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Cudham Church
St. Peter & St. Paul
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Cudham Burials 1875-1907

Transcript sponsored by Friends of the Kent OPC in loving memory of Patricia Searle

Source Bromley Archive reference P/107/1/18 also available on GSU microfilm #2145472 (note some pages are omitted from microfilm). Supplemented by microfilm.  The register entries contain, in many cases, references to position of graves and designate burials in the extension to the church yard.
Transcribed by     Henry Mantell and his team.

Here, all entries are by surname and then chronological sequence.

[no name recorded][no name recorded]14-Jul1900man, name unknown, 74 years by coroners warrant of Cudham317
ABRAHAMAda Rebecca17-Sep190444 years of Post Office, Westerham Hill365
ABRAHAMEliza19-Sep1879 62 years of Farnborough71
ABRAHAMSJane10-Mar188774 years of Cudham168
ABRAHAMSWilliam25-Feb189271 years of Cudham217
AKERSAnnie26-Oct188714 years of Cudham176
ALEXANDER Arthur30-Dec1878 3 months of Cudham61
ALLENEdith Mary23-May190625 years of Cudham387
ALLWRIGHTEbenezer21-Sep190522 years of Cudham372
ALWEN Eliza12-Feb188160 years of Cudham88
ALWENGeorge4-Oct1879 64 years of Cudham72
ANCELL Robert30-Jul187564 years of Cudham5
ANSELL William27-May1877 31 years of Cudham40
ANSELLEmily30-Jul190359 years of South Street, Cudham351
ANSELLFanny14-Nov190382 years of Morant's Cottage, Dunton Green354
ANSELLGeorge9-Mar188871 years of Dunton Green183
ANSELLHenry16-Dec189545 of Cudham261
ANSELLJames29-Nov188550 years [smudged] of Cudham146
ANSELLMary24-Mar188363 years of Cudham113
ASHDOWN Jane28-Apr1878 57 years of Cudham54
AVESHenry15-Mar190549 years of Westerham Hill, Cudham368
BACHELORFrederick19-Mar187515 months of Cudham2
BATCHELORCharlotte18-Oct190573 years of Norheads, Cudham374
BATCHELORChristopher15-Jul190145 years of Bromley Union Workhouse330
BATCHELORWinifred Mary12-Oct190113 years of Westerham Hill, Cudham333
BATEMANAnn25-Oct190682 years of Berries, Cudham394
BATEMANBenjamin27-Nov190346 years of Shingle Street, Cudham355
BATEMANGeorge19-Jun190559 years of Cudham371
BATEMANWilliam9-Sep190483 years of BerriesCudham364
BEADLE John8-Nov188128 years of Cudham101
BEADLEDavid26-Jun190693 years of Bromley Union [Work House]389
BEADLEJames6-May189368 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom226
BEADLEWilliam13-Jan190659 years of Tatsfield378
BEAGLEYEdmund24-Jan189460 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom233
BEAGLEYErnest Edward23-Nov190617 months of Costance, Cudham396
BEAGLEYWilliam John1-Nov189421 months of Cudham239
BEANEmma19-May188610 months of Cudham158
BETTSLouisa9-Apr188882 years of Cudham185
BIGNELLThomas Henry16-Jul18862 years of [no abode recorded]160
BISHEdward30-Dec188646 years of The Work House, Locksbottom164
BLACKWELLWilliam Thomas26-Jan188716 days of Cudham165
BLAKE Selina9-Aug1876 64 years of Cudham23
BLAKEErnest21-Dec18946 months of Cudham244
BLAKEGeorge Wray4-Dec190579 years of Cacketts Lane, Chelsfield375
BLAKEWilliam20-Jan1877 7 years of Cudham34
BLUNDELL George6-Jul1876 83 years of Cudham21
BLUNDELLElizabeth23-Mar188152 years of Cudham92
BLUNDELLGeorge23-Feb188861 years of Cudham182
BODINGTONFrederick Howard13-Feb19068 months of Westerham Hill381
BOLTONGeorge13-Apr188868 years of Cudham186
BORERThomas William7-Jun18938 days of Cudham227
BRAZIER William27-Apr1876 80 years of Farnborough18
BRAZIERGeorge31-Jan188868 years of Cudham181
BRAZILCharlotte20-Oct189170 years of the Workhouse, Locksbottom212
BROOKSSydney3-Jan1877 2 years of Cudham33
BROWN William12-Nov187853 years of Cudham59
BROWNCatherine31-Aug1875 1 year 7 months of Cudham8
BROWNEdward22-May190355 years of Cudham346
BROWNFanny3-Apr188970 years of Cudham194
BROWNJane12-Nov189277 years of Green Street Green, Farnborough222
BROWNThomas William24-Dec190320 months of Pratts Bottom, Chelsfield356
BROWNWilliam15-Sep189371 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom229
BURCH Annie Elizabeth3-Jan1878 30 years of Cudham47
BURKIN Charles Jesse23-May189412 years of Cudham235
BURKIN Laura Jane20-Dec18765 years of Cudham 31
BURKIN Mary10-Oct1875 6 months of Cudham11
BURKIN William25-Mar189179 years of Cudham206
BURKINElizabeth25-Aug189067 years of Cudham203
BURKINEllen27-Oct188332 years of Cudham125
BURKINHenry12-Jun189678 of Cudham272
BURKINJames30-Jul190383 years of Bromley Union [Work House]350
BURKINJoseph Robert25-Apr189110 months of Cudham207
BURKINMary Ann17-May189976 years of Union [Work House], Locksbottom late of Cudham303
BURKINSophia30-Apr189677 years of Cudham270
BURKINThomas30-Mar188763 years of Cudham169
BUSSELLJoseph24-Mar189663 years of Cudham265
CARLESS[no name recorded]17-Jun189685 of Wandsworth273
CHARMANHenry24-Dec189877 years of Grub Ground, Cudham298
CHITTYThomas2-Mar189941 years of Cudham302
CHRISTYGeorge19-Dec189475 of Cudham243
CLARK Jonathan29-Jun1880 34 years of Cudham82
CLARK Mary20-Sep1877 29 years of Barming44
CLARKAmy8-Jun18836 months of Cudham117
CLARKEliza Ann8-Jun1880 41 years of Cudham81
CLARKEmily18-Jan190221 years of Cudham336
CLARKGeorge11-Feb18825 months of Cudham105
CLARKMAHALA2-Jul188976 years of Cudham196
CLARKEAlbert Cecil23-Feb190411 months of Cudham358
CLARKEJames20-Jun189830 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom293
COLLINSDulcia Annie7-Oct19052 months of Cudham230
COLLINSElizabeth17-Apr1878 50 years of Cudham53
COLLINSEva Jessie28-Oct190612 years of Luxted Downe (died in Cray Hospital)395
COLLINSFrances28-May190674 years of Berries Farm, Cudham388
COLLINSGeorge William24-Aug190641 years of Luxted Downe390
COLLINSHenry22-May188460 years of Cudham132
COLLINSHenry10-Oct190148 years of Cudham332
COMFORTEmma16-Aug189867 years of Cudham295
COPECornelia9-Mar189878 years of Cudham290
COPEJames19-Sep188394 years of Cudham122
COPEJames William16-Feb1879 18 years of Cudham66
COPEJane5-Jan188653 years of Cudham150
COPEWilliam1-Nov189562 years of Down258
COPEWilliam19-Jun190173 years of Cudham328
COPEWilliam Frederick18-Sep189838 years of Chelsfield296
COWLARD James Henry14-Mar18755 weeks of Cudham1
COWLARDCaroline29-Dec190469 years of Cudham366
COWLARDElizabeth Emma19-Jul188370 years of Cudham120
COWLARDHarriett24-Feb189634 years of Cudham263
COWLARDJames9-Apr188778 years of Cudham170
COWLARDJames22-Jan190774 years of 74 years.398
COWLARDJohn Henry12-Feb189551 years of Cudham246
COWLARDSarah Emma6-Jun18821 year of Cudham107
CRANE Charlotte Maria5-Oct188534 years of Cudham142
CRANEGeorge27-Mar1875 50 years of Cudham3
CRANEMary21-Jun189975 years of Luxted Cottage Down304
CRANEWilliam31-Aug190077 years of Luxted (Down)319
CRITTEL Albert George21-Mar1876 7 months of Cudham17
CRITTELL[no name recorded]10-Feb188333 years of Cudham111
CRITTELLHarold23-Feb190117 months of Cudham323
CRITTELLJoy May15-May19026 months of Cudham339
CROOKSEsther24-Oct189368 years of Cudham231
DAWSONDoris May13-Sep18953 months of Cudham255
DAY Robert11-Dec187970 years of Cudham74
DAYAnn13-Aug189067 years of Cudham202
DAYMartin13-Feb189068 years of Cudham199
DAYMary Jane16-Nov189470 years of Cudham240
DENTONFlorence Agnes8-Oct18819 years of Cudham99
DEVINE David20-Dec187824 years of Cudham60
DEVINEMabel3-May1884 8 months of Cudham131
DEVINEMaria27-Jan1879 78 years of Cudham63
DEVINEThomas24-Jun1876 51 years of Cudham20
DEWBERRYWilliam27-Dec190573 years of Cudham (died at Bromley Union)376
DEWBERYMary17-Feb189795 years of Cudham277
DEWBURYErnest Samuel13-Jan190022 years of Battersea312
DOUGALEmily Maria Cleopatra8-Oct189718 years of Cudham286
DREW Sarah20-Sep187661 of Horns Green, Cudham25
DREWAnnie25-Apr18853 years of Cudham136
DREWJane17-Jan188376 years of Cudham110
DREWJohn16-Jan1880 44 years of Cudham77
DREWWilliam4-Oct190270 years of Cudham343
DUBERRYJohn9-Jul190075 years of Work House316
DUBERY George27-Sep18806 months of Cudham84
DUBERY William12-Feb1876 60 years of Cudham15
DUBERYFrederick William27-May18831 year 7 months of Cudham116
DYEAnnie Caroline15-May1891 3 years of Cudham209
EDER Robert1-Aug1877 36 years of Cudham41
ELLIOTTFrederick5-Jan18847 months of Cudham127
EVEREST Phillis26-Jan1879 69 years of Cudham62
EVERESTJames15-Oct188376 years of Cudham123
EVERESTWilliam27-Jul189728 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom279
EVERISTGeorge23-Mar188965 years of Lock's Bottom Work House from Cudham193
FAIRALLAbel16-May190079 years of Work House late of Cudham315
FARRALLSarah5-Jan190047 years of Cudham310
FRANKLINJoseph28-Mar190453 years of Masons Hill Bromley359
FREERJohn Shallcross23-Mar18985 months of PortlandsCudham291
FRIENDElizabeth22-May188586 years of Norwood137
FRIENDEmma27-Mar188220 years of Cudham106
FRIENDGeorge13-Feb187984 years of Cudham65
FRIENDSarah1-Jan189438 years of Cudham232
FRIENDSusannah Frances15-May190276 years of [no abode recorded]340
FRIENDWilliam22-May190583 years of Cudham370
FULLERGeorge12-Feb188361 years of Cudham112
GALLOWAYAnn9-Apr189681 years of Cudham268
GALLOWAYGeorge17-Feb1880 73 years of Cudham80
GALLOWAYMary27-Oct188882 years of Cudham191
GALLOWAYThomas7-Oct189981 years of Cudham309
GARLAND Thomas5-Nov1875 75 years of Cudham12
GASSON George7-Mar1876 71 years of Farnborough16
GASSON Maria9-Feb1878 67 years of Farnborough48
GIBBSAnnie9-Mar1886 11 months of Cudham154
GILESHarry5-Oct190030 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom321
GILLETTThomas31-Jan188074 years of Cudham78
GILLETTWilliam14-Aug189953 of Cudham306
GOODENOUGHGrace Ethel19-Mar19067 years of Camberwell383
GREEN Jane1-Jul1880102 years of Cudham83
GREY Edwin19-Jan190560 years of Bromley Union Workhouse367
GROVESAlice Frances Ella18-Jan18994 years of Cudham300
HALLSONAlice15-Feb18863 months of Cudham152
HARRINGTON Richard2-Oct1876 55 years of Farnborough26
HASELDONEmily Lucy25-Jul188932 years of Cudham197
HAYESAlice Jane28-Jun189513 years of Cudham252
HAYESDaisy5-Feb18872 years of Cudham166
HAYESFrederick James1-Apr189516 years of Cudham248
HAYESGeorge William13-Sep189519 years of Cudham256
HEATHFrederick9-Jul189164 years of the Workhouse, Locksbottom211
HILLCharles Thomas28-Feb18814 years of Cudham91
HITCHCOCK Stephen24-Feb1878 35 years of Cudham50
HOLLAND William James21-Oct1877 1 month of Cudham45
HOLLANDWilliam28-Feb190277 years of Cudham338
HUMBLEMary Ann18-Mar188655 years of Cudham155
HUMBLERose2-Dec1876 6 years of Cudham30
HUMPHRY Thomas13-Oct1876 58 years of Farnborough Union [Workhouse], Cudham28
HUNTER Richard6-Dec1879 36 years of Cudham73
HUPFIELD[no name recorded]2-Apr1907female child of John, 2 days of Horns Green, Cudham400
HUTTONRonald William20-Apr18977 years of Cudham278
ISTEADMary Kate9-Jun188930 years of (died at Mrs Humble's Gateland), Cudham195
IVERSONSarah25-Aug1877 84 years of Cudham43
IVERSONStephen8-Nov188346 years of Cudham126
JACKSON Mary28-Dec1876 5 months of Cudham32
JACKSONAmy1-Mar188452 years of Cudham129
JACKSONAnne13-Feb190672 years of Cudham382
JACKSONCaroline21-Mar190679 years of Westerham384
JACKSONEllen7-Jun189240 years of Cudham221
JACKSONGeorge5-Aug189059 years of Cudham201
JACKSONIvy Grace20-Aug1897 8 months of Cudham282
JACKSONJane Henrietta20-Aug18978 months of Cudham283
JACKSONMary31-Jan188072 years of Cudham79
JACKSONRichard4-May189259 years of Cudham219
JACKSONThomas17-Oct188146 years of Cudham100
JACKSONWalter14-Feb188138 years of Cudham89
JACKSONWilliam30-Nov190172 years of Cudham334
JAMESHarriett Elizabeth4-May188728 years of Cudham171
JEFFERYSEliza24-Dec190376 years of Cudham357
JENNERAlfred John16-Dec1875 14 months of Cudham14
JONESThomas5-May188640 years of Cudham157
JUPPWilliam James18-Sep18993 months of Cudham307
KILLICK William4-Feb187764 years of Farnborough Union [Workhouse]35
KILLICKGeorge11-Feb189320 years of Cudham225
KINGStephen21-Dec188773 years of Cudham179
KINGWilliam11-Apr1885 63 years of Cudham135
LEE Elizabeth11-Apr1878 88 years of Cudham52
LEE William27-Jun188167 years of Cudham94
LEEEsther11-Oct1876 18 months of Cudham27
LEEJames2-Nov188564 years of Cudham145
LEEJane4-Jun188555 years of Cudham138
LEEMartha27-Jun188171 years of Cudham95
LEERose5-Oct188822 years of Cudham190
LEESarah16-Oct188341 years of Cudham124
LETTINGTONAnn20-Jun188587 years of Cudham139
LETTINGTONAnn Elizabeth21-Nov189439 of Downe242
LETTINGTONFrank25-Nov189631 years of Cudham275
LETTINGTONFrederick George17-Jun190112 months of Cudham327
LETTINGTONGeorge16-Jun189857 years of Cudham292
LETTINGTONJames28-Dec187982 years of Cudham75
LETTINGTONLydia Caroline29-Jun19034 years of Westerham Hill, Cudham347
LETTINGTONMary Ann31-May189264 years of Cudham220
LETTINGTONWilliam11-May188148 years of Cudham93
LEWIS William12-Jan1880 84 years of Cudham76
LEWISCharles11-Dec1875 53 years of Cudham13
LEWISMary21-Nov188073 years of [no abode recorded]87
LEWISSophia20-Apr189471 years of Cudham234
LINESMary21-Feb1881Inquiry by Coroner [no age given] of Cudham90
LUCAS William11-Aug1877 59 years of Cudham42
LUCASElizabeth13-Apr1877 52 years of Cudham37
LYFORD Eliza3-Aug1875 64 years of Chelsfield6
MANSFIELDHenry22-Jul188164 years of Cudham98
MARKHAMThomas30-Jul188969 years of Cudham198
MARTINElizabeth15-Jan189726 years of Cudham276
MARTINHenry John26-Mar18969 months of Cudham267
MARTINWilliam Herbert24-Aug18977 months of Bromley285
McDONALDMichael29-Apr188682 years of Cudham156
MEDHURSTCharles19-Nov189482 of Union [Work House] Locksbottom241
MEDHURSTLaura28-Jan1888 71 years of Cudham180
MEDHURSTMercy31-Jul188645 years of Cudham162
MEDHURSTThomas17-Apr188460 years of Cudham130
MILLSEdith Annie Mary20-Oct189417 months of Cudham238
MITCHELLEliza5-Jan189228 years of Bromley216
MITCHELLElizabeth Hannah16-Feb190268 years of Iwade337
MITCHELLGeorge26-Jul188654 years of Cudham161
MORRISJames26-Jan190663 years of Cudham379
MORRISWilliam2-Oct190567 years of Cudham (died at Bromley Union Workhouse)373
MOTTRAMElizabeth Sarah10-Nov189629 of Cudham274
MOXHAM Caroline Matilda24-Apr1879 91 years of Cudham69
MOXHAMHarold23-Dec18856 years, 10 months of Cudham149
NEALE Margaret19-May1878 67 years of Wickham55
NEWMANDavid26-Feb190374 years of Cudham345
NEWMANDavid John6-Jan190010 months of Cudham311
OUSLEY Edith21-Jul1878 10 weeks of Cudham56
OUSLEY Sarah9-Feb1879 37 years of Cudham64
OUSLEYWilliam20-Apr1879 11 months of Cudham68
PACKMANAnn22-Jun188767 years of Cudham172
PACKMANEdward11-Sep190277 years of Cudham342
PACKMANGeorge25-Feb188563 years of Cudham134
PACKMANHenry24-Aug189371 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom228
PACKMANJulia21-Aug189551 years of Cudham253
PACKMANLouisa16-Dec188755 years of Cudham177
PACKMANRosetta1-Jan189224 years of 19 Pepler Road, Peckham215
PARKERGeorge31-Dec1892about 60 years [faint entry] of Cudham223
PARKINS Richards13-Sep187949 years of Cudham70
PARKINSJames10-Oct188569 years of Chelsfield143
PARKINSSarah5-Apr189072 years of Cudham200
PEACOCKFrederick Ernest13-Oct19066 years of Jail Lane Biggin Hill393
PEACOCKKezia16-Jun190460 years of Luxted Downe361
PECKHAM[no name recorded]30-Jan1906female child of Sarah, 00 hours of Cudham380
PERKINSChristopher14-Jul190372 years of Bromley Union [Work House]348
PERRYSarah Elizabeth28-Jul188313 years of Cudham121
PHILLIPS George23-Apr1877 77 years of Farnborough Union [Workhouse]38
RATHBONEJane26-Oct188565 years of Knockholt144
REEVESMary Ann12-Feb188450 years of Cudham128
RICHARDSAnn22-Nov189189 years of the Workhouse, Locksbottom214
RICHARDSAnthony21-Jul190378 years of Cudham died in Bromley Union [Work House]349
RICHARDSJohn9-Sep190356 of Bromley Union Infirmary, Farnborough353
ROBERTSEmma21-May190665 years of Cudham386
ROBERTSSamuel26-Feb189614 months of Union [Workhouse] Locksbottom264
ROWEHenry31-Oct188079 years of Cudham86
RYERichard Albert17-Sep19063 months of Cudham Lodge Cottages, Cudham391
SABEYCatherine16-Jan190079 years of Union [Work House], Locksbottom313
SABYJohn14-Nov189176 years of Snag Lane, Cudham213
SAXBYMary Ann5-Sep190050 years of Workhouse320
SEARGeorge10-Aug190359 years of Bromley Union Infirmary352
SHARPWilliam3-Jun189170 years of the Workhouse, Locksbottom210
SIMMONSEmily15-Jan190216 months of Cudham335
SIMMONSMary Jane13-Mar188912 years of Cudham192
SINGLETONThomas24-Dec188131 years of Cudham102
SKINNER Elizabeth24-Oct1878 73 years of Cudham58
SKINNEREliza5-Jan189987 years of Cudham299
SKINNERJohn22-Oct188067 years of Cudham85
SMITH Harriet25-Sep1875 42 years of Farnborough10
SMITH John6-Jul1876 56 years of Cudham22
SMITHArthur23-Sep188767 years of Cudham175
SMITHEdmund8-May189576 years of Cudham250
SMITHElizabeth3-Apr188352 years of Cudham114
SMITHEllen Sophia4-Jan190651 years of Cudham377
SMITHRuben2-Jul188358 years of Cudham118
SMITHThomas27-Mar188816 years of Cudham184
STAPLES Maria26-Aug1876 93 years of Cudham24
STAPLESAlwen10-Feb188783 years of Cudham167
STAPLESHarriet25-Jul188836 years of Cudham189
STAPLESRichard9-Feb189949 years of Cudham301
STAPLESRichard Alwin22-Dec188511 months of Cudham148
STAPLESWilliam Gilbert19-Sep18852 years 11 months of Cudham141
STEPHENS Catherine27-Aug18752 years 2 months of Cudham7
STEVENSJames5-Dec18958 days of Cudham260
STONEElizabeth15-Sep18853 weeks of Chelsfield140
STONEHannah3-Jul1882 71 years of Cudham108
STONEWilliam18-Mar189181 years of Cudham205
STREATFIELDCecil9-Sep190211 months of School House, Cudham341
SULLIVANEllen3-Aug18862 years of Cudham163
TAMPLINFanny Gladys12-Dec19023 months of Cudham344
TAMPLINLilian May3-Sep19049 months of Cackets Lane, Chelsfield362
TAPSALLHenry28-Jul189766 years of Cudham280
TAPSALLSarah28-Jul189777 years of Cudham281
TAYLORFrisby21-Sep18951 month of Cudham257
TESTERElizabeth16-Apr190445 years of Cudham360
THODAYWilliam Henry16-Aug190025 years of Cudham318
THOMASAlbert9-Jul188113 months of Cudham96
THOMASJane9-Jan188227 years of Cudham103
THOMPSON[no name recorded]26-Oct189874 years of Luxted Cottage, Downe297
THOMPSONCaroline Amelia14-Apr189652 years of Cudham269
THOMPSONSamuel28-Apr1891 76 years of Cudham208
TILBURYJane7-May190661 years of Westerham Hill, Cudham385
TIPPINGJohn15-Nov189577 years of Cudham259
TIPPINGSamuel13-Apr189535 years of Cudham249
TIPPINGSarah21-Sep190683 years of Bird House Downe392
TOWN Ann10-Jun1876 98 years of Farnborough19
TREMAIN Sarah17-Feb1879 72 years of Cudham67
TREMAINRosa Anne8-Mar190134 years of Downe325
TURNERAaron22-Jan188672 years of Cudham151
TURNERJohn24-Aug189775 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom284
UNDERHILLRobert17-Jul188382 years of Cudham119
VINCENTVenus31-Jul189812 months of Cudham294
WALLIS Catharine29-Jul1875 49 years of Cudham4
WALLIS Rebecca18-Oct1878 33 years of Cudham57
WALLISCaroline25-Mar189654 years of Cudham266
WALLISGeorge6-Mar190766 years of Westerham Hill, Cudham399
WALLISJane3-May190562 years of Biggin Hill, Cudham369
WALLISThomas22-Jan190773 years of Bromley Infirmary397
WALLISWilliam23-Oct190078 years of Cudham322
WALTER John22-Nov1876 80 years of Farnborough Union [Workhouse], Cudham29
WALTON Charles9-Sep1875 58 years of Cudham9
WALTONMarie15-Jan188318 years of Cudham109
WARDJohn25-May188655years of Croydon159
WARRENmale child of George/Florence26-Sep18992 days of Chelsfield308
WEBSTERElsie Gertrude9-Mar18915 months of Cudham204
WEBSTERWilliam31-Mar190083 years of Cudham314
WEEKSHenry19-May189656 of the Union [Work] House, Bromley271
WELLS Emily1-Mar1878 6 months of Cudham51
WELLSAlice25-May189533 years of Cudham251
WELLSCaroline4-Aug188753 years of Cudham173
WELLSJasper26-May189424 years of Cudham236
WELLSRobert28-Apr188350 years of Cudham115
WELLSThomas17-Dec189578 years of The Work House Locksbottom262
WESTBROOKGeorge25-Jun188841 years of Cudham187
WESTBROOKJane Ann6-Jul188866 years of Cudham188
WESTBROOKLucy Elizabeth19-Dec1887 2 years of Cudham178
WESTBROOKThomas26-Jan188267 years of Cudham104
WESTBROOKThomas James6-Sep18877 months of Cudham174
WHITEHEADMary Ann23-Feb188556 years of Knockholt133
WHITEHEADThomas17-Dec188562 years of Knockholt147
WHITEHOUSEJames7-Mar189890 years of Union [Work House] Locksbottom289
WHITEHURST Benjamin16-Mar189281 years of Cudham218
WHITEHURSTSarah7-Sep190461 years of Cackets Lane, Chelsfield363
WICKSJohn3-Jul190143 years of Bromley Union Workhouse329
WILLIAMS[no name recorded]2-Nov189758 years of Cudham287
WILLOUGHBY George30-Nov1877 67 years of Cudham46
WOOD Mary9-Feb1878 55 years of Cudham49
WOOD Thomas24-Feb1877 56 years of Cudham36
WOODAlice Eliza2-May190126 years of Cudham326
WOODElizabeth16-Jul188152 years of Cudham97
WOODGeorge29-Jun189963 of Park Cottage, Cudham305
WOODSarah6-Aug190169 years of Park Cottage, Cudham331
WOODSophie21-Jan189327 years of Cudham224
WOODThomas27-Aug189569 years of Cudham254
YATESNellie Agnes15-Mar189522 years of Cudham247
YEATESJohn16-Oct189479 years of Bromley237
YEATESLouis18-Jan189536 years of Cudham245
YEATESMary4-Mar190195 years of Cudham324
YEATESRichard22-Dec189788 years of Union [Workhouse] Locksbottom288
YEATESWilliam5-Mar188681 years of Cudham153
YOUNG Isabella22-May1877 77 years of Cudham39