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Marriage Banns 1754-1804,
     Sandwich, St. Clement

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Transcribed by Margaret Galt

A note from Margaret:

Source:  An Index to the Register of Banns Alphabetical in the separate Years, LDS Film #1850184.  The format is Groom, Bride, banns number.  The full banns give more information, e.g. parish affiliation, and are cross-indexed to those marriages that took place at St. Clements, Sandwich, which, in turn, include witnesses names.  The index was made by the Vicar.  The banns and marriages are on the same film.  Note: In the index the first name is almost always abbreviated.  Where it is clear what was meant I have put that;  where it was unclear I have left it as an abbreviation.


In 1754BIRK Anthony & Kar [?] ROBERTS 4COOK John & Catherine ABBOTT 2FRIESBY Nicholas & Mary BRIDGES 3GALVER Edward & Susanna CASTLE 2TAPSELL Thomas & Ann PARKER 1In 1755BRADLEY William & Susanna LEGDEN(?) 12HAMMOND Thomas & Mary COOK 8MOON John & Elizabeth HAYES 11RANDALL Steven & Mary LEE or SEE 10ROSE Charles & Mary NOAKES 7TAPSELL Steven and Hannah ROGERD 9WOOD John & Susanna HAMMOND 6In 1756 BURVILL James & Elizabeth SOLLY 7EPPS David & Elizabeth GOLDFINCH 15HARRIS Thomas & Ann HARRIS 16HAWKS Jacob & Elizabeth LASLETT 14REYNOLDS Richard & Ann KNIGHT 13In 1757KEMBER So-n [Solomon???] & Susanna BUSTELL 19LUDNER Edward & Mary BATCHELOR 18In 1758HOGBEN John & Susanna BAILEY 20PETLEY John & Elizabeth BIRCH 21In 1759GUTTRIDGE John & Sarah ALLWOOD 25POYNER Robert & Mary WOOD 26SOLLY Francis & Elizabeth(?) ANDERSON 24WHITE John & Mary KENTON 22WOODWARD Mathew & Elizabeth KEELER 23In 1760MARLOW John & Margaret STONE 27In 1761GILL john & Mary JOSLIN 30KNOTT William & Elizabeth TWYMAN 28 [NB. This is Margaret Galtís family]WILKINSON Daniel & Sarah CULMER 29In 1762BATCHELOR John & Ann BEAN 33HOLLAMBY John & Elizabeth BALLARD 32MAY Richard & Ann HORTON 31In 1763APPLETON James & Margaret HORSEFIELD(?) 37GIBBON Robert & Mary CASPALL 34JOSLIN John & Mary LACY 36TRELEGON William & Mary HAMM 38WILLISON David & Catherine SHRUBSOLE(??) 37In 1764COULTRIPP Samuel & Mary JUDDERY 42DUKES John & Ann ALLEN 39DURBAN James & Sarah STAMPER(?) 40KNIGHT Rowland & Elizabeth GODFREY 41TEMPLE George & Ann GOLDFINCH 43None in 1765In 1766HILLS William & Elizabeth MOCKETT 45HOILE Thomas & Martha ARNOLD 48GOODCHILD John & Jane TWYMAN 46TRAPPS William & Mary Temple 44WOODCOCK Henry & Elizabeth BURTON 47In 1767SPINNER Richard & Mary ELLIS 49In 1768BARTON John & Ann MARLOW 52FOART(?) William and Mary Ann ADLOW 31WOODWARD William & Mary COMBER 50In 1769BUTLER Henry & Mary HOILE 56FRIESBY John & Mary WALLER 53LACY Abraham & Elizabeth WILSON 54MAY John & Ann STONE 55In 1770DEVERSON John & Ann WILSON 58OSBOURNE John & Hannah SMITH 57In 1771 CLOKE William & Elizabeth BARWICK 59READ Benjamin & Ann TAPSEL 61SALTWELL Thomas & Ann HAM 60In 1772BOOK George & Jane WALLER 62GOODCHILD Peter & Elizabeth CASPEL 68GRECY [that is clearly what it looks like] James & Elizabeth VALDER 66HILLS William & Sarah RYE 65HANES Richard & Mary SMITHERS 64ROSE William & Susann WALLER 63STROUD Thomas & Catherine ELLENTON 67In 1773ADAMS Thomas & Sarah COCK 71ARNOLD Richard & Catherine SAYER 76CARROWAY Jer-h [Jeremiah?] & Hanna BARNES 69ELGAR Stephen & Susanna ABBOT 77GARDNER Stephen & Elizabeth HANSICK 78GOREN Stephen & Mary BAILEY 79HILLS Thomas & Elizabeth FRAINES 74MARSH Thomas & Sarah JONES 75SCOTT James & Sarah HAM 72SOLLEY Richard & Sarah JULL 73WOOD John & Mary RYE 70In 1774GENT John & Martha BURTON 81GOODCHILD Nicholas & Sarah GOODSON 80In 1775COOK William & Mary MOCKETT 86HOILE Thomas & Mary DANTON 87HORN Henry & Mary ?op(??) HERBERT 82REAVE John & Ann READ 85SPINNER John & Margaret MASSEY or MAFREY 83WATSON Alexander & Deborah CRAFT 84In 1776CASPAL Henry & Susan PETLEY 90KIPPS Benjamin & Mary JOSLIN 88NEAME William & Jane BURTON 92SMITH Andrew & Elizabeth DADD 89WOOD John & Elizabeth TERRY 91In 1777BILLINGHURST James & Elizabeth SANDON 96COOK Richard & Hannah STONE 95CULMER Daniel & Sarah DAVIS 93ELGAR Richard & Margaret LAURENCE 98HUNT Steven & Mary DEVESON 99MOAT Richard & Mary BARWICK 97SUTTON David & Elizabeth TWYMAN 94In 1778CREED Jer-h [Jeremiah?] & Mary BARWICK 102GARDNER Stephen & Mary BELSEY 103KNIGHT [Arthr ???] & Elizabeth NEAME 100PETTMAN William & Sarah BABY 101STANNAR John & Mary FORREST 105VALDER Peter & Susanna SAXBY 104None in 1779In 1780BRISHER(?) Robert & Sarah MOUNT 108FOSTER William Austen & Mary VALDER 106GRECY or GREEY Edward & Mary BARTON 107LONGLEY James & Ann ARNOLD 109In 1781 CAVELL Thomas & Elizabeth HAWKES 110KEMP Richard & Elizabeth BURVILL 112SCOTT John & Alice WILSON 111In 1782HAMMOND James & Mary SUTTON 115HOOR Luke & Suanna CASPEL 113LAMBERT William & Judith SAMPSON 114PAIN William & Mary WRAIGHT 118ROLFE Jos-h [Josiah?] & Isabella FRISBY 117SOLLY William & Sarah WATTS 119SPICER Ralph & Susanna MEARS 116In 1783BAKER John & Lydia BLACKMORE 125BORTON Steven & Ann BUSHELL 121BROWN William & Elizabeth FRIGHT 123HAWKES Samuel & Ann MITCHELL 124HAYES Samuel & Elizabeth STUBBERS 126PERKINS John & Elizabeth CARTER 122SOLLY William & Sarah WATTS 120In 1784GOLDFINCH John & Martha BARBER 131HAWKES Daniel & Mary POLLARD 129HILLS Thomas & Elizabeth DOWNE 130PHILPOT John & Lydia YOUNG 128WILLIAMS John & Jane PERCIVAL 127In 1785FORREST Aug-ne [Augustine?] & Mary VALDER 134MEAD Thomas & Elizabeth TWYMAN 132SAYER William & Ann SMITH 183TODNER William & Jane PETLEY 136WHITE William & Mary CRADDOCK 137In 1786CLAREBUT Daniel & Sarah STONE 144DRAINBEY Joseph & Mary ROBERTS 141ROUSE Edward & Jane HONESS 138SOLLY Steven & Sarah PERCIVAL 139STEWART Charles & Elizabeth TWYMAN 140TWYMAN Stephen & Elizabeth FRIEND 143WRIGHT John & Susanna STAMPER 142In 1787FERRIER Thomas &Hannah CHAPMAN 145SAYER John & Jane HOW 146WELLARD ??[poss Rd for Richard] & Mary PLINTON 147 [unclear entry]In 1788COLLARD James & Mary WEST 148COLEBROOKE George & H C GRIERE or GRIEVE 149CRAMBROOK Richard & Ann SMITH 151LATHAM Joseph & Mary FRELEGON 152KEMBER Richard & Elizabeth EPPS 150POLLARd James & Anna LONGLEY 153In 1789 CROSS Samuel & Frances(?) DEVESON 157DURBAN John & Mary DURBAN 158 [both surnames the same]RALPH Daniel & S-h [poss Sarah but this is not the usual abbrev.] PEARCE 156SIMMONS Thomas Bunce & A PEGDEN 155WOOTON Edward & Alice DANTON 154In 1790HUXSTEP Joseph & Elizabeth BEER 159In 1791RICHARDS John & Mary HOWELL 168SIMMONS T B & S R HALL 162WALLRAVEN James & Elizabeth GARLING 160In 1792ANSELL John & Elizabeth WEST 166BRANFORD Henry & Sarah MOAT 163CHUBB George & Phebe LASLET 165HOBDAY Thomas & Ann BEALE 164SIMMONS John & Elizabeth TINGLE 167WILLIAMS John & Mary SANDOM 168In 1793ARNOLD John & Mary GOLDFINCH 181DEVESON John & Hannah TRACEY 170FARRIS William & Mary TWYMAN 175FOSTER William & Elizabeth LONGLEY 176INGHAM James & Mary FINNIS 173FRIEND William & Mary TWYMAN 180PERKINS John & Elizabeth SPAIN 169SMITH William & Martha SINGINGS 178STEPHENSON Francis & Mary EPPS 172STOKES Thomas & Mary HILLS 172THOMAS John & S-h [Sarah?? Not the usual abbrev] KINGSMITH 179WALKER Stephen & Ann GIMBER 174WRAIGHT William & S-h [see 2 rows above] PIDCOCK 177In 1794GOODBAN Michael & Margaret COCK 186HAMBLIN John & J-m McKIRLY 183HOGBE Thomas & Ann SOLLY 182JARVIS John & Sarah BURVILL 185LOCKYEAR John & Elizabeth KINGSFORD 187MARLOW John & Mary FRIEND 184In 1795BAILEY Henry & Sarah KNOTT 196DEANIS James & Sarah FRIEND 192GILL John & Lucy WHITE 193HUGGET William & Ann SIMMONS 194MOUNT Henry & Elizabeth HAWKS 195PARAMOR John & Ann HOLNESS 189PIDDOCK James & Ann GRIGGS 188SIMMONS T B & Elizabeth TRASSOM 191SOLLY John & Elizabth SOLLY 190 [surnames the same]In 1796HURST George & Elizabeth NEAM 196SCOTT Thomas & Sybley EPPS 197 [brides name given in full]In 1797ANDREWS William & Mary COPPEN 202HOLMANS Daniiel & Sarah SOAMES 203MACKNEY Thomas & Sarah KNIGHT 200MANTAL William & Naomi MOAT 208PAINE Joseph & Ann PITTSON 206 PIDDOCK Richard & Elizabeth YOUNG 205TWYMAN James & Mary WILLOCK 199WANSTALL John & Elizabeth WESTON 204YOUNG Thomas & Mary BASSETT 207In 1798BEAMEY Thomas & Elizabeth JOHNSON 213BILBE or BILLE James & Sarah HILLS 211SHAXBY John & Mary MARSH 210SMITH James junr & Hannah PILLTON(?) 214TWYMAN William & Frances JARVIS 209WILSON James or John junr & Arb-a or Acb-a BORD 215 [unclear entry]YOUNG John & Ann MARSH 212In 1799CASTLE William & Elizabeth STANDEN 218HOILE Henry & Elizabeth HUNT(?) 219MAY Thomas & Ann BELSEY 217TUCKER Samuel & Mary LANGLEY 216In 1800ARNOLD Richard & Elizabeth TAYLOR 224BENNET Edward & Rebecca NAZER 222BOWLES Richard & Elizabeth MINTER 225JOHNSON Richard & S-h [Sarah??] WILLOCKS 226MITCHELL Richard & Elizabeth JOHNSON 227ROW George & Joyce WILSON 229RUSSEL John & Elizabeth THORPE 223SIMMONS Edward & Margaret HOLMES 228SMITH David & Elizabeth FREEMAN 221TURNER Thomas(?) & S-h [Sarah??] GOLDFINCH 224 In 1801 BENFIELD William & Mary(?) STANER(?) 230 [unclear entry]CLARINGBOLD Thomas & A Piddock 231DOMINEY William & Ann COXTON or COXTER 232TASPENDEN William & Elizabeth GREY 233In 1802ARNOLD Richard & Elizabeth TAYLOR 238BARLOW Richard B B & Ann ARNOLD [number illegible]BOWLES Richard & Elizabeth MINTER 237ELLIOT Elias & Elizabeth WOOD 239MOUNT Robert & Susanna JARVIS 241REVEL Val [Valentine??] & Ann COOK 235TWYMAN John & Ann RENWICK 234VALDER John & Mary BOORE 236In 1803BIRCH Thomas & Mary KNIGHT 242DRAYSON John & Ann SOLLY 244KENNEY Richard & Ann HAWKS 243LAWRENCE William & Ann HUNT 245In 1804ADDY Thomas & Margaret WILLIAMS 248BASSETT Josiah or Joseph & Ann PETER 249ERRIDGE Richard & Ann STANDEN 250FINNIS Henry & M A DEVERSONGOODWIN William & Sarah KEMP 247HARRISS John & Elizabeth KEMP 252LASS William & Mary LAWRANCE 247    

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