded]Charlotte19-Apr181822 years, A Stranger [no abode recorded]47
ABRAHAMJames26-Jun187080 years of Cudham731
AGATEMary4-May187480 years of Cudham787
AKHURSTThomas2-Jun186714 days of Cudham684
AKURSTHarriet22-Jan18543 years of Cudham, Street474
AKURSTJames19-Feb18439 months of Cudham328
ALLENHarriet7-Apr184765 years of Cudham Street384
ALLENThomas16-Mar18457 months of Blackmans354
ALLINGHAMSarah13-Feb182026 years of Cudham73
ALLINGHAMSarah23-Apr184884 years of Grubbed Ground Cottage397
ALLINGHAMWilliam7-Aug182563 years of Cudham128
ALWENAlice16-Jun183720 years of Chelsfield261
ALWENAlice17-Dec18586 days of Cudham555
ALWENGeorge10-Jul184218 months of Cudham323
ALWENWilliam15-Oct181880 years of Cudham54
ALWENWilliam24-Jun183858 years of Chelsfield272
ALWYNElizabeth5-Jun183763 years of Cudham259
ALWYNGeorge14-Apr183464 years of Cudham215
ANCELLWilliam20-Apr185139 years of Deptford431
ANSELLFrederick6-Sep18687 years of Cudham696
ANSELLJames20-Aug185275 years of Cudham451
ANSELLJames7-Feb187317 years of Cudham769
ANSELLJohn2-May18501 year 11 months of Aperfield Cottages, Biggin Hill417
ANSELLJohn7-Jun186652 of Cudham667
ANSELLPhebe21-Jul187469 years of Cudham790
ANSELLRebecca10-Jul185778 years of Cudham527
ANSELLSilius or Silias7-Dec18626 years of Cudham597
ANSELLThomas13-Jun18475 weeks of Aperfield Cottages, Cudham386
ASHDOWNAnne21-Jun183232 years of Cudham197
ASHDOWNDaniel2-Nov186565 of Cudham661
ASHDOWNPriscilla19-May183210 weeks of Cudham196
ASHDOWNPriscilla31-Jan18461 month of Union Workhouse, Farnborough369
ASHDOWNSarah31-Mar18333 years of Cudham203
ASHDOWNWilliam8-Aug183140 years of Chelsfield183
ASHDOWNWilliam17-Sep183779 years of Chelsfield263
ATTERWELLElizabeth1-Jul18275 weeks of Cudham148
AXTELLKatie Elizabeth15-Feb187010 weeks of Cudham, Westerham Road720
BAKERAnn30-Jan181473 years of Cudham15
BAKERCharles13-Mar18692 years of Cudham702
BAKERHarriet27-Aug185458 years of Leaves Green483
BAKERThomas21-Apr181952 years of Cudham60
BAKERWilliam24-Apr185873 years of the Union Workhouse, Farnborough541
BARKENAnna Louisa2-Nov187213 days of Cudham766
BARKINJemima Charlotte6-Mar187045 years of Cudham723
BARNESMary25-Dec183122 years of Sydenham190
BARONJohn26-Mar187081 years of Dunton Green, Otford725
BARRYThomas13-Feb185730 years of the Union Workhouse519
BASHFORDElizabeth25-Apr181524 years of Leaves Green27
BASHFORDGeorge9-Dec181922 years of Cudham71
BASHFORDJohn21-Jan184484 years of St. Mary Middlesex334
BASHFORDSarah14-May184079 years of Leaves Green289
BATEMANBenjamin22-May18533 months of Bury's, Cudham463
BEADLEEmily14-Mar18474 months of Leaves Green382
BEADLEGeorge18-Apr184164 years of Cudham308
BEADLEGeorge18-Nov185882 years of the Union Workhouse, Farnborough553
BEADLEJames1-Oct18434 months of Cudham333
BEADLELucy9-Dec187350 years of Cudham780
BEADLEMary23-Nov185650 years of Cudham515
BEADLESarah20-Oct185065 years of Leaves Green421
BEADLEWilliam1-Sep186387 years of Cudham614
BEGLEYAmy25-May187339 years of Cudham771
BELINSWilliam15-Nov1871[no age recorded] from the Union House, Farnborough751
BESTBenjamin22-Mar185878 years of Cudham539
BESTHenry Amos26-Oct1864six weeks of Chelsfield637
BIGNELLEdward23-Nov184510 weeks, Child of Hop Picking Travellers of Osborns Barn366
BINSTEADJoseph21-Dec186186 years of Cudham588
BINSTEADMary28-Jan186586 of Cudham649
BITTELElisabeth22-Mar184071 years of Cudham287
BLAKEAnne Mary28-Oct183318 years of Chelsfield210
BLAKEElisabeth1-Dec184418 months of Biggin Hill347
BLAKEEsther17-Jun187134 years of Cudham745
BLAKEGeorge Harry22-Apr18591 year 6 months of Cudham557
BLAKEJane16-Jul184623 years of Cacket Lane, Chelsfield375
BLAKEJohn26-Aug181967 years of Chelsfield66
BLAKEJohn Werry15-Jul18195 months of Chelsfield63
BLAKESarah18-Sep186375 years of Chelsfield615
BLAKEWilliam30-Dec185268 years of Cacket Lane, Chelsfield456
BLAKEWilliam13-Nov186346 of Cackets Lane617
BLUNDELLAmy27-Jan185762 years of Cudham516
BLUNDELLWilliam John9-Apr18693 weeks of Cudham704
BOOTSThomas30-Sep182737 years of Lambeth153
BORERMary23-Jun185872 years of Cudham543
BORERMary Ann7-Sep185318 years of Leaves Green471
BORERObediah11-Dec18511 year 5 months of Leaves Green443
BORERRichard17-Sep185478 years of Leaves Green487
BORERSusannah26-Dec185777 years of Cudham535
BORERThomas14-Jul185873 of the Union Workhouse, Farnborough544
BRAIZERThomas3-Jul184522 years of Cudham Street359
BRASIERAnn22-Feb183764 years of Cudham250
BRASIERElisabeth7-Mar184590 years of Tatsfield, Surrey353
BRASIERGeorge15-Dec185010 years of Cudham425
BRASIERJames29-Sep184086 years of Cudham299
BRASIERJames9-Nov185167 years of Cudham442
BRASIERLucy11-Jul186984 years of Cudham710
BRASIERMary13-Apr185160 years of Cudham430
BRASIERMatthew22-Mar185458 years of Cudham, Single Street478
BRASIERRichard18-Oct185867 years of Croydon551
BRASIERSally16-Dec184775 years of Skid Hill Farm391
BRASIERSarah1-Nov181968 years of Cudham69
BRASIERSusannah Shallcross23-Dec186469 years of Croydon643
BRASIERThomas21-Mar183278 years of Skid Hill194
BRASIERThomas4-Feb185782 years of Wickham517
BRASIERWilliam16-Oct182974 years of Cudham172
BRASIERWilliam4-Oct184427 years of New Houses on Sevenoaks Road342
BRASIERWilliam3-Feb185065 years of Single Street,Cudham415
BRASIERWilliam5-Nov185667 years of Wickham514
BRAZIERArnold6-Jul185165 years of Chelsfield439
BRAZIERFanny28-Sep186486 of Cudham635
BRAZIERJohn11-Mar186341 years of Cudham607
BRAZIERMary31-Jul181661 years of Cudham34
BRAZIERPrudence20-Sep183513 years of Cudham231
BRAZIERRachel27-Dec186370 years of Chelsfield621
BROOKERSophia Maud3-Oct186911 months of Cudham712
BROOKSPhilip James18-Apr18737 weeks of Cudham770
BRYANTCharles William15-Nov184960 years of St. Margaret, Middlesex411
BRYANTCharlotte22-Jul183577 years of Peckham, Surrey229
BURKINAbraham15-Aug18414 months of Cudham309
BURKINAnn7-Nov18133 years, buried with John same day in one grave of Cudham7
BURKINEliza31-May185639 years of Cudham. Grubground507
BURKINElizabeth10-Mar186785 of Cudham679
BURKINEster23-Jun18465 weeks of Luxted Cottages, Cudham374
BURKINFanny28-Nov1813an infant of Cudham11
BURKINFanny20-Jul18622 years 7 months of Cudham592
BURKINJames11-Mar184968 years of Farnborough405
BURKINJames Bartholomew16-Feb186419 years of Cudham625
BURKINJohn7-Nov18137 years, buried with Ann same day in one grave of Cudham6
BURKINJohn28-Jul18161 year 4 months of Cudham33
BURKINMichael9-May18303 years of Cudham175
BURKINMichael1-Feb183780 years of Cudham249
BURKINRachael29-Jan183780 years of Chelsfield248
BURKINSusan2-May18459 months of Single Street, Cudham357
BURKINThomas25-Mar18602 years 3 months of Cudham569
BURKINWalter1-Jul18607 weeks of Cudham574
BURKINWilliam31-Oct181371 years of Chelsfield5
BURKINWilliam9-Jul184574 years of Cudham360
BURTONAmy27-Mar185333 years of Chislehurst459
CALAGHANJhonny13-Sep18451 1/2 years, Irish Child of Lusted Farm, Cudham364
CAMBRIDGE or ADCOCKJames20-Apr186538 of the Union Workhouse657
CANNINGSJames8-Apr186811 years of Cudham693
CARLESS or CARELESSHenry28-Apr185947 years of Cudham558
CHALTONAmelia1-May184225 years of Westerham Road, Cudham316
CHALTONJohn16-Jul185081 years of Cudham419
CHAPMANAnn7-Sep18491 day of Single Street,Cudham409
CHAPMANAnn1-Mar186330 years of Cudham606
CHARLTONElizabeth29-Mar185783 years of Down523
CHARMANAlfred10-Sep185917 months of Cudham564
CHARMANElizabeth14-Mar187434 years of Cudham784
CHARMANFrancis13-Jun184555 years of Cudham Street358
CHARMANJohn11-Oct181443 years, He died suddenly at a Public House-Coroner's Inquest-Died by Visitation of God, of Keston24
CHEESEMANJohn5-May181819 years of Cudham48
CHEESEMANThomas14-Mar182145 years of Cudham86
CHEESEMANThomas27-Oct183740 years of Cudham266
CHEESMANJohn15-Dec18391 year of Cudham281
CLARKAlice5-Feb181820 years of Cudham42
CLARKEdward20-Feb186410 months of Cudham626
CLARKEdward6-Nov187358 years of Cudham777
CLARKEllen14-Aug18705 years of Cudham733
CLARKGeorge1-Jul182412 years, Coroner's Inquest was held over him of Cudham116
CLARKGeorge24-May182915 months of Cudham170
CLARKRichard10-Nov186966 years of Cudham713
CLARKSophia12-Jun185622 years of Cudham, Bury's508
CLARKSophia21-Dec186257 years of Cudham599
CLARKThomas27-Mar187025 years of Cudham726
CLARKEAmy19-Jun18427 months of Cudham320
CLARKEEmily20-Oct18502 years 2 months of Cudham422
CLARKEFanny3-Sep1840Infant of Cudham296
CLARKEGeorge15-Mar18468 years of Hornes Green, Cudham371
CLARKESarah20-Feb182555 years of Cudham120
CLARKEThomas19-May184475 years of Chalk's, Knockholt 338
CLIFFORDMary Ann24-May18553 months of Cudham496
COKERJane8-Mar187038 years of Cudham724
COKERWilliam Alfred8-Mar185818 months of Cudham537
COLLIERJohn24-Apr183652 years of Cudham237
COLLINSEmma22-Jun186942 years of Harrington709
COLLINSGeorge5-Jan1814an infant of Leaves Green14
COLLINSJohn25-Jul184528 years of Cudham361
COLLINSMary13-Mar186982 years of Cudham700
COLLINSWilliam27-Dec185472 years of Cudham, Bury's Farm491
COMPTONStephen20-Feb187060 years of Leaves Green721
COOMBERMary11-Mar18386 months of Cudham268
COPEGeorge30-Nov186411 months of Chelsfield642
COPESusan22-Nov186328 years of Cudham619
COPEWilliam19-Jul18632 months of Cudham612
COUGHLINThomas9-Oct18605 months of Cudham579
COVELSarah Ann18-Oct185416 months of Cudham489
COVILLThomas13-Jul1853[no age recorded] of Single Street, Cudham465
COWLARDGeorge19-Mar187235 years of Cudham754
COWLARDHarriet Matilda2-Apr18726 months of Cudham755
COWLARDLeonard James10-Apr18747 years of Cudham786
COWLARDRichard8-Dec185542 years of Cudham502
COWLARDSusan Ann14-Sep187043 years of Leaves Green737
CRANEAnn4-Feb183177 years of Cudham178
CRANEAnthony12-May185966 years of Cudham560
CRANECharlotte6-Sep18578 months of Cudham531
CRANECharlotte11-Jan186363 years of Cudham601
CRANEGeorge16-Nov186213 years of Cudham596
CRANEJohn9-Apr185410 years of Cudham480
CRANELucy24-Aug18562 years 8 months of Cudham, Bury's511
CRANEMary Ann10-Aug185314 years of Bury's Cudham467
CRANESophia9-Feb185118 years of Burys' Cudham426
CRANESophia17-Nov186971 years of Cudham714
CRANESophia26-Jul187258 years of Down764
CRANEWilliam5-Jan186568 years of Cudham646
CRAWLEYCaroline20-Aug18405 years, The child of Irish Reapers [abode not recorded]294
DAMPIERJohn31-Oct186366 years of Cudham616
DAMPIERMary Ann16-May186364 years of Cudham609
DAVEYElizabeth14-Jan187086 years of Cudham718
DAVISJohn2-Mar18234 months of Cudham110
DAVISWilliam6-Oct18251 year 9 months of Cudham132
DAYAlice Jane8-May186411 months of Cudham629
DAYGeorge William4-Oct18611 month of Cudham586
DAYHenry James10-Sep18601 month of Cudham577
DEIGHTONDangerfield21-May18558 weeks of Cudham495
DENNETSusan26-Jun183634 years of Cudham239
DEVINEAnna19-Sep187418 years of Cudham from London Hospital794
DEVINEWilliam16-Aug186469 of Cudham634
DEWBERRYGeorge12-Jan18233 years of Cudham105
DEWBERRYJames24-Jan182311 months of Cudham106
DEWBERYAlfred24-Jan18697 of Cudham698
DEWBERYAnn30-Nov18646 years of Cudham641
DEWBERYEdward7-Sep18523 1/2 years of Cudham452
DEWBERYMary Ann1-Jan186068 years of Cudham568
DEWBERYSarah26-Sep185241 years of Cudham453
DINANPatrick Joseph15-Aug18735 months of Cudham773
DINNISSophia6-Feb182020 years of Cudham72
DIVINECharlotte31-Aug186337 years of Cudham613
DONAVAN or DONOVANMary3-Sep185450 years of Union House, Bromley484
DREWAmos16-Feb18424 months of Cudham312
DREWAmy20-Sep18351 year 10 months of Cudham230
DREWBurtha13-Oct183346 years of Shirley209
DREWElizabeth4-Jun187275 years of Cudham762
DREWJesse7-Dec18622 years of Cudham598
DREWJohn26-Feb187166 of Knockholt739
DREWStephen18-May18421 year of Chalk Cottages, Knockholt317
DREWThomas29-Apr183214 months of Cudham195
DRISKELDaniel19-Aug187060 years, an Irish Labourer worker for Mr MOXHAM, died suddenly no inquest held735
DUBERRYAvis16-Oct183621 years of Cudham244
DUBERRYElizabeth2-Oct183677 years of Cudham243
DUBERRYMary14-Jul18338 months of Cudham208
DUBERRYWilliam3-Dec1848[no age recorded] of Bury's Cottages403
DUBERYGeorge20-Mar1842Fortnight of Cudham Street314
DUBERYRichard4-Oct1846[no age recorded] of Cudham Street377
DUBERYSarah26-Feb185420 years of Cudham475
DUKEEdward24-Jul18282 years of Cudham163
DUKEEdward16-Feb18343 weeks of Downe214
DUKEFrances25-Nov186668 of Cudham675
DUKEGeorge10-Jan18166 weeks of Cudham30
DUKEGeorge2-Oct182514 years of Cudham131
DUKEHenry Richard30-Dec18273 days of Cudham156
DUKEJohn6-Aug18184 months of Downe50
DUKEJohn1-May186775 of the Union House683
DUKEJoseph3-Oct18193 months of Downe68
DUKEKiziah3-Aug18342 years 6 months of Downe216
DUKERobert18-Jun18229 months of Downe100
DUKESarah17-Sep185463 years of Blackmans, Cudham488
DUKEThomas18-Nov181367 years of Down8
DUKEThomas5-Oct18179 months of Downe39
DUKEWilliam26-Oct18203 months of Downe85
DURLINGCathrine14-Aug185020 years of Cudham420
DURLINGJames23-Oct186680 of Leaves Green673
DURLINGJohn15-May185320 years of Cudham461
EDGERTONMargaret Andrews2-Mar183520 years of Peckham223
EDWARDSSamuel19-Nov181823 years of Cudham55
EDWARDSSamuel10-Nov184078 years of Knockholt302
EDWARDSSarah25-Feb184884 years of Knockholt395
ELLIOTTEphraim17-Jul186672 of Union Workhouse670
ELLIOTTWilliam25-May1859Fell from the shafts of a wagon and run over Killed immediately leaving 9 children, [no age recorded] of Cudham561
EVERISTAnn30-Jul18543 weeks of Leaves Green481
FARRANTJane7-Oct182142 years of Cudham96
FARRANTJohn30-Jun18222 years of Tatsfield101
FARRANTStephen11-Jul18161 year 4 months of Cudham32
FAWKNERGeorge A.8-Feb185721 months of Cudham518
FISHERElizabeth26-Mar186754 of Cudham681
FISHLOCKElizabeth27-Mar186580 of Cudham653
FISHLOCKRobert21-Jun186370 years of Cudham611
FORSTERMary6-Jan18507 weeks of Cudham414
FOSTERHenry5-Jun18426 weeks of Cudham319
FRIENDAlice30-Apr18605 weeks of Cudham571
FRIENDCharlotte17-May184615 years of Leaves Green372
FRIENDGeorge7-Jan187020 years of Cudham717
FRIENDJames5-May183945 years of Cudham276
FRIENDJames28-Sep187175 years of Cudham, Street749
FRIENDMary4-Apr185458 years of Cudham, Single Street479
FRIENDSarah Elizabeth4-Jun18724 years of Cudham760
FULLERJohn19-Oct18377 months of Cudham265
GARLANDAmos18-Jun18566 weeks of Cudham, Street509
GARLANDFanny24-Oct18404 years of Cudham300
GARLANDGeorge8-Nov184018 months of Cudham301
GARLANDJohn20-Aug184022 years of Cudham293
GARLICKThomas21-Feb184242 years of Crown Ash Hill, Cudham313
GEARINGGeorge27-Apr18458 years of Pimlico Cottages, Westerham Road356
GEARINGJoseph16-Apr18485 weeks of Near the Mill, Westerham Road396
GENTElisabeth5-Dec183965 years of Cudham280
GENTJohn11-Aug183975 years of Cudham278
GENTWilliam22-Jan183738 years of Cudham246
GOLDSCharlotte2-Mar184031 years of Westerham286
GOLDSJane28-Feb181734 years of Cudham37
GREENElizabeth31-Jul185190 years of Union Workhouse, Farnborough441
GREENSarah6-Oct18224 months of Cudham104
GREENSarah26-Dec184717 months of Union Workhouse, Farnborough393
GREENWilliam13-Oct182058 years of Cudham83
HADDAmey10-Jun18511 year of Leaves Green436
HADDGeorge4-Jun18513 years of Leaves Green435
HARDINGGeorge5-Jan18407 years of Cudham282
HARDINGJohn Alfred20-Aug18716 months of Leaves Green746
HARDSTONEJohn17-Aug18349 years of Cudham217
HARDYMary4-Feb185249 years of Casket Lane, Chelsfield445
HARLEYHarriot3-Jun18198 months of Cudham61
HARRODEllen Hind26-Nov18485 years of Biggin Hill401
HARRODJoshua3-Sep18401 1/2 years of Cudham295
HARTUPGeorge19-May183790 years of Cudham258
HAWLEYRichard17-Jun185388 years of Union Workhouse, Farnborough464
HEDERKate27-Aug186717 years of Cudham689
HEDERWilliam Jesse9-Feb18687 months of Cudham692
HILLEdward31-Mar184330 years of Bury's Farm, Cudham331
HILLWilliam23-Dec183460 years of Burys222
HILLWilliam Henry10-Jun186351 years of Bromley610
HILLSJohn5-Jun184231 years of Cudham318
HOLLANDEliza18-Apr18586 months of Cudham540
HOLLANDFrederick22-Jan186510 months of Cudham648
HOLLANDGeorge28-Dec18622 months of Cudham600
HOLLANDJoseph10-Jun18599 of Cudham563
HOLLANDSEliza9-Aug186543 of Cudham660
HOLMESCharles5-Nov185930 years of Knockholt567
HOOKMary9-Jul181546 years of Cudham29
HOOKStephen8-Apr182170 years of Cudham87
HOOKWilliam13-Aug185835 years of Cudham546
HOPGOODGeorge11-Nov185514 months of Leaves Green501
HOPGOODHannah6-Feb185323 years of Croydon, Surrey457
HOPGOODJohn10-Sep185476 years of Leaves Green486
HOPGOODWilliam de Horne12-Mar18516 weeks of Leaves Green428
HORLEYLucy1-Sep181914 years of Cudham67
HORLEYSarah5-Jan184267 years of Cudham311
HOWRobert1-Apr183770 years of Cudham251
HOWSarah14-May18311 year 7 months of Cudham180
HOWSarah26-Feb185255 years of Cacket Lane, Chelsfield447
HUMBELThomasine12-Mar182079 years of Cudham74
HUMBLEJesse Edward2-Apr18696 weeks of Cudham703
HUMBLERichard26-Feb187064 years of the Union House, Lock's Bottom722
HUMPHERYAndrew22-May185161 years of Cudham432
HUMPHREYJohn15-Apr182182 years of Cudham89
HUMPHRIESSusan23-Nov186390 years of Cudham620
HUSSEYMary25-Jul185343 years of Cudham466
HUSSEYMary7-Nov186623 of Union Workhouse674
HUSSEYSarah Elizabeth14-Apr185010 years of Pimlico Cottages, Westerham Road416
ISARDMary11-Mar186685 of Downe664
ISARDSarah23-Nov187478 years of Cudham796
IVERSONGeorge15-Sep187167 of Cudham748
IVERSONJohn30-Apr183776 years of Cudham253
IVERSONMary19-Aug182757 years of Cudham151
IVERSONMary12-Oct185628 years of Leaves Green512
IVERSONRichard4-Sep187459 years from Locksbottom Union793
JACKSONAlice17-May18403 years of Horn's Green, Cudham290
JACKSONAnn2-Aug18311 year of Cudham182
JACKSONAnnie28-Dec186711 years of Cudham690
JACKSONBartholomew8-Dec184465 years of Cudham Street348
JACKSONCharlotte1-Aug184935 years of Westerham Road406
JACKSONErnest John21-Jun18681 year 22 days of Cudham695
JACKSONFanny Crane15-Aug18135 years of Cudham2
JACKSONGeorge Anthony15-Jul18137 years of Cudham1
JACKSONJames1-Nov182673 years of Chelsfield146
JACKSONJames28-Sep183416 years of Cudham220
JACKSONJohn9-Feb18404 years of Cudham285
JACKSONJohn16-Mar1866[no age recorded] of Cudham665
JACKSONMary16-Feb18233 months of Cudham108
JACKSONMary15-Jan183263 years of Cudham191
JACKSONMary24-Jan186471 years from Farnborough623
JACKSONPhillis6-Aug185755 years of Cudham530
JACKSONRichard23-Jan183148 years of Chelsfield177
JACKSONRobert12-Sep182323 years, Drowned in a well at Eynsford Coroners inquest was held over him of Eynsford112
JACKSONSarah24-Jan185668 years of Knockholt504
JACKSONSophia23-Nov187392 years of Cudham779
JACKSONThomas10-Apr183980 years of Knockholt275
JACKSONThomas21-Aug185829 years of Knockholt547
JACKSONThomas3-Jun187175 years of Cudham743
JACKSONWilliam4-Jul181918 months of Cudham62
JACKSONWilliam16-Jul183569 years of Tatsfield228
JACKSONWilliam12-Dec185259 years of Cudham454
JACKSONWilliam9-May187278 years of Cudham757
JARRATTRichard15-Mar183569 years of Cudham224
JARRETTElizabeth15-Dec185175 years of Cudham444
JARRETTWilliam4-May185179 years of Cudham433
JEFFERYMartha19-Mar185458 years of Gloucester Street, Portman Square, London477
JONESAnn22-Apr183870 years, Traveller- died at Sow Street Farm in Parish of Cudham269
JONESAnn21-Sep187386 years of Cudham775
JOYCELouisa31-Mar184745 years, taken from Ivy Lands Barn to the Union House. Died at the "House", of the Union Workhouse, Farnborough383
KEMPJohn19-Mar184454 years of Bury's Farm, Cudham337
KILLICKJohn5-Jul18364 years of Cudham240
KILLICKMaria1-Sep184235 years of Leaves Green324
KINGJames8-Dec183175 years of Cudham187
KINGJohn30-Jan183378 years of Cudham201
KINGThomas3-Jun187370 years from the Union772
KNITTENSarah29-Sep181675 years of Cudham35
LAMBERTWilliam17-Jul1872working age [age not specified], A Coroner's Warrant from Greenwich,this young man from Hammersmith died from a broken neck through a fall near Chelsfield Sunday 14 July, of Wickham763
LANDERSNathaniel11-Sep187077 years of Cudham, Single Street736
LANGRIDGEHenry24-Jun18512 weeks of Horns Green, Cudham438
LARBEYJames25-Apr185251 years of Knockholt450
LEDDINGTONGeorge10-Jul182253 years of Cudham103
LEDDINGTONGeorge18-Nov18402 years of Cudham303
LEDDINGTONJohn3-Nov181632 years of Cudham36
LEDDINGTONMichael5-Dec181980 years of Cudham70
LEDDINGTONWilliam4-Mar181945 years of Cudham59
LEDDINGTONWilliam9-Aug184039 years of Cudham292
LEDDINGTONWilliam23-Feb184578 years of Westerham Road, Cudham352
LEDDINGTON26-Sep184142 years of Cudham310
LEEJames16-Aug186076 years of Cudham576
LEEPhebe30-Jan187015 months of Cudham, Westerham Hill719
LETTENTONMichael27-Nov182324 years of Leaves Green113
LETTINGTONFrances4-Feb1866sixteen months of Cudham662
LETTINGTONGeorge8-Aug184577 years of Cudham363
LETTINGTONMary6-Feb182884 years of Cudham157
LETTINGTONRobert26-May185862 years of Cudham542
LETTINGTONSarah15-Apr187039 years of Cudham729
LETTINGTONSophia13-Dec187010 of Cudham738
LETTINGTONWilliam25-Jul182483 years of Cudham117
LEWISElizabeth19-Jun186050 years of Cudham573
LEWISFrances Sophia9-Jul18672 years of Cudham687
LEWISGeorge29-Sep186250 years of Cudham594
LEWISHannah10-Dec18726 months of Cudham, Westerham Road767
LEWISHenry14-Jun186721 of Cudham685
LEWISJames11-Feb186314 years of Cudham602
LEWISJames Thomas21-Feb186915 months of Cudham, Westerham Hill 699
LEWISJane16-Feb18636 years of Cudham603
LEWISJohn31-Dec182417 years of Cudham119
LEWISJohn15-Dec187134 years of Cudham, Westerham Hill752
LEWISMary25-Jan187440 years of Leaves Green781
LEWISRichard9-Oct182157 years of Cudham97
LEWISRobert29-Jul186462 of Cudham632
LEWISSarah11-Mar185894 years of Cudham, Old Harrow538
LEWISSilas27-Apr187136 years of Cudham742
LOATSarah13-Oct182943 years of Bromley171
LOCKEJohn20-Feb187455 years of Cudham782
LONGLANDThomas13-Aug184670 years, Stranger from Riverhead-died at Black Horse, Biggin Hill376
LUCASMary24-Feb183865 years of Beckenham267
LUCASWilliam4-Jul18216 months of Cudham91
LYFORDFrederick16-Oct187336 years of Chelsfield776
MacDONALDKitty28-Aug18399 months, Daughter of an Irish Reaper of Cudham279
MARCHANTAnn26-Jul187473 years of Cudham792
MARCHANTEmily Alice6-Jun18696 months of Cudham708
MARCHANTJesse19-Oct186257 years of Cudham595
MARKJames11-Sep18256 months of Cudham130
MARKMary12-Feb18264 years of Cudham140
MARKHAMDinah5-Aug186915 months of Cudham711
MARSHALLJohn24-Nov187450 years of Leaves Green797
MARTJames24-Jul185126 years of Cudham440
MARTERHannah4-Oct186172 years of Knockholt585
MARTINAnn1-Jan181962 years of Cudham57
MARTINElisabeth5-Mar184376 years of Cudham329
MARTINElisabeth Elisa5-Mar18433 years of Single Street, Cudham330
MARTINHenry R.23-Feb1848[no age recorded] of Farnborough394
MARTINJames26-Jun184274 years of Cudham321
MARTINJames24-May184631 years of Luxted Cottages and Union Workhouse, Farnborough373
MARTINMary3-Nov184425 years of Bexley Heath345
MARTINMatilda Ann7-Dec18453 years of Luxted, Cudham367
MARTINSarah29-Jan18152 years of Cudham25
MARTINSarah14-May182010 years of Cudham79
MARTINSarah14-May183762 years of Cudham256
MARTINSarah23-Jul185644 years, of the Workhouse, Farnborough510
MATTHEWSSarah27-Sep181380 years of Cudham3
MATTHEWSThomas20-Mar183673 years of Cudham235
MEADOWJames19-Feb18657 months of Chelsfield651
MEDHURSTEdward12-Apr184068 years of Cudham288
MEDHURSTPhyllis25-May187083 years of Chelsfield730
MERCERSarah Ann22-Jan186536 years of Chelsfield647
MERRITTJames21-Sep186261 years of Cudham593
MILESMary29-Sep183674 years of Cudham242
MILLSRichard5-Jun186978 years of Cudham707
MILLSSarah29-Jan186569 years of Cudham650
MITCHELMary2-Sep185580 years of Cudham498
MITCHELLAnn24-Dec185432 years of Cudham490
MITCHELLJohn23-Oct185670 years of Cudham513
MITCHELLWilliam3-Jun18552 years of Cudham497
MOCKFORDRichard30-Jul182684 years, from Poor House, Cudham143
MONKAnn9-Aug181824 years of Cudham51
MONKAnn25-Feb185667 years of Farnborough506
MONKBenjamin9-Dec181780 years of Cudham41
MONKElizabeth20-Nov182580 years of Cudham134
MONKElizabeth13-Oct183764 years of Cudham264
MONKJohn24-Jul182750 years of Cudham149
MONKMary3-Dec184974 years of Bromley412
MONKThomas17-Mar186178 years of Cudham581
MONKWilliam6-Nov184478 years of Cudham Street346
MORLEYMary11-Jun18201 3/4 years of Cudham81
MORLEYSarah19-Oct182128 years of Cudham98
MORTLOCKAlice17-Aug18737 years of Cudham774
MOTTRAMThomas Samuel26-Sep18748 months of Cudham795
MOXHAMCaroline Matilda23-Oct182767 years of Cudham155
MOXHAMJames24-Sep182191 years, Esquire of Cudham95
MOXHAMJames22-Sep186878 of Cudham697
MOXHAMSamuel20-Oct187175 years of Cudham Court750
MOXHAMWilliam3-Feb184350 years of Cudham Court327
NEALJohn12-Dec186925 years of Leaves Green715
NEALPatrick30-May187278 years of Keston758
NEVILHenry28-Mar183045 years of Cudham174
NEVILMaria15-Jun182838 years of Cudham160
NEVILLJohn29-Mar182574 years of Cudham124
NEVILLEJane16-Nov182871 years of Cudham164
NEWMANWalter4-Jul18578 months of Cudham526
NORRISAlbert Ambrose27-Feb18751 month 5 days of Cudham798
OLIVEJohn8-Aug1847[no age recorded] of Union Workhouse, Farnborough388
OLLIVEAnn Matilda30-Jan1814an infant, of Cudham, [Rector's note: A Dreadful Snow]16
OUNSTEDHenry30-Apr183663 years, Died a Batchelor of Cudham238
OUTRAMMary15-Jun182057 years of Cudham82
OUTRAMRichard1-Jan183637 years of Cudham232
OWENAnn21-Sep185710 months of Cudham533
PACKMANElizabeth9-Sep18717 months of Cudham747
PACKMANMartha23-Feb182554 years of Downe121
PACKMANMatilda25-Jun187433 years of Cudham788
PACKMANSamuel12-Apr182977 years of Cudham168
PACKMANSamuel25-Dec184763 years of Grub Ground, Cudham392
PAGESarah14-Apr185382 years of Union Workhouse, Farnborough460
PAGEWilliam21-Dec18313 weeks of Cudham189
PARRINGTONCharlotte9-Aug18211 year 2 months of Leaves Green93
PEACOCKAlfred5-Apr18713 years of Cudham740
PEACOCKAmos3-Apr181411 months of Leaves Green19
PEACOCKMary29-May181427 years, Mother of A[mos] P[eacock] buried 3 Apr 1814 of Leaves Green20
PELLISJohn18-Sep181880 years of Cudham53
PENEFOLDAmelia6-Nov185833 years of Cudham552
PERCHWilliam14-Aug182117 years of Leaves Green94
PESCUDJoseph21-May18292 years of Cudham169
PETERSMary9-Mar181430 years of Cudham from the workhouse18
PINSONThomas14-Aug182540 years of Cudham129
PLANEAlice26-Oct186478 of 1 Alfred Terrace, Spa Road, Bermondsey636
PLANEJohn5-Sep182624 years of Lewisham144
PLANEWilliam Henry13-May18272 months of Lewisham147
POCOCKJane13-Jun18303 months of Cudham176
PRINGAnne5-Mar186548 of Chelsfield652
PRINGCaroline Anne10-Jun187120 years of Leaves Green744
PRINGMary Ann15-May18642 years 5 months of Cudham631
PRINGReuben9-Nov18342 years 6 months of Cudham221
PRINGSarah24-Oct185528 years of Cudham500
PRINNCaroline22-Jan183710 months of Cudham247
PRINNJohn11-Jul183655 years of Cudham241
PRITCHARDHerbert7-Aug186463 of Cudham633
PROVISRichard25-Oct182910 years of Cudham173
PUCKAnne18-Jan182960 years of Cudham167
QUITTENDENEdward12-Dec183274 years of Cudham200
RATHBONEJames16-Feb186670 of Knockholt663
READMaryanne1-Feb1843Infant of Westerham Road, Cudham326
REEDEEdmond14-Jan184978 years of Union Workhouse, Farnborough404
REEDEElisabeth18-Sep184879 years of Union Workhouse, Farnborough400
REEVESAnn31-Jan182372 years of Cudham107
REEVESEdmund20-Apr18203 1/2 years of Cudham77
REEVESGeorge26-Mar18201 year of Cudham75
REEVESHarriot3-Jul18231 year 10 months of Cudham111
REEVESJeremiah1-May183163 years of Cudham179
REEVESSarah16-Jun183827 years of Cudham271
REEVESThomas6-Oct182744 years of Cudham154
REEVESWilliam11-Aug182785 years of Cudham152
RICHARDSAaron7-May18481 year 9 months of Luxted Cottages398
RICHARDSGeorge12-Oct186162 years of Cudham587
RICHARDSMartha21-Nov18478 months of Union Workhouse, Farnborough390
RICHARDSWilliam31-Jan18364 months of Cudham234
RICHARDSONJohn19-Sep183159 years of Cudham184
RICHARDSONMaria27-Nov185077 years of Chislehurst424
RILEYJohn18-Aug18702 years, son of an Irish Honest Man of Norrod's Farm734
RIPLEYCouncilletta21-Jul187414 months of Cudham791
ROBERTSAnn13-Apr185152 years of Single Street,Cudham429
ROBERTSJames26-Mar185255 years of Cudham448
ROOKSBYErnest Herbert27-Mar18706 years of Cudham727
ROWElisabeth10-Feb184671 years of Leaves Green370
ROWEliza8-Sep18401 year 8 months of Cudham297
ROWElizabeth21-Aug185351 years of Cudham468
ROWJames15-Apr185211 months of Cudham449
ROWEHenry17-May183591 years of Cudham226
ROWLEYElizabeth21-Oct185929 years of Cudham565
RYAN alias SULLIVANSMary Ann23-Aug18482 weeks, Child born of Irish Parents; the infant died at Bomber's Farm, the mother at the time in search of work through the parish on her way to Goudhurst of Whitechapel, London399
SACKERMary Ann7-Apr187065 years of Cudham728
SAKERRichard18-Feb184557 years of Black Horse Publick House, Biggin Hill351
SANDERSElizabeth26-Apr18204 months of Cudham78
SAUNDERSFrederick1-Jun18519 years of Leaves Green434
SAUNDERSGeorge27-Sep18587 years of Cudham550
SAUNDERSNathaniel10-Jul18315 years of Cudham181
SAXBYAnne31-Oct183351 years of Leaves Green211
SAXBYJudith24-Feb182822 years of Cudham158
SCHILLIOLouis4-Aug186062 years of Beckenham575
SCOTTElizabeth13-Jan184789 years of Aperfield380
SEGUSSAnn28-Sep183448 years of Cudham219
SHERLOCKRichard3-Oct181449 years, A traveller of Cudham23
SHOVEJohn22-May185378 years of Keston462
SHOVESarah26-Feb181474 years, of Lewisham17
SKINNERCatherine26-Mar18202 days of Chelsfield76
SKINNERElizabeth18-Dec182532 years of Chelsfield139
SKINNERHenry4-Jan187268 years of Cudham753
SKINNERJames20-Dec18571 year 8 months of Cudham534
SKINNERJohn18-Mar18452 years 5 months, accidentally burned and died within 19 hours, of Cudham Street355
SKINNERSarah2-Mar185334 years of Ingrave, Suffolk458
SKINNERSophia12-Mar182611 months of Chelsfield141
SKINNERStephen27-Nov1825about 37, age not known, Died in Mr. Churches stables- was left there about a week, of Cudham135
SKINNERWilliam11-May186411 months of Cudham630
SMITHAshton1-Jan18653 1/2 years of Cudham644
SMITHCaroline15-Jan184310 years of Burys325
SMITHEdmund27-Jul18453 years of Burys Cottages362
SMITHEdward Peckett11-Apr186312 years of Cudham608
SMITHFanny Copeland30-Sep18663 of Cudham671
SMITHMary23-May186955 of Cudham706
SMITHSarah30-Apr185763 years of Cudham524
SMITHWilliam19-Jan186475 years of Cudham622
SPANKHURSTBenjamin23-Sep1849[no age recorded] of Grays Cottage410
SPICERJohn15-Nov181776 years of Cudham40
STANDINGAnnie7-Feb186410 months of Cudham624
STANDINGChristopher James22-Mar18628 months of Cudham590
STANLEYFrederick11-Jul18744 years of Cudham789
STAPLESAlexander9-Aug184045 years of Aperfield Cottages, Cudham291
STAPLESAlexander20-Sep18443 years, Typhus Fever of Pimlico Cottages, Westerham Road341
STAPLESCharles Alexander27-Nov18642 years of Cudham, Westerham Road640
STAPLESElizabeth27-Dec187249 years of Down late of Cudham768
STAPLESFrances23-Oct184440 years, Typhus Fever of Pimlico Cottages, Westerham Road343
STAPLESSarah24-Nov185314 years of Cudham472
STARTUPGeorge C.15-Sep18451 month of Sevenoaks Road365
STILESWilliam27-Aug181845 years of Cudham52
STONECatherine24-Apr18424 years of Westerham Road, Cudham315
SULLIVANJohn21-Aug1844Infant, Irish Labourer's Child of Aperfield340
SWIFTFrederick27-Jan18623 weeks of Cudham589
SWINDALEIsaac11-Oct18462 years 3 months, Accidentally burned of Burys Cottages378
SWINDELLThomas30-Dec185532 years of Biggin Hill503
TAPSALLucy27-Jan18224 years of Cudham99
TAPSALRachel28-Sep181320 years of Down4
TAPSELAnn5-Aug184955 years of Westerham, Turnpike Road407
TAPSELThomas13-Aug18376 months of Cudham262
TAPSELWilliam3-May183547 years of Cudham225
TAPSELLGeorge15-Dec182547 years of Cudham137
TAPSELLHenry24-Jul182877 years of Cudham162
TAPSELLJames9-May18381 year 5 months of Cudham270
TAPSELLRichard14-Sep181430 years, He died in a fit. Coroner's inquest was held over him of Cudham22
TAPSELLSarah28-Dec182878 years of Cudham166
TAPSELLThomas21-Feb186367 years of Cudham605
TAPSELLWilliam18-Nov186480 years of Cudham, Westerham Road639
TAYLORAlexander16-May183730 years of Cudham257
TAYLORJames21-Jun186676, Mr. of Bromley Common668
TAYLORJane Charlotte2-Mar187572 years of Bromley Common799
TAYLORMary Ann9-Jun186059 years of Cudham572
TAYLORRichard2-Apr182564 years of Cudham, Norrods Farm125
TAYLORSarah28-Jan185571 years of Cudham, Norheads492
TAYLORSusanna1-Apr182641 year of Norrods Farm, Cudham142
TAYLORSusanna21-Feb184482 years of Norhead's Farm, Cudham336
THORNTONAnne17-May181857 years of Cudham49
THORNTONFrances17-Dec18134 years, [Rector's note: An epidemic of the bloody flux prevailed in this year] of Cudham13
THORNTONHester24-Sep183216 years of Cudham199
THORNTONJames15-Dec183387 years of Cudham213
THORNTONJohn7-Apr183625 years of Cudham236
THORNTONMichael1-Aug181956 years of Cudham64
THORNTONSarah18-Feb186388 years of Cudham604
THORNTONWilliam31-Jul18144 months of Cudham21
TIPPINCharlotte28-May185919 years of Cudham562
TIPPINEaster12-Apr185539 years of Cudham494
TIPPINJohn15-Feb18576 years of Cudham520
TIPPINWilliam19-Apr18339 days of Cudham204
TIPPINGJane2-Dec18133 years of Cudham12
TIPPINGSamuel21-Sep184758 years of Pimlico Cottages, Westerham Road389
TIPPINGSarah21-Nov18131 year 6 months, buried with Susannah same day in one coffin of Cudham9
TIPPINGSarah10-Feb185672 years of Cudham505
TIPPINGSusannah21-Nov18136 months, buried with Sarah same day in one coffin of Cudham10
TIPPINGWilliam28-Dec18235 months of Cudham114
TOBERYPatience12-Aug185812 years of Cudham545
TOOLEYDavid31-Aug184925 hours of Taylors Barn408
TORKate16-Apr186466 years of Cudham628
TOWNWilliam28-Aug185353 years of Cudham Street469
TOWNSENDAnne7-Nov183384 years of Leaves Green212
TREMAINEdward12-May183977 years of Cudham277
TREMAINGeorge11-Mar18758 months of Cudham800
TREMAINHester24-Feb183318 years of Cudham202
TREMAINJesse16-Sep186043 years of Cudham578
TREMAINThomas22-Oct182016 years of Cudham84
TREMAINThomas12-Mar185414 months of Cudham476
TREMAINWilliam17-Mar186725 of Cudham680
TREMAINEEdward22-Jan184516 years of the Old Gaol, Cudham350
TREMAINEGeorge23-Oct185971 years of Cudham566
TREMAINEMargaret28-Jan183664 years of Cudham233
TREMAINEMary4-Apr184149 years of Cudham307
TREMAYNEEdward5-Nov183130 years of Cudham185
TREMAYNESarah19-Jul182519 years of Cudham127
TREMAYNESarah8-Dec18319 months of Cudham188
TUPSALLHenry John10-Mar18675 of Cudham678
TURNERAmey6-May1866[no age recorded] from University C[ollege] Hospital, London666
TURNERMartha17-Jul186556 of Cudham659
UNDERELLElizabeth9-May186568 of Leaves Green658
UNDRELLAmelia4-Nov186023 years of Cudham580
UNKNOWN[blank]30-Oct1866name unknown at time of Burial [no age recorded] of Cudham672
UNKOWNMAN22-Jun1866 Man Unknown on Coroner's Certificate [no age recorded] of Black Horse, Biggin Hill669
VARGEFrances21-Nov182839 years of Cudham165
VAUGHANMary30-Jun182264 years of Cudham102
VEARGEGeorge1-Dec182570 years of Cudham136
VELETTEElizabeth12-Jul186182 years of Knockholt584
WAGHORNElizabeth25-Jan1840[blank] years of Cudham284
WALLSGeorge8-Jan182417 years of Cudham115
WALTERWilliam1-Aug183281 years of Cudham198
WALTERSAnn18-Dec186665 of Cudham676
WALTERSElizabeth17-Feb184486 years of Cudham335
WARDJohn15-Aug181760 years of Cudham38
WARDJohn12-Jan184069 years of Cudham283
WARDKate1-Jun18727 months of Cudham761
WARDLydia Lamb31-May187238 years of Cudham759
WARDSarah7-Jul183592 years of Cudham227
WARDSarah15-Mar183957 years of Cudham274
WARDTimothy19-Aug186712 years of Cudham688
WARDWilliam1-Feb181980 years of Cudham58
WARDWilliam12-Nov183861 years of Cudham273
WARRENEllen19-May18335 years of Cudham207
WARRENLydia13-May183335 years of Cudham205
WARRENLydia13-May18331 week of Cudham206
WATTSWilliam20-Mar18186 months of Cudham43
WELLSElizabeth A19-Apr18654 of Cudham656
WELLSFrederick27-Jun18678 months of Cudham686
WELLSGeorge28-Feb18641 year 6 months of Cudham627
WELLSSarah8-Jul1862[no age recorded]of Cudham591
WELLSThomas Richard18-Sep18572 months of Cudham532
WERRYAnne9-Apr182133 years of Leaves Green88
WERRYGeorge18-Nov184685 years of South Street, Westerham Road379
WERRYJames20-Apr182870 years of Cudham159
WERRYLucy22-Mar18151 year 9 months of Cudham26
WERRYSarah11-Jun183774 years of Cudham260
WERRYWilliam19-Jan183781 years of Cudham245
WESTCaroline7-Sep18583 years of Cudham548
WESTCharles18-Dec182521 years of Cudham138
WESTCharles6-Aug185483 years of Leaves Green482
WESTEsther17-Nov18255 years of Cudham,133
WESTGeorge5-Apr18182 months of Cudham44
WESTGeorge9-Sep18589 years of Cudham549
WESTRachael22-Jun181536 years of Leaves Green28
WESTBROOKElizabeth26-May185743 years of Cudham525
WESTBROOKGeorge29-Mar186536 of Cudham654
WESTBROOKHenry7-Jun18616 months of Cudham583
WESTBROOKJane Edith6-Apr18601 year of Cudham570
WESTBROOKSarah4-Jan18654 years 11 months of Cudham645
WESTBROOKThomas20-Feb18592 weeks of Cudham556
WHIFFENWilliam15-Feb181670 years of Down31
WHIFFINHenry15-Nov186450 years of Cudham, Westerham Road638
WHITEAnn17-Sep184055 years of Cudham298
WHITERobert7-May183799 years of Cudham254
WHITESarah5-Apr181856 years of Cudham45
WHITEHEADElisabeth5-Jan185088 years of Single Street,Cudham413
WHITEHEADElizabeth14-Apr186584 of Cudham655
WHITEHEADEEdward18-Jul182871 years of Cudham161
WHITEHOUSEEllen15-Dec185221 years of Cacket Lane, Chelsfield455
WHITEHOUSEEllen9-Dec185858 years of Cudham554
WHITEHOUSEFrances28-Mar185558 years of Union House, Bromley493
WHITEHOUSEHannah19-Nov187367 years of Cudham778
WHITEHOUSEJames14-Mar185789 years of the Union Workhouse, Farnborough522
WHITEHOUSEJohn3-Apr186767 of Cudham682
WHITEHOUSELydia11-Jun184380 years of Cacket Lane, Chelsfield332
WHITEHOUSERobert28-Oct1844[no age recorded] of Cacket Lane, Chelsfield344
WHITEHOUSERobert5-Feb184785 years of Union Workhouse, Farnborough381
WHITEHOUSEThomise15-Jan185482 years of Cudham, Street473
WHITEMANEdwin29-Mar187471 years of Cudham785
WHITESTElizabeth4-Mar183258 years of Cudham192
WHITESTWilliam27-May18212 months of Cudham90
WHITINGWilliam17-Jun186835 years of Leaves Green694
WHITMANHannah2-Apr187268 years of Cudham756
WHITMORESarah5-Apr18181 year 6 months of Farnborough46
WHITMORESarah5-Dec182431 years of Farnborough118
WICKENDENDinah15-Aug181946 years of Chelsfield65
WILLOUGHBYBenjamin30-Jan186860 years of Cudham691
WINTERGeorge20-Feb18519 months of Skid Hill, Cudham427
WINTERJohn22-Feb18525 weeks of Skidd Hill, Cudham446
WOODDaniel13-Mar18255 weeks of Cudham122
WOODDorothy27-Apr183767 years of Cudham252
WOODElizabeth2-Sep18537 months of Horns Green, Cudham470
WOODElizabeth13-Apr186160 years of Cudham582
WOODFanny21-Feb187410 years of Cudham783
WOODGeorge18-May184710 weeks of Little Grays Farm, Cudham385
WOODJames1-Aug18272 years of Cudham150
WOODJames3-Jan184572 years of Little Grays Farm, Cudham349
WOODJames9-Oct18557 years of Cudham499
WOODJane15-Mar18328 months of Silverstead193
WOODJane31-Oct185058 years of Leaves Green423
WOODJohn27-Mar182545 years, Servant at Berrys Farm. Supposed age of Cudham123
WOODJohn23-Feb18415 years 9 months of Leaves Green306
WOODMary23-Feb18238 years of Cudham109
WOODSarah29-Jul182117 years of Leaves Green92
WOODSarah8-Apr182584 years of Cudham126
WOODSarah Jane20-Jun185110 years 6 months of Cudham437
WOODThomas30-Apr185966 years of Cudham559
WOODThomas29-Jun187075 years of Cudham732
WOODSMaria24-Dec184049 years of Cudham304
WOOLFJohn16-Jul1847[no age recorded] of Union Workhouse, Farnborough387
WORRYJane9-Dec184586 years of Bromley368
WRIGHTAnn5-Jun184420 years of Snagg Lane339
WRIGHTWilliam22-May185041 years of Snag Lane418
WRIGHTWilliam7-Sep1872killed and accepted at Mace Farm, name since ascertained as William Wright from Hammersmith, London [no age recorded], of Cudham765
YATESFanny7-Feb18411 month of Cudham305
YEATESElizabeth Mary15-Nov1863[no age recorded]of Cudham618
YEATESErnest13-Mar18694 days of Cudham701
YEATESGeorge30-Jun184235 years of Cudham322
YEATESJohn12-Apr187110 [?] of Cudham741
YEATESMary28-Nov184866 years of Street Cudham402
YEATESRichard30-Nov183155 years of Cudham186
YOUNGCharlotte28-May18202 months of Cudham80
YOUNGEliza17-Jul185714 weeks of Cudham529
YOUNGHenry5-Sep182668 years of Cudham145
YOUNGJames31-Aug183410 months of Cudham218
YOUNGJames Arthur17-Jul18571 year 11 months of Cudham528
YOUNGJohn18-Feb185730 years of Cudham521
YOUNGJohn5-Mar186777 of Cudham677
YOUNGSophia8-May186954 of Cudham705
YOUNGThomas11-May183731 years of Cudham255
YOUNGWilliam26-Dec185727 years of Bromley536
YOUNGEJohn16-Dec181810 years of Cudham56